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Indianapolis Age (Newspaper) - September 9, 1882, Indianapolis, Indiana The late Seymour times a turd a sept. 9, 107.- 82. Lilting but yet out of the great world. August 25,1882. Or. J. E. Monroe i have received two copies of the age no. 20 and 21. I am much pleased with it. The variety and Able articles published in it make it very interesting. The ideas therein contained in relation to god the Bible and Christ have made a great change in Niy mind in reference to these things. From reason and nature As illustrated in your Pax or i am satisfied that in our country and among the various denominations called christians there is much bigotry superstition prejudice and ignorance. A Man who would proclaim these things publicly in this country would be in danger of being mobbed. How is it ave live in a free country yet we dare not express our honest opinions and dictates of our Coli science especially upon tie subject of our existence and destiny. Are the sentiments of your paper and the late Seymour times sustained in your Cou Witry and Are their advocates Ever molested in any Way do the pamphlets and various books As advertised Iii your paper circulate to any extent will you please define your position fully As to your View of god and the beginning and ending of All things Yas there such a Man As Jesus Christ and was he possessed of any divine Power has your Creed a Church does it need one do you Call yourself an infidel or by what name is your belief known has your paper or the books and pamphlets advertised therein any circulation in this country if so in what part of the state if your views Are generally sustained they will certainly in Duce a revolution. If you should publish this letter Don t give my name or residence for in that event i might be Hung Foj advocating or circulating such above letter comes from a Southern state. It is Well written and betrays Marks of being the production of a Superior mind. The writer is informed that the age goes to intelligent subscribers in every state and part of this Broad land and that its circulation and popularity Are steadily increasing. It circulates in Many localities in the writer s own state. The books and pamphlets advertised go off to All parts of the Coli try continually. But the circulation of All should be a Lindred fold greater and will be in time. Our views the writer will learn As he goes on Reading. As to the real existence of Christ scholars Are not United in of Inion. Many Learned men hold that Christ never existed that the Story of his life and himself is mythical. Certain it is that outside of the new testament if this without Date or signatures can be called history there is no historical mention of Jesus Christ. But our correspondent is by this time armed with documents and can read and. Judge the books he ordered having perhaps reached Iii Ere this was in Type. For the age. Tiv it Eligio of e be Down. A Miami ion City mo., a Gist 2g, 1882. Editor of the age time idea that closing one s own eyes prevents others from seeing appears to be generally indulged by believers in supernaturalism. As in the Case of Noah s revel we Are to understand that the sin was committed by Ham a it to looked on and not by the Clergyman who was Down in the shelter of the Gutter to also we Are expected to walk backward Shem and Japheth like and spread a Blanket of Charity upon All like eccentricities of the elect. The Boozy minister was All god had to show for two thousand years hard work and to look Sciare at him in Broad Daylight at a time when he was enjoying himself in Dis Habille was an almost As wicked As a declaration that god s efforts at drowning out crime avas but a mild Success. When we Are told that a thing is True we should be careful not to contrast that thing with other things lest its truth seem doubtful. If god saw fit to give Man the form of Liis own Infinity then is Man created in the image of god and the thing should rest right there for there is no other resting place for the declaration in the universe. Investigation turns everything up Side Down inside out and wrong and first from an orthodox standpoint. The conflict Between science and revelation so called begins. With the first line of scriptural writing and is carried to the last paragraph thereof. There never was a time when there was no time consequently there was no beginning. Matter cannot be evolved from i materiality by any amount of Force consequently there was no creation. The Story of an immaterial creator forming the universe from nothing implies the previous existence of an omnipotent vacuum a god within an infinite vacuum a space. Revelation teaches that the infinite god formed a finite image of himself. Infinity has no Foi a and Liere can be no image thereof. Prev edition declares Gud made Man in his own image. Truth declares made god ii his own ii Paige and Man a performed Liis Job while he m As a barbarian this account for the fact that god was a barbarian in Days of old and that he has changed his character just As times have demanded Llev elation claims that Man must look to god for every lil Essing that All Good is from above. On the other hand All observation proves Man s chief Eil Quot Rrt has Ever been to clothe his deity with All the Noble attributes of which his most Fertile imagination has been Able to conceive. Had a being such As the Christian s god Given unselfishly of his abundance As poor deluded Man has Given of his Jjo Verty then would this Avold be one of Perfec tits indeed. Lusje ration teaches that Man fell from ignorance to Knowle Ige and has Ever held that Progress is . The holy word inf arms us thac Jehovah confounded the language of Man. How about his own language who confounded his word in that Case holy writ informs us that we Are indebted to a creator who requires our constant service. Reason teaches us that the weak rather than the powerful should be the objects of our solicitude. Inspiration declares that Christ was spirit born of the flesh that Man who is flesh May be born of the spirit which gives a Quot stand oif Quot nothing More Christ was god Manifest in the flesh. He took Man s nature at birth and again at the resurrection the same body on both occasions which proves St. Paul s doctrine that there is no Chance for swindling a dead Man out of his own body. From the divine word we Are to understand that trials and afflictions Are calculated to result in Good by drawing us toward him who sends those trials and afflictions upon us but even the lowest degree of instinct should teach a Man though devoid of reason Liat it is smiles and Sunshine that draw Forth the pure love of the human heart which trials May break at fictions subdue but storms and frowns can but repulse and terrify. If this god by his trials and afflictions failed to govern Man according to his own desire when i assessed of All Power both to will and to do As pleased himself their Leasim tells us that Man did nothing More than Justice in executing him for his shabby pretensions. There is nothing very deplorable in the death of one who causes billions to live that they May die. Besides death in t serious when the person is up and about again right away. Let us live in sympathy with those who Mast die from necessity i Ather than for those who Are Able to play death and win a world. If i Hail the Power to Lay Down my life and take it again i would t have the world to Grieve about my suffering if i should try it on. Quot for till age. Yot we ure not truly free. Castleton ind., August 31, 107. Or. Monroe the love of Liberty is born in every heart and in this age of Progress after Omny years of conflict with the heaving Billows of superstition we find that All that has been k new the sacrifices of great and heroic men honest in heart Broad in intellect that yet the dark barbarian Waves Are beating Over our ships of Freedom that still thousands Are lingering upon the verge of the dark age with quivering lips of doubt singing and praying to a mythical god that has never been successfully demonstrated to the minds of Man or can be maintained in this intelligent age. But notwithstanding All this there is great advancement in every Branch of Industry which is the result of great brain Power and is evident that the grand principles of free thought live and Are growing brighter Day by Day until eventually its illumination will Blaze upon the farther Shore. In Fidelity is spreading with a rapidity that challenges the admiration of the entire world and yet ave Are not truly free. Our land is stained Aud polluted with the Dogma of eternal pain the tyrannical dictation of priests who stand at our doorway ready to steal the Sun kissed Dew from the fair Broad of the Rose-lii3ped child. Every True free thinker gives to his child the same individual right to think and believe that he claims for himself. The Quot owls Quot of superstition that for years have been knots upon the Quot dead limbs of the tree of knowledge Quot take advantage of tie liberality of the Parent and Poison with Venem oits Tongue the Liepart find brain that Are wild with Joy and ride leaving Thom in , in darkness where they May Grope until reason l us and blooms. It is a fact of Peculiar that the of relics Are Helphi infidelity to a considerable lit although a great a a in Berof the Quot Brethren Quot from not aware of this most important fact. They to know that there is a general falling Oil Quot in membership All along the line that there is dissension in species of Quot Bossis Quot in which there is a clamor for spoils with but Little attention paid to a reparation for their exit from this cold Earth to a Homo of everlasting glory l beyond the skies and that not a few of Triem Are getting dissatisfied Vith the present outpouring of spiritual manifestation is too ai>i3arent to need further comment. The Church Here has gone to ruin a wave of infidelity has struck her main Mast and she lays dead a wreck upon the breast of orthodoxy. The free thinkers have it Iii nothing but watch with interest the incoming tide bringing with it Many Valu Alile additions to our grand cause there Are a few Good pious members still clinging to the old Hull bit with Little Prospect of a reawakening among the dissenters although they manage to have a protracted Elf Ort occasionally which results very unfavourably to their cause. During these efforts they generally have a children s meeting All the children Are called to the front seat then the minister with the rest of the Quot Brethren Quot following surround these blossoms fresh in the dewy morning of life while they sing some go Oil old hymn like Quot see the mighty Host advancing satan leading Liev. Zeimer a local preacher hero who has been excommunicated for some of his Quot cutting up Quot has accepted a Call to blow his fog Horn in Pete Negley s wheat granary where he will begin As soon As the wheat is removed. The people Are a Little anxious to know what they have done that they should be tortured with his pitiful orthodox Avail. But it is hoped that he Avill Volute out of his wickedness a few copies of that one Hundred ton ii Fidel columbian a the age might be instrumental in l ring ing about the desired resultant Joni the liberals where his intellectuality if to has any can be used in helping poor fallen humanity one step higher. The time has come Ashen every honest Christian believer is compelled to Tackno Valedge that lil eral ism is doing a vast amount of Good that its influence is ennobling and elevating that its avoider Ful advancement is not due to immortality or ignorance but of Ying to Man s inalienable right of thinking out his Avn future unprejudiced unbiased by religious creeds or dogmas. Let the Good Kavork go on May the orthodox creeds still continue to fall before the sickle of Progress and May Universal Liberty truth Justice and mercy be indelibly stamped on every think in Quot brain. S. B. Dungan. The the us Ltd Lle adm ii Lou Doti i Ascot. Abundant hair is not a sign of bodily or mental strength the Story of Samson having Given Rise to the notion that hairy men Are Strong physically awhile the fact is that the chinese Avo Are the most enduring of All races Are mostly Bald and As to the supposition that Long thick hair is a sign of intellectuality All mad houses and All common observations Are against it. The Long haired men Are weak and fanatical and men with scant hair Are the. Philosophers of the Avold. The Mouth do move. From the Cotton Fields comes a Call for White labor the negro having taken to politics and preaching. The superintendent of immigration in South Carolina asks the authorities at Castle Garden to Ben i him bohemians hungarians and poles. A a a i a a. I in iry a a a. I a a a a. I Ivy a or i is a Sye curb for All diseases of the kidneys and it has Spoo Flo Letioa on this most important Organ enabling it to lir or off Torpi Dity and inaction Bitin Flat Iii the to Creon of Tho eur and by keeping Tho bowels in a Roo condition Cotoc Tibig Ito re Tilar die Harge. I you Are Eul foring from Inamaria hav Otho Juuls Are bilious Dye optic or Koneti rated kidney wort trill Burely relieve and qui oily cure. In the Spring to Olanso Trio Beetem every one should Tako a thorough course of it. U . Price $1. Hop bitters a Nie dicing not a drink contains Nofs or Gnu. Tia Noaa Danu Euonia Asin nth Robest and Tina or All Tuuu jilt Kus. The cure All Dubai Raof the stomach. Bowels Wood , klduc3rs,and urinary organs Ner Vous bes. Sleeplessness and especially female Coli Plalos. $1000 in cold. Will 1 6 re a for a Case they to Iii rot care or Kielp or for anything Iii pure or la Purlous of a mud in Vliem. Ask your Dro Bolst for hop Buttera and try Vliem before you sleep. Tuko to other. D t. C. 18 an absolute and irresistible care for Uranko Adesi use of opium tobacco und narcotics. A a pm a bad Fob . A a a a a a All get it on . Han Bill Tori Lufi. Co., Roche Ltd n. Y., amp 4 Temple oui. of the r e c h in e v o l it to o ache positively cured by Benson s Caprine porous plasters. Reasons Why Lucy arc vet circa to All of Tais Vorom Vlasic is or Lex Crual Nam calms first. Bocane they possess All Tho Merit of the porous plaster oud Coutain in and Liti Dii thereto the newly discovered powerful and combination which with in Crew end Ruben ancient sedative and court or irritant of feels. Second. Because they Ore a genuine preparation and to recon Rcd by Tho profession. Thyra. Because they Are Tho Only Pla Etera that relieve pain at once. I ourth Bocacao they Roll Post vuly Cero Diao Asea which other remedies will not even relieve. Fifth. Because Over Coop drug Sta have voluntarily the skilled Eliut they Are Superior to All other plaster or medicines or outer jul use sex to. Be Carie tha Bavo received the Only medals Over Given for porous plasters Bern s Caprine for plaster Seabury amp Johnson Mann Yonng chem Liti. New York. K Mead pm talmud Cor id Bull on Pustis origin of Man o n the Early reformers a tale of tails. Byj. R. Monroe m. Do a editor of Quot the sixty i it Ager land finely a printed. Price in p i ii 25 cents. Three cent i Tiunis May be remitted. Add ivs a. K. My Xii of no. 70 n. Illinois St., Indianapolis. Of w. S. Roll s interesting on the French revolution s. H. Preston wart Quot to All who wish to study Aud understand tie Nimit learn Billy fascinating period in the ail irs of revolutionary France this i Little pamphlet by brother Bell will prove a historical prize. Every Page is Replete with historical reference s and which make it of particular value and interest to Liber Ala. Its style is original Clear simple popular and pleasing. Nothing else in the literature of liberalism presents such a compendium of facts collected and boiled Down for the ready reference of the free thinking student. It is a powerful and Philosophi tical production. It erases every blood blot from infidelity and places Thomas Paine in Liis True position among the philanthropists patriots and heroes of that time of Price "20 cents. For Sale at this old ice. Or. Monroe d Toli Ime of Onmi is and i Oei a a a beautifully print Tel Aud bout us volume of 190 pages few copies left. Price by mail si.i0. Or i of roes revision of genesis i ii Iii a neat pamphlet with Price 15 cents. Stamps will do. Address j. I. Monroe no. 70 n. Illinois St., Luhiau apr i ind. The Ofago by p. Van Hyatt. By Nail? la cuts. Address j. R. Monroe Indianapolis ind Seymour harness Emporium. A full line of saddles harness collars whips Curry Coambs brushes amp it on hand at All times. It will Ray you to Call and examine my Stock and learn prices before purchasing elsewhere. All work warranted. Repairing a specially. East Side Chestnut Street i Square South of 0. Amp a Road. J. T. . C. Wiles the tailor of Lawrenceburg ind. Will Call on the citizen. Of Seymour with i elegant line of samples representing Over one thousand in All the latest designs in clo thes Ca Squiers ivors teds Cheviot it amp a. He makes visits every 00 Days. 8e -3-tf Fremin Keks badge pin to Iii Imago la adapted for Tho use of All Clasi ios of Quot Universal Metal Liberty Quot being its Ledloe. The Cut shows the data Iii and size but not Ith Beauty. Solid Kold 8 a double thick 00 sol id Solil 10 a s1.t5 i Silver 81.00. To stake paid Aud registered. Kemit by Post Olyce order or regl Streil letter and mention this a Moor. Descriptive circular with terms to , otc.,/ri�. A it Lisk the originator and Patentee Lucy l. Rmour Tschill West a Lehfeld summuco.,Ohio. Sepu at a a i m Ireat Chance to make Luvoney. Those a i111 ii whoa Wath take advantage of the a 111 11 Good chances for making Money v by that Are of owned generally let come wealthy while those who do not Lui provi such chances remain in poverty. We want Ninny men women ho<8 Aud girls to work for us right in their in localities. Any one can do Tho work properly from Tho first Start. The business will by Mure than ten to idiom or Lunary wage. Expensive outlet furnished fryc. No one who engages Faila to make Mousy rapidly. You can devote your whole time to the work or Ottov your spare moments. Full information Aud All that 1h needed seat Tiee Addre it i St Sou a 0� Portland Malue. A�c24 81 j s i t i e 1 a i m Job printing Blank poster pamphlet Peix tiny a of All -70 a oath Piffl with Vav to ass and Dopa Tail. Sith 4.s Nill , note Heads Lettah , Static meets cards hand Bills dodgers postal Quot cards circulars amp a. M i s c Lai s a y a a a 11 j 5 amp Lulu a a o s Lici a is fit c a 3 0 o i Sis Loti Otje. Pjl.aisi1vi& �jili.,Travis Carter amp co. Mauvia tourers flooring siding ceiling. Moulding Quot brackets doors Sash and b\\n6h, and contractors for buildings. Also dealers in lumber. Ave Kopp Lur Yards supplied with shingles Pino or Poplar laths siding for barns and out Bildings Pine of uttering cheaper and hotter than tin Frame lumber ac., which we can Supply in Large or Small quantities at the lowest Market prices. We manufacture. Fruit boxes also w i k k s e r Jaq e in s for doors and windows which admit thai and Light but exclude flies Mosk toes Bug and other insects. Travis Carter amp co. Ceimes1 preachers by m. E. Uii.i.i3� a. Waverly Iowa. A pamphlet of sixteen pages Xvi Viii a a list of pre Ateliers aim priests of Amiris who in the last live years have l Een Cliar Gud with i Altig various offences from murder to Petty to lift. As published in the in we paid is so far As seen by the Muihor. Four la Milioti and forty soon criminal preachers in the Northern half of the United slates in live . Mostly charged with pics Toni quo cutting. Up Quot wit i the Ewe Damlis of the tick. Kow Uema by in it a i it it it Liv it try on be cent Oll it race. A single copy. 2i six a a it to fifteen Quot. 2 00 t Ash must be sent. Postage stir ups Are a drug Twenty five cents in Silver will c Aue safely in a letter. In Irger orders Polo tire order or Bills. The iai Umphlet gives names alphabet Leal 1 y arranged place Church Aud Outouse charged with other valuable statistics. Answer their false accusations against Iii reals by fat to. To be continued. Send items clipped from newspapers with name and Date of paper to the author or insertion in future editions. Mayl4-4t. Forsake at Liia works. Send to Elmina for them Tbs Darwina. A Radical Romance of great interest to All free thinkers. Price 60 rents paper cloth 73 cents. John s Way. An interesting Romance and a disinfectant for the a ology. Paper 16 cents Kosuge prepaid. Slip drink the Bible. Crit it la is on the bad Nook 7act� the Cleiff. Man s victims a True Story of a preacher s prank ii5c. The above can be had at the age Otuyce address Ellna d. Sleeker Snowville a. A is Tich Hist proving conclusively that the Story of Jesus whilst i amp birth life trial exe Catlon Etc. La a Mere myth. Prices. 0f2.oa fur Mie at thl Soscie. F�b.26

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