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Indianapolis Indiana Democrat (Newspaper) - March 6, 1846, Indianapolis, Indiana Robbison amp Spann Blake s buildings up Browning s Washington Hall. Terms of subscription. $2 00 per year fora Ingle copies if paid in and Vance. $2 50 if paid wit Iii six months. $3 00 if payment be delayed to like end of Lii year., where eve Koreona sub acrid at one poet office and nay within the first ninety Days after Thi Dalo of subscription $1 so cach Ivyll a re Cdr for the year or 52 clubs of Twenty at Ono Post office at is 25 each if paid in acl Vance. Clubs of fifty subscribers will be supplied will 52 numbers or a year thus counted for $40 ii Advance. Terms of advertising. Advertise rants at Ono Dollar Persu Artof 250 Ems equal to 12 lines for the first three weeks Twenty five cents for each additional Alvenis Emcil five dollars. Please pay your own postage. I Square three months Foi my. Hannegan s speech. Oregon. Icon com i have been charged with aaa ailing the president. Tho last Resolution of the senator from South Carolina docs so in terms. I said i had no answer to make to that Resolution nor have i now but for the purpose of ascertaining who assailed the president s position and who docs not it May not to improper to make reference to his own message delivered to this Coates a. Sure in to can speak for himself bettor than Tho sen Ater from South Carolina or myself. It Wil Obi Ervey that Tho resolutions of the senator South Carolina fir Tho 49.ih parallel of North latitude As the limits of our Iki sessions. Does Thi president do so Quot when i came into office i found this to be the state of the negotiation. Though entertaining the settled conviction that Tho British pretensions of title could not be maintained to any portion of the Oregon territory upon any principle of Public Law Reg nosed by nations yet in deference to what had been done by my predecessors and especially in consideration that propositions of Compromise had been thrice made Quot amp a. Again navigation of the Columbia River. The right of any foreign Power to the free navigation of any of our Rivers through the heart of our country waa one which i was unwilling to concede. It also in braced a provision to make free to great Britain an port or Porta on the Cape of quadra and Valcoi ver s Island South of this parallel. Had this been new question coming under discussion for the first time this proposition would not have been the extraordinary and wholly inadmissible demands of Tho British government and the rejection of the proposition made in deference alone to what had been done by my predecessors and the implied obligation which their acts seemed to impose afford satisfactory evidence that no Compromise Wirich the United states ought to accept can be effected. With is conviction the proposition of Compromise which Oregon Tai to Quot the 1 Tern Ory asserted and As by Irre Fragalle facts and a e civilized world will see in these proceedings vol. , Friday my Roh 6, 1846. No. 25. This government will be relieved n All which May Fiji of fhe failure to Settle the controversy. Quot All attempts at Compromise having failed ii comes the duty of Congress to consider what i sures it May be proper to adopt for the Security Protection of our citizens now inhabiting or May hereafter inhabit Oregon and for the Mair Anceo Burjust title to that territory. In adopting measures for this purpose care should nothing be done to violate the Stipe convention of 1827, which is still info again Quot at the end of the year s notice should Congress Al rights in Oregon must either be abandoned or f by maintained. That they cannot be abandoned without a sacrifice of both National Honor and interest is too Clear to admit of doubt. Quot Oregon is a part of the North America nent to which it is confidently affirmed Thi to bal United states u the Best now in c listen Tho proposition of 49 Deg., he says i to us was withdrawn from negotiation instructs the proper officers the Secretary of state. To maintain our full title to the whole and hat fact he communicates in his message c the country. Which propositions would seem to be in accordance with Tho president s intention a with his views on the subject the proposition of the senator from South Carolina or mine a sir it is evident they were intended to produce but one effect. It goes for All the president Hai Dono that is in the grave and it goes against All that he has done that lives. It is intended t bring him Back to the proposition of the 49th his Manly and patriotic declaration o the american title and to Force upon him the relinquishment of All the territory of Oregon lying above 49 Deg. I said sir that instead o Quot no Tho principles Laid Down in the re Solu those of the senator from South Carolina i before us. The Atlantic it has Bacsid Csc the mild and Mode rate temperature of the Pacific Waters. Or. . We j the senator Obj of Roe of say one or two word i understand the allusion or the senator to to to me. . Yes. Or. Manoim. I have taken occasion to i press no opinion on the question in relation to what might or might not to the value of that country. In truth the opinions upon the subject Aro so conflicting Itiat i have not been Able to form a satisfactory one. Some have represented it As a sterile country without water and others again among whom is a member in the other House say it is so Fertile As to be fit for the production of sugar and Cotton even As for up As the Cist dog rec. Or. . If it were Good for Tho production of sugar and Cotton it would not have encountered the opposition it has done its Possession would have been at once secured. Sir if it is not Good for sugar or Cotton it is not destitute of Roins for the senator will find if retakes the trouble of Reading the journal of Lieut. Fremont he will find it narrated there that during the first Winter he passed thru they were a carry deluged with rain. But it is Good for something better. It guards the coast above 49 Deg., sitcom mands Nootka sound and Tho Northern Pacific Ocean. As i live and As i shall answer for it to my constituents i would As soon give them every fool of the territory As Fuca sound. What would it be Worth to give them the Inlet to Fuca sound it is but 50 Miles from Nootka sound the Best Harbor on the Oregon coast. There in time of War could Rand Civola a naval Force that would hold in Complete control the Harbor of up gel s sound. You give two fifths of Vancouver s Island and consequently the control and own ship of Queen Charlotte s sound and the Gulf Georgia. With the exception of these there not a Harbor Thero that would to Worth the Ono that would furnish Shell than Indian in docs. Sir objections to the As Burtion of our title arc As old As the govern i self. To first find it at the settlement of Lucky seeking to confine this Republic to it limits and we find it from time to time during the progressive settlement of the whole West. To find it in vehement opposition to the acquisition of Louisiana and Florida and from the last to the present moment in charitable efforts to repel the advances of Texas. But sir this last a the present opposition a is More improper Mori malignant than any previous for it invokes Thi Aid Tho special Aid of British tyranny to Bio our Page and Huri us from the Highfi throne of of destiny. But sir those who Are engaged in this object Ore engaged in the work of sys Iphi before i reply to some remarks that fell fron distinguished senator from Delaware Alio to read from a speech of Tho senator from Missouri a drs Critton of Oregon and a More bold and graphic one never was Given inside these Walls Quot i do not dilate upon the value and extent of this great country. A word suffices to display both. A a larger than tiie Atlantic Portia Quot lied states in Climi in period softer id washed by t Laken thai i Leof and he t Julie who. Had he by it it Glorie Nen the great red by such Rul. Of phor Salia to por Apey. Had such i Roc red Scipio or Alexander or Napoleon or or own immortal Washington they never would Moo participated in the deeds of glory that adorn heir Nia tory. Or president on looking Over the course Ivsich has been pursued by the distinguished senator from Shiuh Carolina on this question i just confess that i find some inconsistencies which i cannot easily reconcile. Turco years Igo last month the 24th of january 1843�?he opposed measures to take Possession of Oregon n the ground of expense. Hear him Quot but to Are told the expense will be Small not exceeding 100,000 to 200,000 dollars. Let us not be deceived. What this Bill appropriates is but the wedge. Let it pass and no one can Tell will lost. It will Jendon . Under the most favourable on the supposition that there will to no resistance on the part of great Britain it would amount to millions but fish should resist and we should make it a question of Force i Hazard nothing in saying it would subject the country to heavier or danger than any measured the Sanction of Congress. Yes sir he opposed Tho measure i of the expense that would be in proposition was that the expense a $100,000 or $200,000, i id expose a which has 1 the grou urged. To Ould not e Stim obviate that or Lillio sed Tho and then he very n order to which he i Over or to de Aow oppose agon. I c what this course on the i South Carolina indicates and deadly hostility to the. Rights in Oregon beyond that naked hold opposition to the reduction 3 our Possession of any portion of it. The sen Tor from South Carolina with that great ability hic i usually characterizes him presented on he occasion to which i Hove just now alluded a lost graphic View of the Fina which n he truly represent ruins embarrassed t Operand deeper at eve of that it As being on the Road to every Point and sinking dry step. Ono of the chief de condition was represented by tax properly represented to to an oppressive by of taxation. But a different Stato of thing its now. Happily for once the prediction the senator have not been realized. The n is now in a slate of unexampled Prosperity the cause of that is to be found in the Sal condition of the currency just As the reverse the cause of former prostration. Well Thi the giving of the i84a-if it should 1 that to t suggests a Dif Tiore to Are directly an evasion of Tho question before i presented Tho the senator for South Carolina instead of replying to Tho pro the old thirteen 1 n Fertility greater in Sal Brity i Ion better because fronting Asia tranquil sea. In All these particular slope of our continent is far More Happy than Thi a Fini a natural Boun Ingle Gateway into the sea. The Snow capped Rocky mountains enclose it to the Cost on Iron bound coast on the Frozen desert on the North and Candy ii Laii on the South. All its riven. Rising of the segment of a vast Cir Cumfer cach other in the Centre and then flow together into Tho Ocean through a Gap in the a main where the heals of summer and tile colds inter Are never Felt and where Southern and Hern diseases Are equally unknown. This is Sion to the sea. Such a country is formed for Ion wealth and strength. It con have but one tut will be a Thebes hut one com. Irial Emporium and that will be Tyre Queen of ies. Such a country can have but Ono people interest one government and that people should be american that interest ours and that govern Republican. Accursed and in6mous be the hat divides or alienates it Quot language of Tho great senator Vagn hich fell from the senator from Del or. Clayton on thursday last in which i find it impossible to concur. He suggests tha he question of title should not be discussed ii spin session and intimates the propriety of that Senate withholding an opinion on that Subjoc until the doors of this House to closed. I canno lathing of that Kirily precede the adopts to take Possession Why is ii tie senator from South car ii Ferent plan. He prefers Leavi tion of Lime to Tho silent and quiet in crop it ments of our Hardy and enterprising people to quire that Possession for us and does not eve gentleman know that while our Hardy and eni prising people Aro pressing on according to plan of the senator from South Carolina they exposing themselves to great difficulties with the Protection of american Laws and Ameri it tribunals if that slate of things conic nut i not Clear that we will soon have Many rep Elili but will not England iry if it adopts thei should 1 i be found i shortly after ii it Cora Mencil Thio if that country. The s Carolina then planted himself or ble grounds. Yet he offers to i half degrees in Oreg 3t be surprised if that Leti at the foundation of it. I Patrance that the British it Nator from Soili Iho Hebest Possi by off England by Power to make t he Sovereign Power of the slate. Wherever the it Ower of the Sovereign is not delegated As in Russia and Turkey of course the exercise of All Power s unlimited Tho government is absolute. The Only recognised is that of the Czar or the autocrat or the emperor or the Sultan. In constitutional Tiona chies. Like those of England and France ii is different. There Power is in some degree limited. 8ut where the treaty making Power in England and France begins and wherein ends i cannot for the life of me discover. In the form of the Bri ish government where the monarchical and Aristo i Radical principles alternately prevail there Are cer Ain checks it is True but these checks Are those of he one Branch of the government against the other ind for All essential purposes they arc . Riziere is no Power however arbitrarily exercised on the part of the Cov Crimeni in England which cannot be justified under the Brili Sli Constitution by analogy at any Rale if not by precedent drawn from Jome portion of the tortious dark and troubled history of the country. Whenever Tho Case demands it Tho use of the word necessity is made to Sii Flo eve Armur and subdue every manifestation of in Richt fortunately a prevails Here. All Power no matter on whom conferred is bestowed from the same source and the ill Dower has its settled and defined limits slightest room for the play of that plea used either by the tyrant or demagogue necessity. The con Stilliion of the United states is to be interpreted by the same rules that Are to be applied i other Laws. It is by an ext Quot that we ascertain the spirit str ment itself and Fortuni of Liberty and Mankind the led states contains As a portion of following definitions and restrictions of the exercise of All the Powers which it creates Quot tiie Powers not delegated to the United states by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the slates Are reserved to the Stales respectively or to the Lofa amendment. Here is an express limitation of Power beyond which we cannot go. Now then for my second re. Of the to id meaning of the inns for the Hopes if Hetnik Telforo where or under the Federal Cor or Transfer the Allukian Ted states i does the _ plication the Power upon the presiden it Hority where it ution of Tho ithe ate the soil of the uni Inho a St other transcending thai Branch of the government a i bestowed upon the others ours would be no longer a Lin _ is not a question of to Boundary because As i have shown we have a title England has none. Thi question of Boundary is but a pretext to hide the real object. It is raised simply because England powerful and formidable As she is demands and expects Rea Calami the lessons of his 1 Idle tale if there Alula is and i Greaton a purchased and Dis of the Caroline herein deny Tho title of this country to it if Oregon but i will not say unfairly r i piously and artfully draws the inquiry from Thi main Issue to what lawyers would Call an immaterial Point. But for the purpose of informing not to prove what no Man Here v Quot deny i will with Tho senator s i Lude to Tho Lang ago of one now Here whose powerful intellect penetrated to the Bottom of a subject to investigated it is the language of the great senator from Tho wer Quot Quot Oregon t a the fat that Flea who of Maine has doubled the Dai igers of the Felle from Missouri and Hearty a has Beconia it is of late the Popli pert of the american people nan s Mouth. But one ques asked by the great mass old own is it our own Quot it ii if so five sevenths of the Ould with one Accord say 1 Lake with a question h magnitude to the american people before 0 sit with closed door to conduct your a rations in secret and give Youris Dimer re Ness would to a melancholy sight or Thiry. I fear it would be the prelude of scent More deplorable in this chamber. Tho e3 pc blk or title in sir tide re and sir just such cedi Missouri addresses Tho emphatic language Quot Nootka is in latitude 50-being Lour degrees Hiorth of the month of the Columbia and to that degree did spam assert and maintain her title against great 1730. But that was not tse i tot of her Naser tion of that right. Against the British she asserted to to Tho whole extent of the coast Nemst Tho russians Tho Only real claimants with ourselves m that Quarter to latitude thus our a land Ihm about the coast Minst Russia la tudo 55. As deriving under discoveries and s Lemont it is Good against All Tho world to the tent of the Region drained by Tho Waters of the Columbia River. To discovered Tho River from its Mooth 10 a in source loot Possession of it As oar Ter Story acid according to tto Laws of nations have a Clear and valid title to sir i Havo been startled occasionally Here by expression which i have heard from some of the Tuosto distinguished and a Stimable members of taif body in relation to Tho Tetri Tor of Oregon. I Hoard a distinguished senator a few Days ago when under Tho excitement and warmth of do kale but it bras All Trio aame Forit told on Trio country i heard Tho senator speak sneering by and a it Morfy about what How id was Quot a Wols Piec oof Landon Ono of Tho ends of Tho Earth Quot does to know what that Poco of land is j Tho a Tate mints of those who Havo visited it say Thero a no finer Region of Tho Earth that it Ofeia ovo re . Hat can be held out to Many to to bold and enterprising emigrants who seek a Tome. Why sir a Micro a the Island of Vancouver which in the month of april was Cov Rcd with to verdant soil to to depth of two there i it found u on both Lidia of Iho Atlantic Between the parallel of 49 and 64, a natural som Bizalion of the deep Parboti and bold coasts for the Protection of and maritime Isle ref. It has abundance of Timber of the i Rietl kind for building ships. It Florda every facility for raising no and Eui Morling great maritime people and Over and above Over thing a in Fri Erc Ryling but there sin Tho regions of be in r Point in Thi r from Delaw Ith the there was i gushed if the Dii Are which formed length and in which i did both he and myself Are 1 a Wai hich he d occur. I Bel no to put this coun f defence. I have understood him. H in a Tongue but what i have heard of the Mari if England held up Here i it or the purpose of acting lean people but it is i Aucon an Ejon Ibitson with the a Tentio them to a surrender of what is their right and proper to examine the question Fin but it is also right and proper to have our of sir the american people cannot to alarmed awed by any exhibition of British Power. / her fleets though concentrated into Ono mass would not strike terror into the american people because they Havo read that sixty years ago the whole american Navy Consia Lod of Ono Iri Gatei and that with that single frigate j. Paul Foneri Lions i Lis Iho fears 1 to Maki if Forcini in did by i no Carolina be s his bosom lament the Felc Cosof than he other h 3und to the Honor of t lotion of its sacred rights we 1 Tho imperishable Page of Hind bold and prompt Progress be slow and Stealthy but u a ill not use that term. I will not so character o any course of conduct recommended by the a Nator fro i South Carolina. For him i enter Lin a mingled veneration. His great character identified As it is with Many most glorious scene iry for the last Thirlo Admire. Never Bant d in the vain Atteln i ii that venerable brow Pirt Ucb for his patriotism Abr the spotless purity of in which the future Plu sch of his country will Delight to dwell am in. Regarding which slander self Quot Whoso breath rides on the posting wind and doth belie All Corners of the world Quot rinks cowering and abashed. And if i migh to permitted to offer an aspiration in Conn Clio with his future career it would to to Tho Eifes that nothing will Ever to Dono by him to mar tha brightly illumined Page which the record of i Public life will i. I will not i cannot use in this connection the Ltd Stealthy or any word that could Posa Ibl ice to the senator from South Carol history of my coi year i never can cease a 1 will be out Stretc 3 a single Laurel fit the him for his i s lofty intellect offend i proper 1 Uii tulo 4ucai.iuu. And i Osk How would it read in after times that the burst chapter of the american history was occupied by Tho recital of the Glorisi and successful struggle of a handful of colossi a with the greatest Power of the world in Tho n distance of on unjust tax whilst the second chapter was blurred and blotted by the sad sad Story of the mean and cowardly submission of the descendants of that same race of heroic men when they had grown up to number Twenty millions and Occi Hio first rank in Tho scale of nations i no such chapter will Ever disgrace our Nat annals. Such a chapter must not will not be a word or two now about arbitraiioi., cuties the attention of a portion of the press. The rejection of that proposition by the president meets with decided disapprobation i understand that i speak -. Public press not of the opinion of any honorable senator. But with the people so far from weakening the strength of the administration that act hat added to it new vigor and Power if that bad Beer necessary. To arbitrate what t a question in which we assert there is no dispute. Submit to arbitration As in the Case of Tho Maine controversy when a crowned head with All imaginable Gravity decided that a certain line should be drown froth the most northeastern Point although the treaty originating the dispute which he had professedly taken up decided that that line should to drown from Tho Branch of the River. Just imag crossed ravaged he Cpl Tho English Chi ast0,and sacked her cities return Mph. They have not forgot it of Perry of Mcdonough of Barry amp a. Thev know that although England May have to Hundred go Reliance equal to her de and honorable r state which has i titled t up. The Brave and High mind who Breivo the United in they Are Lator from Uela who quoted the great English moralist d d not learn the rules of warfare from Henry to Reighl have Learned big Only however Fri Learned i duct of that Princo in a Case not Disimi Lar to Tho present. When Henry the v found that his Caso was Good that Tho title to a disputed territory was Clear did he hesitate to carry no to Tho renowned Field of Agincourt a Field which can never to forgotten Tho most Clorious England Ever a Jvn where her forces to Buhr Ono to ten against the French and conquered nor Doea the bin for learn his rules of warfare from the first of Romant and the i greatest of or National rights. I food or evil. 5 me Wea Lere Hope abide the i party and let no id cd this ques Rit of faction. R around every Fibre of my heart a -.�?,. Jymy judgment Ascot i Trust been blinded. One thing i know and i repeat my a t the truth of that if i know. In this August him who search lies the hearts and tries the reins o Quot a . 1 6 found May i six that hour the for mercy before i find not no a athe my 1 myself Aloni last a 1 judge i. No Pray Iii key thousand persons fall victims to the consumption in the United states annually the cause of the evil is generally overlooked. A Short dry cough or neglected cold is the precursor. These Are deemed t Fet and death ends the would to 1f@is tol i of Here it is. The experience of More than 20 years in private practice has proved its Efficacy and since its introduction to Public notice although it has now been offered but a few months its Sale has been unprecedented and its Success beyond question great so much so that it is declared to be the Grea Leat Sci by in thew orid. Too that fearful and distressing malady which renders life Burthen some during its continue is subdued without difficulty by ibis great remedy and the cult Crew is enabled by its use to obtain quiet repose the shortness of breath is overcome the cough is allayed and health and vigor take Tho place of despondency and sintering. Or. Folger s Quot of oslonian Quot a Healing bal Savu is the remedy which has Nutly successful in alleviating and e complaints and it Lisbe unused travelling agent. General travelling of fancy Ness in indians such to a be various periodical publications m the club try coupling newspaper and other claims �ic., and Quot Quot h Busi full with the to he refit governor of Indi nit rusted to him promptly. Irad such arrangements connected i knowledge of the people and Tho a ill enable him to transact his business Host a i Pinch. Excellency Jaush he state of Indiana Democrat journal t to the Postr the p e edit Var Roab. Oft cars of of the Indiana e. S. fall and Winter goods. Afresh Supply of seasonable dry goods received and Oll cred very Low for Cash or Trade. W. H. Mori Ilson nov. 1, Fitl i. Opposite Browning s. Salt. Ren Hawa and Lake Sali by the Barrell o single Bushel for Sale by _ decl6 9tf j. M. Talbott. Stein Sisoes. I a d0z�o\ien 8 Buffalo overshoes. Xuy 6 Doz. Men s gum elastic do 6 do ladies do do for Sale Ai the City shoe store by _ nov. 21 3tf j h. Oglesby. J would i shoes As Tho season u Tant to Haven Soondar ment now offered for Large embracing Ever or in style and it. Of the ladies r Stock of fall and approaching when it is ii . The a their inspection is new variety and is much Supei ind lowing comprises a part of my assortment ladies Superior undressed Morocco boots do do do do busking do do sewed calf boots do do do do busking do do do do strap shoes do do kid Welt shoes and busking do Fine Black and coloured gaiters the Fol for Sale a 3tf cry Lohf at the City shoe store. H Oglesby. Waisins kill thousands Graceful place. Bloated and enervated China is living witness of that fact. Modern Italy still Vej her feeble and imbecile Empire the curse or Ion her thirteen or fourteen centuries a it Ible descendants of the most illustrious Rac their every lir nity whilst o his hour bears. Soul of the greeks who disdained at the hands of invading millions to Purchase oaci3. Princeton and Trenton and Yorktown it car witness to thai solemn truth. Every part of his land in Tho enduring and eternal Monument of Hose who preferred resistance to submission and encountered All the perils of a dreadful and unequal strife rather than Purchase an ignominious peace. Of it is said Quot take care of our Commerce let us a Quot let us to arc Quot alas that descendants of Tho heroic men of the revolution could be heard expressing willingness to buy peace with their country s territory and that once less jewel their country s Honor to urn a traffic like the few who. For thirty pieces of Stiver sold his Savior ind his god traffic on but for the love of Hea Ven traffic not with the allegiance of your citizens the heritage of your fathers and the Honor of your country traffic not in the Freedom of your Brethren Craitic As Long As it Elemeth Good in your eyes but brine not Kafir Birthright into the Marvet Here a few Brilliant sentences were almost Inaudi been so curing Thi by the fir if this allowed 1 and for ing when a powerful and wealthy Nei claim to his property to submit the traction what opinion would you entertain of the sense of that obliging and accommodating As to the submission of the Case to a i Lily neighbor makes Quot Quot a arb. F the powerful neighbor would be directed to the not very a notable but Subtle policy of addressing certain arguments to the arbitrators not unlikely to prove the treaty making infer any portion of our Terri ind the allegiance of american citizens in Ore hat stands in their Way to prevent them from regulating our entire system of Revenue fro by commercial treaties regulating import i a a vain to say the Constitution reserves the Rign Ying taxes &c., to Congress if the same con lion expressly refuses to Congress the Power o regulating the territory of Tho country and Public property. Where is their warrant for alienating j single foot of american soil f if this government has the right of transferring one half of or on i has just the same right to Transfer Tho territory o Iowa or Wisconsin if great Britain advances t claim to it just the same right to surrender Thi District to great Britain if she comes Forward will some antiquated and unfounded claim to it just Lik that she makes to Oregon. I care not Bow far Ihu principle is carried it is All the same if once established As applicable to the Transfer of Virginia As of Oregon. But it has no such Power and Trust in god it will never be asserted by a majority in this Senate. Who sir will say that any portion of of population could be abandoned under a principle o this kind to any part of Tho Bone and sinew of thei country As had been Well said before f would Thi senator from North Carolina be willing to Transfer. Away the Hardy Pioneer who first penetrated the tangled Forest from the smoke of whose Cabin the Indian first was apprised of the approach of the Pale faces t shall we have no sympathy for him because he is but the Pioneer of Freedom and civilization the senator from North Carolina who Spok amps Days ago must Havo known their character i1i although far away the Pioneer Myr be he Hai Domestic altar where his god and Fredom ate shipped together. He has his household cods which he loves As truly As you do yourselves. He has the names which his Mother taught him when a fair haired boy he held by her Side he repeats them daily fron his childhood and first among them is the name o Washington. Where is the Man of Iron heart who. Would break Down this altar Transfer Bis allegiance i to another government and change Tho name of Washington upon his lips for that of the English Queen i ask you in conclusion to visit in imagination the Distant Plains of Oregon and there enter the lowly habitation of the adventurous settler who. In the remotest wildernesses of this Western world has erected an altar to god and Liberty. Behold him there surrounded by All the endearing influences of Home and family Bis cab the Tob Tatton Quot Here honorable toil Uyi in a care Tor her in Lidren. Bold him 3, with All his warm attachments to his beloved itry with All Tho household affections which follow Tho Good a Earth Ever leading came heavenward. Jul Doseo ii utterly kid water it it and t 3 Follo bowels thu which a David Henderson go Lai a severe cold on the 4ih Day. Brought very 1took if july and was ii stressing cough which is of bleeding Fror lungs. Although he tried every thing in shape of remedies which could be found i was not befitted and by the month of of was so much reduced by night sweats the despaired of life. One bottle of Folger a 01 health. George w. Burnett of be if ered under the effects of a Sei Vark n. Ere cold of o the Brini ight sweats has More than a year. He was redux of Tho grave Almoral by his cough a to commenced raising blood in to last. He commenced by the Middle of novel that he left for Pittsburgh with every pros pc recovering his health. Mrs. Bell Tho wife of Robert p. Bell of i Riston n. J., was dreadfully Saibic cd with e by years. He physicians had Dei using the Olosan Ember he Wasso fated of relic Ian so Fai Dut of Sci High restored h bed and dress h bottle of the of Ostofi she Ableen to commenced the one Billle cured him n of his complaint no Ltd people of All Ages and a tics from Tai Der infant at the breast to old to be afflicted with Worms. A i suffered his whole life from them in cited it. Thousands upon thousand gone to premature grave iting away of the body. No rvs a Quot dropsy i Whick 1 Mother c still Man importer 3pilep�y,fils,. I. Locked jaw apoplexy mania he head palsy consumption Meuri by. Convulsions and Many other bup i health. Every Obien of disease. Eyes to that All symptoms of Worms n the Points or limbs offensive grinding of the Tel picking sleep and at times a Pale Mth Tuuu. Flushed Cheeks bleeding at the Nosi sensation at the stomach flashes off the body slight headache drow eyes Talp Ilarion of the he Irving for dirt Chalk Liet irritable temper dislike 10 music parti a lid Hue lits bad tast Igo torpor disturbing in sleep with fright Ulland Hei a dark a or other unnatural my Ness of the limbs s night a frequent Lesii the bowels and some itching of the anus to iss something discharges of immediate and permanent Relie George Vav. Hays of Thi up by his physic ii arable. His disease the of oslonian was so weak that i walk without being assisted by uld not Friend. By a As so i weeks As lobe Able to pursue his business. James a. Crombie Iso Nassau Street j. Parsells Lith tenth Street c. S. Benson 219 Bleeker Street James Davis 68 Greene Street and mrs. Mallen 9 Morion Street Havo All Cipe Rien ced Iho Good of acts of Tho of oslonian in coughs of Long standing and affections of the lungs and pronounce it with Ono Accord to be Iho greatest remedy and Iho most speedy and effectual that they have Over known. Reader Ore you suffer from the above Dis of try ibis remedy. All Thoi Verv satisfactory and sound to s. Country sir sustains the president. And proper rejection of Tho offer of Arbi Antii our of the senator from South Carolina to which 1 would allude. I mean his course on Tho Texas question As contrasted with his course on shia Oregon question. He now stands before his country in Tho leadership of what u called the policy of Quot peace place pc aces everything that is honorable for peace Quot is Tho cry. When the question of the annexation of Texas waa pending Tho honorable senator it appears to me m not hold a Quot pre eminently valuable. I refer m proof to his let his celebrated letter a letter not Likely to to forgotten to or. King our minister at Paris. Be tone and spirit Omhalt letter must have been offensive in Iba highest degree u Oreal Britain. If War comes Oul of this Oregon question pm my ends of Tho him whence they themselves and yet sir sooner than relic fool of that soil which rightfully is our would see it utterly hid Verasto and made desolate speak not for myself. The mighty West Speaks l. Speak. Our Brethren in Orroson speak As i speak ski Formy Well beloved Uto. She forbids All compromises by the surrender of a single foot of of territory. It is not the West alone that forbids in history speaking from Tho sepulchre of the sampled dead forbids it Tho shades of Washington of Adams of Henry and of their immortal compers forbid it. The still Small voice of Camden and Concord forbids it the holy blood that fell in torrents in the parched Fields of Monmouth and Camden and Tho Blind wino forbids it. All Iho spectral forms of the past As they sweep along in shadowy array with Mournful voices forbid it Tho present forbids seven tenths of the american people forbid it Power and glory of our country in the name of the past in Tho Namo of Tho unborn millions whose lerica�?1 protest Here in tha face of heaven and All men against any dismemberment of Motif territory the surrender of our principle the each Ilioof syn pm to the mind which id prolong your Days. To face a pc Rielle principal or Pace log Cassatt Street net York. Ian.2 6m sold by Tomlonson Brothers agent for the proprietor sign of the Golden mortal Washington St Teot custom made boots and shoes Ryphe subscriber has now in his employ the very Al Best workmen the country affords and Baa on hand a Largo Quantity of the i heat Stock of i Porter Aele eted by himself iipres6ly_for this Mark. Quot will Ras he is determined that none of the common in or concern., so much puffed shall begin 10 match with his either in softness durability style or cheapness As they value their lives health and App Moran Che advise., at shia a Ison of the rear a specially Tihey be neat and comforts to or incr fool. They informed that he has on hand an extensive assortment selected by himself and being practically familiar with the oust Ness All May rest assured thai he has no boots or Abies that to cannot recon. Mend a Superior to those generally sold. All Desi. Rous to be pleased in bargains Are invited to give him a Call. He is Sull at the old stand opposite Washington Hall two Doo nest of Tomlinson a drug store ready to wait on and suit a do i5-6mo a. Knodle. /-1r0ceries.-r�o0 Coit Young Hyson and it Imperial Tea and n. O. Sugar it a Sale cheap. A. In a. Morrison. Or. Sherman s Quot worm i of cages Quot have been proved in More than 400,000 eases to be infallible in fact the Only certain worm de Troy Long Medicino Ever discovered. Children vill eat them when they cannot be forced to take any other Medicine and Tho Benefit derived from Tho administration of Medicine to them in this form is great beyond Conception. They have a been know to fail. Sherman s Quot Cong i ,&Quot the most obstinate cases of cough in a fear Thoy Havo cured a Largo number of per been reduced 1 grave by spitting blood consume fever by their use have had Ito a Noy Faim sons who he a and friends and Many who i he Vergi Ion and hectic lever by Lucia you Nave ote of health restored to the Haggard cd. Low live toe Peak Forth Tho Praise of this Ivalu Ible Medicine. Or. Sherman Quot Caliphor lozenges Quot Olieve headache nervous sick headache Pali tion of Tho heart and sickness in a very few Tea. They cure lowness of spirits Despon a less Colic spasms cramps of Tho -.�?, or Bowel complaints they keep up the spirits dispel All Tho distressing symptoms of a night of dissipation and enable a person to undergo great mental or bodily toil. Or. Sherman s. Quot poor Man s plaster Quot la acknowledged by All who have Ever used in to be the Best strengthening plaster in the world and b Sovereign remedy Tor pains and weakness in tha Baek Loans Side breast neck limbs Xoinis rheumatism Lumbago amp a. One million u year will not Supply the demand. Caution is necessary As Thero Aro Many unprincipled Persona who would Force a a Luroas article non the Community. Been Refl to get Sherman s poor Man a Plattor with a Quot of nmn be Quot of his written name on the backs none of Bernaro genuine and will do Moro hurl than or. So asian s warehouse is no. Log Nassau Street. New York. Sold by Tomlinson Brothers agents for Iho pro Tielor sign of the Golden mortar Washington Street Indianapolis. Dite so offs. It on hand. D. Craighead. Nub Shai s 8ai.e. By virtue of a writ of fifa. To to directed from the clerk of Tho circuit court of the United states in and for the District of Indiana i will Al pose to Public Salo on the itch Day of March next Between the hours of 10 and 4 o Dak of said Day at Iho door of the court House in Tho town of Lii non county of Boon and Stato of Indiana the following described Teal estate to wet i the Southwest Quarter of Section number five the Northwest Quarter of Iho Northwest Quarter of Section number nine. Iho Nori heart Quarter of Tho. Northeast quark of , and Tho South half of the Southeast Quarter of Section sve All in township 1�, North of Rango two East the rents and Profota for seven yearly of said real estate will Flat be offard and if a Emfs client aum to satisfy the principal interest and Cost of said writ is not realized then tha fee simple will to offered for Sale. Taken in execution a it tha pro Paioff Lewit j. Hanis it the it Ait of Jones Huris. Abel c. Pepper. Mantel a Feu a. Dimaria if Ajini. A feb. 13th m-s3

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