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Indianapolis Daily Sentinel Newspaper Archives Oct 1 1869, Page 4

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Indianapolis Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - October 1, 1869, Indianapolis, Indiana Bail or tar a a mba a cd a mar of Tkv am Mimm pm Mim. No re my a to a Mem mtg my run. Eity the state fair. The Fot both Day. Or we a preen i Tcst�r-��?�y�?h��mi4 Rise Are Hall Rwy fwd rat Fatui Hall a torni he a mme Asrar Mitaral tim it pm tic Hack a he Rel my Kae a tit time a Cocle total Ramey Wark Etc. There was not much Opportunity for any one to become lonesome at the fair grounds yesterday if he knew anybody a in the state for every portion of it waa certainly represented. The attend use a an Only be expressed by the one word enormous. From eight o clock in the a morning until night there waa a constant Stream of men women and children pouring out of the City into the grounds. The crowd was so great As to make it almost . Espe Fly it one was subjected to the heat and dust which at times were great. The trains on All the roads were loaded Down and wagons came in from the surrounding country by the hundreds. Very Many families from the City also came out bringing lunch baskets with them and making a sort of a Pic Nie. At noon. It was almost impossible to Buin anything to eat the dining room was jammed and the crowds around the eating stands were four and five deep and ail clamouring for food. It was an exciting and Teresing place for a student of human nature for such fruitful Fields Are to be pastured on every Day. But to the people who wanted to a a see the fair Quot it was very wearisome. The Halls were filled at All times and it was almost impossible to get through them let alone to examine the various article carefully. The number of tickets sold yesterday was 43,09t, which is 18,6s3 More than were sold on the same Day last year and 2,000 More than were sold during the whole of the last fair 5,033 Amphitheater tickets were sold yesterday against 4,458 on that Day last year. The total receipts up to this time Are Over 16,000. Fine arts Hall is located nearly in the Center of the grounds and just South of the Amphitheater. Entering it from the West the first tiling noticed is the Fine Case of the Indiana surgical Institute which contains Kyj it Scimens of the various instruments in use at this prosperous m table Shinnet. A copy of Powers greek slave and a Statuette of cupid Are decorated with supports bandages Etc., handsomely finished. Every one admired the display but some people can t understand what it is for and some of the remarks Are quite As amusing As those made about Wilcox s tape Worms across the Way. Not a few of our country folks after gazing upon the ugly spot Imus involuntarily press their hands to their stomachs to feel if there is not a fearful monster twisting about and reveling upon the abdominal Coats. Generally they look a Good Deal relieved when they reach fresh air and sunlight. Professor Cox has a Case of minerals Coal Stone from various parts of the state. There Are specimens of mock Coal from All parts of the Field. Dorsey d co., of Knightstown ornamental painters exhibit some specimens of their Handiwork Well North looking at and the Loosier slate Bazaar shows a Quantity of goods of various kinds which take the eyes of the women. A Large Pari of the South Wall and shelving is covered with up Scimens of Lancy work Flowers leaves put 11 work Etc., some of which Are very Beautiful there Are also two or three of a Quot Bultgen trim a which girls were so i of uis Rar or two ago and May be yet for it we know. These particular ones reflect credit upon their a Malvers Quot Energy and taste also so far a bunions Are but we can t help i on Tsifrin with feelings of sorrow nov. Intr ail veil How Many sleepless in fits thy hive caused and How Many pro to Piave been worried Over them. one a to Ever lived within a mile of a Joung girl w to was fett i up a Button string will App re i i flt a i Eeling. Variety is the spice it i lie acid next comes j. Youart with a Ive of instruments warranted to Cut Fth ish bind and sew with neatness and Dispi Aith. Not wanting any of that. O pass. Juiyin Woodbridge let co. Exhibit a handsome lot of glassware and several i jul Arius the largest of which contain in Irol fish is greatly admired. E. Of me iii us Isi co. Have a Case of their Mathe Laai icel and surgical instruments which ire re Markalee for excellent Workman ship and line finish. Browning a it Sloan a oi1j0 he with a Case in which Are instruments for the use of saw Bones band i l a a. Supports medicines and such Osiier things As a Well organized drug store might be expected to show u. A. Seaton s Case contains a Fine Coli Section of ladies furs and hats which to person of taste passes by and which will certainly carry off the ribbon. J. W. Copeland s Case of millinery goods is one of the Best features of this department. Close to the Center of the Hall As h. Always is close to the Center of Busi we find Moses the spectacle Man. It requires no glasses to discern that s has a big Stock of spectacles and thai sort of thing. People who can t b a suited out of that pile ought to be i Lind serves Era right. is a cd it election of photographs of Superior Ltd Lily but the artist evidently is a mod to. Man and Don t want to be known for i arise is not to be found anywhere. 1 a i just overrun with business. Of a in position and practice it it. Ii. Clarke of i it Lafayette pm a great Many Fine phone to ii re making an elegant disc Lay. Lee s j an Lea boxes of which we have made tion excite the wonder of visitors a Viu jiu the a Range characters seem \ to Odd. They look Ghod enough to eat. A. Has a Casp of let sonnets i Quot Vav. Oil iii a several paint one of which is a cattle and the. a fruit Piee. Miss Ella Peeler has. A pie of Laid scape paintings. Adams. Jovis plot re Raphers of this City sex i a a Fly action of army and other. Of Nep v. High Are much admired. T. S. J in Sand Spear have a couple of Tomb is , exquisitely carved and Mim l. I. It ii ill Eli bits a Stock of millinery by nets Flowers and the like v ii Irb make women look Happy and men of Luik. The same effect is caused by into chs of hair exhibited by. Medina which contains iri end of Wii at adorns the human i a divine whether Flaxen ringlets it. Laven pros pcs Are wanted does not i i. A you can i i any kind of a head there. Will Saiu lira Den Eli bits some ii in Donie Needle work embroidered and 1 lied and All that sort of thing to sup a get at any rate it is Han Bouie. Wil i iii lira Den a co. Also have a Caso containing thank books writing arti<de9, Etc. To it id Carnichael it Williams make a of Dii Jay of stationery and photo i aph Louwis. Douglass Lily of Cincin ii to and the american leg and Arm a .�npar.y, of this City exhibit artificial . Sulgrove a Saddle for one of the i to it in rid Jirs the Best or second Best of do a t kirov. Which is on exhibition in tiii.-, Linail. Wii at Stiriz is to agriculture in ilis fair Daumont a co. Are to Fine ars. Their collection of pictures of All kinds engravings ,8. Photographs Oil paintings clocks and jul priors is very Large occupying fully an eighth Jarl of the Hall. The Large mirrors aie magnificent and some of the pictures his a gems. This display alone is the al Mumm morn machine in. Which the jm0ung. The i pad byte a Bice a department. A. Stowell has on hand four piano three Melodeon and two organs. Two of the former Are Chick Eringa and two from Albany new York. The Melodeon and organs Are from the celebrated Csc tory of George a. Prince a co., and one of the latter is a pipe top with eight stops. The Indianapolis piano manufacturing company represented by Benham it amp co., exhibit four of their excellent instruments. Benham amp co. Also have a Cise of musical instruments and a Bur Dett combination Organ. The Indiana music store exhibits a collection of string and wind musical instruments. Bingham amp co s cases of Silver and plated Ware ought never to have been put on exhibition the sight of such Fine things is calculated to make a Man anxious to have them. Parker the shirt Man has a couple of cases filled with furnishing goo of All styles varieties and patterns. P. Culling s display of Paisley shawls Irish Poppins and brocade Silks is very Fine and the Eider Down skirt and Bedspread also exhibited by him Are just about As Nice As they get pm up. Bryant Stratton a co s specimens of pen work and Moody s Case of Patent Quot truck Quot adjoin skill and Ink slinging on one Side and baking powder and soothing syrup on the other. Mrs. Dietrich exhibit some Fine millinery goods and mrs. Alice a. Condit is on hand again this year with her feathered clock. D. Lelewer a bro., of this City show a Fine lot of furs which it would be diff cult to rival. Carria ors and Wao Oss. Under the Amphitheater a place was reserved for sewing machines but Only two the Wheeler amp Wilson and the american combination Button and Over seaming machines availed themselves of it. Next to this is the Carriage department. The Indian Anolia coach works owned by Shaw Lippincott a Conner Havre Here Twenty carriages buggies Spring wagons sleighs and velocipede which Are taken from their War rooms and Are just such As they always make. The Superior workmanship of their establishment is to it booming Well known All Over the country and wherever an article from it goes orders Are pretty sure to come in from that locality. The Indianapolis Wagon and agricultural works exhibit several of their wagons a. Finley of Bainbridge also has several Fine wagons. Daniel Gorman of this City exhibits a cart 8. W. Waters a three wheeled velocipede aad Osgood Smith Ltd co., a set of wheels. Farm products. This Hall is better filled than we have Ever seen it before. J. George Stilz has a Large collection of seeds of different kinds. A. Freeman of fran Kun exhibits seventy two articles comp rising about every veg Euble and fruit fresh or canned produced in our gardens Here. Weinberger in Reagan show some Good vegetables. The display of beets cabbage potatoes onions Beans squashes pumpkins melons wheat Oats porn Etc is Large and a iome of the articles Are huge. There Are Ahio bread it Diee a butter Honey Hamis Etc. Farm imply tests. West of farm product Hall we find a Large number of farm implements. Among them we notice first the Universal fanning Mill manufactured by h. Of born of Richmond and a fanning Mill made by e. P. Dickey of Racine Wisconsin. Of cutting boxes there Are a Good Many. Pursell a co., of Lancaster Ohio exhibit two Case Parker a co., of this City four Long Black amp Allstatter of Hampton one d. C. Wilson of Harris Burgh Pennsylvania one and Watson a co., of Richmond one. L. E. Evans of this City has a two horse Harrow known As Monroe s rotary Harrow. A. J. Craig of this City exhibits a sell adjusting Harrow b. B. Van sickle of Sharpsville a revolving Harrow William Fleming of Bath Illinois a two horse Harrow Thomas Patent smoothing Harrow and Broad cast weeder is exhibited by Case Parker amp co., of this City and two horse harrows Are entered by j. George Stilz s. Horney r. L. Lukens and Norton pfc Harrow of Glenn s v Ulley. K. L. Lukens exhibits two of causes pitchers near which is wests Quot lightning stump pullers Are exhibited by a. Shipley of Colton and Nathan Albertson of Plainfield and of m. Christian of this City has a Field roller big enough to Mash any clod. Hockett s Drain tile machine is exhibited and worked by Chandler a Taylor who also tiave a sorghum Mill. The Quaker City works of Richmond and j. W. Penfield of Willoughby Ohio also have Drain tiles it a exhibition. Farquhar a Doan of the a Quaker City works exhibit a feed boiler idd evaporator and Moon a Doan have a one horse ditching mat Hine Jacobs bros., of Columbus Ohio have a sorghum evaporator. It ii Aln separators. No Premium was offered this yearn threshing machines but there Are several on exhibition. The Eagle machine works of this City a. Gaar a co., of Richmond and the Robinson machine a works of Richmond each have a machine with steam engine attached while Russell a co. Have three of their machines of Dii Lerent sizes with horse Power attached. It was not intended to Hare any trial but it is probable that one will take place to Dav at any rate some thresh log will be done. The Russell machines will not contend As they did not Home prepared with steam Power. J. C. Bick Nell a sons of South Bend exhibit the Monitor Quot Clover Huller. our notice of the reapers yesterday we omitted to name the Quot Champion Quot manufactured by Whitely Fassler let Kelly of Springfield Ohio and exhibited Here by j. George Stilz. There Are four of the machines on the ground and they Are extensively noticed. Or. Stila a or it a Lection of implements is very Complete and rello cts great credit upon him. Wherever you go you find one or More of his articles. In speaking of King a Pinney s Quot stave Lrosser Quot exhibited in Power Hall it unfortunately appear he in one place As a stove Dresser Quot and in another As a Quot Stone it is neither. It took the Premium though in spite of the Blunder. 1 i out Hall Lias never been to much thronged As during the present fair. The exhibition of fruit a very Large and not Only occupies All the original space but Rani red additional shelving. The pyrami4lil the renter is made of a magnificent lot of plants from John f. Hill a co a greenhouse. It contains five collections comprising seven Hundred and fifty plants. Mrs. Andrew Wallace has a lot of Fine plants to the right of the Southern Entrance. A. W. Ragen of Putnam county exhibits eleven varieties of grapes. Janes Mathes fifteen varieties of apples. Weinberger a Ragen of this township exhibit Twenty five varieties of pears a ver3 tine a ilk Caiiou indeed. Also a Fine lot of graph some fifteen varieties. Powell Ilow Jand of this Vicinity exhibits a Niue collection of apples and pears. A who White of Plainfield shows twelve varieties apples. S. W. Pearson of Plainfield shows Twenty Aix varieties of apples and lire of grapes Quot George Merrill of Hendricks county thirty varieties. In i a air Nelson a co. Of fort Wayne exhibit two Hundred varieties and Only enter Twenty Leo for Competition. A. Dean of Laako county exhibits two platen of Heath cling and Heath free. A. J. Markley of Hamilton county Ohio exhibits a Fine lot of Ives be Diing grapes a new variety which i is meeting with great such Eris. Fred. Smith of this City exhibits twelve varieties of grape and a can of gooseberries. A p. Carnahan exhibits eighteen varieties of apples. J. F. Willey of Clarke county also exhibits some Fine peaches. .1. C. Of Shoemaker of Cannelton Perry Cimity exhibits an immense lot of magnificent apples. Mrs. A. Wallace exhibit t Wenty Varie hes of grapes Twenty five of Penth a Doran Vaju Iotis i of jm., Etc., of of amid Amita fruit butter Pickle pm erred and jellies. L. B. Franklin of Vigo of aunty exhibits Twenty five varieties of apples. The horticultural society of Plainfield Hendricks county exhibit sixty varieties of apples Twenty two varieties of grapes eight varieties of peaches and Twenty two varieties of pm Ai it and in. T a quinces. Charles , of i , exhibits five varieties of apples the Best for commercial Pur Xmas in Central Indiana ten varieties of fall pears five varieties of Winter pears. Thomas Farns Worth exhibits Washington cling peaches four on one Twig weigh two pounds and one plate of five weigh nine ounces each. John t. Frances has a Fine collect Lon of wine which he claims to be the Best made in the state. The outside seems to Bear out the claim. Frances also exhibits ten varieties of pears. H. Mankedick exhibits Twenty two varieties of grapes. Pacino and trotting. The track was surrounded by a great crowd All the afternoon and for a time it was almost impossible for the horses to go at All for Many people had Crowde Ltd into the of onry a. They were finally driven out however but not without great trouble. The first match was for the Best pacing horse Mare or gelding Over four years of age. There were six competitors and the first Premium of Floo was taken by jams Wilson s horse Homeier Tom who made the mile in 2 25 and 2 28david t. Burkett of Morton took the second Premium of 50, his horse a Roan Mare making 2 31 and 2 s3. The time of the other horses in the first heat was As follows e. Henderson a Martinsville 2 29 t. Dickerson a of Versailles 2 27>a 8. A. Cords of Morton 2 34john b. Sullivan a of Indianapolis 2 45. For the Premium offered for the Best trotting horse Mare or gelding Over five years there were four contestants. The first Premium Floo was taken by i. I. La der of Rushville. Time 2 39 and 2 56>i. Payne a Powell of Henderson. Kentucky took the second Premium of 50, their horse making 2 2ii 4 in the first he at and stopping in the second. A Spencer s horse of Fountain county made 2 57 and 2 55, and another Hor a entered by the same made 2 57. Mls Cellaneous. During the afternoon company a of the Indianapolis National guards marched into the grounds and after going through some evolutions very creditably dispersed to allow the boys to see the fair. The balloon ascension did not take place the Hoosier aeronaut or. John w. Smith having the misfortune to burst his balloon while inflating it. It will go up to Day though All right. Providence and the weather permitting. The Quot fancy Riding Quot on the velocipede or Quot two wheeled Wagon Quot As the ring master persisted in calling it took place about five o clock. George thudium and William Hyndman of this City and Willie Domm of Hamilton county Ohio participating Willie Domm who is seven years old took the first Premium of 25, and William Hyndman the second Premium of 15. The blowing match was continued during the Day but the decisions of the committee were not made known. The programme for the remainder of the week is As follows Saidat. Vim a. of awarding pram Iamb. Doling of of examination of article in general one p. M., the 0we�pttakee Trot open to All. For a Pru miam of $a00 two r. A. Best and quickest time mile neat for Byer Cly operators Premium f50 second Premium t25. Said rat. Sixth of Cash pre Miami. Settlement of claims Sale of a Tock. Etc. Persons who wish to procure tickets before going out can find them at c. Dickson a co s office no. 49 North Tennessee Street. L. D. Fox in in Field Ila cock county first Premium of. George an4igrson, Painesville Lake cob i Ohio second 5 0<. I Ive shoats under six months old ten entries. Rankin Baldridge lager town Wayne county first Premium cd 00. Drook it w Ard Liberty Union county Sei Ond 10 00. Sow and live sucking pig one entry. Drook a Ward , i Nion count v. First Premium 25 ult. Oud 10 00. No award. Sweepstake Hon Ikis. 15 Star any age seventeen entries. Gnu Decosi a Sou Zionsville pre m. 15 Niyom i iti i. Sow any age fifteen entries. W. W. ,, Indiana Premium 20 00. Fink Wool hiker to include Spanish and fun ecu Merino saxons and their croh8e.s. Buck two years old and Over one in Pren Irson awarded. The following Are the premiums awarded yesterday live Stock department. Heavy draft houses. Stallion four years old and Over twelve entries. Gallon French horse company Galion Crawford county Ohio first Premium f50 00. Miller a Bro Richwood Union county Ohio 8ecoud, $25 00. The committee let leg leave to say that in their opinion the exhibition of heavy draft horses is the Best Ever shown at any fair in this state and that in awarding the premiums As they did there were others that possessed great Merit and that Are Well Worth Public patronage. Iii inti by the committee stallion three years old and under four four entries. E. S. Frazee Orange Fayette county first Premium fi4 too. Galion French horse company Galion Crawford county. second Ifilio �0. Mare four years old and Over three entries. Drury Clarke Pitt slim Hendricks county first Premium. 00. John Walker Rushville Rush county second Premium 15 00. Marr three years and under four two entries. Cal. Bates Falmouth Rush county first Premium. 20,00, also secon a look. Gelding four years old and under four entries As follows w. H. Bennett Richmond Wayne county. J. Mcvey Pittsboro Hendricks count p. W. A Snyder Crawfordsville Montgomery county. Samuel Canby Indianapolis. On wednesday the committee met and awarded the first Premium to a m. Mcvey aad Prem am to Hamuel Canby. Theae awards were overruled by the committee yesterday morning who made the following entry on the Book Quot these entries were passed upon by the committee on the third Day of the fair but it appearing that there were other entries in the same Claas they were called Back on the fourth Day. Some of them refused to come and the committee awarded a the mums to Okha who appeared they Ifor ing the beige mock and being entitled to the premiums if �11 had been we will my wish the premiums in their proper place. Jacks ernets and male a. Jacks three years old and Over six entries. J. P. Root Milroy Rush county first Premium f40 Warren hard Wick Dan Ville Hendrix a county second 00. Jacks two years old and under three two entries. Charles p. Johnson Broad Ripple Marion county first Premium 10 00 William Brumfield Marion county second 15 00. Jacks one year old and under two no entries. First part Uigum 20 00 second 10 00.jack Colt not entries. First Premium 10 00 second 5 00. Jennet three years old and Over one entry. Charles p. Johnson Broad Ripple Marion county first Premium 15 00 second 5 00�?no award. Jennet two years old and under no entries. First Premium to 00 Selund. 00. Mule three years old and Over three entries. Thomas a. Allen Greencastle Putnam county first Premium 10 00. John Walker Rushville Rush county second Premium 5 00. Mule two years old and under three eight entries. Iki Ward Courtney Danule Hendricks county first Premium 10 00. Henry w. Harding Crawfordsville Montgomery county second Premium 5 00. Mule one year old and under no entries. Premium 5 00. Mule Colli no entries. Premium 6 00. Pair mules three years old and Over four entries. John Walker Nashville. Rush county first Premium 30 00. L. D. Foudry Indianapolis second Premium 15 00. Bout. Boar two years and Over 5 entries. B. Pentecost a son Zionsville Boone county first Premium to 00. J. D. Spahr Centerville Wayne county second 15 00. Boar one year old and under six entries. T. E. Paddock. Liberty Union county first Premium 25 00. Rankin Baldridge Hagerstown Wayne county second 10 00. Boar under one year old Twenty nine entries. Rankin Baldridge Hagerstown Wayne Donn to first Premium �00. Goorge Anderson Painesville Lake county Ohio second 10 0�. A two years old and Over four entries. H. W. Thrasher Connersville Fayette county first Premium 20 00. George Anderson Painesville Lake county Ohio Aeo Ond 10 00. Sow one year old and under two years five entries. A it f George Anderson planes Villa Lake Oon it Ohio fast premia a Flo of w. W. Thrasher a ners Rille Fotte county Leeond 10 00. Sow Onder live yes a old Nineteen try. H. S. Rust Oxford Butler county Ohio first Premium 920. Second 10 00, no award. Buck one year old and under two no entries. First Premium 10 00. Second 5 w. Buck Lamb two entries. H. S. Rust Oxford Butler county Ohio Premium 5 tki. Kwe two years old and Over two entries. H. S. Rust Oxford Littler county Ohio first Premium 10 00. Second. 5 00. Ewe one year old and under two no entries. First Premium 10 00. Second 5 00. Ewe Lamb one entry. H. S. Rust Oxford Butler county Ohio Premium 6 00. Long Wool sheep cotswolds. Buck two years old and Over seven entries. Thomas Aston Ely la Ohio first Premium e. L. Freeman port Huron Michigan second 5 x. Buck lambs six entries. E. L. Freeman port Huron Michigan premme 5 00. Ewe two years old and Over five entries. Thomas Aston Elyria Ohio first Premium 10 00. Thomas Aston Elyria Ohio second 5 00. Kwe Lamb five entries. Thomas Aston Elyria Ohio Premium 5 00. L0n j Wool sheep Leicester. Huck two year old and Over four entries e. L. Freeman port Huron Michigan first Premium f20. Samuel Toms Oshawa Canada second Premium Flo. Buck one year old and under two years old four entries Thomas Aston Elyria Lorain county Ohio first Premium Flo. E. L. Freeman port Huron Michigan second Premium $5. Buck Lamb two entries e. L. Freeman port Huron Michigan Premium Ewe two years old and Over six entries Thomas Aston Elyria Lorain county Ohio first Premium 10. Thomas Aston Elyria Lorain county Ohio second Premium 5. Ewe one year and under two years old four entries e. L. Freeman. Port Huron Michigan first Premium. 10. Thomas Aston Elyria Loraine county. , 5. Ewe Lamb two entries Thomas Aston Elyria Ohio Premium 5. So eth Downs. Buck two years old and Over five entries Samuel Toms Oshawa Ontario county Canada first i Premium 20 00, and second Premium 10 00. Buck one year and under two years old four entries Samuel Toms Canada first Premium 10,00. Samuel Toms Canada second Premium a 00. Buck Lamb three entries. Samuel Toms Anada Premium 5 0<. Ewe two years old and Over six entries. Samuel Toms Canada first Premium 10 h. Samuel Toms Canada second 5 00. Ewe Lamb two entries. S. K. Fletcher Indianapolis Premium 5 00. Fink Wool Thonol ii bred american m Khi nos. , two years old and Over two entries. Archibald Collins Portland Mills Putnam county first Premium and second Premium 10 00. Buck one year and under two one entry. Archibald Collins Portland Mills i it Maui county first Premium. 20 00. Second Premium 10 in. No award. Buck Lamb two entries. Archibald Collins Portland Mills Putnam county first Premium 10 00, and second Premium 5 00. Lowes two years old and Over two in trip s. Archibald Colling Portland Mills Putnam county first Premium 15 00, and s cond Premium s 00. Ewe one year old and under two one enry. Archibald Collins Portland Mills Putnam county first Premium 10 00. Second Premium 5 00. Not awarded. I of Ultra. Pair Black Spanish fowls four . William c. Sukk a Indianapolis Premium k. Pair Lirah Mas five entries. Vance a Grubbs Indianapolis Premium 3 00. Pair Poland one entry. John w. Sutherland Indianapolis Premium 3 00. I air Dorking Quot two entries. K. Fletclie., Indianapolis Premium pair Black african bantams two entries. Vant e a Grubbs Indianapolis Premium 3 00. Pair Silver bantams five entries. Frederick Klare Ludi Anapolis Premium 3 00. Pair chickens any kind nine entries. W. T. Marquis Cambridge pity Wayne county Premium 3 00. I air tame geese three entries. Vav Illiam Myers Ludi Anapolis Premium 3 00. The geese by or. Myers were an imported kind All White and very Fine. Pair wild geese one entry. W. T. Marquis Cambridge City Wayne county Premium 3 00, pair turkeys one entry. W. T. Manuis Premium 3 00. Pair common ducks six entries. W. T. Marquis Premium 3 00. Pair Muscovy ducks one entry. W. T. Marquis Premium 3 00. Pair pea fowls one entry. W. T. Marquis Premium 3 00, pair Guinea fowls three entries. Horace e. Wallace Indianapolis Premium 3 00. Pair game fowls four entries. W. T. Marquis Cambridge City Premium 3 00. Best collection of poultry All kinds. W. T. Marquis Premium 3 00. Mechanical department. Carriages wagons Etc. Two seated Carriage two entries. Shaw Lippencott a Connor Indianapolis Premium f40 00. One seated top buggy for entries. Shaw Lippencott a Connor Indianapolis Premium 25 00. One seated open buggy one entry. Shaw Lippencott a Connor Indianapolis Premium 15 00. Two seated Spring Wagon three entries. Shaw Lippencott a Connor Indianapolis Premium. 15 00. Sulky three entries. T. L. Denny Brownville Warrick county Premium 5 00. Met of Carriage wheels two entries. Of ood Smith a co., Indianapolis diploma. Carriage co Pung two entries. Shaw Lippencott a Connor Indianapolis Premium 5 00. Two horse Wagon five entries. A. Finley Bainbridge Indiana Premium 20 00. Cart one entry. Quot iel Gorman Indianapolis Premium t be horse Sleigh one entry. Shaw Lippencott a Consior Indiana polls Premium 3 00. Two horse Sleigh one entry. Shaw Lippencott a Connor Indianapolis Premium 5 00. Street goods Wagon two entries. Smith a Christian Indianapolis Premium 5 00. Collection of Carriage and Wagon materials Premium 10 of no entries. Marriam hubs one entry. Osgood Smith a co., Indianapolis Premium 3 00. Wagon hubs one entry. Osgood Smith a co., Indianapolis Premium 3 00. F Best collection of Carriage buggies wagons Etc., one entry. Shaw Lippencott a Connor Indianapolis Premium 30 00. Open buggy finished without of paint or varnish Premium 10 00, no entries. Velocipede two wheels one entry. T. C. Redding Indianapolis Premium 5 00, veloce pie three wheels Premium 5 of no entries. Vurn Turk Btu Burean to Antrim it Mitchell and Rammelsberg Manf company Indianapol Prei bed if wardrobe two Vej Rich. Spiegel thorns co., Ludi Aulii a i Premium 5 00. Extension table two entries. Mitchell and Ramm Ellsburg Man fac i Panyi Indianapolis Premium sofa Onee Norv. Micheil Man fac m , company Indianapolis Premium a a Cit chairs ten entries. Mitchell and Rammelsberg manufac-5. Iii Diana it ols Premium a cwt Case two entries. Almitchell and Rammelsberg company Indian Aioli Prem Quot us ens Quot Quot Lious furniture three plea Quot co., Chicago i mattresses one entry i Suomi Indianapolis hell Bottom three entries Quot a a Utsan Hamilton county. diploma Tolice chairs one Eutry. Mitchell and a Nikelsberg Matulac Quot Diana Polis Premium Centre table three entries. Mitch la and Rammel Siiberg manufacturing company Indianapolis Premium writing desk one entry. Mitchell and a Nikelsberg manufacturing company Indianapolis Premiani parlor set eight pieces three entries. Mit Enell Ana Rammelsberg manufacturing company Indianapolis Premium my Urie office set five pieces one entry. Not Complete Premium to 00, not awarded. Metah , Premium Bronze medal no entries. Wood casket Premium 5 00, no entries. Collection burial cases Premium Silver medal no entries. Collection Cabinet Ware two entries. Mitchell and Rammelsberg manufacturing company Indianapolis Premium Silver medal. Domestic Maffa Olues of links Woolen of t Ori on Fah Kics made by hand. Best ten Yards i oar pot ten entries. Mrs. Ann Premium Best ten Yards Wool carpet six entries. Mrs. Geor Anderson Painesville Lake county Ohio Premium 10 00. Best double Coverlet Wool one entry. Mrs. Jane Hull Indianapolis Premium 5 00. Best double Coverlet Cotton two entries. Mrs. Ann Cox Indianapolis Premium 5 00. Best Wool knit stocking five entries. Mrs. E. W. Miller Terro haute Premium 1 00. Best pair Wool socks seven entries. Best Wool knit mittens 4 entries. Mrs. H. Noble Indianapolis Premium 1 00. I a t Best Woolen Comfort Premium 2 00, one entry. Mrs. S. B. Shultz Indianapolis not found and no award made. Best Pound of Wool yarn one entry. 1 00 Premium Koot mat four entries. Miss Anna Dane Indianapolis Premium 1 00. Best ten Yards jeans one entry. J. Bogart Franklin Indiana Premium 5 00. Best ten men five entries. Mrs. Ann Cox Wadl Anapolis Premium 00� Best ten Yards a it lain Linen two entries. Hull Indianapolis Premium. Best ten Yards Linsey Premium of Quot 00, no entries. Best fax thread two entries. Mrs. George Anderson Painesville Lake county it Hio. Premium 00. Best five Mill bags Premium 5 00, no entries. Best Cotton knit socks three entries. U. C. Schofield Indianapolis Premium 00. Best Cotton knit stockings four entries. Lizzie Baggott Osborn Ireene county Ohio Premium. K. Best ten Yards Plain flannel one entry. Mrs. J. W. Free Milroy Rush county Indiana Premium to. Best ten Yards plaid flannel two entries. Mrs. J. W. Free Milroy Indiana Premium a it 00. Domestic Mam fart Krs of , Woolen and Cotton a lyrics made by Machinek. Best ten Yards sati net one entry. Seymour Woolen Mills Seymour Indiana ,.6 00. Best ten Yards fulled cloth one entry. Lawrenceburg Woolen Mills i a rent Burg Indiana Premium Quot j5 00. Best ten Yard we Premium Ono entries. F a Best ten Yards Cassimire one entry. Lawrenceburg Woolen Mills Lawrence Burg Indiana Premium Silver medal. Best ten Yards plaid flannel one entry. Seymour Woolen Mills Premium 5 00. Best one Pound stocking yarn Premium 2 00 no entries. Best Pound carpet yarn Premium 2,0<t, no entries. Best pair blankets one entry. Seymour Woolen Mills Premium 5 it. Best ten Yards Plain flannel one entry. Seymour Woolen Mills Premium 5 00. Bist collection of Cotton and Woolen fabrics two entries. Seymour a Olen Mills Premium Silver medal. Best leu Yards Linen diaper Premium 5 00, no entries. Best ten Yards Plain Linen Premium 5 00, no enl ies. Best ten Yards jeans one enter. Seymour Woolen Mills Premium r. Of. Best five Mill bags Premium and diploma no entries. Best jeans Warp one entry. Indianapolis Cotton manufacturing company Premium 5 00. Best sati net Warp one entry. Indianapolis Cotta till Mauu featuring company Premium. 5 00. A ir1 cultural department. Potato As. Best Peck Neshannock live entries. A. Dawson Castleton Marion county Premium 3 m. White peach blows eleven entries. 8 00 Quot i i Polis Premium Karl Rose eleven entries. H. L. Edmondson Bloo Yungton Indiana 3 00. Prince Albert four entries. A Freeman Franklin Premiani 3 00. Early Goodrich six entries. R. Lagan Fillmore Premium 3 00. Early Harrison four entries a George w. Inner Cumberland it Remi us 3 00. Pinkeye two entries. A. Freeman Franklin Premium 3 00. Shaker russet five entries. B. North Ohio county Indiana Premium 3 00. Half Bushel any variety sixteen entries. Thomas Wyatt Pidi Anapolis. Premium. Half Bushel Sweet potatoes twelve entries. /. White Lawrence Indiana Premium Irish potatoes ten varieties one Peck each three entries. Winberger a Regan Indianapolis Premium 10 00. Kain and8e�i>8.half cum ear Aich Toen entries. Joseph Crow first Premium floor. Greenville Wilson Conn s Creek second Premium 5 00. Half Bushel White Corn in ear Twenty nine entries. Isaac Smock Southport. First Premium. 10 00. D. J. Miller Indianapolis second Premium 5 00. Half Bushel com any color Nineteen entries. Joseph Crow Greencastle first Premium 10 of. Joseph Crow Greencastle second Premium 5 no. Half Bushel Hominy Corn four entries. T. C. Smock Southport Premiani 5 the. Half Bushel White wheat Twenty entries. A. Fimmano Franklin first Premium 10 00. T. Carnahan n new Harmony second Premium 5 ski. Half Bushel red wheat eighteen entries. George Anderson Painesville. Lake county Ohio first Premium look. W. Fendley Augusta station second Premium 5 no. Half Bushel Spring wheat one entry. Get re Anders Ltd Painesville Ohio first Premium 10 0 a. Second Premium 5 it. No award. Half Bushel of Rye. Tymo entries. J. George Stilz Indianapolis Premium 5 00. 1 a t half Bushel Oats nine entries. William Cook Connersville Premium o 00. Half Bushel buckwheat two entries. W. R. Dawson Caa Toton Premium 11 00. Half Bushel Barley five entries e. J. Howland Indianapolis or Emi us 5 00. W a half Bushel flaxseed thre it Ries. George Anderson Painesville to it Hio Premium 5 00. Half Bushel Millet seed Ore entry. J. George Stlla Indian Apo is Premium 00. Half Bushel hemp Seel one entry. 5 �5 Prei oium half Bushel Timothy sed four entries George k. Wallace . Premium 6 00. Hall Bushel Orchard graph seed one it try. Cik orge Premium Bine grass seed. Tyler s Bee hive. Any goods. M to o Woi iii of Rich dry goods to by solid at any necessary sacrifice without Reserve. Amm of the business of l h. Tiler amp co. This is the finest and largest Stock of dry goods Ever offered at a sacrifice in the state of Indiana. In Monse Nenee of the expiration by limitation of the Copartnership of the firm of i. H. Tyler co. The business most a a positively be closed prior to january 1. We Hope to close the business in sixty Days and will offer such inducements As no one wanting the Best goods at first Cash Cost and i Ess can is Cist. Every purchaser May rely on getting the biggest Dollar s Worth Ever bought in Indianapolis. All goods marked in Plain a a Reil figure Marks Quot and sold for one Price for ca�1i in of exception to this Rule. Lease of store and fixtures for Sale. Spleu4li�l Opportunity for any party wanting the Best location in Indianapolis for any business. We close two Days Friday and , Isic tember 17 and is to Mark Down a Ery article in the Motorc that we May make Quick and sure work. Doors will be open and Sale commence monday morning september 30. L. H. Tyler amp co., 2 West Washington Street Indianapolis Indiana. Self Diin Ftp j. George Stilz Indianapolis Premium. Half Bushel red top grass seed Ono entry. J. George Stilz Indianapolis Premium. Half Bushel red Clover seed two entries .1. George Stilz Indianapolis Premium. 10 00. Sample Twenty live pounds Leaf to Siacco. Premium Roo no entries. Sample ten pounds Broom Corn four entries. A. Free mini jr., i Ranklin Premium 5 00, film auth i Ait kinds Plawin it is s i is specimen landscape painting in Oil prenup a f5 kit three entries none de serving the award. Fancy painting in Oil. Two entries. William m. Phase Indianapolis Premium 5 00. Portrait painting in Oil three entries. William Ai , Luhiau Zimilis Premium 5 Kaniu iai painting Queen try William of. Chase India Napolis Premium a it 00, fruit painting two entries. William w. C Ham Indianapolis pro mum 5 k. Flower painting one entry. William al. Thase Indianapolis Premium 5 00. Bird painting Premiani 5 00, two entries neither it i serving of the award. Crayon drawings two entries. William m. Chase Indianapolis Premium 5 00. Pencil drawing Premium 5 00, one entry not deserving of the award. Pen drawing Premium 5 00, no entries. Sign painting premiums 00, no entries. Letter painting Premium 5 00, no entries. Architectural drawing Premium 5 00, no entries. Velvet painting 5 00, no entries. Paintings draw Incis aus list. Original Oil one entry. A. I. Ireen Connersville Bronze medal. Animal painting in Oil Premium $10 no entries. Landscape water colors Premium 5 00. No entries. Fancy painting in Oil one entry. William m. Chase Indianapolis Premium 5 00. Fruit painting in Oil two entries. William. Castell Indianapolis Premium 0 00. A Flower painting in Oil Premium o 00, no entries. Bird painting dry colors or Pistelle Premium 5 00 no entries. Fancy painting dry colors or Pastelle Premium 3 00. No entries. Portrait in Oil without photograph Premium Silver medal. No entries. Best sign painting one entry. Dovey a brother. Iveigh thrown Indiana Premium it 00, photograph portraits in Oil two entries. A r. Clark Lafayette Premium 10 00. Plain card photograph four entries. D. R. Clark Lafayette Premium 5 00. Collection of Plain card photographs two entries a p. A r. Clark Lafayette Premium 10 00. Plain photograph f6ur by four or larger three entries. I it. K. Clark Lafayette Premium 5 00. Collection of Plain photographs four by four or larger three entries. D. It. Clark. Lafayette Premium 10 00. Photograph group four by four not less than three figures two entries. D. H. Clark Lafayette Premium 5 00. Card photograph in water i Solors one entry c. A Ingraham Indianapolis Premium 5 00. I 1 photograph 1 by in water colors two entries c. A Ingraham Indianapolis Premium 10 00. Photographs 4 by 4 or larger in India Ink three entries a r. Clark Lafayette Premium 10 00. Pen drawing one entry Bryant and Stratton Indianapolis Premium 5 00. Architectural Elevation and ground plan drawing for Frame Honse to Cost $2,500, one entry very common Premium 25 00, not awarded. Elevation and ground plan for barn too list if 1,000, one entry very common Premium 15 my not awarded. Machine drawing one entry Jatib w. Loeizer Indianapolis Premium 5 00. F k a Cimen sculpture Premium Silver medal no entries. Spelt Inion Transfer work two entries Dovey a bro., Knightstown first Premium 00. Frank Dovey Knightstown second Premium 2 00. Among the numerous mowers and reapers on the fair grounds none have attracted attention More particularly than the world s Mower and reaper manufacturer at Canton Ohio by e. Balloo. Its claims to mechanical excellence All admit who see the mat Hine. Its entire machinery is Encl red in a solid Audita gearing is Cut irom a Mojid Bloke of Iron a my it eos Belag numbered and can be duplicated with trouble or loss of Timo. No dirt Sand or water can effect its gearing the whole is encased like the machinery of a watch which gives it safety and durability above any other machine. Tho experience of years in the Manu Acturo of agricultural machinery has finally resulted in the Quot world s Jit per and Mawer Quot and we especially commend the attention of the Farmers of Indiana to this certainly very Superior Macl Iino. Ila w the proprietor of Tho ooh inbox machine works of Kiili Iliond Indiana Are now on hand at the j air with a tine display of their Superior i Lirt Sher and separator and also their portable steam engine. The perfection to which they have brought All of their machinery enables them to turn out work sult h As no establishment need to Asli amed of. All the material used in their manufactory is of the first class and therefore they Are Able to Supply the Public with machines and gearing both perfect Aud durable. They a All particular attention to their i Owen and thrasher combined which is a higher demonstration of mechanical simplicity and Utility than has yet been developed. This energetic Liurni is determined to keep fully up to All of the improvements of the age and to be prepared to meet any want of Tho agricultural Public. This is amply assured in the mechanical skill and business Ellic Eucy of their past history. The ingenious architectural improvement of de. Maj Quot of this City to secure a lire and rat proof building on exhibition in mechanics Hall has been very generally noticed. Tho system itself is simple As Well As endurable and if it was generally adj it ted lire insurance companies would soon count their dividends minus. As these Are the Days of barrels of peace Ami not of War we give the More Hearty Welcome to the barrels Kiln dried Staves and Kiln dried heading exposition of Mckindrey in Lovecraft near the West Entrance of Mechanic Hall their Devotion to this Sec Salty and their intelligent experience in All the latest improvements enable them to Supply the Public with barrels Staves and barrel Heads of Ual to anything Ever seen in the stave Market. Having erected a Largo dry Kiln of Sumner s Patent called Tho Quot Quaker dry Kiln Quot try Are prepared to furnish Kiln it tried Stock at the rate of 30,000 Staves and 4 500 set of barrel Heads per Day. Centrally located in Indianapolis the capital of the state Mckindrey it Lovecraft have facilities for slipping to All parts of the country and can therefore till the orders of All who May patronize them reliably and promptly. Near by. In mechanics Hall g. F. Adams a co., of the llou Senkee a is Emporium no. South Meridian Street have a tine display from their establishment. Prominent Amon Ali or numerous stoves is their Quot american Cleatin stove Quot which is one of those taking specimens in the stove line which is favored with an Especial run. In a Liivia Glass and Ueen Swaro stoves tinware cutlery and House furnishing goods i f. Adams a to stand among our most nourishing business men a heavy dealers both wholesale and retail. A few Steps further on in mechanics Hall bring you to the substantial a love display of Tho popular it use of i. L. Frankel a a co.,of our it ity. In the stove line they Are prepared to warm up the Parlours and kit it hens of both Rich and a it oor with the popular Heater a whih Are known As Tho Quot fiery Kur Naff Quot Quot morning glory Heater Quot and the Quot Peerless i it oking stove Quot All of which they Supply on the most reasonable terms Tiiu House of i a Frankel in co. Is one of the most enterprising and Piil Lic spirited of our City Aud we take Pride in endorsing their establishment As worthy of Tho Conli once of the general Pabli it a. K. Wilson s Patent butter churn in Tho mechanics Hall attracts very general attention and Espelt rally of the implies. As they a p to make the butter it is natural that women should feel deeply interested in every genuine if it movement in Liis direction. This churn s said to be the most Complete of any Ever invented. Its double dither its simple Workings and it Quick production of butter make it a Success in the churn line which can not Well Boim it roved upon. I Owell s Patent sleeve supporter which is one of the things of near tuts which is Only to l e tested to be apr re it rated. Clasping the sleep cd just al i be the Elbow and throwing out u clasp to the Slit of the sleeve it holds the wristband to the wrist with both Krac a Aud h fort. In this age of dress such an invent ion will doubtless to Laid purchasers As Well As Many admirers. One of the most Strikis a expositions of the fair May be witness Eit in mechanics Hall in Tho tasteful t a v.-, o display of j. C. Ireen a co., of our i no. If tobacco can be male Quot a thing of Quot let Beauty and a Joy fore Ltd Quot Green a a o. Have made the right ple. Both in Superior Jilg and in tine Cut their specimens Are title did and Tivey certainly Audi Jostand the Art and mystery of making their tobacco Sweet tasteful and exhilarating. As the habit of tobacco chewing is almost Universal it is More if important than Many sup a that its preparation should be made by those Only who understand its nature taste and narcotic Powers. Or. We. Tearl jr., has on exhibition the celebrated american sheep Shearer in Mech iii Ltd it halt hear the Eastern Entrance which attracts Universal , far Niers who Are interested in a curing a Shearer which will facilitate work. Thu machine will Shear a full blood in Are Man a la t a a store. Bro. 3 Odd be Ixos we Bare rofl to it i our store in the most elegant style Midgut a do a one of to most attractive and Complete stocks ii Taple and i Aucy 13ry Woodi Ever Bronst to to lii Eity. We ilex will be sold my Low As the lowest and my it replenished biweekly supplies of fresh iut ite parti Enlar attest com to mar Stock of Ais fopi.i9i8, a Beni Clomis , strip in and a other a Heji a , Long Anil narc Paisley and Wool shawls fairy arabs plaid repel lamps a Novelty in the Market Plain and plaid flannels blankets and comforts Sicot ii and Irish hens fie real. , ,hosiery and trip Hikoso also a full line of rom esties at the i West prices. For Cood cio ods and Law prices Monte to in addition to Best Quality and newest Stylea at i a prices woos door a ii bpm. Pts Dow utes or one Hundred and fifty common sheep per Day. The great Western self feeding lath machine of Charles lamed of this City patented april 24, 18�i<�, is assuming quite a prominence among the Many new inventions at the fair. He Haa a Beautiful Model la mechanics Hall on exhibition. The Home scrubber in the Center of mechanics Hall attracts the admiration of the ladies especially. Over one thousand have been sold on the ground. Everybody should get one. Frank a. Boyd producers and manufacturers agent for burning and lubricating oils Axle grease leads Etc. No. 22 South Meridian Street of this City makes a Fine exhibition of his various oils in the East end of mechanics Hall. As he makes oils of All kinds a specially in his business he is Able to Supply the Public at All times with a first class article. Among his Best oils those of Virginia production stand pre eminent. H. Ogborn s Universal fanning Grain and seed separator in Power Hall Speaks for itself. It works with ease and certainty and adds no Little to the mechanical skill of Richmond Indiana where they Are manufactured. The Quaker City machine works of Richmond Indiana have on exhibition at the fair a feed boiler for making food for Stock which is certainly a humane institution As Well As Ono of excellent Economy. The usual waste of provender in feeding cattle and Stock would in a Short Timo Purchase the boiler which so Cooks the lood of cattle As to preserve them in Good condition on half the amount of provender commonly Given them. They have on hand a Superior ditching machine and also the Quaker City tile Mill which is considered a preeminent machine. In an interesting contest yesterday their tile Mill operated with ease and Regul trite giving full satisfaction to All who w witnessed its operations. It was generally l Elif eved that the Premium would be awarded it. King a Linney manufacturers of portable Mulay saw Mills drag saws Shingle machines Etc., 100 Kentucky Avenue in Power Hall have on exhibition their stave Dresser and equalizing saw and immediately West of the Hall their drag saw. These implements give evidence of the Fine mechanical abilities of this firm while the extensive variety which they manufacture places their establishment among the most prominent of the City. We regret that a typographical error in yesterday s paper made us Call the stave heading Cutter a stove heading Cutter. Though they manufacture castings of every variety they do no work in the stove line. They will remove their establishment november i to the Corner of Georgia and Missouri streets where they will be pleased to meet their friends and customers. In the East end of mechanics Hall John i is Aback of this City who takes the first Premium presents to the Public Eye a Fine display of leather belting and leather manufactured at his factory. Or. Fish ick is making a prominent specially of Belt Inars and therefore has supplied his establishment with All the improved facilities for making All kinds of belting single round and double All of which he warrants and Stamps with his own signature. His vulcanized rubber belting is carefully manufactured and made of Superior material. The eminent experience he has had in this line of Trade has Given him the High character of manufacturing a leather Belt which can not be surpassed East or West while his rubber let Tings for which he is agent Are made on his special order and directions. No one need go elsewhere to get better work or More substantial material. Red ribbon. We notice a just a id creditable Reward awarded the Western machine works of the Beautiful and compact and splendidly arranged stationary engine in Power Hall. The gentlemanly and praiseworthy manner in which the attaches of messes. Sinker a co have conducted and run their stationary engine in Power Hall deserves the commendation of the state Stoard and All exhibitors who have bad occasion to use motive Power during the present exhibition. A just Reward was Siso Given messes. Sinker a co., of the first Premium on Staley s head Block attached to their portable saw Mill on the ground West of the Hall. Of trial yesterday their saw Mill run by their favorite ten by eight Een Inch engine out four cuts of a twelve feet Twenty inches log in one minute. We Are informed that messes. Long Joseph a Carter of this City with the same favorite sized engine and with this favorite head blo it k attached to their saw Mill sawed in sixty hours seventy five thousand feet of Walnut lumber. In conic Lieut to the Western machine works we May add the san Tiki. And journal Are using the same sized engine. The Hurney plow it is a conceded fact that the s. Horney it amp co w genuine Richmond steel plow is the promo font plow of the country but the whole importance an Ltd fact turns not so much upon its being a Etc Biond make or pattern As it does on its genuineness l he re Are Many base iii Tatios of this excellent plow not Only from other Richmond Mauiu tourers but from Pittsburg and other places represented to be of this particular make and pattern. Farmers should be on the Alert to observe the Trade Mark Stencil Brand of s. Horney a co., Richmond Indiana painted in Plain words upon each genuine plow manufactured by this firm. All others though fully represented and warranted the Horney plow Are just before the Public by parties wishing to build themselves up on the honoured name of s. Horney a co. The Fine a display made of this Low through the see it i and agricultural Louse of or. J. Jeorge Stilz of this City still continues to attract its numerous admiring friends. Rod ribbon the Buckeye brain Drill triumphant As usual. In our judgment the awarding of the first Premium to this celebrated Drill is justly merited by the energetic and enterprising firm of Thomas a most o Ohio who take much pains to Lead in All modern improvements that can be adapted in their class of implements. The important improvements they present to the Public in simplicity of attaching the hoes and changing them trom straight to Zigzag and reverse and in their rotary and to Breed feed commend them to All scientific Farmers of the Laud. They take great Pride in building ing their implements in the Best style of workmanship from none but the Best of material. Their Buckeye cider Mills deserve All the Cre it lit and commendation that can be bestowed upon them both by the press and by the horticultural Community yet they Are so celebrate Ltd that much Cau not be said of Benefit. It is worthy of Utice to mention that or. J. George Stilz of this City is sole agent for Thomas a most for Central Indiana. It is but Juat p May the Grai Odeat Dis pm Jar of mowers and reapers of the Rodda i made by messes. Whitley Ossler a Kelly of Springfield Ohio a manufacturers of the Superior self Raker self Raker and Mower combined single reapers and mowers. Their interest consists of five in All. First self reaper. Second self reaper and Mower Comolot de. Third single Reper. Fourth single Mower. Finh Best display of mowers and reapers. The simplicity of the Champion is its Best card. In their self reaper we notice the improvement of the Rake and real combined in one. By a simple lever attachment on either aide the Midi in is a of tiny a a a Nunnly Ali reflects. I exime Quaal med or lowered at the Driver s will allowing it to oat very High or very Low As the Case May require. The gearing of the machine has but few cog wheels Muring it without doubt the most simply geared machine before the Public. The Rake on the self reaper is simply propelled by an endless Chain. Their elegant workmanship and splendid finish added to their other numb reos Adlai stages give to these machine immense popularity. Their Este valve Sale 111 Indiana is due in part to the fact that they have been placed in the skilful hands of or. J. George Stilz of this City who is Ever on the Alert to secure the Best implements of the age for his extensive Trade. It is worthy of a passing remark and has been observed by Many that wherever a Fine display of agricultural implements is made or wherever there is an exhibition of uniform and labor saving machinery the name of our townsman j. George Stilz is in some Way always connected therewith. The st my Board is under marked obligation to to this gentleman for his untiring a Foru to make this fair a Complete Success by not Oaly doing All Fiat he has been personally Able to do but also by the info Renee he Haa brought to Bear upon his extensive to Quaintance with first class manuf Kotares of All kinds of implements and Mack it Ery. As we have before remarked or. Stilz s entries numbering s us Over one Hundred consisting of Nea. A Erst Hong manufactured in the Impi. Line Aba of nearly everything in in id seed and farm product Benunie it great credit on his euterpe Sive Trade of seeds and i implements throughout the entire West Sod Southwest. The stallions exhibited by the Galion French Home company of Galion Graw Tord county of iii have Attr Otei Universal attention and admiration by the Breeds of Fine Stock Aud that their Over it Are appreciated by the committs a is shown by the awards to them of premiums in every class for which they of re entered. These stallions were All imported three of them being of the pure a Normandy blood and Are desirable Stock to across Breed for heavy roadsters or draft horses. They Are a for Sale and unless sold by saturday night will be returned to gallon. Melville Stewart agent for the company recently Oon sect his numerous Railroad friends in this City at the fair grounds to Day and to a Row. A one of the most attractive displays in Fine Art Hall is that of the Kogiu watch company of a Lulu Illinois exhibited by their agent p. S. Bartlett after whom the celebrated Quot Bartlett Quot watch is named. Their exhibition comprises every part of the works separately and in running order of All grades of watches manufactured at Klein turkish chinese and Amerl styles of watch dials and of rough and polished jewels. The Elgin watch rank in Competition with the Best a oafs tured Aud Are sold by first class be Eim everywhere. The goods exhibited by tie Elgin watch company will after Tortia. Form an attractive feature tot the i Axt two or three weeks it the jewelry store of Craft it Cutter 24 East Washington Street. A the Kire Kutinov Rahber. This wonderful Little engine was exhibited inside the race track at three o clock As we announced in the Sunti ski Aud right nobly did it do its work. A House had been built about Welte it High and Twenty five feet Long and filled with tar barrels and saturated with Benz Ole. The whole was set on Are making an intense heat which drove Back the crowd and then the fire waa pot out in just thirty five seconds. Agam waa Tho whole mass ignited and a Young Man who never before had used the extinguisher put it on hta Back and in Leas than a minute the fire waa again completely extinguished. We noticed general Ekin assistant quartermaster general of the United states and other prominent Man among the Many who took a deep inter it in th9 work of this Little fire King. Colonel Jacobs explained it thoroughly to the immense crowd and we doubt no everybody was pleased with it. The extinguisher is still to be seen at Thea Oitt end of mechanics Hall where Counti j. Will be glad to explain it to any who May wish to see it. We cordially commend it to All. Or. John h. Adams Haa on exhibition or the Northern Entrance to Mechanic a Hall a new and ingenious fri it picker consisting of an improvement by which the Stem of the fruit is Cut off Tust of Tjing pulled off like the older inv Entona. Another advantage it picks All kinds of fruit. Or. Adams also has a new and valuable invention in the shape of an attachment for conveying sawed lumber from the Mills As it comes from the saw which Cau be attached without any trouble. Or. John Bussey still held Forth at the third Booth West of furniture Hall where Tho dry and thirsty Cau find Relief. He has a continual Supply of Smith a Premium Beer and other liquids. Callou him when you will find everything arranged in the Best order. We were attracted by the immense crowd to messes. 1. J. Taylor a co s picture establishment second Eaas of furniture Lylall where we found the Fine Art Well displayed by a Fine Stock of i promos paintings and Pio Turea. We imagined during the few Momenta of our stay that messes. T. A co. Were doing a land office business. We Call special attention to the excellent display made by the generous Mrad. Hereth of this City manuli tourer of saddles harness Ete. His display. In a Beautiful show Case in me Chahia he a containing harness collars Etc., the admiration of All. His a a pm rior breast Collar for double driving in a grand Suo Cess and should be examined by All. Today the Beautiful Saddle by or. Hereth on exhibition in Fine Art Lylall and his generous gift is to be awarded to the beat lady equestrian. The Beautiful live fruit dryers of or. Israel Hogeland came in lor their share of admiration especially among the ladies. Thia dryer consists of a aet of serves Sec Over a miniature stove or oven so arranged one upon the other that Large or Small quantities and of different kinds Oan be dried at the aame time. Or. H. Is on the ground for the purpose of Selling to All who May have use for his dryers. The Rich and delicious cake exhibited at the fair by miss sue Crothers of Franklin and which was practically tested in on improvised office on the Fiir grounds was pronounced by All to be splendid and not often extolled Yeyao Profos Rioual Contoi Surti. The innocent prank of to Moyoong country lovers at the Academy of music and Metat Iun Hall for several Niff hts past have afforded a great Deal of mine hint to tha a Adienne and elicited Shouta of Langtio Ortr their court hips were carried on just a if they were in a parlor with All the Lighta out. The Haua were fairly illuminated with the bin aha of City Lada and damsels. The courts were All dead be atari. Lay. In order to give the Ottmars and �oni�4�iaiice to att Vad Ihu 8t�t�fair
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