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Indianapolis Age (Newspaper) - May 20, 1882, Indianapolis, Indiana The a of late Seymour times , 20, 106.- 82. The age s the old ship of Zion. Mew rail and Walkk route to tue Kun Odom. Cargo atoning blood Supeh Stilton and Faith of cd no. 70, North Ilu nols Street. Indianapolis May 20, 1882. Brotice Toi passed webs. So Many Iii pediment Are thrown in the nay of free thought travel through a Christian country that the arc has to be a Little High Asfour oils one year 82.50. Six months j1.40. 2%ree months 75 Ementi. Ouier this program agents and getters up of clubs Usu be allowed to ret Iii 10 per cent Jor their trouble Bui All remittances must accompany orders. See Here. Lemurs and communications should he addressed j. B Honroe no. 70 a Orch Illinois Street Indian poliss ind. Never mind the Quot or Quot or the Quot in. It life is Short and there is no time Jor ceremony. Brother g. W. Robertaon of Chelsea mass., keeps the age under constant obligations to him. Louis Thompson a Boston Brave must have distinguished congratulations for his efficient labors in the cause of common sense. The Cincinnati enquirer s eloquent head line editor ably earns his weekly stipend. His Fertility of invention is marvelous even superfluous. Trinity Church. New York has real estate valued at $&Quot>0,000,000. It would be very wrong to tax this because it is dedicated to religion and belongs to god. Congress having appropriated .$lti,000 for the purpose it seems that after All the infidel Thomas Jefferson May have a Small Monument raised to his memory. The first move in the formation of the Christian religion was the seduction of a Virgin. The second was the cruel murder of the innocent son born of that seduction. The recent lectures of col. Ingersoll in reply to that braying ass of Paradise the tempest tossed Talmage will be out in a Book soon. See and. And Send Here Tor the Book. Brother a. A Large of it Etna ind., a wide a Wake Liberal who is not afraid to avow the Faith that is in him and to demonstrate it by Good works was amongst our Welcome visitors May 15th. Brother i. P. Nofsinger of Wabash ind made this Den Small visits. May 14th and 15th. Brother n. Is full of quiet Zeal for the Good cause of mental Liberty and his Zeal is according to knowledge. Ain 1853 Harvard College could boast of but Oue professor of religion in ten amongst its faculty and his Faith was weak. Religion is still worse off now in old Harvard for neither teachers nor pupils Quot profess Quot nor believe. The True reformer Niy Wear out warring against the follies of his time but the follies Are liable to out live him. The reformer and the Reform Are Seldom contemporaneous unless the Reform is a Reform wrought in the reformer. John a. Geeting local editor of that sprightly paper the Washington Davies county Democrat was amongst the callers at these head quarters for wickedness May 12th. Or. G. Is one of those opened hearted candid sincere men that you know at once and Don t have to spend nine years in getting acquainted with. The cause of the blessed Jesus has been pushed effectually in Louisville of late and the usual results Are beginning to be developed. Amongst the weak people driven to insanity is Mary Mitch Ell who became so raving and violent that she had to be shut up in a Dungeon at the jail. Religion is such a Blessing blessed be the name of the lord a what lord Christian statesmen. A gentle mid formerly a teacher in the Public schools waa in the habit of questioning Hie pupils in regard to the books they had read or were fond of Reading. He As apprised at the unanimity of the answers. Nearly All were familiar with the sensational blood and Thunder trashy periodicals and novels with a which the land is loaded. One particularly Brilliant youth had read seventeen a books. One was the life and bloody thieving deeds of the James boys another Robinson Cruso a Book Worth Reading when you Are older than a boy and the other fifteen were dime novels. The sex teacher says he made a note that this promising youth would develop into a minister of th3 Gosf Al or crop out into a first class highwayman and Niia wrecker. It is worthless. It May be set Down As a fact worthy of note that a doctrine which does t make men Wiser or better or happier in t Worth much outlay of time or Money. The Christian religion wherever it has prevailed has Cost much Money much strife Many bloody wars and horrors that no Pencil can properly portray. And it has Given humanity nothing to compensate for these positively nothing. The Christian religion makes no Man a better Man than he would be without it. It makes no Man Wiser for it teaches nothing but fables founded on dreams and visions foolish and ridiculously preposterous and it makes belief in the truth of these essential to happiness in its assumed future existence and who was Ever made happier by a belief in everlasting punishment who is made Happy in contemplating the probability that he will himself be lost and the certainty that Many of his relatives and friends must be anyhow ? How can so frightful a belief make a Man Happy does happiness consist in a belief that by making yourself miserable through life you will be Happy after you Are dead ? does Wisdom consist in familiarity with hebrew traditions prophesies and barbarities a pulpit stories about an infinite god getting up a plan to atone to Hinio Elf for the offences his creatures had committed against him by murdering his own son is this a Likely Story is such a fool Quot plan Quot As blood redemption calculated to raise one s estimate of the alleged infinite god the Christian scheme for Man s redemption from his alleged fallen state is too silly for serious discussion. It merits Only ridicule contempt and scorn. It has filled the world with gloom wretchedness and sorrow. It has filled our jails and mad houses. It has caused parents to plunge daggers into the bosoms of their sleeping babes. At the Behest of the Christian god have the Strong and the great As Well As the helpless and the Beautiful been sent to their death by the fanatic s Dagger or Bullet talk of such a system of religion As this being of value to the human race it is worse than worthless. It is an incubus a terror a Black Cloud a curse a lie. Trust in your manhood. If you who Are trying to break away from bad habits be men and break away from them. Don t go whining about like cowardly helpless pol troops asking the prayers of your neighbors and the assistance of god but be men Independent self reliant men and help yourselves. There is no such god As you Deb singly implore for help and if there were he would have bigger business in hand than correcting the appetites of Worms like yourselves and he would see you in flames before he would Stop his evolutionary experiments and operations to help you. And As to prayers whether written or Oral you might As Well apply a Fly Blister to a dead horse As to be offering one up. Prayers and petitions Yards in length and breadth have been offered up and up and up for Ages and Ages and Ages and nobody Ever heard of one getting further than Gabriel s waste Basket. A pest upon All prayers and degrading petitions for help. Help yourselves you Chicken hearted goslings get up and help yourselves you ask god to cure your appetites for whisky you guzzling groveling hogs be men and dash the whisky from your lips. Why did t god help Luther Benson ? Luther said god did but Luther lied. He said he had got religion just As if religion was a thing that can be Quot got Quot and not a daily practice of Good works and that god had taken away his appetite for liquor. Luther knew he was lying and he Felt even then that he would be glad to get a soaking Dink of whisky from a negro s bottle. Away with such foolery. Be men and rely Upan your own strength. Stand up in your native manhood and ask nobody for help. Horace Paynter of Kalem ind., was amusing himself May 12th, in shooting frogs with a revolver. But a premature discharge shot a Ball through his own leg which also took of a Finger in its flight. Thu an Accident brought retribution and Justice which the god depended upon for those needs never brings. What harm were the innocent frogs doing to Horace Paynter what motive had he for taking their lives what right had he to take their lives he was wantonly taking their lives for Quot sport Quot a what has he to say against the Justice of his punishment ? conflict Between the heart and head with $3,000 in the Scales with the head. Rev. Or. Artlett returned from Washington at noon to Day. He said to a reporter of the news that he could not Tell As yet whether he should enter his new Field of labor As Early As june is but thought it Best to arrange matters so that he could do to at the earliest moment which would probably be about that time. He said that while his heart Wax with the second Church his head dictated that he should go to Washington. The members of the Church had shown the matter to him in such a Light that he could not resist the Call. He had a distinct understanding with them that there should be no increase on his Froseni salary Alth a such an offer was news May 12th. The hot haste of the Washington congregation to raise the salary from its first deliberate offer and before the Good Man had taken formal session is something remarkable. But it is cheering to observe that goed Bartlett took instant Steps to put a Stop to their extravagance they could t come that wicked game on him and he at once had a Quot distinct understanding that there shall be no increase on his present salary though such an offer was made Quot but what reforms have brother Bartlett wrought Here reports of which having reached the ears of the Washington presbyterians should make them desirous of securing his services has it been his wont to go about amongst the poor giving them the consolations of religious advice and administering to their physical wants has he sought out poor castaways in the hovels of iniquity and urged them to abandon their degrading practices ? has he took them gently by the hand and Lead them into a purer and better walk of life ? has he sought them places amongst the Rich members of his congregation where they could earn an honest living has he in his whole career Here reclaimed one abandoned and persecuted woman and restored her to the True dignity and self respect of womanhood through the Healing blood of Christ or other Wise has he taken one poor drunkard from the Gutter and made a Man of him ? has he reclaimed one victim of the tobacco or opium habit has his religious ministration bettered the condition of the poor is anybody happier or better for his having preached the word Here ? has it made any More Corn grow ? any More wheat ? anymore potatoes has it built railroads or houses of Refuge or carried bread to the hovels of the poor has it lessened cruelty to women to children to the dumb so called animals has murder been lessened by it gambling been lessened by it ? fighting been lessened by it stealing and lying been lessened by it ? no ? then Why should the people of Indianapolis deplore the loss of this Clergyman a of any of All clergymen Why should Washington City want this holy divine or any other Bible Quot truths Quot the Only Civili Zers for poor lol subjoined is a copy of a circular issued by god like people on the Border. J. H. Buy an educated Indian then a Good Christian was in High standing with the holy men engaged in bringing indians to a realizing sense of their awful condition without Christ. The indians had t heard of Christ previous to the arrival of Columbus on this continent and it would seem according to the Christian scheme of salvation that quite a number of generations of them must have passed away and into outer darkness for Lack of information. Belief in Christ was necessary to their salvation and they had never heard of Christ and through no fault of theirs neither but because Christ had forgotten or failed to Post them in the news relative to his birth and surrender by his father god for Slaughter to pay a debt owed to him by unborn millions of men. The poor Indian ignorant of this important fact for fifteen or sixteen Hundred years after it was known in other parts of the world went right on with his Horning and dying just As if Christ had t died at �11. If he had known that his sins were washed away by the blood of the Lamb Long before he was born he could have stolen horses and tortured Bis enemies with Ess fear of a failure of game in the Quot Happy Hunting much As we Admire the Able Quot plan Quot of god to redeem the human race from the hell he made for it by packing its sins upon his Eon and then killing his son we cannot but regret his decree which cuts several continents of people out from the benefits of the Quot plan Quot because they had never heard of it he makes Quot belief Quot and baptism essential to the benefits of the to be saved one must believe that Jesus Christ was the son of god but How was the poor Indian who bad never heard of god nor his son and knew no More of the family than a Blind h Rie of the horns of the Moon to believe he that believes and is baptized shall he saved he that Beli Eveth not shall b3 damned. But let us to the Little pious missionary manifesto that the falling of Scales from brother Guy s optics is a deplorable event to the Border believer to All lovers of the truth whereas the civilization and christianization of the Indian people depends upon the circulation of Bible truths we the undersigned respectfully beg of All who Are interested in the welfare of the indians that they will use a portion of the Means god has blessed them with to assist in the distribution of religious literature of All denominations among the tribes known As the civilized indians. James y. Bryce methodist Mission. M. E. Parsons Quot Allen Wright presbyterian Mission. Lafayette Mosely Quot w. J. B. Lloyd James Hantson Cumberland presbyterian Mission. All donations of books or Money to be forwarded to j. H. Guy Indian co Porteur Atoka Choctaw nation i. T. A Legal religious sunday. It will be observed that the churches and the priests Are at the head of the restrictive sunday Laws. The sunday Laws Are framed in the interest of the Church and priest. Nobody demands them but priests and religious fanatics. The news of this City recently had the following yesterday afternoon some of the friends of sunday Observance met in the parlor of the new Denison hotel to Confer and if thought feasible to organize the Quot Indianapolis sunday association Quot on the basis of the Quot International Sabbath association Quot which Aims at general concert and co operation while preserving to each City full Liberty of local action and to Rescue and preserve by enlightened Public sentiment the National sunday As a Day of rest and worship for All the people. Rev. R. Mott one of the secretaries of the International association gave an outline of the nature and work of the association and also Laid the documents of the association before those present for inspection. Rev. N. A. Hyde was called to j reside and Rev. G. L. Curtis acted As Secretary. After due deliberation it was unanimously resolved to organize upon this basis. A number of committees were named. It does t seem that there were present anybody but priests. But this was appropriate and befitting for Ain t they the guardians of the nation s morals what goodness could come but from god through the priests and what would a nation be without a Day set apart by Law for religious worship ? the people that Are pushing the industries of the country the workers Don t ask for a Day of Quot rest and worship Quot they want to rest whenever they please or can afford to and their worship can be done silently and while at their usual avocations. Worship requires no loss of time. A Man can worship while he saws Wood. Indeed the sawing itself is worship most acceptable to god. A Man can worship god while he Unrein and Waters his horse. This is a Good time and Way to worship. A Man can Plant Corn All Day sunday with the Assurance that god will accredit it to him As worship. Nothing pleases god so much As sunday farming. Planting blowing and hoeing or reaping and mowing on sunday is the kind of worship that god most admires though he likes to hear the steam whistle the sound of the Anvil and forge and the blast of the Furnace on Quot that god never quits work on sunday. He does t Stop the planets from revolving the Sun from shining the water from running the grass from growing the Birds from singing nor the Young buds and Flowers from springing Forth to cheer and bless the wayfarer. And while god continues to run his business on sunday just like he does on monday Man can afford to go right ahead regardless of any sunday Law no matter How loud the priests May howl. A a i a pious Constable with bloody hands. The pious Christian Constable Dick White of Seymour has been spor tingly executing the Jeh Vistic decree of Slaughter against those faithful Domestic animals the dogs. If Richard was an infidel with humane feelings in his bosom instead of being stuffed with saving Grace As he must be he would throw up his contemptible office of Constable rather than execute the bloody decree of a legislature that opened its sessions with prayer to god and petitions for mercy while concocting Slaughter for the helpless. But Richard May want votes hereafter. He had murdered Twenty innocent dogs previous to May 15th. Richard is not a bad Man at heart. He is rather a Good fellow and to say the truth his religion is Only skin deep. He is a stickler for his duty especially when there is any Money in it. Here the officials to their credit be it said seem to treat the infamous and bloody decree with quiet contempt. The blessed Bible. Spencer Lahue of Harrison county was brought to the insane Asylum. May 12th. Spencer was Saccom pained by his brother or. Isaac Lahue a pronounced and Well posted Freethinker. The unfortunate brother has been in ill health and in that condition had wrestled with the holy ghost till he could t Tell a heretic from a Baptist. It was therefore found necessary to incarcerate him till his religion can Cool off and his health be restored. We Are indebted to the Bible for Many blessings the abundant crop of insane men and women being one of to e most notable. The All pervading Law is motion. Why should idleness be honoured ? every organism must have food. Every being must inherit or earn or steal the substances necessary to Supply the wants of its organization. Blind nature produces bountifully but to Supply the needs of the creatures of highest organization requires the labor and intelligence the knowledge gained through experience and mistakes of the creatures pos Tessing that organization. Man s needs multiply in direct ratio with his March in the line of intellectual and physical development. The attrition of the culture that smoother away the rough angular ties of his animal nature requires the hand of labor and the Light of the intellect for its propulsion. Motion is the Universal Law of nature the Law in which All Laws have life. Inertia is death motion is life. The vast universe is but a hive of Industry an inconceivable and limitless Arena in which huge bods whirl and fall because they cannot remain at rest. The mighty motions of these monster bodies generate heat and Light magnetic currents that bring into play the minor motions which Call Forth vegetable and animal life. Nature is Ever at work. She knows no year no month no week. There is no Day of rest in nature. There is no Sabbath during which her labors Are suspended. The Sabbath is the work of poor insignificant contemptible Many the out crop of his cowardice and ignorance. Activity being therefore the order of nature every creature is compelled to take part in this activity or violate the Universal Law and the Universal Law cannot be violated without incurring the penalty. Something or somebody has to atone to the Universal Law for any infraction thereof. If one Man remains inert not putting himself into the activity that that which he consumes another Man has to be put to exertion beyond his own needs in order to compensate the violated Law for the default of his Idle fellow. In what is facetiously called Quot civilized life Quot labor is the Universal Law that accords with nature s Universal Law of activity change interchange life birth growth decay and death death however being but the merging of the creature or Plant Flower fruit into new forms of life. From this it will be seen that an Idle unproductive class can Only be sustained by the extra compensatory labors of the actively industrious. But they who posse amps goods in excess of their needs can compensate society for their inactivity if they choose to remain Idle. Thus riches if not used in creating monopolies and Quot cornering Quot the substances that sustain life Are a Blessing the communities and not a curse and the frugal and far seeing who have stored up and preserved the world s goods Are Public benefactors and not people to be regarded with envy or hate by those less frugal or less fortunate. It May be gathered from this that the Rich May inherit eternal life notwithstanding that the Good Book says Quot How hardly shall a Rich Tjawan enter into the kingdom of heaven Quot Quot of words to that effect. The accumulates of wealth Are not to be classed with the Noa Labouring non producing class. They Are Active workers. A capitalist cannot build a Railroad a ship or a factory without benefiting Community. No Man will go to hell for building a Cotton factory or a Railroad or for putting a telegraphic Cable under the cold sea. Nor will he go there for inventing the steam engine the electric lamp or the sewing machine no matter How much Money he amasses by these inventions. What % Man will go to hell for is the six Day s idleness and frequently mischievous Quot pastoral visiting Quot Quot and the one Day of pusillanimous praying and preaching in the pulpit the one Day of hypocritical lying and bartering of pretended to accrue after death for bread and bankable funds paid Here and now. This is the giant sin against the great Law of activity the Active struggle for survival. The superfluous priests that produce nothing that eat the bread of idleness that return nothing to nature and Eom Unity for the stores they draw whose Stock in Trade consists solely in promises and threats promises of happiness hereafter threats of punishment hereafter that Are arrayed in Broad cloth and ride in carriages while honest labor is clothed in rags and trudges in the mud Ivey Are the people upon whom the ban and the curse of the Community should rest. The inventors of hell they alone should occupy it. They the deceivers the hypocrites the drones the false pretenders the Filcher of the hard earned Penny from the honest hand of toil under threats of divine Wrath they Are the vampires that feed upon the Earth a substance gratuitously that dead head through the world and that Merit the Ila nation they pronounce against the and yet after All this is said against priest Craft it will be readily acknowledged that in its ranks Are found Many Good Earnest men who work in their Way for the welfare and Elevation of their Fellows. It is the system of priest Craft that hangs like a Black pall Over the flowery kingdom of Hope and happiness that merits condemnation not so much the individual members Many of whom Merit the respect of their Fellows and a few of whom May escape the roasting they have devised for the heretic. More of their wretched persecution. It is getting so that a holy Man has no Chance at All. He cannot move outside of the mansion builder for the Quot master Quot without being lied Quot onto Quot or set upon by Burgl Arious ruffians. To work for the souls of the wicked is to incur the persecution of a world that seems poorly Worth the ghost the Savior yielded up to redeem it. Good reverend Quot doctor Quot Lofton Quot is the last to feel the vengeance of the unregenerate. His flock Herd in bad St Louis. Being worn out with the anxious watching of his flock with constant prayer and the ceaseless singing of anthems his charge gave him a vacation the other Day and started him off for Florida via the 0. Amp m. Road and Louisville for rest and recuperation. The Good Man s doctor and wife thoughtfully armed him with a bottle of Quot Rock and Rye Quot to enable him to sleep. On the train so the lying Story Goethe should have occupied a seat near a lady he should have gotten up and intruded himself into her seat should have put his aim round Here should have talked after the manner of the base vulgar to Here she should have become frightened and rushed into another car and a three card Monte Man did Knock the Good Man Down with his nefarious first for a minister of the gospel of our lord to be knocked Down by a Burly three card Monte Man is an outrage that Calls loudly for the vengeance of tie Quot most All of this should have happened and a part of it did near Odin ills., play 15th. The Good Man left the train at Vincennes and returned to St. Louis injured in feature and feeling. They do say that some extra whisky was taken with the Rock and Rye but this insinuation we repel with scorn. We deny also that the Good Baptist minister was drunk As a Quot filed owl Quot which they wickedly try to make out. That he sat by the lady we admit. But it is evident in jumping up and shrieking and pretending to be insulted and to cry that she was instigated by satan to play a false part for sensational purposes and for the extortion of hush Money. A plausible theory is that the lady was an old Man hating maid subject to hysterics and that she had lost her bottle of smelling salts. Furthermore it is reasonable to suppose that the conductor and the three card Monte men who set upon Good Rev. Brother doctor Lofton were themselves drunk. Drunk men invariably imagine themselves sober and other people drunk. Any explanation is better than to suppose a minister of the gospel groggy and rudely treating a strange lady on a train. His holy Call ing and the spirit of the ghost in him Are sufficient evidence to refute All such trumped up charges. Model resolutions. The German physicians and other friends of or. Scheller whose death was spoken of last week met at Martin s drug store. May 10th, and passed the subjoined resolutions. This is vastly better than the Christian practice of turning the widow and orphans Over to the protecting care of our heavenly Parent resolved that in the death of or. Scheller his friends have lost a Noble example of honest manhood his patients a most excellent physician and thus in tendering our sympathy to his wife and children we his friends pledge ourselves that our interest ends not with formal resolutions but that we will Aid them at All times with our advice and our world by Means if such be required. Resolved that these resolutions be published in the local papers and that a copy thereof be Given to the bereft family w. B. Fletcher president. H. O. Pant Abb Secretary. First a usual convention. By Youngton Iii., May 11, 82. The first annual convention of the state Liberal league of Illinois will be held on the so and 4th of june 1882, to Schroder s opera House instead of the Maenner Chor Hall As heretofore announced in the it aty of Bloomington 111. Prof. W. F. Jamieson and other Good speakers will be on band to address the meetings and i have written to d. M. Bennett in Hopes that be May so arrange Quot the Home stretch Quot of his Quot around the world Quot trip As to be at this convention. Come All who can. But if you cannot come and Are not already a member of the state Liberal league then please Send me your name and become a life member of the state Liberal league of Illinois. One Dollar makes any one a life member. Address me at Bloomington ills. F. F. Foi let Sec y. State l. L. Of 111. Thousands of ladies to Day cherish grateful remembrances of the help derived from the use of Lydia e. Pinkham a veg Etsil a compound. It positively cures All female complaints. Send to mrs. Lydia e. Pinkham 233 Western Avenue Lynn, for pamphlets. permits no religious teaching in her schools

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