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Indianapolis Indiana Journal (Newspaper) - January 9, 1830, Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana . Vii. In�o1ana.p0l18, saturday january 9, 1830. By Douglass amp Maguire publishers of the Laws of the u. S. Terms. So Venefy five conts during the session of the Loii Laturo. One Dollar for three months including the Sis Ion of lie legislature. Two dollars per annul if paid in Advance. Three Cio jars at Llie end of Tho year. Advertisements inserted at the Usi Iii terms. Tin the joint Resolution proposing to ratify with one condition the compact entered into Between the commissioners of Indiana and Ohio on the subject of the Wabash and it in canal the question being on a Susti ii it of cred by or. Rariden refusing to i ratify it continued a or. Wallace of Franklin s remarks that Vve Are dependent on the state of Ohio for the completion of that part of the canal within her limits must be a fact evident to the simplest compre Sion. To enter her territory with it without her consent or approbation we cannot we dare not. She has it therefore completely in her Power to pay that we shall have no comr Aunica Tion with Lake Erie in that direr Tian. Bios a then Are we to obtain it How shall we overcome this a Mountain difficulty by no other Means sir than to prevail upon Ohio if possible to take that portion of the canal lying within her jurisdiction and Cut it for us. And it was for this express purpose we last Winter delegated a commissioner to treat with Ohio. She reciprocated. The commissioners of both states met and the result of the meeting was this compact which the gentleman now Calls upon us so loud in to refuse the acceptance of. By this compact recollect Ohio undertakes to construct the canal within her limits on certain conditions. Nay she promises to finish it within the time limited by the act of Congress Grant ing the lands. What More could we reasonably ask of her do we not at Tain by it the very object sought for in this no Gocia Tion 1 humbly conceive we do. Why then enlarge our demands should we a generously seek to exact terms from her which we ourselves would never consent to no. Indiana surely can never stoop to such conduct. But suppose fora moment we obey the Call of the gentleman from Wayne that we utterly and absolutely refuse to ratify the compact on what ground would we place the canal Why sir we instantly Cloud its prospects the darkness of uncertainty would rest upon it its existence would be reduced to a name Only. Could we expect Ohio again to treat with us after manifesting so Light a regard for Jer condescension on the present occasion. What interest has she to stimulate her to a second it interview none earthly. Yes sir refuse to ratify this compact and Well May the gentleman then exclaim As he has done in reference to the value of the canal lands. He May safely pledge himself then to vote for taxing the people if they produce but half the amount required to finish tie work for take Avyay the Prospect of completing the canal and you take with it the value of the lairds. A More successful blow could not have been aimed at the Success of the enter prize than the one already made by the gentleman from Wayne. And what reason does he assign Lor taking the course he recommends simply we Are told Beau get he believes thai a confirmation of the compact would pledge the Faith of the state to Complete the canal at All hazards and under All circa instances. Here again we Are at Ishtie. For the life of me i cannot give it the construction he does. But the first Section of the compact we learn the terms upon which Ohio contract an obligation. And what Are the a ? Why Quot that for and in consideration of the acts hereafter stipulated to be performed by Indiana of Iii will construct that part of the canal lying within her has not Ohio cautiously protected herself in making this engagement she base is the performance of her promises on the several acts stipulated to be performed by Indiana suppose Indiana should not comply where is the obligation on the Pari of Ohio to fulfil her contract no where. And upon what principle does Indiana become bound to Ohio because of the Mere naked Promise contained in this compact yes sir i can Call it by no other name. For what act of precedence does Ohio engage to perform which would create a corresponding obligation on the part of Indiana no one. On the contrary she has Stipe la Ted that every act of precedence is to come from Indiana. In what Condo Tion then has Ohio placed herself in the very Best possible. She says to Indiana now if you choose of per for the several acts i require of j of i will in consideration thereof perform those you require of me. But India a May not choose to comply and what wild be the consequence could Ohi Ocoin Plain could she sustain any Dannug it i How could she when she has Doni nothing and when nothing is required to be done by her until Indiana shall take the first step Why sir it is preposterous to contend for the go file Man s doctrine. Indiana is As muh at Liberty by this compact As she Ever was. If circumstances should hereafter arise rendering it an act of prudence in her to decline the , she can do so and forfeit Noih nig by it but the right to Call on of Iii to construct that part of the canal lying within her limits. And Tell me Oliai a a Aler position could she possibly occupy and Why should she forsake it i see no Good reason for it whatever. I have now sir endeavoured to meet the question As fairly and briefly As 1 could i l ave sought to obviate objections i have Laboured to show that we Haz fird nothing in steadily and Pru Dently pursuing the Enterprise that a when accomplished the canal must be a highly beneficial and an extremely profitable work. But with what Success i know not. This much however i am Well convinced of in the estimation of the gentleman from Wayne my premises will be wrote Jug my conclusions wrong in a word every thiring i have said will be wrong beit the Only dread upon my mind is the of fact gentlemen s arguments May Punj Duce on the fears and prejudices of the House. They May procrastinate the work but As i have before said they never can defeat it. The time will come when these fears and prejudices what sir shall it be said of this pen must be Laid aside when a More in Phi it it of the people of Indiana that Large and Liberal policy will be Pur thai they Are so contracted Ira spirit sued by the people of the stale. G. N-1 that because the proposed canal May smile at the assertion they not Oiler to them the same enriching May perhaps in their Wisdom pro a advantages which it must Nore scarily this irresistible Power has already achieved think you i shall be told Tirats i have rested my Hopes and built up my expectations on a frail and perishable foundation no sir no. Thai narrow and contracted spirit of self a vhf h can see no charms nor can take any Delight in works not calculated to Confer instantaneous or immediate Benefit will shr Iii Wither and die away in the presence Ai gtd under the influence of Thi Power. And that there is such spirit abroad among some portions of the people at this Lime i do know. I it Kun it because 1 have heard it speak out. I have heard if asked and grave in asked too Why should we concern ourselves about this canal will it be in fit us Are we to derive profit from it or is it something intended to go Down to our posterity and to enrich them if so we Are against it we Are again is those who Are for it we Are for leaving posterity to themselves to make their own improvements and to build up their own fortunes. Yore such sentiments i ask. Worthy the descendants of our chivalric forefather a who nobly risked and often times sacrificed life Liberty and Fortune on the Battle Field not that they alone might be enriched and made Happy but that their posterity Ayr sir their bosoms were capacious enough to entertain a feel regard for their posterity and that their posterity might enjoy the blessings of an inheritance which could be won Only by their valour no such views Are the views of sordid avarice. Such pleas Are the conceptions of a miser s intellect. Aid to my utter sur prize heard the Genth Man from Wayne Echo then Here on yesterday. Ounce it Worth of one of the a a enam Confer on those who succeed us that poured Lover like they May Tell you pry will not, in hand that we invest he idol of our hearts god forbid. I would almost , shame with Ideal perfections and that our representations concerning if Are Here fore not to be depended upon. Will in i dont know that i shall quarrel with them for their opinion to. Indeed i prefer leaving them to the enjoyment of it aware that it can if no Wise produce the least change upon and if perchance i should be asked upon what Power i relied to bring a bout this Happy revolution to remove i the fears and prejudices and narrow hearted Poncy which seems to actuate some gentlemen on the present occasion i would answer by saying that i place my Reliance on the simple Power of Knowles be Only. I Hope gentlemen will hear me with patience for kno Woledge is certainly a a Ower. By it Man has emphatically conquered the elem its. Philosophy literature and science have visited every clime. In the March of civilization the Midnight darkness which rested on the human intellect has been measurably dispelled by the constant illuminations they shed around them. The winds and tempests have been robbed of their terrors we ride uninjured through the Sturm and listen with unconcern to the moaning of the Billows. The lately disc Vered Power of steam has been converted into an agent of Commerce the torrent in vain opposes it the manufacturer employs it in his hands it has been made a tame pliant and obedient servant it gives velocity to the Pindle and increased Energy to the loom. In a word sir what is it that this Power of Kru it pledge has not accomplished and what is it hat it can oot accomplish from thine immemorial it has ruled the court the Camp the Senate it presides Over and wields the destinies of nations. In the dark night of Europi an despotism uhen in obedience to the Call May by the wants and conveniences of till Commerce and navigation sprang into birth barbarity Shook and tottered to its base. The chains of superstition bigotry and ignorance broke asunder and the child thus liberated was lifted to the Pinnacle of inquiry where the wonders of the world and the mysteries of nature were exposed to him his Eye gladdened his heart Palm stated his mind expanded his soul grew indignant at confinement he burst the last Chain from around him and Rose into the fairer Region of Light Liberty and knowledge. Yes As if to consummate its glory and to furnish a grand and strik in exhibition fits Power spark of this divine knowledge having seized the mind of Columbus Histon captive pow is caught the flame amp he fancied a new world beyond the Waters. And thanks to the goodness of supreme intelligence a portion of that world is ours burs be the Happy lot of Long Eit Joying a reproving and adorning it from this rapid and imperfect sketch of what no. 348. Down to the Standard of our own Knowle Edge and some certainty can be arrived at of the avails. But gentlemen Tell me no Uliey cannot wait that this is the Golden glorious Opportunity and that they must seize upon it and by Way of caution to his friends the gentleman from Franklin tells them to be i Ware that there Are Lagos in politics As Well As in love. If i supposed the gentleman any thing else by those remarks than to fill up a period and to give an imposing and classic air to his rhetoric i should feel disposed to be of landed at his suspicions. But i excuse him. An intimacy with the muses has Given him a Felicity of thought and feeling that partakes not of Earth and is not allayed by the pictures of realities. Visions of glory burst upon his aching ambition and with one exertion of intellect he fancies this canal into existence and at Ilie same time fancies out of existence the la Arthens of taxation for making it. Indeed sir 1 fear there is More of poetry than policy in the whole scheme and if so it i Well suited to the declamatory Powers of the gentleman who is always the happiest in fictions. But sir said or. R., i do not wish to the Man who could ii terrain in sincerity such a thought or Brathe Guch a sentiment. Say what you will sir by the lil reality and Benevolence o our forefathers we have con rated a debt with posterity and we Are now called upon by every principle of Justice and Honor to discharge it. We have the physical Power do it and by the munificence of the general government we have been furnish eci with n eans ample Means to Doit. Why then should we hesitate that the canal when completed will be Profita ble we have proved that the up posed pledge of the state s Faith so strongly urged by the gentleman from Wayne is groundless we have also shown that the canal lands if judiciously managed will produce nearly a sufficient fund to Complete it there can be but Little doubt. How then could we answer to our constituents for a desertion of their interests by adopting a course which must in the very nature of things put an end tto the whole canal scheme and sacrifice the Rich Grant of land so often referred to not Only Here but e Oti or them no excuse that the commit they decided that they the question calmly and disinterest edly a or if they do i feel confident they will sustain the joint Resolution As a mended by the gentleman from Vigo a in preference to the proposition of the gentleman from w in get. R., in order to sustain his position referred to the 4th article of the compact which reads As follows Quot it is further agreed and stipulated by and Between the parties aforesaid that the state of Indiana shall Complete that part of said canal which shall be within the limits of said state within fifteen years from the first Day of january. 1830.&Quot now sir if the gentleman and those who act with him on this subject were called upon to draft an article pledging the Faith of the state what stronger terms could they use than Are Here made use of the gentleman forgets the character of the contracting parties. He forgets that it is the word of one Sovereign state to another that she will absolutely do a particular thing by a fixed Day. Ratify this give this pledge and it will be unworthy of the state to inquire How she May avoid responsibility for the violation of her Sovereign word. The gentleman reasons on this occasion As he would on a special demurrer to a special plea before a county court where a client who has no character to lose is alone interested. Sir i take the ground that if this compact is ratified the Faith of the state is com a omitted for the completion of the to be understood at this time a being canal in fifteen years let the Means for or against the work. I Only wish come from where they May. Gentle to avoid embarking the state in it until men then Tell me there is no Hazard in we have More Light on the that As the donation of land is amply no gentleman will pretend that the is sufficient to Complete the work. Let Tir nates which have been made can be them make Good this assertion and i relied on and so far us we act relying will go with them Yea let them con on those estimates we Are liable to be Vince me that the land will do half the led into error. In order then to sub work and i will still go with them a acct the whole concern to a Calculi gentlemen refer me to estimates for i Tion within every Man s Power let us proof and wonder at my stupidity. A pass a Law for the Sale of the lands. Let me Tell those go Idlemen that i and in the mean time let us procure have before heard of estimates that an experienced Engineer air a afford Liose estimates Are As fallible and un-1 him every Means of making Correct is certain As the frail mortals who made to match and when these two facts what them a that they were made under the land will sell for and what the Ca Circum Staricek not the most propitious Nal will Cost arc ascertained the i have lived some time and observed Public mind will indicate the proper the Uncer tasty of All human Calculi course to be pursued but until then tons and discovered that there is no the whole is speculation and Harmony perfection in human Wisdom. With and unanimity cannot be this opinion of the fallibility of Man. Sir it is As important in a work of this let us approach those estimates Aid magnitude that the people who will applying the test of recent experience ultimately have to Bear its burder be see whether it is not possible and even consulted As that the work itself be of probable that those engineers who Public a titty for if it is Over do a it made the estimates May be mistaken i will he by them and i Doul t much if the first engineers of the National those who talk most about it and Are corps were detailed for and made the i Quot of in the Roitt Rai k fits adv Anjes estimates of the Louisville canal and a in the talking part of the work vill they estimated the Cost not to exceed loot he found in the rear when Llie 350,000 dollars. Relying upon this Spade and mattock Are to be estimate Kentucky after examining the people should be reconciled to t. Her Means embarked in its construct i it Lould be emphatically their what is the result they sure and not any gentleman s or set of have now actually expended g1 8,000 a a in Tlemcen s measures dollars and a third of the work still sir in this measure i cannot Boas remains to be done. Alien. Sir. If courteous As the gentleman from Yan those experienced engineers with All Der urge i cannot agree to surrender the Means of Correct a of Lodi be before All the right of thinking As d acting on them were so greatly mistaken is it this important measure for my con not probable that our engineers who a St Hunts and myself. He May a Nve were Young men afflict cd with disease Lii reasons for so doing and Good oct in a wilderness and without All the too but i Marvel that he should feel Means of Correct knowledge May a thai his sincerity is questioned in what so have been mistaken and underrate the friends of this compacted the expense As much As Trio so of sir a would not be surprised if this Louisville yes sir i in my ignorance gentleman s object notwithstanding or. Rariden s remark Vallace of Anco others. To the Mouth of Tippecanoe where determine this the Wabash has never been navigated i then sir if the views i have take by steam boats. Now suppose these of this immense work should be Correct calculations As vide of the Mark As or ii he neighbourhood of corrects less those in relation to the Louisville Ca i ask will it not be Wise before we Cal and the real Cost for that distance take this irreparable step to count the will be 2,200,000 dollars in Stead of costs and to know certainly the run reply to or j 1,100,000. Then sir suppose our 1 sources of the state. Some gentlemen flatter themselves that if the work Caa be undertaken and two or three thousand dollars sex ended that there will lands we produce 400,000 dollars of it has been my Fortune said or. which 1 have no Hope it will leave a whet Lier Good or had to see this sub balance to be raised by loan or Taxa acct in a different Light from that in a Tion or both of 1,800,000 dollars the which it has been viewed by some other gentlemen and it has been my Folly to express my views honestly and candidly As though there was really neither danger nor disgrace in differing with gentlemen. Sir prudence in the expression of my political opinions is a kind of virtue i never could boast of. I am not a proficient in modern political philosophy and i am now too old a sinner to be taught new morals in that science. I Hope therefore that gentlemen will allow my to indulge in my old habits of doing what i conceive to be my duty without any special regard to their feelings on the subject. With this apology then for my stubbornness Tor those gentlemen of Noii Deriger. Will give it no other name i shall approach the subject under consideration. The gentleman from Franklin or. Wallace commenced with a Broad assertion that the ratification of this compact with Ohio would not pledge the Faith of the state to go on and Complete the canal. Here we Are at Issue. I contend it does pledge the Faith of tie state As effectually and absolutely As it is possible to do it. Or. Interest of which at six per cent., will be 104,000 dollars per annul nearly four times the amount of our whole Revenue. For this state of things the country is not prepared. Against these suppositions the gentleman has a potent argument of Universal application that is that we have no knowledge of the subject that we arc destitute of a kind of yonder working canal making knowledge that he and his friends Are in Possession of. It May to so and it May be that this supposition is Cori act and if it be it is beyond probability that the state is ruined if this compact is ratified and whilst this probability exists i cannot vote for its ratification. Gentlemen Tell me. This is a scrupulous jealousy that has its origin in parsimony and contraction of knowledge but i Tell them Turat however cd curable jealousy May be in some matters it is a virtue in politics it is a species of prudence that the condition of the country Sci juices. Why sir what do i ask simply to the ratification of this compact until those Brilliant and illusive calculations can be tested by the Sale of the lard yes till calculation can be brought be no Retreat left when these delusive calculations shall be exposed and that the state then must go on with the work right or wrong. It is True the state will be in a dilemma if this compact is ratified. But i am not prepared to say what sacrifice the people will not be disposed to make when Uliey discover such an abuse of their Confidence at All events it will not endear them to this work. Lake last Cleave land papers inform us that the navigation of the Lake May be con i Derod closed for the present season and that a More disastrous fall for vessels hag rot been known for several years. A melancholy catalogue of wrecks is Given in the papers. The Waters of Ilie Lake Rose at Buffalo in a storm 7 inches higher than they were in 1828, and swept Oil immense quantities of Wood lumber amp c. And general Small houses which swam about in the Lake at the sport of the Waves. John Owen wis re Clec cd governor of the state of North Carolina for the ensuing year without opposition on the 9th Ultimo Java int

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