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Indianapolis Indiana Democrat (Newspaper) - January 8, 1831, Indianapolis, Indiana By a. F. , saturday january 8, 1831. Vol. Senate. Of tie committee of canals and internal improvements the. New pkg Chii Iman. The committee on canals and i0rnal to tri of Vns referred a Jurt ionic the Ger error s , and also in reports of our and stale Engineer Frith other matters in Senate hate duly considered the same and report in Pari that the message presents Many ol>jret9 of improvement some of whirl have heretofore received partial Aid and legislative sanctions the Wabash and White Rivers More partic Tilary. To pm care Means to expend on a speedy improvement of those important streams together a a Alhthea it Lvan Cem it of the Wabash and Erie a Cima and the adoption of a a a neral so Steriti of slate Ernp Roemen of which these Rivers and the canal must lie Tho basis by a lateral to connect them All with the Ohio Northe fills at new Albany must continue lobe he Cardinal policy of Indiana. To create and Model such a system at the present time we Silil be premature and if now established its beneficial results would be questionable until the chief parts to firm a Hasis he completed and then the lateral of Union will to rendered obviously proper. In the mean time our slate energies should be concentrated on this great basis of a general accommodation. Under existing this course is evidently proper. Our Sta e is happily even it from such Rivers and mountains As engender distinct interests elsewhere a ours have rather a pleasing tendency Liker air and product.�, they arc enjoyed in common and our views of improvement should also be homogeneous for such will soon become the entire character of our population. With a a Quot in fresh and Fertile our cl�o7jns evince Industry and enter prize and a Pravir Lenl care of our Means with the exercise of a becom Iii emulate Iii must in duo time enable us to perfect the glorious stated oct above alluded of. To have the example of sister states prosecuting works of it Liiv and becoming prosperous by their of flirts. More professions of Dev Stiim to such measures will not Benefit us now the time has come for action. The increasing agricultural interest of our a More est ended Commerce and our Voong manufactures with every description of brine Industry require Addis annl facilities to incr Vuic tie Prosperity and happiness of All. The Means of interchanging pm Lucas it once increase a demand for them and As a convenient Channel of conveyance to docs the Price of Carriage or opens new markets it always tends to increase the value of labor. Communication Minisi increase in proportion to its convenience and population will continue to multiply at a Pace correspondent with the Means of Empi Quot Mont. The improvement and Extension of Tho navigation of the Wabash to unite with the Waters of Lake Erie will i reseat Tho nearest route by which four or five sister states can participate in Eastern Trade and Benefit by Eastern markets. Tie ensuing ten years May to expected to double our population and in much less time this outlet double Owr River navigation with some flier interesting objects of improvements referred will constitute the matter of another report and your committee confine their vie is at this time to the subject of the Waltash and Erie canal. The period has come when this recommends itself to the interest and regard of even citizen and As its prospective benefits Are admit Ted arguments on that View of the matter Are unnecessary. The Short sighted delay of Ohio to ratify the compact for Lino through her the Quot us Lerwer project Quot of a rail Road intimated to be Quot loss expensive and equally valuable Quot a and an Ideal apprehension of state exaction by Way of taxation to comply to Tho seem to be arguments which this Unile taking must encounter in its Progress therefore a of Civ remarks on each will serve to introduce the measures your have agreed Loreco Merid. of the delay of Ohio her resources and views Are at this time directed to Ofa much More expensive project exclusively her own and some of the alternatives pointed to in the message of the governor Shew conclusively that our acts in relation to our own important interests so wild not for a moment be regulated by any exclusive course that s ate May choose to adopt. That she should ratify the compact As sub mint Dato her so that the two states May net simultaneously is now believed to be More essential for her Benefit than it inasmuch As another course May it is thought Benefit Indiana in a greater degree. To apply of the uni Teti states fir privilege to change the application of the donation of land if we Thi Idi it advisable to Creato a Slack water navigation on the Miami from our s ate line to the Bay and also for authority to adopt prompt and Eil wiil measures to ascertain the practicability of making such application of whih Little doubt is entertained May soon determine the matter. If Ohio had no rival the profit Toller of our proposition would soon to found to elicit All her energies. And what is now cur situation under Tho Law of last session and by previous acts the Grant of land was accepted in conformity with the condition offered in the ant of Congress. Since then an irrevocable covenant has been entered into by the slate expressly pledging Tho land with All its or coeds canal tolls. Amp a. For the purpose of constructing the within the limits of said condition. Our duty then with existing obligations is Clear and happily coincident with the advancement of the canal and the certain Prosperity and glory of the state. For the purpose of Demon st tin the vast advantage our canal will present to Southern and East pm Trade Over the More expensive canal of Ohio the following notice of distances from the Ohio River at the Junction of the Walash. To Lake Erie by the line of the Ohio canal and the canal of Indiana is submitted for reflection Ohio route. Pm Cleaveland to Portsmouth canal Lino 812 Miles. From Portsmouth to Louisville 260 from Louisville to the Mouth of Tho Wabash 300 total Indiana route. 872 from met Tomee Bay to our stale line canal 75 Miles. From state line of Tippecanoe River canal 130 from tip pc Canoe to Mouth of Wabash 430 Miles. Freight from new Tork can be delivered at Ija Umee Bay As Oscap As at Cleveland a the Wabash route is almost one fourth Tho nearest a an j there must bean Imp Atense saving of tolls in the difference of upward soon Hundred Milea of canal inv Mailion in our favor the entire length of our canal line being b uts03, while that of. Ohio is 312 Miles. If the anticipated effect of the foregoing differ enc holds Forth inducements to prefer Tho Wabash route and per btes in any decree to deter Ohio from promoting our Isle Oxild it not at least in an equal degree influence Indiana to proceed vigorously to provide for its completion Fra memorial Ond joint ret flu Tion to cd ingress on this matter is Hui Pra Iii a discretionary Power of change the application of the land donated to improve the Maumee River by a Slack water navigation. The rail r. And scheme next presents itself. The relative expense with the True is forced upon us tacitly Quot claiming that like the canal it might tend to unfold the capabilities fours ate and in our Industry wealth and a population. In the United states there Are Manv intelligent men who advocate the Utility of Kail roads while in England France and Holland and All Over Europe such expensive facilities have been sanctioned Only where water could nut be had fur a canal and for Short Dis Liticea. The rail Way in England in that from Liverpool to Manchester thirty three Miles and with every possible advantage of Iron engineers and mechanics and la Orgas at , it Cost upwards of eighty thousand dollars per mile. The time necessary to perfect such a Road is in exact proportion to its great expense Over that Ofa canal. Tho Baltimore rail Road and Tho slate canal of Pennsylvania were began about the same time a few months Only intervening. Since then science and Means have been expending $17,000 per mile to perfect about sixteen Miles of the Road while Tho canal commissioners at an of about $10,000 per mile have perfected about one Hundred and Twenty Miles of the canal this shows the important difference. Although the is settled beyond All controversy that in an agric Tural country canals ire preferable if the surface of he ground water and other objects Render navigation attainable yet still ii is annually made a question Here which Structure a canal or rail Way Ofierr the greatest advantages to us. The experience of Sistki Stales already never it Eil to renders it unnecessary to make any Laboured comparison. Or. Josiah White of Pennsylva Airia Aski Tili end nicer of sound judgment Lias estimated and compared the m Inch chunk rain Way in that state with the new York canal and he shows that the expense of construction and of transporting Bulky articles to be about Throe Tinie great eras to a rail Way than a a anal. We so. Old be entirely at a loss to come to any accurate conclusion in this slate where Iron the chief material to make a rail Road of and , must be imported at a greater expense than it Cali be had at Bahi Inore and the i iss of capital such an Experiment would create in our new country so adapted to canals must prove the project Quot Visioni Arv Quot in he Langi Inge Ofa former committee or show ii to he if not imaginary absolutely suicidal. Bit Roojen rail ways have been Eido Gisco a the duration of a hich your committee need not remark upon. Quot the rail was appear to have Boon near new Castle upon True in England at out la in. The rails were of Wood resting upon wooden sleepers and in some places near Tho Tinc the same species Are still in use. The wooden ones however arc nearly abandoned for the Iron ones and of the lamer there is an immense number branching from both sides of the tone to the various Coal the lowest possible Quot Ost of a wooden rail Wii has been recently estimated by or. Clinton an Engineer of new a. Re Bulto make it sul Stantini it would Cost 813,000 per mile and the estimate erf our state a Iii near of our canal Summit level Section is lint per mile. By the Register of arts it dues appear that Iron rail ways have one cent Iii adv Antny of Over canals Fiir personal travel hat is rapidity of motion. Time estimated is Money is valuable but the a Kiwi Rappi cd in each Mode of Coamo Aiice supp cd to be Tho same Here is to certain Velu cities a great Dilfer Enre. At the several vo.�-iiic9 under five Miles per hour the resistance to a boat in or a Oil water is less Tolian to a Carriage by to friction passing Over and ban sob source let it at qui Ker resistance increases. Orel roads of the contrary Tho resistance renin wins the same at All ,.,. H use p wer Liy an increase of Speed Over five modes is mite Rialls lessened the canal Banks arc Cuda gered and Ibe rate of increase of resistance in water is As the Square of the web it. I a Ems indeed i ill cult to limit the velocity Ofa i a Carriage fuel nod Rater must i of made to regulate this . H use p is Pond to pro lice the Best Al acct As to Burl licit at a or 3 Miles per hour and Afler All that has been said As to the Sone rior in of Mil Road , the Erjie Rince near the Tyne in England above referred to has ii roved that on the level rails and when Thev Are in g a it in condition a Iwry Ivill draw . Including Tho weight of the Carriage but Only at Tho Ralo of a i Miles per hour. Rapidity of traps Missimi in Sra ill vehicles May suit Small pared is or can of acct fir personal accommodation Bill Tho Farmer and Ilie Marr bait flu Diana have bulk to transmit and it is known that for such Puric ses canals have been preferred wherever they have been found practicable. That a wooden Road is subject to Early decay or air Ltd Ope at three times the expense Ami that out of our cow i s ate should 1� thought of i i Indiana As a for the and Erie canal must excite admiration. The Iron rails alone would cts us a Flut i rat or ten thousand dollars per mile Here and the engines the carriages and other expenses the constant repairs and frequent casualties Are All to lie considered. A canal living supplied Widi wafer discs not Wear out the locks Are easily replaced but the in ire Ofa it rom in rail Road is subject to decay. Your committee dismiss this proposed Quot sul Sti Lute Quot and direct a few remarks to the Idle and unfounded fear of taxation also urged without reason by some opponents of the canal. It cannot be necessary Here to repeat former arguments to Shew that the Wabash and Erie canal will enrich he Treasury and can never in any Way Lake from it. But As attempts hive been made to alarm the people on this it becomes us now to advert to he matter and exhibit the fact thai this canal can never induce taxation or become dependent on our s ate Treasury under any circumstances. A casual View of Tho expanse of country to become tributary to its accommodation must carry irresistible conviction to the mind of every Man who can estimate population products markets and wants that if it were now completed its income would in probably ten or fifteen years Beira horse the Bonfire expense of its construction. With our donated Means their is if possible that it will fail to become an enduring Spring of wealth of the state injudicious management could Only produce such a failure and Tho intelligent acting commissioner at Tho head of the present Board the established ability and High reputation of our state Engineer and the Wisdom of the representatives of the people must altogether be taken As sufficient to guard against this result. Even in he Progress of the an expenditure will to made which although proving Only Imu restly beneficial to the state Treasury cannot fail to extend a did tii Sive impulse and capital to Trade and stimulate our citizens throughout the state to renewed Energy in every Branch of business. To make 128 Miles of canal we Lead 409,000 acres of land of his41,>31 acres sold for $24,8-19 50-100cash, and $46,-189 20-100 yet duo on interest at six per centum payable annually in Advance averaging 51,70 per acre of the accumulating interest which will double the amount Long before the period of credit expires. We yet hold for future sales 360,000 acres which must increase in value As the i Ork progresses and the country improves far beyond Tho interest of Money averaged by the late sales. But calculating the land donated at this average and it will produce Almut �700,000, which with the accumulating interest the water Power and tolls would in a Short period realize a much larger sum than the estimated Cost of the whole . The late Sale of land was made under the most unfavourable auspices the reported uncertainty of prosecuting Tho canal the demand of one fourth Cash with interest Ina Vanco on the residues the Neighbour. Hood Ofa trib oof indians Tho rumoured Uncertain by of the location of part of the canal line May severally Heve had some tendency in. Producing Tho result a Buta measure has been now agreed upon and. Is offered which will tend to dissipate All such erroneous causes of. Depression at future sales. This measure will soon remove All Douw soothe final completion of the canal and must demonstrate that under Tho influence of Wise Legisa Ticino no possible a in a of taxation or state enthral ment or exaction in any Way can in reason be entertained. Indeed the finances of our state May soon receive contributions for this and other objects of Utility. A Bill now Befi ire Congress contemplates a distribution of Tho surplus Revenue of the Union among Tho states As soon As the National debt be extinguished. Next to allowing us Tho vacant unsold lands within our state such a distribution May Benefit without. Interfering a �111 the general government. The measure certainly of lords some Prospect that All practical objects of internal improve ment within the slate May be accomplished by a general fund and that instead of increasing charges to shall soon have abundant Means to enable us to ans ver All slate purposes and expunge what Ever May be deemed exception Able in our present Revenue system so As to reduce taxation. Apply the amount of Tho donated land sales to the construction of Liis canal and Long before its , a general disposition must be made of the Public Domain or the surplus Revenue of the United states by which this and other stale objects of improvement will be facilitated i h abundant resources and the idea of taxation in every of View is therefore obviously futile. Tho commencement of the will comply with our plighted Faith in the acceptance of the conditional donation and give duo Confidence to future Purchase roof canal lands and no reasonable a. Prehension need exist As to obtaining All the Means require in at present upon the terms and in the manner your committee have agreed to recommend. The known aspect of our situation at this moment and the Obliga Ion heretofore assumed As Well As the Best interest of the seem to be Faithf Illy consulted by Tho judicious recommendation of our canal commissioners have suggested to of operations for the Summit Section provided for in the annexed Bill and As this plan of beginning must it is thought be acceptable to Tho most timid it is hoped that it May liar Tho present satisfy the most confiding advocate both of our ample Means and physical Power to effect the great object. Col. Moore estimated Tho Cost of the whole line of the canal at ,0sl,li70, and the commissioners inform us although or. Ridgway our state Engineer calculates the Cost of the Middle or Summit Section at about �48,000 More than before estimated they Are confident the Cost of the whole will not exceed the original estimate some ii tit a considerable excess will be found. Or. Ridgway on a Cress Survey and minute calculation of every particular estimates thoth Lecost of this Section of the canal at �211,-75f.,i of and requires ,� for Contin Grinces making altogether an average Cost of .ci7,. >00 per mile Anil a loan is contemplated to cover this estimate to be incurred and drawn Only to the extent realized or arising by obligations for lands sold on a credit of thirty years redeemable in whole or in part at Tho option of the state in Twenty years tearing an interest of six per cent with Tho can in lands tolls and All in befits in any Way arising therefrom pledged in conjunction with a guarantee of the state for the payment of interest and principal. The loan is to be negotiated so As to Bear interest Only As it May be drawn for use and it is never to lie drawn or used to a or Reader amount than the sum due and bearing equal interest for lands sold. Thus the Fai h of the stale will stand fortified beyond Alj Possie casualties. The to to contracted Fiir is to be regulated by the sums secured by land sales of the principle mentioned. This will off gird fill Security fir the state and equal Security fir the sums borrowed and there is no reason left to fear Fiir Tuiofu Giro safety of either. Your committee will not extend this report to live an analysis of the Bill . Its policy however is evidently and fairly calculated for when the site by covenant stands bound to com mooch the canal in a certain period and any Deal cation on oar Oart would not Only justify Deal cations on the part of purchasers of Tho canal lands but have a paralysing Effi it on All future sales and obligations. The Bill Vest some discretionary Power in Tho commissioners this is dictated by sound prudence when Tho conf learn is safely reposed. In commencing and progressing with the , Selling contracts calling for Means and All necessary matters ii commissioners will doubtless adhere strictly to the interests of the state under the restrictions and responsibility of their duty. That funds must necessarily be kept on hand at he immediate disposal of the commissioners to meet contingencies is evident and the plan proposed by Ohio in arranging with some Safe Bank Asa Placo a Lidner it where services Mav he rend cd or interest received Fiir All suchs ims will no doubt be pursued the Bill provides for this course. The expenditure of the commissioners during the last year with the amount of Cash on hand subject to future operations will be found in the annexed report of the auditor of Public accounts together with an estimate of the Cost of transportation to Tho new York Market when the entire will be completed at the Rale of tolls on the new York canal and freight this estimate has been furnished to your committee for publicity and May be relied on. it maybe proper to remind the Senate that in Tho growing population and part Idusta of Tiona Forstate and in the increased Light time and experience cannot fail to produce a certain Economy and a fixed Confidence will it is Lielie Ved be found progressing in the undertaking the extinguish ment of All the Indian reservations on and near the line of canal cannot to Longde Fayed and on thi3,a3 on every other general state interest the Progress of this canal As now proposed to be provided for must have a salutary influence. Should a More speedy completion of the whole line than the annexed Bill will admit be hereafter thought advisable and your committee entertain but Little doubt that such will be the Case the knowledge to be acquired by this commencement As provided for will to found of service in pro. Rating the Security of the entire result. With these views your committee submit a Bill supplementary to an act entitled Quot an act to provide Means to construct the Wabash and Erie canal Quot and a memorial and joint Resolution on the subject of applying that portion of our canal lands lying in Tho state of Ohio to improve the Maumee River. _ Drom the st Louis Beacon. A coalition editors of the Republican in extracting a paragraph from the recent message of gov. Reynolds to the legislature of Illinois in their last number with a View fag Tiibi attempting to deceive the Public in tha feelings entertained by the governor towards Gen. Jaii a Ery adroitly omitted the subsequent paragraph and the one in which the governor emphatically proclaims his attachment and Devotion to Tho venerable chief magistrate and his administration. Sneaking of Illinois. Gov. Reynolds this states a constituent part of Tho National Republic and it is our duty As Well As it is our interest to unite and support that Republic and in present administration in All its Republican Meair ures according to the principles of the Constitution. And for Tow general Prosperity of the country i supported presided Jami soit for Tho distinguished station which to now occupies j and having the Fiill est Confidence in his talents and integrity to administer the government on Republican principles another presidential term. The Nicholson Philadelphia chronicle of Pirig ,. Bays in Tho Nicholson Case which has occupied Tho circuit Raifta for Many judge Hopkinson Vesterdal delivered m Ela Bornt and be Ablio opinion in favor of Tho defendants Alfi iming the Cooke Slit tonality of Tho under which their title is derived the jury in a few non Utah Lottie id a ter dist Ito charge of the court. ,

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