Indianapolis Indiana Journal in Indianapolis, Indiana
24 Nov 1830

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Indianapolis Indiana Journal in Indianapolis, Indiana
24 Nov 1830

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Indianapolis Indiana Journal (Newspaper) - November 24, 1830, Indianapolis, Indiana Voli. Yin. Indiana , wednesday november 34, 1830. No. 396 fun blk shed by Oubol ass amp . Two dollars per annul if paid in Advance. Three dollars at the end of the year. Advertisements inserted at the usual Ratos. Annual meeting of the Marion county Temperance society. At the second annual meeting of the Marion county Temperance society held at the methodist meeting House on tuesday november 16, 1830, Eil Exeter Sharpe took the chair As president j. M. Ray Secretary. The meeting being opened the second annual report is submitted and approved. Ordered that it by published and also the resold Quot icons adopted. The following resolutions were introduced and adopted resolved that this society express their thanks to each of the merchants of Indian Apo Quot Lis As have not Only ceased from the injurious practice of treating their customers with spirituous liquor but also from retailing it at their stores and Espen Nlle to those who have entirely relinquished any Trade in the article either by Small Large Quantity. Resolved that the Progress of the Tempo Vance reformation which spreading in and from this county is extending with cheering to the heart of every Friend to his ing their customers every Friend to Temperance fellow Man. Followed evidence enough is of lorded notwithstanding All the predictions of failure which have issued from the month of the drunkard and of All who sustain his hands that much Good has been Chi acted and that an awakened and entire Devotion to the principles of our Union is Only requisite to effect those Happy results which we deem so desirable and essential to the Well being and preservation of our civil political and religious rights. Liquor is no longer regarded As a necessary medium of Friendly expression at the social Circle and we believe the time is fast approaching when Here As elsewhere to have the bottle tendered As the offering of Friendship will be received As an intimation that we Are so besotted in our attachment to a depraved indulgence As to be insensible to the equivocal politeness which places us on a level with the drunkard in the Street for he drinks his dram because he loves it and so your Host supposes you do he drinks to feel Axhi pirated and Happy and for the same purpose it is offered to you he drinks until he is satisfied and so do All temperate drinkers so that this level which thus not Only in appearance but in reality with the Aid of friends is so nearly established promises to be soon consummated for while the drunkard is settled at the Standard at which his faculties will sustain foreign news. Neva York nov. 3. By the arrival on monday of the packet ships corinthian capt. Chadwick and Cambria capt. Moore from London and Sully capt. Macy from Havre we have received intelligence from Liverpool to 1st lilt from to the 30th, and the continent to the 28th of september All inclusive. The information thus conveyed is now fearfully confirmed. Day after Day sanguinary encounters have taken place in the City and under the Walls of the capital of Brabant. The contest already assumes the characteristics of civil War for it is avowedly ravaged Between the dutch and belgians la tween provinces of the same kingdom. Unless an interposing hand shall arrest its Prog ices we May expect the usual cease ration and carnage that civil War unil Brnich engenders and what is a perhaps a Rio As much to be deplored the i eat of acct of ase of o i a of my hastening to the same Point As fast As his re authority will probably 1x5 lost and ref laying principles and mistaken kindness will i Uge sought from existing miseries in the enable him. In the general Reform among the merchants of our Ali inc in abolishing the practice of treat resolved that the exertions of military of Strong Arm of absolute authority. But we hasten to communicate the details. Bloody conflict at Brussels. New Rue Royal and Rue Louvain the troops took the Barrack of the Annonciade towards the evening there was a Rumour that those which had occupied the Park offered to evacuate it provided they were allowed to retire unmolested to their Barracks but the absence of any chief among the Bur Geonise rendered this overture unavailing each party maintained its position the volunteers left some sentinels at the barricades j and tie rest retired. Among this population in Possession of arms animated by combat in the midst of a City without authorities and abandoned to itself not a single excess was committed. Towards the end of the Day flames were seen for a few minutes issuing from a House in front of the Gate of Schaerbeek and the Barrack of the Annonciade. The Post of the staircase of the Observatory already spoken of was surrounded by the troops from the time when they moved upon the boulevards. The Liegois defended them saves bravely until they had expended All their ammunition. In this extremity they Drew off during the evening and passing by the Wall of the Boulevard towards the country they returned on the following evening after a Long Detour and entered the town by the Gate of Hal. However during the night Many houses j gence rather than put themselves on a level i of sunday and the three preceding Davs the ing of Friday the 24th. The fire of the vation fully with those who frequent grog shop when re combat in Brussels during that time having Bur Feori let was Verv spirited and Thev on a Urcise heir usual it a. The ,., daily dig i 2 go Teki a Fem be and the real welfare of his fellow citizens must rejoice. Business is now transacted upon due ricers and Public men in Many parts of the a re Quot Flection without the undue influence of limited states to banish intoxicating liquors from i nor and Many very Many who had thus musters and elections deserve the applause of been courted into habits of intemperate Indus their follow citizens. I i i resolved that continued observation manifests that for any labour exercise _ it Lent spirits a not Only entirely unnecessary i idling their Triue debasing their habits a to a n i i Quot quo but directly injurious. Have returned sober to their families and who j morning of the 22d, Prince i red houses m the Rue de Namur and forced a -. ,. Enck left an vers with his corps d Amiee on them to take Refuge in the Park the hot i his route to Brussels. Aleut the Saini time i of Bellevue that of the ancient cafe of the the Brussels volunteers set out by the Gates emperor the place Royale i Ancien hotel of Schaerbeek and Louvain to attack the ies Galles and at the Corner of the Rue de troops Whick occupied the positions of Ever Loi. Many houses in the Rue d Lashelle. And die Gem some others took the Road of it in front of the staircase of the big Lithe que Ghent to encounter the Hussars which were were filled by volunteers. The states be resolved that it is a matter of much Gratis Ever else May cast reproach against our Socie fiction that where Temperance societies Are to we Are assured it has never been the wife formed so Little countenance is now Given to the children of the reclaimed husband. Liquor groceries by respectable Farmers and me it has been remarked too that the number Hanics and other citizens indeed by any of respectable persons who during an elec a except confirmed towers. Pioneering canvass Are drawn around the Gro resolved that at every annual me tins of Ceries has been much lessened and if in re this society the Roll of the members name be Spect to sections the Good effects of this Asso read when an Opportunity shall be offered of citation have not been As perceptible As is to be arraign ing any member for non com Diance desired it is Only to be attributed to the Wigint a with the principles of tin society and the of that Stern adherence to the principles we voice of the society then taken May suspend j adv Cate which can Only give to our Precept expel any member found delinquent. I and example the Force they should resolved that the promotion of the general and reflecting that the example of the Mem a Oil list of Temperance is so manifestly depend i erg is the principle weapon with which we Dent upon Unity of Effort that we earnestly can oppo a the Progress of intern Eranee it is invite every Friend of the cause to finite with a to be hoped that in this As in every other Par-�3 in this society to effect the reformation de titular the cause of Temperance will receive ired. I the Paramount support from its friends which the following officers were now elected fur is of necessary to give it countenance and Suc the ensuing Vear j Cess. Ebenezer Sharpe president hen some of our mechanics and Farmers have a by Bradley and James Morrison adopted the practice which has so successfully vice presidents j. M. Ray Sooro Terv. Prevailed in other places to have All their John a villains James Blake Tsinma i s. Vork done without the Aid of ardent spirits Alfred Harrison Haack Phipps John Giran go for As ascertained the happiest results Isaac Coe Robert i. Taylor Danid Yandes a a followed. That such reformation has Douglass Mas fire and Joum Douglas a com been but partial is to be however feared when Mittee of correspondence. J we Are informed by one of our merchants that the following persons were elected delegates a could have sold on an average a barrel of stationed on the Heights of Zellick. Aft Yiirs 1 neral the Palace the houses near the Stair of advanced posts continued during the Day Case of the Bibliog the que were in the hands and the number of killed was very consider j of the dutch. From All these Points Here i ahle. Issued a heavy fire of musketry. In the evening the greater number of tie towards evening Many Confida fractions volunteers returned. Every body repaired burst Forth. The most terrible was that of towards the Gates and Laboured every whore the Manege which lasted All night. E. A to reinforce the barricades. A pro Lama by thing was there consumed. During the Tion of Prince Frederick published in the. Greatest raging of the fire some soldiers Gazette Des pays Bas was spoken of and i posted in the houses near the Bibliog the que to represent this society at the next annual meeting of the state society Ebenezer Sharpe Henry Bradley and Isaac n. Phi i s. And the society adjourned e. Sharpe pres t. J. M. Ray Sec y. Second annual report of the Marion county Temperance society. Whiskey a Day during the past year and we Are satisfied that if the immense Quantity of liquor disposed of at our place in a season could be ascertained it would very far a Ceeil the expectations of any reflecting person in our land. Yet this consumption is mainly attributable to the habits of men who Call themselves temperate who before their families and growing children daily Manifest that their desire is that their offspring May be classed among those the second recurrence of the anniversary of who Are trained to the bottle and who May be this voluntary association invites us to revise looked upon As regular recruits to the standing our operations and to examine ii in the past army of drunkards. Such men think we go too we find aught to cheer is with the Hope that far and Are Over rigid in making entire Asti our labours have not been fruitless nor our u i Nence our principle and if we would allow of Dion in presenting barriers to the moderate dunking they would approve of our desolation of intemperance which has Well i society. But feeling assured that the Only earned the reproach of being the blight and. Principle which promises Success to our cause curse of our land. Is to touch not taste nor handle we would de it was hardly the expectation of Tempo it sire to renew our covenant of entire restriction dance societies that by them the confirmed and would invite Only the co operation of such tippler the shameless drunkard would be As with us would desire to bequeath to their reclaimed and although As in other places offspring and their friends an example that we Are not privileged to say that the few per May Conduce to their temporal and eternal sons of this stamp who joined our society welfare. Have been reformed the entire abstinence of j a a the members generally for the two years of Hur i in the Sis a of the Academy of the a Bibity to the Correct habits and the control of a Lei re appetite thus acquired but has al of Siv in fresh testimony that it is the Only Safe Prin Bibliog Cheque fired it is said upon the inhabitants we. Were endeavouring to extinguish the flames. It is even said that the fire was communicated by shells As on the previous evening the firing ceased and the night was tranquil. On saturday the 25th, the combat began anew about 7 o clock in the morning. To the taking of the Park All efforts were then directed. 10th inst. M. Cuvier made a favourable re port in his own name and Liose of Messieurs Trovy and Savart upon a Memoir by m. Ciple upon which we can Hope that any per-1 Ujj Najt relative to the mechanism of then will remain Tompert. the intemperate be reclaimed. Lead me not into temptation o v a i a a i a fun should be the Earnest desire and the governing j Long been known to physiologists that the principle of the temperate Man when he so cords of the Throat contribute chiefly to the Leonly resolves never but As a Medicine to ppm action of voice while other organs Modi taste spirituous liquors and As a fair re Stilt of. Kyj Benatti i tvs it Down that the ingenuous mind that of determining never it to a particular conformation of palate am. To be the Means directly indirectly of temp he has remarked that Soprano singers have swing others. This is a Brief sketch of the Prin if i Guj. Tongues than other people larger Gen Ciplys of our association and we Are now led alluding to the to Eather up the results of their adoption on. A ours is al the society in which we me chasm of the voice we May be Pernt our numbers which at Quot the formation of the Ted to express our Surprise that the valuable society were seventy four Piave increased to Vork of . Rush of Philadelphia should be one Hundred and six and the Means for sue a i own in this country. It is by far Cess which have been adopted in appeared on itis their humanity which Are taken by members of the of Genius As Well As of an eminent phys Oil society and also of Kittredge s and other . Tracts vividly portraying the dangerous evils _ pros sirt the formation of this society most extra Ordinary it was usually regarded As a necessary part of j Oliree weeks since in Dublin a Young girl Friendly greeting on occasions of social inter named Anne Taylor aged eighteen years course that exhilarating spirits should be prof i j of despair drank a Quantity of vitriol. I she was Insley Jurjo i. Ure precursor to Confidence. And this Mode a Lent pains and removed to Mark s Hospital of expressing Friendship was so far from being t Heie the usual remedies for neutralizing confined to social meeting even the dram 1 dreadful effects of the via Iol were apply Talv i de. Such however were a get consequences is it a Quot. Thought a emr o,.r rare of uie Poison upon the unfortunate creature the Entrance of the troops was momentarily expected. The night however passed tranquilly. Towards eleven o clock m. Duc Petiaux and another person were despatch etl to the head quarters of Prince Frederick to represent to him fully the exact state of things. They could not proceed to tie Prince they were attested upon Maving at the advanced posts and in violation of then directed. The volunteers made re dicer Quality of messengers were transport heated attacks and entered Many parts of de to anvers where they remain in custody. It. As Well from the Side of the Mountain on thursday the 23d, about seven i of the Park As from that of the place Royo clock in the evening a Boxly of grenadiers i ale the Brabant Flag was borne along the and Chasseur appeared before the Gates of Middle of the Park but it appeared that the Schaerbeek and Louvain. The bourgeoise confusion with which these different attacks artillery immediately opened a fire upon were made did not for the moment permit them which was returned by the to flops of their being followed up with advantage the discharges continued and soon the bul the volunteers were several times oblige lets began to fall in the Upmier part of the j de to evacuate the Park and it is even said town. I that by a fatal mistake two troops of citizens the movements of the troops however fired upon each other however the dutch advanced and they occupied it he incs and troops enclosed in the Park were dreadfully Walls of the botanic Garden and opened i fatigued and they Lay Down in their Posi Mieir fire upon the people on tie Boulevard tons for rest. Such was the exact state of in front. The staircase of tie Observatory Quot was guarded by volunteers from loge whose fire covered the external glaces. At eight o Dock the Gates of Louvain and Schaerbeek were forced and the dutch troops advanced through tie new Rue Roy ale the boulevards and the Rue Louvain towards the Park. A spin died engagement there took place As advanced. The Chris Sears occupied the Rue de Louvain and to the front of tie Rue d Ange and annoyed the inhabitants posted at the barricade at Treu Renburg under whose ceiling and Succour ing the wounded. Re fire the grenadiers had debauched from the in it cements Haven ived from All the neigh tie prussian custom houses at a Karsburg and la Tzen have been set on fire. The Arch Duke Crown Prince of Austria was crowned Len of Hungary at Vienna on the 20th of september. The government of Geneva has Given orders to repress disturbances consequent on the i fermentation in Savoy Piedmont and Fribourg. The s Irit of disaffection has also been excited in Benie and other parts of Switzer land. Belgium. Although we perceive nothing definitive by this arrival in the al airs of Belgium yet it becomes More and More evident that the provinces of Brabant and Flanders a the richest jewels in tie Crown of Long William Are lost Irreg Ieva Bly. Holland is not sufficiently Strong to coerce those provinces by Hei own unassisted authority and none of the neighbouring kingdoms seem disposed to give them Succour. What May be their ultimate Destini a whether they will consent to a modified subjection to Royal a the Crity establish an Index indent Republic become reunited in form As they Are in interest to France remains wholly unknown to others and perhaps to themselves. Iii the mean time the provisional government with m. Van Meenen at its head is pursuing such measures As Are deemed requisite for the preservation of the Public Security. From the courier Des pays Bas. Brussels oct. 5. Quot the following decree dated oct. 4, had been issued by tie provisional govern Merit a Quot considering that it is impossible to fix the future state of Belgium the Central committee of the provisional government disc Reese Quot Art. 1. The provinces of Belgium viol lentil separated from Holland shall constr Lute an Independent state. 2. The Central committee shall draw up the plan of a Constitution As Early ass possible. O. A National Congress in which All the interests of the provinces Shail be represented shall lie convoked. It shall examine die plan of the Constitution Sli ail modify it in whatever manner it May consider expel diet and As a definitive Constitution carry i into execution thu Oug Hout All Belgi things yesterday evening nothing has this Day changed it the troops remained always in the Park and at Liis moment the fire of the Terai flours continues. A Superior officer was taken prisoner on Friday morning. Another was subsequently taken they were both sent to the aril Lery Barracks and from thence to l Amigo. Hospitals have been established in the chapels of the Madelaine and St. Anne and in Many other Public and private houses. Every where the Brave inhabitants Are re new Rue co Yale Many of the latter fell boxing towns and they combat with great and their wounded were made prisoners. Ard Cir and at once the a the Park was at this time occupied by the Tigue of their previous marches troops and they funded there with their a by an order of Gen. Xanthier the sol Tillery. While these tilings were passing in Diers employed in the Citadel of tourney re that Quarter some Hussars and a detach-1 Cei Ved double rations As in a Campaign ment from the infantry division entered by j on the morning of the 21st, the canonic is the Gate de Flandre and advanced to the i instead of month icing their works on the Bas chant that if a customer should come in and leave the store without taking a dram with them he most be offended and therefore to partake of the liquor bottle on ent Rinir a dry. Of oof s store in this place was not Only a re near matter of request but of pressing solicitation. It is not Suri rising that these practices thus prevalent Amone All classes should Eair Erly be embraced by ardent politicians and that it should become neither a matter of Reserve to the candidate nor of insult to the voter in Many cases that the bottle should be the Means of opening each other s heart and of successfully inflaming partisan Zeal. In All these particular we feel on enraged to Hope that the formation of this society has been somewhat instrumental in introducing the hand of Reform and if entire Success Una not pig Market but they were soon forced to retire and a part of Vliem to abandon their arms and baggage a Good number among whom was a colonel were likewise made prisoners. This attack was up to this time the Only one made upon the lower part of tie town the combat being otherwise concentrated in the higher Quarter. The Park and its neighbor Hooili formed then the principal Point of attack. The Burgeois artillery were near tie place Royale and a number of that corps were likewise at the barricade others were near the staircase of the Bibliog the que which they abandoned at mid Day. Another Post occupied the barricade of the Mountain of the Park a fourth held itself ready to do Bouchy from the Rue Royale to the place de Louvain. That she to lire up four inches of the entire Cylinder of the stomach and the inner Coats of the tube leading Down to the both of these have been preserved and have l Cen sent to the College of surgeons. From the time the wretched woman was sent to Mark s Hospital to the present Day she has been under the care of surgeon Corbet and by the exercise of Bis medical a Lull Anne Taylor is now so far recovered As to be Able to Trike the nourishment which is plentifully supplied to lifer in that valuable institution and in tiie course of last week she was Strong enough to walk about the morning it Gist. Tons have abandoned their tools and departed. From the n. Y Standard nov. 5. Eight Days later. Our news boat t. H. Smith came up to the City last evening about 10 o clock having boarded the a Achcet ship Erie a it. Fungi from Havre in the remarkably sort passage of Twenty three Days having sailed oct. Both. By this conveyance we have Recei de our regular files and capt. F. Has politely fun misled us with Havre papers pc the Day of his sailing and Paris dates to the 6th ult inclusive being eight Days later than our previous accounts. The revolution in France and the legality of the reign of Louis Phillipe King of the French has been acknowledged by the troops Quot had their Cannon Rome and Naples the courts of Vilich pointed Towai is the place Royal. From the i have transmitted to their respective Ambas moment when the staircase of the Bibl it Cheque was occupied by the grenadiers the inhabitants were engaged from both sides of the end of the Rue d Isabelle in a running fire which Uliey kept up throughout the Day. The boulevards from the Schaerbeek Gate to that of the Namur belonged also to the troops. Such was pretty nearly the position of both parties on the Day of tie 23d. The combat was a continual ii c of Musk try. The engagement continued till Nightfall when the fire ceased Little by Little from All Points. Riscili move inherit through the Sadorus new letters of credence. Admiral Duperre has arrived at Paris from the Algerine exp edition. Disaffection and revolt seem to pre Vail in every Comer of Europe. Serious s disturb an Ces have broken out in Lineburg acid Celie in Hanover where the people Are in insurrection against the privileges of tie nobility and demand that the King of Hanover should reside in the country Transfer his Crown to the Duke of Cambridge. Fresh disturbances have broken out in the District Senberg and in the provinces of Hanan awl Fulda it also reported that the a Frahs of this part of the kingdom of Holland remand Unser tied although it seems to be evil sent that is separation from the Northern provinces must inevitably be the consequence of recent events. The Nederland he Geda Tchen says Quot the Southern provinces Are it St and those of the North arc in danger. The dutch for want of foresight May subject themselves to be attacked by the belgians m Honi they still think of subduing. I it them not rely of the Aid of foreign persons these Are too Tiuch afraid of the French and of revolutions at Home. At the opening of the ses Sion the question was Quot How is the rebellion to be put Dosun Quot a at die close it is Quot How is Holland to be Saveci Quot a private letter from Amsterdam state that a project is openly entertained in that City of converting in Lland into a Batavia Republic As swin As Belgium should be declared Independent. This project would of course reduce the King a of the Netherlands to his original rank of the Only one he he a until 1814. Quot the following Royal decree issued at the Hague bears Date oct. I a Quot we William that in the actual slate of the provinces of the King Dom the government of such of them As have hitherto preserved order and trans in a i to cannot be on at the hag without great diff Mculty and desiring at the same time to second wit i More Emmet irate effect the endeavours of the Well intentioned inhabitants of those provinces to re establish order and Tranquility where ii has been disturbed and having taken into consideration tie address presented to us on the 1st inst., by several of the notable inhabitants of these provinces we have decreed and do decree As follows a Quot Art. 1. Our Well beloved son the Prince of Oran i is charged in our , with the Gocr Nicut of dose parts of the South Ern provinces in which Legal am Jority is Ackimo pledged. Quot Art 2. He will fix his residence at Antwerp. Quot Art. 3. He will by conciliatory Meas ores second and support As much As Possi be Lile efforts Folio Macii intentioned iii Iain units to i a establish order in those parts of the provinces where it has been disturb Ltd. Quot Art. 4. Oui minister of a of state the Duke in our a a Inister of the Waler Siasat of National Industry and the colonies and our minister of the Interior Are joined wit i our Well bei0\ Edson the Prince of Orange to act under his orders and assist in pro ten ipod a in the government entrusted to another article appoints a Council of state to accompany the Prince and to assist him with their advice the Antwerp Roumal announces that Prince Frederick and has Stafl Quot arrived in inuit town al out 11 in tie morning of the 2d. This morning oct. 3d a the deum Wae ertl snied in the Church of St. Gudule at Brussels in thanksgiving for the victories we live obtained. A great number offer sons were present. Aii tie members of the provisional g a Ern ment As Well As the Civ ii and military authorities attended. At Antwerp on the 1st inst. 23 prisoners who were on b a Ard the pontoons a Jat used Belln the. In Ade a else set at Liberty Anc pass orb Werc Ingu him the Mir

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