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Indianapolis Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 25 1867, Page 4

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Indianapolis Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 25, 1867, Indianapolis, IndianaFarm wagons talk the Clapp will pm a school r Iris from Aix to twelve Vear Sof Nao. It amp Meridian Street opposite the Blind of Tea any october 1. For terms Ami be apply at Ike room on monday. Septem a tween the hours of eight and twelve. D her my of which 1. 07. At foes Rny few a dotage. Tote try Mata >0jas paid ear a rat Relt to mazeta e few Day a Lince. Molde m a Good Pink to go. It it the capital of Delaware county con. Tatu a pop Afoa of about to Btry five Bon dred and Bogota of Many Una Boa Laete Houawa be Well a two banded me a sheol Homes. The Coart Boam la nearly a Bebby to Eon and the Streeta Era Well Gravelled. Munrett Well be Delaware Monety la Loyal. Musics a vol get another to meal reunion will be held at Butterfield amp co a 19 Keet Market afloat. Theae will be a add ale Good Porter Mcm oper a and other beverage with sex Teller Colgera crooked halibut bread and Batter Etc. Flood inter Menrel end vocal a net w 111 be there. The celebrated Solomon in Tett will a la attendance. Laily Herald. Momm ibo by Filmek a a a we Onui m. I Tibia �22 i so 232 i s eat Perlaki of Peah Lem a Serth 8pecial notices. Lylvan a san nor a Bare opened Oor z.�?2-- fall and Winter Toek end an now prepared of Chi jul Stu ii it Elfi Van Figl to a Bow our Cua Tomen Loma of to beet Goode Piscane in stalking among a. Quot Quot a sea we have Ever handled. We can offer among Toa a All the Leek wan after ear Man a other Altric Tooa Itil Tysl for Little do we How the moment i twee to five style . Way be seized with Elckna mediate to Needle metropolitan theater. A of a it Anu Ai . M. Y. Lutfi. A Maleat pro sea asap so a Box Otico open from Nitt a. V., tin twelve m. Ast doors open at seven to commence at i huh co., Olalla Sotl sad . Onion Waivra Comuni 1581 5 Omilan or a Lemead a Domenge Railroad. A a Noi Navi m at Mai a a is St to of Spur a a 1 88 i Motland my Tivnon a Ltd a a accommodation. Neo Yore night a Prett. morning Lipseti .8>r> a. A 1 s0 oreo Avillo Baui Oad. . Morning f.xptcm.6 90l.n. Mail Ami accommodation. .10 08 a. A. Chicago Caprai Martt Nivell Coom Modaty a 1 30 19 10 a. A p. A. I to 10 15. A Terre . 9t. Urafllxpres�.1 30.a. 8 18 p. A express.1 80 r. A. 10 00 St. Louis night express.8 00 . 5 00.a is Leille re Albany lox Viox a preen going Wetth. A a a a a a a a a .19 10 . .10 811 i. A. 1 05 Kex Peai going South. Rommon lation going North. Carom loj Atlon going South a Tombini into Ivo Alag. Masonic 11a1.l�?la Rue s carnival min Strele. To Dora a advert Eomonia. Metropolitan theater Tho original magical spectacular drama Lillack Crook. Diilio Littion of partnership Chariot a Lect and Michael Knopf. In bankruptcy William t a a a Quot i it a Lohn l. Hans Ivr. Or . Anselc Book a three now music Hooks Mason la Rotherle s c bread no new York. Wanted help it it a the Western Lunatic Asylum of Kentucky. Liia Luemae notice. Bronze kid boots p i Cut 95 West Washington Street. Hood situations Western Lunnun Asylum of Kentucky. Hatic county ticket. Kor rerun Tatick lkwi9 Jordan. For county aumt0h, William r. Hog9hire. Kou county commi88i0nrr, dist act George Green. City n Ewe. The thank rapt Lew. We have fur Axle the various Blank forme Lor applications under the bankrupt Law. Attorneys and others desiring any number of these Blanks will pleas Send in their order it once. Public . The of Marlon county without Del unction of party Are requested to meet to boar the political questions of the Day discussed at the following place and times Lynn school House Wayne township Thura Day september 20. Speakers Hon Lafe it Vello and Hon. William a. Lowe. In rail Ripple Washington township Friday. September�?~27. Speaker David Shewki Esq., Hon. Lafe Dove Lin and Joseph w. Nicol a a. Cumberland w Arren township saturday september 2. Speakers Hon. Lafe Evelln Hon. William a. Lowe and Harry Vande grift. Fremont Decatur township Tea Day of Toltec 1. Speakers Hon. Late Evelln and Joseph w. . Southport in erty township wednesday to holier 2. Speakers David Sheeks Esq., Hon. William a. Lowe Hon. Evelln. Augusta station Pike township thursday october 3. Speakers or. S. Athon Hon. Life Evelln Ami Hon. William a. Lowe. Aeton Franklin township Friday october l. Speaker Hon. Joseph k. Mcdonald Hon. Life Evelln and Harry Vandegrift. Spring Volley Lawrence township saturday october it. Speakers Hon. Joseph e. Mcdonald Hon. William a. Logo and David Shewki Esq. At Ell the above appointments Lewis Jar Dan democratic candidate 1or ii pro tentative. Will be present and Addrene the people. Speaking etch Day to commence at one out look p. It of. The ladles Are specially invited to be Pree ent. Four years a scout and spy. A or. A barfs w. Lull Ali now Canna Ieong for Tali work which it a narrative of Tho personal experience of Lorain Bugglee familiarly known a a general the narrative be bloody enough to gratify the Teste of the Moet Fero close Home guard or Morgan Raider. M any of to feats recorded in it Reed very much like cold blooded assassination and it be Plentl Tully spiced with profanity. If True it Lee confession that the shameful trod tree of the lets wer were not Peculiar to the Rebele. The following extract will give our readers an idea of the Horrer of irregular warfare a a during the March of the army Northwest from its campaigns against general Price and when we were near the Tennessee Une think when we were Arar to Ivan Jiuu Iwuc Mouv ing that an Opportunity might occur of retell Abiog upon a certain doctor living in the state of Tennessee. Who Hod seen instrumental in the arrest and imprisonment of toy Weir and ten others by false accusations i celled upon general Grant and told him Whit see Hod suffered by the doctor end naked him if 1 might take the seme men add go through the Linee some night end kill him. The i Eon not give you leave except under such circumstances is Ere warranted by the rules of War the general sold to take a menus if you wish to sep Tureblo ill give you the the next evening a party of eleven men without the countersign went through the it Nee unobserved end repaired to the House of Eald doctor. Stopping at a neighbouring House about a mile from the doctors wee a miss Armstrong a sister of the Oon federate genere Armstrong i bed paid some attention to her the summer before. When we came near where she lived i Eald to the men a i have an old acquaintance living about mile from Bare that i want to Era. You go on and capture the doctor and Welt there until i i found the lady at Homo and passed the evening with her very pleasantly. Before i wee aware of it two Houre bed pissed. Recollecting my Promise to meet the men at the doctors 1 bade the lady Adieu end hastened on fearing perhaps my Long absence bed caused them to return to Camp without me. When i arrived i found the men impatiently waiting far me. Seeing Only my number of men i Laqu tred a own the doctor a Hamo a a Cwb efe be her a a Tala Way Bunker. I i wed to the far end of the Yard Quot Tun a in the Reader can judge of my horror and Surprise at the tight in lore me. There Lay the trunk of the Man in one place end the heed in another looking on if pulled asunder by Fra toning Ibe neck the a True end the feet to e Span of males. The mules were still fastened to the feet of the life Lee Raver punishment for simply cans log a fsr rest and editor of Berald to you will her that on or about the 19� of july Leal the Nemo John p. Shew committed to toy House end wee therefore confined in jail for s very Long Mae. In order to do Justice to or. Shew and his Norou Monde o1 whom i Ean one end of whoa i entertain too he Ghent opinion for too my ten year doling which Nao i am be a new wig a a agals to a wac i am Nyrl nato a mama him Annaf a raw a Uto Wii Uvlin fill i Sattva me friends. To mtg Mon of Alneer of for a Ever Ever a Den Wmma nor knowledge and Era dem of the Tommy Forth my eighteen year. A Hie thousand Var Tjit amp a Szrnszn dividend Only Melam sapper Bat or my is grasses might Ray a a Loyd to. But it Isnit be Loyal u it was. Many Good republicans or beginning to talk Green Becks instead of Rebol Hon. They Are gradually becoming Ewers leg the fact that the Wir if Ovar and that lev the poet two Yean they have been the victims of artful demagogue. A gnat and Radical change Era Token Plant in Delaware county and the next election will Tell a different tale. In Muade we met meveral solid democrats who have remained faithful throughout among them Adam Wolfe. Adm Lee substantial old gentleman who Enith in the final Triumph of Deana Tutlo prone Tala if unalterable. He is an end indomitable worker who a like Good hone Renee in n Plain bloat Way which i bearing Good fruit. A gnat Many year age or. A Mph plated a Hickory tree in hit Yard and named it an Drew Jackson. A Friend who raw him planting it naked him Why he did it. A one vermin a uld he a you and i will yet crack Auto under that tree a a Tut Tut Adam a raid the doctor Quot you and i will be food for the worm Long before that tree Boan Adam watched Hie pet Hickory through Many a Long year and now has the satisfaction of a Etna it bar a email crop of Nuta. The doctor in a till in Iha Fiest and a promised to bring a Hammer and come Down Whon the Tutor upon. Adam Takee great Pride in Hie tree and look upon Tho crop of Nuto a a favourable Moa indicating that we will have a govern meat again. They Are a Temperance people in Mancie. A Man be reported to have died there of thirst. It was along time ago however. The people of Mundo Aro very proud. That s what ales them. We went up to Munde to Ilse. White River runt conveniently a a a a or to mid to be Litas or a five with ban of the largest and most ravenous kind. We were driven to the fishing ground Lna Aprong Wagon in company with sight members of the Black Horn band to wit Alfred Kilgore United state District attorney George Baxter banker Carl Shipley lawyer John Upp of Homer Illinois Captain Mcclellan an agreeable gentleman with Long Auburn whiskers Ira Turner hark Walling and Gaorge Taylor All accomplished anglers and musicians Tho members took with them two boxes of their Muel Cal instruments to soothe the Savage breasts with a Rural concert in cose the Iiah did no to bits two bottles of a a antidote a in Case of make bite and numerous refreshments in the shape of Oysten doers Etc. At the River colonel Schaeffer end Dick Berger straggled in. They fished with be. Ire Turner caught the minnows. We belted and then we waited. The fish were not in appetite and we kept waiting. The Moat of a waited about the commissary Wagon until late in the evening when it was no use to wait any longer in that locality. John Upp rat Down on the River Bank and chucked tones at Baxter a Cork. Shipley sat Down on a Bumble Bee. He got up again. A Lloro waded in Tho water and dived for Miseli. He brought up one the fret time and remarked Quot be pro funds Clam he got about n Bushel All told and burled them in the land. Worked to hard be broke out in a Clammy perspiration. He has been on the Mustell Ever since. Mcclellan Star Tad to crore with Baxter on his Book. About Tho Middle be uld Down end rolled Over. All this time the Bora continued steadily not to bite. Finally we hitched up and drove Back to town stopping by the Way to look at s new Brick House which certain cd Elzene of Mun Ole built for Tom proud. Drank s Little a prong water in proud a cellar. We recommend everybody that want to fish to go to Mancie. It the Best place we know of. They know How to flip up there. It be True we did no to catch a flab or get a bite but that was the fault of the stubborn fish. The cadence was there but the foolish flab Hadnot a Nae enough to appreciate it. We forgot to Ray that Kilgore took Hie mussels Home with the intention of frying and Ostlyng them. A to was not in town yesterday we Are afraid he did to. We expect to Bear of s funeral in muscle. Another Extension of the Indianapolis and Cincinnati . Lord Esq. And general Burnelda have been manipulating for the organization of a Railroad from Lafayette to Bloomington Illinois. Or. Lord prompt to build the Rood to the state line within e year if the citizens of Tippecanoe end Benton counties take two Hundred thousand dollars of Stock. Forty two thousand Moliere have been subscribed la Lafayette since saturday morning and Hie probable the roed will be built. The Nduna Pirolli Cincinnati end Lafayette company is making herculean efforts to extend its business. In the care the Extension will be no less valuable to Indianapolis then to Cincinnati for although special inducements should be held out to merchants to go to Cincinnati Hundred of Illinois dealers will Stop Here or Send orders Here by the Agente of our whole House. A very Large amount of goods Ere now told in this City for Central Illinois end s direct roed to Bloomington would afford additional of Scull ties for reaching some of the in Etomer of Meridian Street. We Trust it will be built at commercial. A card. Detroit september 10,1807. To mrs. George Rhodius Indianapolis ind Madame please accept the thanks from the undersigned members of the a Detroit harmonic a a for your courteous and kind treatment which we resolved both dram you and tour gentlemanly attendants in your restaurant during our abort Atoy in the Beautiful City of Indianapolis on the occasion of the it affords us the greatest pleasure to recommend your restaurant to the patronage of the generous Public Tor the prompt attention paid to guests end for the liberality shown in anal eterling to Belr went. Fuss. Bramst Elleb Carl Engel Ludwig Warner Ernest Sanger b. Wagner g. Pohl g. Henning it it in Kuhn Robert Glaesner Louis Janssen jul. Melcher f. Bayer j. Voekel Louis Sincky Alpert Steckol f. Gron Thek. B9matsa�l�gbmreport Forth Indiana Peila Academy of Medicine by w. Eisten m. D., committee Barm. Therm. Dew a �?�ene.s3 i . Sar. A. W. Ska. 1 a. A. M. 13,3p.m. Soft a a a a. A Bis 80. Is is m it fill m 8 5 13 94 Honra. 010 in Tun Black had a Oell yesterday from or. John h. Meech who will tomorrow fever our citizens with the world renowned exhibition of the Block Crooks the original Black Crook and not the institution exhibited Here last Winter. The piece will be pot on the ats with Ell the fixture end scenes of the new York performance. It a had Long and successful in Boffilo Rochester Pittsburg Cleveland end other elite. Or. Meech bought the right from the author or. Barras sad it a put a the Stag under his supervision. O a a first night or the rues carnival my Strala opened last night to an excellent How. Masonic Hall wee crowd and aed the audit Eye a composed of he elite Otth Etty. The Perto Reaace both Roesl Aad Lustro Eatol we fully no to the Standard of Ufa popular troupe. Though la bad Voto. Or. S. Frederick rang a my Darling dwells Over the Geek with great effect. Lenead Wae Greet in the a a Insy while pm. Wagner a loonies if possible than Ever before. To night to the lest night of the carnival. A a Mae a fellow Fig some Maneor connected with s drone moped with e Young girl a a Ito Imor Iowa end under prompt of Moom afr brought Hato the today. After remaining with Era shout he disappeared. Yesterday Moyer Mao Euley succeeded in pm Tang s pea for her cd seat her Ltd her Way head. The Girt la mete that a Seo did note Reeed la Hoo it the Atlantic monthly end our Young Folk i an illustrated Magazine a Bey sad a fils Are for Sale by mra. Merritt no. 32 North Pennsylvania stat mrs. M. La in constant end Early receipt of All the monthly me Gaz Lee Tad to Dally and weekly newspapers of the leading cities. teens that a Little go Al about eight years eld a my into the privy of the first Ward school House a few Days since and died a miserable death. The i xxi bae not yet been recovered. We did not learn the Ger la a name. T3t a Beard an sex member of the police Force remark yesterday that of he had Fiaoo he could be chief of police and that be could bold Tho a a Praia he until Somo fellow a a raised him a Hundred. To Star. John Scanlon superintendent of Lluke Chicago brewery was in the City yesterday. I agents a put him through a and he wat Well pleated with Indianapolis. T3t John m. Johnson John Yonng r. Logan and o. M. Wilson were admitted to practice in the criminal court yesterday morning. M Kwh or. has resigned his position As Leader of the manager Cor. He to succeeded by proof ear Weigmann. 0the new York store was closed yesterday in respect to the a Caw a Young me Doucas. A mat employees. T3t Jacob t. Ralls Back be been appointed administrator of the cd Tate of Thomas j. Rail Beck deceased. X3 James a. Hancock of Tipton and James Meadows of Lawrence have died application in bankruptcy. To the piste of the indians Bank will be destroyed m the auditors office to Day. List of state District Naff Crafty Wain. State fairs. Indiana Terre Liante. September 80. Illinois Walney october 1. Iowa Clinton october 1. County fairs. Allen tort Wayne october 10. Jefferson North Melson october 1. Kosciusko Warsaw october 3. Lagrange Lagrange october 9. Miami Peru october. Noble log Oiler. October 8. St. Joseph South Bend septem tier 98. Whitly Colombia september98. Marlon county Bridgeport septem Lier 93. A. Holmes Secretary Indiana state Board agriculture. Local itkm8. Ladles Bronze id id lot of French Bronze and Silver kid just received. A Stylet of ladies shoes made to order at d. Lintz a 2ft-lf 2�s West Washington Street. New goods new Geeda. Vir. William Sweinhart merchant tailor no. 21 South Meridian Street has received Hie fall and Winter Stock of piece goods consisting of All to latest and most fashionable styles be Eldes a Fine assortment of gents furnishing Good. The Public Are invited to give him a Call. 24-4 we Call the Atte Milem of those wanting Good situations at Good wages to the advertisement of the Western a Unetic Asylum of Kentucky in to Days paper. Good Figerle wanted in every county in that state for the following unapproachable instruments Itel Nway dec Soma Pima of Kanahe dec i. A Sago Good beep Polenos and Smith american or game also to canvass for the we term Maslell review a monthly musical journal. Address. L. Bonham a co., 10-d�w3m Indianapolis Indiana. We Lavite a he special attention of 11 purchasers to our new Stock of carpet Well paper Oil cloths matting Etc. Ladle will find it to Belr interest to patronize Gall is Rush they keeping the largest Stock end lowest prices of any firm in town. 25 2 Palmer vegetable cosmetic lotion be the Sovereign Balm for the smallest pimple on the face As Well As the Moet Dut tree song cutaneous disease that can sol let any part of the person. 24-Dawlw a a the Hest memo mint off Mew Carpeta Oil cloths window shades Well paper Etc., Juat received by Gall amp Rush. A a to be or Mot to be that a the whether to Euffer with mental anguish feverish Upa cracking Palo dyspeptic agonies and nameless bodily suffering or whether with sudden dash seize s bottle of Plantation bitter Aad As Gunther Weara be myself a Man a gain. Gunther said my eyes were Sallow my Vleo age Boggard my breath tremendous bad my disposition troublesome in fact he gently hinted i was fast becoming quite a nuisance. Four bottle now beneath my Vest have disappeared my food has relish my appetite is keen my Stop elastic my mind Brilliant and nine pounds avoirdupois is added to my weight. Magnolia delightful toilet article Superior to Cologne and at half the Price. 10-doot�w2w Iff you Tweh to Nee the Mes velvet carpet in Indianapolis Call at Gall a rushes who will take pleasure in showing the same. 25-2 Case Mere. Fusty Bytof a a of few Sido Bead Ca Wiirres. Twenty live style fancy Aad Plain eng list Aud american cer Almetta. Fifteen ��j1� English Che Voito and scotch coating ten Shade off no a double milled mixed Melton. Seven i Hydra v. A h. Mixed costings. Three Ibars Taylor English Side band coatings. Fifteen the Twenty style Simon a coatings. A full line of Black clothe in All grades. A splendid Shade Dahlia cloth. A Nice line Doeskin of different qualities. A magnificent line of pm Aad Kaey velvet. We Call special attention to these goods and defy Competition in either variety Quality or Price. We a Hall at any Early Day give to our friends our usual report of fashions. Meantime to shall be Happy to have them cell and examine on splendid Stock. 24-s u a treat a Claflin. The a a Laferla aate Cheam real or. William Thomson a advertisement on the third Page. Jel4-Ly of a hairy of the brat Are Naaem Man in town we learn that be in s regular Patron of Moritz Brothers a co., no. 19 West Washington Street. His clothes tit bettor Wear better end Cost lera than those of any other establish meat. They hav Juat received e splendid Stock of Beautiful fall goods comprising some of the a Knob Biesty patterns Ever seen in Thi City. A Peneno who patronize Thlu House will go away Well setto fied. Septet of merchant Taila tog Modl gala Furni Otting goods.�?mesar�. A p. Gram Flag no. 8ft East Washin a a a a a a a Vejum received f a Mal urge invoice of fall and Winter Reedy made clothing gent a furnishing Goode and a very extensive Stock of piece goods for dress and business suits consisting of american German and French patterns of the latest and most fashionable a Tyle. Parties til do Well to Call of this old established House before giving orders elsewhere. 21-0 the Wenders that people will Wear old style of Clethes Aad then complain when abroad that there to no fashionable clothing nude in Indianapolis. This i Only accountable because they Are not particular enough who will Maka their work Aad Only with to get the cheapest regardless of the Quality and style. That difficulty Esa new be avoided by earning at g. H. Beltkam no. 8 West Washington Street and see the Broadway Cut of clothing and the Nobby goods la store. Be Polo of Moth Aad freckles a the Only reliable remedy for Brown discoloration called Moth and freckle to Perry a Moth Aad freckle lotion prepared by or. Perry 49 Boad Street new York. Sold by All druggist. Mar27-Smeod hew Gooda new floods new goods a prof. Edward Lenox a. 88 South Illinois Street a few Doore South of the Palmer Houra to in receipt of his fall and Winter Stock of merchant tailoring goods consisting of the very latest styles of French English scotch and american patterns. Also Beautiful velvet cords and velveteen which he will make up in the most Sty hah manner cheaper Baa any Ether House in the City. Parties wishing dress or business suits will do Well to give the professor e Call. 17-10 teas. Chin a Tea store Headquarters pm Imd Lymm for chinese and japanese the teas China Tea store established in 185, to. 7 Odd Ball. Foll h. H. Lee. Practical Widem. It i mat to Wise to economise when wheat 1 Worth two Dollar per Bushel u when it will bring Bat one Dollar. Men acquire riches by raving what they get More than by getting e gnat Deal. A Dollar or Tiro raved on n coat or pair of pants 1 a Good a a Dollar or two earned by a Bard Days work. The rarest Way to rave a Dollar la to buy your lot Flag at Moruz Brothers no. 19 West Washington a treat. At that piece win be found the largest and a a testable lot of ready made clothing to principle of Sonad found la the Efty. End a comparison of the Price will show it to Lar the cheapest place to Hoy. They Kep no a a Buzzard a a oath to Tarary Belr clothing is All made to order Aad warranted to give satisfaction. Their i Alt sewed. They done to Deni la criminal court Albert ble a dieted for Arae ult Mimmy Wmk Mil a we Hmay i a Wius a Zrita am twist a acted of grand Lareay Aad Era Sacii two year a Rel Deal at mfg High City. George grand i Roeay was for a Aew trial Betag eve trunks. R. L. 6h1l.ling, no. 55 West Wash Street and 13 Jay. Avenue sole agent for the trunk. For Indian fact re am in Smann dealer Angl d8m4thp trunks Valins travelling bags a. Business Collece. The w business College Blackford a Black. An Ensti Totts it she practical education of Young men. Student Oan enter St any time la the year. For certs elem Quot Hollenbeck jc99 dtm4thp a Bradley special notices. Wear and tear. When the conf tation is weak and the Statam depressed by the Wear and tear of Basin life which Moke each Tremy Andoos drafts Apon Sha body and mind a class Rama Holt Hal and tonic la retorted to prostration will ensue and disease creep unaware upon the victim of negligence. But if Host btter�?T9 stomach bitters which be Agen Inland purely vegetable at mutant be timely administered the organization will relist and baffle the veins of epidemic and changes of temperature incidental to Thea season of the year Wiloh disorder the nerve of the feeble. There is an Arlve and permanent vitality in this remedy Vokt will prove of great Benefit the the broken Down end shattered Constitution it is the Only tonic of which the stimulating principle la perfectly pore. A Matial unessential Rye which is admitted by sube the moot harmless of Etta Alante and Tala fluid la refined from cow utile Wiloh belong to it As it comes Flam the my male taper. The othes ingredients Are composed of Media tax i Seta and Herb and contain not one composition. Belr operation a to please to meet sceptical. They help the a dinner Maas to Vartoei forms and ways overcome what mercurial properties destroy end tvs Uvea where desperate medication throw them away. Beyond s doubt red ways beg plating Pill Are the Forest remedy for disease like Neto asthma vertigo hysteria. Dyspepsia fevers Etc., Ever or trod need to she Public. They control the liver to a wonderful extent revive life in old Persona and give get end satisfaction to the patient of either sex. They save life do Good Aad in their working Ore without precedent. They Are Tait Elero else vegetable in extract Are sugar coated and their Var ones Belr eff Etener Are known world wide. Sold try druggists. Price 30 cents per Box. Spam Dawt hygienic wine Tonta Moet eminent physicians it i of by the Tala Only strata aromatic Aad far lug Luton Tarcai. It rep Tases with a great superiority All other bitten which have Tor a Bora nothing Bat alcohol or inferior whisky. It i Richer than any other bitten in arara nil and a Tan rate principles and 1u taste la axe Talta. Its soothing effects oath ferrous Fin Ida the . Or. While it gently exhilarated by re animating the Tana sons of the incest Are Oban. And Iha Pete a Gnor. By gently refreshing and stimulating the brain it tag a he Trow Drawee Amala magi ism it 1mm denied none of Tho Baleful influence that follow alcoholic at Julanta. We warrant that upon trial. Hygienic wine will he found a meet Mell Stemn beverage foe seesing wonderful Virtues to a eases of Dys pepsin and debility end moreover is Niter used Asan appetizer. To led let especially 1� will prove a Moit effectual Relief Tor Tbone ailments to Wiloh the sex la most liable Lambert a kamping 91 and 31 Broadway new York. Muscat Perle w 111 be round a Moet Mellelo wine Superior to anything of the kind to is the pure juice of the Flonett grape fruity and delicious beyond description. Try it and be convinced. Both of the wines Are for Sale by Browning a Sloan h. H. Lee under Bates House Flay a co., Corner Illinois and Washington Street. A Bochile a Sloan Etc Day . Agents for Indian. Eureka Brick machine. The Only Brick machine in America which is guaranteed to perform All that in claimed for it. With nine hands and one pair horses it easily makes 3,000 bricks per Hoar or 4,330 by steam Power. Satisfaction guaranteed. Send for Cir Eular. Abram Zequa general agent j13 div 141 Broadway new York. A ten Newell a dec Lokotic the greatest trait in the Char Pillie Acter or these acknowledged most valuable pills and family physic is Taatofa perfect Freedom from griping and Bowel irritation. Could the thousands of cases of piles and Bowel weakness but speak their origin it would be found in the enormous unnatural error of using pills or any Medicine that gripes in action. Griping is Semi dysentery and a moments thought will show what a continued use most necessarily end in. Therefore without griping i claim for the Eclectic pills a natural remedy for chronic constipation dyspepsia indigestion head ache liver Aad kidney complaints piles Worms loss of or or the blood Bush or blood to the head loss of appetite and Sll derangement of stomach or bowels and now Tully conceded to them. Bold by All dealers in Medicine. Physicians and dealers supplied in bulk. Boots and shoes. Sofi Bey Sam aflame Mamet Ike meat la the mar Kcal my Lew Prucca my Moyat i Kihae Terr s3 fast Wash Lagler flare. I. T held Rem a flyers in great variety the Tamal Wii Liml in a tac City at Nayebi my liter. Stoves. Tvs Guileb bros., pf.ai.ki�8 in parlor Cook and heating stoves sole agents for the Monitor warm air Furnace Oriental base Burner far cake a Al amt recite ceal marbleized mantles Ano grates la us Rini Hii Citro cat Nuj 71 Ernst Washington Street Lousy 1 by rams old stand sep do med Indiana weekly Herald at reduced Rater $3,000 m p1em1c1s the largest Premium list Ever offered by any paper in the West. Patro size the democratic Central Organ and extend its circulation. The Indiana weekly Herald is one of the largest and Best family newspapers in the West and we invite our poli ical friends to assist in extending its circulation. List of Prem Iii in s. A splendid Chance for ladies or gentlemen to a seen re a handsome present of one thousand dollars atthe proprietors of the Hii Ald with the View Al of extending the circulation of the weekly edition have reduced their rates of subscription and offer the following valuable premiums to getters up of clubs of names to the person who will Send us the largest number of new yearly subscribers previous to the first Day of february 1866, we will give a paid up life policy of one thousand dollars in the Bekk Shine l1h issuance co. Which has a capital of neatly one billion of Dol Lars. Believing As we do. That a use policy in a Good company to in n better investment than the same Monas deposited in any beak. To the venom sending a the second largest list we will it Veenhof William kit Abe it co,�?T3 celebrated Gobi medal seven octave Rosewood pianos with Large round Corners one Row of moulding on Cue. Gothic Lerz and carved Lyre. This piano is from Mes Are. H a. Quot pm Tara tace of extensive music Emporium of Indianapolis and y aimed a i m50. To the person sanding us the third largest list we will give a Fine two horse farm Wagon manufactured by the Indianapolis Wagon and agricultural works rained at 1150. To the person sending us the fourth largest list we will give one of Siag Cne of Leonteff sewing machines a aimed Tat �s3. For the f Fth largest list we will give one of sin fiery a world renowned sewing machines a aimed my 55. For the sixth largest list we w ill give one of Libko i for Fame Kaitting scums sold Only by messes. Dow Allex in this City a aimed afim. For the seventh largest list we will give a Keye warn and cider 91111 Ltd s 0 0,00 read full Seh Teduie of presents Belovs. Each certificate of Stock to accompanied with a a Eie Tiffin steel re ate Bart Iii Worth More at retail than tha Cost of certificate and also insures to the Holder a i to not in the great Bhuti Shultek. The Vashii Tor Library Tapai 1� chartered by the state of Pennsylvania and organized in old or the iuvkk8iuk lbt tute soldiers and a Lieret orphans. Incorporated by the state of new Jersey april i. The Riverside Institute situate at Riverside Burlington county. New Jersey is founded for the purpose of gratuitously educating the sons of deceased Soulieri and seamen of the United states. The Board of trustees consists of the following Well known citizens of Pennsylvania and new Jersey lion. William b. Mann District attorney Phil Adelphia Pennsylvania. Hon. Lewis k. B Roo mall sex chief Coiner United states mint and recorder of deeds Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Hon. James m. Scovel new Jersey. Hon. W. W. Ware new Jersey. Henry Gorman .Esq., agent Adams express Philadelphia Pennsylvania. E. Coe Esq., of Joy Coe a co. Philadelphia. Taka Sitka Washington d. C., april 18, 1mt.�?office of internal Revenue a having received satisfactory evidence that the proceeds of the Enterprise conducted by the Washington Library company a will be devoted to charitable uses permission is hereby granted to said company to conduct such Enterprise exempt from All charge whether from special tax or other duty. E. A Rollins commissioner. The wishes Tea Library con Paay in order that the benevolent object set Forth in this circular May be successfully accomplished have issued five series of Fine steel plate engravings which Are put on subscription at prices ranch below their retail value certificates of Stock in the Washington Library company will be issued stamped with the Seal of the company and signed by the Secretary. None others genuine any person sending is one Dollar or paying the same to our local agents will receive immediately a Fine steel plate engraving at Choice from the following list and one certificate of Stock insuring one present in our published schedule. One Dollar engravings. No. 1�?�?omy child my no. 3-�?othey�re saved they re saved in a no. So a old seventy six or the Early Days of the any person paying two dollars will receive either 01 the following Fine steel plates at Choice and two certificates of Stock thus becoming entitled to two presents. Two Dollar . No. 1 a a a Washington a no. 2�? a a Washington a last interview with his three Dollar Eutra Lufi. Any person paving three dollars will receive the Beautiful steel plate of a Home from the War a awl three certificates of Stock becoming entitled to three presents. Four Dollar eur Gravlun. Any person paying four dollars shall receive the Large and Beautiful steel plate of a the perils of our forefathers a a and four certificates of Stock entitling them to four presents. Five Dollar Chi Fravle t. Any person who pays five dollars shall receive the Large and splendid steel plate of a a the marriage of Pocahontas a a and five certificates of Stock entitling them to five presents. The engravings and certificates will be delivered to each subscriber at our local agencies or sent by mail Post paid or express As May be ordered. Tkv Library. Company will award three Hundred thousand dollars in peesei1t9 to the shareholders of wednesday september 25� 1ss7� at Philadelphia penn., or at the Institute Riverside new Jersey. So Fedale off present 1 Cash present.ff40,000 1 Cash present.20, 0 1 Cash present. 10,000 1 Cash present. 6,000 3 Cash presents of $2,500 each. 6,000 1 handsome country residence stable groundsetc., Germantown Philada a. 18,000 1 double residence three Story Brick Camden new Jersey .15,000 1 Coal depot offices Sheds ground with business established. No. 1314 Washington Avenue Philadelphia.16,000 1 country residence Riverside n. J., with ground fruits Etc.10,000 1 three Sec Etc. A gets Riverside $300 6,000 5,006 5.000 3.000 cottage 35 valuable building lots each. 1 elegant turnout family of horses harness Etc Complete. 10 v valuable building lots Riverside $300 each. 1 Beautiful Silver Gray horse 15>� hands High sired by the celebrated imported arabian horse a Caliph a also a Light Road Wagon weight 140 pounds with set of Superior single harness Etc., making a first class establishment 5,000 90 pianos $500 each.10,000 30 Melodeon $295 each. 4,000 5 Rosewood sewing machines $300 each. 1,000 10 family sewing machines $100 each. 1,000 50 Fine Gold watches $900 each.10,000 100 Oil paintings by leading artists agr Gate value. 10,000 3 camels hair shawls $1,000 each 8,000 9 camels hair shawls $3,000 each 8,000 3 handsome lace shawls $250 each .750 10 Cashmere shawls $50 each. 500 w silk dress patterns $75 each. 1,500 50 City building lots $175 each. 8,760 the remainder win consist of silverware musical boxes opera glasses pocket bibles and different articles of ornament and use amounting to.�?. 88,000 total. $300,000 All the properties Given Clear of inc Berance. How to Obb talk Misaros graving. Send orders tons by mail enclosing a either by Post Filce orders w in in at our risk. Larger am mis sent by draft or express. 10 shares with engravings. 96 shares with engravings. 60 shares with engravings. 76 shares with engravings. 100 shares with engravings. From $1 to registered Sho uld be 88 50 a of .90 00 local agents wanted throughout the unite states receivers. A Cal. Whose Well known integrity and business experience will be the association have l is. George a. Coor ent guarantee that the Money entrusted will of promptly applied to the purpose Philadelphia Pennsylvania May 98,186t. To the officers and members of the Washington Library co., h. 8. Read Secretary. Gentlemen on receipt of your favor of them. La Goffig. To Fey in inf Fop Tater 3s, and a Terr create util further notice after careful preparation Aad a attention to us it Gorjes a effects the original magical spectacular drama by my. Chutes m. Habra a in foor puts and Tableaux entitled the Black Crook. This gorgeous spectacle which has met with such extraordinary Success throughout the unite i states having Alre a reached the unprecedented of co Sec the rights at Koblos Garden new York will be presented Here for the first time on thursday evening september 90, and will be repeated every Ever ing until further notice introducing the grand Parisienne Ballet troop under the direction of Mons. St. Ody the distinguished Altreda Ballet and fan. Tom Mist. Premier Danae Fri absolute Sig Noritta Toretia Aad jts Lle Therese. Assisted by m Lle Alexandrina. M Lle la Rotio m be Josephine m lie 11 he Elisc 31 lie Louise and thirty m \ Lumry ladies together with a full dramatic it oink a no. Villagers peasant a. Choristers guards attend Stois l? in apparitions demons Mon. Grand pos de Hartz a the Serpent s s. A Jah Leux cd horror the Grotto of Ltd m boat Beliles grand Quot Pas tie o Aias a statue Tan lift Crystal Cascade illuminated Garden by Moonlight the b i masque triangular courtship the March to. Triple to word Lomat. The burning Forest. Pirodi momus magic Transf rate n revealing the glittering Palace of diamonds. Table Aux of Jay. Saturday Black Crook mat1xee a admission to All parts of the House i cents. Masonic Hall betpr3 of the favourites masonic Hall tuesday Aad wednesday september 24 and 25. The great original and ouly habits cam1val sloths the mox step. Organization of i the nineteenth Century. Twenty four distinguished ethiopian artists in positively an original programme first appearance in Indianapolis fore even years of the famous wonderous and worm re Noweda m. Hernandez the greatest of All living guitarists and pantomime is. Happy Cal Wagner Best end Man in the world. Ned West the Champion clog dancer m. Ainslie Scott the eminent Basso and interlocutor Mary ions , Fredericks Brandis and wheat it a. Admittance a Parquette 50 cents sep Ltd tailoring. Leading House of fashion Bowanko n. Foltz first class merchant tailor me. 31 me Ruffi Pennsylvania Street second door South of Tosto Allce Indianapolis ind. My Stock of fall and Winter goods is selected with great care to the wants of my customers from the Best markets consisting of French English and american patterns. I study to please and give prices to suit the times. Louis Scholtz will provide Over the cutting department which will be a guarantee for the nigh reputation Thi establishment has always enjoyed. N. Call and examine my Stock before give my orders elsewhere. Sep2l d2m teach inc. A lady wishes a position either in a school or private family As teacher of French Kusic and the elementary branches of an English education or would Gire lessons in town. Refer Knees Given. Address n. B., Box 1600, Indianapolis. Sep4 33t foundry. Hoosier foundry and stove works r this establishment is now in Lull operation and the foundry bu&1nkss in All its various branches win Here be carried on. We ate prepared Todo All kinds of work in our line for Ball Reault far mlle far maa fac Iata far a sch Kulmus. D columns for stores. Door Sills Stair Flores window Caps ventilators grates a Chora. Sash weights Etc. Gas posts hitching a a a a Cistern tops Etc. Castings for All mechanical business. Job Worts of every description executed with cure and at Short notice. The manufacture of stoves will be a prominent part of our business. Cooking Aad heating stoves of the very Best Quality Fyle Aad finish will be told at wholesale Only. Dve Bante will be supplied with stoves country hollow Ware form Bello sugar and Wash kettles Dag Irons. Wagon boxes anchors. Ventilators Etc., at the lowest wholesale prices. We Emi Loy the very Best workmen use the Best Iron and shall Endeavor to make the Best goods. The patronage of the Public is respectfully solicited. A. Wood. Proprietor. Omen am it for onry nos. 135 and 137 South a the Cincinnati depot. School. A a a vet Fox
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