Indianapolis Indiana Journal in Indianapolis, Indiana
3 Nov 1830

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Indianapolis Indiana Journal in Indianapolis, Indiana
3 Nov 1830

Read an issue on 3 Nov 1830 in Indianapolis, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Indianapolis Indiana Journal.

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Indianapolis Indiana Journal (Newspaper) - November 3, 1830, Indianapolis, Indiana I Diama vol. , wednesday november 3, 1830. No. 393� published by Douglass amp mag Are. The amp Ives. Two dollars per annul if paid in Advance. Three dollars at the end of the year. Advertisements inserted at the usual rates politics for Farmers from Niles weekly Register. Concluded Cit Mical preparations. All these have been reduced at least 50 per cent in Price because of the Domestic manufacture of them. We shall notice Only a few leading articles. The old steady Price of Alum was from 5 to cents a duty of 250 cents Jer cwt. Was Laid upon it by the Tarifi of 1824, and iii present Selling Price is 3i to 3 cents per la. Glauber salts had a regular demand at 4 cents per �?2 cents per la. Duty was levied by the Tariff of 1824, and the present Price is 2 cents per la the exact amount of the duty. Epsom salts had a steady Price of 8 cents per duty of 5 cents was Laid upon them and any Quantity May now be had for 4i cents per la. Refined Salt Petre was from 12 to 14 cents Jer la. Deiure the Tariff of 1824, when a duty of 3 cents per in. Was put upon it it soon fell to 9 cents and May now be had for 8 cents. There is a duty on Copperas of 2 cents per lb., tie present Selling Price is 2, cents per la. Glass and Glass Ware. Such window Glass As sold for $15 the 100 Square feet in Ision May now be had for 7 dollars and 50 cents or one half the old Price. Glass Aud Glass wares general i Are More than one half less the Price Liat they were before Protection was extended to them and we Are thankful Liat they were really protected buy As Many tumblers for 50 cents As used to Cost us 100cabinet wares amp a. We Are told Liat on All sorts of Cabinet wares the people Are taxed thirty dollars on every Hundred of the Cost or ,f3 on every Cradle or table that Cost $10. So says or. Raguet of the Quot Banner of the Coa Tiitu tin lie also informs us that chairs hats leather and All its manufacture such As boots shoes saddles amp a. A Villi indeed almost All the products of , pay the same tax nov what rogues must these be Seei in hat from Bald More Only they have exported to foreign. Places not less than orj0, 00 d pillars Cri a of these articles in okie year to meet the Competition of us to Worl i while they extorted three dollars Ori every ten the value of their products a old Ai Home i a Leathern medal with a suitable Mot of stamped on Sav dust Stit ened with Gle is Quot worthy the Man a it to thus exposes the Swind Lings of the Niec Hanif a 1 some of Quot the boys being uphold Crews might in iii that he deserved a coat of glue Svi added with feathers bit we Cipe that they will not bestow it let irm aloof. Let him Wear his English coat a Monument of the safety with which error of opinion or perversion of facts May be tolerated when reason is left free to combat it miscellaneous. We have already sex derided this essay much beyond the limits that we wished to assign for it but the facts Are so numerous and the subject so copious that it was impracticable to condense them More than we have done we shall therefore conclude a Vith a few More specifications As to the Happy effects of the american system in reducing the Price of commodities adding biome general remarks. Lead and All its manufactures have been i reduced much in value the duty on i Lead is 3 cents per �?its Prico 84 cents the duty on shot is 4 cents the Price 5 it was 9 to 10 cents Befi re die duty was Laid. Gun powder was 45 cents per in. And is 22 cents and less. The common As Yoav As 10 or 12 cents. Spirits of turpentine was 50 cents a Gal Jon in 1823�?now 30 cents. A ciphering slates Quot were taxed with a duty of 33i per Uliey Are now cheaper by 3oi per cent than before that Suity was levied and of very Superior Quality. Paper is a great and valuable manufacture the various business which old rags furnish is of a greater Ann al value than the Cotton crop of Smiith Carolina. The Price of the article has declined about 20 Pel-cent., Trio ugly the duty upon it was much in creased and the Quality has greatly irn i oved by the Domestic Competition. The Long hot of taxes on books of different sorts is a string of nonsense. Castor Oil had an average Price of More than three dollars a gallon previous to 1824, when it was taxed with a duty of 40 cents per gallon. A Large cultivation of the bean immediately followed and the Price fell to about 150 cents except in 1828, when because of a great demand for our Oil in England it Rose to 275 cents per gallon by which our Farmers profited. Fire Briciu in Imit tation of the English Stourbridge and fully As Good Are Selling for 30 dollars a thousand. Before we made them ourselves the British charged 70 doll irs for Vliem and Are now Kindl willing Talve 30. But our own Are preferred a a prevent future impositions. Cotton bagging before the Tariff of 1824, erased about 40 cents per Yard it is now hardly Worth 20, and has been sold at 18. The manufactures of hides and skins Are or hat least 30 millions a year or 34 Inilisi Ris More Dian the great Export of Cotton last 5ear from All the United states. There Are fifty minor articles that we get add As fast As we might write them Down. But it is enough. In what is the a Sumer taxed for the Benefit of the manufacturer a Rake the lire Brick As an example. J in Bull demanded and received of 70 dollars for Liat he is willing to a ept 30, since we began to make them for ourselves foreign nations made us pay 3 a we mention this important article because it is in the vast Cata of us of Quot taxes Quot and iii cd mention do that lately was published and there Are Many of its class such As Quot inn net wire Quot Quot braces Quot or Gal lowest Quot chaffing dishes Quot a Quot Cologne water Quot Quot currants for mince pies Quot Quot dolls for children Quot Quot Haver sacks Quot Quot mittens Quot Quot Otto of roses Quot a Quot pack thread Quot twice mentioned Quot powder tooth Quot a Erm Aceti candles Quot Quot sweetmeats Quot twice put Down Quot toys Quot a Quot tubs Quot Quot traps for rats and mice Quot Quot vinegar Quot Quot wafers Quot Quot Walkingsticks Quot Quot tooth brushes Quot Quot wigs Quot and hundreds of oth or contemptible things a were big Gabo t frighten the vulgar and disgraceful. Why a were not Horn spoons tooth picks teaser by Nail brushes Corn cutters whisker patterns shoe strings a with Sand Lime and obd Wood nay the very Granite Rock on which the rails of the Baltimore and Ohio Road Are Laid would be taxed Only if imported according the honorable statement before a. With a country in which the poor a rates a Lone Are larger in amount than the whole of our Revenue reducing the Public debt at the i Ateo Flo millions a year a whose Church rates collected at the Point of the sword would pay off All our National debt in about a year and a half advancing duties Are or Are not taxes according to circumstances now if a person is compelled to use 20ibs. Of Tea per annul and increased duty would be a tax but if at Liberty to refuse the use fit a diminished consumption might reduce the tax that he had paid. We do not grow any Tea. But there is a tax of 15 per cent or 15 dollars on every Hundred of the Cost As or. Raguet has it on wheat and Indian com�?aco7 is and Hickory no tsp but the Price of these is not affected by the tax on Vliem. It is then Manifest that the Farmers pay less Money for the articles needed by them because of the manufacture at Home than they did before such manufacture was established. We def y the showing of a single Case to the contrary even in cradles or artificial Flowers but this is not All. The divided labor of the people gives to the landholders larger and More Safe markets f or their various commodities in Grain and other vege Ables Nina a drinks Riiel Timber lumber and All other Pix Lucas or a profits in one year than All the world has Given them since the revolution except the cultivators of Cotton amp a. Whose in duct great for Export is of Small comparative value with the of ars a gallon for Castor Oil until we grew requisitions of the Home Market. This May bean on our own farms and Noav it is appear an extravagant expression to those Orth Only Aboin to 1 i dollars. What Moi e needed ? general remarks. An important commentary on the facts stated naturally presents itself for matters of most serious interest to a Large majority of the people of the United states Are involved them but we must hasten to conclude. Reverie in some Way raised must be had. Public opinion or at least the Public practice is in favor of supporting government by duties on import i ions. We shall not now contest the correctness of this opinion or practice. It is Sui Brient to our present purpose to show that the Protection of manufactures hich ensures a Home Market to our Farmers has not affected the a mount of that Revenue or enhanced the Ioe of articles on Mhilli it acts. We have demonstrated and in a manner that cannot lie dispute Liat the Price of protected com to cities a. Universally declined and that those most highly protected have declined the orca Esi rate. There is no wonder hit a i is the natural result of Competition no matter whether among ourselves or of the working people of the United states gain is Thise of great Britain. Take the Roi g Case of fire Brick Noi affected by any newly discovered machinery but Only by he application of american labor to bring into value what had been valueless american earths. Wilile England had the monopoly the Price of each Brick was seven cents but when the persevering messes. Berry of Baltimore under the encouragement of the mar Dand Institute offered a quite equal if not Superior article at three cents the English makers were Content to receive the same Price for their Quot a. Gene Ous men a but such is the inevitable effect of a brisk and Well managed Competition and in All things. Monopolies cannot Long exist among ourselves. The messes. Berry already have successful rivals in their meritorious manufacture in bid timbre. This is diff avoidable necessity or what the ancients ailed Fate a and is applicable to enery Domestic manufacture unless too insignificant to excite attention. We shall Shew in a note below that protecting tariffs never had but Little if any effect on the Revenue As derived from the Cus Toms unless to Dicrease its amount a though the ruin of that Revenue a mournfully predicted. Those who made such predictions Lipiew not even themselves much less were they acquainted with the Laws which regu ate society. Desire always presses upon Means. The Man who earns one Dollar a tiny generally saves As much Money at the end of a year As another who earns a Dollar and a halt a for the reason that the latter indulges himself in what he Calls comforts while the outlier is bound Down to the Purchase of necessaries Only. These things Are with a every mans experience. We ask our readers to look round among their neighbors and see if these Are not so. And strange As it May appear a manufacturing Village of 500 persons though the greater Prat Are children consume More duty paying articles than an agricultural population of the same class of 2,000 persons. The regular receipt of Money by the former enables or tempts them to gratify themselves in comforts such is human nature and we shall not find fault with it. There Are More silk gowns and Yards of Riband at a factory using 500 Bales of Cotton a year than among the persons engaged in growing 10,000�?and much More Tea Coffee and sugar is used. Cyrus after his overthrow of the baby Onish Empire was told How great a sum of Money he might have possessed had he retained instead of distributed the fruits of his Victori eries among his friends and followers. To Shew the Folly of such a calculation he give it out that he needed a larger us of Money and it was immediately tendered to him by those to whom he had Given the Means of advancing it. So with us if labor be rendered profitable there is no Lear of a Lack of Revenue. The product of the excise on biker is a sure indication of the condition of the Labouring classes in England. We refer to England because the free Trade philosophers make All Thiv comparisons to have not re elected on the subject but the Points that we have previously made and sustained Are to us confirmation Strong As proofs from holy writ that this Asi Ilion is much within the Range of holy truth we add a table of the receipts according to the Nett amounts Given by Seybert until 1815, and since derived from the documents. The average from 1791 to 1800 was less than.$8,000,000 the average from 1800 to 1812 or the War. 12,000,000 in 1816 and 1817, because of the exhausted stoic of foreign goods of All sorts during the War the average was a 31,500,000 181817,000,000 181920,000,000 182015.000,000 182113,000,000 182217,500,000 182319,000,000 182417,800,000 1825. A 20,000,000 182623,000,000 182719,700,000 182823,000,000 1829 about c 22,500,000 1830 estimated c 22,000,000 these figures simply Shew that the Vari Ous tariffs have had no necessary effect on the Revenue unless probably to increase it in 1820, 21 and 22, the productive labor of our country was at its lowest ebb and the Revenue in Thice years was Only 45,500, 000�?or the same sum As is the two years of 1828 and 29. I in Quot the great Benefit to the Fai mers from the division of labor has been conclusively demonstrate ill hut what Mist become of at least two millions of free j or on who a Suh suited by manufactures and in Tornal in prove Mentse these being abandoned this is indeed a solemn guest Fox Ai c die tanners carriers Boot and shoe Ina kers Ca Biliet makers chair takers coach makers Saviers and All the rest of the to be cast out of employment All the workers in Iron Lead Coppei a in Wool and Cotton Ilax and hemp to be driven from their monies o seek new Means of Liveli Hoot and simply let a Quot Ause these freemen a crease and a multiply faster than some of the Southern holders of slaves wish that they should do Here is the foundation of the opposition to the protecting Tariff. It is not won while to mince the matter. As we stand ber re gon we believe that the More rapid increase of citizens in the North Middle and West is the leading cause of the furious opposition to the Tariff that is now going on though unknown to the multitude of our opponents for the accursed thing May not be openly proclaimed. We believe it the ground on which the leading politicians of South Carolina have placed themselves let the Labouring think of fit and then working men toil for their children let them reflect upon the desolation which these persons would cause to hold political Power rather to Rule in hell than serve in heaven which i have been led to take of the doctrine in question As Well As some others connected with them and of the grounds from which it appears that the proceedings of Virginia have been misconceived by those who have appealed to them. In order to understand the True character of the Constitution of the United states the error not uncommon must be avoided of viewing it through the medium either of a consolidated g government or of a confederated government whilst it is neither the one nor tie other but a mixture of both. And Stiving in no Model the similitude and analogies applicable to other so stems of government it must More than any other be its own interpreter according to its text and the Rici of the Case. From these it will be seen that the characteristic peculiarities of the Constitution Are. 1, the Mode of its formation 2, the i Isiord of the supreme Powers of government Between the states in their United capacity and the states in their individual capacities. 1. It was i armed not by the governments of the component slates As the Federal government for which it was substituted was formed. Nor was it formed by a majority of the people of the United states us single Community in the manner of a consolidated government. It was formed by the states that is by tie people in each of the states acting in their highest Sovereign capacity and Fonn cd consequently by the same authority which foraged the state constitutions. Being thus derived Frum the same source As the constitutions of the states it has within each state the same auth it pity As the Constitution of the state and is As Ucli a Constitution in the strict sense of the term a Render that resource unavailing. A Contra within its press riled sphere As the constr try supposition would not Accord with a Tut ions of the states Are within their Respec-1 knowledge of human nature or the evidence Tive spheres but with this it obvious audes of Oil o in Joii Tiona Lii Story. Sencial difference that being a compact a the Constitution not relying on any out Niong the states in their highest Sovereign i the preceding modifications f or is Safe and capacity and constituting the people 3 there-1 successful operation has expressly declared of one people for certain purposes it cannot on the one hand 1, Quot Liat the Constitution be altered or annulled at the will of the and the Laws made in pursuance thereof states individually As the Constitution of a and All treaties made under the Anth Ritj of a notwithstanding the Prott acting Tariff of 1816 a increase of two millions notwithstanding the abominable Tariff of 1824, c As stated by or. Secretary Ingham notwithstanding the Revenue destroying Tariff Quot of 1828, in 1829 the three first quarters yielded 17,770,000. Or. Madison s letter. To the editor of the North american review. Montpelier a exist 1830. Deap sir a i have duly received your letter in which you refer to the Quot nullifying doctrine Quot advocated As a constitutional right by some of our distinguished fellow citizens and to the proceedings of the Virgiiia legislature in 98 and 99, As appealed to behalf of that doctrine and Yiu express wish for my ideas on those subjects. I am aware of the delicacy of the task some respects Aud the dil Timulty in every re Spect of doing full Justice to it. But having in More than one instance come lied a Ith a like request from other Friendly quarters i do not decline a sketch of the views ton to the states As parties to the Constitution would be attended with delays Quot with inconveniences and with expenses amounting to a prohibition of the expedient not to mention Lis tendency to impair the salutary veneration for a system requiring such frequent interposition nor the delicate questions which or might present themselves As to tie form of stating the Appeal and As to the quorum for deciding it. To have trusted to no Gocia Tion for adjusting disputes Between the government of the United states and the state governments As Between Independent and separate Sovereign ties would have lost sight altogether of a Constitution and Gove ziment for the Union and opened a direct Road from a failure of i hut resort to die Ultima ratio Etc Een nations wholly Independent of and alien to each other if the idea had its origin in the process of adjustment Between separate branches of tiie same government the analogy entirely fails. In the Case of disputes bet Ween Independent parts of same gov can no Cut neither a being Able to consummate its will nor the government to proceed without a concurrence of the parts necessity brings about an Saccom Moddon. In disputes l tween a Sta a government and the government of the United St Tes the Cash is practically As Well As different each parly possessing All the departments of an organized government. Legislative executive and judiciary and having each a physical Forre to support its pretensions. Abhor High the Issue of negotiation might sometimes avoid this extremity How often would it happen among so Many states that an i accommodating Sph it in some would state May be at its individual will. 2. And that it div Kles the supreme pow the United states shall be the is preme Law of the lard 2, that the judges of every state ers of government a Eileen the Goveri shall be bound tie Eby airy thing in the con of the United states and the go Ern Moutri St Tulion and Laws of and state to the con of die a individual states is stamped in Thelt Rary not 3, that the judicial face of the instrument the Powers of War j Power of the uni cd states shall extend to and of taxation of Commerce and of trea-1 All cases in Law Aud equity arising under the ties and other enumerated Powers \ its cd j Constitution tie Laws of the United states in the government of the United states be Aid treaties made under their authorising of As High and Sovereign character As any of the Powers reserved to the state governments. Nor is the government of the United states created by the Constitution less a Iki Verni nent in the strict sense of the term m i a in the sphere of its Powers than the Gove u merits created by the constitutions of the Sposili duties of tic senators and be re in. It i i is in Ilio legit nature of die United to Quot on the Oiler hand As a Security to the i lits and Powers of the states in their capacities against an Undine preponderance of the Powers granted to i he government Over Triem in their United it a Aci to the const Irv tin i has relied on 1, the re states arc within their several spheres is like them organized into legislative executive and judiciary departments. It 0j a rates Lilie them directly on persons and things. And Ike them it has at command a physical Force for executing the Powers committed to it. The concur tent operation in certain cases is one of the features Nisi King the peculiarity of the system. Between these different constitutional governments the one operating in All the states the others operating separately in each with cited of is the and pet Jile al the Stii is 2, the resp Psi iii y of the president to the be i Lef the Quot states and 3, the liability Oftie e and i Uricia finc Tion Aries of the United states to in peach ment by the reprise Itati is of the people of the states in one bran it h of the legislature of tiie United states and trial by the re reset Tati is of the states in the other Branch the state fun ii it , i a Isla Iive. Executive and judicial being at the same the aggregate Powers of government divided j time in their appointment and response Limity Between them it could not escape attention altogether Independent of the Agency or Autiat controversies would arise concerning Hority of the United states the boundaries of jurisdiction and that some How far this Structure of the government a provision ought to be made for such occur of the United states is adequate and sate for fences. A political system that does not 1 its objects time alone can absolutely deter it Rovi be Abr a peaceable and author Tive mine. Experience seems to have Shewn termination of occurring Conti oversees would that whate or May grow out of future stages not be More than the Shadow of a govern of ova National career there is As yet a suf ment the object and end of a real govern Focient control in the popular will Over the the substitution of Law Aud or executive and legislative departments of Der fur uncertainty confusion and violence the government. When the alien and be that to have left the final decision in such edition Laws were passed in contravention to cases to each of the states then the teen and the opinions and feelings of die Community already Twenty four could not fail to make j the first elections that ensued put an to the Constitution and Laws of the United states a them. And whatever May have been the lift rent in Diflo rent states was obvious character of other acts in the judgment of and not less obvious that this diversity of in Many of us it is but True Diat Liev grave be dependent decisions must Alt Gether dist act neurally accorded with the views of a Majori the government of the Union and speedily to of the states and of the people. At to put an end to the Union itself. A unit it uni a resent Day it seems Well under Stool that authority of the Laws is in itself a vital Prin the Laws which have created most Dis a is Ciple. Some of the most important Laws faction have had a like Sanction wih at could not be partially executed. They must doors and that whether continued varied be executed in All the states or they could be or repealed a like proof will be Given of the duly executed in none. An impost or an sympathy and responsibility of Quot the repro excise for example if not in Force in some tentative body to the constituent body. States would be Defeated in others. It is. Indeed the great complaint now is against Well known that this was among the lessons the results of this sympathy and l is Ponsini of experience which had a primary Niju ability in tiie la gis Latif e policy of the nation ence in bringing about the existing cons Titu Ith respect to the judicial Power of the Tion. A loss of its general authority would United states and the authority of the us moreover revive the exasperated questions pm eme court in relation to the Boundary of Between the states holding ports for Loreign jurisdiction Betm Een the Federal and state Commerce and the adjoining states Wrd out Jover Monts i May be Fermi item to refer them to which Are now added All the in a the 39th number of the Quot Fedora list Quot land states necessarily carrying on their for the Light in which the subject was re to reign Commerce through other states. Garden by its writer at the Perull when the to have made the decisions under the a Constitution was depending and it is be Hority of the individual states co ordinate lived Itiat the same was the prevailing in All cases with decisions under the authority of the United states would unavoidably produce collisions incompatible with the peace of society and Atli that regular and efficient administration Wlinich is of the essence of free governments. Scenes could not be avoided in which a us Iniste Iai Allicer of the United states and a he correspondent officer of an individual state would Hae rencontre in executing Conli acting decrees the result of which would depend on the comparative Force of the local process attend ing them and that a casualty Dejies Kiing on the political opinions and part feelings in different have referred every clashing decision under the two authorities for a Sinai Docie View then taken of it Fiat the same View has continued to prevail and that it docs so at this time notwithstanding the eminent exceptions to it. But it is perfectly consistent wit ii the Concession of a his Power to the supreme court in cases falling Avi thin the course of its functions to maintain that the Jower has not always Lieen rightly exercised. I o say u thing of the period happily a Short one when judges in their seats did not abstain from intemperate amp party harangues equally at variance with their duty and their dignity there have been occasional decision for m the be Ich which Haye hic rred serious Aud a Tonsic disapprobation. Still it would seem that with hut few except Ioas

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