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Indianapolis Indiana Journal (Newspaper) - August 25, 1830, Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana journal. Vol. , wednesday August 25, 1830. No. 383. Published by Douglass pc Maguire. Terms. Two dollars per. Annul if paid in Advance. Three dollars at the end of the year. Advertisements inserted on the usual of or. Noble on or. Foot s Resolution proposing an inquiry into the expediency of abolishing the office of Surveyor general of Public lands and for restricting further surveys amp a. Delivered in the Senate of the United states february 22d, 1830. Or. President the subject now before the Senate has afforded a Field for argument and a topic for general conversation. The Opportunity has been fully Enn braced by those who have addressed the Senate Only being confined to the subject now and then. It is not to be understood that any complaint is made by me for the course that the argument has taken a for i shall indulge in the same latitude of debate. The birth Day of Washington was a Happy Day to the people of this continent As subsequent events have proved. From his Early manhood he was the protector of the civil and religious rights of his countrymen. In War he had conduct and courage and conquered to save and not murder. In peace and during Bis administration he esteemed Freedom of thought a Blessing to Man one of his absolute rights and he looked with disdain on any that attempted foul proscription and Over awing of electors at he polls. He offered no Reward nor held out any punishment nor did head Bounty for the Pur pose of becoming the chief magistrate of the United states that he might glut his vengeance upon those who had Independence to vote As they pleased. His mind was More enlarged moral generous Brave and As a statesman while president of the United states his constant object was to co operate with the Congress of the u. States As to the Best plan to have the Western lands settled and to improve the internal and foreign condition of the Union. Hireling presses have spoken of a second Washington. Without intend aug to give any offence and with great respect for the Opi Timons of All however they May differ from tie i must be permitted to say if Quot the hero of two wars Quot be called the second Washington it is no More than a Mere mockery at the door of the Tomb of Washington. Providence in his Wisdom a few years ago in the 4th of july called to rest two of the distinguished sign ers of the declaration of Independence the elder Adams and the venerable Jefferson. The former was the father of the Navy the right Arm of defence to the interests of the United states. Since which time we flaming republicans on the improvement of the Navy have been compelled to walk in his footsteps and not to sail in gun boats. Once More and respectfully for the. Opinions of others if we have a second Washington he is not in office. The Resolution now under consideration 1 shall vote for the motion to postpone made by the honorable member from Massachusetts or. Webster for the reason that the it so Lution is uncalled for which i will show before 1 close my remarks. The honorable member from South Carolina or. Hayne has amused the Senate with his own thoughts in reference to the eloquent Roanoke orator administering Sweet morsels. For my part i am willing to leave the orator where the honorable member found him. No one would have a right to interrupt him in so harmless an undertaking As administering Sweet morsels to Towser Sweet lips tray Blanche or sweetheart. 1 am Content to which of them he administers it creates no envy in me nor will the government tremble if it was administered to sweetheart for i strongly suspect it was the first Sweet morsel he Ever administered. Here or. Tazewell called or. No ble to order who Resur fled his seat when the president of the Senate decided that or. Noble was not out of order and directed him to proceed or. Noble proceeded and stated that if the gentleman from Virginia or. Tazewell considered truth severe he might prepare his mind for it throughout his observations. He had Eaid he would leave the Roanoke o Rator where the Aiono Rable member from South Carolina found him. 1 have concluded however to make the history of the orator full As to Sweet morsels and remind the Senate from newspaper publications of his voyage from this continent to England and while on his voyage his quarrel with the Captain about his dog whether it was on account of Towser or any other or the cause which led to the quarrel was that the Captain would not let his dog sit at the table or lie on it is unimportant for my purpose now of inquire. The Senate and people of the uni id states May rest assured that this celebrated Roanoke orator never was nor never will be considered orthodox in the West. He is considered in that country As being an aristocrat wrapped up in British policy and a tyrant if he had the Power. Will not give myself More trouble on this Point than to quote one sentence to strip him of his aristocracy. He did say in this chamber that he would sooner be seen conversing with his shoe Black about his vote that he could control than to be seen conversing with a Man who had no land for his vote and that the principles and people of the West were abhorrent to the Genius and Liberty of the count what freemen will Ever forget the tyrant s remark not one sir. Shi it it by after the election of or. Adams to be the president of the United states every unusual method was resorted to with a determination to cripple his administration and Render it ridiculous having Little or no regard to the Public weal. It is Well known that the people in the electoral colleges failed to make Choice of a president and that the people by the cons i tuition of the United states Long ago declared that i they failed to choose a president their representatives should elect one. The representatives did make a Choice and because All could not be satisfied to affect Tbs administration Fleps immediately were taken to destroy it. The hireling presses began. Terms of bargain intrigue corruption and coalition were charged upon messes. Adams and Clay. Although an investigation was promptly demanded by or. Clay in the House of representatives when and where All were present and his accusers instead of investigating hid their faces and dreaded truth. It has been considered by All and especially those most skilled in construing the Constitution that the Senate has Power to reject or confirm a by nomination made to them by the president. The Senate is not nor Ever should be the creature of the executive merely to Register his decrees. The i amers of the Constitution de signed that the Senate should resist corrupt acts and encroachments made by the president against the Constitution or rights of the people. If my View of the duty of the Senate be Tiue let me examine into the conduct of the present prime minister or. Van Buren who was a senator at the time that or. Adams nominated or. Clay to be Secretary of stale. He was acting As senator in the pres Mue of the present chief both of whom had to pass on or. Clay s nomination. Not one word was Baid in the Senate by the present Secretary of state nor by the present bit of magistrate relative to bargain Sale amp a. But on the contrary or. Van Buret voted to confirm the nomination of or. Clay. See executive journal March 7, 1825.&Quot or. President can any rational Man believe that if any bargain Sale amp a. Existed Between or. Clay and or. Adam or any of the representatives that the present chief magistrate would not been advised and that it would not certainly have reached or. Van Buren. All who know or. Van Buren Zirul believe that he thinks that he has the affairs of the whole Community on his hands. If or. Van Buren knew of any intrigue or bargain in Bis vote for the confirmation of the nomination of or. Clay the skirts of his honesty Are scorched and he stood godfather at the font for the child of bargain Sale and corruption. Since 60 much has been said about bargain and Sale let me examine and draw rational inferences irom another supposed bargain and Sale More recent. I have said the president and or. Van Buren were in the Senate together and voted upon or. Clay s nomination differently. It was evidently to be seen that the former was Dis tempered with passion at least to my mind. Or. Van Buren continued to serve in the Senate or bold Bis seat till shortly after or before he was elected governor of new York during the time or. Adams administered the government. The election of general Jackson being announced and pending his election the Secretary of slate full of political intrigue caused his newspapers to blend the election of governor and president together denouncing the then administration. The of new York was not so extensive As to induce the prime minister to warm the exit Culive chair for it seems he preferred raising his Flag of Defiance against the Suffrages of the voters of new York which he had obtained. He sold them As so Many cattle to gratify his own ambition. His acts proved to of that a wider Range than the United states was necessary for his earn congenial capacity for a bargain and intrigue to operate upon. Look at the natural me fences. Governor of a higly honorable and wealthy state escaping from the people he is found ascending from new York whether by a circuitous route or otherwise and found again descending in the City of Washington upon the line of descents to become the prime intrigue for others and make himself the Hoir apparent to the throne. May kind Providence Avert the affliction of Ever having him for president. If intrigue will accomplish his object he will say a Quot Dearest friends in the South my policy is yours Quot and to the not he Quot dear friends my policy is yours make me will not every Man believe that general Jackson and or. Van Buren knew that if the be feral was elected president the latter was to be the Secretary of state months if not years before general Jackson s election or. President it would seem that i should comply with my Promise to show that the Resolution now under consideration is Una Ltd for which will of flirt an additional reason for my voting in favor of the motion to postpone it. On the 16th of february 1827, John Quincy Adams in is Dent of the United slates transmitted to the a report from the Secreta by of the Treasury a with statements prepared at the Register s and general land office in compliance with a Resolution of the Senate of the 16th May 1826, in relation to the purchases and sales of the Public lands since the declaration of Iti dependence. The report Ais numbered 63. With tie exception of abolishing the office of Surveyor general and the inquiry As to restricting the surveys of the pub lie lands the report affords ample information up to the 1st of january 1826. Foi fifty years past we have the following statement exhibit inti the Quantity of Public land purchased by the United slates in each slate and territory the Quantity actually surveyed surveys of which have been received Ai the generate land Tolice and the estimated Quantity remaining unsold on the 1st of january 1826. Ill a Limo Lii Diana in Lino it Lulu Higazi Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Mississippi , and Fuirita Ine Quantity of Public land purchased by tie United slates 261,695,-427 84 acres. The amount of Public land surveyed to january 1st, 1826, is 138,988,224.38 acres. The of Publ Lii Iid . 1, 1 826, is 213,591,060.09 riches. To abolish the Clicc Ollie Surveyor general is Idle unless you to cede the Public lands to the slates in which they Are situate and for one i am ready to receive them upon such terms As the states or stale May a Gree with the Federal government. To enquire into the expediency of restricting the surveys of the Public lands is Folly for without appropriations the lands cannot be surveyed. To do Justice to my own constituents the Quantity of land purchased by the United states from the Date of the declaration of Independence in Indi Ana is 16,060,036.70 acres to january it 1826, the Quantity of Public land surveyed 16,546.538 70 acres. Public remaining unsold january it 1826, 12,131,461.90 acres. Through the Progress of Liis debate discover symptoms that in this Resolution merely for inquiry that the West Are to be whipped into the ranks of partisans and to be ordered to the South or elsewhere. I do not know of any accredited Organ to washing ton to accomplish the object nor do i know of any agent in or out of the House that has the necessary credentials to give the order. For one i will neither be whipped nor whip if i can help it for any such object till the people of the West act in their Sovereign capacity and inform me. One thing is certain the vital interest of the West is internal improvements and from the past i have a right to judge for the future. From Virginia Georgia n. Carolina South Carolina and Tennessee the West has never derived but one vote in the general in favor of internal improve-i�ent8, in the Senate out of there was once a time in relation to the dismal swamp canal we had another vote. Take the new England states and the Middle states and from them the West has had a majority of the votes in the Senate for Many years past and the motion to postpone the Resolution under consideration will be received Friendly by the Western people. One cause of difficulty in the West on the subject of a part of the Ameri can sys tem is that we have had a i ering Poh Lucians who believed the Constitution was Clear As to the Power of Congress to make internal improvements one Day and the next differed As to the Power because of the place where the work was to be executed. During the last canvass for president the vulgar that spoke without reason said Liat John q. Adams had fitted oni a Alsip of 74 guns to Aid the British government. How Little did those persons who Traduce or. Adams know his character and his hard earned Fame. To quiet the vulgar not the thinking part of society on either Side and to Arm them with an Opportunity to repent and Tell the truth i Call upon them to discredit their own witness in relation to or. Probably he might have been instrumental in producing an amendment to the Constitution to answer the evil of which he Speaks. He had it in his Power to conform to his principles for the second article of the second Section of the constr ution gives to the president the sole Power of making nominations to the Senate of officers and Congress cannot take the Power out of his Banda the clause of the Constitution reads thus Norf he shall nominate and by and with the advil e and consent of the amp Senate shall appoint ambassadors other Public ministers and consuls and All other officers of the u. States Quot amp a. What has he done since he dec Are Ltd he would impose a provision amp a. To prevent members of Congress irom being officers except judicial officers when he had the Power to Prev vent he has broken Down his own standards he has deviated from his own assertions to the people. He has extended his own patronage further than his predecessors. If i had asserted a fact to the people i would Adams. General Jackson is the wit have lived up to it. He has As an eve Ness and proves from his letter to j i once of his adroitness and artifice to James Monroe president u. States j set an office imposed upon the be dated Nashville March 18, 1817. Who Gisla Luire of Tennessee. His words knew the character of or. Adams and May now be disregarded. Turpitude Dis Worth. Lurks and is now seen. His acts general Jackson certainly could must speak. He nominated or. A not irom his opportunities in life if he ton to be Secretary of War. I. Branch chose to embrace them Ever utter the Secretary of the Navy m. Van Buren following words unless he knew he a half senator to be Secretary of Vas speaking truth Quot i have no Hesi-1 slate but not until he had sold the Talion in saying you have made the votes of the people of new York As so Best selection to fill the department of Many cattle i. Berrien to be actor state that could be made. Or. Adj Ney general and or. Mclane o de ams in the hour of diff it ult will be Laware to be minister to the British an Able helpmate and i am convinced government All senators except the his appointment will Raffl id Genera a half one who in All probability was general Jackson in thus kept out intriguing. The people of testifying proves that or. Adams is the Llie United states should feel them True Reppi Thean and Ami Rii and for selves gratified to Mark the footstep of says he Quot or. Adams in the hour of 1 the Cru son Republican and difficulty will be an Able helpmate i so i of executive patronage. I have i am convinced his will afford general Why and wherefore has Mrad ams been called the federalist the alarming epithet applied to him if or. Adams be the federalist so is general Jackson. He hails the appointment of or. Adams As Secretary of state with Joy and says that he Quot will be an ahle Well might he have Sai Ltd in from the events which had transpired in the u. Slates before or. Adams was appointed. It was Well known to Gen. , that the head heart and pen of or. Adams upon International Law a it re required to relieve this nation from All blogs and place her As she had stood deservedly in the first rank of nations known to the civilize. D world. I Call upon the Senate or any one member to deity that Gen. Jackson did not write the letter above referred to. I will pause to give an Opportunity to deny As i Wili do at any stage of my remarks. Truth should be told trom this chamber to the people if we mean to preserve our liberties for to Weir intelligence will Correct the pending evils. I Challenge and demand of the Senate if they deny the letter of Gen. Jackson to Send for persons and papers. Gen. , in his communication to it Tennessee Lugi Slatie resigning his seat in the. Senate of the United slates made sept. 14, 1825, a Mong other things says in substance that he neither set is an office nor de dines one. 1/ not in that letter he says so in another. We All know the letter to be True. A More adroit letter for electioneering could been written. It suited the times. Subsequent events five stripped his veil and marked his insincerity. In Thi letter alluded to this language is found Quot with a View to sustain More effectually in practice the axiom which divides the Thiee great classes of Power into Independent constitutional checks i would in pose a provision rendering any member of Congress ineligible to office under the general government during the term for which he was elected and a Tor two years thereafter sex ept in cases Ifju Docial it is supposed that the general Means that which he has since forgot Tell if he was sincere in slating Quot i would impose a provision i suppose he Means a provision iii the Constitution rendering any member of Congress ineligible to office during the term for which he was elected and for two years thereafter Quot and if Bis views were sound As he declares it was completely in his Power to have lived up to his principles. Unless from the lips Only he professed to the Tennes see legislature from his transcendent influence in the United Stales his principles could Timve been kept alive and said his acis Musi ppe Aki or. Ingham nominated to be Secretary of the Treasury whose uniform intrigue is Well known in Pennsylvania was a member of Congress and a fit adjunct of the Secretary of state in any mis cief. My. Rives of Virginia appointed to be minister to frat it be was also a member of Congress. The people of the United states should rejoice at the up rearing of the Standard of truth. Gen. Jackson would impose a provision and let members of Congress serve out their time and receive the approbation or disapprobation of their constituents and As an evidence of despising executive patronage and the interview of members of Congress with their he sends them to foreign countries thus paying up the bounties for services r Milf red this Mode of proceeding 1.� harmless it is Reform to the people s pocket. I have said the letter was written with adroitness and its object was to Reiff it upon All who did not follow in Bis Wake and As a cover to hide from the of a old that he was seeking an office. At the same time a Mong others he was reflecting up Oft the course pursued by or Adams the distinguished civilian who As be say Quot will be an Able Many handsome productions were issued from the Hermitage during the canvass prot Cedar re the t Lection of the president. Who wrote them for the character of the United states let the Mantle of forgetfulness be cast Over the productions. One Bounty however has been realized by Way of Reward though it has been since checked. When the Tariff Bill was passed under or. Adam s administration it was stated in tie prints that the ships in the seaports in the United states some of their colors were Hting at half Mast by Way of mourning. It is my opinion that if it be True that the colors of ships in the seaports were Hung at half Mast on account of the Tariff thle colors of the same ships should be nailed to the Mast for the attack of the president in his late message to Congress upon the Charier of the Bank of the United slates. The president states in Bis message to Congress or his prime Scrivener a it him Quot the. Charter of the Bank of the United states expires in 1836, and its stockholders will most probably apply for a renewal of their privileges. In order to avoid the evils resulting from Precipitin by in a measure involving such important principles and such deep pecuniary interests i feel hat i cannot injustice to the parties interested too soon present it to the deliberate consideration of the legislature and the people. Both the cons Titu. Tonality and the expediency of the Law creating this Bank Are Well questioned by a Large portion of our fellow citizens arid it must be admitted by All

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