Indianapolis Indiana Journal in Indianapolis, Indiana
28 Jul 1830

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Indianapolis Indiana Journal in Indianapolis, Indiana
28 Jul 1830

Read an issue on 28 Jul 1830 in Indianapolis, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Indianapolis Indiana Journal.

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Indianapolis Indiana Journal (Newspaper) - July 28, 1830, Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana journal. Vol. , wed Esokait jtjly28, 1830. No. 379. Published by Douglass amp Maguiro. Terms. Taro dollars per annul if paid in Advance. Three dollars at the end of the year. Advertisements inserted on the usual term. From the Louisville to Tob. Barton. On tuesday Jast a Public dinner was Given by a Nunner of gentlemen of this City to the Hon. David Barton. Of Missouri at the Washington Hall the subscribers were near one Huo dred in number. Several strangers attended As invited guests. The fifth Toast drank was Hon. David such sentinels Are stationed on the watch Tower note i in Tike silent step of executive encroach sent will pass unobserved. Or. Barton Rose and made the following address to the Assembly or. President and gentlemen a i recognize in the personal allusion to myself with which you have just Honor to d me a sentiment More Noble and More worthy of freemen than a Mere personal compliment. I recognize your consistent adherence to the great principles of civil Liberty regulated by Law your Abhorrence of despotism governed by arbitrary executive will and your unwavering attachment to the constitutional principles and of tonal policy for which you entered into the late presidential contest and for which we now have the Honor to stand together in opposition to their violation and abandonment. During the struggle for them by the minority at the late session of Congress they who a expressed your sentiments in Public debate were not More devoted to your cause than that part of the firm Phalanx who either from want of a habit of Public speaking or from bodily infirmity took Little part in Public debate. These last were a Mong your most Wise and Safe councillors a with one of whom i bad the Honor lately to receive the Public approbation of an Assembly of citizens at the neigh Boring City of Cincinnati of which any Man might feel an honest and patriotic Pride. The approbation of such assemblies As that and the one 1 now address is indeed the highest Reward of a Public Man if in truth his country s Good be the real object of his exertions assemblies composed of patriotic gentlemen of the Heads of society seeking no private advantage or emolument rallying in support of the principles o f their constitutional Liberty which they conscientiously believe to be in danger. Our opposition in not of a personal character. It is to the establishing of a four years desp Liim if the president be so disposed and from the indications of the Lait twelve months there is cause to fear that he is by abandoning the restraining Power and duty of the Senate by proscribe Itig citizens for their opinions of he fitness of candidates for Public rust or the exercise of their elective rights by removals of our Public officers in whom when faithful the Public Are interested and not merely the president without cause and surrounding the High functionaries of the administration with their personal relatives and confidential friends thereby destroying our safety and their Check As contemplated by the spirit of oar institutions by making the tenure of Public officers like that of a Feudal army dependent on their personal Devotion to their chief instead of their looking with the proud Confidence of freemen to the discharge of their duties and to the Laws of the land for a Security in their places and course of rewards and punishments through the patronage of the government calculated to corrupt the moral feeling of the country and cause it to View the exercise of the great privilege of elections As a Mere scramble Between contending parties for the Possession of the Treasury to be squandered a Mongite victors like so Many mercenary for the spoils of cities and by corrupting and subsidizing the press which can Only be gained by the Awe of arms or the seduction of Money and to the abandonment of the patriotic duties of National improvements of our country and doubtful Friendship to the Protection of our Young National Industry against the overwhelming rivalry of older countries. These Are principal ground of opposition. It is in vain to dissed Hie the facts that we have been deceived and that our favorite National policy has been abandoned. I Appeal to the disinterested non office Hunting class of our fellow citizens who differed with us not upon questions of National interests but upon the person n 98t suitable to their Protection whether these statements be not but too True in the Western country the great and patriotic class of a jacksonian As they Are called in the party parlance of the Day who had no private person al objects in the late presidential contest were actuated by motives similar to our own. The question in discussion Between us was which of the two candidates would Best secure the common objects at which we both aimed ? the patriotic classes of both parties contended for principles and scorned to be considered As Mere vassals trudging along after personal leaders. We believe or. Adams would dest secure our objects they with equal honesty and patriotism believed Gen. Jackson would. Their preference was reasonable and Patri Otic according to the professions of the two candidates before them. They in common with us All had More or less prejudice against the Eastern candidate. They believed the two candidates to be political and personal friends recognized them As the Mutual eulogist of each other had seen them in 1824 placed on the same ticket in some of the Southern states to be voted for indifferently and Learned from every Quarter that their principles of policy were the same they heard from every Tongue a and read in every Village newspaper from the al Eghan ies to the Kansas and Sabine that their critic Isles were the same or if there were any difference that the Western candidate was the most unequivocally favourable to them. Local attachment and sectional Pride the germs of More expanded patriotism came in Aid of their candidate and As they viewed the proud steam boats coursing the channels of their Majestic River or contemplated the rivulets running through their farms winding their Way to the grand outlet of the Mississippi they involuntarily associated with the Prospect before them a recollection of the signal Victory achieved by themselves and their countrymen under command of their candidate at the Mouth of that River. Their candidate had rendered signal service in a sphere More appropriate to him than civil Rule. They succeeded in electing him but the opening of the plot at the close of the late ses Quot Sion of Congress has but too incontrovertibly proved that their favorite measures Are abandoned they have been deceived but not inconsistent nor tin patriotic. If indeed we Ever shall have it in our Power to Lay in consistency to their charge it must be in the future for if they pursue on the line of their measures although the administration has bolted from the track and turned a Short Angle it will be the most patriotic and honorable consistency. As yet they Are precisely in our own situation disappointed in their Hopes of obtaining a Man to Foster and protect their measures. Their principles Are abandoned after Large majorities of Many 8uccessi\ e congresses had sustained them after both parties had been induced to boast that their candidates for the presidency were favourable to them at the very close of the session merely because we could not rally two thirds of both houses to their support a rare occurrence in legislation Seldom witnessed on any disputed Bill even of a local or personal nature hence the veto should be rarely and cautiously used. In looking around us for a Man faithful to our principles thank Fleaven we Are not de Titue of men to save them. We have remaining to us a Clay a m lean and a Webster without going any further we Are not half ruined yet. But gentlemen we must shift the scene and see new actors. There is another class of jacksonian a so called to wont we cannot with equal sincerity and truth Accord Lonest and patriotic motives and objects to alike extent with the first class. I speak of the class of office Hunters great and Small commonly called the politicians of the country who have surrounded the president especially on the 4th of March 1829, in circular columns of some 4 or 500 deep claiming the Reward of their prostituted services votes and acclamations. This class is a mighty and Hydra headed monster which even the ancient Hercules were he pre sent with his club would hardly venture to attack in mass but would probably strike first this head then that until be bad completed his labors in detail it is a potion which none save his Satenic majesty would think of swallowing al a gulp. Let us take it in broken doses. With this whole class the last presidential struggle was a Mere contest for office As i shall Endeavor to prove by their own acts during the first year of their reign. But the broken doses. First of the president and Senate meaning that part of the Senate Ifa by such there be disposed to abandon their former principles and precepts and sustain the executive through thick and thin and what they cannot sustain before the Light of heaven and the nation to cover in silence and darkness. That part of the nation who had none but patriotic object in the last presidential election has stood almost aghast at the fell swoop of the officers of the country for the exercise of the elective right and quite aghast al the nominations to succeed them conscious of needing some cloak to cover them an awkward attempt has been made to draw the drop Mantle of or. Jefferson around heir shoulders but it will not fit them and they cannot Wear it. Here a Federal Promontory shoots far beyond the covering. There a democratic projection invades the open air. Here i Ultra aristocrat and there an aristocratic Nullifier Quot peeps from under be Mantle of the Sage of mor ficello their component parts Are Illy Madej assorted and Cem Ted. The Sauk Iron of the wired Sisters did not exhibit a More heterogeneous co mixture than the abortive birth Day dinner of Thomas Jefferson in april last at the two Remote epochs of the accession of Jeff son and Jackson the circumstances of the t Mes and parties in thex. States were wholly dissimilar. On or. Jefferson s inauguration the officers were held without limited items but at Gen. Jackson a the act of May 1820 was in operation limiting terms All of them a any Way concerned in the collection or disburse ment of Public Money to a term of four years at the end of which the official conduct and fitness of the incumbents were brought regular into review before the president and Senate. Hence there was no necessity of pub lie interest for the late general turning out but it was to make room to Reward part inns or to punish opponents. Or. Jefferson found the offices filled with the Federal purty holding political opinions which he thought at War with our Republican institutions but under the present adminis Talion the most Ultra Federal ibis Are appointed to office with the advice and consent of the exclusive republicans of the any pro Werf nevertheless they voter for Jackson or. Of off son in Many of his letters lately published emphatically declared that the right of political opinion and of election should Fuffer no invasion from him but Hiti adminis ration has refused to lot the Public know to Weir cause of Rem it Val before a candid Public this Brief historical contrast strips he stolen Mantle from the Back of this administration and sends ii Forth in its i Ike a deformity to the inspection of the world. Let us now take a look at those two dignitaries of the land the Secre far of state and vice president of the United states a look at that a double reign of the would be Percy of the North and Prince of Wales of the South amp Serif their Public course furnishes no proof that the last presidential struggle was a Mere contest for office with them. We All saw How amicably they co operated in the unhallowed work of pulling Down the late administration so much easier than making a better How All the strikes of former rivalry were allayed no corrupt bargain and intrigue and coalition i Hope and All their wide differences of political opinion and constitutional construction different almost As the equatorial heat and Polar cold were seemingly reconciled Atid both their political tomahawks buried for Ever their fir-1 grand object is attained by their comb tied f al arts. Or. Presume he must have been a reformed lion sent from Africa to enjoy private life in the Vicinity of Athens when with one instinctive impulse they bristled up and faced towards the common enemy in perfect unison just so with these two american video her spoils among themselves a numerous and victorious horde one Day sacked a. City and a Temple of worship upon the Rhine. Clovis their King and Leader saw a Beautiful vase upon the altar which he seized As his share of the spoil when a bold Bri friends put them in Battle array on Gand of the ranks stepped up Quot to the the Terrace West of the Capitol if you vase struck it rudely with his Battle choose at pistols Mouth and ratan flourish and let Only some loitering Urchin returning Home from school through Mere habit contracted in the late contest exclaim Hurra for Henry Clay the roused combatants wow involuntarily turn their United arms towards old Ken tuck the next broken dose to be Swal Lowed is the cabinets god help them of their birth i know Little. No unusual signs in the heavens As in the Case of Richard the third Are believed to have marked the event. No Earth quakes even my new Madrid constituents so often disturbed by such convulsions rested undisturbed upon their alluvial foundation but still at the birth of that Cabinet a moral Shock was Felt from one extreme to the other of the Republic and hundreds and thousands who were afraid to speak aloud for fear of losing an office exclaimed mentally Quot strike my name off the list sir ill no longer serve under such some of the non contents however have since been cooled in their opposition by a Mission to Russia i Admire the Sovereign virtue of that Balm that Panacea which can heal such wounds in the Confidence of a Patriot if All former enquiries respecting the causes of removal from office did not remain contemptuously unanswered 1 would certainly enquire of the Powers that be in Helper there were Here any corrupt bargain and coalition of the employment of to e ii hint know As Little As of its Hirth. Busy Rumor says they have been generally engaged in a Cabinet strife about snide matter in imitation of certain euro Pean Kings relating to fringing fir infringing a Petticoat but i ventured no inquiries in that direction my attention was principally drawn to Tbs generalship with which their fends were Alla de. It is a matter of Early american history known to the Schoolboy that shortly after the Landing of the pilgrims and first settlements in new England say some two Hundred years ago the great red chief of the wampanoag called Philip of mount Hope by the White settlers formed a confederacy of the neighbouring tribes and rendered himself so formidable to the infant colonies that the Yankee mothers used to hush the cried and stifle the infantile brawls of the Nursery by threatening their children with a visit from the terrible chief hush your noise there dears or i guess the Rampf Inorg will catch be Quot or Quot the wampanoag is upon Yogi so gentlemen we May imagine the chief magistrate of the rep Mihlic ii the midst of his discordant Council. Authoritatively Stan Spirig upon the floor Poi Iling significantly to the West and exclaiming with the voice of a Stentor Quot Diop this Hifner or by the eternal god Clay will be Doxon upon in Short gentlemen from All i can learn under this Light excluding administration the Cabinet has been Dur ing their first year As it respects their Harmony in the situation of the wretched jews on the eve of their destruction continually engaged in internal feuds save Only when Titus was battering at their Walls. The general Post office department stands a conspicuous Monument to the truth of the last having been a contest for office. The fact is now Well known that if axe and swore by Bis idols that the King himself should not take spoil but according to their established Law of distribution. Clovis dissembled his anger for the time and submitted to he Law. There was Honor and Rule among robbers there. Not so Here. Kentucky is one of the Stock raising and hog driving states. Let any kentuckian who had not an Opportunity to beat Washington at the inauguration or during this reign to Ike a single ear of Corn next fall and throw it among a Herd of three or four Hundred hungry hogs he will then have an adequate idea of the absence of Law and total confusion in the distribution of the spoil among this numerous class of the victors. They went for Oitice altogether for of Iraj and for nothing else but office from Clovis to the brigand. But let us return to a More worthy subject the honest and patriotic but deceived and abandoned classes of both parties in the late presidential contest. Should those in their disappointment turn their eyes upon the of much dreaded and hated Henr Clay could even the present administration be surprised at it among Bis countrymen 1 have nothing to say of his unwavering attachment to our principles of his transcendent abilities to maintain them or of his Ripe experience to secure them this is key Tucky. There has been enough Point ing at him by the present . To have turned the eyes of the Ivi Liz a world upon him. Hostility to that Sii Gle citizen i Market almost All their appointments a ind removals. 1 a a you As i once a ked Anthi it a Assembly in their Lute grand Hunt of the Kentucky Bison has not every dog who first throttled the Wame Pitk his fangs deepest into his Side or Hung heaviest at his Tail Bee i promoted to the peerage among dogs and made a Cabinet ? and most of the subordinate appointments and removals like Well drawn portraits upon he Wall need no Label either Over or under them to Tell us a thai was a blog to Henry Clay Quot Yea indeed there a been enough pointing at him to have turned the eyes of the very Blind Poji him fewer he a personal enemy and time was when i preferred others the Pride and magnanimity of an american ought to revolt to see the Power and patronage of a mighty Republic concentrated for the destruction of a single Many and that Man too one of her most talented sons and greatest benefactors deceived betrayed and disappointed As we Are let us pursue our principles and to whatever Man they May Lead us let us sacrifice local and personal antipathies if any we have upon the altar of our country and in his support her cause. With that View i of for this sentiment for the approbation of this Assembly. Rotation in office its True spirit is uhen a people Rind that an officer Doe a not fulfil the purposes of his appointment or election to put in his place one a who Zinell. The late Post master general would Adams is Defeated and or. Clay goes i have stooped o the terms of Render Home to see about his farm and his Cotton bagging. The two friends being now at Leisure from Mere motives of curiosity inherited from eve no doubt lift the veil of futurity just so High As to catch a glimpse of the prospective succession to the presidency it instantly becomes a Distant Bone of Contention Between them i have read a Story somewhere gentlemen but where upon my Roul 1 cannot Tell you that an ancient greek Sage rambling one Day in the suburbs of Athens said two dogs most Arnica Bly playing together upon a Beautiful Green and As a philosophical expend ment to see How Strong and disinterested their Friendship was threw a half picked Bone Between them they instantly ceased their play and commenced a furious fight Over he Bone which raged until their fears were a ing the department a Mere instrument of rewarding the personal adherents and punishing the opponents of the president he might have been Post master general still. He rejected the terms. Another accepted them with the office. Draw your own inferences. Was there any bargain manager nent and corruption there ? last in ugh not least comiss the multitudinous class of subaltern and non commissioned office Hunters who effected the revolution and a achieved the Conquest and distribution of the Treasury. The proportion of the non commissioned we learn is very great. There Are not offices enough for them All and they Wrangle among themselves Over he spoils. They seem to have no fixed Law of Dis Tribu lion and occasionally or ionize each other. In the a Middle Ages alien the North roused by the Roar of a Distant lion 1 Ern barbarian of Yerran Gaul and i United states Cut Urt. A great number of our citizens and strangers of distinction from other slates have attended the District court which commenced it session of the 12lh inst in Columbus. The Case of White is. The corporation of Cincinnati excited a deep interest among the auditors As Well from the amount of property in controversy As on account of the talents and distinction of the counsel engaged in the cause. It was an action of a Jector Tejitu brought by White against the City to recover Possession of the whole common on the River Between main Street and Broadway which is doubt Worth More than four Hundred thousand dollars. The counsel for the plaintiff were messes. Ewing Benham and Clay and for the City Storer Este and Fox. The court House was crowded almost to suffocation to hear or. Clay who closed the argument in a very handsome and Elo quent speech. The cause was determined in favor of the City. The circuit court is Saliji in session. Much inconvenience will be suffered by the government and parties of want of a District attorney. Or. Herrif k having resigned and no sue Cesser being . A

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