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Indianapolis Indiana Democrat (Newspaper) - February 26, 1831, Indianapolis, Indiana By a. F. , saturday february 26, 1831. Void. T.no29. Tobias. Two dollars per annul in Adrance Rio doll an aii.1 Rny cats Al in months. Three dollars Al the end of Tho Yii. _ or. Kinney s speech in the House of representatives on that Bill supplemental to Quot an act pro Vitlin Means for the construction of the Wabash and Erie canal or. I snot said Iwho correctly under a food the amendment proposed it was to a Triko out from to Bill its most important features that part which rave it life and strength. And if the work contempt Ald was worthy the consider a on of he stale it would be necessary upon this motion i discuss Tho merits of the Bill. The canal should be made if it will lie Worth itself if we can reasonably calculate that with the fund we have and the proceeds of the canal the interest on the Cost of construction can be paid without la sing the Peop of the state to should fearlessly proceed. The District of county which will Beim mediately Intel eld in Trio work con Tam de in 1823, Irso than 33,000 inhabitants Tho same District in 1s30, More than 158,000. Giving an in seven Vears of More thai Lour Hundred my fifty per cent. And should the population of this country increase for seven years to come in Tho same ratio it ��11 then contain More than 700,000 inhabitants. And Why will it not increase with Bill greater rapidity there Riibe formed within thirty uiile.5 of the canal in four or five years fifteen new counties. And their soil is As Fertile As any in the Valley of the Mississippi. Many of tiie counties now formed have bit just begun lobe settled. But admitting that the ratio of increase in this District should be Only Jrolf As great for seven years to come As it Luis Iwen for the still it will contain than four Hundred til. Lation includes the a Livan. Green Owen Shelby Rush Nela and All the a that lie North of Ali Ems thirty two in nil. To these add fifteen new counties which will in five years lie organized in the immediate Vicinity of the canal and we have forty seven counties Ich in natural resources and Rich in Industry which must contribute to the business of this Necat thorough far and grow rih from Issod valaites. And a is is Only that part of from Ulac Ilir cutly interest i in a by prosecution of this canal. To =-c.iun .Iii,,, seven cars past 1 population of More Lusanda. Lii scale. Unties of Knox sul Morgan Johnson and Randolph Crawford and of infers in tie stale of Jylli Nois m isl receive their Merchando through this Channel and their growing import Lane gives us just Rea son toe Pei that their Commerce win forma Largo item in its Trade. These counties which 1 the margin of the state above Vince must contain within seven years.75,000 inhabitants who Are As deeply interested in our Success As the people of Indiana. To this add the population of that part of Tho Ohio through which he canal passes and you have the number which must con Iri Liu the Dirac Fly to its support at Tho end of a even years from this time. Should any gentleman doubt Tjie Ted importance of the Cinal District i seven years let him follow me through and these could not be very but now the whole cast and South Are flowing into the Northern and Western Stales and no portion of this Fertile Region presents More flattering prospects to the Emigrant than the state of Indiana. Our climate soil and productions please alike the inhabit iils of the South and the North. Jud no where it is Behoved on the surface of this glow it can we find in one body greater Quantity of Good land than lies within our Lior Ders. And that others arc sensible of this won Cedio belter proof than the Money received at our land Oft Ces. Sent Lenieux will look at these facts and others within their Reachi. And Tell me if they con what shall impede our growth if we Are True to ourselves As i have adverted to new York Foi one purpose i will now turn to Hor for another. Sho stands Foremost in works of stale internal Impero cyment. Let with what Success she has prosecuted these great works. The Eric canal and those which Branch from it in its Progi Ive Stward Are those which i shall not that portion of the country through which 1 passes including the counties of Albany and run Salter at its Junction with Tho Hudson contains about nine Hundred thousand inhabitants. In 1825 when the Vork was completed the same District had icily 075,000. I speak from actual col Lula lion and the proof is before me. The oils upon this portion of these canals have Moui used during inc year if so to More than nine Hundred and seventy seven thousand dollars. Thus it will to seen that a population of 000,000, pays in tolls 3 this work the above sum of �377,000, a hich at 5 per cent is Tho interest on lore than .$10,500,000, and yet u la tolls 1 this canal arc so Low that transport on i,9 Arnost Quot Wil Hiil in Boa in suggested that a Large portion of these collected from produce that comes we the Lake be will the que a a to. The dolls paid at Buffalo in 1829, 38, in 1830 they Ucic -sis.�-20. Duly a part and a Niall Luis could have been received in m Ern produce. This increase of tolls at Ilber Points is not less than at Buffalo ind on the whole line the excess of 1831 ver 1829, is More than $230,000. I have Havu that our population in tie Cantil Lis Trici in seven years will to 400,000.-on that part of the immediately Ere sled in ibis work which lies in the ,teoflllinoi3,there will boat least 75,-000, to those add those Ivelio will i Babi d line Wilhoi Tho state tolls. Impi few Calculi in but it is ber of polls 013 in 1830, there 000 a riving an Ian in seven ears. Thi cing those not strict alive Desi ii acct 1. The. To Eli 1, in 1823, was 20,-Cre More than 05, of 125 per cent old clouded in the canal Lis bed containe., in 1823, in about 30,000 Civins 23,000 polls Noi an increase of fifty per c Coli lies. Tho same Rai More will give them three Hundred and six thousand inhabit Lanisi making the entire population of the stale in 1837, seven Hundred thousand. Should gentlemen think me too sanguine let us compare our increase with Tho growth of other states. A vow York stands in the front rank and has Only been surpassed by Western states. In 1790, she 310,120 inhabitants in 1800, ,580,050�?iwing an increase of More than 72 percent. In 1810, Eho had 9.59,019-showing an increase of about 63 per cent. In 1820, she had 1,372,812 Mcrea sins about 42 percent. Now she has 1,934,100�?iiving an in Creaso Ozmore than to per cent. The Isit will lie seen that from 1700 to 1820, Tho ratio of her increase was rapidly diminishing and that from 1820 to 1830, since the construction of her great canal Tho ratio of her increase is nearly the same As for the pre ceiling ten Vears. In 1s29, Indiana Hada population of about 147,000, now 370,000 being an increase in years of More than 1,50 per cent and adding More to a popu it Iob of 147,000, tii inn. Portt did from 1700 to i Soo to �s40,000_heing More than double her ratio in the most favoured period of her history. Should the. Raio of our increase diminish no faster in in that of new York to shall have a population in 30 years greater than hers is not. Gentlemen seem startled at this Calo Lalion. But have Enol reason and facts to support it turn 1700 to 1820, hero wore very few of Tho Stales throwing their surplus population into now York. The people of to South Quot Scro looking to the West and there were but Fow emigrants from any portion of new England Cepl Connecticut Massac Busott and Rhode Island if Ohio and we cannot fail to have a pop Uja lion of .500,000. Now if a popish Tion of nine Hundred thou Sand in the canal District of new York pay tolls to the amount of077,000, by what process of reasoning will gentlemen convince themselves that five Hundred thousand on our canal line will not pay in tolls �100,000. De people degenerate As they live Westward Are we representatives of the people of Indian ii wiling to proclaim to the world that five of our arc not equal to one of the citizens of new York if we now shrink from the of ibis work. For one i think otherwise. I am Well acquainted with the people of new Strong regard for that in none need be More Par. I know something of their deducted from Tom Pio Uit derived Froni land sales As before stated will Leai �575,000 on hand when the canal shall to made. This sum would pay Jiei whole interest on the entire Cost of construction five years and nine months. So Liat if Lhing a dented from tolls we Are danger of taxation for More thai thirty 3ars, make tie canal in so cd. But impose that Jive Hundred thousand people on our canal shall be equal to fifty thousand on that of new dirt they will n tolls Tav halt the inhere a then the balance of our fund de from land sales will pay the other half Deven years and .1 half or say Eigl Leeh cirs from this time at which period our population on the canal District Muni be More than seven Hun Druid thousands and the people of Tow state near a million with these facts before us can we car is Roceal it is supposed by some thai toe country through which the new scr Litana passes is and was at its an old country this is a mistake. Two Hundred and fishy Miles of that communication from Utica Westward lies through a new try. All of it has been settled within Fly years and much of it is a Wilder Ess. Ilo Chmeler is now a splendid City Iglitzen years ago it was a Little Village Urro Umed by a vast uncultivated Region. In 1817, when Tho canal a commenced Buffalo was a Heap of ashes closely in him passed by lands to which their title is yet Une it anguished. But we Ivill Cote nearer Only four teen years older than our own infant state has also made canals not ? y the Assis of donations from cot Russ but relying upon her own resources and anticipating the Prond destiny Tajii awaits her a he has imbibed the spirit Llinat is abroad n the Earth and her course Quot is Onward a not be obtained on the terms proposed purchasers of land will have no Confidence in our legislation and emigrants Wilt refuse to Settle in that country. The Bill before us is moderate but it will inspire to Clidence. I Hope Iho amendment will Bori acc cd and the Bill become a Law. capture silent by a Brit Island near the s marked by Many which have s by one who was Otbo a a. S. 11-Igate pro Squadron off Long Tir Cumstay Lic aled toi Iti York a lerp risings tial to them resources settlers Oft i Northern coi upper Wabash Ami oldies in this slate and it ism firm conviction that Foi lcrpri7.e they arc not s people that i have eve Piave col a among us themselves and families their Industry spread a i que Cess which awaits 11 those we i Eibink of Here try and their doubt Wil Ted. I again ask Why w Ndu sir thousand such people As those o this canal pay As much toll Ai ire thous Indin new York Ivhon can answer if Hev will Ivet fear. But they maj do ind Ennis for larks of sure or ref of the Leir labors. Let so visit that coun soon be Dissia ill not five Hundred 1 find or Imd ther 1 the line of one i let Ibi a hat a Nuch lend yet the people the Cir not be taxed Sii Ould Ohio refuse to construct tha Ari of the canal which lies within tha late and will Permil us to do in the Esti lated cosi of the whole is Aboul �2,000, 000. This mul. Mill a at lha canal ii the general Govi 700,000 acres will yield �51 2i ss75,000, pass a that m work Longo is Yeai lev can be Olila ined at a is now offered to Penn Nite. If we make the whole Grant of land by a a mint will lie ours. Say 3. This at Tho lowest Price Quot 25 per acre equivalent to but if we proceed firmly Ich a Law that the world will see to Are determined to comply to the in some Fitch time whether it to Short these lands will sell for much but i take Rte and As calculated Tho population fors ctn i will make my estimates for the of he canal within the same can constrict a part of the a a with a the proceeds of inc land and there will be something derived from tolls and water part Pilegis As is but of to Liege i will take no account. I shall suppose Quot Jye borrow Oil the Money that is required for the work. In will be in cd at such periods that the interest Itil the work shall to completed will i exceed the interest on one million for the whole period Sav Sis years. This at percent. We to s Quot a a which a canal from Cincinnati to Dayton is a a a boyhood canal. It accommodates but a Small District of country. It is Rich Ili Snew a few years Opp it was a ukless wilderness. The i Rich City Al the Grote Trofa pc years i us the Wilth of this City Rin tributes to he dolls on this canal Only to the extent of it intercom Rio with the country upon its a orders. So far As the produce of this Niall Section flows into this City and the merchandise of ibis City flows Back upon i does the wealth of this City contribute to he proceeds of the Canilia and no further. Bit if ibis canal were extended through Lake Erie and formed a part of a direct . Willy a Quot i i y of new York it would he Otic link Fili ast it if communication and its proceeds would Nita be Vilh ils length. This canal it Neie ils Banks Are hardly settled Ami vet with All these disadvantages it Hai of.Iii during who last year almost eight net cent on the Cost its construction. Thi Lior Ders of the big Miami Are no Richei ban the Valley of the Wabash. In is set tied with the same people that Are subduing our own , and before seventeen years which i have mentioned Ai the shortest possible period when of fund for the payment of interest will be sex Bausted shall have passed away Allih. Riches of that highly favored District will ill known that Iho president 5uslaincd consider Rale injury by Siriski tin the bar beyond Sandy Hoik on the Light Hilt she put 6 sea which Gready Uip eded her sailing. The Accident and he delay occasion Mcirby in rendered it very de would be Able hide the enemy s vigilance who known to have a Force of three frigates and a 04 gun ship cruising along the As he dawned the Apprel pensions of com. Decatur were realized. The whole of the enemy s Squadron was in sight Al no great distance and in a Brief interval la Weir Clouds of canvass were seen raised to the Breeze in eager Pursuit. The largest of the frigates the endymion a ship of equal size and Force Wilh the president took the Lead in the Chase and in very apparent that her Superior sailing would Render ill Hope of escape from Lier Tulili not that there was any disinclination to try the Issue of a Brush with her single handed but on lie contrary such w the con Idonite in our naval superiority and ii Tho hero who commanded that Ever Eart would have exulted at Tho though if such an encounter without a fear of Ili consequences. But Decatur saw that if he commenced an engagement Willi endymion it could hardly to decided before inc other ships would arrive and de Ermine the result against him. Ali Hase lie enjoyed in Richier profusion on the line of our canal. But there is another difficulty to b sur moulded and in the estimation of some it is insuperable. Ohio has not Calif due the compact made with her commissioner and fears arc ener aimed hat she Nevi will. With me it is otherwise. The delay of Ohio in this matter is not Surpris ing and it gives me no alarm. I is Well known Fiat she is now deeply engaged in works of this kind and with the except fion of the Dayton canal they Are unproductive because they arc unfinished. The peo Jile of Liat state arc now paying the interest on the whole Cost of the Scioti i anal. It is a Large Sura and it is fell the a lilith of this far the largest part of her works has not yet been tested. It now the darkest period history. Is it then matter of Surprise that she should pause a Little at this important to jul ? i think not. But her works will completed this year and her prospects �11 then brighten. She will then begin enjoy the Rich Reward of her she will throw off her Bur i part of Tho state will it her claims to a Conti radiance of tha Dayton canal. It must and will be tended to Lake Erie. The whole West will Mand it and their claims cannot be ing resisted. Let gentlemen look upon the map of our country and believe if they Tan that the Dayton canal will not be sex ended or that the Wabash will not be conic eucled with Tho . The course if these Rivers and the surface of the coun by forcibly impress the mind with a be if that they were formed for that purpose and we May As Well arrest the course of iture As to Stop the Progress of this work. The current of the Quot father of Riv a is Quot is not Moro Resistless than the March if improvement Bolh Metal move. but let it not be understood that i wish to iter rashly into his work. The time is it so important As the manner. 1 do not think that we should do Muca this year t we Are Bonind to com Monico it. In Good Faith to must do it. Our Legisla Ion should show to the world that we hit Confidence in what we Are mend Cut proposed a a Ems to one Cali lated to destroy this Confidence and to defeat the object contemplated. A loan can led fresh and animated in after Sunset when be enemy s ship having arrived within gunshot began to our in her a Well directed fire. At this Omen Decatur conceived a plan which ill his charac Eris in decision he Delco lined to carry if possible into exo culion. It was no less than to run he president Long Side of tie endymion carry her by boarding escape by her Superior sailing and leave his own crippled vessel a prey to the enemy. The Conception wn9 worthy of the hero and was. Liaised with three enthusiastic cheers when communicated to the Crew. Oilers were promptly Given to Wear ship fir the purpose bul he enemy to Ltd the alarm a bid off and frustrated the intrepid m. No Altet native was now left bul to fight the endymion at her own distance and matters soon wore a very terrific aspect. A running fir commenced on Bolh sides which was fatal to Many of Tho off. Cers of the president. Or Quot Babilt the first lieutenant was killed Zariv in the Lieut. Hamilton was soon after Cut in two by an 18 Pound Slot. Thi amiable officer Shook hands and took leave Ofa Friend As he was do Paris his station and in a few minutes when that Friend was Bas Lening to the Quarter deck to make a report to ibo Commodore he met his Failli Ful servant who exclaimed in a tone of anguish Quot of sir Pooi meanwhile the contest which bad raged fiercely for More than Ai to Abate on lie part of tin in was very evident that the too Limie it much longer ceased Lieut. Howell Bose Shipman who was Standin Well we have flogged the ill Beaufi Sblano Longe 1 hour 1 1 enemy and y were a Niebli As their fire Ved to a mid by his Side t fellow after he had hardly altered these words when a i flashed he exclaimed Quot no he is firing the midshipman moved to look he spoke but hearing a groan at Tho n 111, he turned round and the Gallant Howell was lying on the deck in thai . That very Flash was the precursor Ollie fatal shot which struck him while lie was speaking. The midshipman Pound afterwards that he himself had narrowly escaped the same shot it having carried away a Pari of the Belt of his own Dirk which was hanging by his Side. By this time the Pomona and Penedos frigates having come up had taken their positions to pour in upon he president their murderous broadsides and further Lance to such Uii equal Odds seemed madness. Painful As the necessity was it seemed imperious and Decatur gave birders for Tho Flag to be struck. Though in was the latter part of Jan. The Sun Rose Tho morning with a mild id vilifying radiance. Trio hostile elude of the parties having been changed a the result the relation of Victory id , it now Only it b victors to make the necessary ions to transport Ulici prize to Bermuda. On Commodore Decatur however and the survivors was devolved the sad duty of consigning to their Graves the remains of those who had fallen in Ifie bloody con is. The indies of lieutenants Babbitt Hamilton and Howell Wrapp Cain Tarry sheets were borne to the ship s Side and prepared to be can signed to the Depths below. Around stood the silent group at ended by a marines Quot who were deputed to pay honors of War. The episcopal Bunal a service was read Man impressive manner by Decatur and Asho pro minced who words Quot we commit these bodies to Irb deep Quot the marines fired their funeral Knell and they were simultaneously launched into the Ocean. A one sullen plunge the scene was b or the sea rolled of As it rolled before. A it is a remark kilo circumstance that Quot when the prize Crew was sent on Board the president from Tho Squadron inquiry was immediately made by a British officer if Lieut. Babbit was on Board and Well. When told of his death he was greatly affected and observed that he had been ii few months before a prisoner of War in the United s a is and s a toned in the Village where the family resided Willi whom or. B. Expected to be Allied by marriage and that he had Given hem a pledge at Bis departure that if Ever the chances of War should place or. B. Within his reach he would do All in his Power to alleviate the misery of such a servitude. the favourable Opportunity afforded by the weather to repair the president and put her in a condition to reach Bermuda in safety not a shot Holo was stopped up the next Day and she remained As she was when the last gun wag fired. That night the spirit of the storm was visible on the face of the Waters and Ere Midnight the winds and the Waves seemed to vie with each other in an Effort to Complete the work of destruction. A tempest of the most appalling description Spraig up to which the terrors of the Battle Ivere As nothing. Tho ship rolled and plunged and every successive plunge was opposed to to the lost. The idea hat such a vessel pierced by a Bun dred balls and leaking dreadfully could Vive the fury of such a storm seemed ,11 incredible. The american officers were placed in the w Ard room where they remained the whole night in that state of by citing and fearful suspense which the Langer of her Siua Ion was Likely to pro Luce. The word passed repeatedly from me 0 another that she was gone and All immediately prepared themselves to meet their impending Fate As soon As possible. But Providence had ordained otherwise new ill the return of the morning came Lew Hope. The violence of Tho Gaio did lot Abate however until evening and when in subsided not one of the other ships Ivas any where to be seen. A plan was therefore formed by the prisoners to Rise upon the prize Crew and re capture the frigate which was Defeated Only by the premature disclosure of it by a Drunken Marine. Being ordered below for some insolence lie muttered something that armed the British officers who exercised such vigilance afterwards that it was found impracticable to carry the scheme into execution with any Prospect of Suo-cess.�?i\. Y. Jour of comi tiie indians. We copy lilo following a icle upon the subject of the removal of the indians from the Nashville Herald a new Clay paper printed at Nashville ten and edit eel by Wilmut Tan chill lie is in favor of the policy of the administration in relation to the removal of the indians and admits that Tho same policy was recommended by or. . Argus. Quot tic sincerely wish for the peace of the us on and the future Ive fare of the indians themselves thai their removal Niay he effected. Tho mfr Moval beyond the Mississippi was recommended by the late administration and particularly in the last message of or. Adams we approved the Jilan then and Are far from disapproving it now by ise in is a favorite measure of the pres ent administration. All we desire is Liat the object May be accomplished without violating the pledged Faith of the nation to those unfortunate children of the Forest the descendants Ofa race onco Tho undisputed lords of those wide domains. Let it not be done by Force. However unpleasant it May be to them to take a final far vell of inc sacred tombs of their fathers ind the land of heir nativity it is evidently their i Lorest to seek a More secure is Lum beyond the limits states a there they May preserve their customs id Laws undisturbed by the encroachments of the Whites. So Long As they rein within Tho limits of Sovereign a nil Ivor Ful Stales surrounded by a Quot pop ii Ion so essentially different from them in onners and customs Liev will be subjected to unfortunate collision so which May eventually result in War and their final extermination. We see no injustice them in procuring their removal in Jed a full and Alloi de them for the lands they leave and pro of no Force Ved. Tho Conquy set apart for them is represent and in the Quot r or car roof Var a Auremar Knoblo Quot climate Fertility of soil and profusion if such be the fact Hoy a. A a Ose nothing by the Exchange but May gain much. In a few years Yordi diary and usury in May Boas can Fortal Sii lated As in their present Reci Doncie those Lisp Scute i cult it Jiray Siake Quot Llie wilderness Blossom Quot Aid Alfrom All collision Willi Dio White a. By enjoy their Independence Aad i tit a Gevat and Powe Nul t Ali i

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