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Indianapolis Indiana Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 25 1840, Page 1

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Indianapolis Indiana Journal (Newspaper) - January 25, 1840, Indianapolis, Indiana Vol. Xviii. Edited and published bydouola8s amp . Terms.�?$2 50 per Vulva Nice for 52 �3 Notni Otlis and i i 50 at uie end Oft Lic volume. No paper Willlie li3coiuiiino i a Ilesi iat lir option of the publishers until paid. apace occupied by 250 Ems 9 Linos shall 1 Counte Ltd a Square nothing counted less Diana s Hiare nil Over a Square and less than a Square and a ii Alf shall he Coli Inpil a Square and a half. One Dollar per Square shall he Char Quot a l for the first three Orang less Anil Twenty five for Eracli additional insertion. Advertise Nientsu published by the Quarter or Ion scr Wili he liars de 3 per Square for three months for six a otitis or $�?�10 per annul. Merchants druggist a a Najt hers advert sin Quot by the year will be cli arged for two squares Jis 50 Tor three ,for a Quarter of acol Uinn of 1000 Ems �25 for a half of a column .ii25 for three fourth sofa column p50for a column �60. Quot a deduction of 2i percent will be made on advertisements Onger than a it Marteros a column when inserted by Ali Ujj Alfear or year and Vot Hivertis Binenti comin from abroad Mustbe accompanied with the Cash unless ordered for publication by a brother publisher. All must be marked on their face with the Nui Norol i insertions or they will be continued till ordered out and charged by the insertion. Tile postage must he paid on All letters to the Licy will not be taken out the Post Olifice. The following editors and publishers in Indiana a live determined to commence the Cash system for a newspapers from and alter the 4i/i of july 1840. Douglass amp Noer of the Indiana journal. John Livingston of the Lidiana Democrat. Edwin t. Gabriel of the coffers Nellc . C. Amp d. Douglass of the Logan sport Herald. Holloway amp Davis of the Richmond palladium. W. H. Amp j. J. Chandler of the Evansville journal. Milton Gregg of the political Beacon. Stuart amp Kipp of the Michigan City Gazette. Mattingly amp Green of the new Albany Gazette. C. Hay amp z. W. Rowse of the Salem whig. Hannum amp Grubbs of the Indiana , saturday january 25, 1840. No. 919. Into town from every Quarter. They came in companies of from one to one Hundred to a late hour at night and hundreds Arft a president Sai fuel Judaic of Knox county for vice presidents David Negley of Vanderburgh Rived on the morning of the Lgth. About 12 o clock a splendid i Evi much Emerson of Knox John Vautor of Jennings brass band arrived from Logansport at the Lead of the Cass Johnson Watts of Dearborn i liner mucker of Fay county delegation. Notwithstanding the bitterness and intense. Cue Edward Hall of Marion John i Iccil High of to of the cold tiie Side walks of Washington Street were Crow a st. Joseph Alexander Van poll of Sii Elby James Blair of Vermilion and Jonal iian Justice of Wayne trl weekly jouri\ai.moniday, january 20, 1840. We Wil publish in wednesday s paper the entire proceedings of the Lato Harrison state convention. A disreputable act of a Loco the Quot Tippecanoe Quot filled with ladies was drawn Alo Quot a Washington Street on the 16th, a Loco Foco member of the legislature from Dearborn Hung out from a window of his boarding House a Petticoat. This was intended As an insult to the ladies and we Blush for old and patriotic Dearborn that has been thus disgraced and stigmatized. We Are acquainted with Many of the delegates from that county and we know that the act has caused them especially the honorable senator the deepest mortification and regret. If possible however let All the stigma and disgrace attach to the soulless pol Troon who did the cowardly and a Gallant act let the Finger of scorn and contempt be pointed at him and not at Dearborn or any portion of her citizens. _ Loco Foco the 16th, As the procession of whig delegates marched up Washington Street a widow lady who keeps one of the Best boarding houses in town along with hundreds of other ladies testified her Devotion to whig principles. For doing so she has lost As boarders the following Loco Foco members of the legislature Sands Edmonston Stewart Nelson of Montgomery and Lee. These gentlemen have acted most valiantly they have punished a widow lady with several children for expressing her political sentiments. Hurrah for general Van Buren we were unable to publish a paper on Friday. The hands employed in the office with one exception being Good and True whigs could not resist the temptation of attending upon the deliberations of the state convention. Our readers will therefore excuse us for this one omission. The Loco focus have nominated their big Man for governor but the friends of Harrison have nominated a bigger. Marcus Morton has been elected governor of Massachusetts by a majority of four votes. Legislative. After a recess of two Days the Senate assembled it 2 o clock on Friday and proceeded industriously to business. A Resolution was reported by or. Bowen from the committee on education on the subject of the state University at Bloomington which was taken up on saturday and occupied the attention of the Senate for most of the Day. The Resolution proposed the appointment of a committee of two senators and three representatives with Power to Send for persons and papers to inquire into the cause of the decline of the institution and their remedy. The Resolution was variously amended and discussed at length but before its adoption the Senate adjourned. Jesse d. Bright of Madison has been appointed marshal in the place of Gamaliel Taylor whose term of office has expired. On is rumoured that at a secret caucus of Loco of cob held in the Senate chamber on the evening of the adjournment of the whig convention it was determined to withdraw Gen. Howard from the con Teit. We Are not advised As to the reasons for this course but Prei unite if Tho Rumor is Correct that they Are frightened at the whig nomination and intend to Hunt tap a stronger candidate than Gen. Howard or Felse they do not think it prudent to take him out o Congress and run the risk of having his place filled by a Good whig and himself Defeated for governor. The mortification of one defeat would be bad enough therefore Quot better let him ii Arithson state convention of the 16tii january 1840. This will be a Day Long remembered in Indiana and a Day never to be forgotten by the citizens of Indianapolis. When we Bay that it waa the largest political nose Mbungo Ever convened together within the limits of the state we Hepcak the truth yet convey hardly an idea of its immensity. The delegates began to come in at an Early clays Many of them arriving three or four Days before the 16tb and on the evening of the 14tli our Capac Iotis hotels were generally filled on the 15tb, however it waa Mueh the Woldeit and a my Lemml this Winter they Poart a did with All Ages to listen to the soul inspiring strains of tie band As it moved on to Browning s hotel. Citizens and Colliers testified to Weir pleasure and Deli Glit at witnessing the scene ii Long and repeated Liuzza. About the Middle of the afternoon the Terre haute band drawn by four Beautiful Clay coloured Lior ses dressed off gaily with flags and plumes came in from the West at the head of a Large company of delegates. At the same time a Large Canoe upon which was painted the word Quot Tippecanoe Quot in several i laces drawn by six Gallant Greys filled with from Dearborn and clip Ley counties and followed by fifty or sixty other delegates came in from tie East. Tilt two processions met in front of Jordan s hotel and the immense crowds that had collected about drowning s and Jordan s rent the air with shouts of applause. It was a joyous scene and its political Sublimity and enthusiasm cannot be described. About four o clock the delegation from Hancock numbering upwards of fifty marched into town in double file. At their head was carried a Beautiful Flag upon which was inscribed Quot the spirit of Hancock presidential election 1840.&Quot Uliey were received with enthusiasm. At this time the cold had become most intense yet the cry was Quot still Uliey at an Early hour after dark the Hall of the Blouse was crowded to suffocation. Samuel Judah of Iii of took the Clair and called the meeting to order when it was addressed by Henry s. Lane of Montgomery and Richard a. Thompson of Lawrence. The speakers were eloquent and most ii Appy in their remarks. It would be useless to give an outline even of what they said. Susice it to say that they dwelt with much Force and effect upon the corruption and extravagance of the present administration. They were every moment almost. Interrupted by the applause of the multitude. A committee was appointed by this meeting to nominate temporary officers for the organization of the convention on the �6th. After a few moments of consultation the committee reported the name of Greco by of Warren As president pro Tein. And the names of Douglass Maguire of Marion and John h. Taylor of Jefferson As secretaries pro Tern of the convention. The report was concurred in. Now let us come to the proceedings of tie 16th�?the glorious sixteenth. Although for thirty Days or More the Sun had not thrown his Bright and joyous beams upon tie citizens of he capital on the 16th he sprang from the Orient Unbe dimmed by the Clouds of heaven. As with pleasure we looked upon the Clear and uni bladed East and beheld the god of Day rising in All his brightness and majesty we involuntarily exclaimed Quot the Sun of Austerlitz a sure Harbinger of a certain and glorious Victory to the whigs of Indiana at the August election Quot the wind which had come from the Norih West on the 15th, fierce and freezing was now hushed. Every things the Earth the heavens the air portended Irres stability to the Ball that the whigs of Indiana were preparing to put in motion on that Day. They did put it in motion and by the first monday in november next it will live rolled Over and crushed the last vestige of Van Lauren Loco Focosi Rinthen remaining on he free and Rich Domain of our beloved state. At half past nine in the morning the a marshals commenced forming the procession in front of the Cai Itol As follows Hodek of the process Tox the likeness of Harrison. Bearers Johnson wafts vim. Conner and John Sutherland. My sick Putnam band. A very Largo Lanner on one Side of which was a Large Eigle with a scroll in his beak on which was inscribed "7 in Choice of the people on the Banner was Lai cited in Large letters for president Villiani Henry Harrison of Ohio for fice president to in i la scr of Virginia Quot on the other Side was a Large Eagle bearing in his beak the words Harrison and Tyler Quot on Side of the Banner was painted in bold Relief Imp. If ise s celebrated Toast a a the Union of the i whigs for the Sake of the Union bearers of the Large Banner Henry a Ortr Liviu. Jones John i. I right and Alexander Vilson. The Grey team drawing the Canoe filled with soldiers who had been with Gen. Harrison in actual service. Dearborn and Ripley counties delegates. Banner on which was inscribed Indiana pledged for Harrison in 1840,&Quot on one Side and on the other Quot Ivil Linin Henry Harrison Indiana s first. Governor and the people s next , d. Maguire a. G. Rillard . Mendenhall and w. S. Unthank. Delegates. My sick Terre haute band in Dun team. Banner. On one Side John Tyler Virginia s favorite son Quot and on the other Quot old Virginne never tire. The last Days of Loco , fam. Matlock d. Dunn Liue John Burke and George f. Lyon. Delegates. Banner on one Side Quot the people of the United states to preserve their liberties must do their own voting and their own fighting one country one Constitution one truth is omnipotent and Public Justice certain Quot on the other Quot my native land bearers or. Beckett or. Duzan j. P. Cox and Samuel Brenton. Delegates. My sick Logansport band in Grey team. Banner on one Side William Henry Harrison the son of a signer of the declaration of Independence and on the other millions went through his hands and not accent into his pocket. Bearers a. W. Seibert h. Smock j. L. Welshans and James Patterson. Delegates. Banner on one Side Quot we Are for a government of the people and not a government of office holders and on the other Quot general Harrison has fought More Battles than any other general and never sustained a delegates. On the rear a Large number of the youth of this place formed with appropriate flags each had a Blue silk Sash which made a very pretty display. The procession was formed under the direction of John Zenor of Harrison a. H. Read of Ripley Daniel Sigler of Putnam t. J. Evans of Fountain j. Ames of Gibson l. Bloomfield of Wayne John Vawter of Jennings John Roberts of Tippecanoe Henry Ristine of Montgomery r. Hanna of Marion and a. Colman of Allen who acted As marshals. To give an idea of the length of the procession we will just say when it was formed into a hollow Square two deep it enclosed More than five acres the procession moved from the Capitol to the East end of Washington Street. On either Side of the Street the Side walks were crowded with men who shouted and Huzzard As the procession moved on. The windows and doors were filled with ladies who waved their Snow White handkerchiefs and Over and anon would Greet our ears the soft angelic tones of a Sweet voice As it listed the joyous words Quot Hurra for an old Veteran in View of the scene exclaimed Quot i have lived Long in the world and i have always observed that whenever the ladies god bless their souls entered warmly in the support of a cause their exertions and wishes were Ever crowned with Success. Therefore who can look upon the Fervour the patriotism the feeling exhibited this Day by the ladies and doubt that Victory a most glorious Victory awaits the friends of general Harrison for my part i want no better evidence of our Success than i now see Quot and the old Man s eyes dimmed with the suns of Many Summers sparkled As in his Youthful Days when he cast them towards the crowded windows. The procession proceeded to the state House and organized in the open air As it was impossible for the immense concourse to enter within tie Walls of the Capitol. Col. James Gregory took the chair As president pro tem., and called the convention to order. He returned his thanks in a few neat and appropriate remarks. The secretaries pro tem., messes. Maguire and Taylor then proceeded to Call the Dele a tos by counties when lists from the several counties were handed in. A committee was appointed to present to the convention its permanent. Officers. After a Short a sen Weihe committee reported the following persons As suitable officers for the convention. And for secretaries John Ames of Gibson David p. Halloway of Wayne we. Millikin of st. Joseph jul jul Iii Dowlin a of Vigo. I in. Dunh upon taking the chair Ati dressed the members of tiie convention in a few Lippy and patriotic remarks. Many resolutions were then offered and adopted and a Large number of Short pertinent and spirited Spee Clies made. The principal speakers were messes Matson of Franklin Cutter of Vigo White of Jefferson Parker of Fayette Robinson of Jefferson Smith of Fayette Cravens Fri pie Lane of Montgomery Thompson of Lawrence is Aylor of int Gomory Walpole of Hancock Nave of Hendricks s Mccarty of Fayette Dunn of Dearborn Evans of Fountain Beard of st. Joseph test of Wayne and perhaps some of tigers whom we did not hear. Tie nominations were received with unanimity and a general impression prevailed that it Only required Union nil Energy to secure their Triu nishant Sucee ssi. Jul Togli Uit a ii the to Irinec for governor is the president judge of the Gih circuit the duties of which office he Lias discharged with in partiality and pre Veitii Rie it ability. He is finely educated having received t in first honors of the Ohio University. He is a Man of strict political and moral integrity and wherever known he is univer Sally esteemed and beloved. In his judicial circuit he will run Lar ahead of the Wiig party. He is just such a Man As All the friends often Erti Harrison will to proud to support. Dignified and talented to have no doubt he will sustain Hin self before the people against Gen. Howard. I Aimuel Hall the nominee for lieutenant governor is a Man Ivery Way worthy the support of the freemen of Indiana. He is a firm Friend to Gen. Harrison and a Man of More than Ordinary mind and experience. Judge bigger accepted the nomination in a very neat and appropriate address to Tho gov. Wallace also addressed the convention at the urgent and repeated solicitations of its members. He exhorted them to go Home and give the nominations their whole and most energetic support. His remarks were listened to with breathless attention and received with loud acclamations of approbation. His speech was one of the very Best of the Many excellent ones made to the convention. We a ill Here barely remark that it Una with the utmost Diin culty that gov. Wallace s friends gave him up and it was Only from the conviction that his identity with the system of internal improvements might endanger the Success of the cause of Gen. Harrison that Uliey were at length induced to yield their preferences Quot not that they loved Cousar less but that they loved Rome More Quot Gen. Pm Cain to returned his thanks to the convention for the very respectable Vole he received forgive tier in a patriotic address. He also gave the friends of Gen. Harrison some excellent advice As to the Inan Fer in which they should treat their political opponents which we Trust will be followed by editors and Public speakers. He promised As a candidate for state elector to give a Large portion of his time to addressing his fellow citizens in different parts of the state letter let it be Hendricks Vili find in Liim an Over match and will be sorry before the first monday of next november he had not followed his own advice and let it alone. The convention adjourned sine die., at 12 o clock m., of Friday and the numerous delegates departed for their Homes in Good spirits and with High Hopes and expectations. In conclusion we would say in the Beautiful language of some one that As the delegates to the convention of the i6ih inst. Braved the Winter storms Quot came up to the Rescue of their country rallied once More under Tiiu Strau lord of the Veteran who so often in Days by gone led Bis troops to Victory and with him at their head will March Forward to the ref orm of the reformers to despoil the de spoilers to Rescue the a i of the Constitution and to save our beloved country Quot therefore let All who did not directly participate in their deliberations unite heart find soul with them in carrying out the ultimate and triumphant Success of their determinations. Promise them the reception of warm hearts in the counties which they May visit. Resolved that we cordially invite the co operation of our absent editorial Brethren in the objects recommended and deter Niaud to be carried out by this convention. Resolved that for the purpose of carrying a out More air actually the objects of the Quot Young men s whig co i a cation that the whig editors of the state be requested to suggest to the Tippecanoe whig Central committee any measure they maj think calculated to enhance the int rest and in cease the enthusiasm of the turnout on that occasion. Resolved that the whig editors throughout the state of Indiana be requested to publish the proceedings of this convention. D. P. Halloway chairman. A Stewart , january 22, 1840. Democratic editors convention. In accordance with a request of the democratic convention held in the House of representatives the democratic editors in attendance at said convention met in Tho supreme court room appointed or. D. P. Holloway of the Richmond palladium chairman and or. Stewart of the Michigan City Gazette Secretary. Or. John Dowling of the Terre haute courier stated the objects of the meeting when on motion of Thos. Dowling it was resolved that he nominations made by the whig democratic convention which assembled on the Igich of this instant meet the approbation of this meeting and that we pledge to Samuel bigger of Rush and Samuel Hall of Gibson the warm support of the presses we conduct. Rosol cd that the whig editors Here assembled recommend to their Brethren throughout the state a vigorous prosecution of the Campaign of August and november next and for this purpose we would advise our absent friends of the profession to hoist the Standard of True democracy bearing Tho names of Harrison and Tyler bigger and Hall. On motion of v. M. Cole. Resolved that we As whig editors of Indiana approve of the proposition of John s. Wiestling of Columbus Ohio editor of a German paper entitled people s Friend to publish a paper in the German and English languages and that we pledge ourselves to publish his prospectus in our several diapers act As agents and Endeavor to give his paper an extended circulation in our state on motion of j. M. Stewart resolved that we heartily despise the doctrine promulgated by the Loco Foco party that to them belong exclusively the time honoured title of democrats believing As sve do that a party whose motto is the farther the government is removed from Tho people the better Quot never was and never can be democrats. On motion of Thos. Dowling resolved that the ganders promulgated by Tho Federal press against the War worn Hau Huson and the stigma sought to to cast upon him by the use of Gross personal allusions to his Domestic al airs is a violation of decency an encroachment on the rules of honorable Warf Are and a departure from the High Standard of morals which should guide honorable men. Resolved that in our opposition now or hereafter to Tho nominees of the Van Buren convention we design to treat them with the utmost respect As the chosen champions of a highly respected but mistaken body of our fellow citizens but that our opposition to them shall be urged against the odious principles of federalism which they advocate and which it is their design to engraft on the free principles of Western democracy. On motion of j. M. Stewart resolved that we will enter the Arena of the coming political strife with Strong hands and Brave hearts relying upon the Justice and righteousness of our cause and that we fling to Tho Breeze Tho Broad Banner of Harrison and Reform under which we shall we must and will succeed. On motion of v. M. Cole resolved that Tho principles and practice of the present party in Power who have arrogated to themselves the name of democratic have Given indubitable evidence to the world that they have trampled under foot and now disregard Tho sacred and time honoured principles that triumphantly carried our forefathers through Fields of blood to glorious Victory Tho benefits of Whit h we Aro now enjoying and that our Best exertions shall be forthcoming to arrest the institutions of our country from their hands which they have dose cent of and restore Tho True spirit and principles of 1776. On motion of or. Millikan resolved that we approve of Tho proposition by Tho state democratic whig convention of holding a Young men s convention on the Battle ground of Tippecanoe on the 21st of May next and that we will urge upon the Young men of Tho state the importance of holding Euch a convention. Resolved that to highly approve of Tho nomination of Gen Jonathan my Cakry and Joseph g. Marshall Esq. As slate Electora for Harrison and Tyler Andl Djana Dej socratic whig convention. At a preliminary meeting of the delegates of the democratic whig convention held in the Capitol in Indianapolis on wednesday evening the 15th inst., Samuel Judas of Knox presiding a committee was. On Iuo Tion appointed by the chair Quot to make arrangements preparatory to the meeting of the convention on the kith who after a Short absence reported through l. In Scott. Esq., of Vigo their chairman the following As the order of business 1st. Marshals of the Day 2d. That cd. J. Gregory of Warren be appointed president pro tem. And Douglass Maguire of Marion and Jojin h. Taylor of Jefferson secretaries pro tem. 3d. The hour of meeting at the state House to form the procession to be at 9 o clock and president pro tem. To take the chair at half past 10 o clock a. M. Thursday morning Jan. 10, 9 o clock a. M. In pursuance of previous notice. Delegates from the following counties of this state assembled at the state House in Indianapolis for the purpose of nominating candidates for governor and lieutenant governor andean electoral ticket pledged to the support of William Henry Harrison of Ohio for the presidency and John Tyler of Virginia for the vice presidency of the United states. Owing to the immense number of delegates in attendance the representative Hall was found inadequate for their accommodation and on motion the convention adjourned to Tho area in front of the state House when calling col. Jab is Gregory of Warren county to the chair Douglas Maguire of Marion and John h. Taylor of Jefferson acting As secretaries. After an appropriate address from the president explanatory of the objects of the convention the secretaries proceeded to Call the counties of the state in alphabetical order when the names of the following delegates in attendance with their credentials were handed in Viz Allen Noel n Coleman t w Swaney j Mcfarland James Johnson Samuel Stophlett w g Ewing Benj. Smih d h cult Rick l g Thomps it a. Boone Francis Downing a b Clark Jas. Moore William Stephenson Isaac Hopkins Jacob Kernodle John m Burns Jacob Angle s Cason James Cason Albert Randolph John Shaw Simeon Sedgwick do Odell Robert Hammell Abner Sanborn e Evans s s Strong Milton e Mccorkle John s Jamison John s Forsyth we Simpkins we p Davis Green Larrimore Joseph f Dougherty John Harmon Jacob Hackleman James Mccowen John Lowe Hugh Wiley Seth bar Duvell. Bartholo Meiou William Herod John c Hubbard Martin Adams Samuel w sni Itji Lewis f Coppersmith Jasper h Sprague Alexander Russel Benjamin Irwin William s Jones Tunis Quick Henry Smock Thomas Hays Howell Daniel bran Ham. Carrolls Albert l Holmes Ade Tweed James Spears Samuel Anderson Gardner Mudge. Clarks Joseph work Solomon Davi William g Armstrong. Clays or. Osborn. Crawford a Elam Willey e e Morgan. Cassa James Butler Joseph Corbet Henry Bliss Jordan Vigus Spear s Tipton Nichiolas d. Grover Cyrus Vigus James w Dunn David b Coulson John Cook Isaac a Mcclung John s Patterson John o Skilton j c Enos Nathaniel Cook James Saxon. Clinton col. Daniel Heaton John w Blair John Leager Sam. C Dunn h b Maxwell John h. Dunn Abraham Norris. Decatur James Morgan Robert Hamilton Zenas Darnel John Lush Levi a Mcquitty j n Pool m Jamison James Johnson s p Atchison Michael Swope Daniel Moss James Halsey we. Hamilton a k Forsyth. Delat care Thomas j Sample William Williams James Hodge. Daviess John Flint c Berkshire Elias Terry r a Clements Dearborn George h Dunn John Ferris John Hunt l n Bush a h Dill Geo. Cochran Servetus tuft m h Harding r Wilber David Rabb John Tait Geo. T Cornelius Charles Deshiell Renna c Stevens Abraham Eversole John m Patrick Richard h Holman Johnson Watts Jacob w Eggleston Isaac Dunn a Draper John Mastin Martin de Shields. Dubois John Mcausland Edward Woods Jesse Corn sr., a b Mccrillus st. Clair Harris Simon Morgan John Johnson. Elkhart Jacob Cornell Thomas g Harris Mark b Thompson. Fun no i g Shryock. Floyd Josiah Lamb or. Thomas Foster c p Smith p Thurman w j Rodman Richard fowl a Berry Wilcoxin Lawson Veny Thomas Collins. Franklin Samuel Goodwin David Ginn Thomas h bar wisc George w Kimble Abner Mccarty Robert Templeton. Jr., the. Jamison Nathan Brown John Allen we m Mccarty John p Case r p c Barwick m g Kelly John Ryman David mount John a Matson j Woods Jolin Hackelman William Rubottom Ubanos James Conwell h d Smith. Fri a a a Enewton Claypool Philip Mason Samuel w Parker James m Conner Caleb b Smith Jasper n Davis William Russel Daniel Rench Peter m Wiles Jno. Mccabe Jno. Join Meson John Mcllwain Henry Simpson minor Meeker Charles Williams we m Smith Thomas d. Hawkins c Holton Abraham Conwell George Davis. Fountain to. T j Evans William Piatt i s Drake a g Moore j Bowen. Greene Levi Fellows Marcus h she scr Thos. H Carson Thomas g Carmicheal John Abrams Samuel Simons John Hill John f Allison Martin wines Richard Wright Amos Owen j s Freeman. Gibson John r Montgomery John Arae a. Grant to j Neal w b Hodge. Hancock to haitian Horn Day Cit Arles Atherton j l Smith n Crawford Morris Pierson a Gooding j b Hart win p Rush t d Walpole John Justice a m Pattison a gouge r Smith James Hamilton Joshua Meek e Church c Meek j s we heralds John Hagar a a Hammond h h Hunt Isaac Wil Lett John h Alexander Geo w Willett d c Priddy John Wolf c Wolf j p Foley Jesse Atkison Joseph Hall j Shipman Solomon Hull r j Ramsay Robert Ylo Corkhill gag Morris. Joseph Lewis David p Priddy j c , Reuben Garrett Moses m Cray Geo Atkison John d Cooper Thos Fugua j w Wilson p Bell Slugh m Clelen h Smith j w Smoot c r Overman n Overman e m Cray Robt Smith John Shepherd Levi Austin s Dickerson we r Smith David junes o Pierson h Banks Robt Phi son. Peru rec a so Samuel Brenton John flathers Eldred Huff r c s m coun Peter Curtis win l Matlock cd Nave s a Verbryke or. Depew we Duzan j t Parker v b Cress a Alexander we h Damali Henry co linger Richard Gentry James f Beckett James Macoun Elisha Kise or Malone Samuel a King we Townsend Hackett Thomas Irons we t Matlock Cooper c Bontz v Hamlin Jno j m Mullen James Worrell t j Matlock we Naylor w j Ungles Young Short Levi Jessup or Wade or Bell James Tonias Milom Knox Edwin Clark m g Corlow James n. Pope Thomas Bur Gest Jno w Cord Jno Miles Parker Vav m a Jessup Robt Bond. Henry�?3dm t Elliott Ralph Berkshire r m Cooper a g Small Aquilla Barret s Julian g h Ballet Gall d c Shashou David Rilatt Jas silvers j m Whitesill Joshua Holland j w Grubbs we Mason we Williams p r Alle j w Balwin James Miner James Puntney Jacob Benamon John Shep Ard Samuel hazzard h l Terrell w w Tyler Matthew m Kinney John h Bales Robert Emerson Thos Cook Isaac Parker Thomas Leonard. Hamilton William Conner Jacob Robbins Bick Nel Cole f m Cole John flare John d Stephens ii w c Smith Thomas t Butler we f Combs Jacob Makalii Levi Bowman Allen Cole Ira Kingsbury. I i Almoud w Clark Alfred Fortner Abraham Helm Thos Fasott Thos Ament Elijah Brock Geo Brock Geo w Kirkendall we Slater Peter a Forsee Jos Holiday Jamas s Ross Asher Cox Ebenezer t Ridgeway we Arche. We d Rooker James p Antrim Benj Wheeler Honry Marshall Benjamin alter David f Henton. Harrison John Zenor. Johnson a g a Frydenger Henry Brown t j Dales Geo t Noble we Wishard Nicholas Shaffer Peter Vandike Thos j Todd. Jennings John Vawter Geo w Branham we c Bramwell Henry l Arnold Jesse v Bramwell Jno butt Dewitt c Rich Richard Randall. Jefferson a t Lodge j l a Hite a l Payne Allen e Arion John h Taylor h n Firth. M r Mitchell c p j Arion John Sering r j Elvin David Hillis Joseph Wilson c Schmidlapp Jacob Shuh s s Gillett w f Collum John m Mitchell John m Young Geo Robinson David c Branham Joseph Oglesby c Woodard. Jay Roht Rhea Benj w Hawkins we t Shull Christopher Hanna. Jasper Henry Robertson. Knox Sam Emeson Geo Simpson we r m Cord j b Martin r n Carnan w Cole Sam Judah. Kosciusko Ezekiel French Jonas Hacker we Sloan Ludlow Nye p l Runyan r h Lansdale. La Porley Sylvanus Everts Jas Stuart o j minor w j Waiker w w Higgins. Lagrange Joshua Gale Sam p Williams James Holmes. J b Clarke r Hume s Wescoat j b How d Nickols e Littlefield. Lawrence Gustav is Clark Hugh Hamer Daniel r dim Hue John Edwards John m Crea Dean Barnes me Cheri Heli Iier p g Paugh Hansford Short George Armstrong Marius Scoggin Elisha Boyd Elijah Henry Felix g Rawlins Robinson Graham James Massey a w Thompson. Montgomery John Beard Abijah o Neal Henry s Lane Henry Pastine John w Odell j d Strickland f ii Fry or t w Fry t a Webster or h Labi Iree or Thos Craig w w Galey John Hawkins John test Jacob Christman William Gott Silas s White James Inanna Jas m Clung Bartus Ewing o p Jennison p j Bartholomew Jacob Winn j w Powers John b Powers w h Vanover Steohen Thomas we w Nickolson we s Galey William Binford George Miller Benj Spader Jacob Campbell we Campbell Chas b Naylor Robert Holmes Preston m Cormack Isaac Naylor James b Johnson James v canine Allen Harrison Christopher Fullin wider James Long David Clark pleasant Winston e g Bryant or t m Currey j h Harrison Ezra Little Elijah Cox. Marshall Jeremiah Grover. Monroe John Eller John Burton James Buskirk e p Farmer d b Yesbec Jesse m Burton Joseph Campbell Hozekiah Wampler Johnston m Collough Jonathan Rogers John Cookerly j m Howe. Morgan Benjanin Bull Benj Sweet p m Blank Enship j m Mitchell w h Craig John Borders Jas Cunningham j c Henderson Giles Mitchell James Crawford Robert Hamilton j in Sheppard j d Shep Pard a s Griggs n Edwards Samuel Stephenson John Butterfield Calvin Matthews John m Cracken Barnard Arnald Cyrus Whetzel j to Davis j f Brenton go Whitaker Ephraim Goss Levi Whita Ker j e Clark Samuel Morrow Jonathan Hunt Jno Hyner to Harrold j w Richards Barclay Burris we Gregory j p Maxwell John Maffitt Leroy Gregory a filmy Gregory Grant Stafford Hiram Matthews Uriah Ballard m l Cox Thos Harrold Charlas f to Wilcox. Marion a w Morris Jeremiah Johnson James m Lovain John Hobart Alfred Harrison s v b Noel h Brown George Bruce c Vanhouten Hugh o Neal w Quarles w sheets j l Mothershead Jacob ringer Toni Reagan Robt Hanna j a Moore John Brown Alex Puigh Jno Sutherland d Maguire p w Seibert James Ferguson Thomas skreen Edward , Ambrose Shirley or Harris Tyner John Vilson Joseph Beeler John Marrs Sam Mill House David to Whitson Joseph r roads Zadock Jackson he m vey Samuel Harding Jas w Johnson Obediah Hanis j a Horbaly James roads he Banks Isaac Pugh Elwin ones Israel Harding d Smith Alex Bowen a g Rudoll a w Bussell we Deford Ames Mustard h b Evans Anderson c j Allison Elijah Dawson l m Clung de Hall Henry Brenton Noah fright Jacob Smock .711 Oliver Henry Myers ,7ames Turner .7asbelles, Nehemial Smith James Greer Lewis smiler. 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Five Cen Elijah Hammond James Hillman Fielding Johnson evil line Hawthorn b f Morso Elijah Boll Josso Hutchins Rufh Jesse Morgan Robert Thompson Horatio g Sexton George Chorn Elim Irvin o r Straiton a Quot via n Blacklidge Samuel d Mcnno Samuel Davis Alfred Doeler Orange h Neft Reu Pugh Villiani Frame Walter Brown Levi Hill Jacob Blacklidge Festus Hall Clifton Larow George w Moore Nathan Overman or or Norman Geo b tingly Samuel Bif Ger William g. Robinson Thos j Harvey John Eye Stone Levi Birt Jonathan Junkin Charles w. Morrow . I�ob3 Hunt Hiram Meriden Hall John Mendenhall John jink Ereon Michael Aker. Ripley John Hinter Elias Connell Aaron Culver Gideon Cummins e. H. Mcintire Leroy Becket j h Cravens a c Cole j Robinson Samuel Hicks David Mckee c Overturf d b Abbott David Boardman s p Goucher h. J. Bowers a. H. Reed David r. Perine g. A. Pool. ,.Shelby a Coats Jas r Harris w hackery ios Feck commons David Tracy Jas Derickson h s gangs a Cole George Haney we Smith David Brown Mathew Fountain c. Huntington Miner Georg Ganes Richard Tatham d b Farrington Isaac Drake Nathaniel Teal Ashbell Stone Hemon Keeler Javid. Thacher Benj Lemaster Benj Lockhart m i birr Jas Templeton w m p Long Frederick Thatcher Alexander Vanpelt John a Cigman w w Wharton a Joseph Boggs w r Mathews Samuel Hill Janie Hill e f Fleming w Lawe d a Allen f p commit Fig v Moore e Powell Levi Collins. Scott a. Kimberlin Aaron Rollings. Spencer a w Graham. We Jones. Is Joseph Thomas d Baird Leonard b Rush Jonathan a Liston j d. Defrees John Juha d rob�rt0on, w h Patterson Hiram Polittle g m Heaton c m Tuii William Millikan Loiuis Humphreys Francis r Sutt William Crews. Reubin coffin Francia g. Sheets Quot Samuel Howard James s Carter Theodore Garfey. Tippecanoe a Samuel Hoover Lemuel Elliott Jesi w Murray Ezra Bush Mahlon Hoover John Robertf John Halloway Baker guest Joseph Keener John d. Smith George w Mclaughlin James m Thornton Lamar Ferris o s Clark Daniel Bradley Elizur doming Andrew Surley Mark Manlove Allen Gilbert Jess Maharry Samuel Burgess Allen gout Union we h Bennett. Kaji Derburg a brew Butler David Negley g w l White a f Lyon we Thurston. Vigo James t Moffatt James Farrington Job s Wenekes. Amory Kinney we Ray Sami Dickerson Jos Evans i to w Cutter Jacob h Hager we Hill l 11 Scott g w Ball John Dowling s b Gookins a i Noble bail Erans Thos Dowling Edmund Glazier Geo Massey Lacao m Ray dry d Lee. Vermillion Jas Blair George tilling has Albert Lange we. Babs of h h Scott Eli Brown Jonathan of Downing we Kile Ashley Harris sat furl cat John Russell. Warrens a s Montgomery we Cpl Drigian John Campbell Seth st John William b Brager Jam a Gregory. Wayne a h Tost lot Bloomfield we r Fulke i it p Halloway Corneliuis Ratliff Quot we barns Joshua Jeffries Allen Hiatt Jonathan Justice Hohti to Ough Eira Covili Samuel Johnson Frederick Johnsonbaugh John of Hippo Moses Davisson Richard a a Idle Joha Farguhar Jeremy Manson Achilles a fillip fris Nathaa Smith Lewis Burk Caleb b Jackson Morris Lancaster Jamea Ferguson Ira Lackey John Shafer Fwilliam Griffin Jam a Van son Jacob Waltz Henry b Moore John Cooper Solomon Meredith. Ivashin Sitoni a g Campbell j t Young Jamet Clark John h Butler la Frilson Mason Marlin Jep tha Morris Samuel Peck George Starbuck Levi Wright. While we Vitam Sill. After the counties had been called through the convention was addressed of a number of gentlemen a speeches of great Power and eloquence who were frequently Interi opted by bursts of Long continued enthusiastic and soul cheering applause from their fellow citizens. On motion of Lewis a Thompson of Allen it was resolved that a committee of four from each congressional District be appointed for the purpose of reporting suitable officers for the permanent organization of this convention. In pursuance of this Resolution the following committee were appointed by the chair 1st District we. Brown Butler of Vanderburg county Simon Morgan of Dubois Elijah Bell of Pike and Wiliiam Jones of Spencer. 2d�?lucius h. Scott of Vigo Richard w. Thompson of Lawrence e. Mcgaughey of Putnam and e. S. Terry of Daviess. 3d�?c. P. J. Arion of Jefferson John Vawter of Jennings we. G. Armstrong of Clark and Aaron Rawlings of Scott. 4th�?Samuel Goodwin of fran Din a. R. Forsyth of Decatur h. J. Bowers of Ripley and j. Eggles ton of Dearborn. The Caleb b. Smith of Fayette David p. Holloway of Wayne j. T. Elliott of Henry and d. H. Colerick of Allen. 6th�?Alexander Wilson of Miami a. W. Morris of Marion thongs Bell of Madison and William Craig of Morgan. 7th�?James Blair of Vermillion it. Rush of st. Joseph Samuel Hoover of Tippecanoe and Henry Slavens of Parke. The committee after a Short absence reported through r. W. Thompson their chairman the following report which was unanimously concurred in Viz president Samuel Judah of Knox vice presidents David Negly of Vanderburg Samuel Emison of Knox John Vawter of Jennings Johnson Watts of Dearborn minor Meeks of Fayette Edward Hall of Marion John Mcc Tillock of st. Joseph Alexander Van Pelt of.Shelby James Blair of Vermillion and Jonathan Justice of Wayne. Secretaries John Ames of Gibson David p. I Holloway of Wayne William Milliken of st. Joseph and John Dowling of Vigo. The convention then adjourned till 2 o clock p. M. At 2 o clock the convention again assembled in front of the state House when Samuel Jii Dah president of the convention was conducted to the chair on which occasion he gave an exposition of the object and aim of the immense assemblage there congregated under circumstances so Peculiar and impressing his remarks frequently being interrupted by the plaudits of his hearers. On motion of or. C. B. Smith it was resolved that a committee of one from each senatorial District be appointed by the delegation from each county to vote for governor lieutenant governor and senatorial electors and that said districts be entitled to the same number of votes As they have members in both branches of the state legislature. On motion of r. W. Thompson it was resolved that a committee of one from each judicial circuit be appointed to draft an address and resolutions to the people of the state Quot setting Forth the sentiments of this convention in relation to the great questions of Public policy which agitate the Coli try. In pursuance of which Resolution the chair apr need As said committee messes. R. W. Thompson Geo. H. Dunn d. H. Colerick Thos. D. Baird we. B. Butler l. H. Scott we. H. Bennett c. B. Stat Ltd s. W. Parker Geo Robinson de. Mcgaughey l. G. Thompson and Newton Claypool. On motion of j. D. Smith it was resolved that this convention recommend tit the whigs of the several counties of this st tits the appointment of delegates to attend a Youlif. Mea a whig convention on the Tippecanoe Battle flew on the 29th of May next. On motion the convention then Adjo turned till half past 6 o clock. P. half past 6, the convention again assembled. 0. B. Smith from the committee appointed to sent to the convention suitable candidates for governor lieutenant giver tier and electors report of that they had selected the following to Wil for governor Isa Iiguel big Ger of Rush of purity. For lieutenant governor Samuel Lylall of Gibson county. For state electors Jonathan Mccarty ode Alafe Joseph g. Marshall of Jfe Forion it whom they unanimously recommend to the Cosigli. To in which report was received amid i Tad and a Iju is attic cheers. Conducted in Ith Page a =
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