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Indianapolis Indiana Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 19 1834, Page 2

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Indianapolis Indiana Journal (Newspaper) - July 19, 1834, Indianapolis, Indiana A w Ges of the state by making a tour of the state to pay my respects to my fellow citizens of each county and having Learned the cause preventing my doing so Are not Well understood in same portions of the state i Avail myself of this occasion to explain by saying to my friends and others that the legislature requested my Aid in superintending the state. House new building at the Public expense of 56,000, the materials and workmanship of a which Shoultis be almost daily inspected. Finding Tould Tot leave Home this summer with out disregarding that and other Public duties i met judge read at Franklin the 2d Day of april and renewed the proposition that we should return to our Public duties he to his land office and i to those devolving on Meas your governor. To induce his consent 1 gave him the Benefit of his previous addresses Svith the right of lining his appointments then made a at Salem Corydon &c., to which he agreed each of us reserving several privileges. In making this offer to my Oppio Tiht to Vvs �z701 a with an intention to neglect you but to enable Hie to give my alienation to your business acid having once visited you and your being act Iquain ted with my opinions of Public policy i thought the Best evidence i could give of my Zeal for your Prosperity would be in devoting my time to your interests. Since i was selected by my Ferow citizens to preside Over the slate it has been my constant desire to sustain and promote your interests and welfare. If in the discharge of my Public duties you think me competent and faithful i will gladly remain in Sotir service another term and should you permit me to do 60, i shall aim in retiring from the office of a governor to carry wit i me your Good a wishes and approbation a Reward that can Only be secured by faithfulness and Good conduct. N. Nob in. Indianapolis a uly 15, 1834. Quot receiver s office Indianapol a 29th sept. 1828. The Public sales were held in october 1820, in july and August 1821, and in september and october 1822 during these months 237,-173.83 acres were sold at an average Price of one Dollar and forty four and a halt cents per acre. The remaining 570,227.52 acres were bold at private Sale from october 1820, to-30th june 1028, for the minimum Price. Supposing the excess of the fractional sections will equal the deficit of Tho St that fall Short of the usual number of acres the Quantity of land remaining unsold on the 3i the june last May be computed at iv842,l01.65. That i May by enabled to give what. I conceive to be the probably average Val be of the unsold lands i will make five equal divisions of them in doing which i take into View the a Oil their contiguity to Mills and other Sites for water Ma-chiner3 it water courses Public roads and the a eats of Justice of he several counties within the District. One fifth May be called Sirsi rate Well Worth the Congress Price and worthy the attention of the agriculturalists. One fifth May be called second rate As to its value it is riot equal to the first rate though in process of time when the Sale s have diminished the Quantity of first rate May bring the minimum Price. The remaining will not in any reasonable time bring the government Price. One portion May be estimated at 75 cents one at 50 cents but the third isun Jit for cultivation and Quot without value Quot signed n. Quot Washington City a Xii a a 28,1834. Sin the history the present session my the Given in a few a nerds. It Hnz been Little else than a scene of political warfare and strife. Less legislative business has been done than at a previous session. J be great exciting question has been the b Ink and the deposits. On this sin a be subject by far the greater portion of the session has been employed. It would be timeless Tenter this matter. Tiey would be endless every one must in a greater or less degree be familiar a Quot Quot ii the Sui Jet one which is believed to have agitated Congress and the country More than almost tiny other since the Days of the revolution i he questions of the Tariff and nullification heretofore engrossing almost entirely pub c ii Lenti it a have scarcely been spoken of and that of the Public lands has. Been wholly crowded out of View by it. The land Bill is of among the unfinished business of the ses Eion. J he fiscal affairs of the country were the report of the Secretary of the Treasury in december last in a prosperous condition. The amount of Public debt re a Naining unpaid was on the list of last less than $5,000,000. This is the remnant of the old debt of the revolution and Debl created by the 4ate War with England. Our chief source of Revenue is the Tariff or in other words duties collected at the custom House so imported goods and in modifying the Tariff to the diminished wants of the country the has been t know a where to it Filep. The business of reduction has been an it agreeable employment and con egress has already gone too fur in reducing the Tariff in passing a second Law before a former one had gone into of Erat Iun and at a time when the Effo facts of neither could be foreseen. I his Xmas the Case last session when a second Tariff reducing Law was enacted be fore the Law of a previous session had gone a into operation until it has become doubtful a whether Congress will not be under the necessity of imposing additional Tariff duties in lieu if those recently taken off. These reductions were made Toile Manifest jeopardy of the manufacturers and the manufacturing interests have Ever since been in a depressed and sickly condition. Many establish ments ceased their operations and tar air proprietors will no doubt direct their capital into other channels no longer willing to Hazard every thing in the doubt Ful Experiment whether the manufacturing interests can live under the Tariff reducing Law of 1833. The reduction of the a venire and the pos a Ible necessity for its increase has very much injured the Prospect of internal a improvements. The manufactures a rile protected by a sustaining Tariff were the close oldies of internal improvements for the Tariff while it protected their interests furnished the Means of making roads and canals a which were also necessary to that interest in the transport Nikon o their fabrics throughout the whole country. The effects of these causes have already be Iii Felt and deeply fek in the difficulties experienc in of Laihing an appropriation for to curb Trahd a those internet m in this Road must hive observed these Dif Jib Luiei acid Tbs to will foe Tbs Mii in the fact that mid Sumner must past by before the work of the present year can commence owing to the late period of the session at which the appropriation was made. It will feel them toxin the increased difficulty of future appropriations. The amounts this year appropriated for the Progress of the work Are $200,000 to be expended in the slate of Ohio $150,000 in Indiana and Busin 24 states. The Slat of is Kainber 1837, is the period when the Bill would expire by its own limitation. The fear that the passage of the 1.111 would diminish the pros Prcz a reducing a he Price is not Well founded. In Hill itself expressly exclude s Ich Coni Isim. I lie i however ii it a he a finished $100,000 in Illinois. Appropriations have a s passed the House of ii Prtt a Lati cd for the improvement of Jho Navija Ilion a the Mississippi Ohio Jim Souri and lied Rivers. A Bill had passed a la Senate jul Horzing he selection of Wabash an Erie canal Lamit in the Daiev of Iho Al Iunce River m a kit of lands sole the a iut cd Siviia which i would otherwise d a of me who property of 1ib canal in Vul of Iho on it in org Niue of March 21, 1s27. I s Hiil Euthim a a is these Lecuru of about 80,000 acres for the use of the Cut Al. A Bill has also passed the sen i to making an Apprey Dialion if $20,000, to improve the of the Wabash River. J a to subject of the pub air is one of increasing importance. The Large sums those lands Are now bringing into Tolje Treasury make them More than heretofore a Bone of Contention. Those who would destroy the Tariff and grasp at every other source of Revenue Are More zealous than Ever to retain their proceeds for the Ordinary disbursements of the government i ii old Tariff states wish the pc derail government to be sustained by the duties on i inputted goods and the pin needs of the Public l ads distributed among ail the slates. 13jth these classes of politicians Are opposed to any change of the land system opposed to reduction of Price to graduation Atid to All advantages to actual settlers. The trip resent tics of the new states Are not entirely agreed in a Lii matter nor have they Power to control it if hey were. With few exceptions we will All go fur the graduating Priidu Isle while some would carry that principle farther than others. We All go for reduction of the Price and for privileges and to actual settlers. In the details of hese principles we might not All agree but we have never yet been Able to Iii Duce Congress to go i h him who demanded least and who would be willing to Stop first. We All think too Quot that in convenient time this machinery of land offices amp a. Should be withdrawn from the states and that the right of soil and the future disposition of it should be surrendered to he states these principles embrace it is believed,.the whole land system of the president As set Furth in his various i messages. Most of these Prinzi Pes i greatly prefer to the land Bill of or. Clay but when no Hope of succeeding in a try of them remained 1 did on former occasions. Is i probably would Gaiu vote air that Bill. In doing so 1 have never preferred it to other propositions on the sul Jet of the Public lands but in doing so i have preferred it to nhe system As it is and As it has been with slight alterations almost thirty years. By the present system the monies paid into the land offices go into the trea not Sanction it without of sanctioning amp great Many improper and unconstitutional appropriations but that nothing would afford to him More pleasure than to give his approbation to u a ii providing for the Wabash if it stood a a a one. No Ihirg was then heard about ports of entry but pledges were Given to the people by i leading men ill a the pics Dent was Friendly to Trio improvement of the Wabash and that the Hyena like spirit with no ecu could not fail to Regorz it As an object of Polli. la a Dir 1� i Lar of of. In Iblis he a a Iio Cirou Quot this Pai for. Anole 1.-Vidiiig. Public lands who �o3 now any part entitled to a a he he Nefris in Erst love video by Iho act of May a but Quot a in cd him but whet Eba Vetu it t is ired i Cruis. Now act is revived us Ccu Luied in ii ice in Ltd years. I iils have been presented and pre5se upon the attention of the Senuick the j i or glories of Michigian i. Arkay Sis to fort Ftp a them Clvis cd Ishii Iiona Hhd a Tate and for Theka a min Tion a he Terf Ivy of wisc onsite a but no Laws or. Theoe sub Jer ice Iive been passed. The population of Michigan proper is stated at about $55.000, and that of Arkansas Between 40 and 50.000. The Bill to attach the territory of the United states West of the Mississippi River and North of Missouri to the i territory of i Michigan will probably be come Law. The Tia lion has been recently called to the death of general Lafayette to mourn the loss of anti her and almost the last of the distinguished generals of the re Volution. Fie died at Paris on Iho 20ih of Flay and was esteemed in his own country As Well As in this As a disinterested Patriot and a Friend of personal and political Liberty. Lie Bic a conspicuous part in the american Levi Lulio i in which he hold the rank of was the Friend and companion of Washington and has l Een Ever since the steadfast Friend of american Liberty and the free institutions of the country. He his also been the devoted Anil steadfast of Neil of rational and constitutional Liberty in Francc alike opposed to the despotism of the bar Bons Atidzhe More horrible anarchists of the French revolution. At the head of the National guards he arrested fir a time the sanguinary measures which led Louis the Xvi to t he Scaff lid Atul established the bloody Ascendancy of Robespierre lie wus opposed to the unlimited Power and to the government of Napoleon and during the period of his splendor find Triumph had very much retired from Public life. Subsequent to this period and since the rest it ration of the Bourbous he has been a prominent actor in the scenes of his own country and in the revolution of 1830 in the memorable thre i Days in Paris Weir h deposed Charles he a and elevated the Duke of Orleans to he throne he bore a conspicuous part. To was at that eventful period put again at the head of the National guards though surrounded by the most distinguished marshals of Napoleon. In 1825 he visited to United Stales on invitation of the president and at the request it f Congress. He was emphatically the nation s guest and his pre president we 7,� a stand from those who have �,oj3, on the subject Hasa. Deep regard for the people of that Section of of i. I calumny and abuse a Quot Quot Quot to a i it a a a. I of manifesting his regard. He can Sanction appropriations Oji the Hudson River nor. Van la a of a a people it i of he should be made sury of the United states by the Bill a sence brought in review in More i cd co what has Nidorie u a tit ii2 that he has in Iii Verri nent a Vii Nihil Niji Lui Lity a generally Tadiri cited. J hat it Bias sustained himself with dignity and propriety and that his reputation stands Well abroad Ltd is not denied. That he has m is industriously devoted his time and talents to it the promotion Oft be interest Aud the Advance Merit of the Honor of the state even his enemies cannot gainsay. Why then turn him out of office to Confer it on a Gendeman for whom no reasonable Man a brims a superiority of Talent but Phosti abilities Arege be rally believed to be inferior and who run ire Over is already in in so ass ii a of an affire of at least equal Peck diary advantage these Are questions which will occur to the people when approaching the polish a the first monday in August. It is very True Ihil the Small faction Here who have taken the Lead in a Dueing he governor might in fit by he Success of his competitor and would have their malignant feelings gratified by his def edit but we Are very far from Beli Evitia that the yeomanry of Indiana will sacrifice a valuable Public servant and Leopard the Public welfare either for the pro motion of he in Erest Ofidis faction or the gratification of their feelings. Buren s state and on the Cumberland River which passes in the neighbourhood of his own property but Forsooth when a Bill is passed by the people s representatives making an appropriation for the Wabash he cannot sign it Quot without violating his construction of the Constitution Quot the Democrat says Quot we believe he has acted from principle,.&Quot what sort of principle we would inquire it looks to us something like the principle of retarding the Prosperity of Indiana. No appropriation could be More important than this one. With the Aid which had been Given by the states of Indiana add Illinois it would have been sufficient to remove the obstructions and open a Safe navigation to the thousands who arc dependent on that Noble Stream for the transportation of their imports and exports. No doubt was entertained Liat the appropriation would be granted and the news of its failure cannot fail to be received with the feelings a hich such an outrage is calculated to inspire. Isaac nay or Esq. Has beco Itie the editor of the recon. Liis to Lenis Industry Saufl in orrery Rizir ipes will we Dou lit tit contribute to to interest and respectability of hat paper. Judge Isi Giitl must regard a inst of As very fortunate indeed to have entitled hit self to it i the plaudits of the Democrat. Time was when he did not such a distinction but Sinoto he has put himself under the patronage Quot of judge read it is not in priv Bable that he m in be pleased with the puffing of that gentleman s or a an. Will be paid Over to Iho to tates giving also the new states a preference Over the old slates in his distribution of 17� p. It. Of the receipts into tvs air own land offices being 12� . I addition to it that they already receive. Not if we of not adopt some such regulation As his the land system remains As it is and to get no part of the Money. I say remains As it is for every Effort to change it for Many years past has been unavailing. But if we pass the Bill the system in other respects remains As it is and the states get the Money. The Bill appropriates for five years for m and after the 31 St december �832. The Nett proceeds of the sales of the Public lands one year of the term had expired on the 31 St of december 1833. The amount received that year is known and the dividend of each state is a matter of easy calculation. The Nett proceeds is about four per cent less than the aggregate receipts. Tie aggregate receipts fur the year 1833, Are $4,939,519-53, of which sum $694,31981, was received in the state of Indiana. 17i per cent of the Nett proceeds of this latter sum is $116,-g45 70 the noun to which Indiana would be entitled As a primary dividend deduct 17i per cent from the Nett proceeds of the aggregate receipts and $3,912,099 49 if left to i e divided among the 24 states of the Union according to their respective Federal representative population of which sum Indiana would be entitled to $114,102 90. These two sums amount to $230,748 60 the a moist to which the state would be entitled to the monies which have actually been received during the last year. Now on the suppose i Ltd that the present year and the three subsequent years will be As productive As the past year and the probability is that they will be More so the dividend to which Indiana would be entitled under the five years existence of the Bill would be $1,153,743 00. In addition to this the Bill also gives the state of Indiana 115,272 acres of land which at the minimum Price would be Worth $144,090 00 making the whole amount to which the state would ii entitled by the Bill agreeably to the last your s receipts the sum of $1,297,833 00. 1 make no error in estimating the Nett proceeds having the office calculations before the and the Bill now before the Senate whatever u a have Lieen the provisions of previous Bills authorizes a dividend of the Nett , i have let Een thus particular in stating the provisions of his land Bill and the advantages Tiff cred l y it to the state whose interests Are entrusted in part to my care knowing that a difference of opinion exists among the most honest and intelligent of our citizens in relation to it and l believing that the subject is not generally Well understood. It is my firm belief that whoever lives to the Slot december 1837, should this Bill not become a Law will see the land system As it now is and the moneys paid into the Treasury of Thor Union Ioa Toad of the Treft Turret of the it is Louri the scenes of the revolution and All our monuments our trophies and our history Louii Blavo it co. How it Honin Foj a Gay the american people in life. He is no less honoured in death. His death has been communicated to Congress by a special message of the president and resolutions have been passed by both houses As grateful testimonials of National respect Lihas also been announced in general orders to the army and Navy and appropriate tributes of respect Are to be paid to his memory at every military and Nival Post and depot in the United states and wheresoever the a Merican Flag shall be found connected with our Nivy throughout the world. The session will close on the 30th of the present month. With Moc respect your obedient serve William Hendricks. New York july 3. The ship new York capt. Hour a arrived last night having sailed from Liverpool on the 26th May. We have received by her London dates of the 25th and Liverpool of the 26th May. The ship Manchester capt. Swift from Havre has also arrived bringing Paris dates of the 24th, and Havre of the 25th Mav. The attention of the people of Paris seems to have been entirely absorbed by the death and funeral obsequies of general Lafayette. We Annex an account of the funeral from Talignani and of the measures taken by the a Merican citizens in Paris in consequence of the melancholy event. The French papers contain some additional details. One of them states that an old and faithful servant carried on a Cushion immediately after the Hearse the decoration commemorative to the revolution of july and that of the order of Cincinnati Beisig the Only two Ribbands which Lafayette would Ever consent to Wear. The following is a translation of the letter addressed by the president of the chamber to his son in reply to one from him in announcing his father s death , and dear colleague the chamber has Learned with deep sorrow the loss she has just sustained. The death of general Lafayette deprives the chamber of one of its most illustrious members of a great citizen whom Liberty has found faithful to her cause in every period when she needed a def cider. The revolution of july found him again at the head of that Brave National guard of Faris whose patriotism and Devotion have never failed to comport with the device of Quot Liberty Public order Quot inscribed on their banners. The name of general Lafavette will Ever remain celebrated in our Annels. He will appear there amongst the principal founders of the constitutional monarchy which he with of cheered Onward in its course and which Hud his Best wishes. Accept amp a. Signed Dupin. The chamber of deputies had voted the budget of receipts and has thus closed its labors. It will probably not again be convoked except to hear the word dissolution. All France appears tranquil at present. In England nothing of importance has occurred Einck our previous Lul vices. A person was instantly killed at the Rais ing of n Hickory pole near Reading Penn. On the 13th ult. In consequence of the apparatus fur Lioi sting it not living sufficiently secured. The pole was 150 feet in length. The Democrat says the people Are wide awake. We think s too. They Are full wide enough awake to guard against the in positions of James g. Read and a few restless spirits who to promote their personal and Pec Miary interests and i indulge their personal Hart d against gov. Voble have shown a disposition to halt at Rio Liing. The people we think Are wide enough awake to act for thei selves without the dictation of men actuated by such motives and principles. Judge read Iti his circular recently published seems to regard the present system of mustering As useless. Now it will be perceived on referring o the proceedings of the i Oise of representatives of Lite 18ih january. 1830, Tho Lemi lating ibo militia be in Quot under consideration that i. Karklin i timed to Ninerd the Bill by striking out All that part of it which gave to he court of assessment a discretionary Power to inflict a Fine to the amount of three dollars for non attendance at any Mustor. The motion prevailed but or. Reads name stands in Tuk negative. So it seen is he was willing in 1830 to allow a discretionary Power in die court of assessment to Fine individuals three dollars for each failure to perform a duty which he now seems to consider As useless those who have heard judge read s Fri dresses to the Public will Recis a decl that he claims no Small share of credit fur discharging the duties of chairman a of the committee of ways and Means in the House of representatives during several years. We do not recollect How often was chairman of that committee but on an examination of the journals to perceive that he was chairman during the session of 1830-31. It appears hat during hat session although judge read acted ask Hairian the principal reports from the committee of ways and Means were written out and mule by or. Wallace of Jeff Hirsoh a member of the same committee. Thisse who have Access to the Jour Neil of that year May find the following paragraphs Quot or. Wallace of j. From the committee of ways and Means of which were referred the annual reports of the auditor and treasurer of state made a detailed report in relation to the tin Uncial concerns of the state which was read Quot amp a. Quot or. Wallace of j. From the same committee reported a Bill making general appropriations for Trio year 1831 which was read Quot &.c. Now it is True that the fact of judge read s declining to make these reports do ies not prove that he is unqualified for governor but when he himself refers to his discharge of the duties of Lohec Lairman of the comte ii be of ways and Means As evidence Ltd of his qualifications it is but Justice that the Public should know who it wus that performed the labors of that Cummitt tee. The Democrat speaking of the president s refusal to sign the Wabash appropriation Bill says Quot although feeling As we now do on this subject we should our lives have signed the Bill we cannot consent to reprobate the conduct of the president Quot and Yuul you have signed it if you had been president that would have been very Kin i. But then the conduct of the president Mist not to reprobate no matter what he docs. Of no that would it Finster. J Wabash appropriation. Our readers will recollect that who in 1032, we were warning them against voting for Gen. Jackson on the ground among other things that he had vetoed and would continue to veto appropriations for the improver it of the Wabash it was replied by those who advocated his election that the Wabash in pro privation was combined with so Many Loyial and objects that the preside amp a Potile the new Cabin ii the late re organization of the Cabinet leaves it filled As follows John Forsyth of Georgia Secretary of state. Levi Woodbury of nov Hampshire Secretary of t lie Treasury. Lewis Cass of Michigan territory score tar of for. Mahlon Dickerson of new Jersey Secretary of the Navy. We t. Barr of Kentucky postmaster general. Benjamin f. Butler of new York attorney general. William Wilkins of Pennsylvania has been appointed a minister to Russia. Cadets. The following Are the names of the five distinguished West Point cadets in each class As determined at the examination which terminated on the 16th ult. First class a William Smith of new York 2, John Sanders of Florida 3, h. Longbo a cough of Kentucky 4, Thomas a. Morris of Indiana 5, Robert Allen of Maryland. Second class�?1, Charles j. Witting of Maine 2, Jolin h. Martindale of new York 3, George w. Morrow of new York 4, Charles Lii Gelow of mass. 5, George m. Legate of. Third class i James l. Mason of 2, Danville Leadbetter of Maine 3, m. C. Meigs of Pennsylvania 4, Alexander Hamilton of new York 5, Barnabus Conkling of new York. Fourth Clas in i John w. Gunnison of new Hampshire 2, Henry w. Benham of Connecticut 3, Edwin w. Morgan of Pennsylvania 4. Alexander b. Dyer of Missouri 5, John Brent orgy car the Post office. The following Resolution passed the Senate of the United states about the close of the late session without a Desse Ling voice All present forty one in number voting in the affirmative. A a resolved that it is proved and admitted that Large sums of Money have been borrowed at different Banks by t i. in order to make up the deficiency in the Means of carrying on the business of the Post office department without authority Given by any Law of Congress and that As Congress alone possesses the Power to borrow Nio Quot Ney on the credit of the United states All such contracts for Loans by the postmaster general Are illegal and void from the Shelbyville transcript. Tho following Are the answers of gov. Noble and n. B. Palmer Esq., treasurer of stale to a letter addressed to each by or. S. B. Morris chairman and Royal Mayhew j ii. Secretary of the Corvi Mittee of , for the rail Road Celebration at this place on tie 4th insf., requesting their attendance on that ii Casion. At Home Neu Indiana Lis 2d july 1834. Gentle men your letter of invitation in behalf of the committee of arrangements for the 4th of july and rail Road Celebration i had the honour to receive. It would afford me great pleasure to Moet the committee with other of my fellow citizens at the festive Board and that pleasure would be greatly enhanced from the consideration that with the commemoration of our National Independence 3 of have connected the Celebration of an Enterprise of much Promise one which reflects much credit for its advocates. But owing to a Mutual understanding entered into at my request by my Honor Able competitor and myself one which my Public duties forced me to urge upon him i am deprived of the privilege of uniting with my Febrow citizens in the celebrations on the 4tn,and have therefore to decline an invitation which i would under other circumstances embrace most heartily. As an Era in the annals of internal improvement in Indiana the commencement of your rail Vay is hailed by Many As constituting one Branch of a general system and it has been with deep interest 1 have witnessed and approved the bold Advance to Tho yield of Enterprise which has been made by our citizens upon that line. As the advocates of an Enterprise originating with themselves one which must exert a salutary influence upon the energies of other sections and i Trust Over the destiny of the state its friends cannot now be shorn of the honours to which it justly entitles them. The example has i inspired the citizens upon the Evansville route with Confidence in their own Powers and they Are coming to the Field of Competition. It is believed also the citizens of Leavenworth new Albany Jefferso Villo and Madison will Ere Long make a requisition upon their own energies and enter the list with the friends of internal improvement on White water the White Rivers and Wabash who Aro now maturing a plan that shall not transcend Tho resources within our command be approved by the dictates of prudence and in due season carry its benefits to every portion of the state. In such a plan As this one that will not involve the state i will at any propitious period unite with my in and a Eyare instance where the cite a As of the state put their shoulders to the wheel and provide a Large a portion of the Stock As you have the state 1 would suppose will not witness the struggle without lending her Friendly Aid and countenance in the consummation of their wishes. T am thankful for the kind and polite manner in which the committee has tendered Ihu invitation and in return 1 beg you to convey my respectful acknowledgements to each member and for yourselves accept assurances of a teem. N. Noble. S. B. Morris chairman. Roval Mayhew Secretary. Indianapolis is july 1834. Messes. S. B. Morris andr. Mayhew. Gentlemen your communication containing the Verv polite invitation to the Ojo by and rail Road Celebration which you tender me on behalf of the committee of arrange Nientsu has been received. I rear t extremely that pevious arrangements will not permit my , and Tho pleasure of participating w the my fellow citizens in the feat visit s of occasion. I cannot refrain however from expressing my cordial and Hearty concurrence in the efforts of the citizens of Shelby in the splendid work of internal improvement in which they Are embarked. The spirited exert on making in your Vicinity Are worthy of a i Praise and the demonstrations of the practicability and Utility of works of this character which Are intended to be exhibited on this occasion cannot fail to a salutary influence on Public opinion As to Thio Branch of political Economy in Indiana. If Public opinion shall take a proper direction in reference to Public undertakings of this kind the enhancement of the value of property the increase of Trade and All the various advantages to Commerce agriculture &c., win be extended on this cause alone More than 50 per cent in ten years. In tendering to you gentlemen and through Yon to the committee and to the citizens of Shelby my thanks for the respect indicated in the invitation i beg to add the Assur Ranee of my Best wishes for the successful prosecution and final completion of the great work 00 propitious by commenced. Very respectfully your obedient servant n. B. Palmer. Communicated. A Large and respectable portion of Owen and the adjacent counties assembled in gos port on the 4th inst to celebrate the 58lk Annit a iary of american Independence. A procession was formed by the marshals to a Beautiful Grove in the Vicinity where Quot a Siuyu plutus dinner was prepared for the occasion. J he declaration of Independence was read by or Thomas Dunning after which an address was delivered by John m. Young Esq. Orator of the Day. The dinner being served and the cloth re moved the following toasts were read. A Gular toasts 1. The Day we celebrate the most glorious epoch in the annals of any nation. 4 cheers. 2. The memory of lasting As his achieve Jenks were great and in Percef denied 4 cheers. 3. General Lafayette the unwavering Friend of Liberty when our Best Hopes were clouded by a tyrant s Power on wings of generous Zeal he flew to Aid our holy cause. 3 cheers. 4. Benjamin Franklin the american philosopher and statesman. His right hand not held his bleeding country his left sported with the vivid lightning. 3 cheers. O. Our Rauers of Hlay their remaining years be spent in peace and Bap i. , and their last hours be Blest with the Christian s Hope. 4 cheers. 6. Adams Jefferson and Monroe this Day conme Doratea the birthday of their Fame and the Knell of their earthly honors. In silence. 7. The signers of the declaration of Independence the last of those pc Triach a sleep in death peace to their slumbers Honor to their memory. In silence. 8. The fallen heroes of the revolution Quot May their descendants copy their exalted . A in silence. 9. The memory of Warrens his name stands first on the Roll of the martyrs of Bunker Mill. Lib silence. 10. Patrick Henry a nature own work Man hip Atid no bad Sample. 3 cheers. 11. John Hancock the american Patriot the first to pledge his life his Fortune and his sacred Honor in the cause of Freedom. 3 cheers. 12. The sex presidents of the u. States. May their successors All prove such devoted republicans. 3 cheers. 13. Tec thirteen states that threw of the British Yoke their younger Sisters a Miro their Resolution and Revere their fortitude. 3 cheers. 14. The presidential chair the Throna of Liberty More than the throne of Kings. 4 cheers. 1j. The american Senate vat Talent literature patriotism and political Wisdom unrivalled in the world. 3 cheers. 16. Education the Only firm pillar of Liberty necessary to its existence May he sons of fret Dom drink deep at its Ibuki Tain. 2 cheers. 17. The american Flag May its Start and stripes wave proudly Over every sea con manding Universal respect. 3 cheers. 18. Congress of the United states tht3 constitutional safeguard of the Republic a itis meal it ers Sucu d possess Clear beads and pure Bearb. 3 cheers. 19. Party spa rat the it Emy of invest gation the Bane of free institutions the foul tool of the demagogue Tho Hydra headed monster. May it be denounced by the a Meriann eople. 3 cheers. 20. The state of Indiana of of Tho youngest Sisters of the confederacy a her charms Are just developing and her sons Aro proud of her rising greatness. 3 cheers 21. Our sifter states Ohio and a a chuckled. By slavery they Are fast rising to wealth and Enji Nence. 3 cheers. 22. Kentucky the Mother of warm it Well us proud hearts her daughters Are Lovely and infection ate her sons Are who Leol kentuckians. Scorers. 23. General Harmon a the intrepid defender of our infant territory a Quot our noblest a
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