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Indiana Tipton Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1976, Page 4

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Tribune (Newspaper) - September 1, 1976, Tipton, Indiana T PAGE 4 Tipton Tribune Wednesday, Septembcir 1,1976 rOeaA. 'Abb Guy Wants Girls To Take the Lead By. Abigail Van Bureh eg) 1976 by Chicago Tribun* N Y N«ws Synd Inc DEAR ABH^Y: I never could underst^d why it was ^ considered improper for a girl to ask a ¿ay for a» date. I’m a 21-year-old college man who would feel flatter^ if a girl let me know that she wanted to go out with me. I’m not a creep, and I get my share of dates, but I see nothing wrong with girls being on an equal basis with men when it comes to the dating game. ^ Why can’f, the girl be the aggressor if she jjo chooses? And why is it considered “wrong” foi*a girl to pursue a guy?    . HIGH POCKETS DEAR HIGHPOCKETS: Where have you been? Plenty of girls ask guys out. (More girls ask guys “over” instead because there’s no tab to pick up, whic^ takes the pressure off ^th of them.) And many girls ARE the aggressors and don’t feel the •^eed to apologize for it.. ' WhatLthis world needs is mjbre up-front people who aren’t ashamed to say, “I like you.” It doesn’t matter who says it first. Girls are people, and people shouldn’t play games. They should express affection honestly, naturally and without embarrassment. DEAR ABBY: For those who are shocked that £ non-virgin bride wants to wear white at her wedding: What would they suggest? Tattletale gray? AMUSED IN MURRAY, KY • j ^ DEAR AMUSED: Why not? And she could carrj daisies. They don’t tell. DEAR ABÓ^: I know I’m not perfect when it comes tc grammar and pronunciation, but I have this friend who is an absolute disgrace in that department. She still says “Woolsworth” and I must have correctec he^ a hundted times. Another mistake she has made foi , -s saying “Eximo Pie” instead of “Eskimo Pie.” if^Abby, in a way you are a teacher, so I’m calling on you to take over my job. Why do pt*ople insist on saying Xhey had their dog “spaded,’’ and a man has “prostrate” trouble, after being ^corrected a dozen or ma»-e times? \    SICK    OF    TEACHING ¿ Lisa Fanning . eio wed ©ct. \6ik Miss Lisa Fanning and Mark E. Lee have chosen Oct. 16 as their wedding date. The ceremony will be conducted at Sacred Heart Church in Terre Haute. The bride- elect is the daughter of Senator and Mrs. Herman Fanning' of Terre Haute. Her fiance’s parents are Mr. and Mi'S. Keith Lee, also of Terre Haute. Miss Fanning a graduate of Terre Haute North Vigo High School, is a junior at Indiana State University where she is majo^hmin elementary education. She is employed in th^Terre HauteCity'Clerk’s office and at Montgomery Wa'fd..    ^ Lee is a graduate bf Garfield High School and Indiana State University^ V>^ajoring in social studies and ..criminology. He is k^ember of Phi Alpha Theta social studies honorary. Hé^is employed as a probation officer in Vermillion County.    '/^    =    . Lee , a former resident of Tipton, is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Art Williams, 920 N. East St., Tipton. Ekin^ news DEAR SICK: Some people don’t want to learn, and '/others are simply inedu09ble. Don’t sweat it. CONFIDENTIAL TO^ERSEVERING IN LOUISVILLE”: Perseverance isn’t always th% answer. I was recently informed that a young lover in Taiwan wrote over 700 letters in two years to his lady love. The romance ended when she fell iif love with the postman! Social Ca&nda/t *■ \ Wednesday, Sept. 1 4 Members of Tipton Shuffle Board Club will meet a^t Tipton Park Wednesday at 6 p.m. for a bean and corn-• bread supper. Members of Verus Cordiavgocoritv will meet for a in Tipton Park Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Helen Cook will *serve as hostess.    V r ^    ^ Members of the Redi Maids EH Club will meetatS p.m. ^ Wednesday with Mrs. Neil>ft^)<ihel, ftt. 1, Tipton. Bring a ^^__.^eepsake from school days. Women of the Moose will have their regular meeting at 7:30p.m. Wednesday. Thursday, Sept. 2 , Members of the Hamilton County La Leche Lea.gue (morning group) will meetbt 9:30 a.m. Thursday i^the home of Mrs. Margaret Stevens, 350 Washington Cicero. The topic of the meeting will be “Advantages of Breastfeeding to the Mother and Baby.” Further information may ,be obtained from league leaders Mrs. Melanie Esselman t846-0597) or Mrs. Pat Snyder (896-3316).    ‘ Mbmbersofthe Clinton Cotmty^egistered Nurses Club will meet at 6:30 p.m. Thursday for a carry- in dinner in the Kempton Methodist Church. Serving;,,»* hostesses will be Mrs. Zack Sullivan, Mrs. D^lfiJÉfeStroup, Mrs. Ralph Goodwin and Mrs. Clifford Jones?s^H|| WOTM will have a euchre party at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Moose Lodge. Members of American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 46 will n eel at 7:* 30 p.m. Thursday in the Legion Home. Members of the Emanuel Lutheran Ladies Aid will A mee» et 2 p.m. Thursday in Fellowship Hall. Members of the Silver Belles EH Club will meet at 8 ^ p.m. Thursday with Mrs. Glen Lightfoot, R4.9, Tipton. ,    , ^    Friday.    Sept.    3 Members of the Standerford Class of the West Street ^ Christian Church will meet at 7:^0 p.m. Friday in the fellowship room. Mary Henderson will serve as chairman of the program committee. Saturday. Sept. 4 The Kempton Town Board will meet in Town Hall at 10 a.m. Saturday. Presented for third and final reading will be an ordinance concerning public nuisances. Monday Sept. 6 Members of the Helpers Club will meet Monday at 2 p.m. with Mrs. Edd Scott in Hobbs. Tuesday. Sept. 7 Members of the Double Dozen EH Club will meet with Mrs. Hershel Robinson, 416 Ash St., Tipton, on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Eva Lena Rice will serve as co-hostess. Members of the Prairie Hoinemakers EH Club will meet at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday with Mrs. Robert (Crystal) Chase, Rt. 6, Kokomo (700N and 850 W in Tipton County). Thursday. Sept. 9 The Tipton County volunteer blood drive will be conducted Thursday at Tipton County Memoriisl Hospital _ from noon until 6 p.m. Two-hundreddonors are needed. Monday. Sept. 13 Members of the Know How EH Club will meet with* Mr. Mark (Kay) Mueller, Rt. 4. Tipton, atpm Monday, Yvonne Starrett, eight-year- ^ old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Starrett of Ekin, won firs^^lace in the intermediate ■«ewirfing competition at the AYOP Twirling Nation conducted recently at Notre Dame University in South Bend. Competition included twirlers from (Canada, Japan and the United States. In other events, Yvonne placed fourth in Fancy Strutt and second in hoop com-^ petition. Debbie’s Dolls, a juvenile dance- twirl team, of which she is a member, won first place for the second year.    / Yvonne has earned 73 trophies and 11 medals in three years of competition. Members of the Dunbar EH Club met for their annual gathering at S^ieridan Park recently. Mrs. Jean Hinshaw, president, presided at the business session. Tipton man returns home Willard Burton, 426 Mill St., Tipton, has returned home from Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, where he underwent surgery. He arrived back in Tipton on Monday. Fourteen members answered roll call by telling of family heirlooms. «m|. A “guest, Mrs. Patricia Black, was introduced. Playground equipment was discussed by Mrs. Jean Albright during the health and safety lesson.    ^ The September meeting will feature a salad luncheon and guest day.    ^ Dinner honors Betty Lacy Betty Lacy of Windfall was honorejiáL at a birthday dinner given Sunday by Rome Fin-dling. Windfall, at Tom’s Cafeteria in Tipton. • A baslgpt of flowers and a cake provided by cafeteria personnel decorated the table. Fifteen people, including the honored guest and host, who also celebrated his birthday in August, attended the event. f- I // r / \ Woody’s JuncfIon 502 N. Main ) Sepf. 1-4 ^ Tipfon, Ind.Emge Boiled Ham Lb.l®® Cube Sfeak 1 39 Lb. 1 <Chuek Roasf or Sfeak Lb.79® ^ Pork Cuflefs 1 29 Lb. 1Counfy Lino Cheese Lb.l” Emge Mild Cure Baeon Lb.r»Noney Style Bar-B-One Ptppar Loaf ^ gg Eekrieh Lb. 1 Ground Beef Lb. 85** Or 3 Lb. or More Lb. 79-IFYE letter received Nanci writes from Holland EDITOR’S NOTE; This is the second of several reports seni to the Tipton County Extension office from IFYE exchange student Nanci Smith du|lng her stay in the Netff^lands. Nanci is the daugnWr of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith, Rt. 1, Atlanta. She will live overseas in the homes of various sponsors until December. By Nanci Smith I really don’t know where to begin concerning my first impressions of Holland. The people are friendly and helpful and the land is beautiful. I wish I could have arrived-here sooner so I could have seen the bulb season. For the most part it was over by the end of May. However, I did see a few bulb fieldis still in bloom. I never imaging there could be so many flowers in one place — an acre of beautifuk hues. I saw lillies and gladioli, but the tulips were gone. 1 have also seen quite a few windmills although few of them are used for their original purpose. Some have been put to use as housesor shops. Another thing I thought was interesting was the big cheese market in Alkmaar. Every Friday cheese is hauled into the square and sold to big buyers. The whole cheeses are about two- feet in diameter and probably weight 15- 20 pounds. Some cheeses are shaped like cannon balls. The cheese is put on wooden Merrillville woman mo(de superintendent of schools TERRE HAUTE, — The Hoosier state has its first woman superintendent\of schools with the appointm«K^ of Mrs. Roberta Dinsmore of Merrillville to the superintendency of the North Vermillion Community School Corp. At least available records of the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents show no woman on the poster before. Mrs. Dinsmore, who holds two degrees from Indiana State University, was formally approved by the trustees last week and takes over her new • office Sept, 2. That new office includes responsibility for a junior- senior high school and three elementary schools, aT professional staff of about 70^ and around 1,100 pupils in the northern half of North Vermillion County. She is leaving the Lake Ridge schools in Lake Countyo where for six years she has been employed^ as instructional director and as elementary principal. Prior to that she wa»a supervisor in the Lowell schools and earlier taught at inimmond and at Merrillville. Her husband also is a teacher and three of their six children still are at thome. How does she feel about being the first woman superintendent? “I feel like there might have been 20 before me,” she said. “The fact that I’m a woman really has nothing to do with it. There’s a job to be done, and I intend to do it and do it well. ’ ’ She has a special goal in her new job. want to provide every child with the opportunity to have the courses he wants and needs, so I hope to broaden the curriculum to make this possible,” she said. Mrs, Dinsmore now is one of more than 100ISU alumni who are among Indiana’s approximately 300 school superintendents. She earned the M.S. degree, the reading specialist céftificate and the Ed. ' S. de^ee in administration from Indiana State. St. Joseph’s College awarded her baccalaureate degree. sleds and men carry it to the weight house for weighing. The men dress in their original uniforms — white pants and shirts with suspenders that match the color of their hats. Hats are either blue, green, red or yellow with black ribbons around them. There is a place in the weight house where townspeople and tourists can buy cheese. You can taste the different kinds and buy what you like best. Something else I was introduced to was Poffertjes. They are like little pancakes about the size of a silver dollar. They are made with yeast arid then sprinkled with powdered sugar and rum or kersh with a slab of butter on top. They are delicious, and I wanted to send a Poffertjes pan home but they are made of iron and weigh about six pounds.    ^ The towns in Holland have a’ market day. Stands are set up outside and feature wares sucíi as clothes, material, shoes, jewelry, cooking utensils, vegetables and flowers — just about anything you could want. In some towns you can find women in traditional dress at market. There sometimes are tradesmen like the wooden shoemaker. (Bt the way, a wooden shoe is called a Klompen). You can also find women spinning wool or weaving rugs. A market place can be a very interesting place to see. News from area Hobbs By Mrs. Joe Off Mrs. Ken Endersbe, wife of the minister of the Hobbs Christian CJhurch, was honored at a baby shower Friday evening in the church social rooms. Contest winners were Mrs. Byrd Gibbens, Mrs, Eve Ley and Mrs. Linda Satchwell. Serving as hostesses were Mrs. Allen Dickover, Mrs, Wayne Bryant, Mrs. (Jordon Orr, Mrs. Paul Siebenmorgan, Mrs. James Gasho, Mrs. Steve Bayers and Mrs. Géorge Hartley. Refreshments were served to approximately 30 women. Mrs. Endersbe’s parents of Spokane, Wash, are visiting in Hobbs until the birth of their newgrandchild. Mrs. Garnet West has returned to the community after undergoing surgery in Tipton County Memorial Hospital. Party honors local teen A party honoring Marlene Redmon on her 14th birthday was given by her paretns*. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Redmon, 163 Market Rd., Tipton, at the Dale Redmon home in Tipton. Marlene’s uncle, Ruben Stout, also celebrated his birthday on Aug. 28. He was 78. READLABELS Do you need to keep your diet low in sodium? Read the food labels. Check forewords which indicate the presence of sodium such as monosodium glutanr^te, baking powder, baking soda and sodium. We will be . . . ^ CLOSED Saturday, Sunday and Monday Sept. 4, 5, 6 CLIFTON-YOUNCE DON’T SKIMP Teenage girls are^figure conscious and will skip or skimp on nourishing foods, especially at breakfast. Good nutrition should be stressed fit this important period of development, leading to a health^ future including mo|herh^<^ Everyday value. 4 for 2.22 Boys' tube socks are of cushioned cotton/ stretch nylon® acrylic. White with striped top for sizes 6-8/8-11. Special 3 for 2.99 Men’s underwear of comfortable combed cotton. T-shirts and briefs in white for men’s shirt sizes 36-46; briefs 30-44. ' i Saamlttt ^oldtd Qiana ara. Kay holt saparatian batwaan cups wkieb ara lifhtly llnad with fftbarfill, nylaa Spandax sidas and baak.    ' V Special 5.88 M^n’ s western shirt of polyester/cotton. ^ \ \Long sleeve in \ plaids, stripes, A solids. S,M,L,XL. Special 3 for 2.49 Boys' cotton underwear. Comfortable, absorbent briefs in all cotton. White. Sizes XS,S.M,1<k Cotton T-shirts; XS,S,M,L, Special 3 for 2.49 2... 5.88 Standard size plump pillow pairs. Filled with fluffy polyester; sturdy cxitton ticking. Queen or King sizes. 2 for 6.88 D-5i30 D-t f-5t30 Open Labar Day 12-5 $wp Neeey Cetelei (J^Wetir DeKvry) 47S-742D 1

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