Indianapolis Daily Sentinel in Indianapolis, Indiana
14 Jul 1878

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Indianapolis Daily Sentinel in Indianapolis, Indiana
14 Jul 1878

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Indianapolis Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - July 14, 1878, Indianapolis, IndianaPrint Ili of. Jiin my Wanton to know of re steered to. 18 wild spirits a tag irom us Stajl i Yoang to be our child. Yet have thy fleeting smiles confessed. Thou dear and Ucli desired guest thai ome is Uear a it last Long lost in High mysterious lands Clesi by our door thy spirit st kinds journey Well nigh passed. Of Swiet bewildered soul i Ratcli the four Prius of thine yes to Caich new fancies Bubb Lif Liere to feel our common lii lit. And a i it be the Lush of a Range ethereal lius too dim for us to share fade ood immortal lights and make this creature human for my Sake since i am naught but clan i Angel is too tine a iii by sit be Ide Rny chair and sing cheer my passing it Lay. Add who could a not smile unless Lipf rapt it Riess with the Fadin hours by childish i Ign the Stran it r less divine cd More meekly ours. Liny said Art awards As he were within a Ace of Lettin go the wheel and Landin the second mate one twixt the eyes cause he six be Cross to this Here Youing woman tellin her that if she could t keep away from the Man at the wheel she d better stay below but his seafaring instincts up rented. And he did t do it. Arter that Jimmy Edwards was t no Good either to himself or anybody else. He were eternally of Fern for to take tricks As did t belong to him and spent most of Bis time durin the Dayan the wheel. So far As i know this Young lass never spoke to him 8kin,she reme Uberin the Blowin up As was give her by the second mate for talk in with the Man As was steering and As for Jimmy he were that far gone As he would no More have dared to have spoke to her Tolian nothing at All. What from i sin Quot of his watch below a steering for chaps in t other watch in the daytime and Layin awake a thinking of this Here 1bs3 in the night time Jimmy got so broke of his rest that his appetite All went and be wasted away till he a Mookini Inelta in cedi. Some Ani Crenn in Ertler the following a Sleets from a private letter from Madrid will of it read with interest Quot turning to the right there wifi two figures standing in the doorway Alfonso an mer ceded. They Shook hands with and he seated aunt m. Beside him while be gave me a chair besi Cje her. At first 1 and not think her very pretty but As i watch died her talk i changed my mind. She was dressed in an Indian silk very simple. It was Cut Square neck with a Muslin Tucker inside. Round her neck was a Garnet coloured yet Ivet with Gold Heads on it. She wore Gold ear rii is and her hair which was Blacks was simply braided and had one or two Gold pins in a White stockings an Good comfortable Large slippers no gloves. He wore a Black coat Brownish trousers and a dark Blue Scarf with a ring on it of Gold a Snake with a a a tiny Diamond Leid. We talked of various ?rer3\hin As Quot fhe Haf Ofat Salm to subjects. He Speaks English a Little and fihe were As diff rent from the Jimmy de but neither of them like to. While words he were Afore As a Apple Are from a i of by night who sees newly thudded Trees ion set. Soon the Dawn will Fly riven sky Woodlands wet. Is yarns. Riner a me to iii a in lbs the Fri be. Ito i Lenrist things As i a seafaring life Quot the other it Lily Quot Are 1 a r la onto a Man Imin least Wise if it it there be no Man Ehe Bein Quot Well known As had experience of Imin which when they Liverpool docks was is a re 8? Givsto Lookis Llu Enoe of a Fortrie Iglitz of sea air a Man Vead i Beau Wiful and awful in Icin and men As fist rates Tormen and i has stood like Flint Afore the fascination is the til Ewers a a Liverpool h Virdin Quot House nor yet las yielded to Morti ii tim Quot allurements. Has Arter Afcin Quot subjected to the influence of the sea air Betonie Simony and Boft As Burgos. While gear rally it Ain t Lastin Bein Quot from ii most casts Arter one n get s Drift ashore it Are yet wonderful Quot while in stud and in one Case As 1 Hijji i is had h fatal result Hein the death of Limnio Ewanis. A i goo i a Sailor Man As Ever put to of a rope t Gether he Bein to3k a i i it much worse than or Din by. A it s Vire Duful r a sir if d Tell him to bring it in Pewter Quot two iii of. Lore i Rotbin like and i i reel it Oft to you. Ell As the swelter in Ruther will pen ult. Drea Dzuik st v y fors Mitin Quot Post Are Ilac Stoiu Liverpool to it you leaves As the Winter months Arter Eiro Craerin the a cold and emf Octabie storms of the Channel you a nor Wester Arter iia sin Tuskan. An i you goes Down iou h till you strikes t of calms twixt a and and from Rikes the trades and away you goes Rifet Ard with the whole breadth of tic Ocean Afore you to he crossed in Fine Weither and a wind so steady Ever Lias to touch a Roj i cent to braces irom one Day s end to in then As you bilt Wilna i As dii ii t git Spooney Atul a according Ain t human tute of the finer feeling s of he a holy ice would May. I be ito a Many sir and never yet As was t took by it in a a which Howd As it s the Infix Salt air. A v Lytge from Liverpool to new re always gales of wind Many Man s attention from softer thou ii took he will be a circumstances As gives re which Ain t Louann trades town As is Weli it of time in the month the ship Okmulgee Captain in Bali a Pliml but id Oyster. As for this Here Gal it s my she no More thought of Jimmy than of the Man in the Moon and had t the least idea of the trouble she were the cause of. Very often Jimmy would steer for the whole four Houri Aud she would t come up on deck once an Ltd Sich times he d Coree for Ard As Melanctho y As a dying Dolphin. Other times he d be up nigh on to the whole of the watch and them times Jimmy would steer a awful crooked trick and be damned unmercifully by the officer of the Dick but he come for Ard As Lively As a Ilea of an old maid s Petticoat. Quot says the mate o Jimmy one Day How the Devil is it that you re always at the wheel Quot some of pm Don t like steering says Jimmy acid i takes their trick a a a the More fool you says the mate but he never smirked the real reason. Only but for one circumstance Jimmy would have got awfully Guyed by us chaps for Ard and this were that More or less we was All tarred he was talking the Queen sat and looked al him As if his words were diamonds. She was constantly opening and shutting her fan which is the Way All Spanish women do. The room was a Small one. I can not teil what was in it except some very pretty pictures. We commenced talking about the gallery Here. He it seems is interested in paintings in everything in fact. When aunt mentioned some Spanish artists whose works she had i hoped to see he jumped up saying there 1 is one of his and then he shewed her All the pictures in the room telling the name i of the artists. He found we were interested i in i it porcelain pictures and tapestry and so took tis from one thing to another explaining the merits of various t ibis chandeliers pictures and cabinets. The Queen followed smiling Quot and anxious to please. It was i be calling on i some very cordial neighbors in the country t the King explained things to aunt and then j came Back and Exi it ruined again to us. We went first from the Little room we were in into one furnished in Blue Satin Ligh. With the same Brush and we simmered with j there were All sort of Little Knickknacks in him. I takes him one night in the Middle watch for i could t Bear for to see so Fine a Chap Goin All to pieces this Way. Jimmy i san 1. Brace up that there Heifer never can t be Northia to you let her go my lad and Faitau on to one of the gals in the i twixt f Ecks of which there s a Many As will respond Quot Tom ays he All As you says is True. But i can t help it one of Lier looks is Worth More to me than All the favors of All other Timmin in the world and i seen that it were so. And i said no More Hopin As Jimmy would recover after getting ashore. Quot we passed in twixt Iran Domingo and cub i and u Ong South of the latter and Ujj past Quot Pijie st. Antonio into the Gulf of Mexico. And three Days thereafter were at the Mouth of the River havin made the passage in Tifty Tive Days. Jimmy ail me went to Beard at Wilson a in Esplanade Street wider was c min up the River i were As my do tio Nate As a Cotton hat to my Gal and v unto her All sorts of constancy which i Wei dead in Earnest to keep. No set Ioner did i get ashore and out of the influence of the i Salt air than her image went away from me like a she tiler l Oes Over a turnip Field Anci i never so much As bothered myself to Zirul out where she had gone to hang out. Nor so with Jimmy. He nuts that City Orgun end to end. Neglects iii Groi and for a week i were one of the profitable boarders in the House cause he were never in at meal times. Day Iio Wever he comes a run nin in. And says he Tom my lad i be found her Quot suppose you has says i what Good Are that Goin to Ilo you Here were the land i lord a hinting this very Mornin As it were time me and Vou went to sea and he were right. I Shan t never go no More says a Niy i my Goin to sea Are ended i i stay where 1 i can see her once in a while if i have to ship Fca a plate Wash and sure enough be makes arranged servant in the Ourse this w for Havre an in new Orle first nigh Quot Ai come of i male with m Quot dead glad when h of tro Aole a the Wilson for to be a and stay ashore. Of suit me and i ships old Fere a year Afore i set foot in. Says i to Wilson the added whatever has be Edwards him As was ship i was Here store lion and i were awful die. For he give me no end wern t much gol in the House and finally he were arrested for hang in round a Louse up town the police think in he mean to Rob it. I got him out of that jut it wern t Long Afore he were took up Fagin following some woman. Finally i got of Gittin him out of trouble and i let ten Days into the Call Boose and come out of that he were so clearly the tel Kiwi hit took to the insure in. The next third to fit a Bdl were ind dead in the Street. He ha3r"est3�r. Trom the Asylum and gone r g it up to the place where he had been arrested at Fust. Fuck take id fit an hour the main to reefs into the thet facet. Str Gimp Teri be first at everything were Quot and i were right glad when into the same watch with d thing to Lave for a watch fis Willin and Active and Leamin then of what were Afore the v Page we be end a got Down to the Skerries slowed onto a regular Gale of and we d bad to take in the courses Carryn on to Leidig to sails like Blue blazes off Eicre and for ten Days Jnue till we were beat out in ugh it the whole of it the in aboard was Jimmy Edwards knot the bad weather did t _ morsel Aud he were Worth any Nen in the Wutch. At last come a Ige the wind i Liftin Quot to the North Ard. If we went firkin with single reefed Lils whole courses and Job. Arter 24 is of this we was Able to give her the i to Gale Jan sail. And in Ano her Day the Soj much better that we put her. It were a change from Imer in 4s hours. From Llan tey jacket we come at once to i and shirts sea boots were it a fulfil be and we paddled is with Bare feet through All the bad weather had mostly kept it Elow and in much of pm but with the Ley began to come out and the ito the lust Quarter it wern t influence of tie Salt air begin Artin. Sich Bein my ease with i had helped along durin iier in the bad weather list out of Bof my heart and without a to it were Leadin to. My Edwards however were id with a last As was in the my Bein at the wheel one 6 to 8, this Here Heifer come is a Cricket havin got All Over chess and As Jurt As. A peach she do All unmindful of the Here came along to Gin Askin questions about the Low be know d which Way to e wern t no guide posts or 9, and How far we d gone 4 got to go and Fich As Curi Lin always will ask till a influence of fait air were t know what he were i mate who were for Ard deck seen the Stem out to Brace for Ard a a he toes aft to the Laek a i Swa lie sees Konto the we tour Onia Ltd what were funny about it were there were a Young woman in the House a know d him. And she ail Owei on the inquest As he were a Sailor As come Over in the same ship As she did and when she found As he was Makin u. Tarpaulin Muster for to raise enough for to Plant Jimmy decently she chipped in $.50 As her whack and we give Hiya a Fust Clasi a Salty fair in in ii London correspondence new York world. A prettier sight than the English girls dressed for the morning promenade can not be imagined. Their fresh Blooming faces and s male tasteful toilets form a most charming picture and make one wonder whether they can be the same who were at the opera last night or whether they Are a different race who Only appear in the morn i feature of the Book ing. It teems As if it must be so for the girls at the opera in those monstrous toilets that Only English taste and English dressmakers could invent Are pain and unattractive. High shouldered Short waisted the work of the Modister with their luxuriant hair covered entirely by Caps the size Oivo Onnet. No wonder we Call English girls Plain if we Only see them in what is called full dress. The Middle aged ladies too As seen in the morning promenade Are totally unlike the British messes. Cat a a a have Foi the pleasant Booken t i led i a Aiau Bei the Kitchen Quot by Hetty a. Morrison Book has been previously reviewed in the Sentinel. Quot shooting As observed from the sixth column of the new work times is a Small volume with illustrations just published by g. P. Putnam s sons., and for Sale .4-By_Merrili, Hubbard it co. Price 50 cents to ,1 t $1. Quot Pauline and other by Liaf Fortt Lennox Gordon is for Sale by messes. Bowel Stewart it co Price $1.25. The author dedicates Quot Pauline Quot to the memory of his devoted wife Quot Deal and the Quot other poems Quot Are few Quot Pauline Quot being the chief Matron so satirically Sueget ted by the pen of our British friends the French. The a View near the statue of Achilles is dazzling in the extreme there is a Row with its Avenue of stately Trees in All their freshness filled with riders the at the Side i crowded with pedestrians and others seated it on the rows of chairs placed under the Trees i and the drive the other tide of the ride j where ladies who do not care to ride or walk drive , a sight of itself Beautiful pairs of ponies or horses wonderfully constructed Phaeton and certainly every Type of woman. As 2 o clock draws near the throng gets very dense circulation is almost impossible fashion greets fashion in rapid handshakes and nods celebrated people pass by almost unnoticed in the crowd and a continual hum of criticism is kept up. Everybody is on the Lookout for everybody else eager for Novelty and ready for any excitement which May turn up. On this particular june morning their . A horse has fallen under his fair rider who is no other than the Princess of. Wales a Ruth is made for the sign get but before a crowd can collect she is up and mounted again she is Pale Bat unhurt and Safe greatly to the Relief of the people. The Princess looks perfect on horseback Ner figure is Lithe straight and Graceful but in spite of her valiant appearance she is a timid rider. She Rode slowly off after her mishap amid the respectful homage of the Gay crowd. Ten minutes after this Accident the ride is cleared and comparative silence reigns Over the late Brit limit scene. My Wui pm Bho win. Pc Boafo to Bune mis. Jet of win Kutait ber bomb mid. Quot mrs. Fizz Ebury s new girl Quot by de Cordera is amusing and that is much in the Days when wit is so terribly stale and insipid. It is the very Book for an afternoon s fun and it will provoke to laughter even amidst the troubles of a Milroad ride. Published by Carleton new York. For Sale by to Wen it Stewart City. Quot Dosia Quot a russian Story is the latent number of the Cabinet series published by etes it Lauriat of Boston. It is Admi Rabiy translated from the French of Henry Gra Ville by Mary Neal Sherwood. It is Well told interesting and most precious of All to novel readers has a Happy ending. Price $1 50 for Sale by Bowen it Stewart City. Quot Bonny Kate Quot a novel by Cristian Reed is one of the to amp to entertaining of All the lighter works of the author. It has enough plot to carry the Reader Over the pages with out weariness and enough sentiment to redeem it in the eyes of the Moat sensational Loving. Published by d. Appleton it co. New York Bowen amp Stewart City. Price 75 cents. Quot Dora s housekeeping Quot by the author of a six Little Cooks Quot is the title of a volume of 275 pages Laid on our table by messes. Yohn brother. The Story of housekeeping is Well told and the More extensively it is read the better it will be for the rising generation of women for it a calculated to develop among girls an increased interest in household affairs. Price $1.25. We also have from messes. Yohn Brothers a pleasant Romance entitled Quot How she came into her Price $1.50. Messes. Merrill Hubbard it co. Have on Sale a Book recently published by t. B. Peterson a Brothers entitled Quot aunt Patty s scrap bag Quot by Caroline Lee Hentz. This gifted and popular writer has written so Many Good books that it would be a thankless task to compare the present fascinating Stocy with any one of her charming literary a tor a. It May in Josf time however be said taat Quot aant big to i 8cmp bag Quot is one of the inu East. Ualat Mataso Thiac. All the rooms and Lovely pictures. From the Blue room we passed into a music loom. There was a grand piano with a cover of Black Satio. There was a table covered with fresh Flowers. As the Queen and i pis amp edit she went to it Anc. Pulled me a big Bunch of mar Chal Niel roses. The others had gotten on ahead but when saw my Flowers i e asked me to give him one whereupon she rus lied Back and got him a Pink Rose. Next the Muic room came one furnished in tape or. Ali along outside these rooms ran a it jeered Terrace on which were fish rowers growing. At the tii pastry room we Turne i a Corner and to my am in diet walked into the. Queen s bedroom. Tiie kii Ai it Oioi id but he wanted to show us a Clia ii Elier in her bathroom which opened oat of the bedroom. The chamber was our Nisliet in Pink Creyonne and the Walls were Hui l the same. There was a cover on tie bed of Creyonne and a canopy Over ii i a a by the Side of the fire place and a r of i in or feathers in front of it. The had a Marble tub and a big Wasli a ini. Toilet table stood Between the wimluv.-, with of roses on it. The chandelier r a i a the spoke of was Beautiful. In is of Quot Span ish work. The King kept saying 1 Don t show that because it is not Spanish a pointing to Sevres or Chine or some article. In the tapestry room was the Queen s work Basket. She was knitting something in ugly Brown. In order the better to show some pictures she Joeneda window and some shutters. Be returned o the room we went into first one King apologizing All the time for leading us about so and decanting on different objects As they happened to Conie before his Eye. Then carpets next took attention. He ushered u3 out another Way and showed us with Pii be a room he had constructed a it la re there used to be a staircase and two rooms. but the leather on the Walls was Spanish. The chairs Are of beautifully carved Wood covered in red velvet eau Bro dered in Gold and dark colors. The curtains ate of the same and there Are curtains at ail the doors. The carpets were Sian ish and very Beautiful and As the King old me very confidentially they were very cheap. The carpets in the two rooms we next entered were a it erect in exquisite the colors were so fresh and delicate the. Kirg said they would Wear forever. Next this room was the King s study a Small rom. With some Lovely Little Terre cotia of from Gre Nail a in it and some amethyst roses and this Beautiful carpet. There a i a writing table and Ever so Many books. From this opened another bed an a tier remarkable carpet. We went Back to our starting place and took our leave having said nearly an hour. Book Otic is. In the whole of american it Fluture. The plot is contrived and worked out with rare artistic ability the characters Are individualized with a vivid distinctness re a mind ing one of the admirable pictures of those masters of English prose fiction Dickens Bulwer and Disraeli. Then not Only is the Story Well told but it conveys a moral which pervades the whole absorbing Story and improves while entertaining the Reader. Quot miss Cress Pieny Quot a love Story by mrs. Frances Hodgson Burnett author of Quot that Lasso Lowrie a Quot Quot Kathleen Quot Quot Theo Quot and Quot pretty Polly Pemberton Quot is just published by t. B. Peterson it Brothers Philadelphia. Quot mis Crespigny Quot by mrs. Burnett is a per feet charming and entertaining love Story. The characters Are All natural and consistent and act just As we should suppose sensible cultivated people of Peculiar experience would act. In this respect it possesses an unusual Char a. The Rea Ler is interested without being Able to Tell Why for the inter est is always text up and increases with every chapter yet for All its simplicity and smoothness there is not so much As the suggestion of . For Sale by messes. Bowen Stewart it co. Price .50 cents. We have received an advanced copy of a Book just published by the american pub Lishing company of Hartford Connecticut the title of the Book is More than usually extensive and quite too lengthy for insertion entire. The following Mut Sulfice Quot Josiah Allen s wife As a p. A. And 1. I miss Holly the author is also the author of Quot my opinions and Betsey Rob or and the purpose throughout is to blend instruction with humor and sarcasm and this she has accomplished the Book being exceedingly interesting throughout. A lady who has the Sale of the Book in Indianapolis in charge will wait non the people for their subscriptions and those who subscribe will we Are confident get the Worth of their Money. great interest now taken in every thing pertaining to Russia and t e manners and customs of her people makes the Publica ion of this work very of Ortune. Under the title of Quot a trip up the of Iga with the Fairfi of Nizni Novgorod which a described in detail As his ultimate object the author takes a comprehensive glance at the vast Empire of the russian its Trade its resources and mingled subject races. He portrays the wonderful Progress of Russia since the crimean War. This War regenerated Russia by showing her the weak Points in her Cuirass the corruption of her administration. The absence of Means of internal communication and the want of Vii or and intelligence in a portion of her j population. In fact great rapid and astounding Prog a has been made in All the relations of moral and Jio Liticha life. We know of no other Cirk Cut to the kind that contains in such Small comp Ash so much valuable Emi enter Taining information. For Sale by Bowen Stewart it co. I Rice i 25. To sick amp us bl4ti Yov these dangerous symptoms Cokab sir it it Bra Mth pains in the 61<le or breast Rcv a a pare bed Skia Hiett so teat trek link or rising in the Throat Weait voice or any symptoms of it. Philadelphia times while Secretary Mccrary and Mariner Thompson Are Olf on their pleasure excursions and drinking Champagne at the government s capt use. The army commission of which senator Burn Side is president is expected to do some hard work. The first meeting is to be held this month and to give the commission a Good Send of in the Way of health and vigor the meeting will be held at the while Sulphur Springs. Courtney and George Clark of ens Enore Are at Oswego on their Way to Cape Vincent to meet by appointment Hanlon s backers with a View to making a match. Liffor Ltd s palatable Power Rill Anil Perii Mlac Aud tonic. Nature s remedy lor lever Ana ague. Never known to fail in a single Case. This popular remedy differs All other ague cures in being free from ail poisonous effects on the system it enters into the circulation and destroys All Valarious Poison and thus eradicates the disease without producing any of those distressing after ser satins such As fullness and pain in the head ringing in the ears and partial deafness. Try it once and you will never be without it. J. C. Richardson proprietor st. Louis. For Sale by All druggists. A a a a a a time tabled on and after sunday May 26, 1878. Cleveland Columbus conc Tunall Aud Laniau polls. By i my a a part. Arrive. 4 15 am . Am d. Amp s. Ext. -1 15 mall it am Union Aco. 5 30 ai2\ Union acc. I Kyrm dry . 2 co m 6 0rrn ii t Ivy it f a Jim e. Amp . Ext.6 born pm in. Up. If i. Ext 10 .-.55 pm ski Otwood division 0., o., Aito i. Depart. A tits. 15am.6 10pm 745an.� 6 00pni 105 a m to 30 p m 1055 a or. 4 00 d m la ua.1110 p mall to a a to 56 p m if so use a once s w a y n e s compound strap of we Cherry which Seldom if Ever fails to cure a cough. Even when the lungs have become much disordered wit i night sweats burning fever pains and oppression it has Tefle Czetl wonderful cures. Home testimony. Swayne a compound syrup of wild Curry. Quot for More than Twenty years i have used or. 8wayne s compound syrup of wild Cherry lor coughs cold and sore Throat to which i am subject Aud it gives me pleasure to Sav that i consider in the very Best remedy with which i am acquit Suteu. Samuel g. Scott to i j cobreigle&co., dry goods is Market Street pm Ladelphia. Sayue s compound syrup of wild Clerry. Quot i have made use of this prepaid ton for Many years and it has prov Globe very reliable and efficacious in the treatment of severe and Long . I know of two patients now in comfortable health who have taken this remedy and Olio but for its use 1 consider would not now be Livi in Isaac s. Rehbein m. D., Stran town Berks county a. Astlin Imanil a Mitre Kalny Cour he ured my Mother was a great sufferer from asthma cough could not sleep her symptoms became very alarming Short breath pains and oppression. Or. Swayne s compound syrup wild Cherry gave her immediate Relief and in a a ood health. H. Carpenter streets Philadelphia. Pripp trial size bottles 35 cents . Re size. One �01.i.ak. describe symptoms in All common la tons and addres letters to or. Swayne amp son 3.0 North sixth Street Philadelphia. No charge will be made for advice. Eisold by All prominent druggists. A of a very tip let. of. Y. I uti a a i a few aii a a a i. Pray tii i will cures �31 Fornis off Lva of chronic and is Quai. A ass. Sperm Torz idea acid Tirpo Ncncy a the Roselt a c i in y�,.t� sri its a a , a Quot Lei Cali so a s Uri flt to. A Wing to re Oil Verri a sties. . A i it a it but dry isl a Mutia of us i Vuu /.i. A a. A. A a Osude a. A i Quot il.-8"0 a or it l ? \ of a Quot. Conf a Tiu of of run i a or. I a to i risk Quot in in , a re Thor. To rin by Syphat. Is a a al 3 jrlijttrj3., mrs Urc on.i.iti�, . L ils a i i r Fri i i it v tire l. In is Eli i Vijeu. A Phy Girior , a to u of re Iti of . It a a a a it ,,.-Iill. Piitz a i cd to. A a i Persans Quot Jinx Cari. It i i a hit tic , , Difidi iii i be a Quot a a a Ell aft it. By c cup toss an . Quara Teod in Eil cases a Der taken. a wifi Oill or a Fri Quot a nil tvs a charges re a ion bin Ana of a spoil for Jill san i in la to private counsel Oil or Joo past cd add tits n our in a r ,30 a a its. i a in read Fly til. A u Tufa Ai a a \ i orc a to Are from 9 u. To 8 p. M. A Jai Ajr 2 the 4 i. Happy Relief in guaranteed to ail inc Ferling trom any form of chronic disease. With the advantage of being a thorough Graf Nate of Medicine and surgery Aud the practical experience of Many years in my specially of Trot tiny syphilis Gleet and All forms of nervous blood and skin diseases of both male and be Maie has to far perfected my skill that 1 am Udo competent to cure All those Obs tin Tai Kud Drea led diseases in a remarkably r irn time. A ladles can obtain reliable female Pladt with full directions by Mau at per Box. it by mail or at of face irom 8 a. M. To up. Mar. F. M. Abby to 23 Var Lnla Avenue Indiana polio is. Bonaparte amp co. A a reat comb nation e of professional Talent and. Fax pm a Rylence of Europe and atom a a ion Art the men to con just. Tuli to the Only office in the c in where Periu Anen t cure of private Discasey eat obtained a Thoni the use of i ecu it change of let or business. 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