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Indianapolis Indiana Democrat (Newspaper) - January 16, 1846, Indianapolis, Indiana R Rubuano ii a a a a a a a a by a bldg eur Guildi Jigli up a Tetra a Jap file ii no by it Ami it to i my it Ltd is in. It Sims of sobs Kipton. I. A 00 , for a Ingle copies if paid in add. A a 60 if pad within Rix month. A Quot $3 Oolf Psi Munibe delayed to end of year. \ whet five Penona Aubo Enbe at one poet offi coi and pay with ii rat it nicely Dava Afi Ertic Date of Buba caption a 50 each will be race ipod for year s3 numb Cra. A Alliba a a each if. Cluba off Fly go Bacri Bare will be Aupp led with 52 numbers a year thua counted for $40 in Advance. A. A a. Terms of advertising. A. Advertise Manta at one Dollar Pere quare of s50 Ems equal to Unes for ii rat three Weckes Twenty sve cents for each idd Illonal insertion. A Advertis Zementa of it Equardo three i months for five dolls a. Please pay your own postage. Debit Cabatic address. On Tia 8lh of Jott uary state App voted following committee to prepare my report an Oddera to people of tie state Viz. Gilbert Hathaway of la Porte i David Quot a. Herriman of Noble William Watt of Union k. P. Cobb of Decatur t. B. Kinder of Orange j. M. Hanna of Putnam cd Jones of Fouti Tain f. F. Sawyer of Pike j. S. Simonson of Clark and ale. F. Morrison of Marion. The Cam Pittee reported and convention adopted annexed address in relation to general affairs. In accordance with former usage democrats of state at their convention on 8th of january a. D. 1848, held for purpose of nominating candidates for state offices to be filled at next annual election respectfully submit follow Iii by Way of on address to their fellow citizens of state upon subject of policy of our notional government. We hold to to those great and Funda a mental principles which teach that sovereignty right to Nile rests with people and by this we do not mean few those who May have some distinguishing Marks of favor birth family wealth and like but with whole people that it is a right implanted in them by god of their existence and can not be abridged abrogated without doing violence to Law of our nature. That in those countries where this a it is not free where trammels of society Check in exercise Are countries where happiness it confined to few and where wretchedness and misery must to dealt to Many where immortal mind is brought into subjection to another s will and Man reduced to a Mere machine to do another bidding. It is this great principle for which democratic party have done battled right of 0�, to have a voice in selection of their rulers. It is this Prii icicle which led to War of Volution upon it was our de. This that called Forth Thomas Jefferson great apostle and under whose guidance present democratic party was formed Light of whose effulgent mid illuminated land and taught Wisdom to a world. It is great Sti political firmament which lights up a our pathway and by reason of which they can never go astray. It is pillar and ground work of democratic Creed Imd upon which Are built All our Republican institutions inestimable blessings of which Are so deeply Felt throughout land. Opposed to this is an Active energetic and at times powerful party Active find energetic because Many of their Darling schemes of aggrandizement depend upon Energy and powerful by reason of conclusions drawn from unsound premises and enforced by All Assurance of truth. Their Success however is generally of Short duration. So Well informed is american mind and so Strong in love of truth Are heart of freemen that they soon throw off any illusions which May be cast upon them coming tit of ordeal More Bright and better grounded in Faith of democracy than before Mist enshrouded them. As fire refines precious metals so at mks of Era Ray purify and brighten political atmosphere. A foes to this doctrine Are More dangerous by reason of their insidious Ness. They Vara like foe who a approaches re of Friendship. They profess to cherish these principles and part Bini a love for Constitution but Aire secretly endear org to blot one and undermine other. They come to you Holdma out Olive Branch but in end give you javelin. They profess a love for All but adopt such Mea aures As Are calculated Only to Benefit fewest number. They avow an attachment to Freedom but strive to prevent spread of la blessings they preach against established orders but Endeavor to bold up worst of All orders an aristocracy of wealth. Could not be expected in an address , Rich from its nature must be linmte4in length Thero could be position taken by of rope ponets to thwart it effect and operation of proc Isles of party upon mind of hat a full history of and these Tocu fizz de by those positions coul4 a Rmenti suffice it to me Ottoa some of nost prominent and to glance mutely at history of their doings. .r,i,.,7. To do this because it a night a of faintly before to amp a fund Theung amp to Light of Bur ambition a Happy eat of Alu that Ltd oar Eleas May not fall asleep Ltd toe put poets that Citadel Ajaj dreamed and that Noue. May Quot Fon a teach Ingios on Chen rat ii a we know that Penosi fell a re undo in principle of rim eym Smy cd my it attention to their of Jiju of Gratio cod Cema in a Vii a Kua Riadi buried a Rita Pezim Laffaira hum exigencies require Lttie unguarded moment be led to inhale pestilential atmosphere drink poisonous draught. The foe is insidious and most to watched our Camp fires should never to extinguished and Oil upon our altars suffered never to go out. Let us then keep this great principle constantly in mind right people have to Rule and remember too that there Are those not wanting in Reck Lessne to seize this High Boon and dash it to Earth to Bury it beneath Black coils of oblivion. We have said that they were insidious. To Moke this position most Clear should Bare statement be not sufficient we would refer you to past. You Chi Oil remember Days when they professed to be poor Man s Friend when their blazing banners bore inscription of Quot we stoop to when pampered lord Lings of Marble places became tenanted in lowly when Silver Goblet was Laid aside for Gourd Shell. When Rich and costly beverage gave place to More Humble drink Quot hard when Bachanov revels were encouraged for purpose More effectually reaching baser passions and appetites of our when reason was dethroned and passion and pomp and show bore Sway. W Hen As they vainly boasted not having a better excuse for their conduct that Quot time for reason Hod passed Quot and action was All that was required. When promises were every thing and fulfilment nothing. When to be honest in other words a Democrat in their View of morals and government was criminal. They promised to raise wages of poor but fulfil int was at rate of taking one from two. They promised to pay off National debt and curtail expenses of government but their method of payment was introduction of a new order of things for debt accumulated in their hands. The expenses were curtailed by reducing them from 20,000,000 to 30,000,000 of dollars. Such their course their promises and their performances upon which people have again and again set their Seal of utter condemnation. They profess to admit principle of livers Al suffrage and talk loud and Long about sacredness of ballot to when at same time they would co Fine privilege of suffrage to native torn and be lavish with their Money in corrupting their acts in some of most populous cities and refer to speeches of some of their most prominent leaders when they declared that Liati deism is one of . Essential requisites of a Freeman and their party should to organized with that principle As basis. Thereby depriving of enjoyment of those sacred privileges held so dear by All freemen in every land a All that Large and worthy com of persons who Hove come from foreign coun tries to take up their abode among us privileges too held out to them by framers of our government and which Are guarantied to them by our institutions. With this idea As a basis for a party ionization then indeed would Freedom be come a mockery and Liberty a Bye word throughout world. What then would become of our boast that America free America i is Asylum for oppressed of every Landl but they would admit them into our territory yrs to bring their Means to hold property. Yea and they would tax them too for that property and not allow them representation. Yes they hold to doctrine of taxation without representation and would Fain Hove . World look upon them As democrats by consistency thou fair daughter of skies whither Hast thou fled they would that All of foreign birth should be come Quot Hewers of Wood and drawers of water Quot a that they should level our forests and cultivate our soil that they should enrich land and. Bear Burthen of state but would them blessings which state freely gives to other of her citizens. The High protective Tariff policy we feel called upon to resist. It is a policy fraught with much evil and we May say calculated to enrich manufacturer at expense of . When we reflect that we Are members of one great family a one brotherhood whose interests Are alike and whose destiny some when we look Back to those Days when country was one great Field a patriotism and nil nearly Oil he let actors were patriots and Leara that All of patriotism and nil nearly Oil he let gis stors were patriots and Leam that All their acts Osi rulers were for general go it id we Are not a Little Aston Sheil that in so Short a time to should find be Elionor interests benefits accruing to. A Small class Manly made Ruhig principle of almost every action of a Large part uni our gov Ammenti tsar surely every Well Washer . S welfare m.u9t to bit Arci slut a Obiano Doctrie which to his Mijoi Tatry s Proa Penty raid rom 1he, to occupy of this continent with a Long extent of Aea flast Fanth is and harbours Takt Aind Cost stretching through Sere la Luda f with a rat variety if �binatei>8ndan equal vanity of pro a it bait Shoaee Zaiac a Iota i Shoaee Zaiac Taipei aim our climate and pm due Tsona. A Leihen with 6ur great re. To to of it by a Emit Ltd i hear Isiora and Baya Atiteo Nam a a by Irr rating <11>it<nrieltii> a to a Brood la. To encourage foreign As Well As internal Domestic Commerce and when to reflect too that. Trio Hydraulic Power is abundant in every part of land we must be permitted to say that this vast Republic is As Well adapted to commercial and agricultural 08 that of manufacturing pursuits. And we Are led As americans As citizens of this treat Republic to say that ill great interests of our country should be alike cherished and fostered by Lur common government. Acid upon this subject we do not know that we can embody our views and sentiments in More concise and forcible Lan than has been done by senator in his recent report when he says 1. That no More Money should be collected than is necessary for wants of government economically administered. That no duty be imposed on any article above lowest Rote which will yield largest amount of Revenue. Tho below such rates Dis criminal nay be made descending in scale of duties for imperative reasons article May be placed m list of those free duty. 4. That maximum Revenue duty should be imposed on Lulu 6. That All maximums and All specific duties should be abolished and and Valorme duties substituted in their i care being taken to guard against Frd udi Lent invoices and unde Quot Anda unsurpassed in Galaxy if Glor -. So again in regard to our Distant territory gon. Admin Biog that our title Tii same is a Clear end Quot yet Kinny of them would gladly yield it a great Pori Iun of t to jurisdiction of a foreign monarchy hoping rather to see red Cross of St. George wave Over this crr Ivory than stars and stripes of our country should be unfurled in that i Elan land to afford Protection and a Home to Brave pioneers who having overcome dangers and hardships of a i,.urney there Seth a on Borders of her Beau Wiful streams. The question is properly a monarchy cultivate be soil navigate nor Rivers control her comm etc and fix hordes to Iii i shall benign Laws of our own beloved land be extended Over her ii liens Small Standard of be planted beyond Rock Juun Tain and shall valuation and to assess duty upon actual Market glue. .6. That duties should be so imposed a to of Drain Lut equally a it Union discriminating neither of nor against any class Section. To give All reasons for these con delusions would be at this time. We deem it sufficient merely to state them they being so Clear explicit and True that none Ctm foil to a Previati and to embrace them. Thai opposite party Are averse to spread of principles of Freedom we have Only to refer to history of past. Who does not know that questions when this matter has been Issue they Hove invariably been found on Side of monarchy. Instance Purchase of Louisiana from French and Florida from Spain in Days gone history of these purchases is but history of a struggle of democrats for Extension of area of Freedom and opposition Strong and bitter from Federal whig party. And in of out Doy whence coties opposition to extending 16 citizens of Texas and Oregon privies of american citizens i Texas had declared her Independence. Many a hard fought Battle told Story of her suf Lerios and bravery. Oppi Sion s Yoke in tis cast from her shoulders and she had. An existence among nations of Earth. The United states of Well As most of Powers of Europe to acknowledged her Independence. Treo ties of comme Ritj were formed with Hei by various nations. The civilities Between Independent Powers were exchanged and she bade fair to become a Happy Ted prosperous people. Many of heir citizens having emigrated from this government carried with Peculiar notions in which they had been educated. Having been greatly oppressed by nine Long years of warfare anti still having a hostile people harrass ing them by ail Means in their Power people of to crib made application to out government Foi admission into our Union and to Moke one in Republic. The demo trots of country proposition with Joy Ond gladness. They were rejoiced at idea of having an Opportunity of thus extending Freedom s peaceful dominions and of giving to thoth satins blessings of Liberty such As they enjoyed. Not a Democrat ii land but what raised his hands and voice crying Welcome i Quot not so our opponents. True to their teachings they were found As Ever on . Opposite of free Ial Ray lighting up their Rympa Thies for Munfort a Al string War s cold a it an Ned 1 ouch cd de their bosom Al by this anal Cath and a sterile As a Roek they blvd Bowyer Bat Active in a Are ing out a Hempfl and Jana to prevent this desirable Treitas question became a quest Iii at polls Thero was no Point non which party strict ran higher than on this., by Tulat great arbiter in whose decisions All Good citizens willingly submit decided question and Texas was admitted into our Union. Already has last a been performed., she u Ottmo on of states. Tho Quot Lone Star Quot has already been add de tour glorious Constellation people Are Ianeric a citizens with All. Tho Nighta and rat wifi Henrt spec cd that All Theiben Fiti crying to both parses by reason of Thia Unior be touched Liponi but to Perritte aay with Onisi tion which every Democrat delights to do who had Pray d that trial Arnof �01. till to Aho Lodjic Ard. Texas passed air ii Canco Mcston lit Dayrol March j��4s of Tio App Iii Aikin. a Tiu Livick . B to Laos thai Feal on a chiral a and Lammer leaving a Long Lingen Ray Uchedi Comfort hts count he ii freq Noily called aug ii Tina of i Ihil in Ipong Lii had be Forth in has Ito Pica tit Iii Felt Cobl it Zannar Ireat Benenuto be deniedtharefron.-, Ali Ara aei�1iilii<�d a Atli thimm a Iid they Wari Iii m May m Blia a a we a to o f Trother of a different Clima Amene Lamthi Ink it people direct ber c on this i vestion where do you find demo parly i believing that country West of Lony Mountain from cd parallel Orla Dilulle it of 54 40, belongs to United it is ours by clearest evidence by die a by treaty and by occupancy in fact a great Brit in has not even a color of n i we will not sons Cut to yield any Poi Lory within those limit Why should we yield Why i clearly belongs to Ooi Tilves hound 10 retain of All Conidi reason we of Lac doubly in by is above rely Brett to Riovo not Only an in a a a lib a clip Bui there Are lies of All c this pure in. We a rarer we know horrors and would to great. We i Intro Sof a Natl presented to am Afcin in chided it Bee in Bank has Oft an people and live that in truth it has Liete Bant Lirely a Xingu Lilied i lure Quelly wind o spark is Noi How is Only in bothered Paris Syril o fans it into a blame. We wish Noi flier Cote on this us Bocci n Liiv Iii Mcm ii not Orntrue terms. We Wiah 0,posed to tie Earl by shape under iders Lood that v National Bank Ime. To believe such daily unconstitutional a not needed Ine Ped. Id dangerous to liberties of people. In but Little Confidence in banking portions we prefer that they to not used As ibid pos Torles of Public funds. We Are in a of of general govern omit s keeping Revenue in her own Treasury and this to be lick of Isth Only constitutional Mcleod of keep Ino Public Money. The democratic policy is not a sordid policy it is not seeking 10 by next and promote any oin. Being a a Elusa of men. We beh., kind Are equal that great Atli ind cd ionic iral Rigsta to Cui duct legible 1 any odier basis. We contend against an ice inert on this right and shall continue 1 id As Long As to have a being in this of on is unlike that of our fathers before tuition. Being oppressed by taxation s in councils which imposed item idea against those Powers they denied la of la Weir rulers thus to Burthen them Ibe build up and we strove to keep it Hoy it being pulled d. Ate on defensive we Wisn to remain great truths which they l?7i, a fur us. W a i blushed. And. Mph Over error so sure will Greot Principe i far which we contend. Eon Toiuo to be Lollin policy of land. As democrats to Homo much to cheer of. 1 it is with pleasure we refer to history of oui struggles for past Lew years. which swept Over Pur territory in 1040, carrying almost every Bosun has bet we t Uil Effic dually stayed. So great is i copy Rajive Citar Acler of our people so Rich in stores of knowledge so honest is their Puipui Bat they were enabled Larou Serod shake Oll t body of death which at an unguarded Moi Iii they suffered Tobe bound poo them. From u overwhelming a majority in Iho councils of re lion front chief nag Israle who was Eccl cd i Ghoul a Quot Why wherefore Quot to humbles of Keery we Hove been Able to come out and piece in their Stead officer of known probity Ond Cor red principle. The Couo Tri it is Truf has Beer agitated but men. And freemen have been let i think and to act. It waa Only one of struggles which nation must suffer and Pasi through fur Ibe purpose of great ant Good ind. We hive had site Nail to Stem tin tide Totice powerful and of str who lining so much so that forthe Fiat time in a Longs Crie s of Congress of this Union in see ale Cham ber and hall.-flccts spirit o people and country is placed in Chartae o democracy. The great questions have Beer decided in our favor. Texas has been admit inc into Iho brotherhood and soon to shall Beh in Ensign of Freedom floating on Bret o to Hills and in valleys of Beaul Ivl Ore con it is a Canso of pit Lalion that Rheee achieve meals have been Brou Milit about without any Vio . A clock upon this Asan evidence of Progress of Uio Legreat Pil Sciples for which we Are contending. Formerly acquisition of territory Josef acct. De by War ands Rife by fierce contentions c Milid Anil a Muired for purpose of Nahma age Randi zem. It and p we. Dot not a i her a it Isa Mailer of Regolin lion. The willing Mindi of each party a feet upon subject and Inion a accomplished. The object not. Bini aggrandizement on either Side hut forthe is nil. Purpose of benefiting our kind of . A a it Biben go on in glorious of ours which we have so Well begun. Let our ruling Star b Brig tand Luminous idea that All have an in Herent right to a voice in councils of our re ices a right which Al All proper times and Oei a Sions to will maintain and defend. Let of b Dit Liioi re a Eek etc and Tiki last and we Jinvit b Aucter Sui then shall to to Able Dowl in peace with world before is redeemed from Thra Athus fcll0w-Eltizena, w0 have endeavoured to door duty knowing from Earnest you Hove Given that you will do yours. Address. In relation to state affairs. In relation to More local affairs of Indiana to feel a pleasure in believing that people Havo been much benefited by a change of its political rulers. Sinc6 stale government until election of our present state 1 executive be Palatis of India Ana has been under , and a majority of its exec tip office were fill and. With whig. The i history of that i is Lauon is of that i Dut Nicter which Render it length ily upon it. The period it 1836 and i has been Manght with to mime eve Tymac Quencez to people it May All by Marla Das a dreadful epoch it those year produced that degree a Fern by Naamen Mcand Man a Bifid Haa since soothe end a Gisao 6�t Jwo ple and no til to democracy of state determined to change order of things there seemed to be no remedy either moral Obj is Cal which could stay Morch of ruin and desolation. Ever since election of 843, at which time reins of government were placed in democratic hands a restoration of Public Confidence has been showing itself in Vii rious departments of business. All classes of society have with renewed energies Vith increased Industry and a fixed determination to be Independent applied their exertions and shown their Enterprise to such m extent that we Ore now comparatively a thriving and a prosperous people. The rewards if diligent Industry propitious by favored by fruitful seasons and a Rendy Market at High prices have enabled our population to relieve themselves from much embarrassment and to enjoy blessings of a Rich Reward of their labors. This condition of things gives most conclusive evidence that Success of democratic principles Possession of Potter by democratic rulers and existence of socratic government do not paralyse business of country reduce wages of labor nor ruin Commerce and Enterprise of people is has been so prophetically predicted by whig speakers and presses. Never since existence of state has More solid Prosperity been fell More hopeful Confidence in future been entertained. It is tot much to expect that a people thus Hap ply governed and enjoying All bless Ings of life will for Light and transient causes seek to change that government and to Rush into hazardous experiments in untried and unnecessary adventure nor will they fail to support party which has so faithfully upheld and sup ported them 1 every Effort has Bun made both by munificence of general go ment and by nut homily of stale to enable people to adopt some it ble and honorable Mode of discharging obligations of indebtedness which have so i Wavily depressed them. No measure has so much embarrassed action of democratic party As measure which was to place state again in attitude of a debt paying state without oppressing people who have to pay Money in discharge of our indebtedness. Long bad whigs talked of propriety of preserving Bono and integrity of state but Little did they do to devise ways and Means whereby this desirable end was to be accomplished but conceiving it on impossibility to effect so great o measure they were willing to assert that present executive came into Oiver pledged to perform that which th.=y had Ever Foum Quot to be beyond their Wisdom. Faithful to his duty and relying upon honest intentions of people to do their utmost in this severe under hiking he and his democratic Brethren have zealously Laboured to mature some plan whereby object May be attained. It is not wish of democratic party to place onerous burdens upon people contrary to their own will nor to make exaction upon their Means beyond their convenient ability but they earnestly desire that speedy Relief May be had from oppressions and degradation of this incr ing debt. Therein Noquis tion As to will Only difficulty that arises is As to Means Ted As advocates of Public Faith and honesty they have endeavoured to bring into requisition every available Means a arrange and Settle with our bondholders having due regard to Honor and ability of state result of those labors Ond Char Acter of those exertions will be duly weighed and considered by people coming canvass and their votes will be cast in such a manner is will Best effect their desires is to policy of course which had been pursued. As proofs of Economy and care of democratic Rule a comparison of our state expenses will show that estimates and expenditures for two last years Are upon a scale of rigid curtailment Ond that a saving of More than s20,000 has been effected within last year whole expense Only 867,100�?being nearly one third part of whole stale credit of slate has been materially improved so much that her c Dences of Domestic debt in form of Treasury notes Are now considered i3 to it valuable securities commanding readily a Uin nearly equal to their principal and interest and holders of them in Many instanoe3.making pay menu to Treasury in other Par funds rather than part Irith an interest drawing Bond .note, based upon Promise of Tai state. gentlemen whom this convention have presented for Suffrages of people Are Well known and tried democrats. They stand pledged to carry out As far As their Olec lol stations shall give them an Opportunity views and feelings of demo Roc ,.without re Gard to local sectional views. In sus Taining them Bya wiring and zealous super port people a care Hil attention to it their rights and wishes and will sustain those principles which Benxi Cravi always Consi Iler Paramount to All Othor Obj cts. The name of James Wisto Ombis familiar to ear of ovoid voter in state and a a Nom Yonous to wry tent item Crar itself Hii Alehta Are Atsuno lodged by both political Frienda and opponents Industry ii proverbial and his Cine Ful prudence Imd Economy in Public expenditures eminently Quad fyn him for a up erection to of Fieo which h6. ably filled and Adom spontaneous free will offering of a re nomination which has this Day been made to him by acclamation of Dele ates of people is alike honorable to Lim and to democracy which to has so to Bly and efficiently served and strongly presages that Victory which awaits us in coming election. In presenting in conjunction with name of Whitcomb name of Pabis c a Ninino As our candidate forthe office of Lieut. Governor we present that of a Democrat of Long standing find sound principles one in whom Pii Ople have one in Whoso Bali Elf democracy of Iho slate till rally to support and with Unity and zealous Devotion place him in chair of president of Senate As a guardian of their rights and As a faithful defender of their principles. Indiana is radically democratic and All that is required to show this filet to world is that she put Forth her strength with Unity and Hor Jony and that no voter shall foil to cast his vote at August election. Who will sleep at his Post when enemy seeks to oven Helm and destroy him 1 will Indiana prove Recreant to position which she so gloriously assumed amongst her sisterhood in memorable struggle of 1842 and 1844, will she again show her strength Ond Manifest her consistency by placing in Power those of her sons who Nave Ever Quot Leen faithful to her internists and whose i Lection again will redound to her glory and affair. A late number of n. Y. Sun Eon gains following singular account. Tho Story is a Good one and Well told but we ire not exactly prepared to Swallow it at this present writing one Bright frosty morning not Long ice a Young and Beautiful lady of slender form wrapped in a flowing cloak with a Graceful Bow entered dry goods store of in by Lindway. She tvs not slow to exercise All privileges of her order i. E. To overhaul half contents of store. The counter was covered with Rich Silks satins and velvets delicate manufactures of Paris and More substantial manufactures of Spital Fields were in turn submitted to her inspection and after o proper lady like delay some Tri log Selet tons were made and Sweet purchaser tripped out costing Sweet smiles upon Good looking clerks As she passed Down counters. But her actions had not been unnoticed by Lynx eyed proprietor. He instantly followed her and wailing till they approached Corner of one of quiet streets leading off Broadway he tapped her on shoulder and requested a minute s conversation. At first there were manifestations of indignant hauteur but a single whisper converted haughty curl of lips into one of Pale trembling terror and an imploring look from a pair of Beautiful dark eyes unhinged Resolution but a moment a reflection suggested Oil avati Vantage her imprudence had Given him. All arts of woman conscious of majesty of Beauty were brought to Bear in succession upon feeling of merchant and hints were thrown out of immeasurable extent of her gratitude but All in vain. At length finding All her shifts fruitless she was obliged to make a candid confession of her name rank and Connexions. What was his Surprise to find that she was a daughter of one of most respectable and wealthy citizens of City. He paused and walked a few paces in silence by Side of unlucky girl Whoso feelings could not Hove been enviable. At last having made up his mind he turned a subtly on his victim and said Quot Madam you have robbed me Quot a on imploring look a Quot yes Madam you ave robbed me and you know it Yew Quot have now about you articles Asti cited from my another look Aasu wringing of her delicate hands a Quot now listen to me Quot to continued firmly Quot i offer you bit one alternative you must accompany me either to a magistrate Oro what could she do exposure and disgrace to which death itself would be preferable to herself and friends stared her in face. She looked into her accuser s face but she saw nothing but inflexible sternness a second glance said too that countenance was neither old ugly in Short that As men go it was passable. The alternative Public police court a awful frown of magistrate rude gaze of multitude could she hesitate i placing one delicate hand upon his Arm while other of plied White Cambric handkerchief to her tearful eyes a Quot do with me what you will Quot she murmured. The result was that triumphant store keeper instead of Lomg his property to value of a few dollars gained a virtuous ovely Ond accomplished wife this Little foible excepted and with her upwards of 960,000 msgasbmjbbe8. A Lipan waved lamp Nerret few very bump Ful patterns for la idea Dreas at my St j. M. Quot a. Two for .8fecxaci/es a. Large lot of Gold and a fiver spectacles of every focus to suit. Taii Obino. The subscribe would respect Lully i Fonn their x friends and Public m general that Thoj have commenced business in . East Boom of nor la new ,.np atals immediately Oyer Teck a Alory where that Art Jody to receive and Quot do work according to Ishi latest pc Shiroi with . Sait. A Elhawa and Ulto bail by by nil a i. Single Bushel for silo by Lelec 9tr. A j. M. . A

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