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Indianapolis Indiana Democrat (Newspaper) - May 8, 1846, Indianapolis, Indiana To brisk it Spain a Blake s buildings up stairs opposite Browning s Washington ., terms of . $2 00 por year for single copies if paid in and i 50 if paid within sir Raoul is. $3 00 if payment to delayed the end of ii where five Pon and Par within Date of Bubs Tripti for the year or 5 clubs a of then each if paid in a club of fifis 62 no Bora or Advance. The lira in $1 50 e Ribe atone Poat of acc to Daja after till a j at one pest office at $1 25 with i year thus counted for $40 in terms of advertising. Advert Somontan at one Dollar per Square of 250 Ems equal to 1� lines for the first three weeks con for each additional insertion. Advert Momenta of a Square three months for five dollars. Leabo pay your own postage. Speech of my. Wick of a Diani la the hoist of april 16, Sig on the Bill to provide for the Protection of the Lik Bisof american settlers in the Oregon Tetory. The House Heiob in committee of the whole on the state of the Union. A a or. Wick addressed the committee As lol own or. Chi Irmin when on a former occasion i addressed the committee of the Toole House on Seth Kli Vrons a willingly speak to the House it the House were Here iut As it the House is not Here but has gone to Thi other to to Quot in at the death Quot to witness he of tug of Tho at the close of the notice Tima enacted there i of not so certain but that i sconce follow the fashion and speak Quot to the Cumry Quot from the of legislation. I pm the More inclined to take this course because upon the occasion to which i have alluded i avoided the discussion of certain topics of a delicate nature Sig Rich 1 would have been dad to have Pokon the voice of those i represent 1 allude sir a a on Reeoma ded by the amp Clive. I thought then that it Van in bad taste to discuss those topics Here or in the Othor except in secret session upon the consider motion of a treaty i and 1 have not changed my opinion. But s Rimce then these delicate sub Isis the ten rudely brought into the = of con Gross and literally. 1 i i a Nat on has not a single diplomatic secret which imprudence toe could disclose and the Rugrat it for have Boon unsuccessfully Mado to drag Forth and expose the opinions and intentions of the executive those opinions and Inie Inions have been guessed openly heralded which the interests of the country require should be left in hands where they could be delicately and shrewdly Nian aged in the hands to which the Constitution has assigned Thom i mean the treaty making Power the president and the Senate in secret session. Our title to Oregon has been lugged in by the head and shoulders to be questioned or depreciated As might suit Tho taste opinions or feels nos of speakers till it has been spoken into the Quot glorious Uncur laity Quot of a Law suit. The measures concerning Oregon recommended by Tho executive have been arming to As unwise and tending to produce a War and the loss of Oregon As the result of the disasters and Defeau of that Wor. In Tho conflict of powerful minds and yet More powerful wills ass ining to spoilt of the present opinions and intentions of the executive Owings have been said which might Lead Tho casual hearer or Reader to infer that More of these opinions and intentions Ore known than the executive communications to Congress have disclosed or that those communications Are fairly susceptible of a duplicate i propose to a a eak briefly of our title to and in Oregon to justify tiie action on the subject of Orogun Bot i of Thi party to which i belong and of the executive and to defend the Saine against the charge of inconsistency and indiscretion the action where Oil is straight in dreaming of Ond making inferences from imagined facts in looking a metaphysical View of subjects to which common sense Only Quot Cable and in convert my ducks and is fairly Oppl Catle and in converting ducks geese and such like cattle into Quot witches Aid a Focks and Long robbed it is to Iii weak Ness or to is perverseness Thot is to be attributed much of what has been said written thought supposed believed or imagined oncoming Oregon oui a tie therein or thereto and the action of Tho demo Metio party and of the Eie ulivo in reference thereto. No one will imagine of course that i am speaking of what has Boon said &c.,in Congress Oil these Sib boots. F am speaking of tilings Lii he Havo been said &c., in a very unparliamentary and Only give Quot put sow a Sta Temei offsets. A Quot Plain tale Quot will Tod gave Oregon together with the rest of the world to Man. In process of time a Church Dignin tory resident at Rome came to to recognised by a Christian nations As god s Vic Gerent on Earth and As such authorized to convey and Grant portions of the Earth unoccupied by any Christian nation at his pleasure. He granted Oregon to the King or kingdom of Spain. I will not pause to question or establish the Power of this dignitary to Moke the Grant. It is Multi client that such Power was then recognised by great Brilain who profited thereby and took Ireland under a similar Grant and acquiesced in the Grant of Oregon to Spain. This stops that Power from objecting for the Validity of Grants made by this dignitary and his Soleri fit to partition out Tho world was not contested until that King of England who because of his remarkable piety and exemplary character he not having been famous for wickedness except the Small vices of Adu Llory and wife murder to was a connoisseur in wives and perhaps a Small matter of fratricide was declared defender of the Faith and because the Pope would not Ollow him to kill another wife to set up a kind of Quot opposition Lino Quot in the religious world and was Declarke or declared himself head of the Church and assumed the right to make Grants of portions of the Earth to himself. Spain was in Tho occupancy of Oregon i a a successor of that King of England already designated tortious by unlawfully and with Force and arms As the lawyers write it entered upon this Possession of Spain probably on pretence of a Grant to himself and his successor made by the a Foresaid English Monarch. Spain Quot threw h upon her reserved rights Quot and without much Mohy retook Nootka. This was enough for eng. Land with that common spoiler of fed s Martli that Tini Vestal de predator upon the right of Namons Hobo Benevolence is proclaimed by itself in tirades against Domestic slavery As it exists directly and no wedly in the United Static and is written in in Dia in the blood of a Hundred nations swept from exit once in China in Tho blood of her sons fight ing to defend themselves against the invasion of. Own Home Dominion in a code of Laws the result of which u shivery not the Leas abhorrent to god and Man that it is accomplished by fraud Ond is indirect in form tend everywhere in a thousand acts of or which to begin a title to be perfected by dip Macy or by Force As circumstances May was forced upon Spain in Virtus Neq Nimrod Tho acknowledgement of her right to occupy of on jointly with spoil. In this Atli Doof affairs the United states purchased Tho right of Spain and super added As to the Valley of Teo Lumbia River the inchoate title resulting from the discovery made by Captain Gray and the exploration of that Raller a Lewis and Clarke and Tho expedition tin Der their command. Of course to pm chased the territory Subj Eta to no encumbrance coated by the treaty of joint occupancy made by England with Knan this encumbrance is More serious As a Dif by in our title than if it we held by a nation Leaa aggie alive and arrogant than is England. A trn Melihat similar incur Linico was recognised ind continued by treaty on Obj it with England made in 8i8, amm in l827, extended tin Opo nuts or Tho other should give a Yeu e notice of to Stom Tion. The the matter re sir a Mil the meet Tat the. Democratic convention at Baltimore in in the mean time Bri Lieh by ejecta hid Occi a Piid Quot All of Oregon Quot As they had Ati undoubted i Ettoila under the treaty aaa Hunt no Anduri or is pm lion and Wadds to the ung detached Pobi a bpm a we Cwik vol. I. Indianapolis Friday May 8, 34. Tons which they occupied without question on our part. Our citizens in great number had also emigrated to Oregon Anima do compact agn cultural settlements upon Tho Columbia and Wal Lametto. They bad signified their desire that our Laws should be extended Over them and looked tons to secure them in their possessions As Well against All others. Policy and rights 1 the lit claim of our fellow thereto and r rights and was Clear and unquestionable our title to Oregon and he who was designated by that convention As the democratic can disa Goforthe presidency having been called to the chair of slate repeated the declaration in a manner for which he and the democratic party Are re Sponski subsequently in the course of negotiation the executive to secure Pence and having As inducements to extinguish ment of the encumbrance upon our it Egon Lille and operated upon by Tho moral Force if propositions previously made by his predecessors n the chair of stale Oil ered to Divide the territory if Oregon with England by extending the Lino be a Weon Trio United Stites Ami Canada Spon the a the degree of latitude to the Pacific Ocean. This promo Shifon was refused by Tho British minister and then withdrawn by Tho or Radont. This act Oij of the convention and of Tho president instead of receiving at the hands of our political oppose Rita that Liberal consideration which a common american feeling ought to beget and which invariably in the British parliament upon the discussion of similar external and patriotic questions analogous to this Oregon question with us brings Tho sternest opponents of the administration to the Standard of the minister Ond of the country has been the subject of much illiberal criticism and unmerited reproach. It has been represented that the convention and the president in saying that our title is Clear and unquestionable have said too much for that Tho same is encumbered by the English right of joint occupancy for commercial purposes and by the English claim to Oregon for be it remembered that upon Tho looking of he forcible entry upon Spain of which i have of the commercial occupancy secured by treaty As Well also Hearse of the cont Boily of Oregon to the British possessions in America and other pretences less formidable than those the British government has sol up a claim to Oregon or part thereof. I understand the claim to be made to All that they can get by any moans of fraud or Force which a grasping policy May dictate without specification of motes let us this criticism of our Ivo to the assertion of the convention reiterated by the president a construction sanctioned by com a lat is its scope i does Thein common parlance hold _________________3 than Clear and unquestionable because it is encumbered by n right of Way or other privilege 1 hoes he hold it to to other than Clear Ond unquestionable because some one without right sets up a claim to it surely not. Andy Eta right of Way is an encumbrance and a claim is o the honorable Mei from Tonnesson m Brown by a strange perversion of the words and Aning of his Collea Irue or. Johnson repro Ted that colleague is having in some sort and Ted that the declaration of the preside Oroff on and his act in offering a an adjustment a division of the territory upon latitude forty nine were inconsistent Tho Ono with Tho other and that Tho declaration won made to please the democracy and the act done to please the a big. And by o Peculiar Ond in a Small Way somewhat ingenious adaptation of his own sentences the honorable member or. Brown contrived to give the endorsement of his own judgment to this sentiment so grossly imputed verily this Cri a uber smocks to of the Quot pro offered by or. Polk. James k Polk shape his acts to gather Golden opinions among or of whigs Wiy they did not know him. Thev asked who to was and Quot held their Man Hooili cheap Quot that per Force their Quot great embodiment Quot must soil his nobility by running on the. Same political course with this some James k Polk. Does James if. Polk expect a whig Pei to write his life and times does he the advocate of slate rights of a strict construction of Tho Constitution and of Trade by aught but taxation absolutely necessary for Revenue and the firm opponent of Hank monopolies Appeal to latitude Marians federalists protectionists and ban kites to inscribe his epitaph and write his history sir there is no discrepancy Between the declarations and Acta of Tho president. Our title is Clear and by it is inc bored and it has been slandered. Who recognised the encumbrance an executive belonging to Tho some Porty of which the honorable gent Lomon from Tennessee i Brown is a distinguished member a Porty which in Power hos brought upon our country More political evil in twelve Eara than the Quot Gressie democracy Quot can remedy in the period and which out of Power occupy Leisure and talents in combining with Aioli its native americans impracticable and All other fractions oct Ion and figments to defeat popular will and weal. Who Stan doted out till to Oregon and taught great Britain to Hope for d division thereof a president of the same party who offered on adjustment More i great Britain than that Thore is not a lawyer in the fatal effect upon his cause of on of Compromise Mado by his client publicly ii court Yard. Bod of the proposed Compromise May be he is constrained generally to advise his client to repeat the offer. His cause is Alan dered. So Tho president found our title to Oregon slandered by the offer of partition made by a precedent whig administration written Down with the pen and published to the world Over Tho name of the Quot Greot embodiment Quot Ond he won constrained to repeat the offer. Others have hazarded not ohly indiscreet guesses but also bold Sac rations upon Tho proposition whether the president would now or will hereafter accede to on offer for a division of the territory upon latitude 49 Deg in a Monner and to on extent which relieves me from All consider Atiana of delicacy in reference to speaking to Thot Point. Sir american mates men have to Tho Best of their ability eviscerated our Republic of its last diplomatic secret on this subject. I also will guess lest it May be inferred that i have a pc tonal motive for being guarded on this Subj act of it Hob been inferred that others have Boon led by a moral motive to indulge in sunni sea and declarations upon this most delicate topic. Prick up your Eara therefore for the secret As i under Tond it in about to explode. I am about to guess solely on my own judgment and 1 am pretty Auto that a shall guess rightly. Attic Druid it Ioa my Krum what he Mil do like Othor Wise men he holds himself up to be controlled by circumstances and at lib erty to carry out the be hosts of Public opinion As that opinion May to modified time and Cir cum Tancos. Tho last proposition for adjust Mont in Nugo Lalim Oman Ted from our Sido. Majority of either Branch of Congress would yield up Thot part of Oregon North of latitude 49 dog. In extinguish ment of the Inco Brance Ond cloth held and made by Greot Britain and to be Ihei Lessing. Of peace. But there Sontone member of Lii or the other House As i believe who is not fully prepared and instructed to meet Oil the boards Ond Ilibasi Toralf o Wor rather than yield our claim to any part of Oregon Quot South of Iati tii ie49deg. My constituent Are of those who Ore ready to undertake a War for a the whole of Oregon Quot nor will any vote or act of mine be Adverse to Thia their will. They Ore my employers i am but their agent. Thoy under blood that our right to All of Oregon was secured by Tho election of or. Polk and Tho Western people generally so understand the Motter. I understood Quot Oil of Oregon Quot to be one of Tho issues of 1844. But i now loom no doubt truly that the resolutions of Tho Bolt Moro convention were not so understood in other portions of Tho country of Well in Tho North Ond East a in the South. I have no Moons of knowing whether or net the president would now accede to a proposition from Tho British Side of Tho same Tenor with that heretofore Mado by himself. But it is cer Ionly True that Tho British government that he would do to and if that government desires peace on offer upon Tho bosisof49deg.osn Boundary will in duo time Monato from it. If such a proposition to Mode the president will consider Public opinion of now developed in this i other would sustain him in Accad Luch a proposition and would not sustain a War for 54 Deg. 40 min., to having it in his Power to adjust non latitude 49 dog. The British minister has Means of taking knowledge of Public opinion Here and if he be As Wise a Man Osho is o Genll manlike and Good looking one to will foresee that if his government desires peace and to secure nearly half of Oregon to itself the offer heretofore repeatedly made from our tide must be acceded to by Tho Side do Rinir the existence of the Congress session. For this question is a pro Pressi As All similar tie stir is at Quot it Congress 54 Deg. 40 this House and by and by degrees informed to Public opinion Osil my belief is Liat the president Wil Halls of co Grobb As the exponents o Nion. If to find a 49 dog., then those fee Tiemen who stand for latitude 49 do Quot Are pledged to take part with us in the fight f he result is that those gentle in Ore either Shori sight Cal or timid or that Cir of Willii igness to fight fur lot ide49deg., of a Boundary Are insincere and lot in Point of fad they do of fire to defeat the Nie rican claim to Oregon to Subserve a local Ito rest. To in Tho West Are not addicted to intrigue and we abhor it in others. We Are of cling developments. And if we should to forced to believe what we now sometimes Feor shall perhaps say but i talc but we shall understand our solve and our friends. At pre int we Are Puza cd. Our Western logic gives Ufa Vorabo results. We shall consider the logic r actions. We shall see whether great Mea ires Aro to to Defeated for Tho Sake of a form of Ord. To Are not jealous. We Are anxious. And we Are resolved not to be hum bugged. Or. Chairman i hasten to o conclusion. I Lavo endeavoured to answer the charge of a want if coherence Between Denio Cronic declarations ind democratic action and to demonstrate thai t is our duty to out Tho of Tho executive on Tho subject of Oregon. Ii Only a coins for me to say Thot our action ii glib to prompt Ond speedy. The action of con Gress thus for has been inde ii a Quot like a wounded Snake dragging length the people Ore exam machinery of government to find the 1 locks Tho wheels. They justify tie a his recommendations h id hrs Itati upon coi Cutie democratic disc the people will find who club. They will i my Good const Tuci said and they will see liar in the hand that locks oui i it of. I Hove Republic. In the Nen will abound the Senate will Botthe it itt m leg. 40 min., to will i doubt not Toko his stand accordingly. If to finds there a disposition to secure peace by yielding a portion i is pose he will act accordingly. At the i making and Means furnishing Power is not his hands but is vested in Congress i do not see How he can act otherwise than of i Havo pre noted. If therefore while the evidence of i lie opinion remains of it now is Tho or Zsidi should adjust Tho matter on the footing of l proposition to heretofore repeatedly made i Flea la not assume to to either his of Rocole bouncer before my constituents. They Ore his constituents As Uliey Are mine. I being sole representative Here and representing Thoin Only my Doty is Plain. But the constituency of the president is manifold and of various shades of opinion and of diverse interests and there is danger of portions of it incited by selfish a Lillious men boo Omilig a Little Heady Ond self willed. My constituents i know Quot like the Man Quot Ond they Aro also for 54 dog. 40 min. Believe they will construe Quot Young Hie Koty choir lobby. Of him the president in consideration of the dish eusties of his position aggravated As those difficulties Are by president making instincts and ambitious designs Oil i Hove to say is Quot god a end him o Salo Thi country will be More just to him than Ore Quot Thi or. Chairman the Bill under consideration ii one of a series of measures recommended by the president in reference to Oregon. Lis objects ii to extend Tho Laws of Iowa territory Over of citizens who Hove emigrated to Oregon until Thi term Nolion of the joint americ ii and British thereof Ond afterwords indefinitely. To terminate that joint occupancy this House hos passed the resolutions of notice. Tho Senate hos occupied Many weeks in consider those resolutions and it is understood that Day or two they will to returned to this h altered but As 1 think not amended. I am prepared to believe that when 0 common sense would Sholl compare the labor and Timo expended with the product it will to ready to exclaim Quot my Lahori Lut produce blur i Trust that in some available shape those resold Lonb will finally pass both houses. But let their Fate to what it May this Bill fior being perfected ought to become a Low. If the notice resolutions Are to be Defo Tod by Tho efforts of madness and faction it is Tho More necessary Thot our lows should be extended Over out own citizens in Oregon that emigration to Oregon should be encouraged by 0 Promise of suit Oblo Grants of lands to bottlers that to protect Enid Galion to and emigrants in , Ond to Over owe the Indian tribes forts Shoula to erected Ond aimed Ond manned and Indian agencies established on the route to and in Oregon Ond Thot o come Unico Tion with Oregon be secured by Means of mail route. Such will to the effect of Thia Bill with the pending Mohd mints. Bill sir 1 am told by Tho honorable member from Penn Sylvonia or. J. R. Ingersoll in his speech to Day that our government is in duty bound to address a note to Tho British minister expressive of its desire to adjust the Oregon controversy. Sir that desire has been expressed in every communication from our government to the British minister. Why Epcot it that an opponent of Tho present administration should thus Cavil is not 30 wonderful. But when i hear so called democrats they Aro few in number thank Godl say the Samo things when i see them cautious As to forms of words having no More mooning Thon the words Quot your very Humble servant Quot of the close of a a Hollenger when i find them Stickling upon trucking preambles and Quot Quot m Republican legislation i acknowledge that my Faith sometimes fails me. I shall await further developments before i make up my mind to believe allegations of Quot punic Faith Quot of a will to Quot Rule or ruin Quot and of a desire to defeat All legislation upon topics of Public expectation so As thereby to disorganized the democratic party and from the elements of political revolution built up 0 local party for the gratification of individual ambition. Sir i will Only believe these things when i am Corao Ellod to see them. But i will say now that if such things Are Tho american people will see rebuke them. Those engaged in such projects if such there be will in All Timo stand with Milton s Devil Quot on a bad Emi will read who once that they May 1 01 two events in Tho Courato of a Yea Booner an Adius Moni of the or Irisy on the parallel of 49 Deg., or a i inti Niels of their item Crolic Brethren la Easl and South and of the whig Subiti Ihu a a i should i Hereof should co Siroin the Ito such Andjus Mem they Lieve though it May be Relue in result the Iii to Irr Banner Light Saucil and Hoosier their part in the danger. In and the glory. The War in the Bio do la Plata. In the House of commons on the 23d of Mnick lord Palmerston Intel Rogato sir Robett Peel concerning the hostile proceedings in South America. Comr Force waa seriously interrupter a and warlike operations were carried on yet tin government used Only language of peace. If desired 10 know what instil Lions had been Given to or. Of Soloy the British minister sir Robert Peel answered at considerable length but gave utile Linlor Dialion. The essential Point of what to said was that or. Ouseley had no Inspru Eions for the hostile operations Oil the Parana River. His instructions were Mckelv 10 blockade certain ports. No very Jii factory account had been received by the government of the transactions which led to the exp Edilio up the Parana. Such an expedition was Noi contemplated in the instructions Given. A full explanation had been required. To hopi the subject might be allowed to Diop until this should to received. To to fortunate poles eng gel in the late movement Are being without mercy it is stated that in two Days after the austrian authorities in the Grami duchy of Poilu offered five dollars a head for every polish Nobleman dead or alive no less than four Hundred were cruelly Jour. Tito leaders of the insurrectionary movement at sedice near Warsaw have already received their punishment. Potoski has been hanged at sedice Koci Chevski and Zarski Havo been hanged at Iva saw Dobrysh and Rupprecht both sentenced to be hanged had their lives spared but Are degraded from their rank and condemned to exile and hard labor in Siberia Mir ski and Deskur were Mado to a beneath Tho Gallows and sent to Siberia t be kept at hard ueberal tax payer. Tho Haverhill Banner Stales that Ali j. P. Gushing a gentleman of Handsom Fortune now residing at Vav ,.n-� waited upon a few Days since by the n hrs of that town to assess him towards the expenses of that town. After Inqui ing and being told the amount of Thi whole taxes to be raised he desired Tessor to charge the whole amount to him this is a Good example to the millionaire if Boston who usually Migrate to various country towns that will agree to tax then Iver than the Trade. There was shipped and sold in Boston last year one Hundred thousand tons o ice fifty thousand tons by one hous Toloue Gogh Hitty Bijur Isi co., of Charles town. Twenty thousand ions were shipped to new Orleans and two thousand to Mobile. G. H. Amp co. Havo Over sixty thousand ions of ice now in store. They have established ice houses in London and Liverpool Ond Are endeavouring to establish one in Tab i it in skilled amp meat publishes an extract from a speech delivered Many years Sirice ii the u. S. Striate by the Hon. Henry. Clay in which speaking of that and now truly venera a Ile citizen the Hon. Albert Gallatin whose Ecot looters of Oregon have attracted so Nuch attention and applause to says a go Home to your Alire Europe and Totire inculcate upon her sovereigns your utopian doctrines of free Trade and when of have prevailed upon them to unseal heir ports and freely Adhit the prod Ueo if Pennsylvania and other states come Back and we shall be prepared to become the question is whether the condition m which this pledge was Given has not been essentially fulfilled. If so sir. Clay is clearly bound to give up henceforth his opposition to free Trade or Rath become a indisputable evidence. A gentleman at Versailles France has lately applied for n divorce from his wife on the ground of unfaithfulness and introduces As the principal witness a Daguerreotype of the guilty party in the act of embracing which he took at the time through an aperture in the Wall. That is a French Story All Over. Baring s London circular of the 3d of april says although we cannot advise any disposition to Purchase american stocks yet the Pacific Tenor of Tho last advices from the United states has checked the disposition to Send parcels out for Sale there and there is very Little of any kind for Sale at our lost prices except Indiana which is offered at s3 per cent the manufacture f thai candles of an excellent and much improved character has lately been introduced into new bed Ford. Worms kill thousands Tho Jet a 1 suppose inst Tish aide know what it will to. Ider of it. Now s from Tho Bri. President does not when it comes to will know that in this country Public opinion is Tho ruling Power. It therefore becomes important to consider what Public opinion is Noto Ond How to May probably to Modi red Here Jar. The american Neo Plo have a right to resolve to undertake a War in defence of that which they assume a they have a right to do to to their and they May Compromise disputed rights without dist Oor. Pumilio opinion a it indican to by to in to Halla of Congress now would not Juit Lya War for that portion of Oregon Between the parallel of 49 Deg. And 54 Deg. And 40 min. The Nam. Her Orth Jaoin Thia and the other who would undertake sue i a War ii Amtull ind fied. A Iva sir i have said that my Faith sometimes foils me. I will Tell you Why. I hear gentlemen declare Thot they will coat their vote Here to incur a Wor in defence of our right to Oregon South of latitude 49 Deg. The British government is of theorized to suppose As i Havo already Aho that on Altor coming from Thot aids proposing latitude 49 Deg. Of a bound Arr will be once Tea by . Now if gentlemen Aro ready to fight for latitude 49 tieg., and if the British government has a right to suppose As i Havo said it has who Tho necessity of Stickling about forms of words Quot Why is this Bill or the notice in a simple and Republican Forin stripped of All verbosity Likely to be Ofiu naive or to produce War when the British government Baa i right 10 suppose to Power in Ita own Handa to and the entire controversy any Day or any hour the British govern men Haa a right to infer thai Ivor can be avoided by acceding a it an adj Talent ii pan the bad a of latitude 49 Deg., and therefore if it really Desirea to avoid War will make that proposition with not waiting lot ont action to Bant Gosenca there a. If go Serfin a snap san. It is singular what shifts love will make to accomplish is object. Bolls bars and Gates Are of no Avail against cupid s pick lock contrivances his cunning will devise ways and Means to open them Oil. A Young gentleman had a curled a fair lady of this City an fit was supposed the two in due Lime would become one Llesh some Little quarrel of a trivial nature As lovers quarrels generally Are occurred. Neither would confess the wrong to be on their Side a presents Ond correspondence were mutually sent Back and the match was broken of the Young gentleman immediately sorted for new Orleans to enter business Binkins that Dis Lonco would Lessen the Alt Lehment he really Felt for Tho is injured or thinks she is in Utill by Tho one she loves she is More Apt than the male sex to bite olt her own nose As the saying is to inflict pain and be revenged on Tho offending object. A gentlemen that the Young lady had once rejected renewed his proposals and was accepted within a week after her old Lover had embarked for Tho South. On teaching new Orleans he found that Dis Uince instead of weakening his attachment Only made Ibe lady dearer and he became melancholy and Low spirited. Tho i it letter he received from new York from a Friend of his announced that his old Dame was to be shortly married to another. His course was at once taken the next morning saw him on Buard a packet ship bound for Gotham. Tho passage was unfortunately Long Ond the poor fellow chafe and fretted so much that the passengers began to think him deranged or o fugitive escaping irom Justice Llie instant the Thow Tiati he Darold for the office of his Friend the lawyer. It is to be supported the latter was much surprised to see his Friend imagining him a couple of Tho Saud Miles away. After the usual Salu loons to excl Oinie Quot my car fellow you Ore just in Timo to a old swe Elhert. We learn from tre Quincy whig that gov. Ford has Given orders to disband Thi troops that had been called out for Thi suppression of riots and outrage in Thi mormon country. It appears from the following that apprehensions Are Felt from this course of the governor. The letter is from a lending anti mormon and is dated Carthage april 17 a Lou. Ledger. The governur has Given orders for i Bandini the troops on the 1st of May. I fear the Monse quinces. It is extremely double fill if an Oul break con be prevented Lill Trio or even the Middle of mov in which Case Tho ruin of of. Country is almost inevitable. It would Lake Long to rally the people of surrounding counties Sweari Yinth season and the exire Nily mus your Marriott this morning it 1 o clock. To leu you the i dont believe there is much love about it and wedding. Morrii truth. Thot the girl really thinks More of one hair of y. Hood than the fortunate bridegroom s whole Quot Good god where is Sio to be married in Church i Quot Quot no. At her father s Quot my Diar fellow i Yos no Yea i have it. Have you any Case coming on in either of the Sourla at it o clock Quot Quot then fill to up a sub Tina with the bridegroom s name. Don t atop to ask any questions. It otters not whether he knows any thing Toboul the parties insult. By heavens Julio shall Tje mine Quot his Friend sow his object of once and promised to carry on the matter rho sub Teno was made out Ond placed in the bands of a clerk to serve upon the unsuspecting bridegroom the instant he Wos seen to love his ride Cerand was despatched in o cab to watch the House. About ten minutes before eleven. Of the soon to be Hoppy Mon Wos about entering a coach before the door of his residence to was served with the subpoena. Quot con t help it Quot sold the clerk in reply to his gesticulating about not knowing Tho partes going to to mar Ned amp a. We Shan t reach the till now before 11-Tho cose is Tho first on the Colendar won t keep you but ten minutes. If you Don t go heavy Tho bridegroom Olio Wos rather of timid nature finally consented particularly of the clerk promised to Bond a Friend of his who Sal in the cab wrapped that of Edgar Raven Woodin the of Athlon Castle at the marriage of Lucy a Ashton in Scott b Quot Bride of the lady fainted Pri Volo explanations ensued Between her parents and to Lover Ond the result was Thot in ton minutes Afier Tho two lovers were joined in the sacred Bonds of Matrimony much to Tho Sotis Focion of All. Tho Brid room that was to Havo been soon Mode his Appen Ranco puffing and blowing. What he said and what he Ditl on beholding his rival and being Mads acid Saint with the condition of ats irs was Quot try e a Pfyl Orths Rapina a Orlly after looked out and that Tho poor fellow dec hires be will sue the lawyer for 81&Quot a wife. It will be a novel Jiuu indeed if he Shou of us will spare r a Lut there Ore Mai ire anxious for a 0 prevent theirs 1 planting to it efforts to keel etting 0 1 foot. Steamer Oregon. This splendid Steamer says Tho Baltimore Sun was released from Hor unnatural position on wednesday evening by the a fibres of or. Sturges who superintended the removal of the Henry Clay. Or. Sturges fastened four canal boats to her and the tide floated her off in Gallant style. On an being made it appears that she is comparatively uninjured and that from eight to ten thousand dollars expense will put her in running order and As Good As Ever. Excitement in England. The news of Tho victories of India i said to have produced a degree of excite ment among the people of England Neve before exceeded not even by that of Thi Victory at Waterloo. The exultation was greater from the fact that the previous accounts from the army in the sikh coun try had been of an unsatisfactory charac ter. Ich Alii if Anatolia in ring at that place Itra Ordinary inner posit Minot of i. Been manifested in their behalf. Glutinous substance or manna of which they Moke bread bos fallen in immense quantities a District of that country. This food is Sollit publicly at 17s. Per Quarter. This is stated in Ietter from Smyrna dated March 7, 1845, r Cei Ved on tuesday in our papers by the which if True will create a Greot sensation the religious world being on event acre Simili to the raining of manna to the starving Izraelit in the desert. Falsehood detected in tue Eye. An eminent lawyer who is accustomed to Cross examine witnesses once said that in cases where the words and oaths came Forth glibly and Tho whole face and it seemed converted into one impenetrable and steadfast mask to has detected falsehood in a trembling of the muscle underneath Tho Eye and that the perception of it has put him on Tho scent again who to had thought himself hopelessly i fault so True is it that a Man cannot Liall Over. So Kink a London letter to the new York i Zette says Quot some of Tho Best blood of Poland has been poured out in Tho late insurrection. Tho austrian authorities in the Frond duchy of Poilu offered about Iive dollars a head for every polish Nobleman dead or alive in two Days More than four Hundred noblemen were massacred i and this barbarous Sangui nary order was issued by what has been Mia called Tho paternal three Hundred and five universalist Clergyman Havo signed and issued a protest against american slavery. It is similar to that signed by the unitarian Cler Gover read what Sherman s Loz. Enu amp a have . Nav o Bool maker 20 Tilliy Street Brooklyn suffered greatly for i chitin months with shooting Point in his bowels a of appetite sickness of the stomach debility and Emo Niolion. He could keep nothing on his Stem cd but sugar and very Sweet things he had pm in hero physicians and been two months Are of the sled Cal faculty of the City of. And All did no Good. On Reading or. Sherman s of Hillh Quot describing Tho a plots of worm he was induced to buy i Box a Sherman s worm lozenges Ond a few boxes in rely cured him bringing away As be judged two of or. Joseph e. Tri a walk recommend Olio had been complaining for a Long time and none of he doctors could help him neither did the know what ailed hint he returned in a week and said be was a Well Man and All owing to Sherman s lot eng a. To thought they must have brought away quarts of v cough lozenges for coughs colds whooping co ii a asthma tightness of the Chest shortness of breath and even consumption and Sherman s camphor lozenges for headache palpitation Eca sickness lowness of spirits and despond no As also Bat beat of All plasters which costs Only 121 cents a warranted cure for rheumatism Ambago pain or weakness in the Side Back Broast or any part of the body and known As Sherman s poor Man s plaster and sold to the enormous extent of 1.000,000 year. Be sure you gel Sherman s poor Man s plaster there Are Nany worthless imitations hawked about by the both lie and cheat their for a paltry two or three cents. So be Sherman s lozenges and plaster they will cure his warehouse is at 106 Nas you gel us door t remember that agents Are at Jet Hudson Street 188 bowery 77 East Broadway 86 William at reef 110 27 459 and 601 Broadway 39 and 333 Fulton Street Brooklyn. Also e. Randall grocer Jersey City Hineson Williamsburgh j. , Newark j. And a. Guthrie Stanwix Isu Albany . How Many did from Worms when a Box of Sherman s worm lozenges wow save them i rms neglect to treat their suffering children for Worms thinking they Are not Dan Gerotis. If there is a bad breath itching of the nose Palo lips flashed Cheeky grinding of the Teeth pain in the joints or Limba. Swelled stomach sudden starting in sleep frightful dreams voracious appetites Rita bad taste m the Mouth drowsiness gnawing Kinsa Tion at the stomach hacking cough or even shyness. Worms Moy to Bush cited As the cause. Six years incr Cosine demand for Sherman s lozenge and the Sale of Over three million of boxes has fully Settle their great and invaluable Worth. They should be kept by every family. If they were not so generally known a multitude of eases could be Given to satisfy the most Quot Quot i Fiffi , for coughs cold and All Ordinary of Focions of the lung Are easily Token Handy to carry in the pocket Anifet Hemet effectual remedy that con Thov cure Oil such costs in o few hours. Headache and palpitation As Well 08 so sickness Oro Spei Sily cured two m three of Shermon s camphor lozenges. Their effect is truly wonderful curing the worst Tasea in Twenty minutes rheumatism Lumbago or pain i Wiy Ortof the lung easily by one of Sherman poor Man s Flaster. See that Yoo gel theg nume and buy Thein Only at or. Shermon s or is advertised agents Asmondy Drugatz Prev belly spa noun article and thus impose upon their customers. Or. Sherman s Wise House not 106 Nassau Street agents Codd Inglem Corner Spring Ond Hudson Street Sand Corner Spring Ond bowery Ond Cornel of Market Ond Bast Brood Woy i Rita Hoot three storm Bro Doyi and Sands Corner of Brood Woy Ond Cim Mbeni Street mrs. Hays 138 Fulton Street Brooklyn Randall Jersey City. Kjor. Sueb mis s warehouse is no. Los nos a a Street new York. Sold by Tomlinson Brothers agent for Tho prop Letor sign of i Quot a t of Tho fresh Goodsil atthe subscribers beg leave to inform their nume a Roua Onisto Motondo the Public go apse selected with great care and such suit to the wants of the Community which Ore offered for Sale on fair Terma for Reody Poy. The undersigned Oro resolved to Merit o continuation of the very it be rot support they have . _ May latin of Smith Hanna amp co. 1 in kegs White Lead just received red. Urn Blumli amp a. Tui. And for Sale by not. 28, ims. It David Craighead

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