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Indiana Gazette Newspaper Archives May 16 1990, Page 2

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Indiana Gazette (Newspaper) - May 16, 1990, Indiana, Pennsylvania Are it left to me to by toe Tot Iwabe a Fott tout or fair Lafaut a Goferm Nunt 31 Afroula not ice Hitatt a moment to prefer time Jef Erscin the Indiana Gazette wednesday May 16 1990 Page 2 corporations sour on big Apple by Robert Walters Irving Texas Nea on the Banks of Hackberry Creek in this Dallas suburb the Exxon corp is preparing to construct its new Headquarters and therein lies a tale of the troubles besetting new York the City that Long has been the company Home when Fortune Magazine last month published its annual list of the nations 500 largest Industrial corporations five of the top 50 companies were based in new York when the 1991 version of those rankings is produced next april the Headquarters of Only two of those five will still be in new York Exxon the country largest Oil company and third largest firm on fortunes Overall list will have moved to Las Colinas an ambitious mixed use real estate project in Irving a suburb 10 Miles Northwest of Dall scentral business District Mobil ranked sixth is moving its corporate Headquarters from new York to the Washington suburb of Fairfax Varr Nabisco ranked 20th is leaving new York for Atlanta after they go Only lot ranked Philip Morris and 50thranked Bristol Myers Squibb will remain in new York indeed the number of new Yor based companies on the entire Fortune 500 list in 1990 is Only about on half of the 81 the Magazine counted in 1980 and on third of the 118 recorded in 1970 ranked separately Are the country largest Banks securities firms and other financial services companies Many of which Are still headquartered in new what accounts for the corporate exodus Many companies that have left new York and other cities in recent years prefer suburban locations in addition companies that have left in recent years cite a variety of social ills including extraordinary Levels of crime homelessness and drug abuse As Well As economic problems that Range from inflated costs of living and doing business to a crumbling Public works infrastructure last year there were More than 600 water main Breaks in the City average of almost two every Day crimes perpetrated yearly in the City include homicides robberies burglaries and motor vehicle thefts before it builds its new Headquarters Complex on a 132acre tract at Las Colinas Exxon will rent office space in High Rise office towers a Cost of less than per Square foot compared with the per Square foot being asked for the Midtown Manhattan space the company is vacating one of new Yorks better known residents Harry Smith cohost of lbs televisions this recently warned viewers not to visit his Hometown its Calcutta without said Smith of a City he described As a filthy stinking broken that language is probably too Strong but these Days new York is beset by More than its usual problems about securities Industry employees Many of them in High paying positions have lost their jobs since the 1987 Stock Market crash that in turn plunged not Only the City but the surrounding Region into a recession indeed the City offers fewer private sector jobs in 1990 than it did in 1970 during the same 20year period however its welfare caseload has increased by almost 35 percent the areas real estate Market is depressed measures of tourism ranging from airline arrivals to hotel occupancy rates Are falling and the municipal government faces a budget shortfall approaching billion there Are mitigating factors As Exxon move illustrates Only 300 jobs Are involved in the company abandonment of its Rockefeller Center offices because thousands of other jobs were moved to other cities years ago the company new Home is a sterile planned Community that probably will never match new Yorks special spirit Las Colinas ambitious scope produced considerable grief for its developers and required a major refinancing to Rescue the project last year new York has been unpopular unpleasant and unlivable for of at least 100 years says Fortune in proclaiming the City Down but hardly that assessment is fair but the City is in worse shape than usual and the corporate departures highly publicized Street crimes and other major setbacks seem to occur with increasing frequency newspaper Enterprise Assn Okay pastime by Charley Reese i have on Brief occasions mildly envied some of my colleagues in the column writing Racket who can turn poetic on the subject of baseball after All foreign affairs and Domestic politics Are dreary Fields of nightmares some old greek Aristotle i think used to advocate moderation in All things and that certainly applies to reality too much reality these Days will give you cirrhosis of the soul unfortunately in not a baseball fan even though the corporate Plantation i labor on owns the Chicago cubs which Are just the kind of losing team intellectuals Are attracted to losing teams the homeless third world countries apartheid and the struggle of homosexuals for acceptance seem to be obsessions with intellectuals these Days yeah i know what youre thinking in not an intellectual Well i know that after All i gave up baseball for girls at about age like boxing but that is so Sleazy and crooked you cant be poetic about it i like Bowling but Bowling is like sex its fun to do but no Tun to watch or to write about in an occasional Hunter but its safer to offend Abu Nidal or the teamsters than to get the animal rights people after you Nidal and the teamsters May be mean but they Arent crazy and they wont bore you to death with gibberish 1 also shoot pistols for a Hobby but Only engineering types who get excited about such things As minutes of Angle and ballistic coefficients can be poetic about that so whats left when you reach the Point where you either have to Lay off the reality or find a designated writer basketball never did i think i would Ever like basketball in my wayward youth when i was a sportswriter basketball struck me As even More ridiculous than football but then All games played with a Ball of any size or shape Are basically ridiculous nevertheless my Hometown Orlando got itself an Aba franchise built itself an Arena and fielded itself a team the Orlando magic viewed from the won loss record its terrible in the beginning i was or negative a you wont get a franchise a the Arena will be late or Lousy or both a if you get All that no will come especially me so if youre going to be dead Fiat wrong it might As Well be about a recreational subject the Orlando magic turned out to be the biggest Success since Disney world the Arena is great and so were the crowds and i went and i watched on to and had a Good time like everybody else the Charm of sports is that losing Doest really Hurt boxing excepted you can develop a kind of affection for the players and when they go beyond themselves As All athletes Good enough to be pros will do on occasion you get really excited and when they hit a slump you sympathize with them you can Root for the Young rookies striving to make their Mark and you can applaud the old veterans running on aches guts and experience i see that you think in contradicting myself i said in not an intellectual and Here i am rooting for a losing team there is no contradiction in not being poetic and the magic have Only had one losing season if they run up a string of losing seasons approaching that of the cubs ill dump pm in a Flash nor am i going to spread any fertilizer about the philosophical meaning of basketball which is zilch or attribute any Demigod like characteristics to the players its just a game where you try to throw this Ball through a hoop with a fishnet that has a Hole in it it helps if you have an overactive pituitary gland its just a lot of fun to watch men who Are Good at it do it and anything that is fun and Doest kill anybody is an Okay pastime these Days King features Syndicate inc charged threatening Mosberger Washington there is no question that the president of the United states needs to be protected by secret service agents death threats come with the territory but who would want to kill the Secretary of agriculture or Interior we recently speculated in this column that Cabinet members sur round themselves with a muscle bound entourage because they like the trappings of Nouveau Royalty Commerce Secretary Robert mos Bacher has since Learned that those trappings can come in Handy a woman has been in a Washington jail for a month awaiting trial on charges that she threatened mos Bachers life Nancy Crawford Alleg edly wrote Mosbacher a letter saying Here is your Choice marry me or ill kill you before you Hurt me Mosbacher refused to answer our questions about the woman an Fri agent who questioned her said that she spoke about her relationship with Mosbacher and blames him for some personal problems she stated that Secretary Mosbacher was destined to be her Mentor and in a mystical sense the father of two children she has seen in her dreams and has always hoped the Fri agents affidavit said Crawford moved to Washington from Brooklyn earlier this year she is now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation to determine if she is competent to stand trial Crawford refused to Tell us whether she had actually met Mosbacher in not a threat to she said adding that she had tried for a year to get an appointment with Mosbacher i am in fact in jail because i wrote Aletter to Robert then she added its quite possible i should be married to Robert but she said he was the last person she would want to marry Hes a miserable its not Likely that Mosbacher would be killed for his stand on japanese Trade issues or Eastern the Commerce Post Mosbacher keeps a High profile and gets More Media attention than your average stodgy Cabinet Secretary Many top government officials dont think their jobs Are controversial enough to warrant tight Security our associate Scott sleek polled the Cabinet and found that a few members have no Protection at All even those with Security like to Washington by Jack Anderson Dale Van aha merry ground bloc technology Transfer but a political beef is not the Only motive for murder president Reagan was shot by someone who cared More about Jodie Foster than reaganomics the flamboyant Mosbacher is a More Likely target for threats from the lovelorn than the politically disillusioned the handsome Silver haired millionaire and his stunning wife Georgette were hailed As a needed addition to the flagging Washington party circuit when pres ident Bush appointed Mosbacher to keep it at a minimum Interior Secretary Manuel Lujan Learned to press the flesh As a congressman from new Mexico and he has an aversion to Security As a Cabinet Secretary but Park police guard him when he travels once in California he waded into a crowd of angry environmentalists protesting offshore drilling Security people there advised him to leave but he stayed to talk and was not harmed agriculture Secretary Clayton Yeitter is no stranger to threats even though the nature of his work would tend to put him in touch with Only Salton theearta types he and former agriculture secretaries have been threatened by eco terrorists displaced Farmers and even an occasional Anima rights activist vege tarian internal most worrisome opposition to Mikhail Gorbachev is coming from the red army the soldiers were humiliated by their Retreat from Afghanistan they have been stung by change in Eastern Europe which Are forcing them to withdraw they Are worried about German reunification a sense of desperation is spreading through the officers ranks and that could solidify into a dangerous stand against Gorbachev High ranking military officers have already begun to complain about foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze accusing him of being soft the criticism really a disguised attack on Gorbachev min editorial a report by the foundation for the advancement of teaching says american College campuses Are Rife with alcohol and drug abuse racial hatred and crime that Means even the Cream of the crop of our youth have lost their Way colleges must shoulder part of the blame for failing to teach values professors Are so eager to be open minded and non judgmental that they forget there Are absolutes if professors Are afraid of distinguishing Between right and wrong the very least they can do is teach their students what is Good and not Osgood United feature Syndicate inc Complex Iran Deal Falls apart by Robert j Wagman Washington Nea Intelli gence sources Here and in Europe say that the United states had arrived at an understanding involving the immediate release of four hostages in Lebanon three american one British however the Deal ran into a hitch for reasons that remain unclear and All sides Are pointing fingers at each other the extraordinarily Complex arrangement was worked out Between the United states Iran Syria and the fundamentalist iranian backed Hezbollah organization in Lebanon which now controls most Western hostages sources say the arrangement called for release of three Ameri cans and one of two britons being held by the islamic jihad for the liberation of Palestine the United states thought the americans would be Robert Polhill Alann Steen and Jesse Turner and the briton would be either John Mccarthy or Brian Keenan in return for the hostages release the United states would be expected to do several things most important to Iran was the release of tens of millions of dollars in iranian assets that have been Frozen since the at the american embassy in Iran in 1979 while the United states would not publicly announce it was releasing the assets it would begin to unfreeze them Over a period of months As part of a bettering of relations with Iran most important to Hezbollah the United states was to begin pressuring Israel to release shiite Leader Sheik Abdul Karim Obeid who was kidnapped last july from South Ern Lebanon and some 400 Leba Nese shiites now in israeli jails it was implied that More West Ern hostages would be released when the Israel held prisoners were freed reportedly the key figures in the Deal were Hezbollah Leader Hussein Muslawi who has close ties to syrian president Hafez Assad and iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Velamati who acted As the personal representative of Iran president Ali Akbar Hashemi a Sfanjani sources say the arrangement was worked out Over several months in Damascus Cyprus and Geneva at no time did any official talk directly with either the iranians or anyone representing Hezbollah but on at least two occasions a Small group of private citizens including former Secretary of state Cyrus Vance met in Switzerland with a delegation from Iran and from Hezbollah then things began to go awry and no one appears to understand what went wrong depending on who you talk to Muslawi the White House or acting israeli prime minister Yit Zhak Shamir Are responsible for the Deal falling through reportedly Muslawi was always distrustful of the United states it appears he decided to test intentions by demanding that Assis Tant Secretary of state John Kelly be sent to Damascus to coordinate release of the first hostage the White House refused not wanting to appear to be giving in to a Kidnap pers demand apparently the Deal was almost cancelled without any hostage re lease however Muslawi was eventually convinced to go ahead with freeing Robert Polhill then Frank Reed was released somewhat to the Surprise of officials since it had not been Clear that Muslawi con trolled the group that held at this Point both Damascus and Teh ran demanded a Public show of Good Faith on Washington part before the remaining two were released the Bush administration is now trying to find something it can do publicly within the limits it has placed on itself meanwhile Shamir desperate to woo Small far right parties in his own country told Washington he could not release any of the shiites let alone Obeid unless three israelis who have been held in Lebanon since 1986 were included in the Deal As one Middle Eastern expert said i cant Ever remember a More Complex situation than this it has been a situation where no one wanted to take a first step now no one wants to take the second the logical next step would be Obedis release but it is unthinkable that the Shamir government will release its prisoners just to see Western hostages released so Long As their own people Are being held and no one will directly talk with anyone else this is not going to be quickly newspaper Enterprise Assn j 1990 United feature Syndicate inc it the highways no place for children dogs dear editor recently there has been a lot of controversy about a dog named Rookie and a concerned grand Mother As a previous animal owner i do understand How these animals can become a member of the but there is one item that not being addressed the grandmother stated that Rookie was hit by a Motorist on the Roadway state dog Law Section 305 states that animals Are to be con fined to the owners property the term confined Means that an animal can not leave the area once the animal leaves the owners property he determines his own destiny if the concerned grandmother was watch ing Rookie he would be healthy today so that her granddaughter could enjoy his company and keep that established member of the family concept also the grandmother stated that if that was a child would you have hit her my question is if Rookie was a member of the family and he was hit on the Highway does that mean you would let your grandchildren play on the Highway without watching them where were you have a Nice Day a concerned citizen Indiana a 3lnhtana Gazette the Indiana re bushing company 1 0 Indiana to 1 5701 phone 41244555s5 established in 1s90 Lucy r Donnelly Joe Donney Vic president Michael j Secretary treasurer general manager Hashe d Kinter assistant treasurer stack k Donney assistant secretory Joseph l Geary adv mtg director William i Hastings managing editor Franks Hood associate editor femur of the associated 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