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Indiana Gazette Newspaper Archives May 16 1990, Page 5

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Indiana Gazette (Newspaper) - May 16, 1990, Indiana, Pennsylvania The Indiana Gazette wednesday May 16 1990 Page 6 gov Casey Waltzes in Hafer close continued from Page 1 candidate in 1991 with 99 percent of the precincts reporting in the unofficial count Casey had votes or 77 per cent to or 23 percent for Berg Hafer had votes or 54 percent to Luksis votes or 46 percent and Singel had votes to for Mezvinsky a margin of 71 percent to 29 percent during the weeks before the Pri Mary Casey and Hafer avoided the abortion Issue Casey kept to his official Agenda while Hafer opened with personal attacks on the Gover nor before switching to criticizing his management of the budget and prisons Berg and mrs Luksik failed to trigger much voter interest Only 24 percent of registered republicans and 28 percent of democrats voted tuesday Ellen b Solms executive director of Pennsylvania Campaign for Choice a newly formed political action committee which raised for the primary said the Low turnout meant the race be used to gauge pro Choice sentiment in Pennsylvania the real action is going to be in november when there will be a Clear Choice Between two viable Candi is Solms said but Michael Young professor of politics and Public affairs at Penn state in Harrisburg said it was a bad night for Choice All around the landscape is just littered with Choice bodies wherever you look mrs Luksik said she was amazed by her showing the whole Campaign was based on values and i think this says a lot about the people of guards surround buildings continued from Page 1 tuesday in the latvian capital of for the second Day soldiers tried to muscle into the parliament building but were blocked by Groin dependence crowds it was unclear whether the disturbances in Estonia and Latvia were coordinated from Moscow or Orga by local soviet loyalists both republics were reported Calm today presidents of Latvia Estonia and Lithuania asked Bush and Gorbachev in letters Over the weekend to discuss the Baltic at their sum Mit and to support their Independence moves has called the Baltic republics Independence declarations illegal and has imposed eco re Pic sanctions against Lithuania which declared its Independence from Moscow on March 11 Latvia declared May 4 that it was passing through a transition period to Independence Estonia had taken a similar step March 30 lithuanian prime minister Kazimiera Prunskiene just Back from a swing through Western capitals said Gorbachev has not responded to requests to open talks mrs Prunskiene said in an interview Broad least on Central soviet to that such should Start soviet foreign minister Eduard a Shevardnadze warned of anarchy to the Baltic republics which were forcibly annexed by the soviet Union in 1940 the right to self determination 4ias to be implemented within the framework of our Constitution if this principle is violated then it will anarchy i am Shevard i adze said in an interview with lbs Harrisburg api Here Are the winning numbers selected tues Day in the Pennsylvania state lot Tery daily number 693 big 4 Fla Risburg a fridays wild card lotto Jackpot will be at least million Lecause no one picked All six num Bers drawn tuesday night a lottery official said lottery official Jim Scroggins said no one picked five numbers plus the wild card to win second place that prize Money will be included in Jackpot Scroggins said 103 players matched five numbers without the wild card for 200 players matched four numbers and the wild card for matched four lumbers without the wild card for matched three numbers plus the wild card for wednesdays super 7 game Jack pot will be at least million the winning numbers tuesday in the Pennsylvania wild card lotto were 0910172833 and 41 the wild card number was 48 aids test May miss those infected Washington a tests commonly used to Check for the aids virus May fail to detect Many people who actually Are infected a study suggested today scientists at Emory University in Atlanta tested the blood of 165 people who had tested negative for the human immunodeficiency virus or his which causes aids and found that 30 actually were infected with the virus or Tab Ansari the Emory professor who supervised the study said tuesday that his team used a new Type of test to find his antibodies in blood samples that the routine Laboratory tests had said were disease free All of the ones that they found positive we found positive in our said Ansari but in addition there were quite a few that were negative in their assay that were picked up As positive in our Ansari said the Experiment began with 165 blood serum samples that were tested using Elisa or enzyme linked immune sorbet assay the aids test most commonly used in hospitals and clinics the samples then were additionally tested using the Western blot assay a test routinely used to confirm the Elisa finding All of the samples tested in this traditional Way were found negative for the his virus according to the study which was distributed by the National Academy of sciences meanwhile unlabelled blood from the same samples along with blood specimens from healthy volunteers were provided to Ansari and his team he said his teamed not know which samples came from a High risk Popula Tion mostly drug users and which came from healthy volunteers the specimens All were subjected to a test called the pokeweed Mit Ogen assay a proce Dure that forces specialized cells in the blood to expel antibodies into the blood serum the serum then was tested using the Elisa and Western blot assays thirty or 18 percent of the samples were found to contain antibodies to the his virus an indication of infection and each of these 30 samples were previously found by the Elisa and Western blot tests to be free of virus antibodies Ansari said the routine tests now commonly used will give positive results Only if his antibodies Are detected in the blood serum he said the pokeweed Mit Ogen assay shows that there May be infected people who do not develop antibodies to the aids virus for some reason there Are blood cells that have the antibody but do not secrete said Ansari he said the Elisa and Western blot tests would not be Able to detect the antibodies Ansari said enough blood remained in 26 of the 30 test samples to conduct an even More sensitive assay the polymerase Chain reaction the researcher said this final test confirmed the findings of the pokeweed Mit Ogen assay in 21 of the 26 samples tested a National institutes of health researcher who asked not to be named said a saris study is interesting tand confirms the suggestions of other researchers that people can be latently infected and not test positive for the the researcher said the study shows that there Are still gaps of understanding that must be filled to thoroughly understand How the his virus causes infection Ansari said his study should not be interpreted to mean that blood for transfusion which is tested with the Elisa assay is unsafe he said All of the blood that tested positive in his study came from people at very High risk for his who would be excluded from donating blood for transfusion the study is published in the proceedings of the National Academy of sciences which officials at the Academy said were to be distributed today report warns of economic pain in Eastern european nations Washington a the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe face daunting economic problems that will require citizens to tolerate High unemployment and consumer shortages for years a Cia report said today the report released by members of the joint economic committee said countries will have to endure great financial pain As they try to move from centralized planned economies to Market oriented sys tems if the Eastern europeans grow restive under spartan conditions the new governments could be plagued by instability the report said As Long As aggressive implementation of austerity measures coincides with consumer shortages and a prolonged decline in living Stan Dards there will be a risk of Public protest that could set Back reforms and economic Cia analysts wrote in their report moreover they said its unclear How Long the Bleak situation will last although Many East europeans clearly have shown impressive bold Ness and courage in pushing ahead with reforms significant growth and improvement in living Stan Dards in the Region at Best will take the report said the new democracies have started off with a slew of hardships inherited from their years under the domination of the soviet Union the Cia analysts said the problems include slow or stagnant growth declining productivity Energy intensive and obsolete heavy industries heavy foreign debts poo Quality goods and non competitive exports massive envy Romenta problems and deteriorating infrastructures to name a a major difficulty will be High unemployment in nations where full employment has been a Given the report said As countries break up sing estate enterprises and restructure their industries people will be Laid off unemployment could easily exceed million or 9 percent in Poland the study said unemployment is forecast at 15 to 20 percent in East Germany and Yugoslavia and 5 percent or More in Bulgaria and Hungary others economic problems also threaten Eastern Europe the analysts said for instance heavy debt burdens and poor prospects for increasing Export revenues will make it difficult for countries to service their debts and modernize their economies then countries will have to deter mine How to distribute wealth in their new countries the report said the struggle Over privatization could be intense As for instance a demand by workers that factories be turned Over to them on top of the economic squeeze is the inexperience of the new govern ments some of which Are coalitions of divergent groups the Cia report said the key to stability is the degree to which the Public is willing to tolerate hardships in Exchange for their newfound political freedoms it said the Public tolerance for pro longed austerity will be the key to the Success of the reforms and it remains largely untested even in the report said Barbara Hafer addresses a crowd of election night supporters in Pittsburgh tuesday night Hafer is the first woman nominated to run for the office of governor of Pennsylvania and will be on the Republican ticket this fall in the rear is haters husband Jack Pidgeon headmaster at Kiski prep school in Saltsburg a laser photo move to seize leases criticized by Acle Arlington a a civil libertarians Are concerned Over a new push by the Federal government to seize leases from Public hous ing tenants suspected of dealing drugs even if they face no criminal charges the proposal announced tuesday by hous ing Secretary Jack Kemp will target 23 cities nationwide using the asset forfeiture provision of the Antidrug abuse act of 1988 meanwhile other Bush administration officials planned today to Send Congress a package of Antidrug measures that would give the immigration and naturalization ser vice greater authority to Deport noncitizens without hearings Duke Austin chief spokesman for the ser vice said plan would add a Small number of serious drug offences such As trafficking or Possession with intent to distribute to the list of serious crimes for which conviction can bring deportation without hear Ings those hearings and subsequent appeals can take two years Kemp described his proposal tuesday say ing when the cases for forfeiture Are filed and approved by the local Federal courts marshals will promptly take custody of the apartments from which the traffickers Are such an action Kemp said specifically targets serious drug traffickers because the Standard of proof for a forfeiture order is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that the apartment has been used for the commission of a drug Kemp who spoke at a conference hosted by the office of National drug control policy declined to identify the 23 cities involved in the program the american civil liberties Union criticized the proposal it takes a solid principle of american jurisprudence which is that you Are inno cent until proven guilty and turns it on its said Acle spokeswoman Colleen Oconnor it suggests the government can punish people in Advance Ola she said in addition Oconnor said the plan discriminates against people who Are poor and dependent on Federal programs and turns a program designed to help people into a Means of enforcing the drug Kemp noted that civil liberties concerns were raised last year when he took Steps to Speed up evictions of Public housing tenants involved in drug activity and he said we Are carefully addressing those concerns Bud Albright Deputy Genera counsel for the department of housing and Urban development said the leasehold seizures by Public housing authorities working with attorneys would be aimed solely at Large scale operations but David Bryson of the National housing Law Center said it will be difficult to limit the targets once the operation is under Way the difficulty is once Secretary Kemp gives out this message and starts this Ball rolling he has no control Over said Bryson whose Center provides support and Legal research to attorneys representing Lowin come people with housing problems the further you get away from the Secre tary himself the More Likely that you will have an abuse of Power the greater your Chance is that youll hit somebody who is blinded by the message that we have to get these people out and will do anything to get them Bryson said Kemp also announced tuesday that Hud is proposing new regulations for Section 8 rent subsidies under the proposal those convicted of drug related or violent crimes and evicted from Public housing will not be allowed to use Section 8 vouchers for other rental property Albright said the regulations should be sent to the office of management and budget today and should be published in the Federal Register next month although Congress specifically identified leaseholds As forfeitable assets in the 1988 Antidrug measure the seizure procedure was available earlier to enterprising government officials Bryson said spouts car James Warden an graduate and founder of his own company sole Tria stands next to the prototype of his solar assisted electric sports car Light Speed monday in Waltham a Light Speed will go As fast As 85 Mph and can travel As far As 100 to 150 Miles on a single charge Warden Hopes to offer the car commercially before the end of the year a laser photo israelis adjust to life under threat of Poison Gas attack Jerusalem a israels army citing enhanced Arab chemical warfare capabilities has stepped up plans to distribute Gas masks nationwide and has prepared television ads on How to use them when the army first gave out masks on a trial basis in 1979 the results showed the Public did not take the threat seriously masks were used for painting cars or worn to masquerade parties Needles in the medical kits were used for Dart games in order to get Public cooperation there has to be a perceived said an israeli major who briefed a reporter on the program under standing regulations he could not be named today israelis appear to accept the possibility of a Poison Gas attack As part of a new Middle East reality army commanders say Syria Iraq Egypt and possibly Libya have chemical weapons and they say Iraq is developing a biological potential As Well As Long Range missiles to deliver such weapons the threat was brought Home last month when iraqi president Saddam Hussein owed to bum half of Israel with Poison Gas if Israel attacked Iraq maj Gen Ehud Barak the Deputy chief of staff subsequently announced on government Tele vision an experimental distribution program will be expanded so virtually every Home will have a Gas mask the program is expected to begin on a gradual basis later this year in the meantime the army is producing a series of Public service announcements on How to obtain and use the Gas masks a videotape of one such com Mercial was obtained by the associated press a family is shown watching television when the husband hears his army Call up code broadcast his wife kisses him goodbye at the door and then collects the childrens identity cards she Heads to a storage depot to get the equipment and meets a neighbor along the Way

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