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Indianapolis Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Feb 17 1868, Page 2

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Indianapolis Daily Herald (Newspaper) - February 17, 1868, Indianapolis, IndianaDaily Herald. Larn dbvkl1n a k i Tor. Moi Suud Stu Jubo. Tet to lug web Iliin a a a. Monday it democratic state ticket. For governor Titomas a. I Adelcki. Of Marion. For lieutenant governor Alfred p. De Prienzi of Allen. For Secretary of Sute Reuben c. Ki3k, of Boone. For auditor of state Joseph a Franklin. For tres Irrer of state James b. Ryan of Marlon. For clerk of supreme court Noah 8. Labose of Case. For reporter of a preme court m. A. 0. Packard of Marshall. For superintendent of Public instruction John it. Phillips of Daviess. For attorney general Solomon Claypool of Putnam. For electors at Large or Wax it. Coffroth of Huntington it a less w. Hanna of Vigo. Contingents Jason n. Brown of Jackson William m. Franklin of Owen. For District electors first District Thomas r. Cobb of Knox. Contingent a s. Sproule of Vanderburg. Second District a. 8. Dobbins of Martin. It contingent a to us. Howard of Clarke. Third District Jamos Gavin of Decatur. Contingent Elba aau g. Devore of a tunings. Fourth District John s. Reid of Fayette. Contingent Benjamin l. Smith of Rush. Fifth District John m Marlon. Contingent Cass by Leld of Johnson. Sixth District a. B. Carleton. Of Lawrence contingent Samuel h. Farnill of Sullivan. Seventh District to. F Davidson of Fountain contingent b. B. Dally of Carroll. Eighth f. Mcdowell of Grant. Contingent a. 14. Linsday of Howard. Ninth District John color lok. Of Allen. Coutu Gontz Samuel a. Shoaff of Jay. Tenth District of. Ii. Main of Elkhart. Contingent a. Van Long of Noble. Eleventh District not appointed. The Alabama election. The Radica papers charge that Tho defeat of the Constitution manufactured by to Black and Tan reconstruction convention in Ala Bama was owing to the threatened proscription of the conservatives and that the negroes Wero deterred from voting thereby. The fact in Tho Case do not justify the Radical charges of Frau Dan intimidation. The information a Ornas from the fronds of the reconstruction policy of co Gross that the failure to ratify the Constitution was owing to its objections Bio character. A correspondent of the on re Natl commercial writing from Montgomery under the Date of the 10th says a five Days were allowed to gather in the votes. Three of the Days we had Flou weather. Three times As Many polls were open As last year when the question of calling a convention was settled. If a negro found himself in u wrong county to was allowed to vote on making affidavit that he bed not voted elsewhere. The judges of election were radicals too conservative committee challenged a great Many votes but the election lasted so inn no voter was shut out on that account. The defeat is due to the deformities of the Constitution itself and a new election of one be or cred who prove it More plainly than Ever. In a present Shapo it will Uever be made the organic Law of a latins unless its endorsement by a negro minority be deemed sufficient by Congress. In this county of Montgomery the Radical stronghold where there Are three Blacks to one White fully too thousand negroes did not vote. As 1 saw for myself. The election Here was a fair one and the Radical made Tver Effort to Muster All no roes on the Rolls. In other counties some irregularities May have occurred but not extensive enough to account for the defeat. Of the �?~�&Quot>.000 Whites who voted for the convention probably less than 1,500 have voted for Tho Constitution. There was no a a a Connol Ranee in Force Quot about the Light. It was a Square Battle and a genuine this statement shows that it was not Only a fair election but that every facility was Given for voting. The polls were kept open five Days with three times Ai Many voting places As last year when the question of calling a convention was submitted. Every facility was Given by the military commander to gather in Tho votes of the negroes and yet with All these advantages a sufficient vote to ratify Tho Constitution could not be obtained. As to commercial correspondent says a it was a Square Battle and a genuine it is now proposed by senator Suek Mah to Force a Constitution upon a people that was rejected by them on account of its deformities and Ono which is so objectionable that it could not even obtain Tho full vote of the negroes themselves which would have Boon sufficient if All had voted for it to have secured its Diop Tion. But what cares the Radical Congress for this expression of the people the will or wishes of the voters of Alabama will be overridden to carry out the Radical programme of reconstructing the states to promote the interests of the Radical party in the presidential election. Tho government has been administered by the Radical party under a Rulo or ruin policy and it is Likely to to continued As Long As the people Alvo them the Power to do evil. The Harrow off debt. Horace has a horror of individual indebtedness and in his a recollections of a Busy life a now being published in the new York Ledger he eloquently urges Young men As they Vilue peace of mind a never run in debt to avoid pecuniary obligation As you would pestilence or ills advice upon this Point contains so much that is practical and valuable that we reproduce it for its moral both in Public and Provato affairs a if it be rugged fed that my whole indebtedness was at no Llano More than from $5,u0u to $7,000, 1 hav Only to say that even f1,000 of debit rum to him who keenly feels bin obligation to fulfil a very engagement yet is utterly without to of so doing and who Linda he Nacif dragged Oach week a Little deeper into h a Pousa ins ency. To be hungry ragged und penniless is not pleasant but it is nothing to the horror of bankruptcy. All Tho wealth of the Hoth Childs would f>9 a poor recompense for tic years a Trugolo with the that you had taken Tho Money or property of trusting tronds promising to return or pay for it when required Aud had betrayed their Cobi Deuce through insolvency. A 1 dwell upon this Post for i would deter others Troin entering that place of torments ii if the Young men in the country with Many old Onu ugh to know better would go Luto business a a that is into debt to Morrow h they could. Most poor men Are so ignorant a to envy the merchant or the manufacturer whose Lile is a incessant struggle with pecuniary difficultly who is driven to constant Obi Uulu a and who Iruin Mouth to Mouth barely evades insolvency which sooner or later overtakes most men in bus less so that it has been computed that but one in Twenty of them achieve a pecuniary Success. For my own part and 1 speak from experience�?1 would rather to a convict la a Suto prison a slave la a Rice swamp Tebuu to pass through life under Tho Harrow of debt. Let no Young Man misjudge him Seir Umlor Tunage or truly poor so Long a he has the use of uis limbs and faculties and is substantially free from debt. A hunger cold a is hard work Coute input suspicion unjust reproach Are debt is loud holy worse than them ail. Aud if it had pleased god to aware either or All of my sons to be the support Aud Polacc of my declining years Tho lesson which 1 should have most earnestly sought to impress upon them is this never run into debt avoid pecuniary obligation As you would pos hence or famine. If you have but fifty cents and can get no Moro for a week buy a Peck of Corn parch it and live on Llu is Ilion than owe a Man a of course i know that some men must do business that involves risks mad must often give notes end other obligation but 1 do not Cousido him really in debt who can Lay his hands directly on the Means of paying at some Little sacrifice All he owes 1 speak of real debt that which involves either risk or sacrifice on the one Side obligation or dependence of the other and 1 say irom All such let every youth humbly Pray god to preserve him evermore.�?�. We think that or. Geek sky has often written that National experience in the conduct of Public affairs is but the aggregate of individual experience and that a government should be administered upon the same principles that govern in the successful conduct of private a of Falls. The philosopher of the Tribune almost exhausts the vocabulary to express his horror of debt Ilo says it is worse than a hunger cold Ragi hard work contempt suspicion and unjust lie expresses himself even stronger than this in saying that the lesson which to would impress upon his own sons More earnestly than any other would be a to avoid pecuniary obligation a you would Pesll Lenoe or if individual indebtedness should be thus shunned ought Notpub-11c indebtedness to be avoided for the same consideration but or. Greeley make a distinction Between Public and private indebtedness. While regarding the latter m a horror that makes convict life in a state prison preferable he poems to regard the former in the Light of a Public Blessing. Would or. Greeley regard it a Manly for a father to accumulate a indebtedness which he Saya a hound be avoided Ai to would pestilence or famine to entail upon Hie children yet he argues in fever of funding our ener Mout National indebtedness and transmitting the Burden to our posterity. Tiow can he justify such a policy with the advice to the Young to keep from entering that place of Bree Otey indebtedness if Tho Harrow of debt la so terrible to to Boron would it not evince sagacity and Wisdom to got rid of the evil As soon As possible and what Justley in Ono generation what right in fact a to contract an enormous indebted Peutor another generation to pay if troubles arise which cause an onor Moue expenditure of Public Money should we hold posterity responsible for the ovals we brought upon ourselves if the lessons of or. Greeley upon the evils of debt so far As individuals Are concerned Are Correo in theory they will apply with equal Force to Public indebtedness and those who accept his theory in the first Case Only display cowardice the spirit of rep Slatton to my say in mortgaging the Industry of another Genor Atlon to pay the debts created by the present. Tit and. Sivonen Llis denunciation of Tao Prea dont Grant and tale Coward off fion Washington correspondent of to new York world after giving an account of the failure of the last attempt at impeachment in the reconstruction committee details the following conversation had with him immediately thereafter after the Ruth of a smears and politicians into or. Stevens room at the Cape Tol had ceased and very soon after the Defeated a great commoner Nad been borne in his chair from the Cape Tol to his Home the writer of these dispatches who had also been a witness examined in the presence of or. Stevens called upon him. He was received in a chamber where or. Stevens the dying Leader of a once powerful but now fallen National party leaned Back in an easy chair alone looking almost utterly exhausted. Nevertheless his Welcome was cordial and Bis expressed regret that or. Stevens might not feel Strong enough to Converse upon the subject in flow was alleviated at once by or. Stevens outspoken frat Knees. A a ill May Tai a proceeded or. Stevens a not particularly for publication. And yet a he continued Quot i done to object to your publishing anything 1 say. Ill say this that the whole question of impeachment lies almost in a nut a hell. As to the first part of the Grant and Johnson correspondence Johnson a letters 1 chiefly allude Toi think there is enough evidence to impeach a dozen men. The main Point is was Tho president guilty or not guilty of a violation or an attempted violation of the tenure of office lie is explicit enough himself on this subject. Although he Stateh in one place that he did not remove Stan fun and put Grant in with any reference to the tenure of office but upon the authority granted him by the Constitution what is to be said in Bis defense for Bis requiring Grant As the a both agree to in All Belr letters to arrange with him Johnson to keep Stanton out of office so ainu the will of the Senate the Senate had confirmed the tenure of office Law. What right had a president to deny defy or seek to disobey or circumvent that Law let an both the president and general Grant subscribe to this fatal fact that Grant had at least considered and that Johnson had insisted upon the proposition that Grant should help Johnson to keep Stanton out of office anyway notwithstanding the tenure of office if this direct attempt of the president to violate a Law made by the Congress of the United states does no to Render him liable to be impeached what does a a i am As you see or. Stevens Only a respectful listen it a Well then there a the whole thing. Its As simple As Day. What Tho a sell do 1 care about the question of Vera Ltd As they Call it Between Joonson and Grant that a nothing to do with the Law. Both of them May Call each other Lara. If they want to perhaps they both do lie a Little or let us say equivocate though the president certainly Lias the weight of evidence on his Side. But Johnson being right or Grant being wrong. It make no difference. If they want to Settle the question Between them they May both go out in the Back Yard and Settle it alone of course i have a slight objection to having that area soiled by either of them but 1 object if they would Only fix it so that we should have no More talk what i am alter is that the Law of these United slates is Astle by the Congress of there United state shall Leo obeyed by the president a Well As by All men beside. There was plenty of evidence Iod knows to convict Johnson last year. Its All nonsense and Folly to argue against to self cd tent proposition that there is More than plenty of evidence a a 1 suppose or. Stevens that you May have been a Little disappointed at my a a it not at All. That was right enough. In be told you already that the question Between Johnson and Grant Baa nothing to do with my idea of impeachment. They May fight Tea tout themselves. Grant my beat guilty As the president of a violation of or an admitted attempt to violate the Law but Grant Isnit on trial its Johnson whom we sve to consider and while we Are not talking of crimes Misdemeanour is enough and that is proven against a Well were you disappointed in the vote this morning by the commute a not a bit or. 1 know All the Coward in this Congress. Long experience Baa enabled me to Black Mark every one of them Damn them a a what then is at lat your opinion on Tho question whether or. Johnson will Ever be a sir a said or. Stevens with a bitter smile a i shall never bring up thl question of impeachment again. I am not going to Dally with that or any other committee in regard to it Uny at this moment a Secretary entered the chamber and 1 bade to great commoner Good Bye. He said As i took his hand a come sir. At any time. I shall always to glad to see and speak with you upon this and other subjects. I shrink from no revelation of my opinions or Fra rain from m Republican Souter. The new York times a Republican paper which professes to have some regard for the Constitution and its Observance in the legislation of Congress gets off the following readable sarcasm on current political events a a Texas paper the Boston Danner says that general Hancock has done More to revive a regard for the Union in the mind and hearts of the Southern people than All the offi oers and private of the United states array that is just what Congress insists that he must not do. He is not there to make the Southern people love the Union but to obey Congress with Lour and trembling. They Are rebel and if they love the Union it must be because the Union sympathise with their rebellion. They Are not expected to love it what be wanted is that they should hate it and denounce it and refuse to obey its Laws or pay la taxes. Then we shall have a Good excuse for depriving them of All political rights in the Union and handing them Over to the enfranchised a laves. The Banner has bit general Hancock a harder blow than it the coloured Voto of Tennessee is rapidly vindicating itself against All who distrust its capacity according to the statements of its friends. Rome doubts having been expressed that it would not Boas full or As strongly be. Publican at Tho next election a it was at the last the Nashville Tress silences All such apprehensions. The fact that the democrats have taken ground against negro suffrage settles that question for coloured voters a who a says the press a will not perplex Belr Heads about taxes foreign wars Bonds or any other question thick May interest White this is a promising beginning. Tho coloured voters will Only vote when Belr own immediate interest Are concerned. Such paltry questions As Bonds foreign wars and taxes which concern Only White voters they do not intend to trouble themselves about. A or. Belmont on tale Bond que cation. The new York world say the Missouri Democrat Tho Cincinnati commercial and other journals of lesser note la their desire to magnify Petty differences among democrats by which they Hope the Republican party May profit have taken to misrepresenting the opinions of Tho chairman of to National democratic committee or. August Belmont. Or. Belmont boy describe As i heavy Bondholder whom or. Pendleton s Greenback View of Tho governments indebtedness affright. Doubtless or. Belmont is a Bondholder Ai or. Pendleton himself is said to be giving therefore a considerable pecuniary pledge of the sincerity of his opinions. But or. Belmont toe regret to say is of or. Pendleton a opinion in regard to the payment of the principal of the Jive twenties in greenbacks though differing from that statesman a to the importance of it As a practical question now or for some years to come. The statement of the Missouri Democrat that a Belmont and other Eastern democrats lost pretty by ally in rebel Bonds a is a scurrilous slander. The correspondence Between or. Belmont and the treasurer of Pennsylvania and the history of governor Seymour a administration in now York show that what losses East and democrats have had have been inflicted upon them As the holders of the Bonds of the Northern states by the it Roomy Lolly party founded of the a a great moral ideas of cheat both in constitutions and contracts. £7 the journal says a a retrenchment is now the watchword at it May be the watchword Bat in the face of the fast that Ute a bile debt a increased Nineteen millions of dollars daring the month of january it is a very delusive one. Est according to the exhibit of Tho Secretary of the Treasury the Public debt increased Over Nineteen millions of dollars daring the month of january or at the rate of about two Hundred and forty millions per Annam. Such 1� Radical retrenchment. Uttke journal says. Senator r Al. A. 4titrfiil n m wll 1 _ Ritj coct Diu Noi Nuro Ucen a Dan to i Ait Oil banking Law. Whit us a Hen a hat i. Know a m the Rik Dili. It Nti Bank Bill lntro4ucod i Quot a the Tom a Eek ago a ill probably never Quot be reported Back 1 Rathe committee. To National Brake Bert a mortgage upon this Radical can groan a Bleb Cusac me or re Tang Mora or u. We will prevent an Rollof Tom that Quarter. A lit prevent an roller from that Quarter. Doci the journal believe there let he a lighten Prospect or Paa eing a Bolti to repeal Uli National banking Law through to provent con. Gross and would it not charge or. Flu ducks a lib my and a a Quot needless a sate of the time of the Senate if to should offer a Bill for that purpose Llene. A the now York Timet Chioke that a Olte pub loan a u Aadla at Rault that Appo Arato Bahe general impression about Boro. A tour log Wood of Tea new York commercial sen of Tho Johmson Grant correspondence a Vtha l off Dent a letter the Abl written. It Sende a pointed javelin into Over Crevice of general Uranto. Armor. But though Sharp it to not in temperate. The Washington Ettling express a a a that there Baa Boon Odoneld table talk among he Republican congressman within the Paat week regarding a hat the deem a new danger threatening the part no Ming from the freedmen a a Burean. It appear that general Howard at a meeting connected with Howard vol Verein has avowed blame of unequivocal in favor of amalgamation pad in that he la known to be supported so a considerable number of tha officers and attaches of Tho Bureau Here. How. Jasan d. to name favo Rabl mentioned in connection with the be that of the distinguished member of the House of from Carroll and Trimble. The people of Kentuck Heve been Long a Miller a lib Hie name As senator in Congress from Indiana for seventeen years consecutively prior to 1862. Broe year of which he was president of to Senate and acting vice president of to United Stets. In 1862 or. Bright went Down before the storm of terrorism which a wept through Tho lend Hartog Boon expelled from to Senate for to Adverse position taken a him upon the War , Kentucky Yeoman. A Grant gives As one of Bis excuses for insubordination to statement that to wee the on Ono of Tho president subordinate instructed a to disregard the Euthon of or. Stanton where Hie authority was derived As agent of tha and be is a a i Trio tend two other enclosures showing recognition of or. Stanton Ai Secretary of War b both to Secretary of the Treu Ury Aud the postmaster the official copies of these enclosures do not show an such recognition. Both tic Secretary end postmaster general dec refill avoid the a of or. Stanton s Namo. The address a Tho honorable to Secretary of Watt simply. Tbs prophetic Wisdom of use Oral Sherman s counsel is tool lined a the result. If let Era Grant bad heeded the adv co and gone out of Washington if be bad followed the suggestion of he own Imp Tiea if be pursued the course which his own honest impressions bed dictated in other words if he had been h Hunt instead of or. E. Ii. Washburne or an other political intrigue he would have it attempt to do so bad a to be men at All you that for tax Hun Kiv. My de Between Moun or firm few Hundred to three get High a a a Quot it with wild ice or Biow Ami Tho wind blowing a Gale Allun time with the Channel at us a it 7 four Hundred Yard wide you will i tally exp we Nhun fowl. Whales sea Ilona Java elephant Nenie ato., were seen Ever Day. We Are Here he Midsummer Christmas but log this we have seen but few Hills that Are not covered with Snow. Night was unknown to a in the Straits a the Sun get at nine and Rose at three and when out of eight the Twilight was so Bright during to Bola of the night that you a Ould have read by it All the tha Stonwall reached Inland Harbor Wellington Island six thousand Miles fora Lindl it an polls Ona straight line on december 24, port Otway Peninsula of tres Montes on the 20th the Muth and of Chile to and on the 30lh, and san Carlos on the 81st. M the 3d of january Lola was reached and Val Araim on the oth of tha same month. She is now probably at the Sand Witch islands from whence she will proceed direct across the Pacific to Yoka homa Japan. How am Imi aaa Radical kicked. Tha wrong Ann we aae of by our Indiana exo Banges that colonel a. J. Hawke of the new Albany commercial la a prominent candidate before the Hep Billoan state convention to assemble at Indianapolis on tha Florb for auditor of Sute with a fair Prospect of being the Munfor to Nate nominee. If connection with one of the Moat pestilent pugnacious irascible and unreasonable Republican papera in the Sute be any recommendation then he should have the nomination. The new Albany commercial though a Good new Asper 1e politically like the niggers mule it kicked out constantly at both ends and be Etsu in the Middle. Talking of kicking reminds be in that connection of a Good joke on colonel Hawke which now that the Acerbi ties of the last Campaign have passed away he will Pardon us for telling. In fact. It la too Good to be allowed to die in this Day of Radical loyalty and Republican purity. The Campaign vol amp a was intensely exalting to our friends Over the River. No paper had More to say about Ken Tacky importations and fraudulent Louisville than the new Albany commercial. Republicans were warned loudly and often to be on their guard against the incursions of the dreadful rebels South of the Ohio. Colonel Hawke was chairman of the District Republican committee. A was a Busy and As anxious As a maternal Ben with a Large Brood of Ohl kens. I a run a a old Des and took charge of the whole business. His anxiety his watchfulness hit trepidation and his troubles increased As election Day Drew near and the arrival of the imported rebel Vouge became a certainty. It is whispered with How much truth we know not that the valiant and watchful Radical colonel engaged in a Nice Little game himself for the purpose of Check mating the pestilent rebels it is rumoured that for a consideration quite anum Ber of willing souls from Louisville were induced logo to new Albany and vote tha Cleau Radical Loyal ? ticket. Thus Saith Madam Rumor. We do not pretend to know nor to say. How much Cona Estloa colonel Hawke had with this Nice Little patriotic arrangement. Election came around and with it All the patriots. Early St the polls with a determined air and the mein of conscious innocence and sturdy virtue appeared our valiant Friend colonel Hawke. Every voter with the least appearance of Kentucky on his person was promptly challenged. Not a few la old men Wero deterred from voting and several who failed to have the a a papers a were in contingently hustled from the polls. The colonel was vigilant. The colonel was car Lisa. The colonel was belligerent. After the polls had been open near two hours and about Tho time when the tobacco works. Quot in tobacco works. A a. May so co., manufacturers of and dealers in All kinds of plug tobacco. Office a. N Bast nth Street. I a 1 a 1 1�?� All brands warranted. corsets. Trade Palace. Thomson a Patent a Glove fitting a the Only perfect Corset combines durability perfection of Finis lir a and elegance of .shape., it is the most popular Corset in the american Market. B1mth, i1�owahd so co., a Trade Palace a sole agents for Indianapolis. Febol a a Mhz in builders a8sociati on enc pad Tbs autre into which a he fallen., and from which All he pow Enand . Of a a mpg a uth i. Former glory will be needed to 0�tr�cele erred to approach the ballot Box with a him. Lie is a great Man who knows himself a but to is a greater Man who with self knowl 1 knowing look and an occasional sly Wink at. Their Stern and implacable guardian colonel. _. Hawks. He was promptly challenged. I Edge has to courage and to be Valre replies end loud Wink Ellb. Colonel the mors excited Tbs suspicion and Wrath of that cerberus of Tbs polls. Finally Tbs would be voter turned and commenced a the Ron ton Post says when Tbs grads of lieutenant general is conferred upon Gen a rather precipitately to withdraw through the this confirmed the colonel s grow ers Grant general her Man wrote him a re crowd _ Marrable letter in which be said a a you oc-1 Lnu double to Reed Tho badly frightened Ciupy a position of almost dangerous Elevation but if you can Ron Toloue As heretofore to be yourself simple Boneta and in pretending you will enjoy through Ufa Tbs homage of millions a Rte. A a now As to the future. Done to stay in Washington. Hal Leek is better than you to stand the Sufleta of intrigue and policy. For gods Sake and your country a Sako come out of general Grant bad written to general Sherman la advising him of Bis expected appointment that be should accept of no appointment which would require him to make Washington Bis Headquarters. A the Louisville journal says that in its or cent action the House of Espres Eauve be Claros that As John Young la pwn was once disloyal he can not however Loyal now take Bis seat in the House. If the charge were True As it in not hts exclusion would be unwarrantable. It would not be warranted even by the practice of the House. Browne offence was in writing a letter. But Bow did Stokes of Tennessee obtain his seat did no the conf usedly speak and write at the beginning of the rebellion with ten times As much violence against Tbs prosecution of the War i on the part of the North As Brown did and did no the actually grasp his sword and Rush into the Confederate ranks and How did general Logan of Illinois obtain hts seat did no the warmly encourage men and fit them out to fight under Tho Confederate Flag after the full inauguration of the rebellion ? a Tho new York world furnishes the following pleasant Reading Tili. They course three democratic victories in one Day will do. Not that they arc so great in Point of numbers but they indicate unmistakably the Drift of popular sentiment. Elections were held on Rue Lay in bin Humpton Ogdensburg and Erwin All in thl state which resulted in vie lories Lor the democrats though each place i has Long been a Radical stronghold. Mere Are Tho Tig urea of the majorities in each place in 1m4, i%0, 18 57 and 18 58 18c8. 1807. 186 5. 18�oj. J Deni. Dem. . Hep. Rep. A ring Lumpton 17o a 78 �5hi i Ogdensburg 70 a t14 amp of 275 Erwin. 2.\ 15 a 72 74 this Tahl shows that each of the towns returned handsome Radical majorities in 1864 and 1866 that to of them did the same in 1867 while the third substituted a demo cratic majority of 18 for a Radical one of 72 and on tuesday last every one was carried by the democrats. A similar change throughout Tho state will give us 100,000 majority Lor our presidential candidate. Friends let us. Try for it trip off Liento Newalla to Surat fat off Magellan a visit from Pata ionian i nil tans and colonel George Mcdougal. A letter from Captain George Brown United states Navy in command of tic japanese ram Stonewall received last week by Bis Mother dated Valparaiso january 6, gives an interesting account of the cruise of that vessel from Montevideo to Valparaiso through Tho Strait of Magellan. After leaving Montevideo she encountered three severe gales before reaching the Straits which she Success fully what hired. Tho letter say a on the third Day after 1 got to a Anchorage inside of the Straits Large Polios of patagonian indians were seen on Shore. They made signals to a and i sent Ray first lieutenant. With a party of my a Well armed to communicate with them. After about an hours absence the bout returned Batug on Board an Indian chief about seven feet tall and what 1 thought to he a White Man. 1 was soon convinced that 1 was right Lor As the party Carao on Board the lieutenant said a Captain Here is a gentleman from Indianapolis c Oil Sci i of course recognized Georgo Mcdougal. To had on the roughest clothe badly patched that 1 have Ever seen on Man. Lio stayed on Board about two Houra during which time i fitted him out with All Tho warm of lobes be wanted a Quantity of Modl clues and a number of Ucb Small articles a would be useful in the Camp. Of course he asked about everybody at Home and would often have to wipe tears from his eyes. He went on Shore not expecting to see me again but promised to have sent me some game in the eve lung. About six of clock the party with Tho game came Down to the Bank. 1 sent a boat in the game Cane off and so did colonel Mcd Jugal. Be said that he had hundreds of questions to ask me and that if i could not Send him on Shore there that he would go on with me to the next stopping Placo. 1 could not land him again nor did i care to on the contrary i wanted him to go to Valparaiso with me. A the Day he came on Board i started through the Narrows and that night reached the chilian settlement and Leaai Colony at Sandy Point. Colonel Mcd. Was with me four Days in All and 1 Learned much More of his movements during the last three or four years than i can find time to write about. I will however Eay that to left Mexico about four years ago and that Jie Baa since then been in Peru chill Buenos Ayres and two years among the indians who inhabit the country touch of the la Plata. He is prospecting fsr Gold and i am satisfied that he is certain to find it near 8andy Point. He was looking Well and though at times dejected seemed to feel that he would soon see Petteff times. Dung the Lew Days that he was with me x completed an excellent outfit for him. And gave him some Money to get such articles As i could not Supply. When he came on Board a iad not eaten anything but games no bread or vegetables a for three months the game being the meat of the Ostrich and Guanaco the latter a wild animal not unlike the Llama of Peru and in taste very much like Venison. Sandy Point in the Strait of Magellan be the Only Settle Menton a route of Nineteen Hundred Miles commenting in the Atlantic nine Hundred Muzea above the sir Itu and ending at Chile Bland in the pea no. A a a. A a for attempting to describe the grand Hift Obi in Ovir Para age through in can and with two or Throe vigorous kicks a posterior a olsted him on his return trip to Kentucky. When the kicked individual had gotten Well beyond the reach of the colonels Boot he turned and. At the top of his voice bawled out a bad Luck to Yeye d a bloody Black Republican Nigger Tylef. Its yourself that paid me five dollars for that the shout that went up stopped All further discussion of the subject. Some of the colonels political enemies Are ungenerous enough to aay that he not knowing his own Louisville importations had kicked from the polls a Man whom to bad paid five dollars to come there. Hence that Little incident colonel Hawke is known among his friends As Quot the individual who kicked the wrong courier. Name tease. A the old Fellows have organic 3d a Lodge of sixteen members ,8peacer Coua-17 a the wife of Jimmy Waters of Lebanon gave birth to Triplet the other Day two boys and a girl. A the it Onsville distillery a seized last saturday for some alleged violation of internal Revenue Laws. A the Franklin Democrat is thirty years old. C. B. Bentley the present editor has had charge of it sixteen years. A a brakeman on the Pittsburg and fort Wayne Railroad Fdl off a freight train near Nevada on wednesday and broke his Back. A eighty six persons have United with the methodist Church at Versailles during the last two weeks and Tho meeting is still progressing. A Pat. Mccarty the fool who tried to walk Ono Hundred hours without sleep or rest St fort Wayne last week gave up when be had walked about half Tho time. A Theoff Iceon the superintendent of tha Indiana Branch of the Wabash a Erie canal Haa been removed from fort Wayne to Lafayette. Or. Colton la the successor of or. E Gerton As superintendent. The people of Greene county Are moving in another Railroad Enterprise proposing to build a Short line from no Bury to Washington Daviess county to intersect the Ohio and Mississippi Road at that Point. A a convention of Good templars composed of Del Gates from the different lodges within the sixth District comprising the counties of own Clay Morgan Vigo Vermillion Parko and Putnam will to held at Martinsville on wednesday and thursday March 4 and 5. 18 53. A a Man in Rock port by Tho naut mjg i Irani Ray Artemi <1 to mud Ler i wife u�1 a it it a a few evening since. He first attempted to shoot his wife but via prevented by i Sod who Cimo to her timely Relief. Fulling in this he made an Effort to kill his son who it seems was Tho bettor Man. The old Man then attempted to Cut his own Bead off with a Hatchet and considerably mutilated his a a several Severo Isbos evince the Dos Perallon of this human Eleud. Juchnow in jail. A Vernon township Jackson county is famous for its big lawsuits. Somo ten or fifteen Yoars ago there was a suit be Ween two Good citizens about a hog whose Valuo did not exceed four dollars. A jury trial was demanded and every Man in the town help except one was summoned by venure to Alt on the jury and then no jury was obtained. Finally it was tried the ca3e appealed to Tho circuit court and there decided. The suit Cost one of the turtles Over i 500 and the other about 200, besides the time and vexation of witnesses attending trial. Another suit for slander we believe caused one third of the Ceoffe of the township to visit Brownstown several times and out of which grow several prosecutions for perjury and assault and Battery. A last wednesday we were surprised by the announcement telegraphed from Indianapolis to the Cincinnati papers that West a Torrence had obtained a judgment in the supreme court of the United states against the City of Aurora for $10,564 60-which announcement is somewhat Pra Matare. The Racks in the Case Are these West a Torrence sued the City on the coupons on Hei Bonds in the circuit court of Dearborn county from which court an Appeal was taken to the supreme court of the 8tate. On account of some informality the Case was sent Back to the Dearborn circuit court for a new trial. In this court an application for a Transfer to the District court of the United states was granted. That court decided that it bad no Jurl Sidlov ton Over the Case. An Appeal from this decision we taken by West a Torrence to the supreme court of the United states which on monday last affirmed the decision of the United states circuit court on the question of jurisdiction. The Case now returns to the Dearborn circuit court where it commenced for a new trial m accordance with the order of the supreme court of the state. There is another suit subsequently brought ?7 a Torrence la the circuit court of the United states now pending and which i.11.11 appealed to the supreme court of the United states. It War probably come up for ser Tel the pre eat 7ear.�?aurora com w Tock Valaer pasted through Nashville a few tvs i ago literally loaded Down with Gold Whitehea and every Dea Crip to Otto which he had obtained in p-0 of i Exchange Tor one bpm it mules which he took boats in Nea of currency Many i of that motion found it accessory in to procure fans animals to part with few valuables the War had left them. A amp Vigurs Subr builders and manufacturers association Maxim fact bras of Sash doors blinds ac., Anil dealer in All kinds of lumber lath a�4 Bigles holdings Luied Sash window Gians planing of All kinds turning scroll sawing. Planing Hill ser n. Delaware at. In Diana Poms ind. C. Ken president. J. L. Avery. Secretary. Jang <lt8un3u>_ dry cood8. The Trade Palace february 1s68. Tkv popular Ono Price House offer at no Lemue Verj Leric and desirable Peteck of Drew a Good Silks shawls cloaks cloaking linens housekeeping goods woolens flannels laces. Hosiery and gloves trimmings at Low Price with a Coes Al Lih a Large and permanent business. He la Vite Van Pil Ronace. Pc Jidith Howard a to. A Jhc wonderful Imen Tioff the american Button Hole verse Aaili and sewing machine. Rule or Tami Only Button Hole making a and sewing it chose combined that has made its Advent in this or any other country a irent Success achieved. The machine is warranted to execute to the greatest degree of perfection All Klod and Vari duties of Ewig Hemming Felling , Brading binding get Bering and sew ing on quilting Etc., that 1�, or can be done by any a Brae now in us. It Haa to rival in it celebrated overs Caming stitch by which edges of different a Abrica Are town together As by funds Ewing. Tiabo Bat no rival in its Button Hole and eyelet Hole making and embroidering on the Edge which i done with c Jual Beauty Jund perfection on a kinds of fabrics not excepting leather. It is one machine doing the work of Many. It u simple. Noil Elf a and Cany to manage Tom Bining in one toe merits of All other. It is the Only sewing machine now known the can make a perfect finished and Beauty Tel Button Hole be Mes doing Many varieties of to if n a done by other 8ewing machines in Short its Good Quai Itie Are so apparent that it Baa taken the not rat mum at every fair where it bos been exhibited Over All other. A pc tast received and have for Sale this celebrated machine and invite All who con Teu plate purchasing a fwing machine to Call and examine it operations which will convince them of it superiority Over All other machines. Office no. 13 to Luis a Block North met Idian ii. Davis a co., fell dim wholesale and retail agent. Restaurant. Cou Rad Lehr Ruter. John a. Lehr liter. C. Lehr a Ittah amp co., capital Saloon and r4m Ai a no. A i at Washington Street Marti g a old haying fitted up the cd Petal at great expense Lor a Saloon Aud rant we particularly invite the Public to give us a Call. A it we intend to keep our bar Well stocked Wito the Best liquors wine ale. Cigars Etc., and our re a rant Well supplied with the very Best Tho Market affords. In tact we intend to keep a first class Bouse and give Stibla Cotou to our patrons. A pm div railings Etc. Colo pens. No w Maiden f Ane new York Ike 11. 1807. J in my card of nor. 1,18 57,1 stated that a for the purpose of More fully Supply log the want of the Public and in order to prevent unscrupulous deader from Palmita off inferior and Worth Leas goods a a the Alorton Gold Pena i a Hall hereafter sell to Good at wholesale except Only to duly appointed and authorized agent Etc. To thl plan i hav since strictly adhered. La accepting agent great care Haa been exercised to appoint those who. By Long font Linued fkr dealing have acquired a reputation for honesty responsibility and probity men in whose word the Publio have Learned to place Confidence. These a Gente have agreed to keep full a Eort ment of my pen and to sell them at my published Proee. Thua the Public Are supplied by them with just such pen a they want either a to writing or Price and get g full equivalent for the Money paid. No agent la appointed to travel from place to place or Oak Vass the country to that All who want a Morton Gold pen most get it from the local agent or from thesul Quarter. None need apply for the Agency except in conformity to the above the Liberal a count a a to club a being sufficient inducement to All others. A Monton. Novt do ism before you buy go t the Trade Palace an 3lk Tuk a As you a to hoop skirt. Buy the Best the Quot Karris seamless kid full and Complete a Ort Cut of ladles and gents and a Fine Quality of Minaes always of hand. We arc the exclusive agent a or Indian Apolis. I Iii Howard a co. Feb5 d3m a Sun wrought Iron beams and girders. Univ Toiv Iron Mill Pittsburg Pennsylvania. The Atton Timon of Engineer and architect a called to our improved wrought Iron beam and girder patented in a Bich the compound Weld Between the Stem and i anger which have proved so objectionable in the old Mode of manufacturing Are entirety a voided we arc prepared to Furnoh All sizes it terms As favourable a ran be brained Elew Here. A or descriptive lithograph Addor the Union Iron Mills. Janl4d3m Pittsburg. A. Dry goods. Furniture. Hair restorer. Clock s Excelsior hair restorer t>08it1vey restores Grey Blair tits original it color either Brown or Black prevents la falling off cures All Humours or eruptions on the Scalp makes hair grow on Bald Heads when Bald by disease. It is clean does not Irwin to hair is elegantly perfumed and a splendid dressing contains no sugar of Lead or nitrate of Silver. Sold by All apothecaries. K. B. Cluck chemist Boston Massachusetts proprietor. Now Day neuralgia. My never fails to cure neuralgia and rheumatism tuts great internal remedy is curing thousands of cases where All other remedies have failed. It is no Mere relieving for Tho Momont but Iff a perfect and cure Lor those painful diseases. Tho vast number of Linimon embrocation and external medicines which As a titular Tsofi the surface Only re temporary in their effects and or doubtful virtue. Tho neuralgia King reaches the source of All trouble and offer tally ban i Hes the disease from the system. A single trial will convince the most sceptical. Price one Dollar per bottle. Sold by druggists. Also pro Rossor Byrne pile our a sure rare. Price fifty cents. A. 1. Math Kos Novas dead la u Gold Street. Now York. Sewing machines. The Ureal american Button Hole Oversea Mim and sewing machine is warranted to exec Etc in the Best manner every _______log_______p.3__ _. Oltion Makos Beautiful Button and evict Hole in ail fabrics. It has no Oqual being absolutely the test family machine in the world and intrinsically the cheapest. All who desire to Purchase Are requested to Send for circulars and Sample work to the Saleroom of the company Southwest Corner off eleventh and Chestnut streets Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Info Yuetlon Given on the machine gratuitously to All purchasers. A general agent or local agents wanted for the state of Indiana. Novis Dinv Laws cigars. Of. Of. The Best and cheapest c i a Al in s in the City at Greene a drug store no. 98 East Washington Street. Tep4 a. Attorneys at Law. Mon sour a Palmah attorneys at Law Metal until a in. Mima furniture x is b Mitchell amp rammel8berg furniture company Kasney old stand a. 39 South Illinois Street Are offering for Sac the largest Stock of common furniture in Luj City such As Wood drk88ed Cane and split Bottom chairs bedsteads Fol actresses safes tables Aud All article for general housekeeping with their Well know assortment of parlor dining room Library and i hmm bar vails All of which they Are Selling As cheap As any House in the West. Mitchell a Rammelsberg furniture co. Lse a d awl Srno watches. Lewine american watches. Vimy a blk ther a hum state Indian its to Colora Mojo with Axt Otto to Tab list ferr of the same name in or out of Indianapolis h. Alejin proprietor has no connection Vita a cwt of the same name Ino Routon Indianapolis w. A. Ii. Glen proprietors. Esfi def amp Sun boots and shoes. Boots and shoes Down they cont mayors shoe store. We have in store a Large Stock of boor and shoes of the latest Sty Les and from the be to manufacturers which we now offer to customers at very Low prices. Times being hard and business Dull we will sell Ohr Winter Stock exceedingly cheap. Now is the time to buy excellent work at great bargains special attention is called to our gents boots e. Kofl. Mayo a co., 23east Washington Street feb d6m_ tailoring. H w. P. Bii7qham amp co., watches Fine jewelry and solid Silver Ware. Solid Siler Hunting am. Levers $17 to $81 solid Sliver Hunting fall jewelled leven.$18 to $18 White Metal Hunting be pines$7 50 to $8 50 ladles Fine Gold Hunting watches. .$30 to $50 the Trade furnished at factory prices. Call and examine oar Stock before purchasing elsewhere. W. R. Bingham a co to Best Washington Street Sovell deow&weow$mlstptop6thcol bakery Etc. Fat Hnott Xix vat a co., steam Cracker and bread bakery produce and commission House 18s cast was Bluffton a tree keep constantly on hand a following varieties of crackers Butte a Boston sugar picnic Lemon Graham amp and soda Cream. Crack Els. City us country Trade a applied on Liberal a mtg amiller or groceries a applied with a Choice article of Brad. W. His a now Angim Rorea crash leery which five us unit Pramod pm Clitie. For tha or Anushe Ture of Tho Moro article., and to Are determine a rail cheap of t. Paula Dalm j. A p. Granli inti merchant tailors and in ready made clothing gents fam Ishing goods tranks it and Valise no. 35 East Washington Street Indian atou3, ind. Jan bid wholesale grocers. A Jones amp co., wholesale Tirol eds not. 74 and 76 Ziock a South Meridian Street Indianapolis. Indiana. A. Jovx8. A. Clat. X p. Jones. J. W. Jokk8. H. C. Hoi . Bitters. Ask your grocer for ask your druggist for ask everybody for the Mist of the morning bitters. The purest tonic in the known world. Missed of a morning x of not taken. H. Daley a co agent Indianapolis. Detest dam millinery. Mrs. M. J. Thomas has removed her millinery rooms from a 6 West Washington Street to no. 8, up stairs. In the same building where she will be pleased to meet her old patrons and friends with an ample Stock of Nice goods in lube latest styles at the Lowe to Cash prices. A teau work done neatly and promptly. Liquors Louis Lang importer of Ohvo innate. John dub Ola. W. H. Williams j. 8. Augur. Desrois Al Gib commission merchants no. 87 West second Street Cincinnati Ohio. Jfhn it theral advances made on of flour 6ra1n and provisions. Nor dim j. J. Butlers record mercantile and copying Excelsior writing fluid Carmine Ink and mucilage. Factory 84 and 88 8yearn a re Street Cincinnati Vale. The Sale of these inks is the largest West of the mount ans. They have Given general satisfaction for Many liable uall7 a uniform Aad re the mercantile fluid in pints and a a arts. Is adapted for All pro new blotter Ledger and copying and is a combined writing and copy in _ Jug fluid. Re ejecta to Aby Ink yet fluidity with Good equal in All copying properties. The most Liberal discounts will at All times be Node in wholesale lots that the current Saab value of material will allow. Wt7or Sale in Indianapolis by Bowes. Stewart a co., wholesale St lih�v3ils� by 4e1#ri eaerall7 Boyle Miller a co., distillers Cincinnati Ohio bonded liquor merchant. Distilleries Star Mills Ivoria. Ill mo., and Kenton county Hen Tucker. Anil d9m Camargo manuf. Co. Manufacturers of paper Hangi is and window mind ii. Ii. Bren Euan proprietor. No. 57 West fourth Street. Jan81 dim Cincinnati. Ohio a Geo. Crawford amp co. Commission merchants importers and dealers in �6fa Ash sul soda. Care ii Sokia foundry facing plaster Lime Cement Sand pumice Stone resin Etc., Etc., no. 200 Walnut Street Cincinnati Ohio. A a a no so d8m Rhine wines dealer in bottled Liquore ale cider and Beer no. 29 Booth a fridian St Brit Amdam Indianapolis. E. A. Hutchinson amp co., importers and jobbers or hardware to. 99 Walnut Street Between third and Pearl Cincinnati Ohio. Novko Dot ism a Bankers. Right amp co., Bankers and brokers 19 a Lew Street Lew York. Entrance w Broadway. Pos to 111 be Box 5,500. Michael s Bright general partner. Francis k Siuk. Cinch Cunati. U j special overrun a. If itch Madison. Ind i partners fat Quot Exchange stocks and Gold bought and Soldon commission. Deposit received and interest allowed on daily balances. far a a Mclean Cincinnati o. F. K. Squire a co., Cincinnati 0. Hon. T. B. Mccarty auditor of state. Hon. A. J. Morrison a auditor of state Mcdonald a Roache Hendricks Hord a Hendricks w. W. Woolen Esq. Cashier Indianapolis Indiana Hon. B. W. Hanna Terre haute Indiana 1>. Ricketts. Esq president j. L. Bradley. Esq. President Jeffersonville Indiana e. T. Keightly a co., Green Castle Indiana. Feb4 dim machine works. C. A. Brec Leaf. A. M. Mothershead. J. La Mothershead. City machine works. Gale Leaf co., manufacturers of machinists7 tools Bolling Mill machinery Power punches and shears straightening machines and castings Slade the order 325 South Tennessee Street jewelry. Also dealer in watches jewel by and spectacles a. 30 East Washington Street Indianapolis Indiana. Special attention of amp id to repairing flue w ache and All kinds of jewels y. Feb dam amps undertaker. Will. W. Weaver us the taker heal to. 39 North ill ols Al metallic cases. Wooden coffins Etc., by Whol Oale and retail. One of the finest eases in the West. Shrouds of All size. Particular attention is called to hit new body preserver by Whiteb remains May be kept in a natural appear Noe for any length of time desired without soiling the apparel. He refers to or. J. H. Woodburn w. J. H. Robinson t. B. Mccarty auditor of state and Tram Palmer. Esq. Jan 83 dim u. 8. Marshals Sale. United 8tates marshals Sale. Bankrupt Good. By virtue of an order of Sale to me directed from the clerks office of the United 3tata� District court i will on Elautar february Letb 1888, at rooms of w. B. Feathers ton West Washington Street Indianapolis offer for Sale at Public auction a lot of w inter goods consist ing of under shirts drawers boots. Shorn Ami Large and Fine lot of for goods and a lot of other seasonable articles. Ben. Spooner United states marshal Indianapolis february 10.18fia.-fobl0 def Quot he Gulabi War a so a we at
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