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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Indianapolis Gazette (Newspaper) - January 19, 1854, Indianapolis, Indiana B. Tails Quot Hon my no pm january 19, 1854.pif Democrat a i fax Ftp cent per copy for one year Tova Clabou a in shall received a a Pitt copy pfc tue. Quot a Anil i quota Quot a Jae Indiana free demo crat. Law the Indiana Vree de ii Socrat a Quot earthed by tall at the following Low rate to lib a to by via Qiu Arterly in Advance a the r at the a or not d6utery- to any Post office in Mahon to any it Post inc amp in the state of Indiana per Quarter or thirteen conts by year Ito other Wrt Oft United Statman ter Prfu six a lid k Hilf cents per que Neir of Twenty six. Inott Lenl Pipara one cd it to. Any. Of the United Lifjar paid a Kwh i if a it big is we a Nelom Bill in to Many rms i a we Hope they will i Ritly a red to. It May be possible that k id whom i Send have already paid the a Yotz a or started it by mail if a �?�11 la hoi ild have sent these Billsen a Bui 1ir� ii at been ii Noble to do so. We shall i to4 Feir others next week. It the Quot Jadw bad cd ought to Vry Given a More ext a did notice of this Grbav id a ii to Feiy cd athe Hng <6f Good and Trae men bar i ii to wed but want a time prevents lie Addi of ind Tesolin irions speak for themselves John we can barely Call attention circular in behalf of John free a we m something More. Ij8ayj.of give the. A0qtt �ohiyn8itt.we learn from the a amp lately been some difficulty it a the nil Tyi of the above institution and i portion or a students which resulted in a die Dis of to Jauer. The difficulty How con-6�btedr�n ra.4flagrant, violation of the rules of the l ,.on ithe part of the students for which they were a very properly dismissed. The Parent of i sent a letter accompanied by a state a of a Greencastle in fac tag via to severely president them tyrants and exculpate no his Ison from All blame Iii it the matter. The names of the Eton err Ere withheld by the Fader but presi a by Means found them out and. Las Home qut in a counter blast defending himself land Thev faculty and showing pretty conclusively that tlie>chaige8,of malice and tyranny which a Ibran prefer against the College faculty prop Lerly . Heyoung Man i whose Fatherl was so aggrieved by his. Dismissal it Appelb participated in a mob last Bummer by which a Dolored i was expelled from it incas a me and had to sign a paper acknowledging his error in so Dmn. And promising to abstain from future Acta of violence in order to gun admission la tithe the session. President a deity iwas also insulted in his Horsey by the i rowdies to participated in these do Agni Cefulu pro. Feedings. The course of the faculty however is sustained by thei remaining students re is eatable portion of the Community. Can Nnake of a Quot. . Deg my of the f. S. Fri the Constitution a Rived at new York on the 9th inst., Haing in charge the Baltimore sch Gamm which had been end a aged in the african slave Trade off the Congo River. When captured she was just preparing to i receive a or Cargol it is supposed that she would have received from Soo to so slaves in the to a t Row space Between the deck planking Over the water casks a space in which a Man could Nowc it stand Peireck her Crew consisted of eleven men the Captain being a american two mates englishmen. Permission was Given cd pain and Crew either to re Tom in the vet Sel or remain on Shore and shift for themselves. They All preferred the latter Alt native except the Cook and one of the Crew who returned in her. January 1�,�854. Hit Bitici i will drop you a line to let you know that a Good Many walkabout quitting but a what the paper is. Good Renough 1. But they say it is from the wrong course. They Quot say Quot Troi Quot they Cani to paper from Cincinnati Quot for it me Dou or a a a arc a Friend Vaile Yogi see Yogi have two difficulties to contend with the course. And Pri a but if put Yop r paper Down to Jjo i sir a a of you can i it several that will quit Una la a silo to do it have this Minnite seen c. A a Sayfut it in if not Stop it and Nie a let Meks of can do towards putting it div �6il .25.r , ii it a a use l knt we the paper will Ped i by ill but two Quot unless you put the Price Ltd. . A Simiu air Licat ipas a the above live Beed made to us frequently since we have been Public sir ing , a. Can Only reply that we Are and Apps As,,d. Of it the Democrat or of the a ase it a vacates for it a vide circus i tips. Aen oct on asked if made a Genei Pidd be the . Quote Are said spied it Cpd not a sustained at $1 25 per twi. Do it of require a considerably.,Lar Ive now have and we Lave never yet per circulation we i Ngi a a it ii ice in a enough. ,lip the. cents on any one copy $750 Jid to make up the a loss we should need to incr i our list and that to without any est a peas4iinj Dpi it 4 least fifteen bundred. In the Liisu give us As much income As four Trio Saiid and Fipp htjribd\at�.$l�35. We do not know How Pur Fiten it but our own experience leads us it to a ave that we cannot list one half v by Reduci the subscript ii. five pc elite p beep Juie Pip i we Cai get at the present Price. J. Kiu Cincinnati paper top taking democratic , Law paper t can.,Only say it is their a a a Reg in a their Patr a is their inter do so we will. N Ltd Plain i hey thanks for the Jud they endere a us. N \ hunk Bubela Ohio democracy i in Hichs Haa Eret fore held Sci. Balt to it re Ltd on several pcc�8lpn refine do to Taidi it Hae succumbed at last at Ais be Convent ism held fit Columbus on the 7tfa Ipp stir i a the pjs Inci Ples of the i Altimore platform of 1852, were adopted by a vote of Moa Chr a. He direct Tomb of the Jefferson county agr a Alt and society hot meeting at Madison last Satin a Day a it considerable a indignation was . Irr Rar a m on a readers few Intro a of Lution was offered find warmly discussed to d county organization and re Brgan Iee dependent a Fiche state Board it of agriculture but the in Slation was prudency Laid on the table Fri a or Battle of a a a Orleans it it the of Cion of uniting the fragments of demo a i Bui the temp Socrati of note attended Tolian was Antoci patted. I a Pau Dino dm0cbai.f4thi8iis.the Nape of a new paper Sta d in pulling in Putnam county Ohio f pm Prospo i to Boob from the s first in Arnber we judge it Aims to Deal blows at the Hunker ism of the Buck i Eye -demo6rmy Quot wifi to a i tide every the a imn ral of Cor it ing units Elk a racer. But in Rem Vii filth Slit a do be i times becomes necessary to come into Contact with it. If Temperance men aim to put Down do Geries it May be Well to see the kind of argument used to sustain them. Quot we observe that our neighbors of the free Democrat appreciate our forbearance they rebel and conceive that it would be an Honor . It we should condescend to kick up fuss with them. They think it would a too and it Tiiu pay them because they have All the fools in their Side of the House and. Instinct tells them not Only that Ginoi Ance is the Mother of Devotion As Ary teach but also that virtue is its own Reward or habits labor for its pains mail key understand it. Quot it is impossible for them to realize a that we regard them we will not s any As insane men or idiots a for if they were such they would be in some a8ylum, or ought to be and under the care of a benevolent or philosophic keeper who would in the first instance Endeavor to reclaim them by measures of kindness rather than those of violence. We disposed still to be charitable believe of them As we do Mohe Al Formont that they. Are unfortunate enthusiasts Rof that class who if they stare at the Sun Iii a monday brilliancy and blinded by the Light will avow and. Believe that the Sun itself is darkness rather than that their own. Vision is defective or imperfect or to to it weak to endure the illumination which mocks at their presumption. A Quot Solo Korin the Olden time before Strong minded women confounded breeches with brains a taught in this Wise a whip for the horse a bridle for the-�s8, and a Rod for the of oof Back in it the same Book of Wisdom we Are taught that the 0 know eth his stall ass his owner s crib the human Bol Here a Vida Nutly put below the horse , and the. Ass in other words the falsities of human reason below instinctive superiority. Quot will they of the re Domurat take the place which Belo Tigs ? or will they compel us to to amp to it them into it we shall see and whether they realize Jit or not we Ai e ready for either alternative though the latter one would be painful to us As Well As . Quot in our own opinion Uliey have a task hard enough for All their sagacity in Endea voting to make the world believe that a White Man is nearly As a old As a negro provided he 6eaarm himself in this labor of love so Well suited to All their taste and affinities we have no wish to disturb them. In such a Case we Are willing that every Man Sho uld me his Choice according to his tastes. If thenis a of the free Democrat believe negroes to be As Good or better than themselves we certainly shall not quarrel with themis order to demonstrate the contrary. We Are quite willing that they should bask in Al the no my which the Flowers of this Field May afford them. It is quite right they should enjoy the fruits of their labors but it is not right that we should be compelled to join them in violence to our and our taste a. willing that they should go their Way and we desire to go Pur Way in peace though we Are considerably inclined to think there is no peace for the wicked any How. Thev will provoke trouble,.if it does Mot come new in conclusion and for the present. The free Democrat Quot de no a our position for us against our Willand in Defiance of the abstract propositions of ours expressed in re Gard tothe recent decisions of the supreme court which propositions the free Democrat evidently has not sufficient sense and knowledge to comp Eherd. Without waiting for us to enlighten it ignorance it Renews its Folly by an unprovoked and i Grav ated assault in which there is in Ither Rhyine por reason. It voluntarily Sumes the attitude of a slanderer and �fal8�fi�r---a character which in our opinion is baser far than that of the meanest Dogger keeper that can be raked out of the five Points of new York or any other hell on Earth. Quot of All the knaves that this wide Earth is numbered with and cursed the most contemptible is that class which tries to magnify its own pretences of virtue by assailing the most vulnerable Onzy of the faults and errors of their neighbors real or supposed they Are fierce As. Hungry wolves in their assaults upon vice in 2ote places but will Crouch like Meriest soands if a no a robber looks them in the Eye. They Are the Fellows who would shirk we shrink if required to Aid in arresting a murderer but they Are the very ones also who would shout among the mob who accompanied him Gallows. Quot in the kindest feeling we desire our free Democrat neighbors to avoid further attempts at defining Wiir position of any subject. If they cannot comprehend our first expressions we a will at Aby time by to simplify them for their , such is the c%antie2eer a anti Maine Law Argun sent. How Chaste How Clear and forcible How keen its sarcasm How acute its logic How pertinent its allusion to negroes Quot Aroma which the Flowers of this Field May afford Quot to unanswerable argument do you not think Reader that we Are justified in sending it out to 15,000 or 20,000 read ers we beg you to understand that the above article did not emanate As you might imagine from one of the Many Dens in this City which would have mice sed where not Quot Strong minded Quot women but whisky confounds Quot breeches wit i it did not emanate from one in the first Btag ies of delirium Kremens. 0 no. It is a genuine production from the Chaste and Lucid pen of one of the talented the Learned the a Ier. The courteous and gentlemanly men of . Whether the Honor belongs Quot general correspondent Quot or Quot associate editor we leave to themselves to decide. But what is it perhaps some of our new readers inquire which has so excited ? it is simply >th�o8 ago in the absence of the editor,.the person having charge of the Democrat copied from an article in. Its bearing decidedly opposed to a prohibitory liquor Law and made some comments thereon in the course of which he remarked Quot now we do not look upon As being quite As bad As downright stealing a fee. Returning Home before the paper went to press we added the following note a ,.f-. Quot itis it not Toore than stealing. Let the widows , made so by the liquor trafic answer. Let the victim Quot of delirium Kremens answer let the staus tics of a he Penitentiary a nil go Lowr Atis wer the Cobai it ulcer seemed dissatisfied and intimated that we had Quot partially misconceived it on the subject of the present License Law Quot whereupon we stated two weeks ago that we would cheerful july make the amende honorable whenever the error was pointed out and added Quot we had ii Ped to see in favor of temp of a Rich a in favor of a prohibitory Law. Wetter defines cant cd Eer a cock so called from the clearness or loudness of his voice in crowing ? now it seems to us that it a foul cock that can Crew Eithe i clearly or Over licenses to a in a drunkards licenses to Robien of their Mon a by rss Ems licenses to make National and a Diane beings maniacs and fiends. It is a ill cock that can Crow Over such we Are Liot disposed to think the cant to Verso depraved a of a Jirl. So we wait patiently but hopefully Tor the Tleimat Depmore fully hereafter Quot. This is the f a in i provoked and aggravated assault Quot Fri a Jap Ressing the Hope a Charity a Jle on a we Tho ii get that the a a tic few a might favor a prohibitory liquor Law it sneering by cries out Quot Nigga Nam Quot Quot Aroma of negroes Quot e freely wait the Folly of cherish Iii any such Hope of the chair tie Leer and in regard will pm i we Are no can nth a see in a a my tto a of taste a it if we were com in led to choose Between the Quot Aroma Quot of a respect a table kind so ber a a Gro arid the perfumes of the a try or blk cd of a Dogger we should Pic forthe former. The chair Fidel writer Jire fers the Elalier Quot. Again Adf expressing the opinion that it must he a Quot foul cd a a Quot that can Crow Over Licen to make a hard a to Rob men of their Money arid. Their senses and to my a a and fiends itry its the free 17enioerfft Isa Quot slanderer and false a Quot baser far than the meanest Dogger a a Eph a that cab. By of the five Points of Kew York or any he Llono Arth Well this May by a matter of taste also. Our neighbor thinks stood cock that can Crow pm Jar theae results arid hence defends the License system. We think Atli Wise and can not join in Quot slandering so Noble a Tiloi Nostic fowl. No the eader understands the cause Al of the this tirade against the free Democrat we a Iii not or Mentz its pert Irieno a to thequmt�oniu>is8ue the reference to qty Ami talk Alnis to Thuv Aroma which the Flowen. Iof Tilia Field May afford is a convincing argument surely against a prohibitory liquor Lato. It is a Model argument and will doubtless be adopted by All the dog by keepers Iri the state. We would Suggs St that the author secure place for it in the n Eit edition of Beebe s Quot quietus Maine in conclusion we beg to assure that this fling at us for advocating the right of the slave to Freedom will Avail it nothing in the discussion of the liquor question. Time has been when ridicule would Supply the place of argument but that Day is past so far As regards the questions of the liquor traffic and slavery Andi such miserable Atte Riipus As the one copied above will Only bring upon the author the contempt of All respectable persons of All parties. If either the Quot general correspondent Quot or the a Socin Ite editor Quot is opposed to a prohibitory liquor Law let him come out and candidly discuss the question. If he has any vestige of manhood about him he will do this. _ v a a territorial govern Merit for ve1��aka-Cbmpromiaes of.l820.anfl 18s0 senator Douglas of Illinois the a Lav holding senator of a free state has introduced a Bill into the Senate of the United states for the organization of a territorial government for the territory of Nebraska which contains a provision that virtually repeals ithe Missouri Compromise of 1820. That provision is in these words when admitted As a state the said Teni tory or any portion of the same shall be received into the Union with or without slavery As their Constitution May prescribe at the time of their he contends in the report accompanying the Bill that the Compromise of 1850 repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820, arid hence this provision. This will be news to most persons. The condition upon which the state of Missouri was admitted into the Union was that slavery be forever after prohibited in All territory North of 36 Deg. 30 min. This was the solemn cd mpa to entered into Between the slaveholder in and non Alave holding states at the time of the admission of Missiouri without which she could not have been admitted into the Union. The Validity arid constitutionality of this Compromise was unanimously affirmed by the Cabinet of or. Monroe am orig whom was or. Ca Honri and has been acquiesced in by All parties for More than a generation. The South have received the Benefit of their part of the contract but now when it is proposed to carry out in Good Faith that part which inures Bend fit of the North by organizing a territorial government for Nebraska under the provision of that Compromise they have the audacity to disregard it and claim the right to carry their slave property into that territory and to organize it into a state with or without slavery As the slave holding or non slave holding population should i Ponder ate. Senator Atchison of Missouri who has been bitterly opposed organization of the territory on account of slavery being restricted in it by the operation of Compromise and who expressed his determination to oppose its territorial organization unless that Compromise were repealed can now thank or. Douglas for removing the difficulties from his path in regard introduction of slaves for the latter has by his gratuitous assumptions found an easy solution of that difficulty. That solution is this the Compromise of l820 was up pealed by the Compromise of 1850 now As we understand it the Compromise of 1850 had no reference whatever Compromise of 1820. Just think of it after the North have carried out their part of the Compromise South have enjoyed the Benefit of it for thirty years time comes for to fulfil their part of the contract repealed by the Romise of 1850, which had no reference whatever question which was settled upon the admission of miss Ouri in 1820. The question which was settled in 1820 was the disposition of the territory acquired from France by the Essiri of Louisiana. Missouri was a part of that territory and she applied for admin Sion into the Union with a Constitution peril sitting slavery. The admission was opposed on this ground and delayed for Many months but was finally agreed to on the condition that in All the rest of the Terri toy acquired by that of 36 Deg. 30 min. Slavery should be forever prohibited. In the Compromise of 1850 the question at Issue was the disposition of the territory acquired from Mexico by the mexican Var. By the conditions of that Coni re Mise the quest ion of slavery was left an open one in Toliese territories that is so very was neither prohibited Libr permitted but All were allowed to go there slaveholder and non slaveholder a Ayd when firmed into states they were to be admitted with or without slip very according preponderance of slaveholders or non slaveholders. Now will any sane Man contend that Ruch a provision As this in regard territories of Utah and new Mexico repealed that part of the Missouri Compromise which absolutely jew Oatt slavery in All territory North of 36 Deg 30 min we think not. Our neighbor of the Sentinel Speaks favourably of this Bill of or. Douglas and deprecated the coarse of then y. Tribune in opposing it. But the Tribune does not stand alone in its opposition. We refer the Sentinel editor follow Rig from the n. Y. Evening Post a Good democratic paper and a supporter of the present administration i a shout method with or. Douglas. A Friend in Washington writes in regard report made Striate on the Nebraska ques Tion it is i think the shallowest state paper i Ever saw and i have seen Many of that class. It has not even the poor Merit of that plausibility which almost any Young lawyer of tolerable sex per Ness can give wrong Side. It professes not to affirm and not to repeal the Missouri Compromise and yet it offers a provision which directly repeals it. The substance of the Missouri Compromise was this that if the representatives of the free states would agree to admit Missouri into the Union with slavery no other , within the territory then possessed by the United states North of the parallel of thirty six degrees and thir minutes e admitted without a prohibition of slavery. We will waive our objections admission of Missouri with the institution of slavery said those who represented the North if you of the South will guarantee that no other slave state shall be re Ceiva a into the Union North of that parallel. The guarantee was Given the pledge that slavery should never be allowed to exist North of that line was incorporated into tie act by which Missouri was Madera a Tate of the Union. Having obtained the admission of Missouri by giving that pledge they take the Opportunity. As 800n As the territory which lies in the same latitude with Missouri is ready for a government deliberately to violate it. A the Union Speaks i perceive of the reasoning in Dpuglas s report. There is not a particle of reasoning in it from one end other. There is no attempt to palliate the bad Faith which is used towards the North except by the falsehood which is simply a falsehood and Bare to be entitled to be called a sophistication that the Bill presented by Douglass does not repeal the Missouri so far our correspondent whose Indiana Tori is natural. When we Are defrauded of our rights we like to have the fraud veiled in a show of fairness at least it implies a certain respect Forvour understandings to present it in that manner but this pro position to turn the Missouri Compromise into a juggle and a cheat is presented in so bold and barefaced a shape that it i quite a much a insult As it is a fraud. ,. Ithe report made by or. Douglas pro few so a to proceed upon the principles of the crier Promise of 1850 because Utah arid new Mexico were organized As territories with permission a adopt the institution of slavery in presenting themselves for admission As states he infers that the so my per Mission should or a in Nebraska. The Chi by to make a it difference in those Basra he keep put of sight the quarrel Between the friends wild enemies of slavery in 1820, related to that part Bathe country purchased rom i Cei Binder Tny name of Louisi and a i a territory Nebraska is included to Missouri Compromise adjusted the difference in regard to that part of our a cusses. Sions Compromise was always respected in a subsequent a Isla Niovi to now. A j when we acquired from Mexico the a ion which includes what is no w caused. , Utah and new Mexico another quarrel arose respecting the existence or introduction of slavery in that Region. That dispute led to another com Promise,.which had relation Only Natter then in controversy the newly acquired Terri toy. The old quarrel had been appeased by the. Old Compromise the new Compromise was intended to Settle Only the new quarrel. Nothing was said in the course of the debates on that occasion of abrogating the old Compromise nor wag it in any manner drawn in question. The Assumption of which or. Douglas proceeds that the Compromise of 1850 included in any Way the territory purchased years before under the name of Louisiana is utterly gratuitous and senseless. Ocean is nor noticed a. Week or two ago a gathering at Boston of the system of cheap Ocean postage. The movement is extending to other cities. A Large meeting was held at the Tabernacle new York on the 6th inst which was addressed by Elihn Burritt and others in favor of this Nauch needed Reform following memorial to Congress unanimously adopted. A committee Waii also appointed to prepare a petition for Public signature honorable Senate and Houte of representative in Congress Asse tied the citizens of new York assembled in Public meeting in the Broad Tabernacle Janusy 6, 1854, Hon. Jacob a. L?, mayor of the City presiding for the purpose of considering the subject of Ocean postage respectfully represent that they Are fully of the opinion that the present High rates of Ocean postage Are a very serious restriction a Pou the mercantile correspondence Between the United states and other countries impeding Commerce and imposing a heavy tax upon the Community at Large that they Are a grievous and oppressive Burden upon that Large and Industrial class of the. Popu lation of this country who Are Boris in Europe aggravating the bitterness of their separation from relatives and friends in the old world and in Many cases sundering the nearest relations of life. That they interfere with Many of the most valuable institutions of this country by imposing on their foreign correspondence restrict Ioris and expenses highly injurious to their successful Progress. They therefore Pray your honorable body to adopt As soon As possible measures for reducing the charge for Ocean postage uniform rate of two cents for the Mere transportation of a single letter from the United states to any port beyond the sea at which the american mail steamers May regularly touch. Jacob a. Westervelt chairman. Lit Hon. Geo. H. Dunn president of the Cincinnati and Indianapolis i Railroad died at his residence in Lawrence Burgh on the 12th inst. Id Quot Rev. John a. Mccluny of this City has been appointed visitor state prison for the year 1854. Let Bedini the Pope s Nuncio visited Wheeling after leaving Cincinnati. He was burned in effigy by a Large and excited crowd of t items. Stats Tekip Skance body held its session in this City during a part of last week and was altogether the largest and most important body of the kind Ever assembled in Indiana. There was Little diversity of sentiment among the members even in regard to details and of course entire unanimity in regard end of their action a prohibitory Law. After the deliberations of each Day the convention was addressed in the evening by Gen. Carey John Hawkins and other effective speakers. Several excellent speeches were delivered during the convention several that should have remained unspoken forever. Just Here we May drop a word in reference manner of some of the Temperance lecturers. Many of them having Little argument Supply its place by giving their audiences old anecdotes in a new form and thus keep them in a Good humor. Indeed this method of Public speaking is in great demand in the West just now and if the old stories alluded to were always of on inoffensive character would not be very objectionable. This is not always the Case however result is that both speaker and audience react on each other and they separate after every meeting mutually injured and injuring the habits and tastes of both Are degraded. We enter our protest against an Effort to carry any great moral movement by Means of questionable morality Brause we very much doubt whether if the object sought could thus be attained society would not Loose in the corruption of Ite taste the blunting of its moral sensibilities cont acting of a love of the Low the vulgar vile far More than it would gain. Nay. We do not doubt at All on the subject. It is quite certain that a people moved to a just end by such Means to Day if that were possible will be carried backward to an unjust one to Morrow by the same Means far More easily. We always prefer seeing a Good cause go Forward by congenial Means for then we know that being carried by its own merits it will be sustained on the same ground. A principle if adopted by a people in ignorance of its True character and Mission stands on the most Uncertain foundation conceivable and Only Waits to be jostled from its place by the earliest Humbug to fall. Let the Temperance cause be fairly and intelligibly and truthfully advocated and it will not Only succeed,.but remain among us a Blessing forever. The proceedings in part will be found in another column and Are worthy of a careful perusal. Senseless know not who placed the Man now sick of the Small pox. On the Circle in this City but can not withhold our unqualified disapprobation from the act be its author or authors who they May. The usual custom in cases of that disease is to locate them in some place where Are not constantly compelled to pass and re pass. This too to avoid the danger of spreading the disease. But in this Case the managers of our police seem determined to spread it if possible. The place selected the Marion fire company s engine House was admirably chosen for this purpose. At every alarm of fire some fifty to a Jiun dred men Are bound to meet there or else abandon their duty As firemen. Of course they will be More or less exposed infection. But until we have More enlarged views of our duties sick poor than to leave the former without hospitals Aud the latter to be treated by him who will do it for the least compensation regu Dlesk Fps qualification Suh outrages will happen. The Nigger minstrels a announced for Friday and saturday evening next in our City. Of course every body is expected to go to hear them. A Man who can let himself Down to mimic the droll eries of a race against which the deepest prejudices Are systematic a the breasts of our people can not wan t an audience in our City. A lecture on some literary subject is nothing compared to a negro concert or some other mount Bank exhibition. A concert by africans themselves would do Well enough but we do object to mimicking the oddities of a race when these originated in their misfortunes. Can to Pur people do better than to give their my no a to such stroll i state monday last my. Tanner librarian elect succeed or. Bolton in that Rifice. Or t. Is a go a to la irian of find literary and still not Only make a Good officer but do something else worthy of his position arid a quire civis during Ilia term. Grand grand a Camp ment of the i. Of. F., he lds it Semi Aunvie session a a Quot Quot Quot Large a our City hiring the Ipi attended and Elij stand the Joule r As Ner it or More feb Spelous. V i a a Tui til an Jfe Noces Temperance tract. No. 1., by an Indian Ian we shall Hope to see a series of such tracts from the press of India knt during the ensuing Spiering and summer. A Terai gentleman is an Able speaker. He addresses the Popple of our Tity this wednesday evening. His address Virrill do Good in promoting the cause of prohibition. Lodge no. 118,1. O. A a. F., regular meeting 0% tuesday evenings. Unity social degree regular meeting tuesday evenings. \ masonic lectures every monday evening at a Sorric Hall during the Winter a All the Craft Are invited. Indiana vol me of these reports is now ready for distribution. It can be had at or. S. Mebbie s Book Totlis nil Sisters Ana Catuir cloftes of Indiana and c Eor i. Revernd and dear sir a at the request of John Beehan a Man of color we make the follow Rig statement Iten Volent and ask that you will Render him the Aid he so much requires by laying the following statement before your can gation or friends and receiving such Sims is Urey May contribute to his Relief which you will Lewie Lemit to c. , Esq., president of the Branch of the state Bank of Indiana at Indianapolis in which free Mari is liable for a note of $1,238, with interest and which must be paid or his Little property will be sold to meet it. A Tackx but. John feb mar has been a much respected Eit ten of Indianapolis Indiana for Manj years where by Industry be has acquired a Small property in the enjoyment of which he lived undisturbed until about six months ago when pleasant Ellington a citizen of Missouri came Here and claimed him us his slave and instituted suit card Ingle stating that Freeman had escaped from him while be Elllis Itoh Wasa resident of Kentucky he then caused the imprisonment of Freeman for , during most of which time the u. S. Marshal required of the prisoner three dollars per Day for guarding him positively refusing to take bail in any amount though offered amount of half 8 million. The writer visited the prison Ron Thomsd of Jane Wuch was the second Day of his Impi moment and from examination became convinced that be never had been a slave. With his conviction we addressed a letter to a citizen of the town in Georgia to which Freeman claimed to have a Ved Viz Monroe the teat of Justice for Walton person addressed was the clerk of that county. The following answer was soon returned by an aged and respectable citizen of. That place and does credit heart of the writer. We publish the whole letter As it places Freeman s claims in a Strong Light Monroe Walton Codier 6a.,> july 6,1853.deam so a or we. W. Nowell the clerk of our Zouri to court has just handed me. Your letter of the s2sd.juno, with the request that i should answer it ast was bettor acquainted with John Freeman the person enquired a let than he. Was. I replied to a letter of or. John Coburn of your place yesterday on the same subject i have lived in this place Ever since january iffy a and was Well acquainted with John Freeman from the time he came Here in 1831, till he left in 1844. A a May be mistaken about the time he came at any rate it 1831 or 18%, a but i think it was 1831. He had free papers which were recognized by the judges of the inferior court of this county and a certificate was granted him. Col. John p. Incr was . and plainer hand than i do. He died of apoplexy or Para Alyss since then. John Freeman went i ii him Florida War in 1836. John Freeman is of a medium size Well made Aud a Black negro., Are hundreds of persons ill this county who could testify that he came to this place As Early As 1831 or 1832, and remained Here All the while except hit trip to Florida in the Spring of and one or two other times when he was absent fora few Days on business for Creed m. Jinn Insaad others. Greed m. Jennings lives now in Wetumpka Alu. He made his Homo with or. Jennings for several years after he came to this place. His statements that you speak of Are True Ond there can be no doubt but the claim set up by the Man from Missouri is fraudulent and can be proved to be Quot of by any reasonable number of our most respectable citizens. Respectfully Lekoy Pattillo postmaster. Or. Pattillo the writer of the a Hove at the request of , one of Freeman s attorneys who visited Georgia came up to Indian polish and identified the of prisoner As being a former citizen of Monroe ga., and lodged his testimony to that effect. Notwithstanding t Lis Clear evidence of the prisoner s Freedom Ellington persisted in urging his claim which made it necessary to Call other with esses from Georgia Alabama and Kentucky. And credit of those generous southerners it must be said they promptly responded Call of Freeman and came to Bis Relief. The people of go or a eone Ervey in this matter have shown themselves worthy of the land in which Meade successfully Laboured people of this Stato will remember them with respect. At last Freeman was discharged and gained his Case but found himself ruined in property for he has not Only been deprived of Liberty for a time but been obliged to meet the expense of calling the necessary witnesses from a great distance who generously gave their time to attend to this Case but who could not be expected to pay travel ing expenses on such an expedition. The following is the certificate of or. L. Barbour showing the actual amount of those expenses Inni Kapolis january 9, 1854. A. James Mitchell a at your request i furnish Yon herewith the items of Freeman s costs in the matter of the claim of pleasant Ellenj on against John Freeman upon a charge of being a fugitive from his service. These items of expense were incurred exclusively in procuring Evi Dence acid paying witnesses and paying the three dollars a Day charged by the v. S. Marshal for hiring a jail guard. No part of it was for lawyers fees or court charges. The total amount of these expenses was ,191�?now 31338 with interest. The Money was borrowed of the Bank and Freeman s property is conveyed to a trustee to Secura he note. Unless Freeman s friends assist him to raise the Money All his property must be sold soon to pay the note in Bank. Lucian Barbour one of of Yeeman attorneys As Freeman s misfortune has Betyn the result of a recognized Law Cambie of either Liberal or oppressive cob it Striction according characters who it it becomes the duty of the respecter of Good order not to resist of the one hand or let the innocent suffer on the other we therefore express that those to whom he now appeals will help him out of his embarrassments., j. Mitchell. Indianapolis Jan. 9.1854.th3 undersigned express the Hope that this Appeal will re Cestive a Liberal response from a by be Volein to Pii Lilie. G. M. Beswick. I yer l. H. Jamison to. A. Mills Cas it be Tbs a a a a Washington correspondent of the new York courier and enquirer writes As follows Quot the delay in the formation of a select committee one Pacific Railroad is thought to be owing repugnance of or. Atchison the a Dent to or. Seward and or. Chase both of whom have to Ken a very Active and prominent part in the proceedings on that subject. It is the custom to permit a mover of a act committee to select the senators whom he desires to compose it. Under this privilege. Or. Gwin on last made up the Folly ving list and presented tie same for the Accra Tance of ithe president of the body messes. Gwin chairman Rusk Bright Douglas Bell Everett Seward Dawson and Chase. Or. Atchison objects to both or. So word and Chase but particularly the latter on account of their free soil opinions. It has been proposed that both of them Doline to act but or. Chase refuses to decline. Or. Atchison would make no further difficulty As regards or. Seam could he overcome the firmness of the Ohio impractical Ile. The result will doubtless be that both will be left off. Or. Atchison the president pro. Tem. Of the Senate Hus always been understood to be a very Little Man but we presume no one Ever supposed he would exhibit himself body Over which he presides in a Light so contemptible and humiliating. If the foolish prejudices of a narrow minded partizan can exclude two of the Ablest men of the Senate from the most important committee which has been appointed by that body for Many years it is time for us to cease boasting of the dignity and High character of the Senate and find epithets Moree script be of its . . We have dates from Shanghai 4th november and 8th october from Hong Kong. The Small sword society rebels expelled the mandarins from Shanghai on the 7th september. On the 29th the imperialists invested the City and maintained the seige at our latest dates bom Barding the City with grape shot. They had made Topany Quot attacks but in a. Very inefficient manner and no apprehensions were Felt that they would take the cite. The rebels foreigners in Shanghai Are on very Good Terins. The Success of the rebels is now considered cer it Tain. The 8t we of Rice in Pekin is exhausted. It is said that the emperor h u order a the Levy of two Hundred to Tousand Manthou troops. The rebels bad not at the latest advices arrived at Pekin but had taken the capital of four provinces probably Keangsoo he Nau Shantung and she use. The United states commissioner has become Neutral. The Sloop of War Saratoga is the Only american War vessel at Shanghai. The capture of Shanghai created a great sensation at Canton and it was expected that the latter City would likewise be taken in a very Short time in the emperor of All the russians has returned solemn thanks Quot lord of Litls Quot for his naval massacre at sin Ope. Assuming the truth of the russian bulletins the business Turas out worse than Ever for the Honor of the Quot two great maritime it now appear that had the combined fleets acted with promptitude they might live intercepted the russians on their Way Back from sin Ope to seba8toppl,and extorted a sudd ii and ample revenge. Ami in a Budita a a no Cim Crasa Jan. Isa near to Quot a up to week Gral a one. If rfcs Mong the Are rest was tfx trial of the ice rioters. This commenced on monday coniing to Greenwood Hall and Conti nixed through tit the week and seems Likely to continue for an indefinite length of time yet what it will result in is yet a matter of myst. A great number of wit t nest is have by end a a their testimony a8>well u from Mamie Public feeling with regard Aires a Vida atly. Very uneasy Abonit Tifei result the e trial a the Standard topic of Coa vet Ati dung it tie week and at of it the Hall which several apus ads has been crowded ii Rit spectators the pro Eedith Satu a night show the state of Public feeling. A procession of several thousands did without interruption wlm at they were prevent from do ing on Christmas nigh amp Tim it Bedini in of. They marched through most of the , casing the Effi Librn aloft in front dress Dan Black pontifical Robes and a transparency with Quot pitch in Quot the command of go it Lukens police Ohri Stonias night Quot Down with Braini Quot Ano on its three different sides. After making the circuit of the streets and halting in front of Bishop por cell s Palace to give his highness the Benefit of a variety of. Dismal groans it they proceeded City lot and elevating uie effigy aloft above the Heads of the crowd set fire to it. While it was by Naing some one threw it Down the Steps of the water Hoose close by from which it was taken by marshal Ruffin who while demonstrating with the or Ovd was knocked Down and comm led to take Refu in tie water House. This win the Only in Static of riotous conduct no the evening and deserves severe condemnation. After burning the effigy the crowd quietly dispersed. By Way of showing the readiness with which the numerous Money Matching and fool catering cd a Cenis of the City Avail themselves of any popular excitement to turn the current of feeling i Pucka apr to amp in Channel i will Menti Ltd that the Quot Washington circus Quot which holds Forth nightly Nar the Corner of 9th Street and Wester ii ,tia8 at ready brought out a far a called Quot pitch inv or scenes on Christmas night Quot which seems Likely to Quot fair Quot entire satisfy tin of uie Manors of that concern Madame Sontag s free concert Png Pic schools came of on last tuesday Infinito gratification of the Little recipients of the favor. Bates kindly offered the the. Theatre for the occasion and it was filled rpm pit told me with a dense mass of Voung life. On acc int of the Grey to number of children in the schools a my the two upper a Ades could be admitted but these numbered nearly four tap Sand and required the utmost capacity of the theatre to hold a. A a have never seen sight than they presented tier above tier Rosette Semi circles of Well dressed children with four thousand. Eager . Directed full upon the stage where the eat Spongr stress was to appear a and we in she Aid. Appear the Low Hiim of voices was instantly hushed most profound stillness while she poured Forth those Sublie in strains of Melody we Iii have Iven her a world wide reputation. things she Sung Quot Homes get Home Quot most splendidly the 8ta was occupied by a a of the Quot editorial convention and numerous other invited guests. The entertainment lasted about an hts a or after with the children quietly retired conducted by their teachers to their respective schools. It is worthy of remark that the two coloured schools were represented the children from4hem being permitted to sit with the others. The editors of Ohio map have had quite f f a time of it Quot at their convention Here last week. They or sized on tuesday at Greewood a. And on tuesday night had a pm by coat a Kinney read and an address by a d. Mansfield. Of their proceedings i know Nuj no More than was reported by the dailies. There apr Oare to have been a very fair attendance of the edit Pis in the state speeches were invade Mutual expressions of Good feeling exchanged and a number of resold Tion passed a Amon Souiers one discount enhancing partizan Malignity and personal abuse and proposing the substitution of fair and gentlemanly discussion instead a m a St excellent move and one much needed which it is to be hoped they will to. And from which editors in Ofalt to state might profitably take a hint but passing resolutions and making speeches did not by any Means occupy ail the time of the gentlemen of the Quill Here assembled on the contrary a consider Arne portion of it seems to have been appropriated in a More genial Way. Entertainments of All kinds opened their doors complimentary tickets were sent them for every thing from k pig show to Madame Sontag s concerts feast followed feast and in general terms the Liberty of the City was granted them during their stay. Two festivals were got up for their spa Cial benefits one at the Buret House by the members of the City press and another at the Spencer House a splendid new hotel just opened on a Corner of fronts and Broadway. The most sumptuous feasts were provided at both places with abundance of native wine to Wash them Down toasts were drank complimentary speeches exchanged and after hours of convivial pleasure separated vastly pleased with each other with themselves and with the world generally and it is said a few of them Leit with decided evidences of having indulged in Quot excessive conviviality Quot As the City papers mildly term it. The convention seems not to have been very successful in introducing fraternal relations Anamong the members of the City press whose Mutual jealousies have Given Rise to a v Ely amusing paper War. Between uie columbian and the other Dulies. A. To tote people at Indian. Boob Fol now citizen to alike interested with you in All that cd Ceras the adversity or Prosperity of our state desire in that spirit of kit Idns is which should always characterize our Condict towards pne another to a Drew you on Thoj subject which has occasioned our Sembla to Day it is Uselle it this enlightened Periti of oui h a Story to enter into a detail of facts or to Aduce arguments to show of it the evils arising from the manufacture and.8ale of intoxicating liquors. The crime and misery. Which Are ifs legitimate and Abs Lute results a Row App Reni that no Man of common reflection can deny their existence. The question then,.and.the one to which we especially direct your attention is Quot How shall this crime and misery be the most Efly a tally banished from our state Quot. All know that Evily attempt to accomplish it of License Laws has failed. Indeed it. Can no longer be urged As it was a few years a of that the Revenue derived from a License to sell intoxicating drinks is a compensation for the mischief it inflicts because our legislature has. Already repudiated the idea that a Christ Fin government should receive Money the Price of iniquity. The efforts of All the various associations for the promotion of Temperance Tho a they have Good have not be a sum enl. We think upon proper reflection must be forced conviction that it can Only be done by the enactment of a prohibitory Dow and that such Laws have been successful the most ample testimony is furnished by to lib experience of. Those states where Thoy now exist. It is established beyond All controversy that the effect of such Laws has been to close tipping houses in a great measure to empty the Iju Oor houses of their inmates to greatly Lessen the number of criminals to reduce the tues of a the. Peaple at least one third in amount up Reform hundreds of inebriated and to prevent thousands of the rising generation becoming drunkards. When such have been the inevitable results of prohibitory legislation in other states Why shill not Indiana pursue the same course and aus Advance All the great interests which promote the Prosperity and contribute happiness of a pm Orlef a Quot a Quot the new Constitution of our state not Obly secures the right to enact such a jaw but enjoins it As a duty on the lawmaking Power to do so. It declares that the government is instituted to secure the peace safety Aud Ell being off the people and that the legislature shall &Quot.encourage, by All suitable Means moral and intellectual improvement Quot which can be done in no other Way so completely As by a prohibitory liquor Law. Soft Ras the up St Tut Ionio the United states b concerned the supreme court that tribunal which settles All questions arising under its provisions has already decided in the following opinion expressed by judge Taney that Quot if any state deems the retail and internal traffic in ardent est be. Is. Sex1 Peck Niji inter liquor trame and a of political parties. Oort not Indus trip of Are fed to by Zseve Thi ? 4 Are Auch is to place Itlen the a Power of a Pew we in a see proper to execute it to enter their or Ira the lion Dws and to make search destroy Luj Luhv be found on their Preble amp in Airt the Law relates Mamm bid fire a it jmj a pm f Noiin or pro Vida St is Fly on where it is kept for. Sale and used for incl amp a Minghe Faasii of Tose its of Iii Onditi a Adfor can tug a by let sea the youth of the country. It a i Auch cases Only be suppressed warrant founded on an Affidi lot of Thisbe have Sale a it is Allied aaa reason by ,8ome the if Eali Tim is a Large amount of capital invest in is to fic it would. Be a hardship ,8uch Perns to suppress it Thia is not a mind Olg Ibn country like Oura when there we Tomidy Asir Able pur8uite, hic Var Back to to engaged in them the most and Rewal Rune labor no one need Rehain idl Oife gnome fat want of Quot pm Yin edit. After tie of the liquor Toffic. Aside from Thi b6werar. The Iuno unt of Man which in Fine thin Epcar May. Fritag. Frum. Thok Wethey re uce to beg by and Sti Atin Quot is Andrea Why they should belie fitted wide lick up i Unity the enormous Crimm of tied m Talieh att a. Know to result from their arts a let on the conc. Train it is the Atron Ible in Why it should be suppressed. As second for Many Yeier Ovir pie have two great political Jota ivies and recently a oig�nibatio9 bin. The respective parties to which they help by. This need not it out,de8�ore be so., and yet we know of Iio of a tio be Btu ined by either of our pout Cal a and More to be do so red thatt the so ppr a sir of the i quor traffic and for that reason Arci deter nine i. Tomake that result Fae Tom above All merjhu.,-considerations, in the elections to take place next a _ this can be Saccom pushed the Hiigli Ezi Minig Ife it organizations without no the Politi Nitoiu. Which they now maintain in their respective Rig. Resent Tive and senatorial districts in the state. The Mode of procedure re Bimi Aendy a to by inti on of this convention will in Anre this la suit if carried. Out in Good fifth. As we Dent Lar. Pm they in of be. We Are told by some a Thias eng pin in this traffic that a pin Hiby tory Law cd Inot it by a a for cd Ili this a Tate and. Some who men Job Nin the a ser tire a a a i a a country where the supreme. la is the acknowledged Sheet Anchor of All of rho info the permanency of Pur institutions this Asseier Tion is an attack upon the character of those instil tuition a a themselves i single Infra Ger. Ment of the Law May not be visited with its. Jut and merited punishment May be True Bush Ella Law will just As a of a atnally be ii far cd As evil sirs now in our criminal code Are enforced so a wars i the. Predictions made in other states. Primi to. of these. Laws fut they in dec been forced there and they will he he Rewben obtained look at the prospective result of the Enaz Tmey of of the Law., for which we a re tend upon tiie we. Being of our state. We have 34,000 Square Imilses of Asri and Quot a re ductile land As is Fobe found in any coi buy. Ere Are As nil by induced cents to labor and Ltee to a e Rise As exist in any state. It. The Blessing Oil health As the country becomes More improved Are enjoyed to an a tent a Qualio to. Portion of the great West we a ice a school fun surpassing in am a unt that of Many of our Oid Sei sister states. We Are engaged in the constrict Iofik of railroads in inmost every direction. Which. When completed will Bear our Rich no duct Oji s to a More remunerative Myket than Nas he i a to fore. Been a notwithstanding a a Thiis however there it exists among us an applying evil which brings blight. Misery crime and pro mature death to thousands of our cd unti men which fills our jails and fun item tip Ries with criminals our Bend a blk nil he Titu tons with the idiotic and insane and our poor houses with suffering humanity. It increase the. A taxes of the citizen it endangers the life of the peaceable Man As he return s Home from his Tabor it paralyses the hand that would otherwise add thousands wealth of the Short it r brings nothing Al than woes untold and in nub i Merable and with it not one single Good. Thev monster that docs All this Iii Tendance created t As it is by the traffic Iii intoxicating liquors Why shall it not from our land let it be done and ipod Kat the go to be accomplished. I would facilitate the cultivation of the millions of acres now untouched by the Hiis Bandman it would increase that wealth we now possess it would enable us to Cany out our Stem. Of free schools unti Kvin a Short. Time there Quot would be no one unable to read and write it Pidd. Push Forward our Railroad Enterprise to a Inorg rapid completion and it would empty ote jails and penitentiaries. The vacant stare a the idiot maniac would be less i Ueno a heard. No longer oui our children by seduced from the paths of safety and of Hon or to become a the most loathed of human l beings and no longer we old the Wail of he to Bro it. Ken wives i Drunken Hub Juds be land an the cries of their children read would by hushed of a re ver a a in View of All this May a not come by a re the it people of Indiana and. Ask full Pofi it Dence that they win do 8p.vt� Aid Usi movement in which we Are engaged Quot and finally May we not it invoke then by the regard they have for their state and its Prosperity by. Their own desire for safety and happiness did Awe All the love they have for their offs Prii to arise in their might and that the a Qubra traffic shall be b vanished from land for. All time to come a Erie matters the excitement at Erie has no yet subsided by it the track laying is progressing a a Street Bridges Are aupied and ready for putting up. There was a Good Deal of swearing when Theu s. Marshal served his cilia inns More serious occurred. A on wednesday some one of a threw. Large Stone at or. Tracy which had it struck him. Would have inflict serious injury if it had not killed him. Or it a lib age meeting was held on Pednea Init. But nothing was done. On thursday morning procession with Bannera a arched through. The. Streets but did not Inte Here with the try a la laying. A Thep at Ndem or gives the following on monday night when the depot mess retract Lee Mcsparran and Hart were driven cwt of the building and chased. We Are since informed that these gentlemen were Ibl Lowed a the it if a rated rascals As far As Brownis hotel. Jere they entered Flung open the Doon and stood ready to receive their pursuers. Jef r. A l. Brown of the hotel also stood ready to assist in their defence a / a Quot now come on Quot they shouted crowd but the crowd did t come. They Well knew that . Man who Ente Quot was a dead Man Cpd the cowards dare hot Vincent who or. acted the Man during the past 48 hours in the ing prevent it from regulating or restraining the traffic or from prohibiting it altogether if it think a a. V As right than there can be no discus Sion. That is settled. The propriety and expediency of theia May to some be a matter of investigation Buti Iceo the friends of the measure court that investigation it conscious As they Are that not a single argument founded on just views of the happiness and Piros purity of the people can be Given against it. Yet we Are aware it that Many obstacles exist which must be overcome before the passage of such a Law Cau be secured. Meantime was on hand and did All in his Power to pacify the mob and made several Ann. He prisoners were however arrested. Sheriff Vincent then swore in several deputi�8, a Mingst w him was or. Brown. One of tie rioters entered the hotel. Jar. B. Immediately took of his coat and Vest Laid aside his watch and Fob Chain courageously semis a a the Ritter and succeeded in. Taking him to where he was soon under lock and key death or tub Marobio a i our a Una a marchioness Wellesley died on the l 7�oljt, Flat Hampton court after a Shortin. She w daughter of the late Richard Canton. Esq. A Maryland and granddaughter of Ihu. Cd Ler bated Charles Carroll of cd a Irol Tori one of the Signet of the declaration of ind Pend nce one of la i by Wellesley yes sister is a Nib. Mactavish another is Duschea of Leeds and , the dowager lady Wellesley s first husband was Robert Pat Tison Esq. In 1825 she married the late lord Wellesley. Eldest brother of thei famous Duke of Wellington her Ladyship was for Many year lady of the beb Humber to Queen Adelaide. 0in constantinople a Short time since Abritis main to Aii being Quot Pahff seas Over Quot patted s pretty turkish woman on the shoulder and on Lier turning round made an attempt to kiss her. moslem Quot of the Alden time Quot Rush Forward to Cut the Jolly use , and would have no doubt carried out this intent but for the timely interference of a Young Friend of uie Quot nude ref school who exclaimed Van to touch him it. A Way they have Init he Navy audit is their custom so to do in their own f t a a. i. E ;