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Indianapolis Indiana Journal (Newspaper) - May 19, 1830, Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana journal. Vol. , wednesday May 19, 1830. No. 369. A t published by Douglass amp Maguire. Terms. Two dollars per annul if paid in Advance. Three dollars at the end of the year. Advertisements inserted on the usual Terras. Gen. Harrison s letter to Boli Var. Bogota 27th september 1829. Sir if there is any thing in the style the matter or the object of this letter which is calculated to give offence to your excellency i am persuaded you will readily forgive it when you reflect on the motives which induced me to write it. An old Soldier could possess no feelings but those of the kindest character towards one who has shed so much Lustre on the profession of arms nor can a citizen of the country of Washington cease to wish that in Bolivar the world might behold another instance of the highest military attainments United with the a purest patriotism and the greatest capacity for civil government. Such sir have been the fond Hopes not Only of the people of the United states but of the friends of Liberty throughout the world. I will not say that your excellency has formed projects to defeat these Hopes. But there is no doubt that they have not Only been formed but Are at this moment in Progress to maturity and openly avowed by those who possess your entire Confidence. I will not attribute to these men impure motives but can they be disinterested advisers Are they not the very persons who will gain most by the proposed change a who will indeed Guin All that is to be gained without furnishing any part of the equivalent that Thau the Price of their future wealth and honors is to be furnished exclusively by yourself and of what does it consist your great character. Such a one that if a Man were Wise and possessed of the Empire of the Caesars in its Best Days he would give All to obtain. Are to make this sacrifice for such an object 1 am persuaded that those who advocate these measures have never dared to induce you to adopt them by any argument founded on your personal interests and that to succeed it would be necessary la convince you that no other course remained to save the country from the evils of anarchy. This is the question then to be examined. Does the history of this country since the adoption of the Constitution really exhibit unequivocal evidence that the people Are unfit to be free is the exploded opinion of a european philosopher of the last age that Quot in the new hemisphere Man is a degraded being Quot to be renewed and supported by the sex Apple of Colombia the proofs should indeed be Strong to Indur an american to adopt an opinion so humiliating. Feeling always a deep interest in the Success of the revolutions in the late Spanish America i have never been an inattentive observer of events pending and posterior to the Achi be Rilent of its Independence. In these events i search in vain for a single fact to show that in Colombia at least the state of society is unsuited to the adoption of a free government. Will it be said that a free government did exist but being found inadequate to the objects for which it had been instituted it has been in preceded by one of a different character with the concurrence of the majority of the people it is the most difficult thing in the world for me to believe that a people in the Possession of their rights As freemen would Ever be willing to surrender them and submit themselves to the will of a master. If any such instances Are on record the Power thus transferred has been in a moment of extreme Public danger and then limited to a very Short period. I do not think that it is by any Means cer Taiin that the majority of the French people favored the Elevation of Napoleon to the throne of France. But if it were so How different were the circumstances of that country from those of Colombia when the Constitution of Cucuta was overthrown. At the period of the Elevation of Napoleon to the first consulate All the Powers of Europe were the open or secret enemies of France civil War raged within her Borders the hereditary King possessed Many partisans in every province the people continually betrayed by the factions which murdered and succeeded each other had imbibed a portion of their ferocity and every town and Village witnessed the indiscriminate slavic her of both men and women of a do parties and principles. Does uie history of Colombia. Since the expulsion of the spaniards present any parallel to these scenes her frontiers have been never seriously menaced no civil War raged not a partizan of the former government was to be found in the whole extent of her territory no fac icons contended with each other for the Possession of Power the executive government remained in the hands of those to whom it had been committed by the people in a fair election. In fact no people Ever passed from under the Yoke of a despotic government to the enjoyment of entire Freedom with less disposition to abuse their newly acquired Power than those of Colombia. They submitted indeed to a continuance of some of the most arbitrary and unjust features which distinguished the former government. If there was any disposition on the part of the great mass of the people to effect any change in the existing order of things if the colombians act from the same motives and upon the same principles which govern Mankind elsewhere and in All Ages they would have desired to take from the government a part of the Power which in their inexperience they had confided to it. The monopoly of certain articles of agricultural produce and the oppressive duty of the a Cavala might have been tolerated until the last of their tyrants were driven from the country. But when peace was restored when not one enemy remained within its Borders it might reasonably have been supposed that the people would have desired to abolish these remains of arbitrary government and substitute for then some tax More equal and accordant with Republican principles. On the contrary it is pretended that they had become enamoured with these despotic measures and so disgusted with the Freedom they did enjoy that they were More than willing to commit their destinies to the uncontrolled will of your excellency. Let me assure you sir that these assertions will gain no credit with the present generation or with posterity. They will demand the facts which had induced a people by no neans deficient in intelligence so soon to abandon the principles for which they had so gallantly fought and tamely surrender that Liberty which had been obtained at the expense of so much blood. And what facts can be produced it cannot be said that life and property were not As Well protected under the Republican government As they have Ever been nor that there existed any opposition to the Constitution and Laws too Strong for the Ordinary Powers of the government to put Down. If the insurrection of general Paez in Venezuela is adduced i would ask by what Means was he reduced too obedience your excellency the legitimate head of the Republic appeared and in a moment All opposition Tion ceased and Venezuela was restored to the Republic. But it is said that this was effected by your personal influence or the dread of your military talents and that to keep general Paez and other ambitious chiefs from dismembering the Republic it was necessary to invest your excellency with the extraordinary Powers you possess. The a would be some reason in this if you had refused to act without these Powers or having acted As Yoa did you had been unable to accomplish any thing without them. But you succeeded completely and there can be no possible reason assigned Why you would not have sue needed with the same Means against any future attempt of general Paez or any other general. There appears however to be one sentiment in which All parties unite that is that As matters now stand you alone can save the country from ruin at least from much calamity. They differ however very widely As to the measures to be taken to put your excellency in the Way to Render this important service. The lesser and More interested party is or placing the government in your bands for life either with your present title or with one which it must be confessed better accords with the nature of the Powers to be exercised. If they adopt the less offensive title and if they weave into their system some apparent checks to your will it is Only for the purpose of masking in some degree their real object which is nothing Short of the establishment of a despotism. The plea of necessity that eternal argument of All conspirators ancient or modern against the rights of Mankind vill be resorted to to in Duce you to accede to their measures and tie unsettled state of the country which hu6 been Dovigi idly produced by them will be adduced As evidence of that necessity. There is but one Way for your excellency to escape from the snares which have been so artfully Laid to entrap you and that is to Stop Short in the course which unfortunately has been already commenced. Every step you Advance under the influence of such councils will make Retreat More difficult until it will become impracticable. You will be told thai the intention is Only to Vest of with authority to Correct what is wrong in the administration and to put Down the factions and that when the coun try once enjoys Tranquility the government May be restored to the people. Delusive will be the Hopes of those who rely upon this Declar Alinn. The promised hour of iraqi Quality will never arrive. If events tend id to produce it they would be counteracted by the government itself. It was the Strong remark of a former president of the United states that Quot sooner will a Lover be contented with the first smiles of his mistress than a government cease to Endeavor to preserve and extend its with whatever reluctance your excellency May commence the career with that Ever disposition to abandon it alien the objects for which it was coat noetic de have been of tainted when once fairly entered you will be borne a Long by the irresistible Force of Pride habit of command and indeed for self preservation and it will be impossible to recede. But it is said that it is for the Benefit of the people that the proposed change is to be made and that by your talents and influence alone aided by unlimited Power the ambitious chiefs in the different departments Are to be restrained and the integrity of the Republic preserved. I have said and i most sincerely believe that from the state into which the country has been brought that you alone can preserve it from the horrors of anarchy. But i cannot conceive that any extraordinary Powers Are necessary. The authority to see that the Laws Are executed to Call out the strength of the country to enforce their execution is All that is required and is possessed by the chief Ivl agis irate of the United slates and of every other Republic and is what was confided to the executive by the Constitution of Cucuta. Would your talents or your energies be impaired in the Council or the Field or your influx Enre lessened when acting As the head of a Republic i propose to examine very briefly the results which Are Likely to flow from the proposed change of government 1st, in relation to the country and 2d, to yourself personally. Is the Tranquility of the country to be secured by it is it possible for your excellency to believe that when the mask has been thrown off and the people discover that a despotic government has been fixed upon them that they will quietly submit to it will they forget the pass word which like the Cross of fire was the signal for ral lying to oppose their former tyrants will the virgins at your bidding Cerise to Chaunt the songs of Liberty which so lately animated the youth to Victory was the patriotic blood of Colombia al expended in the Fields of Vargas Bayaca and car Bobo the schools May cease to enforce upon their pupils the love of country drawn from the examples of Cato and the Bruti harmonious and Aristogito but the glorious example of patriotic Devotion exhibited in your own Hacienda will Supply their place. Depend on it sir that the moment which shall announce the continuance of arbitrary Power in your hands will be the commencement of commotions which will require All your talents and energies to suppress. You May succeed. The disciplined army at your disposal May be too powerful for an a Narried undisciplined and scattered population but one unsuccessful Effort will not Content them and your feelings will be eternally racked by being obliged to make War upon those who have been accustomed to Call you their father and to invoke blessings on your head and for no cause but their adherence to principles which you yourself had taught them to regard More than their lives. If by the Strong government which the advocates for the proposed change so strenuously recommend one without responsibility is intended which May put men to death and immune them in dungeons without trial and one where the army is every thing and the people nothing i must say i hat if the Tranquility of Colombia is to be preserved in this Way the wildest anarchy would be preferable. Out if that anarchy a better government might arise but the chains of military despotism once fastened upon a nation Hes might pass away before they could be shaken off. But i contend that the strongest of All governments is that which is most free. We consider that of the United states As the strongest precisely because it is the most free. It possesses the faculties equally to protect itself from foreign Force or internal convulsion. In both it has been sufi a client la tried. In no country upon Earth would an arrowed opposition to the Laws be sooner or More effectually put Down. Not so much by the terrors of the Guillotine and the Gibbet As from the a roused determination of the nation exhibiting their strength and convincing the factious that their cause was hopeless. No sir depend upon it that the Possession of arbitrary Power by the government of Colombia will not be the Means of securing its Tranquility nor will the danger of disturbances solely arise from the opposition of i he people. The Power and the military Force which it will be necessary to put in the hands of the governors of the Distant provinces added to the nature of the country will continually present to those officers the temptation and the Means of revolt. Will the proposed change restore Prosperity to the country with the Best intentions to do so will you be a ble to retail Commerce to its shores and give new life to the Droop i it a state of Agi in nature the cause Ftp the constant decline in these great interests cannot be mistaken. It arises from the newness of those who labor and the number of Thost who Are to be j supported by that labor. To support a swarm of luxurious and Idle monks and an army greatly disproportion red to the resources of the country with a j body of officers in a tenfold degree Dis proportioned to the army every Branch of Industry is oppressed with i burdens which deprive the ing Nious Man of the profits of his ii Genuit it and the labourer of his Reward. To satisfy the constant and pressing a nimands which Are made upon it the Treasury seizes upon every thing within its grasp destroying the very germ of future Prosperity. Is there any Prospect that these evils will cease with the proposed change can the army be dispensed with will the influence of the monks be no longer necessary believe me sir that the support which the government derives from both these sources will be More than Ever requisite. But the most important inquiry is the effect which this Strong government is to have upon the people themselves. Will it tend to improve and elevate their character and fit them for the Freedom which it is pretended is ultimately to be bestowed it on them the question has been answered from the age of Homer. Man does not learn under oppression those Noble qualifications and feelings which fit him for the enjoyment of Liberty. Nor is despotism the proper school in which to acquire the knowledge of the principles of Republican govern Keiit. A government whose reveries Are derived from diverting the very sources of wealth from its subjects will not find the Means of improving the morals and enlighten ii g the minds of the youth by supporting systems of Liberal education and if it could it would not. In relation to the effect which this investment of Power is to have upon your happiness and your Fame will the pomp and glitter of a court and the flattery of venal courtiers Reward you for the troubles and anxieties attendant upon the exercise of sovereignty every where and those which will flow from your Peculiar situation or Power supported by the Bayonet for that willing homage which you were wont to receive from your Fel Low citizens the groans of a dissatisfied acid oppressed people will penetrate the inmost recesses of your Palace and you will be tortured by the reflection that you no longer possess that place in their affections which was once your Pride and your boast and which would have been your Solace under every reverse of Fortune. Unsupported by the people your authority can be maintained Only by the terrors of the sword and the scaffold. And have these Ever been successful under similar circumstance its blood May smother for a period but can never extinguish the fire of Liberty which you have contributed so much to kindle in the bosom of every colombian. I will not urge As an argument the personal dangers to which you will be exposed. But i will ask if you could enjoy Lite which would be preserved by the constant execution of so Many human beings your countrymen your former friends and almost your worshippers. The pangs of such a Situa Tjon will be made More acute by reflecting on the hallowed motive of riia by of those who would aim their daggers at your bosom. That like the last of the romans they would strike not from hatred to the Man but love to the country. From the knowledge of your own disposition and present feelings your excellency will not be willing to believe that you could Ever be brought to commit an act of tyranny or Evn to execute Justice with unnecessary rigor. But Trust me sir that there is nothing More corrupting nothing More destructive of the noblest and finest i Elings of our nature than the exercise of unlimited Power. The mail who in the beginning of such a career might shudder at the idea of taking a Way the life of a , might soon have his conscience so seared by the repetition of crime that the agonies of his murdered victims might become music to his soul and the drippings of his scaffold afford Quot blood enough to swim history is full of such examples. From this disgusting picture permit Nie to Call the attention of your excellency to one of a different character. It exhibits you As the constitutional chief magistrate of a free people. Giving to their representatives the influence of your great name and talents to Reform the abuses which in a Long reign of tyranny and misrule have fastened upon every Branch of the administration. The army and Ita. Swarm of Otti cers reduced within the limits of real useful less placed on the trunk hers and no longer permitted to Contil Public opinion and be he terror of the Peac tui citizen. By the removal of this from the Treasury and the establishment of order responsibility and economic the expenditure of the ,it would soon be enabled to dispense with the odious monopolies and the duty of the a Lovala which have operated with so in Aligui an off it upon Commerce and agriculture and indeed upon the revenues which they were intended to augment. No h Nger oppressed by these shackles Industry would every where revive the Farmer and the Artisan cheered by the Prospect of ample Reward for their labor would re double their exertions foreigners with their capital and their skill in the arts would crowd hither to enjoy the amp advantages which could scarcely elsewhere he found and Colombia would soon exhibit the reality of the Beautiful fiction of Fenelone Sale Tum rising from misery and oppression to Prosperity and happiness under the can nails and direction of the concealed goddess. What objections can be urged against this course can any of acquainted with the circumstances of the country doubt its Success if Restor i la and maintaining tranquil lit. The people would certainly not revolt against themselves and none of the chiefs who Are supposed to be fac piously inclined would think of opposing the strength of the nation when directed by your talents and authority. But ii is said that the want of intelligence amongst the people units them for the government. Is it not right however that the Experiment should be i girly tried i have already said that this has not been done. For myself i do not hesitate to declare my firm belief that it will succeed. The people of Colombia possess Many traits of character suitable for a Republican government. A More orderly forbearing and Well disposed people Are no where to be met with lit deed it May safely be asserted that their faults and vices Are attributable to the cursed govern sent to which they have been so Long subjected and to the intolerant character of the religion whilst their Virtues Are All their own but admitting their present want Ofin Tell gence no one has Ever doubted their capacity to acquire knowledge and under the Strong motives which exist to obtain it Suppis Ted by the influence of your excellency it would soon be obtained. To yourself the advantage would be As great As to the country like Acta of mercy the blessings would be reciprocal your personal happiness secured and your Fame elevated to a height which would leave but a single Competition in the estimation of posterity. In bestowing the Palm of Merit the world has become Wiser than formerly. The successful Warrior is no longer regarded As entitled to the first place in the Temple of Fame. Talents of this kind have become too common and too often use4 for Mia Chivous

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