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Indianapolis Age (Newspaper) - September 9, 1882, Indianapolis, Indiana 2the , late Seymour times a to Grid a Seigt to. 9, 107- 82. Indianapolis few or on demands. 1. We demand that churches and other ecclesiastical property shall no Louger be exempt from Jusi taxation. 2. To demand that the employ ment of Chapel Henf in Congress in state Legi nature in the Navy Ami militia and in prisons asylums and All other institutions supported by Public Money shall be discontinued. 3. W e demand that All pull appropriations for educational and charitable of a act aria character shall cease. 4. We demand Liat All Egions services now fus trained by Trio govern Nice shall be Abri Islieb and especially that the Uthe Bible in the Pulitic schools As a text Bosk or avowedly As a Book o religious worship shall be prohibited. 5. We demand that the appointment by the president of the United states or by the governors of tiie various states of All Reid Jious festivals and fasts shall a Wii oily cease. I. W e demand that the judicial oath in he court it and in All other departing Enthof be no polished and that simple affirmation Luider the and penalties of perjury shall be established in Stead. 7. We�3eraand that All Laws directly or indirectly enforcing the Observance of sunday As the Sabbath shall be repeal Eil. 8. We demand that All Laws looking to the in of Quot Christian Quot Wiora Lity shall be abrogated and that All Laws shall be conformed to the Reni in ment Sof natural morality equal rights and impartial ii Liberty and that no a privilege or advantage shall be conceded to christianity or any other special . Kor the . Kansas City mo., August 12,107. Or. Monroe some years ago a College student in Liis essay Cle line truth to be Quot a representation of things As they original or borrowed the definition seems Abonit perfect. The importance of the thing defined is moreover conceded by All classes of speakers and writers. Nevertheless the masses of our race Are found not Only indifferent to truth but absolutely clinging with a deathly grip to deathly error. Darkness and l lunders prevail to the exclusion of Light and skill. Surely every enlightened philanthropist will bring his Light from Quot under a Bushel Quot and let it Shine abroad to the saving of All with eyes to see. By so doing the Power of knowledge May in due time lift our dejected race from the Slough of sul Erst tion to the plane of reason Union and enjoyment. To the gain of this great end a simple desire for Quot the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth is indispensable. Let this obtain As does the desire for wealth and our grand end is ready achieved. The will and the Way unite As cause and effect. Indeed As the appetite a prerequisite to digestion assimilation and Stren a to is the desire for learning. The one fortifies and invigorates the body the other no less preserves defends and Kinvig ates the mind. The sad wonder is that so Many live and die without this vitalizing ennobling desire. Then it is deplorable to witness the multitudes of mental dyspeptic. They take their food second handed and Swallow it Down whole. Thought reason and analysis they utterly ignore. When a boy my stomach was occasionally turned by seeing untidy mothers chewing the victuals for their babies and then slobber and ally crowding it into their Little Mouths still this was better than to gulp it Down . Let the priest Ridden Babyish masses give heed to this since their victuals must be brought to them. Set the priest to chewing before it is swallowed. Then let it go Down slobber and All. If nauseated by the dose so much the better As it May beget the disposition for each one to do his own chewing. Unman Liness is Little less than cowardice and about As Diseri a table. With out Independent self reliant thought there can be no True manliness. Credulity subservience and naked authority Are a miserable Trinity loaded Down wit i the old orthodox Absurdity of one in three and three in one. There can be no manhood nor womanhood while the mind is saturated with such imbecile no nonsense. Truth is never attained by a mind wrapped into the ism of party or sect. Truth is too Long too in Oad too High and too deep to be forced into such Narrows. As Well expect to crowd our vast magnificent planetary system into the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky. Our first and highest obligations recognized by every True Nobleman is to love the truth and Ever be Loyal to it. The astronomer is devoted to nor to All the satellites of our system to no one nor even to All our planets in the system but alike to every object and every grand sphere in the universe. with every True philosopher and scientist. He goes first and last for truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Naked authorities parties and sects he utterly ignores. They afford him no More interest than would the beads trinkets amp a. That absorb the attention Oje the besotted Savage. But the Climax of All Folly the last tune of the master s Crank is the supposition of free thought and discussion. The enslavement of the bodies of any part of our race is terrible enough the enslavement of the mind is yet worse. Perpetrating such an outrage in the name and under the cloak of religion but intensifies the crime. The daring robber facing his victim announcing his i purpose and offering him a fair fight for his Money hardly descends to the level of contempt while the ignorant babblers the designing hypocrites sucking like toothsome leaches the rights liberties and hard earned Means of their confiding Fellows Are if possible More than contemptible. Well of them May it be said that they Compass sea and land to make one proselyte and As they finish he is made twofold More the child of the Devil than before. Hence they must be of the Devil and working for the Devil to turn out such jobs. Such a Craft must be the enemy of All Liberty science and True enjoyments. Worse than Shine elites their hands Are against every Man and the sooner every Man s hand is found against them the better. We us bunt the problem for the discussion of societies which of the to o classes is the More miserable the unprincipled enslaved or the enslaved. It May be True Liat it is better not so bad to suffer wrong than to do wrong. Far better to do neither. Live to and for others As would lie Hapy to have them live for us and All will go smoothly. Truth will be tie governor tiie a Harmonizer of our race. Freedom and the higer class of human enjoyments will ensue As the Lucid pen of Herbert Spencer demonstrates. W. Pet kids. For the . Quincy mass., aug. 25,107. Dear doctor Monroe please allow an old Friend to suggest this mental trait to one or Moro of my Junior Brothers who write for your columns. In All our criticisms we should exercise enough of the fraternal to enable us to distinguish always Between the ism and the otherwise Good people who have been victimized by errors. It is an axiom among liberals that each one should do his own thinking on All subjects. And we should Bear in mind that in the mental processes of thinking Ive Are All alike whether Pagan jew Christian spiritualist or secularist As each Are believing whatever he thinks is True and for this reason we should never brow beat one another about matters that Are alike unknown to All and hence it affords me pleasure in referring Here to the fact that the Boston investigator the Indianapolis age the new York truth seeker the Dallas agnostic and the Mayflower of Halifax have each of them Given Quot an open ring and fair play Quot not Only to christianity but especially to spiritualism and this even handed of the Liberal press one of your correspondents Calls Quot playing false to the Liberal editors he charges with having Quot Slot Over Quot from a Quot fear of the new ism Quot and hence have Quot recon Nisil the claims of the ghost test Quot and do you Call this fraternal to charge the Liberal press v. Ith playing into the hands of the orthodox i do not suppose there is a Man or woman living who is More familiar than i have been with spiritualism from 1848 to this Day. And my opinion is that in the whole of things if this human movement can be said to have any Quot Mission Quot whatever it is to wipe out christianity from the face of this planet and this very thing spiritualism would have done Long ago but for the fact that Quot Miracle Quot the Quot Mystic rap Quot cannot be authenticated materialization authenticates nothing As to personal identity. And i Phenomena produced by forms of Force regarding which Mankind Are wholly in tie dark Appeal to the organs of wonder while they pro e nothing As to the personality of gods or ghosts and still with this disadvantage As a human movement Drift is towards Freedom and liberality. And during the last Paventy five years it has been head and shoulders above christianity and it has melted off the chains of More Church members than any other Means used for two thousand years past. Nay it has made More infidels than christianity has Quot converted Quot to a belief in orthodoxy spiritualism is. Christianity. Christianity is All fraud while spiritualism has a daily sporadic Miracle for the Quot inspiration Quot of Quot trances Quot and in this regard mediums Adt uitting All their follies fancies and fal. Lines out rank All the trances on which christianity is based. Thus of Adam Abram Daniel Peter Paul and Jesus. For Jesus it must be remembered was me Diu mixed or entranced by the Devil when he hauled him up through the air and or. Adam Clarke declares the trance of St. Paul to have evinced the Quot highest degree of inspiration by the holy As to Quot inspiration Quot i yield the Palm to modern spiritualism and the Only fraud that i need refer to in this fraternal is in what Are called Quot tests of personal identity Quot and the Quot Reading of sealed jul such tests Are frauds and they should be abandoned. There is Power enough in humanity s ideas not Only to control this world but for inducing and producing occult Phenomena far above the Mystic rap on a table leg and above any so called tests sifted by Clairvoyance through a medium s nervous system. Manifestly nature s order is Best. This world belongs to us not to gods nor ghosts. And adamantine Law wipes out at death All vitality As far As we know and certainly All sensation and memory of this world. And this is the order we follow hence the answer must be precisely the same to both these problems respecting hum Unity birth what alien death and what alien ? there is no faulty in Mankind fair giving a True answer to either of these a questions. And science builds no thei iries of the unknowable upon mystical Phenomena. The human body census to grow it about twentieth year when the system becomes fully matured. And still the human mind grows when fed on truthful ideas and thus it grows and thrives Long after the physical body has ceased growing i have now a list prepared for a new edition of my theory of nutrition before me of More than six to Tousand centenarian cases averaging All the Way from one Hund Reil up to two Hundred and seven years i have collected All of them within six years past. They Are As Well authenticated As any obituary notices we see in the current papers. And none of the isms ancient or modern has Ever pointed out the causes Why so Large a proportion of the race die before they have become matured in manhood and yet How Long the mind May grow the mind itself has to faculty for comprehending. And had the gods and the ghosts any external eyes or ears or any external senses for knowing us of our world no such a function a a is implied in medium ship would Ever have been heard of. Lapio Sunderland. For the ghosts. Boston mass., aug. 30,107. Editor of the age a we have had a scare Here about a most remarkable ghost which or who hovered Over and about Charles River in the neighbourhood of Charleston and Brookline. The superstitious viewed it As a terrible portent of something fearfully awful about to take place and were exceedingly anxious to assert by prayer fasting and humiliation in order to appease the Wrath of an offended got the spiritualists were in High glee believing that new and decisive proof was now forthcoming to establish beyond doubt the idea that dead people Are not dead at All but still walk or float about the Earth and hold communication with flesh and blood folks who have not yet shuffled off their mortal Coil. A sort of testimony much needed by that class of wonder Hunters As All the old Phenomena have proved merely delusive Shams. No devised Means of solving the mystery were at All satisfactory though the Goblin was pursued in boats hailed from All quarters on Laud yet it never uttered an audible sound to indicate whether it was Quot an elfin sprite or Goblin damned Quot and having Rair 2d a Sufle client excitement curiosity and Ter i or quietly retired to the invisible realm leaving the matter As a very great wonderment. Lately some party found among the eel grass a curious mass of matter rather unusual for Marine vegetation which was secured and investigated when it proved to be some very Light a Azy material with several Little Oak Hall balloons attached. this ghost came at last to a very Small flu Ira As usual when explored. A few Yiirs ago at Newbury port great excitement was caused by mysterious noises mappings groaning and human figures which vanished into air when a it preached. The spiritualists were Foremost in working up the affair to fever heat but it proved to be caused mostly by mischievous boys who had arranged a Long lever beneath the school House floor where the wonders occurred when a Little Power applied at one end caused the opposite extremity to rap beneath the floor. The groaning were nothing but a revolving ventilator quite Rusty and needed greasing. The vanishing figures were produced by a solar magic lantern in the hands of a boy out of sight in an attic at considerable distance. Exit that ghost. There was much amazement caused Here by mysterious performances that have not appeared in print that right Here is a Good Opportunity. It was in 1869, at a House at the South end. Bells were rung by some unseen Agency. Objects were removed from one place to another. A great Ball of fire rolled Douai stairs and Back again to the terror of an elderly lady whose nervous system was greatly shocked thereby. For considerable time the inmates were annoyed by these wonderful performances without any Light being thrown upon them. The facts ultimately developed were these or. A. I suppress names a Strong spiritualist had fitted up the premises As h boarding House with a goodly number of patrons the prompt paying kind. Or. A wished to Purchase the establishment but it was not for Sale. skillful ingenuity was brought to Lear. A very Nice Good looking Young Man of quite devout Demeanour was sent there As a Border. At table and in evening conversation he had Many remarkable experiences with mysterious Phenomena to relate Wlinich were a a persevering by followed until the boarders were wrought up to a rather High state of Marvel when the strange doings commenced. The Bells were rung by touching the wires with a shovel. Objects were removed when nobody was looking. The wonderful Quot Ball of tire Quot was a handkerchief saturated with a solution of phosphorous attached to a string and thrown Down and immediately drawn up again. On examination no one was found in that part of the mansion but the Nice Young Man who was devoutly Reading a very pious Book. The result was the Borders were frightened and half of them left. Or. B. Bought out the establishment at his own Price and no ghostly operations have been heard there since. W. There is hardly a adult person living but is sometimes troubled with kidney difficulty which is the most prolific and dangerous c<au9e of All diseases. There is no sort of need to have any form of kidney or urinary trouble if hop bitters Are taken ii Duroc a Buck it Uztin i it ombre set it or it it Ltd turn re a for ii i it it i ill team. Izoar Dizik ii Ltd is Ltd rooms Nikl i to Viditc Fiti Nilion. O be throng of Junu red Tiwu Preins a limit . Chii to limit a e May diner it i Iii All it if Ami Pic a Ili Fop cows fowls list Lii a lipid by ii e us Arv to Iju a if one or wore of your Nia Iii Icil Ikka a of it it a beat for our Dainty slow Nachsi liver Al it us and forgive us for Rol Liing Vou of Iii it it ii ii Lili. Ali at you bad to fwd tin pc. Ii Fly ref tie Butcher s it life. Fisit Liis is lieu ill i Ilic who provided a a with souls but Wii Licud them from Poul it Eca Cise you were in Udo for Quot in Iti it use Quot and having no souls we Dun to to 1 for killing and Entink you. Slut As we observe that Yon were Eton poised of Ilc Fli and Liloon and Bones like ourselves that you love life and shrank from death As we do that you Weri nourished by your food the Niue is we Are that you had sense and hens Atlon enjoyed and sullen a tic Eanie As to do that the keen slue of Iho Wiiri Liei s knife Slung you to the heart s cd ulcer the same As it would Liuji is if drawn across our Thmas As it was across you ural is we observe these fits to fill n Tinie of Reu Iosso when about to eat you and a Vak be doubt whether after All you Luay i it Havo had souls As Prezio a is our own air Al flu incr in in t a cruel to last and eat wins in would a it to roast and eat Lender and Tootsi Miyoc Hii Scimens of our species. And As you m a have had souls Lii t May even now be invisibly pascut we Apoloni clo Llinus if such there be for thus Baui Ructin upon their Lur tiered but Jdie it i. We also a Poloko to to the cow ii it i Ai in from her calf the Nice milk and Nam and in tick Ilore is. Aud while we Are at it we May As Well apologize for killing the Cal too. And for the Savory Sci i abcs i e Ore us the Cul Tyml products Fiat Lienol the Caia ious Lap of Mother Earth the All Suilin Zient Sioui Ishimi no time without sumling life enable s is to in these which the eat without remorse fur these feed grateful to the toil worn hand of Lair. With these few remarks let Iho comp tiny fall to not for the Quot enjoyment Quot of ending Nien by Bui that the chemical Lalk oratory that our Liiv. Force May Lio supplied Wilh the materials no it i a sary or the a Roikjer proof tion of mysterious o lera Jons. Note a this Mii it in advantageously uni cited and be read Liy any one present Iii the of the Nti Nistor or tue regular Odi Toi of the Grace do Purton nth if we Are 1� we people Ith Kunrt the of Ipoh Iii Heli Login Freedom to Llie c of tue Viii Teu Stii Lom i. Seo. 1. Neither Congress nor any slate shall make any Law Reepe Tinh an establishment of religion or favouring any particular form of religion or Ini Fiill iting the free exercise thereof or permitting in any degree a Union of Church and stale or jointing any special inv Lime immunity or advantage to any sect or religious body or to any number of sects or religious bodies or tax no the people of any state either directly or indirectly for the support of any sect or religious body or of any number of wets or Rel Gloub bodies or Abuid gang the Freedom of speech or of the pre a or the Plaht of the pc Ojile peacefully to assemble and to petition the for a redress of Kiev Knees. Sec. 2. No religious test shall Ever be required a a condition of Aull rack or As a quallo Cantlon to any of to lab or Public Trust in any Sirato. No person shall Ever he deprived of any of he or her rights to Irlvy Leges or capacities or for the perform Quot Tynce of any Public or air Ivete duty or Reid lured in competent to give evidence in any court of Law or equity in Conte Nence of any opinions he or she mar hold on the subject of religion. To person shall Ever to required by Law to contribute directly or indirectly to the support of any religious society or body o which she or to is not a voluntary Meiu bar. 8kc. 8. Neither the United states nor and state territory or Munizi Pulley or any Elvill Dit Iston of any Btu the or territory shall Levy any tax or make in gift Grant or appropriation for the support or in kill q any Tiu Rob Roll Ioui sect or or institution of learn Long in which the Faith or doctrine of any religious order or Noti Hallbu taught or inculcated or in which re it the supporter in ju4 of f or re Lilous Charity or purpose of any sect orderer Dedomi nation , 4. Congre shall have Power to enforce the tur Loua prove thou i thu Partlou by appropriate Lee a at Ion. Jan. 8, ,.�y Polis a. M. Bennett s publications. Any of the following works can be had by addressing j. K. Monroe no. 70, a. Illinois Street Indiana i. Ind. Trait ii he Eicr Library. The world s Sage thinkers and Kef onners. The biographies of three Hundred of the most distinguished teachers and philosophers who were not christians from the time of menu to the present. La d. M. Bennett 1,0"5 pages 8vo. Cloth,3,00 leather 4,00 Morocco gift cd Ijes 4,50. The a Khampio Misof the Church their crimes and persecutions. He rap tical sketches f prominent Cliris lians tar noise Tolian i Iii a. A companion Hook to Quot the la orld Sian pcs i a. Jim d. A. Heu Nett. . j paces i Jato i to Leat Hli 4,00 Morocco Gilt Edies 4,so. The hods and Ueli of ancient in l modern times. Vol. I gives a full account of All the Lions the nations of the Cerili have worshipped , satan the holy ghost issus Christ a Irgin Alary and the Bible. Sj5 pages. 8vo. Vol. Ii describes fully All the religious of the world including Judaism mohammedanism and Cli Ristl Anity the latter occupying s72 pases going full into merits. Al i pages. By ii. M Bennett. Virit ten in prison. In cloth 3,00 per volume or 5,u0 for the two volumes in leather 7,00 in Morocco l it Edies,8,0u. religion. An inquiry into the reality of divine revelation. Decidedly the most thorough and exhaustive work on the Clashi of supernatural ism Ever written. By f. A. Newman emeritus professor of the la udon University. 1,115 pages 8vo. In cloth 4,00 leather 5, in Morocco Gilt edges 5,50. Analysis of religious belief. An examination of the creeds kites and a cred writings of the world. By Viscount Amberly son of the late lord John plus sell twice i remier of England. Complete from the i noun Ihli tion. 74. Pages 8vo. In cloth Leathor 4,00 Morocco Gilt Edgos 4,.�o. The great he Irkson Thomas i Aine. Including the age of Keason exam Atiim of prophecies a Civ to Landall Letti a to or. Erskine essay on Iii ams letter to Causilla. Jordan the Uelison of in ism. Common sense the Cri is nil the rights of Man the whole it re coiled by the life of i Alne and in steel plate portrait. �00 pages so. Cloth 3,00 4,00 Morocco Gilt edges 4,.00, the Fon going eight volumes Are the to Ith a Sieker Library �1 All Are ordered together and sent by express one Dollar will be deducted from the Price 01 Eracli. La no lie s works. Paine s theological Florks including the age of i Tison examination of i prophecies letter to the i shop of Llanfair Belv to or. Erskine let tier to t Amille Lordan elc., Etc., with a of Paine and a steel plate Chi Strait Ajmo. In covers l,0 to cloth 1,50. I k Ireat la works Complete in one volume a above ,00, 4,00, 4,. In. I Auu s i . U works. Including Fommon sense crisis and Klights of Man. 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The semitic and the Bible treating upon the gals of the semitic nations including Allah Jehovah --�.tad, the holy Host Jesus Christ the Virgin Mary and the Bible. To the latter 230 pages Are devoted Sii owing that Book to lie a Verv it inferior production for a first class god. 333 Large pages. Paper covers file cloth 1,00. Judaism , and mohammedanism is Ani ined historically and Eri locally. It is thought to be the to t damaging exhibit of christianity Itiat has Najip tired. 500 Large pages. Price 1,50. Thirty discussions Bible stories essays Ana Jee lures. 700 Biages. Paper covers 75e cloth i h. The hum Pitrey Bennett pm scission a debate on christianity and infidelity. Between v. M. Bennett and Kev. A. If. Humphrey. 550 pages. Price 1,00. Interrogator is to Jehovah. Being 3,00 questions propounded to his jewish go ship upon a great variety of subjects. Paper 50e cloth 75c. Peacon Skidmore s let tens. First Deacon of Zion Hill Baptist Church giving Many Church incidents and his evolution from christianity to liberalism. Paper 50c clot h 75c. Anthony Comstock his career of cruelty and crime by i it. M. Bennett. 2.5c. Eighth and last letter from Ludlow to treet jail. 10c. Mate. Motion life and Mina. 10c. The gods of superstition. 8c. T e Ireat Uel pions of the world. 10c. Tjien in tier to Samuel Colgate. Loe. It. F. Virkler Wool m work i. Essays and in Tures. Embracing in licence of christianity in civilization christianity and materialism what liberalism ouers in place of christianity scientific materialism woman spa ritualism from a materialistic standpoint Paine the political and a religious reformer materialism and crime will the comic g Man worship Iod crimes Ami cruelties of christianity the authority of the Bibb free thought judged by fruits our ideas of tied. 300 pp., paper fico cloth 1,00. Christianity and materialism. 15e. What liberalism oilers in place of christianity. Seen Livic Calcii Alisa Meacie Tiffand tendency. Loe. from a materialistic land ont Joe. Paige the political Anil Liveli Giovis reformer. Loe. Woman her past and present her and wrongs. Ule. Male Rialls and crime. 10c. Will the coming Man worship Citel ? Loe. Twelve Tracis. Scie Nellic and 20e. Burgess a Nderwood debate. A four Days debate Between b. F. Underwood Anil prof. A. Burgess pro Sidcot of the Northwestern Christian Chi Versley Indianapolis ind accurately reported ass Pii paper 50c cloth soc. s l Ebale a Lour nights debate ii Wei ii b f Underwood and Kev John mar plus fully reported paper 35c cloth tic. work. The martyrdom of Jian embracing the four divisions of Sar i Eligon a Liberty and intellect a work of rare Merit and written in Superior Stylo by Winwood Meade new edition 544 pages Price reduced from 3,00 to 1,75, the Creed of Christendom foundation contrasted with by w Rathbone Greg one of the clearest and Ablest works Ever written Price 1,50. 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The Clergyman s Al elms a Radical Story vividly portraying the wrongs Liy the Profesa de men of god Fly mrs j e Ball 25c, the outcast a deep finely written in decal Story from the edition by i Kinwood Rende author of martyrdom of Man 80c, the adventures of elder trl polemus tub Coo lain Long interest Luk disclosures about hell. Its local Tyi magnitude cell irate employments Etc by the Rev Geo Rogers 15c Ottlieb his life a Romance of Earth heaven and hell Bea Jitu ully written by s p put matai 200 Amberley s Lite of Jesus Hli character and do Trines from the analysis of rebut bus Kellel by duo out Amberley few 880 cloth out Lam of the French revolution Iti Camut and Uulu a dear awl Ounie Brimite to Guayal of this interesting position of human history by w s cell 25c last will and testament of Jean a Reslier Amurata of if r i to Quot six Tures on astronomy by prof e a proc pocket theology by a Allaire con Ipri Ine terse Wity and sarcastic definitions of vhf Tirol Kelli in not history an Able p of Quot a w of the new to i to by prof. 1 w Newman of the London University 05/ sixteen Savior or none by Kersey Graves i Quot superstition the religion of in Oliever be Damn Why Don t kill the Devil a series of is Dediea de to the St Johns school Boa a by the ghost of St Tonna by m Babcock a truth seeker tracts bound in vol tues of 525 pages each vols of ii my and v each Ai. 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A Kajfas and Mel Laneous Poe Jig .St cloth a beautifully printed volume. . De.\th. F Ivanci David a Loii fact item. 15 cents a dozen Coj . Ingersoll the Man we j Speaks is Virtu Uesu who rates in images shall the ballot be Given to woman 5 a emus. Address do. Mon Koe. 70 n. Illinois Street of Indianapolis . E. Remsburg s lectures1. The Den Inikon of i.lboritlisni.�. Rise l no tinn of Lii Irli lronerly.�. Twin itch la in tic i Lulic npiiooin.4. Till . . I lie Evolin Loii of i .7. , Ali Riim Hiki Sik iicjt8. A Riihl . A. A Cliris Helnn chicci����Iii.10. Olin Iii fit cd fath<>r�i.11. Watt Liutik Olu n it hr�ontian.l�. Lib Pray h a tos la a l of m end atone. He i9 a Einoth and pleasing . Joseph Gazette. One of the Ablest speakers in the Patriot. Glowing words an Elo neut City journal. His Quot to iliuts to Polne Quot was a remarkable Seneca courier. His lecture showed deep and thorough Lawrence Standard. He handled his subject in a remarkably aide City times. 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