Indiana Weekly Progress in Indiana, Pennsylvania
8 Apr 1886

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Indiana Weekly Progress in Indiana, Pennsylvania
8 Apr 1886

Read an issue on 8 Apr 1886 in Indiana, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Indiana Weekly Progress.

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Indiana Weekly Progress, The (Newspaper) - April 8, 1886, Indiana, Pennsylvania Xvi Indiana Indiana counts Pennsylvania thursday morning Psi 8 1 havens for the hard up the trip of a slaver making a Little Money great Way in pails go a j an incident of Jwuc Lianas adm Huistra ton a yacht in the slave Trade at the commencement of the Buchanan administration there was often seen on Pennsylvania Avenue a Stout built gentle a Brothers sacrifice at r a Ontra Slid Filieri orly of americans Over europeans j Man whose martial aspect and enormous in he matter or Kitchen conveniences Roee betokened a decided character his Lack of the loved Good living and that his love had when Monsieur was Short of funds not been unrequited while a slight Limp Many years ago i had a Friend Kenneth Lambert he was younger than myself at that time five or six and Twenty full of aspirations for a better purer existence than the life we Lead his Day dream cherished for a Long face of Rosy Hue showed that he time was to leave society choosing some retired spot live there alone with nature in study an contemplation u an insure no Mother coma he Cameto me last night i have seen forgive that unnatural my n of s i f wife from henceforth called her her too lowering his voice in her True observable in his gait told of a Duel in i his friends called it when they americans Pride ourselves greatly which he had been wounded the heard of it but Kenneth through All his c lie Ricks Drui store All business de o Indiana in Hood opposite i St icel upon our superiority Over europeans in All the material conveniences and com forts of life As Well we May we Point to our inventions of washing machines and wringers Patent flatirons and vegetable parcs our strainers choppers beaters quent salutations Given and returned As he passed along left no doubt As to the extent of his acquaintance with the very mixed society of the Federal Metropolis those acquainted with his history said that he was a South carolinian who had with the justifiable satisfaction that by served honorable in the Florida War and w at their Aid we Are enabled to dispense with such hordes of denials As Are necessary to 1 a inventive Europe and we Are proud i that As important an american menage May be personally conducted by one fully for Jachel than the Gallant capt Cook As requires a posse of servants in Europe Xot Long ago an article in the who had come to Washington to prosecute a claim against the government and Lay siege to the Treasury of the United states Jacob did not serve Laban More Faith Corrie for that was his name served his relatives and friends in the wearisome Figaro waxed eloquent Over some recent j Campaign several successive Winters were passed la constant Battle Day and 11 tin Jinis Flynn of to his Street by us Law Lurk All business in receive prompt and if a Tot sky a t la it i of i in Public sloth two Moora ir1 i p Indiana 1ii at Liml faithfully to All business give Indiana All Prmt july and in Reni to Panl to Indiana i sixth Street unmoved j 1orhr Civ prompt occupied by col i arms i Indiana to t Tayl r to Kitchen invention if Domestic science i advances at this cried the Figaro i there Are those now jiving who will see tie Day that tie bread of a family will j be actually made and baked in its own Kitchen and not by outside labor As we have things beside Domestic bread fish balls and doughnuts that parisians have not but As yet to have not the Maison me Ublee with out exaggeration it be said that Ose who knows Horr can travel in Europe for the travelling expenses of this country and for this Superior Economy thanks Are due not Only to second and third class cars but also to the Maison me Ublee in America a Man May marry his grandmother but he can not except in i few Large cities Stop at a hotel Frith out paying for three meals a Day even though his Ordinary diet be that of one dying in the wilderness on the continent one pays for room alone being free to carry Locust and wild Honey in his hat if he chooses or to buy them at the Vari oust priced restaurants from Bignone to the cuisines bourgeoise of the Quarter latin was Jadd two months ago i found myself in a Maison my Ziblee of Jlon Martre had i found myself then in an american hotel there would have been no other Horn to my dilemma than open Gas jets and closed doors for i had Coine up from coi sitauti Nople via Marseilles with scarcely left me of the 150 with which i started from the Golden Horn i took my room by the Mouth scarcely expecting Relief earlier although As it happened a remittance did find me out at the end of a fortnight for this cubby House under the eaves i paid 5 francs a week this was paid for a Mouth in Advance according to Rule and having paid it i counted Ray assets and found that with portentous liabilities to starvation i had just just one week Between me and charcoal fumes and yet when Relief came two weeks later i had yet left assets of 5 sous the equivalent of one More dinner that dinner would have been a huge wedge of pain Ordina Rire and a 2 sous slip of from age de brie two weeks 6sm a hotel i x at Law i i Minim a i Jam a chit but Kokki the tanking is s rent Sale is anti has Tixall Load misc3llaheou3 sect duties Currus compatriots of the splendid a or grand two weeks in a hotel with a stately vesti Bule and plastic gods looking Down upon be their divine stare not one Whit less divine than that they gave a Young Midas fortunately it was the season of Over Coats fortunately mine was capacious of pocket thus was i enabled to stalk As magnificently through those Marble Halls As had i the Best of cafe Niche dinners under my breast buttons instead of 4 sour Worth of cooked sausage and 2 of bread in my Sealskin coat tails fortunately Jean the Garcon do Cli ambre filled my toilet carafe every morning with fresh water and fortunately also the sausage dealer at the Corner charcuterie who gathers into her Swine fed coffers the most of my Dimin Ishing sous never asked any questions what must she what could she have thought of the bearded Pard who came to her so regularly with the Mien and raiment of a Krissian Boyrd and departed thence with two pitiful bits of pig or blood pud Ding and that piratical looking potato flyer in a neighbouring doorway what must he have thought when he gave me so often in return for Royal and Imperial effigies cast in Bronze his Crisp Golden wares sprinkled with Fine Salt from a tin what must he have thought to see me clap the Greasy Brown paper into my rear pantry and March away As if Field of Golconda groaned under my mortgages what did you think i asked As i Gav Jean 0 francs at parting did to think of so Many Greasy papers an crumbs upon my floor think an swered the lists zippered functionary wit k Grin i thought Monsieur was a be hard Ive have Many such Paris Cor new York times night he discharged upon the congressional of the Treasury showers of campagne and his volleys of oysters and Canvasback ducks the siege progressed but slowly yet he tagged not but continued to make Friej ids at the capital and to Pelt the guardians of the Treasury with boned Turkey and Claret finally he car ried the place by assault and his claim was passed but the Gallant Cap Tain found himself no better off than be fore the expense of the siege had consumed All the fruits of capitulation he had enriched several of his relatives but he had Well nigh ruined himself just then he disappeared from Washington a few weeks after the new York papers contained accounts of a noted yacht which had been sold to capt Corrie but which was overhauled by capt Isaac Rynders then United states marshal upon information that she was to be used in the slave Trade it seemed almost impossible that a vessel to delicately fitted up and so expensively ornamented should be devoted to the unlawful traffic of the Middle and marshal Rynders and his deputies Felt a sort of sheepish mortification at having made the seizure she consequently sailed away with flying colors and the Good wishes of the United states officers who had while she was under doubt feasted from her sumptuous Larder a few months later the astonish ing intelligence was received that the yacht wanderer capt Corrie had landed on Jeckyl Island near Brunswick in Georgia 350 slaves brought from the coast of Africa this announcement created a great excitement at Washington and Sev eral confidential agents were sent to Vannah to ascertain the particulars it appeared that the negroes had been car ried into the Interior of Georgia and some sent to Alabama and Mississippi capt Corrie amassed quite a Fortune by the importation of Wool and As the negroes were sold at prices ranging from to Perley Poore in bos ton budget trying to a had plenty of Muljat Gill is l0 000 00 by ail Atto Tiou to general l Cle St at i reason ins if Deposit Points at imn trusted to Luck May be in a Horseshoe the old notion that there is Luck in Horseshoe finds support in one care a least Ashen Maud s did her first real fast mile at Cleveland in Cap Stone of Cincinnati who owned her pulled off her shoes and stored them in his Des and sold the Mare to Vanderbilt for snug Price he has been making Money Ever since and capturing the Best thing of life the Captain kept Only one of Tii shoes he gave one to mrs Swain a she gave it to her larger brother he haunt had it a week before he a married to one of the most charming ladies in new York he has been Prosper ing like a Green Bay tree Ever since Anc has had the shoe plated and framed aug take a Florida lot for it or Vanderbilt had one of the shoes am used to think it had a Happy influence o his efforts to turn an honest Penny Cor Willius owns it now and has it fastened or the front of his writing table the fourth shoe is in Possession of William hair Maud is Driver Bair thinks that if he had not the shoe stuffed in the ballast of his sulky cushions he never would have been Able to have gotten the work out of the Little Mare that he has since the piece of steel came into his Orleans time Democrat a ail he Iju Tii and shall m a Rivau r is one of this Onui Huu Iju our policy n 9 a to m t m in Sisior my siae of David Clawson dead by virtue of in order of he orphans court will Beix posed it Sale bit or oui re on tiie premises on Saturn Lily april to 1886 at 1 Oclock m at Crlin tick Lui col or tract of land sit uate in Kuril ship hounded by hands James Adams Jorgo a Nihin Kiel and slew not run taming Iso s More or less Viig thereon erected a Frame House two log houses and a Bank barn on confirmation Hale to be conducted try 1orter i Lawson sex Ccu Torg deceased j3y order of the court 3 ii Naea visas in France there is no landed class in France prop Erly so called there Are peasant proprietors entail and primogeniture Are and a bit of land can be bought and sold As easily As a cow or a family Bible notwithstanding country folks have within the past five years quit Ted the Green Fields and homesteads of France in order to seek a living in the great towns the Dartey and his cranium it is fun to see the darkies when a sum Mer rain conies up Uliey will plow on until the Shower comes and then mount and Lope Home and get wet All Over and by that time the rain is Over and they have to go Back again the Darkey takes More Caricof Hiskea than his feet he dont want us head to get wet or cold he sleeps with his head to the fire and covers it up Good and lets his feet stick out any Way he will warm is hands before he Iris Liis toes there is one thing that a Darkey can do better than a White Man he can beat us making fires on a cold wintry morning sometimes when the Wood was Iret and the kindling poor i have despaired of making it Burn but a Darkey never fails the fire seems to recognise Ritin and i have thought that maybe it Drew some coloured caloric from Arp in Atlanta cons of mine i have sought the Bubble reputation even at the cannons Mouth i led a Relief party into a caved in Coal mine i staid in new Orleans All during the yellow fever epidemic but i never was so seared in All my life never Felt so great a responsibility As one in a quiet country Street without another human being in sight it was this Way a Friend of mine who lived there owned a Trotter and he was taking him out with Only a Halter on he forgot something and gave me the Halter while he ran Back he did not return at once and a sudden Start Given to the horse by a piece of paper blowing across the Street made me realize my position i had at the other end of a slender strap Worth of horse flesh belonging to another at any moment a sudden noise might cause the Ani Mal to break away from me and dash him self to death against the Fence or in a ditch even the discovery of my presence might have that effect i scarcely breathed and the perspiration broke in cold streams All Over me i take my eyes off the was fascinated by its face every time it lifted a foot or moved a muscle an involuntary shudder ran through my Frame my Friend was Only gone a minute or two but it see Niece an age when he returned i fairly forced the Halter into his hand Why old said he youre As Pale As Cago news Traditi onary Type of the romans there is no doubt the great roman fam Ilies preserved characteristic representations their Early and even fabulous ancestors modelled in Lineament and cos Tumes after some Traditi onary Type Well known to and immediately recognized by the people at Large which Are met with on coins and medals and engraved gems precisely As All modern representations of the Savior exhibit a particular identity of character style and feature which though not professing to be genuine likenesses Are still formed after some traditional Model of great budget an antidote for Snake Poison signer Farni an african explorer says that in the Region of the Kalahari desert eve native when he goes out Hunting carries with him some dried Poison glands of a Snake if he is bitten he immediately introduces a Small portion of this stuff near the wound and goes to sleep the limb swells but after two Days it regains its Normal size and the patient recovers animals Are treated in the same change it lot dangerous at Iii on end tit should the chinese nation awake to the advantage of modern improvements build railways buy modern slips of War and learn to navigate them it would become the most dangerous Power on Earth it could assail the Commerce of the strongest he was no the notion of this plan at last an unexpected legacy enabled him to leave the bar and Purchase the chosen site for his new Home it was a ruined Chapel on the Side of a Moor a place he had known All his life of the Wayside Chapel nothing was left but an archway behind this he had new Walls built dividing the House into two rooms one Over the other when All was completed he went there some people i know thought him mad his Sisters laughed saying he would soon be tired of his scheme i believed in him i would gladly have joined him but a Man with a wife and child is not a free agent he can not retire into a life of contemplation however much he May wish it i went to see Kenneth in his new Homo the place was almost inaccessible had not Kenneth met me on the Hilltop and shown me the Way Over Moor and Moss i should never have found it the Chapel was in a copse a wild Stream crawled by it the Oak Alder and Holly were re strained by n Fence from encroaching on the Chapel and Marsh plants thrust their stems through the bars the nearest House was a farm half a mile away Kenneths bedroom was simple his sitting room furnished in perfect taste on the Walls some Fine etchings a plaster Relief whence smiled the homely face of Socrates on a bracket an image of Buddha Between these was an engraving of Dores Vale of tears books too there were in plenty and the Fox were Kenneths companions and he said when i made this remark and Here it is that you will stay in peace and i said until your mis Sion sends you peace and quiet he answered Smil ing no those Are not for me i have a presentiment that this Ideal life will not last Long i shall i looked incredulously at him he showed me his hand it is written he said i see it Only too plainly far As it is from my desires it is for More than six months i heard Noth ing of Kenneth we the Winter to Torr Mouth i and my wife and to our Surprise and pleasure found the lamberts had the House next our own we had a Flat arid on the Flat below us lived mrs Vernay mrs Vernay was the Belle of Torr Mouth and justly i never saw any woman so Beautiful never shall again see henceforth called her How Lovely she looked at the Christmas Ball when Radiant with crossed the room to say to me look at the Progress of my conversion Here is Hermit Kenneth in this frivolous i wish i was at the Kenneth himself remarked and certainly no Man i looked so unsuited to a ballroom he had j grow Pale and thin during his solitary life and wore a thoughtful air i never Bej fore had noticed in him i Why on Earth dont you go Back said i nothing has surprised me More than your appearance Here knew it would to he answered i had to then in that incongruous place he be Gan telling me his experiences in that wild Solitude i began to think my life there useless a Mere indulgence of my own tastes i read and thought but the mysteries of life seemed As unfathomable As Ever one evening i Felt myself no longer alone i saw nothing i heard nothing yet i absorbed this command in my being 60 into the world for there is a life you must save a Demon you must vanquish and the life you have led its Given you the Power to Light and conquer the world will mock and your friends misunderstand you but heed them not by this Token know both destroyer and destroyed then across the floor of my room glided a glittering Snake unlike anything we see upon English moors and i obeying the command came Here to find the de number 14m Charles do Kif Havi no taken Possession of this Well known hotel lately owned by Conrad Bley the sub Scriber would respectfully solicit Acon Linns Ance of the patronage of the every at i be paid to the comfor of Gnester Indiana Charles form i know now All that he did for me gave me it was a noose made of a thick Coil of woman Golden hair from that time to this 1 have never again seen Kenneth Lambert nor has any Ona else now perhaps you May Call me a silly eld fool for thinking anything supernatural Lay behind these circumstances you May Call Kenneth Max As Many do and find excellent reasons to account for everything else i have told neither More nor less than i saw put what interpretation you please upon it i can offer none was she lilith i can not Tell but she cast the life no All Ortli Nauck the laying of pipes file Lac streets acid tic introduction of natural Gas for tile purpose of Cleat Init acid fuel be it enacted by the Burgess and coun cil of the Borough of Indiana and it is Here by cry gained and enacted by the authority onh same Section that s Henne ande c Kurtz and their associates or a corporation to be organized by them be and they Are hereby granted the right to enter upon Arry Public Street Avenue Lane or Alley within the corporate limits of the Borough of Indiana for the purpose of laying Down and maintaining Iron pipes for tie conveyance or circulation i matter How it ended of one of the noblest i of natural Gat under such streets avenues such a face she was tall and slight with a fair skin Blue eyes shaded with dark lashes and her shapely head crowned with really Golden hair no was All nature nature feet Ion she was to Tugya widow said to be enormously Rich beggar maid we All should a apr foreign nation without danger of Retalia Tion for it has no shipping of its own while the invasion of a land boasting of people equipped with the Best of arms would be As the French have found it practically free press were none but paid homage at her shrine Frank Lambert was badly bitten by her charms he was tworan Twenty Home for his first Long leave mrs Vernay encouraged him More than any of the others perhaps being such a boy she looked on irim As a Safe game i know that she stole his heart with the first glance of her Violet eyes and that he has never recovered from her influence we were sitting together one afternoon in the lamberts drawing room when Kenneth walked in Torr Mouth was not More than ten Miles from his Retreat and he had walked Over not to pay his Mother a passing visit but to say if she would have him did any Mother Ever refuse to receive her eldest son How the girls laughed at my declaring their prophecies True and saying he was weary of Solitude i Felt a Little surprised at him Only one person preserved her Faith in him this was Grace Cheslyn the girls Friend almost like an other sister she was staying with them and upheld Kenneth whatever we might say mrs Vernay dined that night with the lamberts coming in like some Beautiful being from another world jewels glinting in her dress and in her hair a Snake that glittered with diamonds and rubies we All came and paid court to her Ken Neth included she looked with interest at him saying a the Hermit brother i have so wanted to see you have you left your seclusion yes we All knew he quoth Marie Lambert the cold weather on that Moor could not be my sister is said Kenneth i left for other reasons and did not particularly like coming away from my Soli tude we will teach you the pleasures of so Vernay cried Solitude is horrible Man was not made to live did i see Kenneth Wincey i could not Tell t then Grace came asking mrs Vernay to write in her birthday Book and the Beauty inscribed Lily Vernay in a Clear Beautiful writing matchless As herself Kenneth read it Over graces shoulder your name is he said to mrs Vernay who told you that she asked and he replied i know without offering any explanation lilith horrid murmured Grace As with Frank mrs Veriay moved toward the piano i think it pretty Why horrid Marie asked do Yon know about lilith her Friend replied she was Adams first wife and for transgression was turned out of Para at that moment he trembled touched my Arm and bid me look across the room there stood Frank and mrs with the jewelled Snake twisted in her hair he with another a Bracelet of hers clasp around his wrists some joke had passed Between them and she had slipped it on my dear Kenneth these Are fancies nothing but i said for his Man Ner alarmed me you cant think that anything More dangerous than a Boyish love affair can result from Franks Friend ship with mrs lilith was All he said Tell me How did you guess her name it came to me As that command came when i saw her he replied then crossing the room he asked the Beauty to dance taking her away from Frank i believe bets passed Between the men at the Torr Mouth clubs As to which of the Brothers would marry Beautiful mrs ver nay i confess i wandered myself whether Kenneth would relinquish his Noble schemes and marry like any other Ordinary mortal i rarely saw him with out mrs Verney he Rode with her drove with her spent Long hours in her pretty drawing room and walked with her on the Esplanade i asked him Inhat was coining from All this and had for reply if i dont marry her Frank answer which at the time struck me As strange and one Day Frank came to my wife to men i Ever knew and Frank still suffers from having once been beneath her in Belgra via tie importance of manual exercise a gentlewoman who has suffered much from what she supposed to be an affect Jon of the heart was somewhat astonished and absolutely indignant when her medi Cal adviser told her she was suffering from indigestion he further told her that if she would dismiss one of the servants and perform the labor herself she would soon be benefited this was Mode of treat ment not at All in consonance with the patients feelings she protested Shat she could not discharge a trusty Domestic and some other course must be pursued said the physician i can Only advise you to procure a Sharp Hatchet and split All the Wood required for kindling this seemed cruel indeed As the patient had never performed manual labor of any sort with Stout gloves and Small pieces of Wood the labor will not be persisted the disciple of Tescula Pius the remedy was tried a table of pro per height was used As a chopping Block and in a Short time the distressing symptoms abated and soon the patient was Happy in returning health labor sweetens life is an old saw not generally appreciated but it is absolutely True there Are Many persons who would Rise Superior to the bodily and mental ills under which they suffer could the importance of manual exercise those disinclined to work Are usually the ones who ought to engage in it if however such labor proves exhausting or renders a person nervous it is not beneficial any intelligent human being May easily Dis cover what is the proper amount of physical fatigue to be undergone if not the physician will give the necessary courier journal lanes or alleys and to alter and repair such pipes doing As Little damage to such streets avenues lanes or alleys and impairing or impeding the use thereof As Little As possible and at their costs and expense and immediately thereafter repair and put in As Good condition Asbe Ibre of ail streets ave Nues lanes and alleys upon which any excavation May lie made All such laying of pipes and repairs on the Street to be done under the direction and approval of the Street commissioner Ancleto be subject to All such rules and regulations now in Force or inn hereafter be made by the Borough authorizes in regard to grades pavements or and other Protection to such streets avenues Janes and alleys it being distinctly under stood that the rights and privileges hereby granted to the said s is hence ande u Kurtz and their associates or to a Corpora Tion to be formed by them for the purpose of enabling them to 1urnjsh not viral Gas to the residents of the Borough of Indiana for the production of heat for Domestic manufacturing and other purposes Section 2 j lint the said s s Henne and e c Kurtz and their associates Corpora Tion to be organized by them shall Havethe right to remove their Mains pipes from the streets Lunes and alleys of said firs class accommodations boarding by the Day or week Good Stalli attached Suh Oeon dentists pour into her sympathetic ears wild fierce ravings against his brother Why had Kenneth talked All that nonsense about celibacy and seclusion when he came and took away the Only woman Frank Ever would Ever could love and thus we heard of Kenneths engage a malaria prevalent in Xci England writing of malaria in new England or Griswold says that among people residing in the valleys of the Connecticut River and its tributaries there have been cases of malaria within the last fifteen years in some laces on half of the population have been affected in a single season up to 870 there had not been three cases a year if intermittent fever for upward of 200 working tie Kule both ways one of the cute things in the wage sys is that when a corporation cuts Down Vages 10 per cent and then raises wages 0 per it has really made a reduction of 1 per times the Danes Are making their second in Vasion of Ireland this time they Are sell no in Cork butter made in Denmark the Cost of european peace May be set Down at the enormous aggregate of the originator of tie Stereoscope Oliver Wendell Holmes conceived the Dea of open Stereoscope now in general Plain to Joseph i rates i j but Dise she is the enemy of All Little Chil Dren and when jewish babies Are born the nurses write lilith Avaunt against the Wall lest she should come and kill the child and tradition says that she still haunts the world As a Beautiful woman who entices men to marry her and then strangles them in her Golden a said i something like the legends of the greek How do you know that there is not truth in traditions and Folly in rejecting Kenneth asked meanwhile sirs Vernay was singing Ong after song and with every note steal no away a bit of Franks heart and her ii sic won Kenneth to her Side for he ook his Brothers place at the piano and food there turning Over her be eve in All the wrong places for he looked in her face than at the music i confess that in those Days i was vexed Vith Kenneth for he seemed to have taken sudden and inexplicable plunge into the society which a few months previously he had abjured for Ever there seemed Only one Ideal life had proved Dull and irksome everywhere i met him chiefly with mrs Vernay often Frank was with them a woebegone undesired third party and the girls declared that it was a shame Kenneth who railed against marriage should come and steal her away from his brother afew women there were who disliked mrs wife was one of them and we All knew the for wherewith Irma Erigat the pref Tyr from1them All in the place envied never in my life have i seen so grave and gloomy a Lover yet other men who met her he seemed to adore her i never heard any one question his Devo Tion perhaps their eyes were blinded i know we All pitied Frank and the time passed merrily by to the wedding Day Vernay growing daily More Beautiful once she passed me As i walked with a Friend on the Esplanade Good heavens he exclaimed what a likeness to whom i asked to a peasant girl in the Black Forest who a few years ago created a great stir in the Village All the Young Fellows were in love with her she married one of them and a few Days later he was found dead in is bed the Bride haying vanished no one knew whither an unpleasant i said Little pleased to notice Kenneth near me who must have heard every word of course it is Only a Chance said my Friend lilith murmured Kenneth As he passed me a week or two later and there was a fashionable wedding in Torr Mouth Dis Mal As Are All such festivities Kenneth had begged his might be quiet but mrs Vernay laughed in his face you ridiculous boy she said people will think you Are ashamed of the Only member of the family not present was Frank he had rejoined his regiment it was speeches and i was refreshing myself by a walk near the sea a total stranger came up and addressed me inquiring about that mornings wed Ding he appeared to have been a Spectator in the Church among other things he asked the brides name she was a mrs i replied he said i thought i knew her May i ask where you met her in Ceylon she came out As a after three he paused but i begged him to go on it is an unpleasant he said her husband was found strangled in his bed they said one of the Sykes had done it by some thought mrs Vernay could have explained the i asked no further voice seemed to whisper in my ear lilith aug the stranger went in his Way but i forgot my forebodings As the Days passed bringing nothing but Good news of Kenneth and his wife As they travelled in the Lake District we talked of them of the weather they must be enjoying and speculated As to their future Home As yet undetermined one night after my wife had gone to bed i was lingering Over the fire carelessly i raised my eyes toward a Mirror Hung above the mantelpiece and then my at Tention was riveted by the reflection that met my eyes it was no repetition of the room i was in but a faithful picture of Kenneths Retreat at the Chapel 1 saw the door open and a flood of Pale Moonlight Stream into the room i saw Kenneth and his wife enter As from a Long Jour Ney and i noticed her passing round tie nowe Art of Sel defense brigands were not the Only ones who preyed upon travellers in Italy thirty five years ago the Fachini or native porters were about As rapacious and their de mands were generally sustained by the local magistrates but on one occasion their usual tactics did not meet with the expected Success a boat containing two Young englishmen approached the Quay of a Little Seaside town not Only was their nationality unmistakable but they they afterwards turned out to men in the prime of the room looking at his treasures while he lit a lamp she had something in her hands gleaming against her dress and i noted How she stole behind him As he Bent Over the Light then a Cloud of vapor arose from the lamp and he turned to face her Stern and unyielding she threw her self kneeling praying at his feet but he never flinched then she Rose changing into a tall thin Pale figure with a death like face and hollow gleaming eyes still he never faltered and with a cry this be ing rushed through the Hal open door into the Moonlight the vision haunted me though in every Way possible i tried reasonably to account for it the next morning i left Torr Mouth by the earliest train stopped at the station nearest Kenneths Retreat and with some Little found byway Chapel All was lonely and deserted yet i seemed to note hanging round the room faint traces of that smoke like vapor i returned to Torr Mouth telling myself that it was but fancy arid that found Frank Naif a dozen Fachini each on attempting to grab something were it Only an umbrella for which to claim payment in Zaiff did the travellers struggle to select two which was More than enough for All their requirements each Porter obstinately Clung to what he had seized and refused to part with it one of them at last sprang on Shore Fol Lowed by a Young englishman who find ing he could not regain Possession of his property in contingently knocked his Man Down this was the signal for a general assault upon the travellers who from the beautifully scientific Way in which they handled their fists must have been pupils of some great master in the Noble Art of Sel defense in less time than it takes to write it six porters were lying in a Heap 011 the Quay they were so taken by sur prise they had not even time to draw their knives and so demoralized that those who were not too stunned to do so crawled off leaving the two travellers to carry their own Luggage triumphantly into the hotel letter in the Argonaut Kennel at feeding time at All the Large balls nowadays Smail tables for supper have taken the place of the Long table dote which gives every one an even Chance for a bit of supper and a sip of Champagne instead of confining this privilege to the Strong and denying it to the weak hitherto the Man who reached the supportable whether for his own Benefit or for that of some lady was a Beautiful illustration of the survival of the fittest a Kennel of hounds at feeding tune is the Only thing that resembles a supportable and those about it at a Ball in a private York Telegram a Pioneer fiddler of the West professor Tosso of Newport who is said to be dying is one of the Pioneer fiddlers of the West he claims to have been the hero of the adventure in Arkan Sas out of which grew the musical Absurdity known As the Arkansaw trav in his palmy Days Tosso gave con certs All through the West and South and was rated As an extraordinary violinist he is 85 years of Tribune for the Golden candlestick Are still being made to discover the Golden candlestick of Solomons Temple which Titus carried to Home Iii Triumph and which is supposed to be in the bed of the Borough in the event of the Supply of natural Gas failing at their option provided however that such remove Al shall Only be made acc their own expense under the direction and supervision of the Council of said Borough and their Street commissioner in such Man Ner As not to interfere with the use of the streets avenues lanes and alleys by the trav Eliu Public Sec Tomu that the said s s Henne and e c Kurt and their associates or Trio corporation to be organized by them shall com Mence work within eight months from the Date Hereof Ami shall introduce and furnish natural Gas Tor the purpose aforesaid into Sakl Corot High one year from the elate Hereof and a failure so to do shall work a forfeiture of All the Rig its Ana privileges hereby granted and shall Render tins ordinance null and void Section 1 that if the said s s Ilene Rind c Kurtz and their associates or a Corpora Tion to be organized by them shall begin work within tiie time shall Complete the same As herein specified and shall comply All the terms and conditions herein contained then no other Privi lege be Given by Les for a similar purpose during the term of live o years from tie Date of the passage Hereof Sec Tioxon that the said s Henne and e j Kurtz their associates or a corporation to be organized by them agree that the charges on heating and cooking stoves shall not exceed the following rates per month dollars and fifty cents three dollars three dollars and fifty cents enacted Llarch so 1ss8 1 r Ssith Burgess attest s a Douglass Secretary Legal notice Selfe facial Indiana county is the common health of Pennsylvania to thesher Sirof said county dental coms in the Diamond Penna Teeth a nitrous oxide Iii administered for of Teeth a Ells g 1 in lbs figs permanently located in Indiana a Kooms in Hows building second floor special attention Given to the treatment of ulcerated Teeth All work warranted Surveyor and conveyancer residence on new state Miles East o Indiana a India county a All business entrusted to him will and careful attention and k 1 Ore pans boilers and Sheet Iron work secondhand engines and boilers on hand in hoisting engines and machinery a specially Fra Thobias Carlin Allegheny a nov Smy making More Money at once than anything else in America both sexes of Al 1 Ages can live at Home and work in spare time or All the time capital not required we will Start Yon immense pay for those who Start at once jangly Sti soy whereas Gam Uel fife2teji Bay in tie year of it our thousand eight Hundred and Al seventy seven in our county court of com Mon a fleas before the honorable John p ill air tie of our said court at Indiana by the consideration of the same court recovered John Ston and Jane Johnston late of said county yeomen As Well As a certain debt As like Money which to tie said Riah Itier in our said court were a miked for his costs and charges by Hin in and audit this suit in that behalf expended whereof the said defendants Are ton let As by the record and proceedings thereupon in on Saul court be fore car at Indiana remaining Fetty appears nevertheless execution of the judgement As aforesaid yet remains to to done As by the insinuation of the said Samuel Mcclelland information to have received and because we arc willing that those tilings which in our said courts Are rightly done be demanded by due execution ave you that by honest and lawful men of your Bailiwick you make known to d coffins executor of Lewis Johnston dead and Jane Johnston with notice to Jane Johnston Lewis Johnston Mary Elizabeth Massey heirs at Law of Lewis Johnston Decd that they be and appear before on at Indi Ana at our court of common 1leas there to to held for the county of Indiana the 1st monday of june next to so xxv it anything for themselves they have to say who the aforesaid jul remont should not be re Vived and continue a lion during another live years according to tiie act of general Assembly in such Case made Ami provided and the said Plain tit have execution against them of his debt and damage not to have according to the form and a facet of the said recovery it to him it shall seem expedient and have you then and there the names of those by whom shall make it known to them and this writ witness the honorable Harry Ali it president of our court at Indiana the Ullh Day of february in tiie year of our lord one thousand Hundred and w k Dagli Kkt Marl set prothonotary administrators notice letters of administration having been granted to the undersigned on the estate of James c Dill late of Buffington twp Indi Ana to Runty Penna deceased All persons indebted to said estate Are requested to make immediate payment and those having claims against said estate will present them duly authenticated for settlement Elizabeth p Dill George i Stevens i r Thomas a Stew departure in of of Selling recent tests warrant us in offering on goods to Farmers nude the Folio Wing guarantee will place our fertilizers by kit tear Competition with stable a mire Lime or fertilizer of the Market under such a guarantee As will secure to the customer As much product for Money expended As from any goods he can obtain that is what the Farmer has been looking for a positive Assurance that Fie can imy no cheap we do not claim More honest than others whose calling is the same but simply that Ouk 3iet1iods of manufacture and us that Ouk goods Hayek Superior Skub Van our Cincu Eai arid guarantee a and agent is wanted in every locality address i p Thomas ii Exey i Delaware a Philadelphia a my list notice to Homo seekers and land buyers infant candidates fora baby show a committee of doctors and painters has met at the Cisiro of the Cloitre Votre Dame to examine about 100 infant Candi dates for a baby show Julany were rejected several of the babies were discovered to be afflicted with diseases and ail ments the existence of which the parents were not aware the doctors have re ported to the effect that baby shows might become one of the Best Means of sanitary inspection which parents would not shrink from but on the contrary would court in order to gratify their paternal and maternal vanity and Paris letter will to recce Ivul by the com missioners of and Indiana counties at the Bridge site for a Highway Iron i rid ire and masonry Over the Cone River Between the counties of and Indiana at Kellys Ford on april 10 Isis Between the hours Vilou in and 2 p in of said Day Spei Piont ions can in teen at the Soltico of Moreland or Indiana counties commissioners Reserve the right to reject any or All bids try order of Linard of con nov commissioners attest j k Stewart clerk a notice Ion having been granted to Nuder mined on Esta of John stake late of Cherry Hill township in ceased All persons in Labud to Xiii to make immediate payment find Ilius hav ing claims against said a Siatt it them Dull authment Leatut for settlement John d Page administrator Apfell Cilton for charter the probable origin of Jutter butter As has been developed by recent discussions on Ole Margarine had its origin among the scythian thracians and phrygian after they had become acquainted with the manner of making it it was Only used As a Medicine or As an ointment in the Baths but hot As an article of food nor in cookery it was always in an oily not firm like our butter Herald dwarfed by potting White lilacs in Bloom were among the greatest attractions at the sew York horticultural dwarfed by potting they were made Little Trees not More than two meet High perfect in shape and snowy with Bloom Chicago Herald Chi Trcoli members in Heathen lands the increase in membership in Heathen Juds is thirty fames greater than at Home in proportion tothe number of ministers the tests of discipleship Are of the nost trying Exchange notice is hereby Given i hat an application in Jim be print la to the governor of the state of Pennsylvania on the Iid Wilny of april a under the act of Assembly entitle an act to provide for the incorporation and regulation of certain approved april Irtel and the several supple ments thereto for Pic charter of an it corp ration to be Cailil the water Coj Ipaty of West the i character Ami object thereof is to a Supply of to the Public in the Borough of Indiana and for those purposes to have possess and enjoy All the rights Bene fits and privileges of said act Assembly Anil its supplements Joel Fink g c Fink 1 i Fox Ludward Itow and s Sildith being live of the sub scribers to said charter George w Hood solicitor the we Basli route affords Superior free chair ind your lieu rest ticket agent will sell yen tickets by this line As other for through rates maps and further information write to a m Brackenridge passenger agent Boom no 5 Mccance Block Corner 7th ave and Smith Field Street plots Borg a novl3ly application for administer matrix notice Otice is hereby Given that an application will be made to the governor of the state of Pennsylvania under the act of Assembly eur titled an act to provide for the incorporation and regulation of certain proved april 2fl 1871 and the supplements thereto Fortne charter of an incorporation to be called the West indians water company the character and object thereof is to furnish a Supply of water to Tho Public and for these purposes to have possess an enjoy All the rights benefits and privileges of said act of Assembly and its supplements i Guj Hood solicitor Indiana february lit 1886 letters of administration having been granted to the undersigned on the estate of Mai a j Lelolar late of Homer City do Jiff Rit Tittl leased ail persons indebted to said estate arc i in j i i ii to no Ltd immediate payment and it Jill 11 111 h at Hoso having claims against said estate will i if 111 i i in authenticated for Settle u a Al w n the or Vincnt Murf Marthah Eola administer matrix card real estate ssh 98 for Fri a Einie join w Oliver the Nonder of the order if soils Isnow salted for communion and medicinal Purpo for by id Kana a

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