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Indianapolis Indiana Democrat (Newspaper) - April 16, 1831, Indianapolis, Indiana A by a. F. Morrison Indiana Oija a saturday apr in a 1831. Tol. To bpm. I to dollars per at Uijun in Alt Dace. Two Louara Ami Fiat cents at six Mondis. Three dollars at the cod of the Yem. From the London poetical album. The three tabernacles. . By Herbert Mowles. Quot a Lei Hills it i Good to be Hyrc if to Quot but 1� �11 make him Tabe Maclis Doc for elite of Moses and one Fot to be ult Lious it Etu Buiu but for whom nor Ellas not Moses appear a but the shadows of eve that encompass with gloom the Ali ode of the dead and the place of the Tomb. Shall be built to am Ilion a no Afati Guled he Slit Niketh att Aye for Sec a they would pin him below in dark narrow Cave Ami be Girt Widi cold Clay to the meanest of reptiles a peer and a prey. Unit Beauty a not die forgets the Charm that Slie wielded before nor know s the foul worm that he frets the skin that but Yeste Nlay fools could adore for the smoothness it held or the Tinis which it a a re. Piini Leof Pride to the trapper Liat alien the proud alas they Are All Laid aside for Here s neither wealth Coradon Imant allow a save tie Long winding Sheet and the fringe of the shroud. Unto riches alas a sin vain who Here in their turns have been hid. Their wealth is All i Uander d a ainu and Here in the grave arc All metals forbid. Save the tinsel that shines on the dark coffin lid. To the pleasures that mirth can afford. The revel the laugh and die jeer ? a herein a plentiful Board but the Euesta arc All mute at their pitiful cheer and none but the worm is a reveller Here shall we build to affection and love a no they have withered and died Orfei with tiie spirit above friends Brothers and Sisters ate Laid Side by. Side yet none have saluted and none have replied unto sorrow a a the Deail cannot Grieve Kot a sob not a sigh meets my ear. Which compassion itself could Leliever a sweetly Ulicy slumber nor love Hope nor fear. Peace peace is the watch Ivord the Only one hero unto death a to whom monarchs Mustow a no for his Empire is known. And Here there Are trophies Enow beneath the cold Beal and around the dark Stone. And the Stiffis of a sceptre Liat none May disown. The first them acc to Hopewe will build. And look for the sle Peia around us to Risty the second to Faith which insures it fulfilled and the third to tie Lamb Oftie great sacrifice a Nuho bequeath d us Vliem both when he Rose to the slits the Bear. The following interesting Accotink of the Polar Bear is extracted from a incr j family Library a work abounding in the snort useful and amusing information. Quot in the caves of the rocks or in hollows of the ice dwells the most formidable of Arctic quadrupeds the Greenland or Polar Bear. This fierce tyrant fihe Cliffs and Sno tvs of the North unites the strength of the lion with the Unta Mcable fierceness of the Hyena. A Long Shungi a covering of White Short hair and a copious Supply of fat enabled him to defy the Winter of this rigorous climate. Under the heat of briton he suffers the Roost painful sensations Pennant saw one Over whom it was necessary Froni time to Timo to pour Large Paula full of water. Another kept for some years by professor Jameson evidently suffered severely by the heat of an Edinburgh Suin Mer. The haunt of the beat is on the dreary Arctic , or on mountains of ice soil Selimes two Hundred i Niles from land yet he is not strictly speaking Ara Philipus. To Cunt remain under water but a few moments and he reaches Bis Raar irime stations Only by swimming from one Ico fragment to another. Or. Scoresby the swimming reach to Eluee Miles yet Parry found one in the Centre of Barrow s Strait where it wos40 Miles across this Bear prowl continually for his prey which consists chiefly of the smaller cetacean and of seals which unable to contend with him shun their Fato by keeping a strict watch and ply singing into the tvs paths of the water. With the Walrus he holds dreadful and doubtful encounters and that powerful animal with his enormous lurks freq Ien try Beatah of with great damage. The my of altar but Iva Ches ii truly for Tai huge carcass in dead Fate which a Foril him a prolonged and delicious feast Hel Isufi it at the distance of Miles. All. These a our a of Supply Teing precarious,.he is some ism for weeks without food am the airy hunger then becomes tremendous. Ii to such periods Man viewed by it Mola As his prey is attacked with Peculiar Fier Renss. The annals of the North Are filled with accounts of Iho most Peri Long and fatal conflicts of the Polar Bear. The first and one of the most trip tical was Susta ined by Barentz and hem Skerlec in 1596, during their voyage for the of the North East passage. Having anchored at an Island near the Strait of Way Gatz two Oft a sailors landed and were walking on a Horo when one of hem Felt himself closely hug from this a frolic of one of his Coro Anions a Quot Quot tiled out in a Contoi pending tone. Quot whup Hosrof Pray stand his comm i i looked and a named out a Bear a i hear Quot then naming to the ship Loroi de the Crew Wilh Load cries. The sailors ran to the spot armed with pikes and sets. On the approach the Bear very coolly quilted the mangled corps sprung upon another Sailor carried him off and plunging his Teeth in his body began Drin. . Hereupon the whole of the Stout Crew struck with terror turned their bocks ind bed precipitately to the ship. On arriving there they began to look at each other unable to feel much satisfaction with their Owr prowess. Three then stood Forth under taking to avenge the Fate of their country men and to secure for them the rights of burial. They advanced and fired at first from to respectful a distance that they ail missed. The Purser then courageously proceeded in front obis companions and taking a close aim pierced the monster Skull immediately below the Eye. The Bear however merely lifted his head and a lanced upon Thein holding still in his Mouth the victim whom he was devouring but seeing him soon stagger the three rushed on him with Sabre and Bayonet and soon despatched him. Thoy collected and bestowed decent sepulchre on the mangled limbs of their comrades while the skin of the animal 13 feet Long became the prize of the Sailor who had fired Thi successful shot. The history of the record a number of remarkable escapes from the Bear. A dutch Captain Jonge Kees in 1668, undertook Wilh Tivo canoes to a. Tack one and with a Lance gave Hira c dreadful wound in the belly that his in Rae Diato death seemed inevitable. ious therefore not to injure the skin keep merely followed the animal close till h should drop Doton dead. The Lear hot Ever having climbed a Little Rock made i Spring from the distance of 24 feet upon the Captain who taken comparatively by Surprise lost hold of the Lance and fell beneath the assailant who placing both paws on his breast opened two rows of try Mendito is Teeth and paused for a ment As if to show Hira All the horrors of his situation. At this critical instant a Ailor rushed Forward with Only a scoop succeed cd in alarming the monster what made off leaving the Captain without the slightest injury. In 1788, Captain Cook of the archangel when near he coast of Spitsbergen found himself suddenly Between the paws of a Bear. To instantly called on the surgeon who act my Anis him to fire which the latter did with such admirable promptitude and precision that he shot the beast through the head and delivered the Captain. Sir. Hawkins of the Ever Thorpe in july 1818, having pursued and twice struck a Large Bear had raised i Lance for a third blow when the animal sprung Forward seized him by the thigh and threw him Over his head into the wat a. Fortunately it used this advantage Only o its own escape. Captain scoresby mentions a boat s Crew which at inc cd a Bear in the spit Borgen sea hut Ini Inal having succeeded in climbing Side of the boat All the sailors thre Thom selves for safety in Lotho water where they Hung by the gunwale. Tie Victor it Rcd triumphantly and took Possession of the Barff there it was shot by another party. The same writer mentions the contrivance Ofa Sailor who being pursued by one of these creatures threw Down successively his hat handkerchief and every other article in his Possession when the brute Pau sit at each gave the Ailor always a certain advantage and Nabl Dhim finally to regain the vessel. Though the voracity of the Bear is such that he has been known to feed on his own species yet maternal tenderness is As conspicuous in the female a in other inhabitants of the Frozen regions. There is no exertion which she will not make for the Supply of her progeny. A she Bear with her own cubs being pursued by some sailors across a Field of ice and finding that neither by e.\amplc, nor by Peculiar voice and action she could urge them to the requisite Speed applied Hei paws and pitched them alternately Forward. The Little creatures whet selves As she came up threw themselves before her to receive the impulse and thus both she and they of jilted their escape. Bears Are by no Means devoid of intelligence. Their schemes for entrapping seals and other animals on which they feed often display considerable ingenuity. The manner in which the Polar hear sur Fol his victim is thus to described by Captain Lyon a on seeing his intended prey he gets quietly into , and swims to Leward position from whence dives to Sile itly makes his a Proa a and so arranges his distance last dire to Catnes to Iho ipod where to Al is lying. If the poor animal att Emnot Elf Capo by in Biog into the water he Fallahi touche paws of the Scafi if on tha contrary , his destroyer makes a powerful Spring kills him on the ice and devout a at Leos Katmo sailors endeavouring a catch a Bear placed n noon of. A Rone idiom Jas Snow baited with a piece of to Bale s Fly Alil the boar however contrived throbs in Cen Sive tines to push the noose and carry off the bait unhurt. Capitain sores by had half tamed two cubs which-uso4 even to walk lilo deck hut Thiv showed them selves restless under this ipod finally effected their co Eit. The new Vork Quot tart Cher Quot publishes the following extract from a speech made by m r. O Connell Matadin Bergiven to him in Liberator appears to increase in his bold and fearless determine Ali to assert the rights of his i. Free press. Quot i do not condescend to argue the Case the repeal of the Union As one of necessity. I am an irishman and i deny that any Nailon upon Earth is our Superior. I know of no people who Are More virtuous i know of no nation possessed of Superior Talent and i deny that any cd Unerv is entitled to be the Nasier of Ireland. Hear Bear i know of nothing in our composition which should make us Grovel to the Earth before others and 1, for one can never to be a slave. Cheers we Are too Good too Stoul too Strong to Wear Fetters and to Are too unanimous to ure cheers am t to be told that to Are not Strong enough to be independen t am f certain that i underrate the inhabitants of Ireland when i estimate them bit Al Eichi millions hear a is there not in Ireland then sufficient number to constitute us on Independent nation it was a Maxim of Gral tank and it was one which has Long since in deep into my heart Quot Lel no country submit to a province a he she is sing enough to t e a cheers Porlie iral has Only two millions of Inha hians rid is an Independent nation. Spain Ide As she ii has not above is or seven Lillions of inh Bitonte and she is an Independent Nailon. Naples is an in Lepon Dent nation and she has not at on Thrno ins of inh Bilams Sicily included. Switzerland which is now turning into e Republic has not above a million and half of inhabitants. , one of Iho most powerful slates of the co Lineni and which has Nolab Ovesia millions of inhabitants is dreaded by All the Nalic is of Europe. Sweden has not More than three millions of she too is dependent nation. Pilai re blessed be god for it Wilh her four million is an Independent nation. Do i forget Liell Iii i believe not in is a mistake i am no Likely to commit. A she Der three millions of Inha Bilan a and so. Has dissolved her Legi Linle Union and ii ies pile of the despots of Europe she has Lieen proclaimed Independent. H w us rior is the situation of All these countries Ireland Quot re rare of have Sot Al limes noticed a for Raan Aifoi luring or Oricht nails in Vencil by m . Which has for a me Lime been Oner aled by a comp in idol place. Or. I Janows has Brm his most valuable invention he labour of Vears under every discount Gemeni to perfection so that it will take from the Rod and deliver 200 wrought nails a minute Superior in every respect to the nails worked on the Anvil. Though we regret this invention is to pc removed from the slate we most Cor rally Confer Allate the indefatigable inventor and his associates upon the Transfer of it i h the exclusive right to is in Philadelphia for the sum of 100,-100 dollars. Its proprietors intend Pul ing it into extensive operation and we Hall before Long find a Supply of wrought nails in the Market nearly As cheap As the Cut . Daily . New Vbk Maer 24. The tide Brig Delight ii Philadelphia from Canton brought out -�524,000 in specie. A letter slates that half a million been recently to Europe. If China is Todnem Bogue its a Ilver upon the Western nations while the visual Supply from Mexico and Siuth America continues the effect will be to make the article a greater drug Enen than it is at present. And it is already the dullest commodity in the Money Market. Any Good paper is preferred before it. Jour of a to tool. Latest from Europe. By the ship clematis arrived at Boston on Friday from Havre the editor soothe Gazette daily advertiser and Sentinel received files of Paris papers to the 6th feb. And Havre to the 9tb. The Dike of Nemours second son of the King Oflahe French was chosen King if Belgium by Llie National Congress on the 3d of feb. Afier a Long discussion on the 1st, 3d Landsd which turned chiefly on Tho comparative pretensions of the Duke de Leuchtenberg and tha Duke de Nemours it was finally voted to close the discussion and proceed to the vote. The proceeding was conducted Wilh solemnity and in profound silence. A committee of eight members to count was appointed by lot. They were seated around a table within the Semi Circle in front of the Tribune. After the votes were received the urn was emptied upon tie table nod one of the members of the committee counted to votes aloud. Thoy were found to be m a number which corresponded with Tho number Ofra Emiera a to Flat a twofer ing Fth to from sickness. The i mint tee thai proceeded to read the name of each Loter am Oft a candiiiatsvot�4 for us amp mtlnaliatofetich1 4 -1 the Duke de Nemours has been elected King of Belgium by a majority of one Vole. The election look place at a session of the National Congress on the 3rd february. On the first Lial lol the whole number of votes was 191�?of which the Dike de Nemours had 89�?ihe Duke de Leuchten Birg g7�?and Iho Arch Duke Charles of Austria 35. Neither having obtained the requisite majority the Congress proceeded to a second ballot when it ii Pearing that the whole number of Voles was 1112, and that the Duke de Nemours had 97, for the Duke de Leuch iceberg 74, and for the a Archduke Charles of Austria 21 the president proclaimed him King of Belgium. The president had scarcely pronounced this decision when Iho Rry of Long live the Duke de Neron Urf Long live the King of Belgium Quot burst Forth from All quarters. General Joy pervaded Tolje whole people. The can poured Forth their deep loved voices the sirels were spontaneously illuminated and troops of Young people per ambulate the City bearing the tri coloured flog singing la , and shouting for Nemours and the King. The Duke de Nemours was born on 1814,and Iso course in the 17th year of his age. The journal Des do bats of fel.6,discusses Ihen Ebelher Tho King of the French on the part of his son ought to accept of this dignity thus conferred upon him by a majority of Tivo Voles Flera Long and angry debate in the National Congress. It state s a of Iho obstacles which the Young kiting at sixteen years of age would have to inc fainter among a Divi led people who have their Coustie Inion yet to establish includes Wilh the declaration thai m forbids exposing the Young Prince France and even Belg him to the dangers which would be incurred by an accept Anoe . The Piris Consitt Lionel of Fob 8. Avs that in regard to the great que Slinn if the refusal or acceptance of the Belgium throne nothing official has been de idea at least such was believed to be the fact. The deputies of he belgian con Gress had arrived in Paris and were pro idea with lodgings in the Street de v Ennes at the Public expense. They had been visited by the minister of foreign Afi Yiirs and marshal Girard. They were Nice in number at the head of whom Ivam. de erode. It appears that the French Govi ment hns dissented from the protocols of the conferences to the ambassadors of the five Powers in London. In tvo or three is laces Viz one which defines the Boi Dary lines Between Holland and Belgium and one which relates to the proportions if the Public debt to be borne by two Stales. The French government dissented from these dispositions on the ground that the Allied Powers interposed Only As mediators and that the matters to which these two protocols related ought to be adjusted by the two slates by Mutual consent. It is a Ai l that there is to third protocol to which the French government has not dissented the object of which is to exclude from the Ihone of Belgium hip chiefs of he five Allied Powers and the princes of their re ipe Clive families. A in the course Ofa debate in the French chamber of deputies on Iho 5th of february on the regulations the prisons and the employment of amp its the keeper of the seals said in reply to some remarks of or. De Tracy that Tho government for the purpose of a Al Ealing the establishment of the Best Penitentiary system possible had omitted no Kindbe research and that at this moment two magistrates had received an appointment to make a voyage to America so Asio ascertain the Best organization which has been in operation in that country the Penitentiary system. Gen. Barnard had arrived m France from the United states. The Sentinel has been politely favored Ith Acop of the following extract Ofa Letzel to messes. J. And b. Wells dated Havre feb. 9, which is the latest adv Quot the clematis has been detained by Westerly wind. I write again to say that the nets Froin pans by Estabelle is that the King of prance to the Begic has not yet been Given so that Tho Duke de Nemours May yet be King of Belgium. It is conjectured that Tho French Gwem ment Are wait ing Forde palches from England. There is nothing further the following proclamation was issued by the Regency of Brussels on Tho result of the election. The burgomaster and magistrates Shevins to the inhabitants of Brussels. Quot citizens oar representatives have consummated our glorious revolution. Quot Tho destinies of be mum Are fixed. His Royal highness Louis Charles Phillippe d Ite of Nemours is elected King of the belgians. A son of a citizen King who has preserved Oier Fine country from foreign invasion and bloody reactions has in Contos Tible titles to our love and stir gratitude. I citi>n8 under Tho sceptre of a Prince of our Choice we shall to a too and a dependent nation. _ live this the oiking Dino at Brussels by Fob. Imi. Pqpppje., Quot the Secretary Bic Sweis feb. 5th.�?the greatest Tranquility prevails. The proclamation of yesterday which annoy nth de that on the 6lh, 18,000 loaves and 8,000 francs would be distributed was received by Tho people Wilh acclamations. Congram is deserted scarcely a but Lucienl number of deputies remain to continue the discussion of the Constitution. But one desire animates All persons that of seeing the King whom the nation has just elected. We have been assured says a Brussels Jonii Nal that the deputation who will wait upon the Duke de Nemours will request Gen. Lafayette to accompany the Young the deputies from Belgium were at Paris on the 8th feb. But had not Heel officially received by the King it was reported on change that they would not be admitted to an audience until an Imster had Lieen received from the Cabinet of st. James to a despatch forwarded by a special courier. The Paris Coslit Tionel observes that it is the opinion of Many members of the deputation that Tho hesitancy of the Gore Ern ment to receive them is owing to the Small majority by which the Duke of be hours was elected. They assert How Over that had the belgians been certain i the throne s being accepted the majority would have been immense. The Duke of Micuch Tenbury having ascertained that the King of the French is opposed to his nomination As King Eif Belgium wrote to the Duke of Bassano the following letter which was read in the Belgica chamber pending the election what is to be Dono after the opposition of the French government submit and hink no More of it. Nobody could have foreseen this obstacle but nobody Hiis wished or could wish for any thing which would be disagreeable to the King of the the Duke of bos ans coup Ica Ted this letter to the French minister and he transmitted it to Brussels to show that the Prince did not wish to press his claims. Extract Ofa letter to a gentleman in Boston dated have feb. 6. We have nothing new As regards russians Are advancing in a Verj powerful Force which the poles cannot resist with any Hope of Success. This was probably seen by the dictator when he resigned his place. Another dictator has been chosen. Paris feb. 6th.�?on Tho news of the election of the Duke de Nemours to the throne of Belgium the minister of Poi Ign affairs the British ambassador Antl m. Rothschild immediately despatched couriers to London. At the National theatre on the night ofthe27th Jan. Quot the revolution of the 27th, 28lh and 29th july 1830,&Quot was performed. The House was crowded and the play was received with reiterated bursts of applause. The repetition in of some passages was demanded and on the cry of Quot Long live France Liberty the charter and Lafayette Quot uttered from the stage in the course of the performance the Siu Zience simultaneously mingled their acclamations with those of the actors. Count Diebitsch has issued two proclamations addressed to the poles and the polish Are echoes of those issued by the emperor. Prince Michael Radziwill had been elected commander in chief of the polish Irmy. War Star Isle letters speak in decided language of the uni Niin Ity and enthusiasm of Tho a ple a tha dictator had not Heen visible for Somi time it was reported that he had been seized with mental alien nation. Reports were in circulation thai hostilities had commenced and that the poles were Victori the Berlin Gazette publishes the following extract from a commercial letter dated Warsaw 28th january a i at the sitting of the diet yesterday night the throne of Poland was u unanimously declared to last accounts from the frontiers hostilities had not yet Rome Jan. 27.�?two Days since an event happened of which no one knows the cause but which has greatly disturbed the Tranquility of Rome and Tho conclave. At 8 o clock in the evening a bomb Shell burst in the Centre of Tolje Palace where the cardinals Are assembled. Every one put himself on the Alert. The police and authorities of Tho a to yrs a immediately on foot Pat rollers scoured the streets but to Trace was ii a a ref i the author of Lee alarm. According to the London courier the question of Reform was to be pres Evitea to parliament by the Minista re Tho . Letters from Madrid of the ii7th Jan by leave no doubt says the journal of the Otholt. A tothe augmentation proposed by Ferdinand in his military Stab ashment it will be extended As far As lab situation Oft a trs Mqry will admit. It it Saivii of Aguado for Spain is caused he poise Financil pro it a cts hich will enable the 40 Bat Lalicin Oft Vic Tel militia. A i fit Ica Mif Lgth Sim this Max a ois a.,j

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