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Indianapolis Evening Minute Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1885, Page 3

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Indianapolis Evening Minute (Newspaper) - June 16, 1885, Indianapolis, Indiana Crack shots at the tournament of tie Western league. The Best marksmen of the world in attendance and some interest it ing contests anticipated most of the delegates to the meeting of the fourth biennial tournament of the Western shooting Lea give have arrived. There Are 1,000 Sharp shooters who Are members of this league. About 00 will be present at this meeting. At the last tournament which was held at Highland Illinois two years ago the Davenport Iowa team won the first prize. They have arrived Here and have a very a Trong team with or. Emil Berg is their Best known Marksman. W. Farrow the King a Hooter of the United states has arrived we. Hayes the sex King and a member of the Manhattan Rifle team of new York of which or. Farrow is also a member will a Rire to Morrow. Martin Graw of Chicago the Best known Sharp shooter in the country is Here with the Chicago team. At 10 30 o clock this morning the a delegates formed a procession at the Circle House and led by two bands marched to the depot and at 11 o clock left for the shooting Park. The following members of the Yarious teams have already arrived from Chicago Martin Grau or. H. Merckle f. Toggenburger and we. Boehmer from Davenport Iowa Emil Berg Sam. Hoffman de. Berger h. Schroeder and h. F. Moeller. Alfred Seffner a and j. B. Meyer of this team to arrive to Morrow from Highland iii., d. Wiggert a. Pagan h. Mil ler j. Wiggert of Streif and h. Oar Bald from Joliet 111., John Tarler Louis Sehring f. Piepenbrinck a. Wagoner Joseph Brown and p. Scheldt from St. Louis ho., h. Block Jacob Green f. Laudi h. Block or. And h. Sicker from Dubuque Iowa w. W. Wormwood or. Gehrig r. Polk Lii. Gaeger and John butt from Milwaukee wis., s. Meunier a John Meunier Kobe. Rohm Gus. Engel and c. Schmidt from Bloomington 111., Chas. Gem Ahlan and Chas. Reibsame from Elgin 111., messes. Clark and Adams from Monroe wis., Geo. Spangler j. Carlon Nic. Garbor e. Ruegger Cleo. Triscoll and we. Bragg teams from Toledo Ohio Cincinnati Ohio Detroit mich., Peru 111., Princeton 111., Bloomington iii., St. Paul minn., Winona minn., Lacrosse Wiscons Pittsburg penn., and the Manhattan team of new York will arrive tomorrow. The principal attraction this afternoon will be the Quick shooting contest for 15 bulls eyes. This will be competed for by the Indi tidal members of the league. The a size Given the Winner will be a handsome society badge. Also the Gold medal for the first 65 Bull s efes May be won this afternoon. These two prizes Are the Only ones offered for Quick firing. The Fol jogging is the program for the week. Wednesday shooting to commence at 8 a. Intermission from 12 to 1 p. Closing at 7 p. Thursday shooting to commence at 8 . Intermission from 12 to 1 p. Closing at 7 p. At 8 p. Summer night s festival and concert at the Park. Friday shooting to commence at 8 a. Intermission from 12 to i p. Closing at 7 p. Saturday shooting to commence at 8 a. Intermission from 12 to 1 p. Closing at 5 p. At 8 30 p. M., Ball. Sunday at 10 a. Meeting of the league at 2 p. Crowning the King. Distribution of prizes and festival at the Park. The King shot. At the last meeting of the International shooting Tournai nent held in new York in 1878, we. Hayes then the King shot of the United states and we. Farrow the present King shot of the United states tied Aher shooting 600 shots but Hayes refused to be re crowned King and very magnanimously tendered All the honors of that distinction to or. Farrow. It is under these circumstances that or. Farrow is now wearing the laurels of Ameri a Ca s crack Rifle Marksman. At the Park. On arriving at the Park the visit tors were formally welcomed by lir. Emil Martin the president of the Western league. He referred to the fact that no Schuet Lenfest had Ever taken place in this City and that the local association took the indications were now pointing to a successful affair. Or. Martin then gave a Brief history of the league which was organized 21 years ago and held its first Scheutz Lenfest a year later. He also referred in feeling terms to or. Abraham Felder who was the first president of the league and was filling that position again when death called him away about a year ago. Or. Martin spoke of the growth of the league since the first tournament was held at the Linden taller near Highland iii., and concluded by referring to tulle principles which made the German riflemen with the German singers and Turners in their struggle for Liberty. At the conclusion of or. Martin s address the handsome silk Banner of the league was handed to him by or. August Pagan of St. Louis the former president of the society or. Pagan delivering a Short address appropriate to the occasion. Dinner then followed and toasts were respond id to by or. George Reger and others. Notes. Martin Grau of Chicago is known As the most Poplar Sharp shooter is the world. He has attended More shooting matches and won More prizes than any other Rifle Marksman in America. He has been a Sharp shooter for 20 years and has organized a Large number of shooting clubs. We. Farrow the King shot of the United states has arrived and we. Hayes the sex King will arrive to Morrow. They Are both members of the new York Manhattan club. Or. Alexander of the Indianapolis club is known far and wide As a crack shot and much anxiety is expressed by the visitors to see some of his marksmanship. W. Farrow of Springfield mass., we. Hayes of Newark and Martin Grau of Chicago Are the most widely known Rifle shots in world. H. Vonderhorst of Baltimore a prominent member of the Mao hat ten club will arrive to Morrow. The widely known Manhattan club of new York will be represented Here by seven of its members. A dozen members of the Peru 111., club will be Here to Morrow. The Davenport team the present champions use the Ballard Rifle. Chicago will be represented by the largest number of shooters. We. Hayes holds the badge of the world s Best Marksman. Six men constitute a team in a contest for prizes. A Louisville Back scratch. Courier journal. Quot ill give you a House and lot if you la guess what i be got Here Quot said a citizen holding up a Small package where three or More other citizens had come together on fourth Avenue. Curiosity became intense. As nobody guessed the citizen said it was a Back scratch and took it out of the paper. It was a Small artificial hand doubled As is the human hand when in the act of allaying cutaneous irritation and it had a Long and beautifully polished handle. Quot it will reach any spot Quot said the citizen and he passed it Down Over his Back. Quot Yob see the ladies can t rub up against a Post As a Ian can and they must have one of Quot what a fool the inventor is Quot remarked one of the squad Quot that he Down t advertise it in the Buck wheat cake season my stars there is a Fortune in it Quot then they All said they would go and buy one. A a a where camphor comes from. The camphor sold in this Market comes chiefly from Japan. Formosa and Borneo furnish some. It is obtained by cutting up the camphor Plant leaves and All and distilling them. There is another kind found in the heart of an enormous tree which grows in the mountains of Borneo. The Trees Are Cut Down and split open and the gum is picked from the Centre. Sometimes lumps a Yard Long and three inches thick Are found but Twenty pounds is a Good Quantity for the average tree. The chinese have a great liking for this Quality and have been known to pay As High As $30 a Pound for it though the difference Between it and the common camphor is mostly imaginary. The crude camphor has to be re distilled before it can be used. Rattle Snake 01. The demand for Rattlesnake Oil is shown by the fact that the serpents Are often hunted systematically in order that quantities of their Oil May be obtained. Every summer citizens of Portland conn., go out to Rattlesnake ledges and catch the reptiles with Gaff Hooks the local druggists paying them $4 an ounce for the Oil which finds ready Sale. A prominent physician tells of a Case within his knowledge where a Man suffering from an ulcer took a Rattlesnake into his bed with the vague idea of somehow extricating the virulence of the sore. In some Rural districts of the Union men Wear the rattles in their hats As a Rennedy for headache. The Michigan Sand dunes. The great Sand dunes along the Banks of Many Rivers and particularly along the shores at the Southern end of Lake Michigan Are due to the presence of the Ophila Aren Aries or Sand gathering grass which possesses a remarkable Power of drawing up moisture. Indeed it May almost be called a miniature water pump for it is Able to keep the Earth wet for several inches around it. This wet Earth catches and holds the Drifting Sandr the process goes of the grass growing and the Sand collecting until a great Sand Dune is the result. The markets. Indi Kapous june 16. The Grain markets continue monotonous in their dullness though Corn showed some strength toward the close to Day. On change no. 2 red is held at 99c no. 2 White Corn is offered at 53j mixed at mixed ear Corn seems to be getting scarcer none has been offered for several Days. Oats Are quiet and steady no. 2 White offered of 38 mixed Oats at the following bids were made no. 2 Rea wheat 95c no. 3 red 89 no. 2 White Corn 52 l-2c no. 3 White 51c High mixed 46xc mixed 46>40 sound ear 45 no. 2 White Oats 36c Light mixed 33 l-2c mixed 33? bran $19.50. Receipts for the last 24 hours 7 cars Corn 3 cars Oats 1 car Hay. Flour Dull but firm. Patent f5.25a ?5.75 extra fancy $4-90a.l5 fancy �4.8.5a$5.00 Choice $4.60a$4.75 family h00a$425 treble extra i3.75a3.85 double extra $3.20a3.40 extra .00� $3.20 superfine $2.60�?2.80 Fine $2.30a $2.50. To Proenca Market. The Market is slow and Dull being heavily overstocked especially with strawberries which Are so abundant that they cannot be sold at any paying prices. All other fruit has to be sold at correspondingly Low figures. Potatoes�?55 to 60 As to Quality. New Louisiana .?2.o0 a $3.00 per barrel. Sweet Queen,$3 50@ 4 Nansemond $3 254 yellow Jersey ?3 50@4 00. Beets new $3 a bbl. Cubbage�??3.50a$4.00 per crate for new Small crates $1.25 to $1.50. Cucumbers la soc per Doz. New string beans�?75c a $1.00 per Box $3.00 per bbl. Onions new Bermuda $3.00 per crate. Green onions 15 a 20o per dozen Bunches. Louisiana new per barrel. Carrots�?20a per dozen Bunches. Lettuce�?90ca$i.00 per tub $2.50 a $3.00 per barrel. Asparagus�?20a25c per dozen. ,$2-50 to $5.00 per by $1.25 a 2-50 per drawer. Summer squash�?40c a 50c per dozen. Peas�?75 to $100 per Bushel $2.50 a 3.00 per barrel. Apples slow Sale fancy,$5 Russett 3 50 to 4 00 per bbl. New apples�?50c for by. Box. Strawberries�?75c a $1.00 per Case of 24 quarts $2.00 a $4.00 per stand. Fancy berries $1.50 a $2.00 per Case $5 a 6 per stand. Raspberries red�?$5 per Case of 24 quarts. Green gooseberries�?$5.00 per stand. Currants�?$5.00 per stand. Cherries�?$2.50 per Case $6.00 per stand. Peaches�?$1.00 a $1.50 per by. Bos. Tropical fruits oranges Are Messina $3 50 to $4 00 imperials $4 50. To $5. $4.50 a $5.00 As to Quality. Pineapples $2a2.50 per dozen. Bananas $1.25 to $3.50 per Bunch As to size and Quality. Plantains 75c a $1-25 per Bunch. Cocoa nuts $4.00 to $5.00 per 100. Poultry Batter. Lieeie and Seei. Poultry hens 8 a 8>ic roosters 4c Turkey 10c geese full feathered $4.50 a5 00 ducks per dozen. Spring Chicken 1 a 18c per la. Live weight. Butter lower poor grades not wanted Creamery fancy 25 a 26c Choice Dairy 15 a is county 8 a 15c As to Quality. Eggs scarce 12 a 12kc. Live Stock. Union Stock Yards june 16 cattle receipts 100 shipments none. Market slow Good Bat Cheri Stock is still scalable at quotations but common Stock is a drag Choice shipping grades.$5 15a5 25 medium to Good shipping grades 5 00a5 10 common to fair shipping grades 4 50a4 85 stockers common to Good. 3 50a4 10 Choice cows and heifers. 4 25a4 75 medium to Good cows and heifers 3 25a4 00 common cows and heifers.2 25a3 00 Veals common to Good. 4 oops 50 balls common to Good. 2 00a3 50 Milch cows.$25 a50 ,3,000 shipments 2,000. Market Active without change in Price for Choice Light which Range about go higher. Select Light to medium.$4 05a412 common to fair Light. 3 90a4 00 Choice pigs. 3 60a3 90 Choice roughs. 3 40a3 50 he Ivy roughs. 3 00a3 20 skips. 2 50a3 00 sheep receipts 100 shipments none. Market unchanged Dull and quiet. Spring lambs.$3 75a4 50 Choice grades clipped.3 15a3 35 Good clipped. 2 75a3 15 common clipped. 2 00a2 50 Bucks per head. 2 00a3 00 by Telegraph. New York june ig�?1 05 p. Wheat july $1.01% August $1.03% september $1.05 4 bid october $1.06 bid november $1.08 bid december $1.09? bid. Corny june 55 bid july 54% August 54% september 55j. Philadelphia june 16.�?12 m. A wheat Cash 96 4 june 96 july 97%@97% August $1.00vg@ $1.00% september $1.02 $1.02%. Corny Cash june and july 53j4 August 53i@54 september 54@54i, Oats Cash 403 june 40% july 403@40% August 37i@38 september 35@ 36. Rye�?73. Baltimore june 16�?12 30 p. A wheat steady. Cash 94 4� 94 june 94@94k july 953@ 95% August 98%@99. Corn Dull. Cash 531 june 52%@53 july 42%@53i<i. Toledo june 16.�?wheat�? Dull and steady. Soft 98 Cash and Jane 9214 july 92% August september 95%. Corn a quiet and firm. Cash 48 june 48j july 48% bid August 49. Oats quiet. Cash 35 asked. Cincinnati june 16�?12 30p.m. A flour firm 4.35@4.60. Wheat a quiet $1.00@$1.02. Cerny firm 48%@49. Oats firm 36 @37. Rve quiet 70@71. , june 16�?12 my wheat firm. Cash in bid july $1.021 August .$1.03% bid september $1 05% october $1.07%. Corny firm. Cash and june 44 bid july 45> asked August bid september 44j4 Vear 38%. _ c2iicago markets. Furnished by k. A. Black amp co., Grain c2iicago markets. Furnished by k. A. Black amp co., Grain and provision brokers no. 9, chamber of Commerce open High Clos june 16. Ing. Est lowest Ina. Wheat. June. 8h i 88>� july. 89�4 90 89 89x August 91 a a 92 91x september. 93 93 93m con. June. 47>i 48m 4s july. 4g?� 4t>� 46� August 46>� 47>� 46 i 47 september. 46>� 47 46>� 47 Oats. June. 33 337� 33, a 33?� july. 33>� 3-v� 33j� August 28 28 28 28 september. 27 27>� 27 27>� Fork. June. 10.40 10.40 10.40 10.40 july. 10.40 10.40 10.35 10.40 August. 10.50 10.50 10.42 10 60 september. 10.60 10.50 10.60 land. June. 6.62 6.62 6.62 6.62 july. G.�o2 6 fit 6.62 6.65 Augusta �.07 6.72 6.67 6.72 sep Temler. 6.75 6.80 6.75 6.80 Short bibs. June. 5.40 5.40 5.40 5.40 july. 5.37 5.42 5.37 5.40 August 5 47 5.50 5.45 5.50 september. 5.55 5.60 5.55 5.60 car Lotez a Lieut 204 Corn 497 Oats 240 Rye 4. Receipts of hogs. 22,000. Car Lotez a Lieut 204 Corn 497 Oats 240 Rye 4. Receipts of hogs. 22,000. Quot Remington Standard Type writer. All Al Nils or suppl Luis. , 84 East Market Street. Indiana Trust and Safe Deposit co. No. 49 e Washington St., Indiana polls Indiana. Collections made at All accessible Points. Foreign Exchange for Sale on All parts of the world. Interest allowed on deposits according to special agreement boxes for rent at prices ranging from is to $25 per annul in our fire and burglar proof vaults. Jos. A. Moore pres . Cleye Lanil Crimms Miniati and India balls railway. The great Central trunk line Between the East and West. Thro a cars with connections in Union depots. The Only direct line via. Cleveland Buffalo and Niagara Falls to All Points inner to Flat and new England. Direct connections for All Southern South Western and Western Points either by Way of Cincinnati Indianapolis or St. Louis. Direct connections in Union depot at St Louis for All Railroad towns in Missouri Arkansas Texas Kansas Nebraska Colorado new Mexico Mexico and the Pacific coast. Tie Best Rameil m tie safest rail in tie West. Tickets by the popular route for Sale at All regular ticket offices. . . Ben. Manager. Traffic manager. E. A Giitl Gen. Passenger agent Cleveland. Ohio. Chicago St. Louis put Bueg Railroad. Pullman s Palace drawing room sleeping and hotel cars through to Pittsburg Harrisburg phia and new York with out change. Only one change of cars to Philadel Lange. Baltimore Washington and Boston. Through tickets to All Eastern cities on Sale at All principal ticket offices in the West and at the City ticket office to. 48 West f Assn ton St and at Union depot ticket office Indianapolis ind. City brewery apr Beer. Peter Lieber amp co., Madison Avenue Indianapolis Indiana. Brewers of lager Beer and tie celebrated Tafel Beer. Ask to or grocer for l,. Route. A of the great through Eoute Between the East West North and South. This great through route is now in fall operation running Ali Ronilio pass engr trains daily As follows three solid trains each Way Between Columbus Indianapolis and Peoria. Two trains each Way Between Sandusky Indianapolis and Peoria. Two trains each Way Between Sandusky Dayton and Cincinnati. Three trains each Way Between Sandusky Springfield and Columbus. Four trains each Way Between Columbus Springfield Dayton and Cincinnati. Two trains each Way Between Columbus Springfield Indianapolis and Chicago with sleeping and dec lining chair cars on night trains and elegant parlor and modern Day coaches on Day trains. Don t Purchase tickets to any Point without first consulting the agents of the i., b. And w. Railway. Particular offered to Western emigrants land and tourist tickets to Alt Points reached of any line. 0. E. Henderson h. A. Boons of Gen l manager. Gen. Ticket time table. Trains Bun by Standard time. Indianapolis tim0snkz8. 8 15 . 10 40 a. 4 00 . 6 30 . Locis , new alb t Ohio too. Chicago and Michigan City division. 5 00 . 10 00 . 11.25 . 3 30r. 0. 0. 0. Indianapolis. Depart. Arrive. 4 00 . 6 40 a. M 10 10 . 11 25 a. 11 05 a. 2 05 p. .3 50 p. 5 15 p. 7 20 . 10 15 . Brightwood division. 4 00 a. 6 40 a. 10 Rio a. 11 25 a. At. 11 05 . 2 05p.m 2 15 p. 6.50 3 50 . 5 15p m t 20 p. 10 15 Chicano St. Louis Pitts Una. 4 10 . 7 00 . 11 10a. 9 40 . 4 00 . 11 45 a. K. 4 35 . 4 35 . 5 40 . 10 20 . Chicago division. 11 15 . 4 00 . 11 00 . 3 35 . C. I. St. L. Chicago. 4 00 a. 10 55 . 11 15 . 11 50 . 3 45 . 4 55 . 6 55 . 10 45 . Chicago division. 7 10 . 3 35 . 12 10 . A 10 55 . 5 10 p. 3 30 p. 11 20 . 6 43p.m Cincinnati Hamilton a ind s. 4 00 a. 8 -.30 a. 11 05 . 11 50 a. 4 25p.m. 5 00 . 6 35 . 10 40 . Vandalia Linx. 7 15 a. 3 50>. 7 35 . 10 00 . 12 00m. 3 35 . 4 00 . 4 15 . 10 45p. M 5 .30 . Wabash St. Louis it Pacific. 7 15 a. 4 00 a. 2 15 p. 8 00 a. 7 15 . 10 45 . 11-.00 . 6 15p.m. Jeff., Madison a Indianapolis. 4 10 a. 9 45 . 8 15 a. M 10 46 . 3 50 p. 7 00 p. 6 45 . 10 45 . Ind., Bloomington a Wigt blk. Peoria division. 8 15 . 3 45 . 5 05 p. 11 pm a. 11 10 . 4-.25p. Kostem division. 4 15 . 7 45 a. M 9 00 p. 4 -.35 p. 4 45 . 10 35 . Ino is Deatna k Sybi Maiku it. 8 30 a. 3 50 a. 4 20 . 10 45 . 10 50 . 5 30p m. Indianapolis it St. Louis. 7 10 . 3 45 . 11 55 . 10 00 . 5 30 p. 3 35 p. 10 50p,6 25 . F. Schmidt Brewer an bottler of lager and the celebrated Wiener Beer. South end of Alabama St. Telephone 432.c. A us brewery is Howis the new addition my Ana bottles of maus celebrate in Law her and Tafel Beer. Orders promptly filled. Telephone no. 221. Brewery and office West end of new York boiler skate. The most simple and durable skate on the Market. The fewest parts easiest adjusted and lightest running and Quick acting skate made. by the Daisy roller skate co. 303 e. Washington Street. Is write for circular. The Cal graph writing machine the latest improved and Bea. H. T. Conde general agent no. 76 and 78 West Washington Street. Cali Groh and Lype writer snap us a a Way Mhz and
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