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Indianapolis Indiana Democrat (Newspaper) - February 19, 1831, Indianapolis, Indiana By , saturday february 19,1831. . 28. Tab zits. Two dollars pc annul in Advance. Two doll Ais and fit a Coots at a months. Three dollars at the end of the Bie Xoai. Soobit. A Large and Rcd Pectal Flo meeting Oft i centr.1i. Medical so Crim convened Accord Fig to Law at Indiana Jis Deco ber 7th, 1830 and after transacting con is be Ralile important business admitted the following persons members of tic society to wit d.-. J. L. Moth , of . Quot j. E. A tube Quot Quot d. C. Pethy Quot h. W. Clark of Noblesville a l. Elk Arns of Greenfield a ,, t. Davis of Columbus. Rohed time Tho medical ethics of Georgia be adopted by this society medical ethics. �1. It is the duty of every medical practitioner to treat his patients with steadiness Atid tenderness and humanity and to make due allowances for that mental weakness which usually accompanies bodily disease. Secrecy and delicacy should be strictly observed in ail eases in which they May seem to be peculiarly required "2. The strictest Observance of Temperance cannot be two strongly inculcated on the i Adortha practitioners of Medicine and surgery a Clear and vigorous intellect and a steady hand being absolutely necessary to the successful practice of those branches of to dial science. "3. Unfavourable prognostications should never be made in the presence of patients yet should there seem to be immediate danger it becomes the duly of the medical attendant to apprise the patient s friends of that circumstance. In every instance in which one physician has been called on to visit the patient of another a consultation with the former medi Iai attendant should be proposed. Consultations in i Hiscuit cases should always be recommended and the physician called on for that purpose should always pay the degree of respect to the practitioner first employed and allow hit the privilege of delivering All the i re chins agreed upon. "5. So Ecial consultations arc sometimes wished for in such cases the physician called on should carefully guard against paying another visit unless to should be requested to continue Bis services by the patient or some of his friends. Quot a. Wieb one physician is called on to visit the patient of another in his Ali a a sence or during a Short indisposition he should not Manifest a wish to continue in attendance any longer than the physician first called on should be Able to resume the charge of the Case unless a continuance of his Sti vices should be expressly wished for by the patient or his friends. "7. Physicians should not visit their patients too frequently lest seeing then Illener than necessary might produce unsteadiness in Thetro trient. "8. Theoretical discussions should not to too freely indulged in consultations As they frequently give Rise to much pc pie Ity Wii out any improvement in Prastio "9. The Junior physician in attest dance should always deliver Bis Opinio first to others according to seniority and a majority should decide but in the event of a tie the phys icon first in Atten a dance should be entrusted the future management of the Case unless die patient of Bis relations should object to his being continued "10 although the Possession of a diploma honorable acquired furnishes presumptive evidence of professional ability and entitles its possessor to preeminence in the profession yet the want of it should rot Schide practitioners of and sound judgement from the Fellows tip and respect of the regular graduate. Quot ii. In consultations Purist Quality in me thug. At t e same time should be strictly observed but the physician who first arrives should wait a reasonable length of lira for the arrival of others. A minute Camm Ationo the patient however should not take place until one or More of the medical attendants Are present except in cases of emergency. All subsequent visits should if practicable be made by Mutual agreement and no medical discussion should take place in Tho presence of the patient. "12. Attend once on the members of the profession or their families should always to gratuitous but should not be officious in out raided. Should Tho Curcura glance Sofelia to dial practitioner indisposed Well enable him to make n it com pc so for medical Sevicca rendered to himself his wife or family it is his duty to do in Tisoc Cialli if to reside at a distance. "i3. When one medical practitioner is called on to visit a patient whose Rcw cry ii is been despaired of by tire phys Eian first in Abuja dance and Tho disease would afterwards terminate fatally under Hia management he should avoid Iasinta Ting to Tho friends of the deceased that if be had been called on a Day or a Fly hours too nor he could have Eire led a cure. Sach a course of conduct is highly reprehensible and empirical in the extreme. To in Tho Levoat of Tho patient s recovery Guch a person should not assume All the i a a it have Beta partly j elected by the medicines prescribed beef he took the charge of the Case. "14. Tho use of nostrums and quack medicines should be Discoll raged by the faculty As degrading to the profession Jurious to health and often Dusl Euclit life. Should patients Labouring under chronic complaints obstinately determine to have acc outs to them a reason abbe i Gree of indulgence should be allowed to it their credulity by Tho physician by Bis sacred duty to warn the of the fallacy of their expectations and Tho danger of strict attention to the a elect produced by them id order that thai r bade Fec a if any should by timely obviated "15. No physician should either by Precept or example co Tributa to the circulation of a Secrel nostrum whether it be of his own invention and exclusive property or that of another. For if the of real value its concealment is inconsistent Tveith Beneficence and professional liberality and if mystery alone give it value and it Ortance such Craft implies either Lis Graceful in Franco or fraudulent avarice 16. When a physician is called on suddenly to visit the patient of another in consequence of some unexpected or Alai Ming change in the syr atoms to shout adopt a temporary plan of treatment Sui cd to present circumstances. He is it item in interfering afterwards unless requested to take charge of the Case Whei to should propose an immediate consultation with the physician previously employed. 17. should never neglect an Opportunity of fortifying and promoting the Good Resolution of patients suffering under the bad effects of item potato lives and vicious conduct and in order that their counsels and remonstrances May have their due weight it will readily be Seei that they should have full claim to Thi blameless life and High moral Charotte which we have stated to be a necessary prerequisite an honorable stand in Thi resolved that the next annual meet no be held at Shelby Ville. Which was concurred in and Tho Sec to adjourned. S. G. Mitchell pres. L. It map see. . Tic following Fine verses on a truly Sublime an poetic subject arc from an Iii Sli mag Ariae. Likeness of heaven a agent of Power Man is a in victim ship trek thy Diverl spices and jewels from Valley and sea. Armies and banners a what Tho riches of Mexico s mines to the Roca Ltd that far Hown in thy deep Waters shines the proud navies Trtat cover the conquering West thou Iii get them to death with one heave of thy breast from the Leigh Hills Liat View thy wre ii Makins Shore when the Bride of the Mariner shrieks at Ali Roar when like lambs in the or o or thy rid pc broken Billows the s cast. How to one with a heart and soul to look on thy arc ainess. And list to its Roll to think Toiv thai heart in cold ashes shall be Wile uie voice of eternity rises a of thee ves where arc the cities swept from tie nations like Sparks from the fire tie splendor of Home dissolved and forever Lite Dew in Ziy foam. But thou Art almighty eternal Sublime in weakened in wasted Tutvin brother Optime. Fleets tempests nor nations thy glory can Bow As the stars first beheld thee. Still Cicai Lessart thou but hold when thy nurses no longer shall Roll. And that Firma Jent s length is drawn Back like a scroll then then shall the spirit that sighs by thee nov a be More might a More lasting More Eha inless than Tobii. For the Boston courier original correspondence. La Nis Utia dec. 1830. I have picked up among Tho planters a very Little knowledge of sugar to Haking of which i propose to give you a Quot condensed the care planted in this country is of three kinds the Creoli which is the Best Tho ribbon and Tho Oia haitian. Tho land is ploughed and the Cane is printed in what Aro called drills or Hills of thu whole Levi Goth of Tho Between of the pm a. This is Dona As soon As possible Aiter Tho crop is off january and Fob Tiari it is tended Hoed and was Dodo with great care for a few months until it by comes too thick to admit of it. Tho slaves Aro then Emp Ojiri in getting tia Wood Nec Cesary for the manufacture or making hogs Heads Intili a Cane is Ripe Wohleb is about lbs first of Tovi Unic. It is boil from five to ten feet in height sometimes fifteen but not commonly Tho Fields have then an appear Pace not unlike extensive Cornfields. Trio Leavora do not grow within four or five of a it of the ground. All hands arc then turned out with cleavers or Short knives to Cut Tho Cane. They strike As near Tho ground As possible for there is More juice near the Root and Cut of the top near the loaves. It requires no preparation for the Mill. Tho Cane passes Between three cylinders Wlinich Mash it entirely extracting the juice which drops into a Reservoir upon one Side while the broken Cane Falls upon the other. The i juice is of a Fine Cream color. It is boiled in four Large kettles which Are fixed Over a Furnace being dipped from one to theother and Tel matter being skimmed off during the process of boiling and evaporation. In the fourth boiler Thi Good sugar is of a Light Straw color. From this it runs into the coolers holding Hogshead each from whence in a few hours it is ready to Puj in the Hogshead. These stand in what is called 3ie Purger in upon a false Bottom or upon beams Over Large vats whip h Tai molasses. In ten Days or the time the Cane is Cut the sugar is sufficiently drained to be shipped. Thewl Ioli process is very simple although i fear the description is not very Plain. From eight to ten Hogsheads Are generally made Day Atid these at five cents per Pound Are Worth �50 each. Upon some plan nine Hundred and a thousand Hogsheads Are made in a year. The sugar planters Here raise nothing else. They Purchase All their Corn beef pork Rice cattle amp a. So that although their profits May be great the expenses of even a moderate sized Plantation Are very id Erable. Slaves Are Worth from five to seven Hundred and even a thousand dollars each. It is necessary to have on every Plantation a sugar boiler one or More overseer i and a Joe gun Driver. Of new Orleans i can Tell you but Little for my stay there Short owing to a preference for other plan is. The sent City is entirely French in ils Nar i streets its Low tiled Tow Glen buildings its homely men Good looking women and Quot language. In the modern part of the Ity and where the americans have made inroads blocks of Brick build mrs have risen like Tho Issue of Banque with a Rit of ejectment upon the style of the i7th Century but the work of regeneration or Reform will not be completed until the americans become a majority and get the government into their own hands a doubtful period for the elections it is la lived Are during the summer and the americans sacrifice the Quot glorious rights of elections Quot to fastidious notions about the climate. Had they the philosophy of air Lucius o trigger they would remember that there i3 Quot very snug lying in the Alibey Quot in Case of an unfortunate liquefaction. It requires hut Little examination to ascertain that there is More Fea than danger. Tho Good citizens have the advantage f Canute of old for they have stopped the proud Waves Quot of the Mississippi by Means of a High and expensive levee. The whole City is so Low that in the Spring the water runs constantly from the River to the Lake Pontchartrain or the swamp in the rear. In 1815 the water made what is termed a Crevasse Quot about six Miles above and overflowed Tho greatest portion Oft Etown should the same thing occur again the March of the whole place towards the Belize will be much More a lid than agreeable. The parable of the Louse built upon the Sand is literally Truoi n More than one respect when applied Here. New Orleans is better lighted than any of our cities by Means of Large lamps Vilh reflections Hong in the cell ref the it rets at every Corner in addition to which it has often been noticed that in Tarm latitudes the Moon and the stars appear to stand out from their magnificent it copy and to Shine with a More intense and vivid Light. There Aro few Stibli buildings of any note the cathodic Cathedral is a massive Structure but the humidity of the atmosphere Dis colors Overy thing White and gives an appearance of great Antiquity to modern works. Thi work of Tho Cathedral is More solid than that in the Catholic Church at Baltimore but its decorations Are not so Beautiful. Tho most interesting and amusing resort is the Market House in the morning. It is undoubtedly Tho spot where Babel stood and about which there has been so a uncertainty. Hero Aro bricks Whites and Fellows English Irish scotch French Spanish Swiss and italians chickasaws choctaws Otto ways and All sorts of aboriginal and Anglo americans males and females buying acid Selling pad each speaking his own Mother Tongue. Black Dwoinen handling the Clover with the dexterity of professed butchers , with their clean Bandanna head dresses and at Spiel of edibles above steering through the moving mass with the skill of pilots among snags and. Sailers girls preparing Over a which Tho negroes partake upon the spot squaws their backs. Men with the dignified stride if Macready and a Blanket fit for Damon in Iho highest flight of insanity europ eans peddling even thing that has a name from a paper of pins upwards slaves or convicts bound to their labor each with a heavy Chain from his Ancle to his Girdle fish spread upon Palm leaves on the ground in Ono place and the Heads of slaughtered cattle piled in another. A ciry variety of the dog species. Mastiff Gray hmm Mongrel grim hound or Spaniel Brach or 1 Jan Orbost a Ikic Ort Nindle Tail coursing Yelling Barking and biting. The Only distinguished articulate sound in this Babel Are Quot Unpi Callioni Quot the name by which the six ind a Quarter cent piece is known in Tho farther West Quot Quot bit bit Quot Quot Piastre Quot and some other denominations of the Quot Root of through this heterogeneous mass moves the guard who Liis arms akimbo his by Ord by his Side apparently As much engaged in his meditations As if to were in the midst of a Prai. Rie. Ill a feta hours the purchases Are made the kans of the population apparently supplied and silence takes the place of All this Racket an confusion. The census gives Tho City nearly 50, 000 inhabitants but it is not mentioned the papers what proportion Are Blacks. It must be considerably More than in a Square most of the business and therefore the greater portion of those who have neither Fani Iles nor ser its tha total population according to the official return is in round numbers 29,000 of which 1200 Are whiles 1 000 slaves and 8000 free Blacks. There is 1 fraction of about 700, to be divided a Mong the three classes. When the returns from the country shall be completed the Whites will appearing a frightful minority. On plantations where there Sre not More than five or six adult we Sites will be found 300 and 400 negroes. These Groes Are Sci Merally at least so far As i had Opportunity for observation Well fed clothed and housed and the planters seem to feel and probably do feel As secure As Liose of Mary land or Kentucky. Whether and the whole subject is one which it is not pleasant to contemplate and in Winch interference is both useless Dimper Tinnent. The planters of this state Are surrounded with Many perils of a natural or physical character that they have Little to contemplate those of a moral or political nature. The females especially the children of the natives marry in very Earl life they Are considered at the age of maturity when they have been tanned by fourteen suns and at Nineteen the damsels Quot Aro Well round the the boys live chiefly at Home and learn to make sugar and manage the Plantation. It is perhaps a singular fact that the males Are not in general so Lon lived As Tho females especially on the Banks of the River. The Only thing worn by the females Bete which bears any relationship to the ribbons and Flower shops worn on the beads of the Northern ladies Are the Bushel baskets which Tho negro wenches tote a Hout on their thick skulls and in which they carry about Halfa barrel of flour in the manufactured state. The French ladies promenade during Tho warm after Noons Tveith a parasol and nothing but a thin veil upon their Heads an unfortunate fas Hoti if they Are in search of comply intents or husbands but a very Tai ional and comfortable one let them seek what they will. Many of the Quarter Une girls need not surrender their pretensions to Beauty to any of the Donnas of Spanish or italian . The rapid motion of Tho steam car Ages on the Liverpool and Manchester lil Way is described with great Anima a by a writer in Blackwood s Magale who says Quot Athirst it was comparatively slow but soon we Felt that we were indeed going and then it was that every person to whom Tho conveyance was new must have been sensible that the adaptation of locomotive Power was establishing a fresh Era in the Stato of society the final results of which it is impossible to contemplate. On looking Over the Side the Earth with its Iron stripes on which i we shot along seemed like a vast Riband unrolling itself rapidly As we went. At one maximum of Speed the pebbles scarcely caught the Eye before the sight was fairly fixed upon them they were far away Ted lost in the rear. The shouts Fjoy which greeted those in front fell in their full Gladso meness on us who rapidly filled up the intervening space while those which hailed us As we passed were destined to be the compliment of others who in another instant occupied our place. At times it was difficult to recognize or distinguish the countenances of the Long continuous lines of spectators As they seemed to Glide away like painted figures Swilly through the tubes of a Ragio lantern. On a engine for what reason i could not exactly ascertain unless left free to exhibit its unfettered Powers was placed on Tho corresponding parallel Lino of rail Way so that without interruption it could move to and fro at pleasure. When Vve were at full Speed its coming was announced far behind i saw it As a Spock m the distance but rapidly creasing m size it became it 1 May Uso Tho express Iii in a few seconds largely re ble and shot by is As though to Perojo Guigon quietly m a Fanner s Market cart. In a Trice having reached Tho head of Iho to limn it etrog add and then exhibit cd at May by or Nial a frightful display of velocity com Poi Lansed not As before Whei overtax Iii us of our velocity to bed ducted but Lobb added. Lii Fri of wheels i could scarcely disc attn its pm As it bore Down As if to crush before it it came was gone with a comparative up taking ours at we pity and its own about double of nearly sixty Miles an Hui . this age of Bevoly Johs we Are not astonished that the canadians Are getting somewhat restive under the Yoke of colonial bondage rth to Anoma ions condition in Zihich a million of free to receive their Laws their office Raj and even their privileges from a Sovereign Ihram shops Anil. Miles Distant a whom the by Haye novel Soep and Abr we they caim6t"in&Quot thei Natoro ofihing3 feel any thing like that affection from Wlinich loyally is presumed to Spring. Tho Mon Treal Gazette holds the Foum ving King image a which from its boldness we think argues badly for the Long continuance of Brit a a sovereignty in Iho Canadian Provin 39. Quot this province is rapidly advancing 1 wealth her Commerce is extending and her population increasing. With a Good soil and a healthy climate with great capabilities and valuable internal resources future destiny is easily seen and Iho fostering hand of an enlightened legislature will tend much to Advance the period when she will inter in of co no Arisen with the older co indries of Europe Oil of take hit place among lae nations of the world the Iti s. Star Niazie the old Federal party was defeat in the ,.of John Adams they Fiew to the u. S. Supreme court with All their aristocratic doctrine stand safely deposited them in the hands of that tribunal. Every one acquainted with Tho political history of the country recollects Tho great Quot judiciary debate Quot which the federalists got up in Congress to put Down Jefferson s administration. In that debate the Samo unlimited Powers were ascribed to the supreme court which we see revived in th6 present Day the same control Over the slates. It always has been the policy of he federalists of Quot nationals Quot As they Call themselves to Coli Centre to Power in any Small body of men bit fiver in Tho people. They Taljit too As if the porm Inen. By of the a Union depended on the court s fim times they vary it by saying it de. Pends on the a a. S. Bank betimes it depends on the american so Stem but they never imagined that the Union ice pends on the people themselves that thay cannot comprehend. This is not the Creon it till be a sorry Day for the United Stales when the each and pro spa qty of the 11� Nion will be dependent for its existence n any official body of Hien or any single institution other than that of tie ballot Box. The latter is the Only Sovereign Panacea for the a Nioni the people know it and the aristocracy need hot try to depreciate the virtue and purity of tie Poi 1010 to exalt the supreme court the a a. S ates Bank or any other institution. Let tha supreme court do Justice Between Man and Man in All that re Gards contracted property that is its duty but As to Tho preservation of the Union tie people Wiki look after that themselves. N. Y. Courier and end. , following Procla Matious was issued at Santa Martha just before the Pomona sailed which has Arri Ved herein 38 Days having left there on the 13th december. There is hardly a doubt that the next Arr Al Froni that quor ter will bring tidings of the death of the great South american Libe Rator. An intelligent arid obliging Friend has Favorel the editor of the Ballini Tiore Patriot Wilh the subjoined translation colombians a Yon have witnessed Ray Effort la to Plant Liberty where tyranny before reigned i have Laboured with disinterestedness sacrificing my own Fortuno and even my Tranquility i resigned the command when i was persuaded that you no longer had any Confidence in my disinterestedness my enemies abused your credulity and trampled on what to me is held most sacred my reputation and my love of Liberty i have been the Vii it Timof my persecutors who have drive ii me to the Bordera of the grave i freely Pardon Thomi. Upon my departure from among you my affection dictates to me the propriety of manifesting to Youniya last desires�?1 aspire not Toa higher glory than the not Soli Dation of Colombia it is the duly of All to labor for the greatest Benefit of the. Union. Quot the people inst obey the a Cluj , to liberate Ibe solves from ministers of the Sanctuary must direct tor prayers to heaven and Tho soldiers must employ their swords in defence of social rights. Colombians a should my death be Tho Means of Allan Motho rage of party spirit and consolidating the Union i go Dowit m Tranquility to the Tomb. I Simon born Ait log aulry pays in hts a Kwh pc de air itt or doth tii Iii

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