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Indianapolis Indiana Democrat (Newspaper) - June 19, 1846, Indianapolis, Indiana Orbison amp spawn Blake s buildings up stairs opposite Browning s Washington Hall. Teunis of subscription. 2 00 Par year for single topics if paid in Oil &Quot$2 50 if paid a item six a Ohms. $3 00 if payment by Dola cd to Iho end of a car. V where five persons sub aerie at one Post office and pay within the first ninety Days Coler ii Date of subscription $1 50 each will be acc evict for the year or 52 numbers. Clubs of Twenty of one Post office at $1 55 each if paid in Advance. Clubs of fifty subscribers will be supplied will 5i numbers or a year thus counted for $40 in Advance. Terms of advertising. Alvertise Ranels at one Dollar per Square of 230 Ems equal to 12 lines for the first three Wei cents for each additional Insorsi. Advertisements of a Square three month five dollars. Please pay your own of or. Cass in Senate june 1, 1846�?on the Bill to provide for the Protection of americ Aii settlers in the Oregon territory. On motion of or. Hannegan the Senate proceeded to the consideration of Thi special order being the Bill to protect the rights of the american citizens in the Oregon territory the pending question being to refer the Bill to the committs on the judiciary with instructions or. Cass addressed the Senate As Fol lows i did not intend Lar. President again to trouble the Senate upon any question connected with our claim to Oregon or with the proper course of policy to adopt in support of it. And 1 avowed to those friends with whom i am in the habit of free consultation this determination to remain silent believing i had occupied my full share of the attention of the Senate and of the Public so far As the Public can be interested in any views of mine. I am now however compelled to break the silence i had imposed upon myself and again to vindicate the position in which i am placed. The honorable senator from Missouri has referred to to by name and if i would not seem to abandon the ground i have occupied i must defend it from this new and vigorous assault. I shall however be Brief avoiding recapitulation and confining myself almost exclusively to the two propositions submitted by the senator. One entirely new the other presented in the previous discussion but again brought Forward though with new facts and illustrations and to More Remote regions. The former is the assertion of the non existence of the line of fifty four forty and the latter the assertion that the parallel of forty nine Deg. Was established As a Boundary Between the British and French possessions by commissaries under tie treaty of utrecht and that it ran to the Northwest coast. The senator commenced by the work of demolition pulling Down before he built up. Clearing off the Niebish occasioned by the labor of others to procure a fair site preparatory to the task of re edification. And How has this system of Struc Tion and of substitution been effected tie process and the result i propose to examine. In the first place he announces that till now we have All been in error including the president and Congress and the country and no such line As the parallel of fifty four forty has been established As the Northern Boundary of Oregon and he considers that this correction of a great popular error is enough to quiet the excitement which has been got up about it. I fear sir that the honorable senator deceives himself and that this excitement As he terms it or this conviction of the extent and Justice of our title As i term it is far beyond the reach of any new Reading of old documents however Gigantic May to the intellect which puts itself to the task of giving out and vindicating a new system of National rights or any new evidence in support of Vliem. The honorable senator is As competent to the performance of this labor As any one among us. But sir when a great question like this has occupied the attention of an enlightened country and government in some Mode or other for almost half a Century and More recently has called into its service the Heads and tongues and pens of hosts of Able men in Public and in private life the discovery and promulgation of new views giving an unexpected direction to a great controversy is not indeed impossible but it is so far improbable that he who claims the title and the Reward of a discoverer must expect to have his pretentious investigated with much care and admitted with much caution. The honorable senator in the exultation of anticipated Success Speaks of the philosophy of the fifty four senators and says Quot there is an end of that question All gone vanished evaporated into the air and the place where it was not to be and then comes the parturition of the Mountain and the birth of the mouse. It is a Good old fable and intended to convey a useful truth. But is somewhat dangerous in its application especially when he who appeals to it in the very act of decrying the labor of another announces sex Cathedra the value of his own. Pulling Down to build up annihilating one line to establish another 1 there is Sutti a thing As putting the Saddle on the wrong horse. The honorable senator says Quot there is no Boundary at fifty four forty. I quote his very words and join Issue with him. If there is not i shall then confess that i for one no liable to All the sneers he Casu upon the fifty four forties As he Calls them and Tipon their cause while if there is i shall leave the honorable senator the position he has assumed. And whence this declared popular error respecting the Boundary Lino of fifty four forty. It originates says the senator in the treaty with Russia concluded in 1824, the third article of which he quotes Quot at. 3. It is moreover Joreed int hereafter in cry shall not to formed by the a aliens of the United Sut 9, or under the authority of the said state any establishment upon the Northwest coast of America hoi in any of the it Niue Bijj Acerit to tit Nora Mim a Nib latitude 1 and tha a a the a a , there shall be none Ormed by russian a ejecta or undo the Tat Hority of Kano a Mph of the same Paramel Quot a bpm mid a vol. I. Indianapolis Friday june 19, 40. Now sir this one would think is Clear enough. Here is fifty four forty established As a Boundary As plainly As words and types can establish it beyond which the claim of the United states cannot extend. It is the nothern limit across which we cannot go. We May March up to it with that Russia has no concern but the moment we attempt to put foot Over it we shall be met by this convention and our plighted Faith not to pass it. If this is not a Boundary to us i am sure i do not know what Boundary we can have there or anywhere else. It is a Point not to be discussed. It gains no strength by argument no clearness by illustration. It is a Homiday line and when that is said All is said. I am Well aware it is a line in posse and not in Esse established upon paper and not actually marked upon the surface of the Globe. But so is most of the Boundary Between us and the British possessions and Between us and Mexico. And the senator himself in his argument where he undertakes to prove the establishment of the parallel of forty nine As the line fixed under Ali treaty of utrecht expressly says it a established but not run. It was Neverth. Of de effects Are said to be Felt upon the rights of nations at this Day. All boundaries Between countries which Are not natural lines or Marks must to first fixed by diplomatic arrangement and when this is done their establishment upon Earth becomes a question of fact and is usually committed to scientific persons who give practical effect to the labors of the Diplomatist. If therefore the parallel of fifty four forty should remain a paper instead of a visible Boundary till doomsday it would nevertheless be a Barrier beyond which we could not pass and might at any time to ascertained by astronomical observations and marked upon the ground should such a measure become necessary to assert the jurisdiction of the one party or to arrest that of the other. After quoting the third article of our treaty with Russia the honorable senator proceeds to quote the third article of the treaty Between Russia and England regulating their Mutual pretensions to tin same Region. And to controls the construction of one treaty by what legitimate process i know not by the provisions o the other. He says and strangely too that Quot they Are identical in objects am nearly in identical in objects. Why sir one is a treaty Between Thi United states and Russia for the adjust mint of their Mutual pretensions and the other is a treaty Between England am Russia for the adjustment of their Pretzn Sions. Until it is shown that America pretensions and English pretensions Arlt the same the identity of the objects of these treaties will be among the a Quot Ries that Are Lobo yet made. Quot nearly identical in terms Quot this sir is almost an equal mistake. To show it i Wil quote this third article of the Anglo us Sian treaty Quot aut. 3. The line of Damn ration Between possessions of the High contracting parties upon Thi const of the continent and the islands of America 10 the Northwest shall be drawn in tie Mann i following commencing from the Souther Mosi Point of the Island Cash Prince of Wales Island which Point lies in the parallel of 54 decrees 40 min utes Anil the �33d degree of West Longitude Meri. Dian of Greenwich the said line Sholl ascend 10 till North along the Channel called Portland Channel Ai far As the Point of the continent where it strike ii 58lh degree of North latitude from this last mentioned Point to inc Point of inner Section of the Musl degree of West Longitude will prove to be at Thi Dis Linneo of More Hati ten Marine leagues from Iho he limit Between inc British Side indiscriminately so much so that the senator actually says Quot i have shown you the limits As cola Blishel with Russia in 18-21 i have pro Ducco the ire Iivo not treaty which establishes them and Here also is a map which Illus nites them and shows every thing precisely As i have read it from the Tratia Quot not treaty lie then proceeds to Point out errors which it is not necessary 10 examine for they have reference Del sively to the treaty Between great Britain and Russia and not to that Between Russia and the United stoics. Our treaty merely provides Thi the parallel of fifty four forty shall b Ern Boundary. Now the Lii wha Igli. In and undeniable Boundary which Iii a sessions a Boundary so Plain indeed o who runs May read it in the treaty therefore is the direction of the other line Iglo Kussian line which the senator has discuss fifty six or Silty on Deg., or indeed Tui he North pole touches us As Little As any other question in Quot pc Fiffi ill four is res oscillated brought to life an e.ti5iing Boundary to which we May go but beyond which to May not pars. We can Jam us to it without any Imp Lalion upon or Wisdom or our Honor Quot and the place where it ifs Quot is yet there and there it will continue it will to recollect senator has staked the of this line of fifty fou russian treaty he Bis construct to that led Mil a repudiate this Hita cd without tie line to senator says it of a treaty ind refuse 1 the honorable i Isle though the Honor fined by the precise terms of y Quot to the islands and coasts and having Ler of relation to the and this is the russian Lino on Iho Conli a great Britain the United slates have Enlal line either Wilh Russia or Garcal a ugh the ave Quot no Boundary a 0 docs this line Stop i fifty four us Easterly pro save it docs no the lir Mecl of findings 0 which is to belong 1 11 be formed by a Une parallel 10 the coast and which shall therefrom and Fol Ilu bied parallel to the coast As far As Section of the 141st degree of weal and Fili ally from 10 Point 01 intersection the or. _ i4ist re Irreg on the a Mann a cart. _ russian and British possessions on the continent of America to the now sir i do not quote this article because it has the slightest bearing upon our claim or ought to have upon investigation of its extent but to show the mistake into which the honorable senator has been led when he considers these two articles As identical either in their objects or in their terms. They Are almost As dissimilar in the one As in the other. The Effort of Russia was the same. It was to procure a recognition from the Only parties whose claims interfered with hers of her title to that part of the country. This she effected by a stipulation with the United states that they would assert no pretensions North of fifty four forty generally and a stipulation with England that she would assert none North of the same line and West of ten Marine leagues from the coast. On her part Russia relinquished Oil her pretensions South of fifty four forty but without touching the conflicting Claths of the other parties leaving them to adjust these in their own manner As they would or As they could j and both England and the United states Are As free this Day to assert each its own title and to oppose that of its adversary As they were before the execution of these conventions with Russia. I therefore remove from this discussion All the. Honorable san nor has said respecting the object the terms and Iho Eirc Crof this treaty Between England and Russia. Quot we Wera no Pajti i it was formed a year after oar treaty Wil latter Power and. A had Nat As ranch i. Regulate the descent of the Crown of Pusata and England a those tonight 10 Iho Oregon Teni Lory. In fad they a armed no such Mon Krona pretensions. And must confess my Surprise that Are introduced Here As binding of controlling o territorial claim. And yet these two ail ice Aro placed by the honorable senator in a Nola position a though iter were parts of lbs aame int nement and Hia deduction respecting our Lighta seem to a drawn from Ono or the other i mus be Permil Coo i of Tho com and adjacent Lollie coast. To v const of americ geographical div ii and the adj Accel i of these conv Clio claim is confined to 1 by each the same listed Stales and great through Portland ii annul 1 nil sir. The Sel the same have in the lame limit s. The fact is Lilov have Noi. Ours is the parallel of fifty Neal and insular for the Dis senator Between the two is wholly Matu Ilous unknown 10 the convention. The British line commences at a Point on that parallel and then quits in running thence such courses As give to Russia an irregular parallelogram extending North and South along the coast and East in Width ten Marine leagues from the sea. But what is the meaning of the phrase Nori i Ait Nasi of am Ira in this connexion to what client May it be fairly said to teach in the Bri ish treaty As above quoted the question is placed beyond control Crsp. The russian possessions As Between England and Russia Are limited to ten Marine leagues from the coast. As Between Russia and us there is no Lim Lalion and if a Lim Lalion be sought it must be found in the circumstances and in a fait application of the language to them. It is a geographical fact Well known to All who have inc obligated the Subj cd that the Narth Ucil co Tut of Amenea is the name by which a Large Bui indefinite Region upon the shores of Iho Pacific extending eastward without positive Lin iils was designated and recognized As Well in works of geography and history a in diplomatic Docu meals. It was a descriptive term applied to a vast country. Shell place this beyond controversy by reference to unquestionable authorities. In the very convention with England of 1818, by which a joint occupation of Oregon is Clil the whole country itself is by this appellation Quot it is agreed that any country that May be claimed by either Parl on the myth Mil Emit of a Tocica Westward of tie Stony and twice in that instrument the said c is alluded to. And it will be seen that t Sig nation carries Tho Region described by in Rocky mountains or in other words Desi the whole country by . In the British i words ans quo by me plemic Terence by messes. Huskies son and adding Lon British plenipotentiaries in the negotiation of 18a8- to it is said Quot the government of great Britain in proposing i Quot renew for the term of ten years the third Anide of the convention of 1818, respecting the Terri tiry on the Norl Hinett Cooil of America West of Tho Rocky mountains Quot to. Quot Spain ceded to the United Sialee All their rights and aim on inc Lumleym Coo of America and North to the 42d in Tho Nootka sound convention the country generally is called the Ewait. In the counter statement of or. Gallatin he Speaks of Tho territory in que Orion and to says Quot that by Tho Nootka convention All the pans of the Nori Hwy a Coop of America occupied by either party Quot dec. Usino the terms territory and As co Venible and designating the same country. Quot finally Quot says or. Rush in the history of Hia residence at Tho court of London Page 372, Quot it was agreed that the contre on the Northwest coast of America Westward of Tho Rocky mountains claimed by either parly Quot amp a. Or. Adams in a letter to Baron Tuyl dated May 7, 1823, Speaks of Tho Quot rights and interests which have been or ought into collision upon Tho in the instructions from or. Adams to or. Middleton dated 23d july 1823, he do Scriba the country As the North wat mat. To says Quot a russian charter gave to the american company Tho North ice Coop of America from 55 degrees to Behring a Inal Ellerton or. Middleton Quot you Aro authorized Lod Roposo an article of Tho Samo import for Tho term of ten Yeats for the signature of a Tomt convention Between the United Sll Tea great Blain and he says in Tho aame Letler to or. Ruah Quot in the British Northwest and Hudson s Bay company have any Posia on of caul Aslaug sealed in the attic lain the it quarterly review above cited tha third Anida of the convention of the 20th ocl Obar inserted in a joint convention Between Tho uni i Stales Garcal Britain and , for a term of ii years from lis signature you Are authorized i make the same pro Diosal to the Bjilish government any of the islands adjoining by russian Subj cos Boish of latitude 55 dog. By the citizens of the United Stales North of 51 Deg or by British subjects i Lucr South of 51 Deg. Or North of 55 Quot for in showed Quot says the honorable senator from a Missouri in a pc sch in liw2, Quot thai the British had no rights on the North cml Quot in was not until we discovered the Columbia thai Shn renewed her claim to any territory on inc Northi Deett coast Quot Quot our Lille is Gootis against ,la�?zd.rough�?zulccoa.,&Quot.,. Jle to or it cent co to and Tho parties Dai the uni cd slates Gre Pron is it ire Reco Iii and Russi erred Ifil ensigns is propos these proofs that the descriptive Maui Wert coast was of lied generally t tips incl Aimu i Tessary the c Llie fact Beve inc areas he epithet North Wilhau Sigil and Liis logical geography of the with the lights and Inci 3nr Noru Mottl coast which the Arian Gemeyl Wilh Russi of 54ii.g.40 min. And a Noi Friend so Iii of thai Lii lion us the a now our of r Noguit Cost cd claim in that Dit if the Nori Nice and 54 do. 40 a Hail Funn. D r right should 1 d Colin lev of 1 would �?z01 ass the pan our in Rhu Ari Rognes say that Russia did horrific to Llie Rocky has Enlo Rcd Imo a Lii he Slie Lesl Nils Tarine leagues from is free to carry her us the Haslein to Are thai she Thi his Beyo of Iho panics a ill Enola , coi a parly who lied inc Rocky Hai Power lha a f 54 drg.40ini a by e Slu the Isla. A Force is adj to the Rocky mount judged by Eli Sling Iii be eng a cd did Lier whole Dali is our 1., by Loci of Russilo the . Hold by Russia 54 Deg. 8ia is our line in the country of me no mire coast. And there i Hope ire Samll be found. Rahle senator from Missou i Creed a Lii of 54 de. bounded 0 40 min., inc Little Batul is in any worse condition or in. Pretensions of the country of All diminished of the fomer seems to be inti Macly connect cd will the Lallcer but Quile lbs contrary. In Hinl Evanl to should fall Back upon our original Lille. And Cairy our claim to the parallel of 6 or augment Wilh Russia was an agree Libs than the claim to could Reghl As the grantees of the Spanish go Deg. -ablesen.ilor, in the farther pros ecu offered thai line 1 consist a Clair he Par the Hon lion of his Atsume fifty four Folly save Russia As her South. As her Northern. He then refers to the propose made by or. Rush who offered 51 Deg. As non Horn Boundary and says we now seek i. Jam up to 140, after the offer of 51, which was refused by England. Why sir All this Hislord of the Well known and i Musi coils ass i bearing upon inc Peculiar views presented by in. Senator. To is seeking to Shi by of the american govern Mei to 54 40, after having offered alld of 51 Deg. As our Northern bound Lara. But Why select this offer for this purpose we have made a much More favourable one for England which she bos More than onco refused. We have offered 49 Deg. And As late As inc last season. If the last being the Gre Alcil furnishes the Siron Gesi evidence of it. I repeal sir whal new View is present by going Bali to inc offer of or. Rush in 1823, when Hal of or. Buchanan in 1015, Judd cd two degrees More of latitude but Iacre was nol the slightest inconsistency then nor is there now. Tills Branch of the subject has been already fully debated and i have no disposition to renew Iho discussion. These offers were All offers of Compromise made in a spirit of Concession and not Iho assertion of a aim and when rejected the Parl making them was at full Liberty to urge ils whole Lille a embarrassed by these a Floris at conciliation and i Ghoul being obnoxious to Iho charge of inconsistency. And this was recognized and Dislis Nelly slated to inc British govern men by or. Gallatin in 1027, who said that Quot his government did nol hold ils,.if hound he Cafier in Conse quench of any proposal which in had Trade for a Lino of spa ration Between Iho Totri topics of the two nations beyond the Rocky mountains but would at lib cry to contend for Iho full Elleni of Tho claims of the United Here sir Iho american government in 1827, Mainla Ioco Hal Iho offers Ihus made and rejected did nol reach to the extent of their full claims but that being Jcj oiled to were at Liberty to fall Back upon our original title As though these attempts at Compromise had nol been made. What right Ihen Haa the honorable member from Missouri to Chargo Tho american go Quot Quot Fulle it Toi desire to re discussion the honoured names of Jefferson and Madison. On a former occasion i stated the circus lances under which they acted and explained i thought Why their eel Menla and course imposed no Nilo of conduct on is in ii new situation in which we Are placed unknown to Ibum. They sought the nor Horn Limilla of Louisiana and their Extension West of the Pacific. And they found Homo historical memorandum staling Liat Tho Paralle of 49 leg. Had Heen mob Leahea under the treaty of utrecht a a dividing line Between Iho French and British Possea Aiona on tha american Conti honorable gun Leman fro says Quot there is reason. Indeed aware thai i subject or. Madison in his r,.-,in of Asa Eiling the fac 1, As the in from Missouri Ichini she did. Reason to believe in and he you will Pyrc civic lie Noces 3 Ibe proceedings of a Ishin our reach he re Quot i c. Quot these Are and ii. Was before our Purchase of ii claim which Peri Eclid and Compisi a the Best under Ilio Ihnn Eli Sling a Iii co Quot and the san the senator from Mil lion. Florida was n the done of the first of Jar. Munro and extended perhaps Wisl of sins May have produced s Inie 1 is obvious Hal it did 1101 pen Quot Illick Lloil of in Vhal was Leilh of in Vhal was Ascenion of our Chi a by the i Ilion Nonh of the. 19lh i Fiocca Lams bid cod we were included Brecht and by a i no established t a came to pass 1 Levwood Hal line 0 degree of l.,ii ifs very offer i sell Mccanl by inc Kali fro test of or. 0 honorable be the Sena de Hia View aral a of a a sly Sla cd Ihal >11 of the mail a a changed. The 1 by Widerin Book lire in to rights and in pics we May to permit and the deductions 1 us Are so conf Deml the Ordi Hough Allie Saio invest Gale i a Iho charges f the Italy of lis a Quot a Quot 11 defence. I by briefly co. Blunders has rendered i of my in Hefti doric or. Crew now a asscnion., or conclusions be they blunders or to they i rules. A res Peel 10 the Only poem made by the a Nalor before the of the Paralle of 49 East of the Rocky mountains 1 expressly stated Hal ii was a subject upon which reasonable men might differ. I slated that the positive and negative evidence produced by or. Grce Ishow had induced i line had a Hargis upon hut 1 expressly disclaimed the very which the gentle Man now charge Bui i Wil Aid Hibl All my sub Seq lion and reflection have fortified ii Ich should be removed Froid our Debalis on ibis subject. In the second place the to Norahle is Nalor renewed ibis discussion for a new purpose before avowed. In is now nol alone with a i to vindicate history Anil to redeem inc Chare of the son ale As on Iho former occasion also for a much More in Ponall Obj Ccle for of a political right. Tho Subj determination of this grave question t major Stod Dan says that by the treaty of utrecht 49 Deg. Was the non Horn Boundary of Louisiana. But major Staddan was no original ammo pity on such a subject More especially at the distance of a cd Iury from inc exc cution of Ibe trealy. He had no doubt. The s the Hazard of repetition As 1, been the source of the opinion entertained respecting this Matier. His language May be More or Leas laced in All inc notices Tsal i have observed. To by the treaty however the Canada or French a the Hudson Bay company of great Britain a Promontory upon Tho line was ascertained from a Alia. North Lalinde to run soul Wesl 1, 10 be Conlin cd still soul Wesl to the forty ninth degree and from thence due West but sir nil withstanding the reverence the honorable senator from Missouri professes for tie views of those who have preceded us in their Aelion on this fun decl he the Condoll of or. Monroe in concluding a convention with England in Isle by we Iii inc parallel of i j dog. Was established As the line of Dein Arkalon Between her Western possessions and ours cat of the Rocky Meun Lains. In says Quot the treaty of utrecht did for us what out own treaties did Quot that convention was an act to far Asil followed the line of a a an act of deep injury so far As it slopped Lake of the Woods to the Rocky mountains before lion Ond bellied in wifely and Ben Fidali if it bad Only been permitted to remain then sir mf.ejt/i5-/oar-/ortii, Are not the Only persons who have discredited the existence of this line East of the Rocky mountains. It Lias been an and Pic locally disclaimed and disavowed and discredit cd Bolh by the Biilna and american govern meals. The act by which this was done he Calls an acl of i Call it an acl of Wisdom founded on the conviction of Bolh of the Par lira Hal a line of Demark Alion Between surfs Roc for this Airan Genini. But or. Jelli son is equally cens Uahle Sotar As resp Els Iii Cork of . For he made precisely the same offer to England in 1807. He indeed struck out a provision Hal the arrangement should not sex lend West of inc Rocky mountains but he did shia in order not to excite the jealousy of Spain. The honorable gun Leman in Iho previous discussion of this Mailer did not present this subject in Iho same Point of View. Alter Noling the projects for the establishment of 49 Deg. He says Quot Here is concurrence in the proceeding of commissaries under the treaty of Quot it re is submission on the part of tie British Quot to. What was then concur rence and submission not becomes super rotation. Bui sir or. Jefferson s Fame May be redeemed and the credit of the american Ond British Gove Menla for common sense supported by reference to a very obvious consideration and thai is Loa doubt respect ing the exile acc of this line of 49 doubt which in All probability Ullin Aldy into conviction. The very View the Hon Blablo now pics ii was Piesen cd by myself in a former discussion in order to Rove that All the salesmen alluded to must have believed or suspected this celeb ruled line tens 11 Nozic Dikiy. This work then which occupied the Alle lion of the iwo governments at various intervals for in years was not a work of super Rogalio but of prudence. I said Quot but if that i. Line was Clu Aljy leap Sunry. Xiuqin a Moony upon Thia i a own rights and their duties Tstablilieil a Century Bufor Oil a useless and Barren Noj bin iffy and unnecessarily Kirk Iuni Tion mistook their the Boundary had been and they were carrying Tiai Ion a Biclie was thu Ripe into a treaty a a a Odumes a memorial fro no Edsel of a Recti Quot a Al Quot no a i Quot in Rio Lisma a bound Lara a of even Ilsc Ofin Lotta i e Sli Pullions of the treat if inc Hudson Bay Lerr glories do not Bear no All upon the question Quot and As this Meiu Ozial is by the american ministers As an Idle per i shall nol Slop to examine it esp Dally As 1 know of nothing in inc position or Cigar Acler of lord Selkirk which would give to his Peculiar weight in the adjustment of of a great National juices by tier evidence Tolian the surmise itch Nobleman possessed of no source i not open to All of of. We want facts and nol opinions and facts authentically proved. Pas by also the memorial of my Iris. Llo Roo and Pinckney to Ilie Spanish minister because they repeal the same fads in almost the same language Lii he were communicated by or. Madison to Jar. Monroe and which have been iced Back to Douglass. These gallic no so Rengh from Repi lotion and must be judged by the original a Iho tily and not by the number of . The honorable senator has made a remark in the jul slice of which i Folly concur. He says acc has before i p which asserted. I further allow me to say Hal the their opponent in is said that our claim is limited by the parallel of 49 Deg. Tho existence of a claim is conceded on All hands. In ils cd pension North in is Mel by the As ser lion that ils funner Progress in that direction is slopped by a line on the imral Lel of 49 Deg. Established by the i scaly of us Rochl More limn a Lenl Urago. Now Lei those no soy this prove in. The Burden is upon them. The is sumption Lill shown and Salis fact oily shown is purely or Aruilous. And the proof must to reasonable and such is us Suchi character which discredit the slab Ishmen a Boundary. And when the notices referred 10 be repeated successively from one work to Wilhoi any examination of their aul Henrici engaged proves Tho necessity of adhering to slab list principles. A suit for 121 coils could not be maintained upon such proof As is Here adduced when so much better is within the reach of the two months Ore amply sufficient to produce from the archives of London or Paris evidence upon this subject which would ten Ninati inc controversy. Until that is produced i fur one shall protest against Tho rights of our country being limited or affected by the Assumption of a line resting Mere y upon Loose Assen ions and upon deductions made for them. With respect to the existence of this Lino under the treaty of Ulrech what evidence nol already considered and As i think i Iris refuted has the from Mil Quot Quot a. Claim is made to Trade with the indians in Louisiana. But Tho honorable senator states that Maunt Staddan who was then i think not governor of Louisiana but military commandant Aisi. Louis in his so oldies of that country Speaks of it Northern Boundary As follows that Quarter which by the trealy _ 13,waa fixed at the 49lh 1 in 1 May safely Appeal to the Lono Raue senator and ask Thinka such a Mere a Sergiod a this a Enlil led to any weight in the unknown quarters. He says a Elliat timely. In this Mailer Quot and among these Unior seen Contri bunions he has Imro Ducco a idler from or. Pitkin 10 or. Webster in which the writer sneers at my credulity or pities it i know not which he cause i Havo a loved my set a pc the statement of or. Greenhorn. 1 shall idol turn Oul of my path to redeem myself from this charge of credulity or whal would be still less More in Ponall objects in View. That gentleman refers 10 a conc Asalion which look place at Tho dinner table of or. Jefferson in 1606, in which that eminent Man advanced the opinion Hal by the trealy of utrecht the Paralle of 49 Deg. Was esl wished As a Boundary Between the French and English possessions. The opinion of or. Jeff arson gains no weight by this re Pillion of it. We had it before in a Mitch Mote Aull Benlic form in the idler of instruction from or. Madison Sec retry of slate to or. Monroe. I repeal sir we must pass by All these opinions forma a Century after the event to which they refer and go 10 the original aul homilies which Are As open 10 us As they were to our . And Wilh Iho additional Benefit of a severe and Long continued quote Klurin transmits also an Exir acl from the work Olond Hutchins. Which was Prusen cd by Colond Cirinc to or. Jefferson and Iho senator from give import Lance to this the Sadeques lion cheques Lon of re Lilion. I must make my acknowledgements As Well As the senator from Missouri to frien Fly Contri Ulora and Only one gentleman whom i will name and he is not Only a personal Friend but a Man of Reading and judgment or Bud of Detroit a has invest Ligated the subject Wilh Reccardi and care and has furnish cd me Wilh the result of his labors. I owe to him an extract from Salmon s modern history published in 1746, which i will refer 10. 1 shall place in Juula position the Exi Raci from Hutchins furnished by or. Pitkin by which it will be sufficiently evident that these aul homilies Aro is serially the same the Laller being derived in Ali probability from the former from Salmon. From Holcum. Quot and commissar est Quot and commissaries of afterwards Seale the Lim Ledwards on Bolh bides ils by an imaginary line ascertain cd the Limilla by drawn from a Pron Ionio an imaginary Lino running by Sima led on the Allan from a Cape or Promollo i c Ocean in 53 degrees by in new Briu in on tha 30 minutes and running allanic Ocean in 58 de from hence Southwest to Green 30 minutes North Lake Misc sink or Mil Fali Lude then som West it Azan and from thence to the Lake 7 soul Wesl indefinite in to or Mistassini from Ghenco the latitude of 49, All inc further Southwest a direct countries to the North be to the latitude of 49 de assigned to great Britain Pees. All the lands to and All on the South he uie North of the imaginary tween Hal Lino and the Lino bang assigns to River st ii wrench or Ca great Bruin and All Nada to southward of that far As lbs River st. Lawrence to the these Eil acts sir Are similar in their statements and almost Iho same in their language. The one was prent and the other offspring there Are but iwo differences his own views or from information obtained else there. One is Iho subs Tulion of Lalinde 50 do the senator from Missouri Saya that Quot to Iii Dondl lie Ide Lieal paper Irani stud by or. Moji of lome. Monroe and to Adda. "1 mentioned that paper once before when it was Prelly Well cried Down by the senator from Micheli mr., Cass i mention it now again an wits Hopes of better _ my opinion on Tharau Becl remains in Thaleti. The Ide Lily of the language used by or. Monroe in carrying into effect Tho Insl Cliona of or. Madison with the language employed by Douglas As i plated on a former Sion leaves no doubt of their Coni Mon origin. Lotus compare them Elfr. 27i if Ltd mjg. A Quot the Boundary was As Quot the Itna waa Aart Cena ined by a line begin gained from a Canam pro Ning in the Atlantic at a Mono Lory on the allanic Cape or promo glory in Ocean in 58 Deg. 30 Mio. 58 Deg. 30 min. North bit of non i lat Luje Loam

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