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Indianapolis Evening Minute (Newspaper) - September 3, 1885, Indianapolis, Indiana Nas engines from ii horse Power up. Ericsson s new Calori Pumpin engine Gas stoves at Cost on exhibition and Tor Sale the Gas company. 47 8. Pennsylvania St. The evening minute. The evoking minute is published every afternoon except sunday. Up bushing and business office 58 was Mariet Street . Bid Tobias booms 28 West Lai Laud Street opposite Brand hotel. Second floor. Terms of subscription per year in Advance.2.50 per month in Advance. .20 per week. Of per month by mail postage prepaid. .25 single ont wanted for Sale. For rent deaths funeral and other notices one half cent a word for each insertion nothing less than twelve words counted special contracts made for other advertising. Specimen numbers sent free on application address the minute company 58 East Market Street Indianapolis ind. Telephone Calls business office 140. Editorial rooms 791. The evening Minot receives its dispatches from the United press which furnishes telegraphic news to papers in All parts of the United states with a combined daily circulation of two million copies. Tbs Chicago office of this paper is at Hunt s Western news Bureau 120-122 fifth Avenue Cal Ca Herald building where the paper is Regn Lirly kept on file and can be seen at any hour of the Day or Nimicht by our patrons when visiting that City. Thursday evening september 3, 1885. Am sements to Day. English s opera House the sleeping Beauty Gbanah opera House the a Mikado. Zoo theaty by the James boys. Virbinia Avenue rink posed. If the democratic candidate for mayor is to be the embodiment of a platform the convention to night can not be too careful to nominate a Man whose per soil and Public record needs no defense. It is quite possible that the convention could do this from among the candidates whose names have been canvassed. Again we remark that the civil service system is not too Good to be looked at or talked about. And if or. Higgins who has had better opportunities of knowing the True inwardness of the system than most people thinks it is a failure and a fraud we know of no reason Why he should be promptly discharged for telling what he believes to be the truth. If it is the truth and if the civil service system is such a poor weak and sickly thing that it can t stand criticism and won t Bear inspection it is time that people should find it out. It seems that advantage is not always taken of the fast passages of Ocean steamships Between new York and Queenstown to hurry up the delivery of the mails. They have some absurd Rule that the mails must be taken on a particular train from Queenstown to Liverpool which Only leaves once in every 24 hours. And if the Steamer happens to arrive a few minutes after the hour for the departure of that train they Are left at Queenstown for 24 hours and do not reach Liverpool so quickly As if they had remained on Board the Steamer. Attention is being drawn to this matter on both sides of the Atlantic and the chances Are that the Absurdity of the procedure will speedily become apparent. It is the opinion of the Boston Herald that the congressmen of the South should be found Quot acting with the representatives of the Eastern and Middle states in securing the passage of a National bankruptcy Bill and in repealing the present Law regulating the coinage of it is particularly desirous that the sound and conservative men of the South Quot should join with the most enlightened sentiment of the to repudiate Quot the Loose and crude ideas Quot and Quot the ruinous theories Quot which prevail in the West. We really never knew what awful people we were out in this Western nor How far off we were from civilization and enlightenment until we found it All out from the Boston Herald. We Are thankful to be informed. Because overproduction has measurably ceased Confidence has been restored Money is plenty for All legitimate enterprises and the people Are no longer loaded with debt it is believed that this is just on the eve of a solid business revival. Such Are the grounds of hopefulness set Forth by the Philadelphia times. And alongside of its anticipation of brighter prospects the same paper expresses the Hope that As labor always feels the first blow of adversity so it May also enjoy the first fruits of the business revival. Quot surely Quot it says Quot capital and labor can be honest with each other and honest with themselves and if they act with honesty and Ordinary intelligence disputes will be arbitrated and satisfactorily adjusted and labor will join heartily with capital to Welcome and profit by the now irresistible and we believe permanent revival of words of Wisdom Are these which deserve to be read by every employer and every Workman in All parts of the Union. Two Hund bad trains run into Boston every sunday and All of them Are Well patronized every sunday. This is a fact to set Over against the reminiscence that in 1847 the sunday mail train on one of the Massachusetts roads was discontinued for Lack of patronage its last trip being made with not a single person aboard but the trainmen while As recently As 1861 sunday travel Between Boston and Salem was so Light that passenger coaches were abandoned. The change which has come Over the people of that Quot state of steady habits Quot is apparently without further illustration it becomes All the More striking however when it is found from reliable statistics that of 940,741 passengers who travelled on excursion steamers in Massachusetts in 1884, no less than 168,676, or about Twenty per cent chose sunday for their pleasure taking. And besides these the army of sunday workers in the same state was 115,778. The innovation of sunday traffic began we Are told with Quot milk trains which soon consisted of Many passenger cars and Are now run without carrying a single quart of milk. Quot Church Quot trains for suburban worshippers who desired to worship at popular City sanctuaries Are described As having. Had an important part in popularizing Massachusetts sunday trains. These increased on one railway from three to ten Between 1860 and 1870, and last year numbered Twenty. It is evident therefore no matter what our opinions or those of our readers May be on the subject of sunday pleasuring that the practice is every year becoming More common. It cannot truthfully be said that the patrons of sunday trains excursions and horse cars Are bad people. Neither can it be Laid entirely at the door of any foreign element that the customs of the Community have changed for Cam meetings and churches furnish a very Large number of the patrons of sunday trains and horse cars. Without following the matter further or drawing any conclusions we merely suggest that the surrounding circumstances and the new style of civilization which has come with Steih and electricity have changed the popular thoughts in regard to Sabbath observances. That much is beyond All controversy. He stood the test. Detroit free press. Four boys seated on a line Fence dividing two houses on John b. Street attracted the attention of a pedestrian yesterday and he halted and asked what they were looking at. Quot new family moving in there to Day Quot replied one. Quot Well what of it Quot Quot they be got a boy about As big As Quot Well what of that Quot Quot nothing Only we was trying at this moment the new boy appeared on the grass about 20 feet away. One of the boys on the Fence made up a face at him. He promptly responded. Then another boy threw a Stone St him. He hurled it Back. Quot say i la lick you Quot called the biggest boy. Quot you can t do it Quot the four boys made As if they would jump Over the Fence but the new boy stood firm. Quot ill dare you up Herel Quot Quot ill dare you Down Here Quot Quot he s All rights he s game Quot said the big boy to the pedestrian. Quot if he was a Coward we were going to lick him but now Well go Ovet and let him have a whiff on our Cigar no occasion for resentment. Elkhart Independent. So far As we can see or. Cleveland does As president exactly what he promised to do when he was nominated and exactly what his previous Conraot As governor showed that he would do. There is no occasion for any Surprise in this Case nor for any resentment. Democrats May not like the acts of president Cleveland but they certainly can not accuse him of any falseness or Quot of any broken pledges. If they chose to be mistaken in 1884, we can not see that they have sufficient reason for finding fault with or. Cleveland on that account. To night s delegates. The Hen who we shake the democratic ticket and to whose judgment the party s fortunes in the Campaign Are entrusted a the Council nominees. The convention delegates. First Ward Frank Westal we. Bates we. Temmons John Booth Henry Reese Alex Morrow and Simon b. Miller. Second Ward a. R. Budd j. Giles Smith a. G. Martin and Philip Gapen. Third Ward Fred Ellison John Schadd John Meichele or. Jas. A. Minich and we. Schaffer. Fourth Ward Morris Biggins de. Smith a. Bauman Lartin Mahoney and Milton Stacy. Fifth Ward Irwin bobbins Stephen Boudell Edgar a. Brown Theodore Warner Richard Crane and w. K. Sproule. Sixth Ward Geo f. Kuhn William Gillespie Loring Bundy and Roache jr., and John f. Boyle. Seventh Ward a. C. Buskirk Adolph Benne Scheldt Patrick Breen Christ. Bradmeyer William Franz William h. Brennan Peter Frick Edward Schmitt and or. He calf. Eighth Ward William Hugo Lon Mcclelland William Lewis George Martin James Dobson Charles Sobbe George Frank Miller p. Murray and Erastus Vinson. Ninth Ward Gil Deitch s. E. Dinnin James Kelly William love Fred Hart Man Samuel Bell Caspar Hedderick Jack Keeley and Omer Smith. Tenth Ward a. E. King f. M. North Way Peter Lehr j. B. Canaday and b. Helm. Eleventh Ward Ross Clarke will e. English or. W. E. Ging Sterling Holt Scott Turner and h. Ackelow. Twelfth Ward William Killison j. G. Jeffers s. A. Buell p. H. Mcnelis Jacob Wachstetter Charles t. Gilmore and Henry from Ever or. Thirteenth Ward Stephen Mattler Henry deck or. C. N. Porter George Werbe and John a Fennell and we. H. Farrell fourteenth Ward a George Hes pick Charles House Richard Merrick Jerry v. O Mara Charles Tyler Benjanin Wilson Charles Shearer and Michael of Glenn. Fifteenth Ward Daniel Vormeer Pat Garland John Horn m. J. Riley de Sherlock de Lichtenauer Dick Condroy Herman Hugoe John Mcbride Henry Arm Sti Ong Dan Griffin Conrad Lindon Mike Quinn and Jake Morley. Sixteenth Ward Martin Grady Henry Emmerich William Parkinson Tom Wal Dron Mike Hanrahan Peter cos Rove Tom Watson John King Lewis Krauss and James Conniff. Seventeenth Ward or. J. E. Lockridge we. Kelly John Schiltges Henry Gruen Ert George Wolfe Thomas Powers and Henry Paul. Eighteenth Ward a. Eden James Quin Frank Kreis George Shaffer Frank Bach James George Henry Habeny and a. Bauer. Nineteenth Ward Morris Murphy Bud Sullivan David Gibler Morris Connell a j. O Neil William Ken Man John o Neil t. E. Callahan Carl Hetch John Finton w. S. Woesner. Twentieth Ward Peter spitzfaden Henry laut James Howe Isaac Stackhouse Charles Bernard Jack Long d. , w. Langsenkamp and g. Ittenbach or. Twenty first Ward John w. Colgan George Barnhard William Conklin John w. Branch w. J. Rosebrook p. M. Wright Jesse Ballard Frederick Roe key Frederick Reinken. Twenty second Ward Albert Gries Haber Jesse Whitsett Joseph Wagner p. J. Keller Thomas Redding d. F. Haley Charles werhoff Thomas Brown James Warrenburg Leo Reger Edwin Gould. Twenty third Ward John Shaugnessy John Barney Martin Logan Louis Kuech Ler John Schley August Erbrich Robert Keller Frederick Hofher Edward Burns Edward Harmon we. Schriever Robert Kennington John Vanstan and Joseph Tiller. Twenty fourth Ward Frederick Hart ing Joseph Wambaugh we. Weiland Otto Ernst we. F. Kissel we. Hillman jr., Harry m. Miller Louis Lange David Brick Fey Henry Becker and Clem Beck. Twenty fifth Ward William Carroll John Logan Charles Monahan Solomon Barrett John Lucid Thomas j. Mahoney James fanning John Gordon g. A. Foster James Sullivan Charles buc staler Edward Brady Frederick Kre Klej James Kyle John Flaherty Herman Uphouse. The wards in which instructed delegates were named were the second for Schmuck fifth for Byfield ninth for Cottrell and fifteenth for Cottrell. The democratic City committee. Firs t Ward 1, Nicholas Mosbauer 2, Timothy Fitzgerald 3, Alexander Morrow. Second Ward 1, James m. Cropsey 2, Chas. W. Bridges 3, Jackson Landers. Third Ward 1, John Shad 2, Charles Tousey. Fourth Ward 1, John Laughlin 2, John Stahlen. Fifth Ward 1, Stephen Bedell 2, w. K. Sproule. Sixth Ward 1, Geo. Kuhn. Seventh Ward 1, Peter Deery 2, Peter Frick 3, we. Brennan. Eighth Ward 1, Len Mcclellan 2, Henry Schaub. Ninth Ward 1, we. Love 2, John go lick. Tenth Ward 1, t. M. Northway 2, j. B. Sullivan. Eleventh Ward 1, Boss Clark 2, b. 0. Johnson 3, or. C. N. Metcalf. Twelfth Ward 1, l. M. Fay 2, p. A. Mcnelis. Thirteenth Ward 1, Thos. Kearney 2,1. Dietz. Fourteenth Ward. No committeemen reported. Fifteen Ward 1, Pat Kan Gem 2, f. Of Mcdonald. Sixteenth Ward 1, James Renihan 2, j. Christian 3, m. J. Hanrahan. Seventeenth Ward 1, James Walsh 2, we. Dunn. Eighteenth Ward Christ Stein 2, Jos Bauer. Nineteenth Ward in Frank Tiplin. 2, j. H. Keenan 3, we. Langstaff. Twentieth Ward 1, p. Spitzfaden 2, c. H. Stuckmeyer. Twenty first Ward 1, a. L. Hick 2. Fred Reinicke. Twenty second Ward 1, John Green 2, Leo Rieger. Twenty third Ward 1, John Barry 2, de Kavanaugh. Twenty fourth Ward 1 w. Y. Kissell 2, we. Hillman or. Twenty fifth Ward 1, John Logan 2, j. O Hara 3, John Higgens. Democratic nominees for Council. At last night s primaries the following candidates were placed in nomination for the Tuncil second Ward Charles Reese of Holl Weg it Reese wholesale merchant. Of rth Ward Theodore Oswald grocer of West North Street. Seventh Ward Henry Block Foreman of Bee line shops at Brightwood. Eighth Ward or. George Edenharter renominated. Ninth Ward Chris. Waterman of Koepper amp Waterman wholesale merchant East Maryland Street. Tenth Ward Charles Haugh renominated. Eleventh Ward we. Foster tailor of Circle Street. Fifteenth Ward Mike Burns Foreman in Street car stables. Seventeenth Ward George Hermann undertaker of Delaware Street. Vej Greenth Ward Simeon Coy re Nomin a Ted. Nin tenth Ward Frank Dell Coal twee Artieth Ward Gerhart Ittenbach of a Ottenbach amp co., Stone Svyrk contractor. I Twenty second Ward Jushua f. Rein Ecke renominated. Twenty third Ward Thomas Mackey Molder. Twenty fourth Ward Fred Mack renominated. In the first third fifth sixth twelfth thirteenth fourteenth sixteenth Twenty first and Twenty fifth wards the nomination of councilmen was postponed. Amusements. The regular theatrical season attractions Here and Comins. The Virginia Avenue rink will be closed this evening. Open to Morrow As usual. The famous Grau opera company will be i a week s engagement at English s on monday evening september 14, in the latest operatic craze Quot the Barlow Wilson amp Rankin s minstrels will Eive a single performance at the grand on tuesday evening of next week. At the zoo to night James Higgason who was seriously injured some time ago will have a Benefit. Next week Edwin Brown will appear in Quot Good As this evening Adah Richmond s company will open the regular season at English s opera House when the burlesque of Quot the sleeping Beauty Quot will be presented. The Wilbur opera company will open a three night s engagement at the grand this evening presenting Quot the Mikado Quot which is having such a run in the East. The Box Sheet indicates Large houses. Miss Pauline Mark am begins a week s engagement at English s opera House monday sept. 7, in her new and original musical comedy drama entitled Quot Dolly s miss Markham will be Salt it ported by Randolph Murry and an admirable company. The operetta Quot Laila Quot will be performed evening it a Hall for the Benefit of the Relief fund of Geo. H. Chapman Post. The chorus will consist of fifty children and will be assisted w the Mendelsohn Quartetti and by miss Jessie Meek miss Lou Loder mrs. Scott miss Meek and or. Frank Ketcham As soloists. The Indiana state firemen s tournament to be held at Michigan City tuesday and wednesday september 29th and 30th, will undoubtedly be the most successful tournament Ever held in the West. Fifteen Hundred dollars in Cash and trophies including a Nickle plated Oil finished Hose cart Are offered by the management. The tournament is open to the world and the states of Indiana Michigan Ohio and Illinois will be largely represented Quot a Chubch quarrel. The remarkable circular which led to or. Watermeyer s libel suit. The libel suit which Fred Ostermeyer recently instituted against or. Denke Walter and wife appears to be the result of a curious quarrel among members of Trinity German evangelical lutheran Church of which Rev. Or. Seuel is the pastor. It has already been stated that the suit is based on a circular which was distributed among members of the Church and in which or. Ostermeyer is accused of knowingly renting houses for ill Fame purposes. This charge however together with charges of immoral conduct against other members of the congregation of which or. Ostermeyer is president forms Only the closing part of the circular the principal contents of the lengthy paper being a protest against Quot the unchristian conduct of pastor Seuel and a majority of his congregation and against the unchristian and partial conduct of some officers of the the circular is signed by mrs. Denke Walter the name of the doctor does not appear on the circular at All. It has caused quite a stir in the northeastern part of the City where most of the members of the congregation reside As it pretends to give the inside history of a very ugly quarrel among Mem Bers of one of the largest and wealthiest German congregations of the City. The trouble it is stated in the circular was caused by or. Denke Walter refusing to Send his children to the parochial schools his claim being that the school management was bad and the teachers inefficient the pastor not giving the schools the necessary attention. The congregation it is stated could not get rid of the teachers As had been promised and the doctor took his children from the schools. The matter came up in a meeting of the congregation which the circular states was a very Lively one or. Ostermeyer the president telling the doctor that he acted like a foolish by and the doctor responding that he was not As smart As or. Ostermeyer and that it would not be Good if All Perale were As smart As that gentleman. The circular states that this led to charges being preferred against the doctor for insulting the pastor and Ostermeyer when As alleged it was in fact the doctor who was first attacked and assaulted. The doctor was finally expelled from the Church and the circular charges that this was Only Mccoin polished by a collusion Between Bro. Seuel Bro. Schmid and some members of the Synod and by or. Seuel giving false testimony. A member who protested against the doctor s expulsion shared his Fate. The circular also charges that in a suit brought by the doctor against pastor Senel to collect a Bill for professional services the court was info fenced by members of the congregation to Render judgment for the defendant. As evidence of an unchristian spirit prevailing in the congregation the circular quotes an item from one of the morning papers giving an account of a progressive euchre party at the House of one of the members of the congregation. The language of the circular is very bitter and pointed throughout and gives evidence of the very bad deling which seems to exist among the members of Trinity congregation. Personal and social. Mrs. Lon paramore of St. Marys iii., has returned Home. Secretary Myers is attending the Madison county fair to Day. Squire Jaikins and wife will leave tomorrow on a visit to relatives in Illinois. Mrs. P. M. Gallahue of Fletcher Avenue has returned from a visit to Chautauqua. Mrs. Or. James of Muncie is the guest of mrs. W. B. Vegors on North Tennessee Street. Will s. Hubbard and wife arrived yesterday from Ohio where they have been on a visit. Miss Lillian Vinnedge returned yesterday from a visit to her grandmother at Hamilton 0. Miss Charlina Cooper of Muncie is visiting her aunt mrs. P. M. Gallahue on Fletcher Avenue. Miss Lillian Stoddard will return to Minneapolis to Morrow after a Short visit to her parents in this City. Bert Degraff and will Kriel of the grand Stowel Are at Shelbyville Bert s old Home attending the fair. Miss Mary Worth is again at her desk in the Secretary of state s office after a protracted visit out of the Cit a. Or. H. S. Tucker and family have returned from a trip through Maine. Or. Tucker is full of Good fishing stories. Tuesday evening a Riding picnic party was Given by miss Claypool in Honor of her guest miss Meldrum of Louisville to Golden Hill. H. C. Levi of the Model returned last night from a four weeks trip East where he has been overseeing the manufacturing of the Model s fall Stock. Miss Frances Guenther left Here thursday morning for Denver col., the Home of her sister 3liss e. B. Guenther and expects to make her future Home there. We. Lee of messenger amp co., son of Chas. N. Lee was quietly married on tuesday afternoon to miss Josie Bingham daughter of w. P. Bingham and they immediately went to housekeeping at no. 9 fort Wayne Avenue. Mrs. Doddridge wife of the pastor of Fletcher place m. E. Church returned Home yesterday much improved in health. Last night she was Given a reception by the members of the Church at the residence of George l. Sullivan on school Street. The concert of the third Street m. E. Church was Well attended and successful miss Lillian Stoddard was warmly received and rendered two solos very artistically. The violin playing of a the Hannah Sickles was wonderful and much better than Many professionals perform. The rest of the program was equally entertaining. Quot a a the new District Telegraph. It has been shown on South Meridian Street that the merchant police system cannot at Ali times keep guard Over the property of the people and the District Telegraph company who Are now starting offer the Only sure Way to catch a burglar As they insulate safes or doors so they cannot be tampered with. They Are offering special inducements to those who subscribe now. Or. W. L. Fleming has charge of the business Here and by sending a note or calling at the English hotel he will show the system. A. M. E. Church. At the a. M. E. Conference for Indiana and Michigan which met at Terre haute and has just adjourned Rev. P. Roberts was appointed to Bethel Church and Rev h. H. Thompson to Allen Chapel this cite. The coloured methodist conference is in session at Jones Tabernacle on fourth Street and is presided Quot Over by Bishop Hood of North Carolina. Prominent visitors present Are Rev. W. M. Taylor d. D., of new Orleans Rev. S. , of Virginia and Rev Rio James of California. State Brevi ties. The fall term of the Terre haute Normal school began yesterday. The Acton District fair will be held at Acton sept. 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Alonzo Barrett of Shelbyville has been arrested for theft and forgery. Isom Burton an old citizen of Lawrence county dropped dead with heart disease aged 71. In portions of Montgomery county Grasshoppers have attacked the Clover and Corn. The Miami Valley furniture factory at Lawrenceburg has Cut 20 per cent off its Workman s wages. Lottie Scott a coloured woman of Indianapolis has been arrested in Shelbyville charged with theft. Thomas Mitchell who was treasurer of Clark county More than fifty years ago has died at the age of 88. The old soldiers of the ninth congressional District will hold a reunion at Lebanon on september 17 and 18. Charles Chambers 17 years old has been arrested at Lafayette for the theft of 125 pounds of Lead pipe which he sold for fifth and one Hundred and first Indiana regiments will take place at Wabash on oct. 1 and 2. The accounts of sex treasurer Goben of Montgomery balance to a cent. But or. Goben is 0,000 poorer than when he went into office. The flouring Mill of Montgomery amp elder at Greenburg was burned yester do morning by incendiaries. Loss ,200 insured for $8,000. Sarah Payton aged 18 years a Terre haute servant girl was severely perhaps fatally burned by gasoline while filling the tank of a gasoline Stoye. Or. Geo. Reynolds a Well to do Farmer living near Lafayette ind., discovered tuesday that his wife eloped two weeks ago with Dell Moore a Lafayette Masher and that the pair now domiciled at new Orleans. Scissors gossip. Purple asters Are the Quot Star Flowers in fact As Well As in name just now. The Possum trots and Cotton eyes Are rival base Ball clubs at Toccoa a. Music boxes Are chiefly made in Switzerland. Some of them Cost As High As 5,-000, and Are As Large a a piano. A girl at a Maine summer resort carves skulls and crossbones on the Trees thereabouts but in other respects is normally frivolous Sud Blitz some. The latest fashion for brooches shows rows of tiny Birds and chickens studded with Small diamonds or foxhounds running and tiny Birds on the Wing. The English railroads Are having As hard times this year As our own. Only one of the fourteen principal companies pairs a higher dividend than last year while ten have reduced their rate. A an Aroostook me., paper claims a woman a resident since 1831, who is in full Possession of her faculties and yet has not visited a neighbor or been in any House save her own in Twenty rears. Thomas Stevens who traversed America on a bicycle tour round the world and has now crossed Europe writes Back that Good roads Are the exception in this , but common in the parts of the old world through which he has passed. Four men dressed As policemen went lately to a widow of eighty one in a suburb of Vienna and demanded to see her paper Money pretending that she was suspected of having false notes in her Possession. In her anxiety the woman gave the whole of her treasure to the thieves. The official betrothal Between Prince Waldemar of Denmark and Princess Marie of Orleans was celebrated August 14 at Munden. Princess Marie was born january 13, 1s65, and a the eldest daughter of the Duke of Chartres and the it incest Frank Oise of Orleans a daughter of the Prince de Joinville. The United states Navy comprises thirty nine vessels and to officer this Fleet we have on the Active list 7 rear admirals 15 commodores 45 captains 85 commanders 74 lieutenant commanders 251 lieutenants 79 Junior lieutenants 188 ensigns and 76 naval cadets and in the staff 160 doctors 120 paymasters and 242 engineers. The chinese Viceroy of Chen is and Kansu explains that the earthquakes which has done much damage in his jurisdiction were chiefly occasioned by the mildness of the Winter which caused an excess of the Yang or male element of nature but they were due in a measure to the perfunctory performance of their Public duties by the local officials who failed to Call Down the harmonizing influence of heaven. Some one has been telling tales out of the wig makers school. Quot Good wigs of White hair Quot says the gossiping person Quot Cost about $40 each but the material of which these wigs Are made is clipped from the festive Goat and never from the human head. A Peculiar soft Silky kind of Snow White hair originates on the Angora Rabbit. A perfect White and abundant wig of human hair would Cost $1,000 at the privy Council of England was called upon to hear an Appeal against a sentence of death. The earliest time it could be reached was Friday afternoon but this very Friday the Appellant was hanged at Winnipeg. Lord Watson therefore a Pientl remarked Quot that it appeared doubt Ful whether there was any Petitioner at their lordships bar Quot and it did not appear to be expedient to have any discussion on the petition. The Bank of England has been guarded every night since 1780 by a picked body of soldiery which consists Quot of two sergeants two corporals a drummer and Twenty nine a privates All under the command of a chosen subaltern. The guard goes on duty Between 5 and 7 o clock in the evening according to the season. The officer is Given a dinner and a bottle of wine each sergeant is Given half a Crown each Corporal eighteen Pence and each private a shilling daily on going on duty. The Royal horse artillery will shortly be armed with a weapon which gives the Gat Ling the go by. The guns Are twelve and one half Pound Breech loaders and Are said to surpass anything yet produced in accuracy Range and quickness of loading and firing. The Range is up to about 6,000 Yards but the charge of powder is very Large viz., four pounds. The naturally heavy recoil is obviated by the carriages Bein fitted with brakes. The projectiles Are fitted in the base with a Copper driving ring by which rotation is Given to the shot thus securing both accuracy of direction and greater length of Range. The Royal English plate. London truth. A Large amount of very valuable plate was sent to Osborne from Windsor Castle for the Royal wedding. The necessity of bringing everything from London or Windsor was one of the most tiresome and expensive matters connected with the affair but As to the plate the lord Steward ought not to have allowed it to be taken to Osborne where there could be no adequate arrangements for its Safe keeping it is said that plate to the value 01 �50,000 was temporarily removed from Windsor. The plate there is Worth in round figures nearly two millions and it is All Crown property which Means practically that it belongs to the nation if a single spoon were lost it would have to be replaced by the Queen. Full lists Are kept by the lord Chamberlain and the lord Steward of the pictures China plate and furniture at the Royal palaces which belong to the Crown As distinguished from the private property of the Queen and whenever a Crown article of any kind is moved from one Palace to another a memorandum of the fact is registered in order that in due course it May be reclaimed for the Palace to which it Itro Perly belongs. Pictures Are often tray is a rred but hitherto the Crown a the has Al it the third annual reunion of the seventy a ways been kept at Windsor. When there on Hundred and first Indian a state banquet at the Castle the plate on the tables is usually Worth at least �250,000, and considering the superhuman cleverness of thieves in these Days it May be hoped there will be no More such slovenly arrangements As characterized the recent wedding. It is said that the Windsor Crown plate was actually deposited in one of the tents in the Osborne founds. Wanted a new pair. Richmond enquirer. We have before mentioned the great in. Ortance of an annual fair in each county in the state. We believe it would be beneficial to All classes and especially the Farmer and manufacturer. Wayne county., should arrange to have an annual fair. It it p should be located Quot near Richmond and. Might be called the inter Indian and Ohio state fair. Let some of our Stock men and manufacturers Start the ball.,
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