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Indianapolis Indiana Democrat (Newspaper) - April 23, 1831, Indianapolis, Indiana By , saturday april 23, 1831. Vol. I.-sro.37. To Bias. Two dollars per annul in Adrance. Two dollars and fifty Canu at is months. Hue dollars at the end of the Yucai. From the Arac rican Fanner the Farmer s Vernal ode. The Al rect s joyous season comes tripping gaily on Wilsher Aldarae Llic gentle airs. Wanned by a gun Ian Sun and who a a Endi my o or Cath Field eath hed and Fence along and to rough Llie Giotus and o or the Hill his gladdened herds among. And joyously he views them All Frondi easy Winter free and feels As doth the Mariner just from a boisterous sea though herbage Sere and leafless toughs arrest the careless View he sees the living Germes that Peep to licit Winter shei Tets thou. And Gla Diomely he Peeta them All. Those Little buds of Hope which soon jul Neath the genial Sun. Their flagrant dowiels Ope from which hell Sec the future fruit and thence Tajc Farmers s store of Joy of Bope the promised Boon. Of deem not tame such plod Sites. As come with Spring s return. To fill the Farmer s bosom a nor yet their offerings spurn. Fool of Earth the sweetest. Tile purest Joys to sing Are those the Farmer feel eth on the return of . Revolution in the pays Bas. To the editor Vej the to rms chronicle. Paris feb. 5, 1s31. Sir Tho Duke of Nemours son of Louis Philip King of uie Fri Nib is elected Kii Ouie belgians / i might Here close my letter and simply sign myself Quot your obedient servant o. P. i might do this in Triumph and your readers would Admi. My right. 1 might say to you that alone predicted Unis result Viz a re Union of Belgium to France when others sneered in ill scorn and talked of the holy Alliance treaties of Tho Quot Absurdity of the belgian revolution Quot of the Quot necessity for putting Down the insurrection Quot of the Quot approaching interference of the Allied Powers in favor of the Prince of Orange and the House of Nassau Quot of Tho Quot impossibility of consenting to amp Ueli an Union Quot of the Quot wish of the people to return to the Sway of die Prince of Orange Quot and of the Quot Folly of attaching any importance to a Mere play House riot Quot Quot put them Down put them Down Quot has been theory with some. Quot occupy the forts and Strong places with prussian troops Quot has been the cry with others. But As to a re Union to France As to the belgians dreaming of a French Prince and a French Prince of Thi House of Orleans Why the notion Wai treated As absurd As contrary to the interests happiness and wishes of the belgian people and the slashing write has been left alone to pursue his course and his opinions and now the readers of the morning chronicle find that Quot of. P. �3 again right and that Tho Duke of Nemours son of Louis Philip King of tia French has been Eie cled King of Iho belgians but though i should to criminal not to rejoice at this results though it would betray a scandalous indifference to the Hopes and wishes of the people if i do note Ull at this Victory yet Ray task is not t Peel cd my labor has not terminated. I have sore tiling More to do with this pc solution. I have to Endeavor in conium Tion wit ii others to reconcile the English people to this Union tomake Tho English fee that not Only in principle hut from interest they should second the nomination which has been made and not join the austrian persian and russian Diplomatist in crushing the belgian Hopes and in commencing a Rar with France under the pretext of being a War about Belgium but which would actually a War against popular rights and popular opinions Quot the Dike of Nemours is elected King of the belgians Quot Quot what will eng land so to this Quot this is the inquiry Whick afew panics the announcement Svery body a is this question. Not my relay lie Timis Rentiers and nervous capitalists not a Cereij Cou tiers and Tho Plain if Guntert of the Centre Broil but every one Rich fund 5i 0r, Noble and Artisan All of us in fian ask this question what will England Sti this Union we do not ask what win a Russia May or what will Prussia say or in hat vill Austria say much less do we to link for amp moment of Spain or of Naples or Sardinia or any other Small or great Power. But it is with England we Desiro to stand Well. It is with England that to Hope to continue friends. England alone has evinced any real sympathy for oui revolution. England Nisono has Liberal in bit ution and a just and Wise govern ment it is not that to a car her Quot steamboats it is not that ire dread her Navy. It is not that we tree Nubia at a decoration of War even on the part of Tho Cabinet of James a itis not that we fear War with All Europe or hat we desire for the Kike of British and British men of War that we should remain at peace with England and that she should approve the Nom mation Oftle Ouke of Nemours. The question which we put to ourselves and to each other is not what will England do but trat will she say we fear to offend Here to e fear to Grieve or annoy Here but it is the fear of a Friend who apprehends the loss of the Friendship of one whose Virtues he cherishes and whose principles he approves. England is the Only ally a worthy of regenerated France and re generated France is like Only ally worthy of enlightened England. I speak of Europe and must not of course be considered As including in my observations the first and greatest Republic in the we do the United states of America. Well then what will England say to this election i ask not what will the government say or what will even my lord Grey say but what will England say.? this is the question which we Are in the greatest anxiety to Havo answered. That answer we shall take from the press a from the House of lords and from tie House of commons but principally from the press. We have been somewhat enraged in the Hope that this Union of belgians and French will not to ill received by the British press in consequence of articles which have recently appeared in the morn Uig chronicle and in the courier. But we know Well that these Are not the sole organs of Public opinion in great Britain and we wait with profound anxiety to know the sentiments of lie other journals of London and of the provinces. Nor Aro we less an Nous to know How the announcement of this fact will be acc Civco in the houses of parliament. We Hope to see the Althorp Brougham and Greys of England Range on the we could Hope nothing from the Duke of Wellington or or. Peel after their dcclanition.iagain5t Quot the bad which France set by Lier july revolution Quot a but from lord Palmerston the enlightened representative of Liberal Cam Bridges we May Hope notwithstanding i signature is a filed to the cursed heartless Sli Ameul protocol of january 20�?notwithstanding this fact in Tho disgrace of which Talleyrand must also participate we still do Hope very much from the British Secretary of the foreign department should we hoi Vever be mistaken in i lordship or in the policy of the British cabinets to Havo still to look to the Justice humor and love of of the British people. Allow me then toc Deavor to disabuse the minds of Tho British Public of twi or three capital errors which live taken Possession of a portion of your populate and attempt at least to show that if a i be declared by England a inst France in Coa Requenez of this election it will be Tho most unjust and wicked War which Mankind has contemplated even for Ages past. I am of course re zoning upon the supposition that Louis will act up to the principle he has professed that he will prove that he is truly French that be will not to Avert the possibility Ivar involve this country in internal disquiet and Render Belgium and France both Dis suit isfried and injured. I am of course supposing that the Duke of Nemours who is elected King of the belgians will become their King that the pro Lotio of january 20, will become null and void that Luxembourg will form part of Belgium and not to be torn from it that Maeste Richt and Venlo the province of Limbourg a and that of Antwerp will belong to the new state of regenerated revolutionized Belgium and that dutch troops will no longer be permitted to occupy the Citadel of Antwerp nor dutch vessels keep under restrictions i speak advisedly the navigation of the Scheldt Well then if All this be done France by i uis Philip and the Lafitte ministry a what will England say the first objection which will to made will by that the protocol of Tho 20 h i �3 opposed to this arrangement and that the Prince Talleyrand is a party to that protocol i admit this. But Why May we not undo on Tho 6th february a protocol of the 20lh january if that protocol be unjust now then let me ask the readers of the morning chronicle if they did not Blush to find the name of their foreign Secretary at the foot of that document did they Ever read a More shameful barefaced violation of the rights of men and of nations Tho belgians were by that protocol handed Over some to the dutch some to the germanic confederation and some were allowed to remain belgians but under orders to maintain a Perreida neutrality the partition of Poland Hye Congress of Vienna was not one Iota Oro scandalous and unworthy. The Pittoco of a Nuiry 20 was received in for Nikob by one burst of indignation and to to such a diplomatic proceed was More than thou Reich could Bedarff silence or without Manifest emotional West Fiat miserable and wicked Proton a j ties Havo pro Esteil in Franco. The Ultra royalists and Tho to republicans and of the Quot stationary Quot �?�steiiii�?�11, All have protested against this wretched protocol. It has been Regar Iod by by parties As a violation of Tho critic Isles of Justice Good kith Liberty and re on. To assent tit would to to overturn the revolution of july and to Aid in the establishment of Europe. Toas sent to it would be to declare a adherence to one of Tho most outrageous violations of the principle of non intervention which can to possibly imagined. I would be to laugh and yet smite at the same moment a it would be the most unparalleled act of hypocrisy which Histo could prot ice audit would terminate by a rising on the part a the belgians against the decision of the five Powers which Franco would not afterwards oppose for Franco would applaud such a rebillion Well then this protocol should to stand in the Way if the recognition of the Duke one incurs As King of the belgians. But it will add something More than tins. To tip French government has already signified to the of the other Powers that it cannot ratify this most outrageous measure. It has already availed itself a a a its right to refuse to confirm a. Measure proposed and carried by Tho majority. It has sought to have the in Iota Quot of the Bri feh government on a his protest and wishes to take no step which shall not meet with the concurrence of its powerful and enlighten red ally. Tout whether Iny lord Palmerston shall or shall not Eon firm this protocol and the Tiff Louis Philip shall or shall not consist to the nomination just made of his son to be King of the belgians one thing a seen an that in no Case whatever will Franco assent to the protocol of january 20. Nor can i really doubt that i May add and England will not consent what England with whig ministry Quot a Liberal ministry just on the eve of proposing a Reform of Portia ment and the Extension of civil rights in the Extension of the elective suffrage what England acknowledge a protocol hich lots out people As auctioneers lot it furniture and which hands Over some to the Dut i and some to Germai ome to ruin millions of Independent and enlightened beings because they have not sufficient brute Force to oppose the five Powers so conspiring against their liberties and happiness no not England will not confirm this protocol and Russia Austria and Prussia will alone acknowledge this specimen of their Handy work. I repeat then that this protocol cannot ought nol and i believe will not stand in the Way of the recognition by Engla Iid of the Duke of Nemours King of Tho belgians. 2d. It is said by some and will doubtless be repeated by others that France and the new French government have conspired to bring about this election and that it is the result of intrigue. This statement is false. If the French government had conspired Belgium would Long Ere this have been United to France. It was not even necessary to have consented to the reunion and the Drapeau a Vico Ore would have floated on every Tower. It is said indeed that by refusing to acknowledge the Duke of Leuchtenberg the French government compelled the belgians to select the Duke of Nemours. But although i highly condemn this refusal on the part of stir government yet let it also be borne in mind that Tho Duke of Nemours was in like manner refused and that by Tho same official Organ. The election of the Duke of Nemours has taken place in spite of the declaration of his father in spite of the designation of Princo Otho of Bavaria As a suitable candidate in Spile of every sort of Dis Coura ment Given by the government of the palais Royal to the belgian Congress and belgian Diplomatist and in spite of the most Complete misunderstanding Between the representatives of the provision dial government and m. Sebastiani. Read in Fine the speeches which have been made in the belgian Congress and you will find that the Rea son for this election is the desire cherished by the belgians for a re Union to France. It is not then Truo that such a conspiracy has existed or that to has been elected in consequence of any intrigue. But what is this that i hear what is this report which if True May indeed involve France in anarchy Belgium in civil War and Europe in trouble it is this that Louis Philip King of the French will Lef Iise for Bis son the proposed Crown and that the belgians will be again left free to choose whom they will provided they do not choose any one whom the five Powers May disapprove this is the report. We shall know its truth or its falsehood to Morrow. If True then not Only will Bellum be rendered desolate but Franco will truly mourn. But Tho the Union will then be again postponed it will not be thereby prevented. There will indeed be another obstacle to surmount Shore delay negotiations and efforts will be necessary but the Union will take place and nothing con prevent it. Let us Hope however that the report is false let us Hope so for the Sake of Louis Philip and of the Duke of Nemours but let us Hope so for More for Tho Sake of France Belgium and the Success of the Quot it eaten to happiness principle a whith is inn cipro of civil nation uber and 1 i am. Sir your obedient servant,. Revolution in Italy., posts Cristain the few Vork evening Post of saturday a commercial advertiser announce the arrival of the packet ship France froth Havre whence she sailed on the 13th of february. A Havre paper of that Dato says that a Telegraph communication has Lieen made at Lyons that a serious revolution had broken out in Italy a that Quot Reggie Bologna and Modena had been overthrown and Hattlie Duke of Flodena had been killed. \ a second edition of Gali Iii of the 10th of feb. Announces the Sci it per Telegraph of disc Ches from Lyons communicating tie few Surti serious insurrection in Italy Quot. It broke out at the Samo thine in Reggio Modena and the insurgents had adopted Tho tri coloured cockade. At tie departure of the courier the tips of the Duke of Mode la were fighting in the streets with to ont fur gents. Cardinal capillary had been Cle cled pope., a private letter from pfc did of the 1st feb., slates Liat the of Spanish gov can Matt has been drive into hostile Nina sures by the Intro i of the apostolic Par i to. All the provincial Regini Leiis 43. In number Serif put Niider arms accounts from Venico Stato that Vei thing in that capital wears a a Arlite appearance. News from constantinople so Iowa dts position on the part of the grand a Eigher to Avail himself of the embarrassments of Russia to Avade Tho execution of the re it treaty. The cholera Moribus had broken out in Austria. Poland. Room in Temps tiie emperor Nicholas has just conferred the general government of Poland upon Field marshal Diebitsch. This appointment accords with the system adopted by tic emperor with regard to that country. On the other hand Tho exclusion of the House of Romanzoff pro bounced by the Senate renders a reconciliation impossible and the intervention of the Powers can in he present state of affairs Lead to no favourable result. Thus the polish question will be decided in Tho Field of Battle. It should be remembered that the russian troops were constantly beaten in their first Campaign against Turkey and that to poles Aro More warlike and animated wit i More ardent courage than the turks. As to marshal Diebitsch who possesses capacity and Resolution and who exposes himself by this War to lose a Milita Fame lately acquired there is no doubt of his pushing a direct attack upon Warsaw. By this method he commenced his career for the advice of this officer although Young pre valid in 1814 in the Council of the russian generals and induced the emperor Alexander to March direct upon Paris contrary to the other Gen reals. Much boasting is related to have been lately made by marshal Diebitsch at Berlin where he placed himself at the head of the War party against France a party which consists of the Prince Royal and All the Noble officers who Are known in the court Circle by the name of Dan Sears Des princesses. The poles will therefore have to Strug Gle against a Young general full of Ardour and daring who a ill gain every thing Byl heir ruin and against a warlike and numerous army but they have also old generals who made All the campaigns of Napoleon. The manifestos of the emperor and the appointment of Mishal Diebitsch above All intimate to them the Fate which awaits them in the event of a defeat. It is possible that the pre cautions and the violent hatred of Tho rus sians towards their enemy May turn a gain themselves by inspiring the poles with All the strength and courage which Are derived from despair. Bait. Republican. On the Way to the Tower or to Newgate to tomorrow morning by i lie ,-in another column Ivey placed an extract from British papers received by the Sylvanus Jenkins narrating the seen of confusion which took Placo Iti the House of commons on tie occasion of or. Mahon s speech. Bait. Republican. Secret society in . O Gorman Mahon in Tho course of his recent speech in the British parliament on a motion for producing the proclamation of lord Anglesey made a bold avowal of the of society fora Long time past whose object was the repeal of the be warned the House of Tho situation of affairs in Ireland and he would stat one fact which ought especially to Call Forth the spirit of conciliation which he required. He had been for eleven years and a half a member of a select society which had for its object Trio repeal of Tho Union. This would show to the House How irishmen Felt and what was their determination. When he had last addressed the House a Hod not been permitted to state this fact but now he had authority to do so. The proceedings of Tho 60ciet3 j and its existence had been kept secret and when it was found that tire whole of Ireland orangemen presbyterian Sand All had Tho Sam common object the society was dissolved. The people Lead taken up Tho question and a secret society Upo nit was no longer required. Stated the a facts for Tho information of the House Onetho government add to show the state of Ireland he cued do Quot a hat the it Teetai action might be to Irb Myrete not too insignificant he might final Nii Cir proclamation of the lord lieutenant. House of combos feb. 8 o Gorman Mali ii in rising to make his notion relating to the proclamations issued by the lord Iii tenant sine tie passing of the act against unlawful Hassein Blies said he was induced to solicit a Grea a ter Gorlion of the indulgence of the House than usually fell to the lot of members ill his situation. He prayed for indulgence in bringing for Ivard his unsavoury topic. Laughter. He re the honourable member appeared to icel he ranked hit Hon Friend the member for Limerick for his sneer. It would Boap Precia fed in Ireland. Cry of Quot order order Quot. The speaker said he Rose to ii it Kropt that which he was Stire the Hon. Member Hii self would consider Gorman do Cis Ion of the hou5e,but Oij a not i consider Iii self out of order. Why Shoum the Hon Ohrablo member for Limerick a Ted other Hon. Members sneer he. Ott of order. T 5ii�-c.-Wetherell Rose to order,.and, that Tho tone and Ina Aner ass Hwd bar tie Hon. Member were unusual aikido a Larry to the feeling of the House. His Hopo was that the gentle representation made by Tho speaker would have had due effect if not it was Tho duty of the chairman to Rise again and insist upon order. A o Gorman Mahon said the Hon. Member for Boroughbridge had called upon the speaker to Rise from his chair and Prit him Down. Cry of Quot no a i say he did said o Morinan Mahon and let any Man stand Forward and say he did loud exclamations of Quot order a the speaker let the Hon. Gentler Maunder sum that when i stand Forward to interrupt any gentleman s speech i do it in a manner by the greatest Lenity. The Hon. Member i Hope will not Beana inception to those who be Lieve i never interfere when a member is not out of order. I Hope he will take the hint and not Call on me to discharge a More direct duty a hear hear hear o tongan Mahon thanked the spec Ker for not declaring him out of a the speaker had Given him fair play knowing that he had not been guilty of Anyo Flence. The Hon. And Learned member for Boroughbridge acc stained by Kis profession to Pervert facts has declared him to be out of cry of Quot chair Hon. Mem Bari in the last sentences he uttered was disorderly on two grounds. In Tho first Faco he was alluding to a subject not before the House and secondly he was preferring charges against the professional conduct of an Hon. Member. O Gorman Mahone Well then i have done with the member for Boroughbridge. We shall meet again. Order the speaker i the honourable mein ber docs not feel i Hopo the House will feel what is due to its own claim nothing for myself personally but i claim respect for the dignity of the House and chair. I Tell the honorable member again to was out of order ii both occasions and i must impress Spoti the Hon. Member that this House has never been in Trio habit of submitting to Tho manner in which to is now addressing them without tie Snetiker giving notice to Tho Hon. Member out Brosor to retrace missteps. If he perseveres the speaker will Tonko the course which belongs to Hira. The Hon. Member will be called by name and brought before the House. A will then be obliged to answer for his misconduct. O Gorman Mahon after the denunciation which he had heard did not know whether a ought Noi to consider himself a person arraigned at the bar of that House. He admitted that he might Havo been wrong in the Boron badge cases but that member from Limerick had not treated him fairly. To still believed to had not been guilty Ofa breach of order. Having taken his so at waiting for some further intimation from Tho chair the speaker called Tipon him in Tho usual manner for his motion. John Bicknell of buc meld has invented a boat we Ich a a to by the weight of the cargo without the Zaidof team. Of course tha More heavily it is loaded the swifter it goes. It must to like an eel Tho stronger you Giap Hin Tho quicker he slips thro your fingers or to Soumou Piug like the to s Fence Laili so crooked they would not lie still when he is loading his boat at the wharf i doubt he has to keep it tied fast or it would Beo Flike a Colt that had supped Hissin die. He Flats to sell shares but nothing about patemiya�tg3te,-Jmg. The keenest abuse tour Petiet Pic not Hurt Lis so re Tich to the Testim tii tic the discerning As Tate injun Dicilia unit eve our Zienis Quot Quot Quot Minji

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