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Indiana Gazette Newspaper Archives May 5 1990, Page 2

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Indiana Gazette (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Indiana, Pennsylvania Pen it left to me to be toe foties Lief foe a government Fott lout Nefos Papirz or newspapers a 3 should not idea state a moment to prefer Tolje Jefferson the Indiana Gazette saturday May 5 1990 Page 2 will abortion debate split the gop by William a rusher in my Public talks recently i have frequently been asked to discuss the Impact of the end of the cold War on the Republican party or on conservatism which is the world View that currently dominates the a lot of liberals Are apparently telling each other that anticommunism was the glue that held the conservative movement and that communism collapse will therefore cause the movement to fall apart with Gratifying damage to the Unity and prospects of the gop unfortunately the major premise of that syllogism is false it is not anticommunism but anti liberalism that has bonded together the great coalition called the conservative the traditionalists the moderate libertarians the cold warriors the neoconservatives the religious right As Long As liberalism remains viable or at least visible in the democratic party in the colleges and universities and in the major Media the coalition that brought it Low will have Good reason to survive there Are however a couple of relatively new issues that create stresses within the coalition one is environmentalism the other is abortion just now the environmentalists Are having everything their own Way and the Cost of their Agenda is Seldom considered at All even some conservatives Are bemused but the Cost is there nevertheless and it is Large and growing before Long americans will notice they Are paying More for their cars because the environmentalists have managed to lobby through Congress hugely expensive limitations on emissions they May accept this particular Cost philosophically but a Little later the first major Job layoffs caused by the closure of environmentally injurious factories will occur i would hate to be a democratic congressman trying to explain to a furious delegation of Blu Collar workers Why a Hole in the Ozone Over the South pole or the preservation of the spotted owl makes it necessary for their children to go without Christmas presents this year abortion is a More difficult problem for the conservative movement conservative activists have generally opposed abortion save in the familiar hard rape incest and to save the life of the Mother the gop under Reagan and Bush has inscribed that position in its party platforms but there has always been a Large element in the Republican party As distinguished in this Case from the conservative movement that has privately favored giving the Mother the final word this includes Many suburban couples of Yuppie instincts and childbearing age As Well As their Episcopalian mothers with Blu tinted hair who will Tell you or at any rate have told privately that if abortions Are not freely permitted we will be overrun by lesser Breeds without the Law the pro abortion instincts of such voters were held in Check As Long As Roe is Wade made the Issue moot but last years Webster decision which made it much easier for individual states to ban abortions energized the pro abortion lobby and revived the concern of these Republican voters they have already begun expressing it by voting in Republican primaries for pro abortion candidates Republican National chairman Lee Atwater is undoubtedly right from the party standpoint in trying to finesse the Issue by saying the Republican tent is big enough for everybody but conservatives will be very uncomfortable indeed if the pro abortion republicans try to Knock the antiabortion Plank out of the next Republican platform this problem is going to require forbearance and statesmanship on both sides if a damaging clash is to be avoided in the convention of 1992 pro abortion republicans in particular will have to decide whether they Are ready to insist on imposing their will on the party on this Issue at the risk of endangering the Only coalition that has managed to bring Victory to the gop in modern times newspaper Enterprise Assn lost and found by Stoner Gazette contributing writer i was frantically pulling out drawers and looking in cup boards files and shoe boxes mumbling to myself when Penelope shouted up the stairway what is All that commotion about you sound like a Man who just lost his travellers checks then 1 asked Penelope where in the world is my life insurance policy without hesitation Penelope replied its in that Little Metal Box marked valuables which you keep under your i found it and the incident reminded me of the panic that hit the Ken Jones household the morning after we had Given them a Farewell dinner party they were leaving for a six week tour of Italy Martha called Penelope Early the next morning to inquire if she had left her dentures at our place Penelope assured Martha that she had not left her dentures at our place Penelope assured Martha that she had a full set of Teeth when she left our House they were due to leave for the Airport when Ken found the dentures under the electric Blanket at the foot of their bed the problem about losing things and people has been always with us it has been recorded in prose and verse and captured on film we Are of course familiar with lost weekend and lost either of which could be fatal to an air plane Pilot then we have the lost orphaned boys of never never land in Peter pan and Milton Paradise we know that relatives must get lost because we hear about Brothers finding each other and parents locating children would it be possible that some relatives might deliberately plan to lose each other there is also the Case of Ria losing sitcom Iii a satellite which was launched Over a year ago at a Cost of million Ria asked Nasa Western Union Comsat general corporation and Telesa of Canada for help now losing a satellite in space and then finding it is a Little More dramatic than finding the proverbial Needle in a Haystack As i am writing this Story the latest loss is two valuable Stock certificates totalling owned by a state Public school pension fund i understand that one of the Stock certificates was being shipped to a Bank in Philadelphia it was insured by both the Carrier and the Bank this reminds me of the excitement some time ago at my Alma mater Keystone Normal University Early one afternoon an armoured car pulled up to the Library Entrance and the armed guards three on each Side formed a corridor for the Driver to take into the Library this package about the size of three Playboy magazines it turned out to be a Young Ladys thesis which she had insured for she was not taking any changes on losing the package i was telling All of this at breakfast to my Friend or Charles staff professor of Industrial psychology at the local University just then Colton Slack my retired Coal Miner neighbor came into the Coffee shop at the Campus wigwam i continued the worst thing a person can lose is his perspective without a perspective an artist becomes a primitive and people becoming cynical they lose their viewpoint Colton interrupted and said whole world has gone mad people Are All greedy individuals Are trying to get their share and Are running Over people in their mad Rush you cant Trust your neighbors All government is crooked management is exploiting labor politicians Are taking bribes the military is playing War games with our Money the schools Are teaching socialism and communism the various religious groups Are milking dry their followers and Union leaders Are playing monopoly with our pension funds its dog eat dog or staff replied losing your perspective can be related to the theory of perspective so this theory maintains that there Are alternative systems of concepts and assumptions and equivalent to each other in whose terms the world May be interpreted and As Between which there is no authoritative external Way of making a and i said As i got up to leave you both have not Only lost your perspective but you have lost your marbles in getting out of Here before i lose my is Bush the polluters president Washington president Bush is in a Tough spot but its a spot of his own making he has billed himself As an environmental but he has plenty of financial Back ers who want him to be the Pollut ers industries at the Core of our nations environmental problems found a Friend in the Reagan administration and got comfortable being in the seat of Power when Bush ran for president in 1988 they settled deeper into that seat by giving him the Money he needed to win the election the Bush Campaign apparatus gave the big donors the spiffy title of team 100 a select group of generous republicans who gave Bush at least each now team 100 expects to see some return on its investment a prime example of the team 100 influence is the Oil Industry Many of those checks known As soft came from Oil Compa Nies Campaign finance records show that Oil companies and their corporate Heads gave More than million to the Bush race a number of those companies Are interested in offshore drilling Ven Tures off the coasts of California and Florida that worries environmentalists across the country who want the Ocean floors left alone but who feel powerless when pitted against the Rich friends of the president the administration is leaning in favor of the Oil fat cats Interior Secretary Manuel Lujan is clearly opposed to the bans Congress has placed on offshore drilling at a news conference Bush said he refuses to Rule out All offshore drilling Lujan and Bush claim the drilling can be done without harming the environment but environmentalists wonder what the incentive will be for companies to handle the Ocean with care if those companies have the Power to twist the presidents Arm the record Speaks for itself fed the White House pledge to save the environment is also being Sty Mied by Bush combative chief of staff John Sununu on several Occa Sions Sununu has butted Heads with environmental Protection Agency head William Reilly when Reilly has tried to crack Down on polluters Sununu makes a formidable enforcer for the president and his Washington by Jack Anderson Dale Van aha merry ground eral officials have uncovered More than environmental and safety violations Over the past six years in the offshore drilling Industry if anything threatens Bush credibility on his environmental promises it is his longtime ties to the Oil business he made his Fortune As a Texas Oil Man he loves the Busi Ness and the Money it brings to his campaigns Bush cant be counted on to get in the Way of a few Oil Barons looking for drilling opportunities offshore cronies when will they learn if it int one problem its another for housing and Urban development Secretary Jack Kemp despite his concerted efforts to rid Hud of ethical Booby traps and conflicts of interest there Are still holes in the system a congressional investigation shows that Hud has been extremely lax in collecting and reviewing the financial disclosure statements of its workers those statements Are sup posed to raise a red Flag if a Hud employee has a possible conflict of interest on the Job that might Lead to treatment of contractors preferential treatment is what got Hud in trouble in the first place but the Agency int learning from past blunders a random Sample of 62 Hud employees showed that Only 10 of them had filed disclosure state ments although the rest had been on the Job for three years the statements Are supposed to be reviewed within 60 Days but con Gressional investigators found 62 disclosure statements that were filed last May and were still not reviewed four months later Kemp knows about the problems and has initiated reforms of the system including the creation of a new ethics office in the department and a Complete restructuring of the financial disclosure system min editorial Congress continues to give itself More Perks that Cement the incumbents in office and close the doors to newcomers the latest is a upgrading of the House to studio that right Mem Bers of Congress have their own studio where they produce to spots to remind the folks Back Home How wonderful their representative is of course your elected officials dont see the studio As an election asset they see it As a Way to inform the electorate about the vital going son in Washington and if the electorate gets the impression that Washington revolves around a particular indispensable member of that pure coincidence United feature Syndicate inc new fears doubts plague germans by Robert j Wagman Berlin Nea on june 2 1989 Chris Geoffroy a Young East German tried to escape Over the Berlin Wall to Freedom in West Berlin he paid a very High Price for what he was seeking East German Border guards shot and killed him on a recent saturday morning Luther Schmidt another Young East German decided he too wanted to visit West Berlin he also was on a search for a used twisted sister cd at the Flea Market at Winterfeld Platz Schmidt however succeeded in his quest and the Price he paid about for a roundtrip subway ticket and the same for the used cd was quite reasonable a year ago travelling from East to West Berlin involved either months of red tape or risking ones life today the Only requirement for crossing is a Quick Check of identity papers to prove that you Are Ger Man the dateline on this column is no error in the minds of Many Berli ners there really is no East and West anymore Only Germany re unification is considered to be a done Deal it is now up to the politicians to work out the details however some of those details May prove difficult and there is much fear and even anger among both West and East Berli ners one of East berlins largest super markets is the Kau Halle on Wisber Strasse on its shelves today Are oranges from Greece produce from Italy cheeses from West Germany and Coke from the bottler in West Berlin six months ago this Bounty would have been impossible however most shoppers must pass up these products their prices Are astronomical to the aver age East Berliner who makes about East German Marks a month about on the Black you would have to be crazy to pay these kinds of said Ann Margaret Vogt a Young Mother shopping with her two Young children but she relented and bought a six pack of Coke which her kids see advertised constantly on West Berlin television East germans have grown used to a subsidized lifestyle there might not have been much Choice but at least the basics were affordable East berliners look at the prices of newly arrived goods and worry that this is the wave of the future How will we Ever survive wonders Anna speaking not Only of potentially higher prices but of the elimination of East Germany childcare system that frees up Young mothers for work this apprehension is increased by fears that reunification Means the easts inefficient unprofitable and highly subsidized industries will be shut Down a population that has known Only guaranteed jobs for the past 40 years would suddenly find itself looking for work a recent study by the Germany Economy Institute predicts that million East germans will be out work by the time the dust settles if a recently announced Deal be tween Ifa East Germany state Auto company and Volkswagen is any indication East German work ers have much to worry about under the Deal vow will pour billion into modernizing Ifa plants to produce vow polos but it is Likely the ifs oversized work Force which now stands at will be Cut by at least Many East germans worry that reunification will actually the absorption of East Germany by West Germany a recent poll showed that by a ratio of 4tol East germans believe they will have Little political influence in a reunified Germany they see themselves As potential second class citizens with Western Industry viewing them merely As a source of cheap labor Many Young West germans do View their Eastern cousins exactly that Way and that also causes fear i think this process reunification is maybe moving too says Peter Volker a West Berlin student Young people Here have worked very hard to be ready to find Good jobs i am afraid that those jobs Are no longer going to be Here and Are going to move among older West germans East germans Are generally looked Down upon As Lazy and willing to be supported by a socialist system by most measures productivity of the average East German worker is less than half his Western counterpart Many West germans worry that the Cost of reunification will be too High there will be enormous inflationary pressure caused by the buy out of East German currency the result is Likely to be soaring interest rates another worry is that after reunification virtually the entire Popula Tion of East Germany will be classified As living below the official poverty level this would make them eligible for government Assis Tance at a Cost of billions annually newspaper Enterprise Assn corporate Pennsylvania Alette Courtesy needed at local theater dear editor this letter is to inform All theater patrons that it is proper etiquette to arrive at the theater on Lime casts production Crews and ush ers greatly appreciate audience members that arrive on time it is strongly suggested that Audi ence member arrive 1015 minutes before each show this time gives one time to peruse the program to become familiar with the production arriving on time enables the ush ers to seat guests safely arriving on time is also a common Courtesy to other audience members these common courtesies should be extended to All theater productions and concerts productions Are scheduled to be Gin at a certain time if one does not arrive Early there is the possibility of not seeing a production until it is in Progress or the second act if at All Heather Ockler up theater major and usher Indiana a Gazette published by the Indiana printing publishing company Box 10 Indiana a 15701 phone 41 24655555 ettablithedinl890 Tucy r Donney Joe Donnelly vice president Michael general manager Hastie 0 Mcinter att Ditont treasurer Stacie k Ai Litant Secretary Joseph l Geary adv mtg director Wii am b Hastings managing editor Frank b Hood at cite editor member of the associated press the aug Ciatto Prett it entitled exc novely to us or reproduction of Alt local Newt printed in thit newspaper a Well at All a now Dit Patchet Carrier and motor route subscription rates paid in Advance it a Ftfe office one month three month six month twelve month mail subscription rates in Indiana an Treng Cambria Clearfield Jeffer ten and Westmoreland counties by mail per month three month six month one year outside Indiana and five adjoining con by mail per month three month six one year second Clou imprint second clan Pottage paid at Indiana a published daily except sunday and Legal pot Lutien Send Addren change to Indiana Cree the Box 10 Indiana a 15701 v uses 262040

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