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Indianapolis Indiana Democrat (Newspaper) - August 14, 1846, Indianapolis, Indiana Nto Brison de spank Blake s buildings up stairs opposite browsing s Washington Hail. $2 50 if Iii id $3 00if Paomei Quot we Crofino Persi ind of >0 i Claysil t Suh acrylic a first Ninel $1 50 Racli for to y club a of wont at one. Post of fico i cach if paid in adv Alicc. Clubs of fifty Subic Ribera will be Supply 52 dumber or a year Liua counted of terms of advertising. at Onu Dollar per Stu a Ems equal to lines for tic first Titre i strike Colombia strike the Foci by Kobett e. H. A Everino. A Lepta urn dedicated to ii patrol in Ruhi Ilert Ichi arc hastening. With the App talc their own Charti and the plaudits of the Community to or find Ari c.,.,, a of a a t. When Britain s gathered Fame Ami might appeared to bind the Brave and free eternal Freedom showed her right and shouted Back the deathless cry i that loud Appeal the Mig buy dead have whispered through Suee Pedir involving still the Patriot band to Noble thought and deed Tubi itt Trio watchword of the won that cheered each heart a again prevails again inspire strike Columbia strike in. Strike Columbia the Bird of heavenly plume. That to pioneered through Thra Dom s unfurls her pinions to renew her steady aim and Onward flight strike Colun Ibra st i. The Banner of the and enl Host is waved by Kindred heart and Banc and Sheds the Patriot spirit round. As swells to decry along the land strike Columbia st a a till the fight for Home for country and for god strike Columbia strip Viii. The scathing curse in life and death _ they breached gait Edn strike Columbia strike Jill River and Harbor Bill. The pres Iilene has act urtice to the Ollous of represent Alives the about Bill with i objections. When hair they arc suffix ice or not let every one jul go for give the veto Trio stage. To he Ilmic of i have considered the Bill entitled Quot an act Makin appropriations for the improvement of certain has Igor i Beconi Ith by of no a Law. The Bill proposes Ion three Hundred and seventy Hundred and fifty to be 1 tarty Dislis dict ind separate obit. On examining its provi Iota objects of improvement which in them of a local character it it if it shall be Sanction Eil and be. Practical a train ipos us by the Federal go n. The con Tiiu conferred upon the represent Section to i appropriate system of i lion has n. Federal gov. Of internal miss i right toe doubted. And the deliberately express jail gent Ottn. Pie have denied the existence of such a Power under the Constitution. Several of Niy predecessors denied its existence in the most so Lenin Fornis. The general proposition that the Federal it men does not possess the Power is so Well sett and has for a considerable period been so generally acquiesced in that it is not deemed necessary to reiterate the arum cats by which it is sustained. Nor do 1 deem it necessary after the full and Ela Borai discussions which have taken Ali try on this subject the general considerations which have satisfied me of the unconstitutionality and of the a Lercie a of such Quot lots not be stoned that the Federal govern one of limited Powers. Its Powers Are sue such Only As Are expressly granted in the con Titi Tion or Are properly incident to the expressly Grai de Powers and necessary to their execution. In Dot or has been Crantos been Laid Fown t i Powers ter mining whether n sound Rule of col . That Rule. Tion arises concerning a particular Power the first question is whether the Power be expressed in the Constitution if it be the question is decided. If it be not expressed the next inquiry must be whether it it is properly an , fused Maltbi Cier Cosbi Iso ? it cannot exercise it is not Prettis any express Grant in the Constitution confers my on Congress the Power in question. Is it then an incidental Power necessary and proper for the execution of any of the granted Powers All the granted novt cars it is confidently affirmed May be elect rally executed without the Aid of such an incident Quot a Pover to be incidental must not to exercised Foi ends which make it a principal or substantive Powe ind indent of the principal Power to which it u in propel he Public weal. It r the execution of the principal expressed which in is an incident Quot Luch principal Power Cai Power t Tecarr the whole Framo of the Federal that the government which it Cream a bpm Imam tool. I. Indianapolis Friday. August 14, 1846. No. 48. Deci the Stales or to opt a Roff Fiat a Money in pm ii pm Yff a i hat purpose what a Litiere to Cher Dpi Olin acts of no Propri he opera of Ita provi of the Gene i 3jcnce of the Power Sens the principle. Fully a a Lough i hat Coli Gorcsi appropriations Wincn ii proposes we the Cut Struc icon of roads tid canals. _ distinction i Principio ii is not perceived and should be clearly defined. Some of the objects of appropriation Conan inc in this Bill Ore local m the Gracie Nanelle within the limits of a single Siroti and though in the language of the Bill they n called harbours in Ltd Ore not connector with Foret arc they places of Refuge or Shell Lake Shore. To Coll the Ino Uil of a Creek a fallow incl on our coast a Harbor cannot conf Hority to expend the Public Money in its in proven ent. Congi wis have exercised the i it Ower a a a a a a m of establishing Ligh id Pic i Ife ande id of a wording prok ind other shipping. And a a a Safe. Posed t Igli All preceding admin Strai Hority t Ich purposes e a step Besom a Thi Stablish a a prop ii Bay buoys Pica and other i Lys a lots and harbours or immediately connected v i Here they a Ity of our 1 diff civilly arises in needed for the protect i to define this line by declaring that i of this character Quot should to Quot con i delivery Eal abolished in e the n the Sam Vas could be desired and and i Cocking Lee Ignes Vith which Poi abashed by Lav found was in bisect id rendered compar Olivelt useless in Lyst pm of improvements which it was fire a. In consequence of the facility by and delivery May be is. Almor. Lers and. Head Springs of some if our Rivers and at Poi place of Refuge safely by 1 ii scan a a. Ind other shipping. Many of the ports of ind delivery now authorized by Law so far As Comperti is concerned exist Only in the books. No entry of Loreign goods is eve and no duties is or Eoll cited it them. N. I of american products bound for foreign yes Ever Clear i which spend a Book As Pori lid be of Here Marisa ily to the Bays leading to such Jere ports at i 11 bulk paying Ali Ivsich Export be found by Odt. The Bill eign in charged 0 foreign lying Ilo mtr than Barr. At places which v either ports of in appears Iron the i of Willen approx Ria proposed. In will be a Propri Anions ii. Eli Tever been declared by delivery and at which of ii Treasury there eign merchandise and in a vessel cleared for e found that Many of places for the improve s Are now for the first ind also that the Bill a run try and it of which one place loges of an in even a paper port o months of creeks denominated har Iii roved can Bufi Cifu Only the Parlick lil of y have a he i i Eccl of in prov he a proper which i it promo of All the Nnake a 3 for the the Powei besides and creeks i d harbours id of Oil the Rivers important or unit Norland in a cry Perl of the us Ion. He , would to. At the Federal Goven Imei. Expend the Public Money in a general by. Tornai improvements limited in its extent Only by the Ever varying discretion of successive Cony and successive executives. It would be to. And remove the limitations and restrictions of p which the Constitution Lias wisely provided to the authority and action of the Federal to a few will defined and specified of Bocci these objections the practical evils which Musi now from the exercise on the i Arl of the Lederail government of the Powers asserted in this Bill impress my mind with n grave of tiny duty to Avert Vliem from the country As far As my constitutional action May enable me to do so. It not Only leads to a consolidation of to the Federal government at the exit use of the rightful authority of the states but its inevitable tendency is to embrace objects for the expenditure of the pub lie Money which Are local in to Weir character Bene fitting but few at the expense of the common Treasury old he whole. It will engender Section a feelings and prejudices calculated to disturb the Harmony of the Union. It will destroy the Harmony which Lewis latin. Ibiza Toni interests Strong enough when United to carry propositions for appropriations of Public Money which could not of tie selves and standing alone buc coed and cannot fail to Lead to wasteful and train gang expenditures. It must produce a disreputable scramble for the Public Money by the conflict which is inst parable from such a system Between local and individual interests and the general interest of the whole unjust to Liose states which Piave with their Means constructed their own internal improve pm to make from tie common Treasury approx Ria for similar improvements in other states. In its opt Rai Hii in will be oppressive and unjust towards those states whose representatives and people either deny or doubt the existence of the Power or think it exercise inexpedient and who while they equally a a a try of i mixed if the Furr s inequality and objects of expend or pitied it a common inc their improvement with m injustice than in one of Tho Low presents in population treasure of the world would improvement of every Bay or country which might the agricultural. Manuf actas re to of a neighbourhood. The Federal Constitution was wisely Oda pled to its provisions to any expansion of our limits and popu lotion and with Thoad Anceo the confederacy of lie states in the career of ratio full , it be ome3 the More apparent that the Harmony of the l Nion and the equal Justice to which Ell its Parta led require that the Federal government inline its action within the limits proscribed of institution to its Dover and e not subject to stand alone i it Huld my a l hardly be equal to the. To Creek and River in supposed to promote a hould by the. Of this Bill Omo consider i and two million 0 pressing Nece Hen the Counti 1 lion Congress loan or the Isi up cases of the of doll. Ill Ani engaged 9 nature which Duaei Propri Atea Between o for objects which Are would steal a Airt passenger which his part by an n a that fell Quot i wish he would _ Woodyard he tried to Leavi stranger hopped on Board away Buck on the deck who conscience of the mate woi every now and then to Sec ger s betray at length Thev reached s the cause of the mate s i on Shore and left the boat ing himself that lie Hud nol indulged in a while they v entered the glance at Iho Dock uld be followed on Ous look in return. Muttered Tho mate t ashore Quot and at a him but the and sneaked be the uneasy id carry him f the Passen suspicion nil land and quiet stepped turned Ike Success and p str. At his eng once localities not pm biased in its provisions Bui file As much in filled to the favor of the govern Lent As those which Are embraced will demand mroueh their representatives in Congress to by Laccy on an equal fooling with them. With Sulci n increase of must necessarily follow ther an increase in Public debt or increased the by the Treasury Ila led demands Vilh the Means of meeting Ihei with profound respect for the opinions of Congress ind Ever , As far As i can consistently with by responsibility to our common constituents to operate with them in the discharge of our raspe chive indies it is with unfeigned regret that 1 find myself constrained far the resins which i have assigned withhold my no Proval i Quot pc no Quot by solid Aizic. It is a common saying in Elliis Region Hen an individual makes a sad mistake Ither about his own Powers in any Mal a or those of an antagonist thai he finds himself Quot picked up Quot As for in once then a politician to con Luo in office and finds himself turned to a Lover builds his Hopes on a Maiden a some More fortunate Swain cuts him to a passenger embarks on a boat with n Promise of gains. A Shier fit est and in t get or for two Days or when some cleric Little Man undertakes to Wilip Lother and gets thrashed himself. A be Quot analysis Quot to these As a certain congressman used to say. Occurred on Board one of our steamers in which an old Boatman the male was sadly Quot picked Upland As he confessed the fact to ease his conscience More fully we will give his confession publicity. A bustling Furnier look Iii custom dior stepped on Board the boat he belonged of a few minutes before Sho push Cal out and holding out a Sio Bill on the Hank of Missouri begged him to change it. The mate thinking it a Good Bill to Stow away held it out to the clerk near him and asked if it was Good. Quot of 1/m&Quot says the clerk Quot Beautiful Money Quot and passed on up to Tho Cabin leaving Tho mate with his Bill. Quot Good As wheat stranger says the mate Quot i la cast it Quot and forthwith pays him Over Indiana Small Bills in change. In a few to minutes off went Tho boat As she wended her Way Down Stream the clerk and mate Camo again in Contact. Quot Well Ike Quot says the clerk Quot who burned you with that counterfeit x Bank of mis count Erfe do you mean 1&Quot Quot i mean Quot says the Cle Missouri Bill you showed m rather a bad lot of Money you get it Quot Quot Why Cusa your picture Quot mate Quot i give Good Money in the strength of to limed Ike Quot what a a Quot that the at Starling is where did ays the nge Fot recon Broad threw his s20 on the desk and asked him to furnish ill for the what tickles you so Ike Quot inquired clerk. Ike Back and indulge in a Guffaw related How he had Quot pick a Quot a Greener one than himself by an Lange. The clerk looked at the Bill Nind one of Presbury s detectors there found his Lic Ettli i tally describes a Well known comte Crucil it was clerk s turn now and his Roar at Ike s mishap Drew the attention of others who joined in tile laugh at the tale s . Ike gave his hat a twist stuck it tight on his head and went below Vito it saying a word but the Way he Nade things move around decks during that trip was it Asit a Ted his own Movi tro higly betrayed a disposition 1 some deck and thro a second the Devil s by lab and pondering of All in . Doubled old lady Quot in cite a Day s Jour Devil nope Dovil o Aid ibis Arioul Iho dog Bee cold girl if i build you a Bridge . I. In a bargain j we Naii i if she went Over for the cow she she had sold herself to the Devil and if a Bridge or no Bridge Nick old Grill Bridge of a build or. A a a a old a build t yes Neshe a Bridge but with in iat the Devil i ,.ndgav, Lins Woods angers ii Icli a still whirl la that i id rocks rang again t Imruck a Devil it wis left knowing where they went and pm or in lis night and they both fell to abyss and were carried away by Thi i Biadgo sure i ii Iddle i and the Rit. Tended item and specified Powers. A construction of the Constitution to Broad As Iha by which Tho Power in question is defended tends imperceptibly to a consolidation of Power in a government intend Eil by its frontiers to 1� thu3 Lignite to in it authority. Quot the Obj Iona tendency and inevitable result of a consolidation of the states into one sovereignty would be to transform the Republican a a Lem of the United states into a to Gard against the Assumption of All Powers which encroach upon the reserved sovereignty of the states and which consequently tend to consolidation is Tho duty of All the True friends of our poll Trail eve item. Thai the Power in question is no properly in incident to any of Tho granted Powers re fully satisfied but if there were doubts of this Subj act Lias demonstrated Tho Wisdom of Tho Rule that All functionaries of the Fedenis fromn tent should abstain from the i Ercilio of Oil . If an enlargement a of Iho Power govern tent Only graphical support rib uting Ila equal proportion of. Is to Thi Der Tho opera i see the National trea auro Tho common Stock of All. A unequally disbursed and often improvidently wasted for the advantage of Small sections instead of the Power to collect the Rev Ane was should the system of internal improvements proposed prevail All these evils will multiply Anci in the incr Imse of the number of the states elision of the geographical limits e with ithe ext tiled Poi Ember Sandal the local objects Detri Anding appropriations of the Public Money for their improvement will be proportionately increased. In cach Caso the of the Public Money would rotifer benefits direct of indirect Only on a Section while these dec Tom would become daily less in comparison with Tho whole. The Wisdom of the Fromen iof Tho a institution i withholding Power Over such objects from the Fedi nil government and leaving them to the local governments of the states becomes More and Manifest with every year s experience of Tho Lions of our a Jitni that Bill of Medalion Quot Good lord Quot burst in Tho clerk quoth a a i hoho to i was you so confounded Green Why it s Ai old i Lerf Cit of Tho worst Kink Quot and hero half a dozen More joined in laughing at Ike s loss. His first impulse was to tear Tho Spuri Ous Bill but on second thoughts he carefully folded it up and let off his Wrath by stirring up Tho Dock hands individually and collectively. That boat had nearly reached Smithland when in old Fush toned quiet looking deck passenger cart to the mate and asked As a particular favor that he would look Over any Bank Bills the clerk might give him in charge Vas not acquainted with Western Money and was afraid he. Might get some spurious or depreciated paper passed upon him. Quot what kind of Money have you got Quot inquired Ike. Quot a Twenty on a Philadelphia Bank answered Tho passenger. Quot May be i can change it for you Quot says Ike eagerly. Quot i Only wish you could Quot earnestly chimed in Tho Sti rigger. Quot How Wiir Tkal do Quot inquired Ike handing out his spurious Sio Missouri Bank Bill Imd n 810 Gold piece on top of it. Quot i have no objections Quot says Tho stranger Quot if the Missouri Bill will fare Quot try it Quot says Ike and the Bills Wen passed each pocketing the Exchange with a nervous kind of alacrity. As they sped along every now and then the mate Way like clock work looking hims of nand fro and switching his Tail with great satisfaction. The old woman Shook like an Aspen Leaf but she tool a crust of bread from her pocket and showed it to her dog and threw in Over Tho Bridge and inc do ran bounding Over for Tho bread and passed hot Devil where he sat in the Middle. Whip the dog said Iho Devil for he was in to the Quick he had been outwit by an old woman he did not want Iho dog so he did in him but the moment the dog had p a knew that the Bridge was crossed and i live of Tiatco eminent one Ellen Borough s of witticisms. When or. Park the late Justice Allen Ark had been moved in some Case that appealed to the feelings to repeated exclamations and had called heaven to witless and so Forth while addressing the try Quot Prav sir Quot and my lord Quot Pray on t swear in that Way Here in court Quot the effect of this interruption in a grave Resis Tible and or. Park heartily joined in laughing at this unexpected act Cal pleasantry. When another counsel Loo much addicted to self Praise had declared in the course of his address that such things vere enough to drive one from the profession of Tho Law. Quot Don t threaten the ourt Quot said his lordship Quot with such a terrible the austere lectures which he rend flippant pedantry or hopeless imbecility Are often remembered and Juo Tod with Mali Iii us glee for they pos Peculis Elf on to Der for que to to the m it and Grav red thirty that from the a Bethe or death. A a within a few weeks the terrible penalty of death has been xeculed upon a number of men in the surrounding states. In some cases poor weak creatures with hardly enough of mind to entitle them to the name of men have been launched into a fearful eternity to vindicate the violated majesty of the Law 1 in one instance Tho wretched victim struggled Long in his agony and in All the s the Ere gathered to spectacle whole piety a pose 1 make it Appe vanity a a crowds of gaping s. Will these things continue is Thi Hope that the time will come when s shall discover some More useful i for even its vilest members to an to them Foster the basest and blood tiles and passions of degraded i it certainly is time that an Effort and a general and a concerted eff it Loo were made for the Reform of the penal code. Wherefore shall we still insist upon Tho infliction of the death penalty 1 it a not necessary to the Security of life. Facts the history of criminal a i sention common sense itself nil unite in demonstrating beyond Cavil that it does no accomplish Titis end. Where the crime of murder is most Beverly avenged it is by on Means the least rare. The Verv reverse is the fact. Why then Isis upon this punishment ? it does not serve to Reform the offender. It strikes him out of existence sends him. Perhaps Quot with All his imperfections on his head Quot to an eternity of misery if he have children fit subjects for the perpetration of future crimes Butil achieves no possible Good for him or Rylo the King s Bench to argue if real property. Taking be rather too rashly that comme lawyers Are Little More acquainted with the digest of cruise than with the Laws of China he commenced his erudite Harangue by observing Quot that an estate in fee simple wits the highest estate known to the Law of Quot slav stay Quot interrupted the chief Justice with con Gravity Quot let me write that Why the Mger cling Benefit on i Don deliberately the of this a. B. C. Simple is the big Law of England debated to you there was Only did not be the let though in sible Evet de standi the judge id counsel impervious for his to id read slowly note which he had taken Siom Quot an estate in fee est estate known to the the court sir is infer the me person present who the irony and that was to incurred it. But All in this w Tho qty be ask a Ignatii should we a system which reflects no m society or the individual but contrary infinite wretchedness on while it stirs into life and Active be bad tendencies on the other be that the cry were raised for re it should sound from one exl Rem he state to the other and it should ii the object is accomplished. Results Are brought about it is of Lini til to Ilyin 1 Neitte a Hen the the Conlu he had books and ill the myst Perty Law in a sleepy effectually cleared the be alike to the grim repose o the yawning impatience when at the close of Soi and apparently intern in the clock Quot sted the ies of re f the be of the typos Oid United by in pro legislature is in session and then permit the subject to sleep again. The agitation must be kept up. Facts must be thrown before Tho people. The Public mind must be stored up. The popular heart must be made to feel and beat until in pulsations shall be heard by those who make our Laws. The press should Combine and cast truths broadly and Collinu. Ally through the Coin roundly. All Liberal minded and humane men should unite in the work and if it can be done in no other Way let it to carried to Tho ballot Box. The friends of humanity have hitherto been sadly and criminally Peglit gent in this business. Thev have not i done their duly like men. They he Hon the Ible their feet he in would be to Iii remainder of his joined the chief you and shall do ire has Long Beci it helical into aces and the judges appealed to know pleasure to hear argument. Quot or. Quot we arc bound to to on Friday but out of the ques kept s exec no Quot but it is not to time to wipe o be done. The abolished Tat aloud and late now. Thor it Tho past and in death penalty Rizoti Bemo Cral. Should is yet should Uit be in orc Thi wednesday Eveni the he of fancy no speech from a come with the de Hith a at maj morning 1 one of e Lale ind being sushi in tons told hit Orde this place tis Tnie a tavern offered the hot citizens punch is of the Young be must remain that not hit in Man a and the use for used it Day Ivsich he agreed to do. The who appears by me Quot a i a full Slop beginning pause Wilh a Repetti a re Quot my unfortunate of find his fluency Oil judge. A Ith to Ned by Thi imposed lil dry of of lest of Thi ident. Ruel it undoubtedly v another barrister v far the court the sir James m Lickle Over the Nam would however Sig of its cruelty in horse was la the withheld. In a pretended owner of Thi timely decamped Leavis and bridle. Such Condo belief of his guilt and a Pursuit but did not Suci the thief. In the Ever the ailed i x very angry but he was a gentleman and did r try to Hurt the old woman for he knew that i bargain Only is tended to crossed he Rose and Dol Iii Cap politely to the old w Man for Tho keen respect Tho keen and Hovi done so to Hun it his Tail being much Humble and walked or. Ilem Ingway author of a Panorama North Waus appends to his account of ii a Section the following pious and excellent re a it must to said that satan behaved i by in this Case and kept his word who notably in this Case and be More Lilian Mei always do oct Jamis Browh the Ial of this individual closed on Friday morning. The court was engaged six Days in the . The Case was ably conducted on both sides. The jury 13 out about two hours and return a. Ardiet of guilty. He was sentenced today by judge Leavitt to ten years confinement in the Ohio press. Spi an afflicted father who lately shot i Jersey City is Tho son of a congregational preacher who lives in West Hart Wick new York. His son was his Only child upon whom he dated and Over whom though absent from him he watched As far As he could with the most . Rental anxiety. His distress is spoken Olas most bitter and heartrending Xou. Ledger. Of poetry argument at Bano and observe written in Tho Large volume of when the judge instantly i Dering imaginations by the caustic query Quot in what Page Pray Quot when a favorite special pleader or. Gazelle was making an excursion somewhat unexpected by his hearers As unwonted in him Inlo a pathetic topic Quot Are to not sir rather getting now into the High sentimental Lati duties Quot this bar door flight of the English special pleader was far inferior in Sublimity to that of in Irish counsellor who thought proper to suppose Quot an Eagle soaring High above the mists of Earth winging its daring flight against a mid Day Sun till the Contemp la Ion becomes too dazzling for humanity ind mortal eyes gaze Atler it in vain Quot Here Tho orator faltered and Afier an ibo live Effort or two sat Down in conf Ion. Quot the next time sir Quot said the Edge Quot Yogi bring in Eagle into court i hould recommend you to clip his touching incident. The Wilke Borre pa., advocate says that a Little boy three years old wander id into Tho Woods in the upper part of Pilston on Tho 4lh instant. Search was fruitless until the next Day when he found on a Rock badly scratched and a ing the Marks of having encountered swarms of flies and mosquitoes. The Little sufferer was so hoarse As scarcely to articulate. Some person in search of him was attracted to the place where he was found by Tho faint anti hoarse cries of Quot papa Quot which Tho child was uttering. The parents reside in Wilks Barre township Tho Mother having been it Tho time at Pitts on a visit Wilh her Little son. A Denu Atic Union. Sirwilliam Swaim Tho father of the celebrated Quot Swaim s Panacea Quot died Philadelph Iii on monday Tho 20th inst. He left a Large Fortune. Or the old Board of brokers in Niyork have appropriated 8250 for the Relief of the sufferers at the late fire Nantucket. From Attica came in Pursi and thief. The property taken Buck to Attica fret had been Possession 1 hour or so the horse Clandes in horse Saddle it confirmed the party started in eed in arresting ing two persons Cuil of the Hoed and m which place if Irisi due re birth. I pushed and Beautiful lady of David Gardner Tyler Tariff lays a duty of 20 Pel taif of -j2 imposed a duty of 120 Netka prospectus of the Indiana Democrat. E Public Are informed that the Indiana will be continued permanently and 1 will be conducted Wilh a View to make it a very interesting Aid useful diaper to the Community. One of its editors or. Morrison will Romedi i Ely leave to join the array under general Taylor in Mexico from where he will w Ith care and Diligence furnish Early re Gulf to and Correct news by every possible conveyance of the operations of the army and such i incidents in connection therewith As May be proper or interesting to the readers of Thi Democrat it Home. Every matter relative to Tho geography top Ogle Why climate and condition of society their Hahus manners customs and Pecuh critics will be carefully noted As they really exist ind All such in foliation will to Given Wilh truth and Candor and May be fully relied upon. As or. M. Is very generally acquainted with the Obi cars and soldiers of the Indiana volunteers to will be enabled to inform their friends and acquaint Arices of every Mailer connected with them such As their location health sickness or death or of any other circumstance which May occur. His station and duties will give him great fact lilies for understanding Wilh accuracy the various Price of provisions the anti cultural and social condition of Tho people the cond Stiim of the country and it adaption to settlement by american citizens. Care will to observed not to communicate any matter of a military character which it would be improper to divulge. The demo nit win also be published either daily or tit weekly doting the session of the legislature and will be furnished with competent re potters of legislative proceedings. Tho editor of Tho Democrat return Ticer ref grateful Fot the Liberal support which has heretofore been extended to Thomi a nil Hope for its continuance and in cry Awig Ivr a a. Plenty of subscribers prompt Andy Jurj a. Will Aad who paper a Ball repay

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