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Read an issue on 20 Dec 1831 in Indianapolis, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Indianapolis Indiana Democrat.

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Indianapolis Indiana Democrat (Newspaper) - December 20, 1831, Indianapolis, Indiana No. 21�?voli. La. By a. F. M0rri80n. Indiana Pous tuesday do cd a Ibex 20, 1831. Whole to. A a 3. Tutt Dollinter annul in data acc Wodo Hajt i nil fifty Cunis at he three dollars at toe end of inc Yiai. Hmm Thi a bbl. Airai tic Imit Gnu Stoof c Elnyr of at the of the first a Cassito of the conjc.-. Fuote i Ohrns of the Senate and House of . The of the people pm been Rone Ivcic for the Twenty Sec ii to Nii Bimo the cons Tulion Hoy formed him Lioi in ii acc. For a car half a Century ii Clivi of Moissl Rales oho have been Eucks sively chosen have Maile their Alizai com mini Tutinas of Tlle stale of Tho to its . Generally the i commit intentions have Lieen of Tho. To i a ratifying nature testifying an and Vance in Sof Ereial and All the securities of political life. But fre Jii Entov and Joist la As you have been called Quot on lobe Gra Lefimil for the bounties of provi Lenic at Fco periods have they been More abundantly or extensively bestowed than at the present rarely if Ever e had greater re is it n to Cong ily during the wars Turat Hove at different periods since our political existence been carried on by of Haj Powers hut Thi Poliey while it gave activity and extent to our Corora Eric exposed it in the same proportion to injuries from Tho belligerent a i Lions. Hence Havo Arisen claims of in Dean ill for those injuries. England France Spain Holland St Den Denmark nipple i and lately Portugal i >11 in a greater Lur in neral Rio he Ion were Nigado lad in All and c ases a lending if our relation a v Liev Wero made. Of the claims less degree infringed. Demands for a Para non All. Thev have antique to have in sortie influence on the nature ill the i whom a late each Oiher on the Crea Png Prosperity of c try. A Quot agriculture the first and tint pc ipalion of Man has Iho i Bors of the husband uni Rul in beloved coun St in or i incr sated i Plch Iii d Prodi manuf Cimei a hich the fund 1 profitable employ my and de Ful Yops of All the our i extensive count h i Velien established of the capitalist find to Cal and Ishii h Piv to a i inv wkly of industrious Hanics. Tho Tabor i l,, con of internal improvement wind tending with unprecedented s in acc is Stead ill penetrating i ses of nature Anil Dis Bising her secret Wilile the ingenuity of free minds i Jert Itig the Clemens to the pow and making each new Conquest a to his conf ii. By our mails Speed is regularly increased and routes Are every year extended the com Musil Calion of Public intelligence and Pri i Quot rendered frequent and Safe the Intercourse Between Distant Eilie which it formerly required weeks to accomplish is now Eile cled in a few Davs cd in the construct iou of rail Roods and to apply Cotoia of steam Power we have a re Ison Abio Prospect that the sex tre fio parts of of ice approx irked a of work. . Rof r is upon England it is unnecessary to speak further than to Sav. the stale of things to which their prosecution and denial gave Rise by arranged Jonap productive of Mutual Goffi feelings and amicable re lilians lie tween the two countries which it is hoped w ill not he interrupted. One of i desc birr augments is that a claiming to the colonial Trade which was Communia led to or digress at Llie last session and although the Short period during which in has been in Force will not enable me to Lac it will prove lhe30ihsepu 000 tons of for Ward voyages an equal no non oids of f Ges,,-.have inheres is fron Iween Canad fila los Bonlee and the Vik Ihan the Dis criminal Ollie Northi indie. Serour 1 nines to in rate judgment of its opera-1 to believe that i Shiv Benc fir has e uber Las pwt eign shipping and in the inn it of America Lage. Thi i loved to a Sof 30,-n the out no nearly i and to Advana. Of the Terr Trade be resulted to ibo stale and our no on the is. Lawrence which May prove More it in the loss sustained by Ion made to favor Tho Trade in colonics with the West in Host died lipid those most Isola led by the Otis accessible As 1 s Uno limes Cal Leut of the Uli tiered s 1 Fronti move in apprehend Ned the it the great a Ould endanger ils i if i a on agric Hur. navigation and ii twee cent prov i Trade Victory cures in 10 till a Ith fore i los alas we shall sea ice be a Benefi sided for thei 1an Cut Onsiri Lus bags Noi i tul silence Bas Pic Tereise and encourage in cml indented Bjo in Iari vers Inland seas Wilh a country productive of every material for ship an 1 every commodity for gainful , and filled with a population Active Imell Igent Well informed and fearless i longer. To lice advantages Are not and an impulse ins lately been Given to commercial Enterprise a Biclie fills our ship cards with new constructions Useo mirages nil the arts and branches of Industry connected Wilh them crowd wharves of our cities with vessels a id covers Tho most Distant seas Wilh of canvass. Let us be get Elul for Hicso Blessing a to Beneficent being who has Confer red them and who Suttera us to indulge i Hope of their continuance and while we neglect not the Means by which they May to preserved. If Inay dare to judge of his future design to Liv Tho manner in which his past favor Havo been bestowed he has made of pro Aperry to depend on the preservation of our liberties a our National Force on our Federal Union my our individual happiness on the maintenance of our Slitter rights and Wise ins Gitulio is. If k a Are prosperous at Home and respected abroad it is because to Are free United industrious find obedient to Iho Laws. While to Continuo so we shall by la Blessing of heaven Goon in the Happy career to have begun and which a has. Brought us in the Short period of political existe Noo from n population of Ihrcke or thirteen millions from thirteen s Parale colonics to Twonley four United Sialesa from weakness to strength to n rank Sci Ricly marked in Tho Bunio of a Lions to a High Placo in their respect. This lost advantage Bono that has resulted. In a great de Pec from Tho principles which Havo guided our Intercourse Wilh foreign Powers since to Havo assumed an Elt Ual Slation among whom and Jenep the annual account which Tho a Cecii Tiv renders to who country of Tho Ninnger in which that by nah of his duties has been fulfilled part Yves instructive and salutary Tho Pacific and wish Poliny of our kept us in a Oale leu nil i filler our Iraq motion from Iho slate of of an nude Pendrul nation a Points were found neck Sarv to he d Between us and great lir Laili. Among them was the Doroa Calion of Joua Laries not desc relied Wilh sufi event provision ill the treaty of peace. Some of Ibe Lin cof thai Divide Tho slates and Terri Loric Sof the United stoles from the British provinces Havo been definitively Fried. , however which separates us from the provinces of Canada and new Brunswick to the North and the Eist Wassi Illin dispute when i came inti office. By i fou Iid arrangements made for ils settlement o a or a which i had no control. Tho Coram owners who been appointed under Tho provisions of Tho treaty of Ghent having been unable to agree a convention was made with great Bril Iii by my immedi Alc predecessor in of Bce with the advice and consent of the Senate by which it was agreed Quot that the Points of Dir Terence which have Arisen in the settlement oct he Boundary Jiuzo Between the american and Brili so dominions As pcs ribbed in the 5tb article of the treaty of Ghent shall be referred As therein provided to some Friendly reign or stale who it pc Stigale and make Points of Dii Terence Iho Netherlands inv ident and his Raritan signalled As such Fri came my duty to a the agreement so to to this end i caused taken which were be position of Hall be invited to 1 decision upon Suel and the King of ing by the into pres a majesty been de idly Sovereign in ,.with Good Faith Lis Inlo full effect. Ii measures to be by to a full sex and pot i ask to the Sovereign a a rated As Afi Nisler Pleni iary this court a if the state most interested in the question and who had been one of the agents previously employed far settling the controversy. On the 10th Day of january last. His Ila Jesty Tho King of the neither hands delivered to the a Leipo Enli Aries of the United states and of great Britain his written opinion on the Case referred to him. The papers in rela. Tion to the subject will to communicated by a special message to to proper Branch of Tho government with Tho be Feci Confidence that its Wisdom will adopt Sitch measures As will secure an amicable settlement of the controversy without infringing any constitutional right of Tho states immediately interested. It affords to satisfaction to inform you that Susji Estinos made by my direction to tie charge d Ait Aires of his Britanik majesty to this government Havo had their desired of text in producing Tho Relief of certain american citizens who Wero imprisoned for setting up Tho authority of the state of Mainc Ata Plano in the disputed Tho actual jurisdiction of his Britanik majesty. From this and Iho assurances i Havo received of the desire of Tho local authorities to avoid any collision i have Tho Best Hopes that Gomi understanding will to kept up until it is confirm tend by Tho final disposition of Tho subject. Tho amicable relations which no sub set Between the United states and great Britain Tho increasing into Courso to tween their citizens Atid Trio rapid Bollt a minion of unfriendly Prev Odiseos to which former rents naturally Gaverish it a once a. Roil to present this As a fit period for re nothing Nur endeavours to pro Ido against the Mccurn jilt a of Causio of which in the event of War Between great Britain and any other Power would inevitably endanger our Peaco. Animated by the sincerest desire to avoid such a Stato of things and peacefully to Securo under ill possible circumstances the rights and Honor of the countr it 1 have Given such instructions to the minister lately sent to the court of i Endon As Ivill evince that desire Ond if met by a correspondent disposition which to cannot doubt will put id to causes of collision which Wilh Dvan Lago to Eitnier tend to estrange from each other two nations who Havee by motive to preserve not Only peace jut on Intercourse of the most amicable Lalure. In my message at the opening of the ast session of Congress i expressed o confident Hope that the Justice of our France urged As they were Wilh perseverance and Vignol ability by minister there would finally be acknowledged. This Hope has been realized. A treaty has been signed which will immediately be Laid before the Senate for its and which containing Sli Pullions that require legislative acts must have the concurrence of both houses before it can he carried Inlo of incl. By in the French government engage to pay a sum which if not quite equal to Ibi it which May be found due to our citizens will yet it is believed under All circumstances to deemed Salis factory to those the outer Ofa Gross sum in Alisa action of each Wadi Viii accepted because the Only vere a rigorous exaction of inner cited. Slead of the Al claim a alternatives Iho whole an Itald to be due on each claim which might in some instances be exaggerated by design in others overrated through error which therefore in would have been both ungracious and unjust to have insisted on or a settlement by commission to which the French negotiators were very averse and which experience in other cases had shown to be dilatory and often wholly inadequate to the end. A comparatively Small sum is stipulated on our part to go to the extinction of All claims by French citizens on our government Anda a Jjo action of duty on our Coloa Ond their has been a Graedon Asa considerations for Tho rerun tuition of an important claim for do mrabet i priv Leges under Tho they gave to Tho treaty for the cession of Louisiana. Should this treaty receive sanely on a source of irritation will lie stopped that has for so Many year via some degree alienated from each other two nations who from interest As Well As the remembrance of Early associations ought to cherish the most Friendly relations and encouragement will be Given for perseverance in Tho demands of Justice by this new proof that if steadily pursued they will be listened loan admonition will be of cred , if any which May be inclined to evade item that they will never be abandoned. Above All a just Confidence will be inspired in our fellow Eil Zens that their government will exert All the Powers with which they have invested it in support of their just claims upon foreign nations at the same time that Tho Frank acknowledgement and provision for the payment of those which were addressed to our equity although unsupported by Legal proof affair is a practical illustration of aur submission to life Irvine Rule of doing to others what we desire hey should do unto us. Sweden and Denmark having Quot nude compensation for the irregularities committed by their vessels or in their Perls to the perfect satisfaction of Tho parties concerned and having renewed Iho treaties of Commerce entered into with them our political and commercial relations with Thoss Powers continue to be on the most Friendly footing. With Spain our differences up to the 22dof february 1819, were settled by Tho treaty of washing Tony Flat Dale but at Ash sequent period Hurcom Rearce Wilh the states formerly colonist of Spain on the continent of Arao Rioa was annoyed and frequently interrupted by her Public and private armed ships they captured Many of our vessels prosecuting a lawful Commerce and sold Thoro and their cargoes and at one time to our demands for he Stom Tion and indemnity opposed Tho allegation that they wore taken in fhe violation of a blockade of All the ports of those states this blockade was declaratory Only and Tho Inadequacy of the Force to maintain it was Manifest that this allegation Ivas varied to a charge of Trade in contraband of War. This in its turn. Was also found untenable and Tho minister whom i a ont with instructions to press for Tho reparation that was duo to our injured fellow citizens has trans melted an answer to his demand by which Tho captures Are declared to have been regal and Aro justified Licau Jollio indo Pend no of Tho Stales of America never having been acknowledged by Spain she had a right to prohibit Trade with them under her old colonial Laws. This ground of Tho do Fonee was contradictory not Only to those which had been formerly Allerd hut to the uniform Pri Clico and established Lawa of nation and had been abandoned by Spain Lonoff in the of invention which granted Lido Unity to. British Sab ecu for capture Nade at be Samo time under the same dry him glances and by Tho same allegations with those of which Ivo complain i however indulge the Hope that further reflection will Lead to other views Ami feel confident that when his Catholic i Jesty shall to convinced of the Justice of the claim his desire to preserve Friendly relations by Tweedi Tho two countries which it is my Earnest Endeavor to maintain will induce him to accede to our demand. I have therefore despatched a special messenger with instructions to our minister to bring the Case once More to his consider to the end that if which i cannot bring myself to believe Iho same decision that cannot but be deemed an unfriendly denial of Justice should be persisted in the matter May before your adjournment be Laid before you the constitutional judg of what is or taper to be Dono when a Gobi nation for redress of injury fails. The conclusion of a treaty for Index by Wilh France seemed to present a favourable Opportunity to renew our claims Ofa similar nature on other Powers and particularly in the Case of those upon Naples More especially As in the course of former negotiations Wilh that Power our failure to induce France to Render us Justice was used As an argument against us. The desires of the merchants who were the principal sufferers have therefore been acceded to and a Mission has been instituted for the special purpose of obtaining for them a reparation already Loo Long delayed. This measure having Lieen resolved on it was put in exec ution without waiting for the meeting of Congress because the slate of Europe created an apprehension of events that might have rendered our application Inezl actual. Our demands upon the government of the two sic Ilies Are of a Peculiar nature. The injuries on which they Are founded Aro not denied nor Are the atrocity and perfidy under which those injuries were perpetrate in attempted to be extenuate. The sole ground on which indemnity has Boon refused is the alleged illegality of the tenure by which the Monarch who made the seizures held his Crown. This defence always unfounded in and principle in the Law of nations now universally abandoned even by those Powers upon whom the responsibility for acts of past rulers bore the most heavily will unquestionably Hegi Fin up by his s 1 no Jesty Whoso i amp noels will receive a pulse from Lufi High sense of honour regard to jul ilk which Are said to a Teriza hit of and i feel the fullest Edenfi thatche talents of the Cuizon missioner ii purpose fore him Tho just claims of our Iper citizens in such a Light As , before your adjourn me it to announce thai they have been adjust ii a Oil secured a precise instructions to the effect of ring ing the negotiation to a speedy Issue behave been Given and will to obeyed in the late blockade of Terceira some of the portuguese Fleet capture several of our vessels and committed of her i of uses for which reparation was Dema and i was on the Point of despatch ii armed Force to prevent any recur of a similar violence and protect of Zens in the prosecution of their lawful Commerce when official Assur Alfry on which i relied made the sailing of Thi ships unnecessary. Since that period frequent promises have been made that full indemnity shall be Quot Given the injuries inflicted and the losses sucked a in Ibe performance there has beef some perhaps in avoidable delay hut i fit Tho fullest Confidence that my Earnestin i sire that this business May at once Bie closed which our Fellini ser has been in in jct de strongly to e.xpres3, will very soon be gratified. I have the better ground for ibis Hope from Iho evidence of a a Friendly i slates authorizing the anticipation that this important Articia of our Export. Wiil soon be admitted on Tho same footing with that produced by the most favored nation. With Iho other Powers of Europe we have fortunately had no cause of discus Sion for Tho redress of injuries. With Tho Empire of Tho russian on political connexion is of the most Friendly and our commercial of the most Liberal kind. We enjoy the advantages of navigation and Trade Given to Tho most favored nation but it has not yet suited their policy or perhaps has not. Been found conto ment from other considerations to Ivo stability and reciprocity to those privilege by a commercial treaty. The ill Hilt if the minister last year charged with making a proposition for that arrangement did not permit him to remain at by Petersburgh and Tho attention of that government during the whole of he period since his departure having been occupied by Tho War in which it was engaged the Havo been assured that nothing Coul Obaye been erected by his presence. A minister will soon be nominated As Well to effect this important object Aslo keep up Tho relations of Amity and Good understanding of Umoh we have recoiled so Many assure Peerand proofs from his Imperial majesty and the emperor his predecessor. A Tho treaty with Austria is opening to us an important Trade with the he itary Dominiano of Tho emperor Tho to of of bib by Beim hitherto tue know and of curs Fri i efficiently Whilo our a milk the finds an Inlo Iho South of Oei Matiy by Means of this treaty those we have Forrend with the hanseatic towns and Prussia Milhein now in negotiation will open Ilia vast country to the Canior pricing spirit of. Our merchants on the North n country abounding in All the a a mutually beneficial Commerce jelled Witker enlightened and industrious inhabitants holding at important place in the polio ice of Europe and to which we owe so Many valuable citizens. The ratification of the treaty Wilh the Perth was sent to Boex. Hanged by the gentleman appointed our charge d affairs to that court. Sims difficulties occurred on his arrival but at the Date of his last official Datcy to supposed they had been obviated and that there Vas every Ilio Oxx change being speedily this finished the connected View i have thought it proper to give of our tobit Iraq and commercial relations in Europe. Every Eibrt in my Power will he continued to strengthen and extend them by trea ies founded on principles of the most perfect reciprocity of interest neither a Siliag conceding any exclusive advantage but liberating As far As it lies in Ray pow. A the activity and Industry of oui fellow citizens from the shackles which i foreign restrictions May impose. To China and the indies our Commerce continues in its usual extent and with increased facilities which Tho credit and capital of our merchants a fit re Gay substituting Bills for a payments in Spe in a daring outrage having been com fitted in those seas by the plunder of on if our merchant Meir engaged in the Pep per Trade at a port in Sumatra and the piratical perpetrators belonging to trill a in such a Stato of society that to 0. Usual course of proceedings be Tweedy lived nations could not be pursued a i with Dejai Chad a frigate Wilh on it. Jujiro immediate satisfaction Forte Isoju a and indemnity o he 8ufiej�nu few chanies he be taken place 4ti our Connexions Wilh the independen it state if America since my fast Coram Micalian o Congress a the ratification of a commercial treat ill the United republics of Mexico has been for some time in Dahl ii liberation in heir Congress but undecided at Tho Date of our last Hes the unhappy civil commo. It that Havo prevailed there Weto in the cause or Iii delay but As Trio government is now said to be Iran Iii Lind we May Hope soon to receive Iho Ratific Dziob of the treaty and an arrangement for the Detty Calion of the boundaries Between us. In the meantime an important Trade has been opened with Mutual lie Nef from St Louis in the slate of Missouri by caravans to the Interior provinces of Mexico. This Commerce is protected in its Progress through Ibe Indian countries by the troops of Tho Una. Led states wich Havo teen permitted to escort the caravans beyond our boundaries to Tho settled part of the mexican territory. From Central a Merica f have received assurances of the most Friendly kind and Gratifying application for our Good of. Files to remove a supposed indisposition ads that government Ina neighbouring stale this application was immediately ind Sucre Trully a a lips with. They Jave us also the pleasing Intelli Gunco that Lifie fences which had prevailed in their internal affairs had been peaceably adjusted our treaty Wilh this Republic continues to be faithfully observed and promises a great and beneficial Connie co Between the two countries a Commerce if the greatest importance if the Magni Are i Iii a shown by an actual reduction in the Jefe nonunion of that slate from the on Rice Tho produce of our Southend dominions of that slate a to the Pacific Oceail now in serious con Elmul be satisfaction in Corrou Licitr Ting in Success which has attended the sex Ioas of our minister to Colombi a to or Are a very Connie risible reduction it the duties on our sour in that rep Huc. Ii Tenity also Lias been stipulate to for in is Iii Yei by our merchants from il-1 renewed assurances Given Hattte treaty Tell to Niba two countries Liall be faithful served. Chili and Para seem to by threatened Willi civil Uli Itil thou shall be sell Ltd Ursoi ers Quot in in lure us be apprehended requiring Tho ii Stanic a naval Iho Pacific Ocean to protect our fish re cae Ifil Wiir Iora Merco. The disturbances is Empire of Brazil Neino Tisler cd and immediately consequent upon the Abdich Lioa of Shelato emperor pen ded any Eif Webial apply Ealion for -d0 w dress of Soma pan Injo Kesh a flood by Ojer citizens White they have been the Causo of othet6, in which All fore caters seem to have participated. In strut Lions have been Givot to our min ister there to Prev for indemnity duo for losses occasioned by these ii regularities and to take care that our fellow cult Szenai shall enjoy All Ihu Piir Legea stipulated in. Their Avo bar the treaty Lely Ansa to tween the two pore to Ian Al a it Iiah lbs i Wadi Init Ligeon that . In or at Jannnie a gency

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