Indianapolis Indiana Journal in Indianapolis, Indiana
11 Dec 1830

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Indianapolis Indiana Journal in Indianapolis, Indiana
11 Dec 1830

Read an issue on 11 Dec 1830 in Indianapolis, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Indianapolis Indiana Journal.

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Indianapolis Indiana Journal (Newspaper) - December 11, 1830, Indianapolis, Indiana I dial a journal. Voli. Vili. Publish cd by Douglass amp . Two tool jars per annul if paid in Advance. Three dollars at the end of the year. Advertisements inserted at the usual rates. Selections from the late London journals. Political state of Europe. To the morning chronicle Paris oct. 5, 1830. Sir let us com Nonence a new Era in he history of journal As we have already commenced one in the history of civilization. Old Europe is about to be regenerated. Let us not follow but Lead. Let us not Content our elves with giving the news of the Day but let he morning chronicle to the Cen Tisci of civilization Liberty and Quot human happiness let it be not merely the watchman but the guide let it not merely direct hut inspired let it consider nothing As impossible for the Many and let us not despair of Success Tho the coldness of the timid and the sluggishness of it he indolent and the depravity of the Immo a and the credulity of be ignorant and the obstinacy of the selfish be All arrayed against us no let us not despair of even living ourselves to behold old Europe regenerated and one system of Liberty and knowledge and virtue established on the wreck of bigotry fanaticism vice fraud priest Craft oppression and despotism. I have entitled this letter Quot political state of it is the first of a aerie so a Long series a constant and regular series of correspondence i Ith the morning chronicle on this important subject. It is my intention to Lake up each country each state each kingdom and Empire in this old Europe and aided by those who Are the friends of science civilization Liberty and human hot Ipp iness in each partic ii Lar country to present to the world in the columns of the morning chronicle the precise conditions moral intellectual civil and religious of each Lialiou and government. What Means this principle of non intervention what Means this App re Hei Ision on the part of even London common councilmen of expressing their satisfaction at the Triumph of Liberty in France what Means this pitiful jealousy and Thi narrow minded policy which will not allow the tradesmen of one Metropolis to rejoice at the Success of the tradesmen of another what Means this Small eur ascription from even free and Liberal England to the wounded and widowed of France what Means this timidity and anxiety of the part of the French government lest the assembling of Spanish patriots on the French pyrenees should be Dis approved by the despot of the Penin Aula what Means this jealousy about Algiers this alarm about the future sovereigns of Greece and this Uncer Tain shuffling policy about Belgium free and emancipated Belgium what Means this rejoicing in some of the London papers at the supposed prostration of Brussels and afterwards this fall in the Public funds when the belgians had been victorious a what Means this anxiety at even the French Exchange when the word Quot revolution Quot is pronounced and this ver iii like attachment to Rotten institutions decayed Ultra ism and the like doctrines of old and unenlightened Europe let me explain these opinions these sentiments and feelings. The principle of non intervention is Abstractedly neither a Good nor a bad principle. It is either Good or bad As it is applied. It is not desirable that 1 should interfere with the affairs of my Friend be they Comuni Gocial or Domestic and much less in those merely of my next door neighbor for the Mere Sake of curiosity or yet for the More culpable object of doing him injury. But if by my intervention i can save his House from destruction his family from ruin his character from Beith a blasted and his life from danger my intervention is not merely desirable but an imperious duty. And when i apply this principle to nations to and or even Remote , saturday december ii9 1830. No. 390 joing am prepared to maintain the proposition to the very a Niosi. It is not just and therefore it is not desirable that creat Britain should interfere in the affairs of Belgium to impose by Force upon a nation a government which its inhabitants unanimously rejected. But it is just and it is desirable that great Britain should interfere to protect the cause of Freedom in it Case that Freedom should be assailed and the cause of civilization and human Happi Ness of a neighbor so near and de amp Ras Bel Gurp. 1 give this merely As an illustration and i am about to follow it through in All its parts and Demon Strate that this principle of non intervention is either not understood or is being forced beyond its just and therefore desirable limits to the great injury of the cause of truth and the Progress of Liberal principles and the happiness of Man. Princes have had their Long and absolute reign in spite of their Power their Union their alliances the support they have received from the activity of priest Craft on the one hand and from human avarice and love of idleness on he other this absolute reign of Princess is about to terminate and throughout this old Europe eaten up with prejudice with fears and with ancient systems there is a shaking of thrones and Kings which promises the commencement of a new Era in the history of humanity. France has taken the Lead. Spain will quickly follow. Portugal will not be Long in the rear. Naples and Piedmont claim their constitutions. The austrians must soon withdraw heir heavy artillery from Italy before the Advance of or. Brougham s primer. The Sultan of the Mah Modan Empire has raised he Standard of civilization and he is unpopular because he is not degraded. In Austria Prince Metternich is no longer a Prophet and his Nightmare influence though it presses Down on the yet dosing popu Lafiton of that extensive country is Felt to be a Nightmare. The sufferer will soon awake. The unchained and oppressed will soon arouse. The dawning Light of Liberty has even pierced through the thick political atmosphere of Vienna and we May Aid in establishing truth and Freedom even in that benighted land. The King of Prussia can trifle no longer fifteen years of broken promises can be no longer prolonged. The Constitution which he promised if not Given will be Ere Long formed without him. Quot my subjects Quot and Quot my army Quot will soon be 011 terms unknown even in Berlin and the Monarch of that country if not taught by the lesson that France Bel Gium Saxony and Brunswick have al Reidy Given to their princes will find his throne removed and his Palace the residence of his instructors. And will the March of civilization Stop Here of no Poland is preparing to pronounce her Freedom to declare her Independence and to Brave the cossacks of the Northern Nicholas. Denmark also has Griefs to redress wrongs to which she will not submit and she claims that Liberty which raises Man above the brutes which perish. The German states Are one and All evincing the same do Sira and the same determination. That wretched system of government which has been pursued in these unfortunate provinces is approaching its close and even Hanover though possessing More Liberty than any one of the co Peers has wants to be satisfied and claims he possessions of rights which Are a Veu there withheld. The norwegians Unfrozen in their Frozen climes have caught the vital spark have received the impression of the South have opened their eyes to their moral and political necessities and have demanded of he King of Sweden that Independence which can alone give them Dir ity happiness and civilization. But what can we say of hat Large that overgrown hat uncultivated and unenlightened territory denominated Russia Quot alas the inhabitants Are ignorant because oppressed barbarous because unenlightened and in Hught and Are according to some travellers satisfied with their darkness and contented with their oppressors Quot there is much truth in his but it Admi s of some qualification and in spite of the police regulations a in spite of the opening of letters on the Frontier a in spite of the Small assistance afforded to strangers and the suspicion and jealousy which Are excited if any one be known to hold a constant correspondence with either France or England yet notwithstanding All hese obstacles the readers of the Morniing chronicle shall know from month to month what is the moral and political state of russian what is the conduct of her rulers what is the principles of her government what the tortures ind illiberal nature of her policy and that diplomacy which has been confined to cabinets shall be divested of its mock Gravity and shall find its Way to european journals but let us that in Russia Here Are no Fine Epir ils of lovers of Freedom no benefactors of human nature and no aspires after National Liberty and National civilization. We will find them out. We know some of them already. To France and England hey shall Send he longings of free though imprisoned hearts and the fear of interfering a this everlasting Bug bears this worse than common Council argument of Quot non intervention Quot a shall not prevent their voices from being heard their situation from being understood and even their wrongs from being redressed. But first and most pressing is he question of the pays Bas. The belgians were United o Holland by Force and not by inclination. No one can dispute this. For fifteen years they have acquiesced but acquiescence is not satisfaction. Whilst France was enslaved the belgians had not Force enough to break their chains. Today they Are broken and he s ates general have even pronounced in favor of a separation. But what separation a Complete and entire separation a doing away with the connexion forever of no. In favor of an administrative and perhaps even of a legislative separation. But is this enough no. Why not because the belgians require More. They require Complete Independence they refuse to be governed by he House of Orange and hey will not consent to be a sort of appendage to the throne of Holland. Are they unanimous in this wish they Are or at least he majority is As a thousand o one or about the same proportion As the population to France for and against the old system of Polignac and despotism then what is the duty of England to interfere undoubtedly and so to interfere in behalf of the moderate just wronged but emancipated belgians it is her duty to interfere for the Sake of peace a for he Sake of Liberty for the Sake of human happiness and for the Sake of the March of civilization. Quot but if England has the right of interfering for the belgians then Russia or Prus Sia would have an equal right to interfere for the dutch and the King of Holland and this interference might Lead to War not merely in one country but All Over the this is the objection made by the supporters of a rigid system of non intervention. We will examine it and Ascer Tain if it be tenable. The end of All governments should be the happiness and Prosperity of the governed. No people can be Happy and prosperous who Are dissatisfied with their govern ment and dissatisfaction can never be More completely proved to of Xii to iban when the people Rise to repel by arms those who have governed them. The belgians have done this not in one town but every where and they have declared that they will be free. Priests and hearers Farmers and merchants domestics peasants and shopkeepers Nobles and Rich proprietors have unanimously declared that they will not be governed by the House of Orange or be annexed to Holland. It might be question whether England should have assisted to bring about this state of things in that country but it can be no question to the moralist or philanthropist whether it is the duty of England to prevent foreign Force of any description from imposing on he belgians the government they have rejected and the Alliance they hive repudiated. Prussia May be disposed to offer her assistance to the King of Holland. Has she the right to do this no. Whynot because she has not the right of opposing the happiness and Prosperity of he whole people. But if she imagines that their happiness or Prosperity will be promoted by the Union of Belgium i h Hollands has she not then the right to interfere decidedly not because the people who Are to be governed Are the Best judges of the government which will suit them and they have chosen he government which they prefer and rejected that which they loathed. They have alone the right to choose heir governors and no one but the Biggot Ted or besotted can close his eyes to the evidence of facts which demonstrate that the whole population of Belgium demand their Independence. England has the right to interfere o prevent oppression but Prussia would not have the right to interfere to assist it. Quot but Quot says another objector Quot if you once allow he principle of intervention in the affairs of other nations you encourage a system of War instead of peace and will be More Likely to injure than to promote the cause of this argument is based upon the Assumption that there must always be fools a that Justice and reason Are never to Triumph that human passions ambition and cruelty cannot be successfully oppose do that human nature cannot be ameliorated a that men Are destined age after age to exist in a stale of ignorance prejudice and Folly and that Here is to be no Progress in states or individuals but that from a sort of moral and political , nations Are never o examine he jus ice of a cause but Are always to be led blindfolded by he despots or the charlatans of he age in which they exist. Why i ask does it follow that because one nation shall interfere o prevent oppression another shall interfere to Aid it a at this rate the world is never to Progress at this rate human happiness is never to increase. At this rate men and a Lions Are enthralled by a sort of Fate or destiny which cannot be opposed with Success by human reason or by human Effort. I reject the objection. I maintain that he right to do a Good confers no right o do an evil thing and that we have no business Only to reason upon the evil passions of men or of nations but Are bound also to assist the Progress of civilization not by descending to the Standard of vice and injustice but by raising others to the Standard of virtue and truth. Instead of adopting this narrow this selfish this anti civilizing disposition that he interference of a nation to produce a Good must Lead o the interference of another nation to produce an evil let us on the contrary seek to inculcate better and a Ruer principles namely a the interference of a nation to produce a Good shall be a Noble example which shall also be followed by other nations and other governments. In 1830, we May Lake this ground we could not have done it in 1829 a but we do it now a not Only May we do it now but we must we Are bound to do it now. Every Friend to humanity every Lover of Liberty every Man who has a heart which can feel and who is not so selfish and so debased As to be indifferent to he happiness of his species is bound to Ake his ground is bound to reject he false and dangerous interpretation which is being put upon he principle of no intervention and is bound to say yes we must interfere to prevent oppression where he oppression is complained of is reject eds is repulsed and we must neither by armed Force nor by yet More dangerous and wily diplomacy seek to re establish the crumbling edifices of the holy Alliance. Let England pronounce in favor of the Independence of Belgium and Belgium is free. Let England pronounce against it and she will yet be free without her concurrence but in the mean time War must ravage he continent convert the Fertile Plains of Belgium into Fields of blood and civilization will experience another arrest to her March and new impediments to her career though eventually she will overcome All difficulties and obtain that Triumph which May be postponed but cannot be averted. Let the morning chronicle continue its efforts on behalf of the emancipated belgians. Whilst other journals May Stigmatise heir motives or misrepresent heir grievances be the morning chronicle continue to Aid the cause of belgian Liberty not because it is belgian but because it is connected with that movement which shall regenerate old Europe and which shall Aid the cause of human amelioration and human enjoyment. I am sir your of t servant o. P. Q. From Europe. London october 23. Paris so lately a prey com Motif u which seemed o Hrebien at one imely intends residing to Compromise the very existence of the government itself is now restored to the most perfect quiet and obedience to the Law. The very windows of the King. They did not conceal that their object was to overage the government and deter it from pursuing he course of mercy which it had prescribed to itself in the Case of the unfortunate tenants of Vincennes. The authorities were taken by Surprise a it id did not immediately take repressive measures but upon the night of monday the National guard the great bulwark of Good order As Well As the liberties of France interposed and completely dispersed the disturber without much resistance. These latter then took the Road of Vincennes but were diverted from their Attrick upon the prisoners by the firmness of the governor of the Castle and eventually dispersed themselves. Silice hat night Here has been no serious Dis Urbancek. The King throughout these trying circumstances has shown himself worthy of a be High office to which he has been called. Though himself the creature of popular Choice he has not been intimidated by popular clamor but Haa distinguished Between the sense of the nation and the noise of factious discord. He has refused to accept the resignation of two of his ministers who wished to relieve him of the unpopularity of their names and other measures lest it should seem unbecoming or yielding to the mob and has placed himself at the head of he National guard determined o enforce he respect due to his of Sce a All events. The King has triumphed and he popular party is weakened but the advantage of a Victory which under other circumstances a Monarch might take for enlarging his prerogative cannot be apart hended in these As the National guards whilst they constitute his strength Are also a Guaran Quot tee that he does not abuse his Power. Upwards of 200 of the Moh Are in the hands of the police and amongst them is said to be a member of the family of Prince Meiler Nich. I was that the agents of the t x Monarch were the principal promoters of these disturbances. The National guard was about to be further enl arut a so As to embrace every at All remove de from the ranks of the poor. The chamber of Peers were to meet on the 1,1 the of next month and it was understood that the trial of Polignan and his fellow prisoners would proceed without delay. With respect to Spain he accounts in these papers Are in Avora ble to he constitutionalists. The Queen of Spain had presented Ferdinand h a daughter born upon to 10th of october and which received he name of Maria Isabella Louisa. The child is also styled Quot princes of the Asturias Quot which shows that the King is determined to treat the Palique Law As of no Force and to exclude his brother Don Carloss from he succession. This gives great offence to the Carlisie. Disturbances were said to have take place in Silesia. La is stated in the journal do Commerce of he 20th that % letter from Semlin in Hungary of the 22d sep tember Speaks of a great fire at constantinople which is said to have Coo sued almost a whole Quarter of the most populous part of that Capi al. The sex King of France accompanied by the Young Duke de Bordeaux embarked from Poole on sunday last in his majesty s Steamer lightning for Scotland where he unfortunate Fame Siri Gular discovery. Or. Horton a gentleman who has been engaged in this Happy result is i Boring for water in Providence r. 1, the joint fruit of the Devotion and Vig a has presented o the Public some re or of the National guard and the per mailable results. In his second exp Sonal firmness of the King. The Cri raiment in Boring he selected the sex Sis was by All accounts one which re Treme Point of a wharf Many Yards quire All he energies of he friends j from he original land. He bored of order and the existing state of things j through a stratum of mud then through for several Days indeed from the Day i a bog Meadow containing Good peat tha it became generally known that then through Sand and Quad z grave he Chambers the ministry and the at this Point water impregnated with Keg had declared themselves Friendly Copperas and arsenic broke Forth Buff o a mitigation of he punishment of determining o proceed further or. He sex ministers a feeling had begun Horton next struck a Vineyard and lode Elope itself amongst the populace at Paris strongly deprecatory of the contemplated indulgence. This feeling found its first vent through he revolutionary journals then it was proclaimed through the occasional cries of Quot Mort Aux ministers Quot from Small assemblies of he people but at length it became he cry and rallying word of the mob of he capital. To mul thous movements were he consequence and in the streets of Paris which have so lately witnessed the overthrow of a monarchy by similar instruments they became a matter of deep concern and no Small alarm to the government. Upon he nights of sunday and monday last the populace assembled in great numbers in he courts of the palais Royale and under Drew up vines grapes grape seeds leaves acorns Hazel nuts Pine nuts and he seeds of unknown fruits together with pure water. This a 35 feet below the bed of the River. The Mecklen Berggold mines in North Carolina Are about to be syst Mhli Cal by worked by the Chevalier Riv Afinow the agent of a London mining company and a number of germane that he has brought Wil Hisim. The Quot Gold Region in the South appears a very Large one. The precious Metal is found a a very extensive District. Wiiliam Bartlett esp. Of Newhurn port has at different times Given to the amp theological Seminary at a Dover ma9 upwards of two Hundred thousand dollars

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