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Indianapolis Daily Sentinel Newspaper Archives Oct 1 1869, Page 3

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Indianapolis Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - October 1, 1869, Indianapolis, Indiana By Sentinel. F Amtey my Valay in it tour no Anqus ���1 it. A a a in 7 06�. A m p. t 40 a. A t 06 a. A a Emilw mar. G. It tui i c. Divisich a Baib Lati. A kit. .4�. 1 12 a. A 4tl. I�------------3 10 7 to p. X >r�m.7 30 Lamb Riffe and oommertmlu.12 s0p. M . 1 12�. A a. lii Iba Iway. line i.�?�4 �.�. To 5�o a. R a a a. �mm._________.�?�10.10 a. A a i p. mop. »6 85 mod a . Mii Mai. A a Prim. 2 15 a. 11 re a. Mao�ommod�Tioii-10 1& a. 7 25 p. A a a a a Matt Lmh a harm in. 2 15�. S 4. It a. itiob._5 ir>p.ii�. 11 45�. M .7 up. B. T i0p. B tr�ib7 3c�. , per a my cd la a Bini by ll�il_6 a a. 6 00�. A ��mmu�tion______________12 10 noon. V 38�. . 4 �0p. Kal Lemml. Aeeom________4 20�. 10 05�. Ubbo Dation 10 a. B. 7 p. B �._11 40 Nova. 5 10 p. A. Shop. B. 2 06�. Com Commil expnm4 -10 a. Wiljo 20 a. Mem Mvi Aeolin. 1 m p. B. Nl�cnrma7 30 p. B. Terry he a a bal Lemml ula.m4�lob�8 Khz pro a 3 55 a. B. St. Ikimis i Gay a Jpn my a 7 a a. �5��- 8 we. B la a0boon 9 s0�.b 17 30 p. B. 7 50 p. A Terry he a a bal Lemml. 4 20�. B 10 6 40p.b �___8 10p. B. To 6p. Bolace Kaeti kill re a. Open to Worthi Nooh moraiibpreu.___6 m a. B. 9 via. B 2 10 p. 8 40p. To . U 10booa 2 40 p. B. I 0rp. B and 2iev Cuttle Branch. Ymawtrill�-------9 30 p. B. It coaacrmu�.9 so. B. 6 90 p. B Hcwcbmu------------------5 30�. B. 10 55p. B or feb ____4 up. B. It 40�. By it tax to bub mme Bau. Wig. Leto lbd�b�pol�8 1 p. air Ira to a. by inc plaintiff rest ining Tiu from al line Ander tha Rule any Gold on the account of any Par tim a a Tang a a a Gentaro Smith. Woald. Martin i co., in the trans it ion of inst fridur theft Ilure of Lockwood so co. Thou expected to Tarn out unf�tor�bl7 to or editor ii not Likely to cause Mach injury to brokers or their Bank who appear to be protected by a Tuple margins. The principal weight of log a Erie Likely to fall on Western Capitalina. Who for the most part will be Able to be a them without pm to a Rry moment. It 18 a time ted that the Price of Gold and a ecu Ritie Dea t in on the new York 8tock Exchange a Nee the Arad a at will reach $100.000,000 in cur Rancy. ii me have been reduced Frum affluence to poverty. The Large a took failure of yesterday have not dragged Down any other firms but these failure will a base Henry losses to a in re nor Nebr of people who have deposits with the Las Pended firms. Money Active at 7 per cent., Gold with per event. Commission per Day. Banks however Are la diag More liberally to Day and Many Bankers and brokers report cont durable receipts of eur Reacy from the Interior to Bay stocks. Surfing declined to for prime. Gold lower oper ing at 13t it advancing to 132. And closing at transactions in the old room and in the a Teck Exchange Ruelf were merely nominal and Loans were made Flat. Bids for Rov Rabent Gold a mounted to t2,3s2,lki0 t 128 11.31 15-ino w8 awarded at 1� l.vm�@131 15-100. Government a firm. The following Are the closing rates coupons of 1881. 1862. A 1864. 18fi5 new. A 181�"��&Quot Memoir re Len a a Plicta. London. September in a. Consols for Money 5 2ii Bonds at London 83vi 18r2. �354 1867, 82, i Jokhi 75h. Erie 2 Illinois Central 93 4 Atlantic and great Western 27. 8to res quiet. Link Pool september 3 Dull middling Uplands 12 4d Orleans. 12.d sales of 5,000 Bales. California White wheat 108 8d red Western wheat. 4d098 5d. Western flour 24i com 28 Fol Oats 3�6d peas 44s 6d, pork Llos beef 89�. Lard. 73s. Cheese 633. Bacon. 65s cd. Produce unchanged. Los Dos september 30.�?tallow, 47s, and Dull. Calcutt linseed 63, refined Petroleum. turpentine 27b id. Specie in the Bank of England has decreased �353,000. Martin o a Vii Terilli a com g Mac i Jumus Motif Omer j f Magner James 11 Muriace 11 c Milligan lion i to Wou actin a a Iol it Moran John More a Lunray Milan Joe Minnes j n or in Mit Catli u a x Marshall so May David b Mili Thorn John j melt Cail Joe Munson j u Mahony r Morris Sam 1 Carieli f Miles k Spaulding 9la<>n Markeen. I Addock a co my Naff mattock a. A it to bought that the fort Wayne and grand Kalida Railroad will be completed and the Cam Runny Tiff into fort Wayne to the first of May 1870. A the contract for grading and bridging the Railroad from Here to Danville Illinois .Lu probably be Fiven Iaac a Esaf til bidders the first of next ctawfor4nule review. A the a b. Amp w. R. R. doing a Fine Busineau Between Here and Indianapolis both in passengers and freight. When Ooin plated it will be one of the lest paying roads in the a review. A the election in Allen county for the purpose of voting upon the question of it aunty appropriating $50,000 to the ayae Jac Chou and Silti fort Wayne a a Chichou and Saginaw railway will take place in the 12th of next month. A work on the new Railroad Bridge across the Wabash River at Terre Hante progressing rapidly. Two of the piers Are finished three feet above tie water the idling nearly All driven for the round or dim piers and the Ihil Ance of the work going on Well. The Bridge will Cost about f125,000. A or. J. J. Daniel of Rockville has the contract for the foundation and masonry of the Danville Railroad Bridge across the Wabash at Clinton. For the masonry he gets about 12 per Yard. Bare will be aume 2,ou0 Yards for which will receive not far from 1000. For the foundation he to receive 6,Uoo. The superstructure not yet contracted for. It will Cost �25,000. The entire cwt of the Bridge Complete will be near $61,000. Bio strip the i uis Ville a Ltd Nashville Rai Koai the celebrated Bill presented to the Nashville Railroad company by drs. D. W. Yandell and Bayless of Louisville for curing Jerry Mack Arm has not been paid. The company have notified the doctors that the decline to pay and accordingly Haye re tuned the Bill. For a proper understanding of this matter it should be 8c�t�d tbs the Mil was made out against Judy a Hack Bat at the suggestion of the prudent of the Rosqui it was Laid before the directors who upon ouii8�1eration. Have involved them in disc titties hereafter. The result however the Erp Rejis says that judge Black will bring a suit for damages for injuries sustained but this he would have done anyhow. We have reasons to believe the damages claimed we a be $25.000, heretofore stated in Wittl be at $50,000 to $100,000. The company claim that the judge exposed Arm and that they Are not re Mim Ible for the Accident and this position they have taken after a thorough in yes Climmon of the facts and upon the advice of eminent counsel. But there Are always two sides to a question and the in no doubt will seek to prove a Dif Frant state of the Case. Altogether it will open of a great Legal contest which will coat Ever so much before it ended. To fight a lawyer at Law ordinarily a big a a when that lawyer judge Black the Foremost Man in Pron Sion in the country it a huge thing. It will be an interesting new Albany Canu inertial.119121� 119 inv 1171 in j pacifier. 7 state Bonds higher particularly North Carolinas. This Souris. 3ld tennessees60 Bew a a 52 old North c�polin�849% new a a .43 the Stock Market at the close was not up to the highest Point of the Day. But there was a steady and More settled feeling. The great feature was new York Central which advanced from 158 to no and closed at 166. Hudson sold at 155 against 129 yesterday. The average improvement on the remainder of the lit has been equal to per cent. The commercial says various moors have been Eirc slated respect Ike insolvency of the Lake 8hote Comko by finances with Lockwood k co failure and insinuations made that the Eoa Pons Dae to Morrow will not be paid. We learn on Good a authority that the Lake Shore company owns to Lockwood a co. About $600,000 against a collateral of Stock. The Toledo and Wabash company advertise ments will be issued to Day announcing that coupons will be paid at the Bank of new York. The Secre Skry to Day. Received 11,000,000. And expects to rao Row $100,000 More to provide for payment of the coupons. We understand that Legrand Lockwood agrees to resign in favor of j. 11. Banker. At the close of the Market Good to ases were free buyers and prices had an up word tendency. Canton.r>4 Illinois central1331 Jab Sotland. Pittsburg.90 w. U Telegraph. In Sorth Weston. I aie Kilter. 12 i ditto preferred. 83 my Riposo. 8 pc. C. Ac74 ditto referred. 15 Rock Isle a Loti pm Erie mail. 61�/� st. Paul. It al Adams kxprsss51 a ditto preferred.78 a a . 174 w�b�8h \berio�d------------31 port Wayne. Kl\4 in ital Sites so Terre uante.�?z.30 a a. Y. Central.ifi6 i ditto preferred. 56 <i�rleb136 Alton 145 hadson150 ditto preferred.144 %�adins.92s Ohio a Mississippi. 26 st. Joe107 Michigan centr�l.n8 pc. C. A i c25 michic�b8obtbem. Dubuque.l05 mining shares Dull. The following Are the a Soto Ioas of Copper stocks at Boston Copper Falls. 7 Franklin 10 Hecla 70. Sub Treasury balance $69,364,391. Market. St. Lot . September 30. Tobacco very stiff but not quotable higher. Cotton unchanged at 27c for middling. Slemp Shady with sales of undressed it $1 20 @1 30. Flour qui t and unchanged at $4 75 i5 for superfine $5 2=i <�5 40 for x. 7o for xxx. $5 62 for xxx. Kud $6 757 75 for Choice to fancy. Wheat�?293c higher on Low and medium grades off i no. 2 red fall. $1 Oil al 03. No. 1 ditto $1 08 91 12h, Choice $1 2u no. 2 White $1 of 1 10, Choice $1 28<s1 3u. Corny Dull and drooping mixed in bulk yellow he White. H8 Ltd it Ftp yellow in sack 91�93c White a ail 03. Oats inactive and Uncha tred mixed in bulk 42@44c, ditto in sacks 48. <.i49c White. _ liar ley Low grades Are very Dull Best Quality la Good demand and scarce. Re firm at s7>i at90c for prime to Choice. Whisky firm at $1 14. Groceries quiet and unchanged. Provisions pork Dull at 50. Dry Salt meat Verr firm but no sales. Bacon firm at 16?4c for shoulders 20o for Clear rib sides in half casts and 20c for Clear sides lard Dull and nominal at l<918v.ip. Cattle steady and unchanged at 2h�5vc for inferior to prime and 6c for Choice. Hogs firm and in request at 7i3>9 in for very Light to medium. Receipts flour 1.900 barrels wheat 21.00i Bashell Corn 73,000 bushels Oak 11,000 Bush Barley 800 bushels Rye 700 bushels hogs. 770 head. Cml amt Market. Cir Cunati. Be rubber 30. Flour Dull family $5 75<g6. Wheat Dull and prices lower sales of no. 1 red at $1 15 no. 2 held at 81 12 the Market Elsom weak. Corny Dull and demand limited at 9 it a to. Oats firmer no. 2 mixed 62 &fc53c, no. 1 55� 56 9, and Choice White 589c. Rye Dull at 98o or no. 1, tobacco Active sales of 315 hog8be�, it $7 7u@23.50. Cotton Dull middling28c. Whisky closed firmer with by Lee it $1 13, but it held higher receipts Light. Provisions pork very Dull at $j2, with no demand. Bulk shoulders held firmly at 15o, with no sales Clear sides held at la 18>4c, but no sales have been made above . Bacon Arm shoulders Clear sides 20c no other kinds in Market. La Rdv was offered at it in without buyers. Butter firm at 30 35c. Cheese-16 <iil5>c. Gss firm at amp a. Sugar less firm refined a Shade lower Coffee sugar unchanged raw sugar 13 .j�10c refined iej4�17�4e. Coffees unchanged but firm at 21 �28c. Oils linseed 99c@l and Dull. Lard $13,5� 1 a 9. Petroleum 32@. for refined. Hogs in Good demand shippers pay $8 s9 and butchers $9 75 10. Beef cattle Dull but prices unchanged. Gold�?$1 31 buying and $1 i3 Selong Market unsettled. Mcbride m Mcclintock k <1 pm k Negley ceo w Parks Willis Pease tiie Odoro w pure Jelt be f Timian it Apo f Plumer h Phillips Jaime a rider f Hogert rays John Ketrin John Roun John f Robison Jauier it Mckinnie Daniel boy John Mckiff on Joe will mock Luiu Merodith n Nauer Joe Piir by l l Powers ii fainter a c Putnam a Ljeon Phillips Jesse ool d k Loloi Kai Elfer k k Kenyon Lohn Robberts we Koft Jas h Robertson win c Kays win f .i>a<le8 m Sanders l h Small Kev a Ilbert Quot j <4 shale Junuies Sherwood w Weet 0 a Sampson a Smith , 2 Smith Larry a les Sims Sleeper Rev l Sutland John sea Jerry Sleeth James w sri Ofield c Lias Streight a u Kunii Llly. Smith w special notices. A Thyl Bdl Quot pure White Lead. We offer the above Brand of White bad to the Public with the positive Abs Ranci that it perfectly pure and hereby agree to promptly pay one of Noe of Grold for every ounce of Adl alteration that it May be found to contain. For Sale by dealers generally. Buk rely Hills a co. Cincinnati. will consult their by bearing in mind that a Large proportion of the article sold Pebb whim bad adulterated to the extent of from Vij to 90 per cent. And much of it does not contain a particle of Lead. »prl2 Deedom a Sickeler hair Dye. This splendid hair Dye the Best in the world the Only True and perfect Dye harm leu reliable Insu Juneous no disappointment no Widica Loos tiny remedies the of Feu of bad dyes invigorates Ana leaves the hair soft and Beau Fol Black or Brown. Sold by 11 a Roggist and perfumers and properly applied it by Tombler wig factory 16 Bond st., York. Pohlod jowly stoves. Etc. The fiery it lace for Nairn soft it Oal. Hard Coal Coke or Wood with slow combo Salon and Agnar Anteneo Fenre air. Tout told. It i Juhn w Tom Ison Louis a it o thu Rubaii John t Tooks Milton Turner James Thorp a a Thompson Harry f Tarlington Jas in Van Buren or Vanmeter Willis Witmer Wallace we Woodruff James c Warner h d Watt w w Wiley o w Wood Bridgeo d Winters Bros Witler Edward Williams Robert York Frank vat Ness a of x an Eaton a Esley w Walton Thoi Webb w w Wiat Jackson Whitman 11 u West win Wood Geo w ool d Winters from a c Willis Chas m Illiams has Wilson John l y cacti Arthur w. R. Holloway. P. Special notices. List of Aid comic Labia Marsoub True sat september 30. Imp. / lha flow inc Ara tha lao Tatios of Lovarn my thais. Gold Etc baying. A altar by Abb a ism of 1.18lutt.___1.1� Quot 1�>4. 1.18ift�5-----1.18v� Quot new_____1.16 1887.1.16� --------------l.iap/4 Selling. 1.20 1.19 1.19�z4 1.17% , 1.17h we Gira to Foh owing to show the condition of to Jbv Tork Boney and Stock Barket to Dir a Zeu Moedt of the pm st week has Given Waif to Bobp Artive quiet had business it the Stock Kex a acis Aow Coti Bactad in a More or Darla Blanar. A Large bum Berof Gold contracts of last Friday Basinet have been privately settled and the complications incident to that Day hair less have been re need to a Pompan of Rall bb�11 to bpm and a Large number of Chat Rae have been pm red. It believed that Tua a tire matter would hate been adjusted today had it not Hare been for the interference of the Evarts. Which action generally and severely Eoa dabbed. It a pests that under the present Obad Tiea of the Money Market. Smith Dooald k Martin Are unable to Uke the $6,0ui.000 of Gold delivered to them under the suspended aad Are of sequently driven to expedients for Post oink Settlemuir it. Jade Burk issued an injunction on the applied Tien of Smith a m twin restraining various firms trom Carr ing out any contract Quot bade l y them on behalf of Smith Gould a Martin in any other manner than in strict con Ferrity to the Rales of the new York Gold a a Ehaase they existed at the time such contract we Falade Frob compromising or settling any by aim without the express consent of Smith. Go am. Martia a co., and trom any action in the better except on their orders. It appears the firm allege that the defendant the plaintiffs a a bit bb4e Loans to the amount of about .0 a w0 in Gold upon Security of about $40,-000,000 in paper Artency with the under Sund bag to be made for each separate Asae tion a Coin or currency that if the transactions of the plaintiffs were adjusted thro Ach the Clearing House a urge Amaat foam Hebmia a their Hor. While if aei Aracely a bottled. They Woad a obliged in one Day. To raise $�i.��04n0 a paper and Gold currency that the plaintiffs Are a termed that the persons to who the from a la at in their to Evant by def Adnau aad. Lithia a single Day to demand a retard of the in currency the Security Deposit a for the lbs . Insaad offset Ubig by the clan ria by bib. It has Hama a ted. Tha Coa Aerial says in order to a Cutata a Setu Abbat of Friday trans Aeu oas a a old aad to Obi a the difficulty of Takac by a a a a a of old the string wat Bobbir Barket Selth a Oam Martin k co. Brokers have of cred instead or using up the Gold Cobinjr to them to Aee ept currency at 135 for Gold and Smith to fold Martin k co. Offer to Settle with their brokers Oatha same terms. The diff mice Between 135 aad he actual figure Tomb settled. Soik Rasib Para very few jul a kept the proper it al it a stats that one fire a etude Over my this atom on. A the Stock a a chi by a the Aeura of the Gow Exchange in suspending by la a a id 11 was Utiler disc Basioa and Rte Engle Saa damned. The follow lag amounts �4 by were sold a Abr the Rale for a re a Speelm at Ftp Stock ch�a�8. This Sale in tha Pic set Earp lib Satlos of Inguld. Do Bot Micca warily Isby up be Feii Larb it the parties Albert spec a. $1.000.000 William Heath k co. $250,000 Joha , kid la of k Carhart ,000 Poi Habas k Jackson. Few a a a lies with also made on a a Dat of la Elk wed a of. Aad Baukea k Allee aft at Bay brokers pts to a to a against Ike aet Iob and Lagal Job it Liea Tobt an Likely to tym there amp of. The parties protesting were a lha bus a tha Btag a ii Una it it Iob was sorted of the Fatmi Yorth Stock xxx Hance. U. Vav lard a ads no a Marcta. Thues Dav. September 30. Baltimore flour quiet and steady. Wheat quiet Choice red. $1 5031 5. It. Corn Dull prime White $1 25 in . Provisions Mees pork quiet at $33 60. Bacon firm rib sides 19 Clear rib sides 21c, and shoulders i a. Lard quiet at Philadelphia Floar More Active x family Indiana and Ohio $6 75<37 25, Northwestern ditto $707 25. Wheat declining White. $1 .55 1 m. Cora Dall and quiet mixed Western $1 03 6. Provisions Small business Mecs pork. $32 75. Lard. Toledo flour Dull. Wheat a Shade lower Amber 2c lower and sold at $116 no. 1 red at $1 23 no. 2 ditto at $1 20, and no. 3 at $1 12ii. Corn 2c lower no. 1 at 86c. And no. 2 at 92c. I it Detroit a wheat receipt of 31.000 bushels Market of ened steady but closed heavy and lower extra White a 45 no. 1 do $1 27 regular $118, and Amber $1 18. Cora 90@91c. Cleveland flour Dull and unchanged. Wheat Market weak and in lower. Corn Market very Dull and prices nominal. Milwaukee flour Dull and unchanged. Wheat Dull aad lower a ale. At $113 for no. 1, and $1 m for no. 2. Memphis flour steely superfine $5 15 so. Wheat i 27s. Corn scarce at $1 lol 12. Provisions pork firm it $34 75 Bacon firm at 17v4e for shoulders and 21c for sides. Lard steady at Louisville flour in fair demand superfine 5 55. Grain steady. Groceries firm. Pro i Lions mess pork quiet at $33 Bacon info in demand at 17e for shoulders. 20e for Clear rib sides and for Clear sides hams firmer at 24� for scar cured and 2sc for fancy Sogar cared. Lard quiet and weak at 19 >. Of Ciao. Lao 46. I 1st of letters remaining in the Post office at Indianapolis Indiana september 30, 1869. A a Quot to obtain these letters the applicant Call for Quot advertised letters Quot give the Date of this list. Ladies list. A Anderson mrs John Adams Jame e Brown Lucy Brown aug Usu f Bunker Georgia a Burns Mollie Barker Mary t barns Johanna. Mew to re dry of a Market. New Yoek. September 30. The Market comparatively inert owing to the Stringency and panic in Monzury articles but prices Are nevertheless without material al a Tina. C al Cmil Mark a. Chicago september .30. Eastern Exchange-1-10@off buying and Par Selling. Flour in firmer demand but mainly for lower grades a sales at $4 25<96 25 for Spring extra. W heat More Active and firmer sales of no. 1 at $1 13 115 no. 2 unsettled Irreg ular Ani ranging at $1 08 in 10 closing at $1 it a 4. This afternoon the Market was easier sales at $1 Fth <�i�8forno.2, Sellers Foroe Tober. Cora due no. 2opened at 71>ic a Dvo need closed quiet almost nominal at 71 >4 ��71c rejected ti8 ,�69c. This afternoon the Market was irregular sales of no. 2 at 70>4#71c, Sellers for october. Higher sales of no. 2at 40>w Ewh a a 39>vic Sellers for october. Closing firm it 41 Cash. Bye moderately Active unsettled and Vilc higher for no 2 rejected closing at 82c for no. 2, a ley fairly Active weak and lower sales of no. 2 at $1 30 91 35 Cash and $1221 23 a Euers for october. High wines july sales at91o closing at $1 10. Provisions mess pork Dull sales at $32 75 Cash and $26 Sellers option for january. Dry salted shoulders firm at 1415c. Lard Dull at 18c. Cattle it Juiet and unchanged $3 75@4 50 for a Togo cows $5�5 50 for Light and $6 87m for Good shipping steers. Hogs say and firm it $8 15@tf 50 for common $1 25@8 2dfor fair to medium and $9 6 10 25 for Good to Choice. A if a Quot up Twenty four hours flour. 6,281 barrels wheat 9o.8b2 bushels Corn 126, of bushels Oak 84.89� bushels Rye 7.0� bushels Barley. 8, r79 bushels hogs. 6,115 head. Shipments flour 1,169 barrels wheat 80,201 bushels Corn 115.546 bushels Oats Bush Els Rye 5,400 bushels Barley 11,936 bushels to 3,075 head. 1 rights Dull and firmer 7c for wheat to Buff Ali. A a a to re hark it. New Yolk september a. Cotton heavy and fully lower sales of 1 -50�i Bales at for middling Uplands. Flour receipt. 14,.> 1 barrels Market Dull and declining for Choice and without decided Cuba Nice lor medium and common grades sales of k7.000 barrels at $5 tvs for superfine state and Western. »0 for extra state $6 06 4 lor extra Western 0 7<l 81 for White it extra $�>1. ��6 ,5 for round hoop Ohio $6 25 87 lor extra st. Louis Aud $7 &9 lor Good to Choice Oitto. Rye flour heavy sales of i barrels at $4 75 Corn meal quiet = 200 barrels at 18 for n Estero free. What Hec its 24.237 bushels Market opened in better but closed Dull with the Advance . And holders disposed to realize Sale of 74, bushels at lir a re or rejected a. 3 Spring $1 45 for Good no. 2 ditto $1 50 for Amber Tennessee $157 for old mixed White Gen Essee $1 for new White Western <2 for Winter Western closing at $1 a so a a Rye quiet. Barley Dull sales of 5,000 bushels Suu it $1 3u. Barley malt quiet. Corn receipt 14,271 by hels Market opened in better but closed quiet with the Advance lost sales 01 49 tot i Sheu at 93c 3�$1 02 for unsound new mixed Entera $1 mgt in 06 for sound ditto-$128 tor Western yellow a by $1 08 lor White Western. ,24321 barbels Market better to Lesof 4.20� bushels at 62s<9t�4c for new Sou i a a and n Estern. Rise quiet. Coffee Dull. Sugar Dull sales of�0 Hor Heads at 12� 12liic for Cuba aad 12912vxc for l orto Rico. Molasses Dull. Petroleum Dull at 16.ic for crude and Siv a lor refined hops Dull at to Doc. Linseed Oil quiet. Crank Annie Clippenger Emma canner Mary Caterson Mollie c Decker Agnes Davis Sarah Demoss m f Fletcher Adeline ferrous Catharine Green Sarah a 2 banker Mary Gable cd Haley Emily Hamilton Klita Hull Jennie Hull Mandy Hinsley mrs hog f Harter Sarah l Sallenback Callie Johnson e f Jones Alice James Libbie Kunkle Emma Adams Martha b Brown Kate Brown Julia a Bryson Mary Bishop Mary a Ballard j k Cox Fannie cd ter Eiguma Carpenter mrs Harry Cunningham Mary c i it Dixon \ Iolet Dunning Nettie f Flowers Lydia Ann a grass Sarah Gest Josie h ii enry Fannie Emma Hall Nellie Hicks Mary a Hunt miss r lard Annie Caroline John iou Mary t Lonergan Annie Lewis Jennie Leslie Fannie Lakota Eliza Ellen Lanning Carrie mass sue Moore mag Marshall Miller Ida Mariatt Frank m Marcy Laura Murphy m j Mcfarland Cary Molain Raitio Newman Elita Norwood Margaret Phipps Rebecca Potter Mary Quinby Harriet rickets Ann Robinbon Orila Ross Maria Regan Nora Ragan Ida Russell Emma j 1. Lewis Jarie Lew Ester Logan Eliiabeth Larue Lotta Long fri uan m Miller Martha Moore to Miller j k Maten Amanda Myers c Starli Mccord Tarah n Negley Elisabeth p Plumer Mahala Pence Charlotte h r Richards of Nadeline Rhodes mrs p 1 b Robinson Manurvey Reynolds Mollie Roos Liziie a Rose Annie Simpson Lirrie Shaw Melinda Bellers Mary Seeman Klitia Smith Allie Scott Margrette Springer m k Shol Lucretia Meitl tip Talman Alice Templeton Salile Thomas Frances Van Schaack Kato Way Andel Acif Wight Caroline White Maggie Washington Maria Williams Louisiana Wright Fannie y Oung Ferribee v Thatcher mrs Sidney Tanner Martha tall Man Lillie a v Valadingham Sarah w Wilkins mrs we White Mary Wilson Murria Walker mrs h w Ward Ellen Woodson Clari a a u8t. A 13 so for new Plain mess and $12 for new extra mess. Beef hams Dull sales of 70 barrels at in to 26e. Cut Mats quiet Salas of 170 packages it for shoulders and halite for hams. Middles a Luiet sales of 9u boxes toe cured at 17>i 18c. Lard quiet Sti l heavy a aies of 350 pierces it Ivil a for st a by and 18>4<dl9e for Wetue Ren-d�re4. Better moderate Elf be it 16#28c for Ohio. A Fiche est rib. It 13@16he. Spirits tar Peatie quiet at of a Ichta to lira Pool Irb shipments of so Pooh mahals wheat at per sail aad Lod per steab. Latest mabglt�?5 p. Ton re closed Dall and .5� lower. Who it fall. Heavy and l 2e lower Kyd a Dall and nominal or nachabgcd., Oats Dull had heavy at for Western. Coral in lower and Dell a the a for Aasland and $1 Oit a tor sound Bix a Westera. Prot Sloas pork Active and deed Oder firmer Lea off of by Rte a Mees 50. Elosia at $3160 asked. By a of st Ady aad rather Boro Dobiac. Cut beats add by eon Raiot had without Deidad eba aae. Lard doll at for fair to prise without 4�ei44 Hong. Aaron Chas Anderson Michael Andrews James 2 Ball r r Bevington John Blaine we Kab ock w m Bloomer Joe to 2 Barress Jake Byers Hiram Buckley h Burton George w Barnetts f Owera Davik Burroughs Chas Black a m Browne Henry 2 Brown n f Chase amp Burns Campbell Jerry Cole Sam h Carlisle George w Cordeal James c Coyle Cox Futios Cox Simon Carter v a Clark j a 2 Conrad Racutt Castin we h Christie a Campbell Chas g Crona Erine Chas Davudc Davis c w Dennis Peter Dunning hos Darrow j r Dune Way Andrew Brans John Finley r a Fraxier Henry Fogarty Edmund Fitzgerald Hon n Gaston g b Gardner John Union j a Howard Rev we a Upland j a Hastings j w Haney we u Hawlin Arthur Hertley Anthony Volrette j b Hasbro ii Percy uus Iob we f Howe we Hoss j.2 Hughes John w,3 Akin Len Anderson we a Bucknell e bib cock Monroe pressing we Burton John y Blythe j a Babcock a Ames e Button h w buries Henry Blackford i m Izalie Eli Bruise Geo by arb f borne Geo Brown thus f Brown w h Chapin or a Liole j b Cloud e b Caiu James a Lawford Nat Crim h g Cox j f Carter we Curk a a cordon la Wronek cores j Cartwright a c Shampain c c Croswell Chas c Cotter son David n d Davis Jeff d�w8on James m do win r l Dudley Rev John Drewry Joe Donelson a Elmes. 2 e Ellis c r Fulton w a 2 Frank Henry begun Chas Flemins Henry a Granderson c Groves g w Gaven John h Holland c r Howard David c Hill w b havens a l Hinshaw a q chess Hensly William Hartman j f Hughes we a own la John a Hughes Alex Hon Dickson col of 2 Hilderbrand k Roberts Uez re chs. 2 Johnson Quiney a a mrs or Jones John h Kahrs John 2 Kelly Dick Lynch c a Jamas w. 2 Jones or Henry q 2 Jones those m Kingl Kline Sims Lau Geo Lesur. Edward in Thos a toll a draw h a a a by Chas h Law i by to Laau a Yaeh k Bart Lay few it Bovard 0�o w Alachua a Araw 2 i it outs Anderson Holloway h 1111�.-the Hor Kobb of All things Quot a bad motto for the sick. It better to try that which the world experience has proved to be super excellent. For fifty years i Holloway pills have been curing dyspepsia. Not a failure on record while the successes have been countless. not this a sufficient guarantee. it not madness for any one writhing under the terrible pangs of dyspepsia to decline or neglect to take a Medicine fortified with such credentials sold by All druggists. Sep30dawlw my Ivord of cheer. On the errors of youth and the follies of ago in relation to marriage and social evils with a helping hand for the erring and unfortunate. Sent in sealed letter envelopes free of charge. Address Howard association. Box a. Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Sep27 daw3m in magic comb to v a. Teeth Are coated with solid Dye hair to be wet when combed which depos its the Dye upon the hair and colors it a permanent Glossy Black or Brown. not Poison or in comb sent by Mau fog y a to Send for prices. Address w. Mic Coal company. "b2� a Quot a Quot a a a a a a a a a a a a a everywhere. In unprecedented Success which has attended 1 he fiery Furnace Quot since it first introduction to the Public Unnes ion ably proves it the Best f Furnace in the Market for heating decl churches and Public bail Dinga. A he principle of slow combustion upon which it works being directly opposed to the old fashioned method by which modern furnaces consume their fuel and themselves had to contend both with the prejudices of the Public and the malicious misrepresentation of interested dealer in the existing Heaters happily the contest was Short Sharp and decisive and the verdict on every Side that Quot the fiery Furnace Quot the Only Heater which can give evenness of temperature purity of warmth with cleanliness Economy and a Complete absence of All trouble in attending it. The fire can to perfectly controlled and kept through an entire season without rekindling by replenishing the feel and shaking Down the ashes once in Twenty four hours. Parties securing this f ornate Are guaranteed atmosphere unburnt pure healthy and even Day and night no dust or dirt but the most durable and most economical Furnace before the Public. Newark n. J. Irons. Annati. So Drake sol Aanas by traib of Patent self Flea tim moot Hiiro and tailors Irons. Alao of extra and in Ossa a Altora coining Dee it mchl5 deadly Newark new Jersey. 9afe9, Etc. Medical. Hall Safe and lock company of Haira rat it Ron a it it to flip and bar Clit proo safes and Elctor combination Paiik Jamka cos my nne la Chicago Illinois. St. Louis Missouri. Cleveland. Ohio. Branches commission. Prep Rio a of vat a railway Taip my a a null a my Quot kit a a a. Rapoll 250,000 Brakala. Gardner by Jet a Oviatt office and warehouse. 197 Merwin Street. Produce co Miggion merchants por the a ale of All kinds of country a reduce. A Nui for the Sale of new York Salt water toad slip a property received by rail canal and Lake for Sale or shipment be personal attention to Sale and Puro haae of produce and merchandise on come Mission. Libe dr�nee8 my de on consignments. Refer to bunks Bankers and business my fms ally. Tifi of 1 kinds of heavy Vesaf Kyl in Jill y Jem , varnishes. Price Bond amp co., manufacturers of Superior turpentine co at Var Tisi ibs. Newark Kew Jerst. Mchl5 deadly a sep i d3m glassware. Leather. V. H. A j. D. , manufacturers of Patent and enamelled leather Newark new Jerset. Mchl5 deadly poors Sash Etc. No. 49 Center st., Cleveland Ohio Mana factored of doors Sash and blinds Ash and Pine flooring cd Ataop to Silab Etc. Jel4dm,w, Hegeman serrated elixir of bark a pleasant cordial prepared from cd lib a a bark and pyrophosphate of Iron possessing the valuable properties of Iron phosphorus and Cali Saya without any injurious ingredients. Asa preventive to fever and ague and a tonic for patients recovering from fever or other sickness it can not be surpassed and recommended by the most eminent physicians. Physicians in prescribing and the Public in purchasing should be particular to specify Sas there Are Many inferior articles in the Market purporting to be of the same combination. Prepared Only by Liege Man a co., chemists and druggist in new Ork. And sold by All respectable druggist. Nov30dlyeow do we know Onra elves if we knew our own organizations More thoroughly few would pass unheeded the Many warn Ings of disease. It does not require much knowledge to know that these pimples blotches tetters sores Scales boils spots Etc., Are impurities of the blood nay perhaps More the result of syphilis improperly cured. And if those in such a state knew that the average amount of blood in the body about one fifth of the weight of the body and that the entire of that impure blood passes through the heart they would be More alarmed at their condition. It to such that the h Root and Herb j a ire recon intended. It a positive cure for that dreadful di.�ea8e. Syphilis which has ruined More of the human family than any other known. Eradicate it then Froid the system a lid a to not bring 011 your children. I Rice al 25 per bottle. 8amaritair<�l Oitt the Only real and positive cure for gonorrhoea sleet and diseases arising from Injian Region Balsam Copaiba and Mercury discarded. Only ten pills effect a cure. They Are purely vegetable Cuie in from two to four Days thus avoiding exposure and trouble. Price male packages 2 female $3. Sent by mail. Sold by Tomlinson amp Cox East Washington Street Indianapolis. Desmond k co proprietors. 915 race Street Philadelphia. Who will answer All letters asking advice. Mch4 deadly car works. C l e v e l a in a Bridge and car works How air Claflen Cleveland Ohio. The i Radii in of ova a of the world. Awarded the first grand prize at the exposition uni versello Paris. At the american pair new York City 1867. And collars. Robert c. Winters of horse collars to. 14 Hort Newark no Muchl i deadly pad locks. Rome it a co successors to h. C. Jones manupactuub8 of for the Best Cijka stove at the Indiana state Rair ids. Build Bridges. Roof had turntables of also Railroad and Street can of 11 kinds. A a office nos. 1, 8 and 9 Waring Block. Works Corner let Mke and Wason Street. Jeh Diaw Fly Consul Puon. A. Schism Pulmonic sri p for the euro of coughs colds and consumption. A. A a Kukuck Sia Wobu tonic for the cure of dyspepsia Ana All the debilitated conditions of the stomach. Or. Schunck Mandrikin , for diseases of the liver or to act a gentle purgative. All of these three medicines Are Otten required in curing consumption though the Pulmonic syrup it alone has cured Many desperate cases. The seaweed tonic and Mandrake pills a Sist in regulating the stomach and liver and help the Pulmonic syrup to digest and Seaich through the blood Vessia by which Means a cure soon effected. These medicines a re conscientiously offered to the Public the Only Safe certain and reliable remedies for pulmonary consumption and for All those morbid conditions of the body which Lead to that Faul disease. Liver complaint and dyspepsia a re often forerunners of consumption and when they Manifest themselves they require the most prompt attention. The Pulmonic syrup a Medicine which has had a Long probation before the Public. Its value Haj been proved by the thousands of cures it has made through a period of More than thirty live years in All of which time its rep to Tiomi has constantly increased and the most obstinate scepticism can no longer doubt that it a Rem Edy which May be used with Confidence in All cd a a a which a Dmit of a cure. If the patient will persevering by follow the directions which accompany each bottle he will certainly be cured if lungs Are not too much wasted to mane a cure possible. Even in cases supposed to be incurable when friends and physicians have despaired the use of Medicine has saved the life of the patient and restored to perfect health. Or. Schenck does not say that All cases of pulmonary consumption Are within the reach of Medicine but he emphatically asserts that often saws. Closing out Sale. Hmm for finale at lean than Haa ugh Carem or Lee. A first class Stock of saws connoting. Of extra steel circular Mill Mulay butting Cross Cut Billet webs and Siw mandrels. Tock thoroughly warranted from the works of the late firm of we. Mar Superior to a All other cooking stoics in Economy simplicity cleanliness banking. Roast if and Beauty j. Economy. A patented method of heating the and con vying it through the oven saves from Twenty to thirty percent in to. I. Simplicity. It easily managed the Firo can be perfectly controlled in i Kep through an entire season without rekindling 3. Cleanliness. No dust escapes while shaking or dumping the grates. A a a lug Large Ovea. Wherein All parts Are of equal temperature evenly a if the article. Of hot air constantly passing through the oven so thoroughly ventilated u that it Well a tin Kitchen a n Quot of the be to Iron it will not i Well mounted artistically Des irined. And smoothly , it the Mot Well he most serviceable stove in the Market. A Fitch stove warranted to be and to do All that claimed lor it. Brass and Iron pad locks of every description. Also piano Melodeon and sewing machine locks e w a reit. J. Muchl Quot deadly trimmings. To disposed of in lots to suit. Also Evart Patent Shingle machines Low. James Seaborn 49 Center Street Cleveland Ohio. Address jel4 do warm Queens Are. John Woodbridge importer and wholesale dealer in Clas Abe lamps Loewe glasses. Feb init , ett., 1 fist Assort int if other cooking and heating stoves Marble inn Anu slate Bias it lies Mno to Arnien on hand. Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. Particular attention to Copper and Sheet ii work roil nor Cutter Lynx and spoilt init. And All work guarantee a. 36 South Meridian Street Indianapolis Indiana. Jy28d3m boilers. K. B. Do most. K0hkrt8. Dimoff t de Roberts Mannik Cutrera of t e a. Ill b o . B k Sand Espedal a to option Given to repairing Corner Mississippi and Unis and streets opposite Terre Ute depot India a in it lis sep3 dim when patients have the most alarming symptoms such a violent cough creeping chills night sweat and general debility even to such a degree that they Are obliged to lie in bed and when they Are Given up by their physician they May still be cured. No medical treatment uan create new lungs Bat when the lungs Are very sadly disease and to some extent destroyed a care May be elected by or. Schenck a medicines. Also in scr Tulous diseases these medicines Are equally efficient. Or. Schenck has photographs of a number of persons who have been nearly covered with running sores and now All healed up. This shows its purifying properties which must be done to heal cavities in the lungs. Lathe ire atm it of consumption it of the Uto soft quip Ortance to give vigor and a healthy tone to the system. Hence it Nee Esstry to strengthen the appetite of the patient and improve the digestion. Proper nourishment re guided. Together with such Means will make the food Earuy digestible. The articles most suitable for the diet of consumptive patients Are dog Nate in or. Schenck almanacs which Are distributed gratuitously. In general the most highly nutritious articles Are to be preferred Bat the digestive organs must be strengthened in order to make either food or Medicine a ervice Abl this Weiju Irementa met by tie sea n eed tonic and tor this purpose it was designated. When the digestive Powers Are put in Good order the Tood has its proper effect the system of the patient invigorated and the langs begin to exercise their functions in a Normal and healthy manner. Then the Healing Powers of the Palm me syrup will Complete the cure. Pulmonary consumption almost always complicated with dyspepsia and liver complaint. Schenck Mandrake Piui a re intended to remove obstructions from the liver and restore its healthy action. They have All the Efficacy which ascribed to Calomel or Quot Blue do a Quot and Are warranted not the contain a particle of any Mineral Poison. These pills cure the most obstinate Cost Veness sick headache piles bilious affect Ink and All other diseases which Ariae from a torpid or obstructed condition of the liver. One Box of these pills will prove the Efficacy of them olivine. In the sea Weed tonic and Mandrake pills Are invaluable auxiliary medicines. 1 hey relieve the sufferings of the patient and Mist the Pulmonic syrup in effecting a cure. They have been found Aetui in a dry need Stams of consumption where the lungs a re a Mostin tirely destroyed a symptoms according to be judgment of the physicians indicated speedy death. The lives of patient who were a Eta Fly la a dying condition have been preserved for months by the ase of Schenek three great remedies. Or. Schenck alms be to ruining a full tree use on the various forms of disease Mode of treatment and Medicine can by a a dressing Chious Lorms 01 disease Mode ind Mineral directions How to use san be had Gratis or sent by mail jul principal office no. 15 North half Dosen. Sixth st tit. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. Price of the Palonio syrup and a tonic a sch 111 80 or both a. Or of Mandrake Pili amp Centi per Box. For Sale by All druggist and let dealers. »bi5 deadly Ihms to lib Cobi Sewid Elbl Dextral or Iris a a Raies lor. Nil Pawer a a mtg blk Alt nth a a .Lu rare up fall in it to Riou forms and other constitutions affection and to Inu. Whether hered butt or a Ouirl. Taoh a a Iceni Piodi of the Skia. Ines Pant Coniam Paioa. A the. Rho Oitim and boat. It a a a Lsible per entire and ear for Meir re a i Siek Holt mls it it he and of women. Diam of the liver old neg rectifiers. Bisplinghoff co., by dlr Ullery a a it a a Emil eve it Pine liquors and cordials and wholesale Deleca in foreign and Domestic liquors Bourbon and Rye whi8kib8. No. 10� South Ului ois Street. Indianapolis ind. Sep22 13m pianos Etc. The Best pianos Are in mar he every Paliy a a rated. Air a. Cott-a.c3-e Fiji so Murm Law. Ewy a Desa. I Rivici Wjk co Church organs parlor organs and Melodeon. .ooo in use. A. 8t0well. Whole a la act at. No. 16 f�ans7lt�ai�atreet. Sep27 der Ono site the potato face. Boots and shoes. Boots and shoes. We Rekiec tally wll the a Tunoa of de Lara in Boot and shoes to our targe took of fall and Winter goods embracing our old reliable Brand of Stoga French Kip boots. Alao. General aia orment of fidime shoes for men worm misses and children Ink init to to ear Gooda by Foft hindu t of in re to in Alan i. L. Of Kalvik a Jim co. Pm Alks i a stoves a House furnishing goods no. 34 East wan Hickton nor it it it get. Opposite Glenna Block. 8ep2l d2in.f, Heath be idea Obi manufacturers of Elvi Meled cloths and dealers in Carriage trimmings Muchl deadly names. Auction Sale. By l. R. Martin rim state broker. The a Vilnit blk in Ltd Lief a properly on a Clit Walliin Irtoli its it i Iorii a it Favout a blo4.>k,&Quot and four Brick 8tor� room on Viri Nln Avenue a tic moist. S. B. Amp m. C. Crane late James a. Crane mind of Woor it ii mes to. 57 Herman la Street. Int b w a h k ,. J. Mehltr Doodle clothing. A or fun and your Money Rake. Do your buying at the Arcade. You will find it at West Wasli Inton Street. Sepl6 d4m Cincinnati. On monday october ii ik6�, at ten o clock a. M.,will be sold at Public auction on the premise the hex Tirro Llory Brigit bad Lnch Hon Ltd it a. I of 1 7. 189. Sol 193 and 197 West Washington Street averaging 16 feet front by 60 feet deep except 197, being 8� feet in Depatti. Finished and your rooms above stairs to each building. and other convenience. The let buildings Are built a the most substantial Annor Stone foundation and Brick partition Walls. Bach lot �8 120 feet deep to an Alley. Also. At two o clock p. M., will be sold on the premises the four two glory Brick Runnin a a build Ink. Won a a , 70 and 72 Virgiaia. Avenue each fronting 15 iet and coot Inina store room below and two rooms above stairs and cellar. Terms of Sale one fifth Cash in hand and the balance in equal payments in 6,12.1� and 24 months with interest. Negotiable note to be Given and secured by mortgage on the pram uses. Plata and full particulars can be had at the office of l. R. rt1x, _. Real estate broker sep23 did 10 East Washington Street. Hardware Etc. He get my Renick. We. Hank Edick. Mankedick Calera in 11 Kinda of hardware and cutlery no. 270 East Washington Street Angl d.3m Indianapolis ind. Bitters. I e a a o m Frei o �4 of o h r fur to a ice 0 o a o 5 a Ltd 6 m to i e. A a Medio Ali the 1 by Ivy Recis Ltd trom i in Midi Cal Nici Iny and the Prat Lido a pres thl by Thouc a lion i cd Ken rom Ord to i Gay the no eos my Quot Wal Loo buttels Enoca Nicen me to roue Wod exertions to give then to the a Putko they arc the Best tonic known i cure dts via Loren , Rofot asthma. 81. K ii Fadavi ii. Ii Tavel it Mojibi. War ran the Codex. Are a prevent tiv it of Kvork chill and a Quot Iio and Rock late the Wax it be so srum. Aut in Tow Thurll by Wil Hunt them. It old by All urge Ute. Or. E. Dexter Loveridge proprietor. J21 .Fwm a a m in cd o manufacturing co. Paper hangings and i Mertow Shadom. U. H. Breneman k co. Prop . 67 West fourth Street j�n25 deadly Cincinnati 0. Soda Etc. A Eorge Crawford let co., importers and dealers in soda al Sal soda Caustics Ida foil dry facings plaster Lemd Cement Sana pumice Stone resin Etc., Etc. A09 Walnut Street Cin Elinati Ohio. Sep6 d3m, my of carpets Etc. O re e t Sno i on amp o tab. Oie e to Oil cloths and window shades. J direct r Maninfa tourers and it going an Edu a Ive carpet bu�ine8g we Are enabled to offer special bar Gatas to the Trade. Know desk Otte 173 and 17� main Street Between fourth and i f a , Pep Cunati Ohio. Tallow e to. Esxa.a31l,ish i 1837. Vises. Nuion Vise co Sipany of lass. Pip. It Eop Huntly of hand Willi a a via a a. Warranted for heavy work. Of fief i Var a a a weighing 2sd0, , Quot ii pounian. It or a la by to let be of Floe. 61 we ter Street. A a Quot a a a a it al. Ii. Nott. President a Scales. Mrs Stancari Scales w. P. Gallup 0�b�r�l a t. Tallow Laud c Ike Asi. High st Market Price no charges made for or drayage. Shipping 8te�Oil furnished. In to Tationa Given upon application. Augis d6m,,f pr0ct in k Gamble Cincinnati. Ink e to. in Imp. J. To. Bxs Alkil record mercantile and copying Excelsior w rating fluid Ink and mucilage. 31 a a 36 Jean to st. Ciesiel Aimel. O. Faction for Many be and the Quality a in Lafonn Wagi it do to. w.f. P the reliable mme Riri Pawer Cistern amp fell pii bips Khz min All a to scr Rumpa. A Lull a. I re. Foroe air Lato to a a Jshii a a my a Ciufu the Muon to Reagh boat and pipe. It Hill not worm of Tad ballroom. N a onto Uman. Quo. A i r. Hemingray amp co., no. we Lent nor to Cirri Brati Ohio of Flint Geee and Black amp lass consisting of f Priit tars j i temm. Cal Mimah. Rynn dlr a Hoek Winom a i Tali a Tumbler and a h a eneral variety or table Ware. Aimo Appa Rafn and round and Oval shades Fob artificial Flowers and Sta Netten solar. Of Quot a Comet burners on hand in Largo or. We. Thomson o0le� combo Teho a by i both a to Vartong a aant Tiea. A orders solicited. Jy31 d3m by it Iler feeder. Cope amp Maxwell Steil pumps and boiler feede8s. Re def Dent steam boiler Supply a or feed pump reliable for hot or cold water. Cope k co .Lu a Quot second Street. Cincinnati of to. A a will be on exhibit on at the 8ute fair sep i dim. Commission. Chapin Bramble produce commission Meb Zeakis and general agents for Hows Scales 37 Walunt Street Cinosi Ignati. A a produce Price current sent free. �119 Day Coppersmith. James i ainu a co. I Jyh. 131 and 133 East front st., near Lawrence. Cincinnati Ohio manufacturers of engine and distillery work of All kinds such alcohol still.��, columns pumps of All kinds. Steamboat Coal Oil. Chemical and brewery Vork. A a All kinds of Sheet Iron and tank work done on Short notice and on Teri ii. A a soda fountains and generators made to or der and re aired of Hort Notine. Aug9 Day Drain pipe. J. C. Dexter manufacturer of Cement Drain pipe for culverts sewers. Cisterns. Of Ellair Etc. A. Wallace. Agent Corner Maryland and Delaware streets Indianapolis. Ind. Aug Odly nos. 66 amp 68 Virginia . Between Delaware and Lahenia streets where he Torea private Dis eases without injury Iowa drugs in All their spec leg. Stages re i fico Tiona in a phases. Or. Thomson has made the treat out of private die Essex a Spei Salty since the year ., 18 Manv of the a st and Dio it. Candid , alter Havn ing placed their Fiat fonts under the usual form of Trici quient without Smitis factory , advise them to apply to or. We. Thomson a it Micro Mort. During eight years practice in Chicago. Illi lists to cured Over Thileen thousand cases. Or. Thou Sou uses in Cononi tion with internal Trent int a ingenious fumigating vapor Bath of own contrivance. Bemi Nul a min Sions the of self abuse produce with unerring certainty the lol lowing train of morbid Ami tort Vii so now countenance d irk spots under the Eyet. In in the head ringing a Trio ears and noises be the rustling of eaves and rattling of car no Gea uneasiness about the loins weakness of the limbs confused vision blunted atoll not Loaa of conf Deifoe a to Shin society loss of memory hectic i Lohes eruptions about the tace inbred Tonguc night so Tiitu fetid breath Eouchie consumption Mon mania and insanity. The afflicted what. H Ive been addicted to solitary habits should Etide Vor on the approach of any i the above named symptoms to Avail them Selve. Of the medical Talent before it n too late and let a cured of this a Oul ind nine and l a Quot Quot Quot which destroys both mind and body and Ita victim totally Ual to for society or . Or Thomson will give to each patient a written guarantee Hardin oin self to effect r Nicil and permanent cure or make no . A office 9tid panut., removed to no. And its Virginia Avenue Ladiana of lid Indiana. P. 0. Box 7--0 much Ladli Iylo in chronic diseases. Or. James the renowned the age and conductor it flames lock Spital Kew Orfani la., for thirteen pc Quot located in Chicano hi., tor the last Mineye . Cures syphilis with a neutralizer. No Mercury or poisonous duffs Neil. Spot re a Mikusi and impotence Cureo by a in Inta lib e method saving time and expense. All i seats of a contagious a a Nerval character successfully to ated. Or. A a idea has Becu in cured in this specially for More Thau a Quarter of 11century. Sejd for pain Phleta for More particulars on secret diseases of both sexes. Address or. James at Midi Ceil Institute 91 and 93 Kandolph Street or by letter Posto Iroe drawer ,i lii ii it. Or. James Institute the largest of the kind in the United state. Aprl7 Dawly the Hee medical and surgical Institute. Chartered by the legit Linture of wit Contin. All Classo of not Coniti Kious Are received. Secret ixfir3iities. Quot the or Crit Mojo Tutor Quot o ladies ind Keiit Lumen i private me lii al pocket manual on tic Nisito by and physiology 01 the Troxal system and luding thu venereal Sie Uia Torsha a or seminal Irum curly errors Semaio diseases Etc. With roved i ethos lot trea meet and a chapter of importance to the ried and those Conteri plaiting Clarriage ii Taining Over Joo pages and hot plates and engravings mailed under Seal Post paid. I rii o . A copy of the family i physic containing full particulars sent free. All the above discuss or by correspond once. Address All Leiti irs to the intending physician. T. . I m. A my idly Milwaukee. Wisiol it in. To Airt years exper Irno a in Ltha treatment of i Naronie an Ltd Mernal i leases. A physiological View of Marria in. The Cheah st Book Over published containing nearly three Hundred Page a one Undre a and thirty Fine plates and Flint . Toc Anat omy of the Humm Orith tam Alth disease with a trea Titio of Wiktor . Swo a ble Conseria Voces upon thu rated i built i it Witt theauthor Pun of treat Cunt in. Only had successful Mode of euro shown by n report of caries treated. A truthful iid Riiser to Lac i ried and those contemplating a Garringe who 1 entertain doubts of their Prysi Ltd a to nation. Sunt free of a it stage to any Adana on receipt of Twenty five cents in stamp a a dressing Albany i salted upon any of toe disc incs upon which i Book treats either mrs orally or by mail and medicines sent to any part of the world. Ie22 Dawly hoist inc machine h. J. Amp j. Reedy build Bra of ref ii Sfax plan for hoisting Macune i3h Earl i Sikli b a i a Inri Nentl. Steam and hand Power Hooters fast Anda Sisters waiters All kinds of lifting m�chmc8 built and rep tired. Ropes old a new always on hand. Orders through Post Moe attended to. Scop d3m Cracker machines. Cracker and bin Acnith 9iachineii, Bakers tools Etc. Kingsbury k Davis Suco Essora to j. Holyland manufacturers of Patent in cd Power and hand Cracker and biscuit auf Hines. Brakes cutters aprons oven lamas. Aii4 Bakers tools generally. Orders from any part of the of Jaitry promptly executed. Be Piunt done to order. Orders solicited. The by hint made by this firm can be seen at a by Kery Indianapolis and at Parrott a sons Dayton. Ohio and in new air a very City in the Oon try. A a my Nufa Etory at Rochester new York. Belfry a Davis a Art Sead . Ie22 Day saw cases. L. Wiegel amp co., of show cases amp aquariums , Fine Silver show window moulding much cheaper than Ever offered to the Public of. 17 Mia mrs a a Cincinnati Ohio. A by show rasps of All kinds constantly on band. Mills Etc. a c of fri did unit Mill store and importers of the Oen utne dutch Anchor Brand bolting cloths. Manufacturers of portable Corn and flouring Mills smut machines it Quot. Avo Tice no. 57 Walnut Street Comer of second Cincinnati Ohio. Bradford amp Sharp manufacturers of Superior Only taunt cd leather belting amp Hose and dealer in Crim lilting of Ilose packing and lace lat her. No. 57 Walnut ntre4>t, Corner of he it it it Oiin la inc Ilyati Ohio. »qg9 , saddlery. 1 a Oslake 10 any a Orreva on receipt of five cents in a Tain it or a a it to tal cur my sing or. La , to. Isim then Laius r. New York. The author May be con or. Peichao Golden remedies. Onn Reward for any a ase of disco . In any stage which Thoy fail to Fiir. Or. Richau a Golden Balsam no 1 Rares v cers ulcerated store Throat and Mouth Syre Kyes Iskin in options co Iper coloured Motchos. Scr Fula Etc. the greatest i. 0 1 i Uri tier Nown removes All diseases Rott Tae system and leaves the blood pure and healthy. Or. Krichau 4ol<lcn a Sam no. 2 Oure my. Curial att cations Kij Cuini i ism ii. All forms and gives inic Divito relict in .t11 cd no dieting necessary. I Rice of either of. 1 or j 0 her bottle or two bottle for j. Or. Krichau Golden . A Safe spa of plea aut and Radical c ure for All Uri Iun v l c Range Niotis a com Panid with full uric Tiou. Price per Bottis. Or. Krichau Tilden k Irir d among a Radical euro for n Envoi in chi Lite in a pm t in a imparting Energy with , Oliet. Prito t5per bottle or two tor i. On Refeit of Price Tho. E Kem edic a will to shipped to any place. Address re. Let. B. Richards>0 \ Arick Trout. New York. Office hours from Nina a. To nine f. Circulars sent. Avis we do not wish to inform you Reader that i it a. Wonderful or any other Man has discovered a remedy lii at cures consumption when the lungs Are half consumed in Short will care All dish lies whether of mind body or estate make men live forever and leave death to play for want of work and designed to make our sub Lunary sphere a Bliss no Paradise to which heaven itself shall he but a Side show Othave heard enough 01 that kind of hum buggery and to do not wonder that you have by this time become disgusted with it. 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