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Indiana Gazette Newspaper Archives May 5 1990, Page 1

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Indiana Gazette (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Indiana, Pennsylvania 48 pages 4 sections 1990 Indiana printing and publishing company Indiana a thirty five cents saturday May vol 86no 217 tonight and sunday in West Ern Pennsylva Nia will be mostly Cloudy and cooler with a Chance of showers and lows in the 40s highs sunday will be 50 to 55 for local weather map and extended forecast see Page 6 storm Roundup a severe storm slammed into Virginia killing two people and injuring ten others while flood ing continued in Texas Oklahoma and Arkansas Page 6 mothers murder a Bethlehem Man who claims he is the result of a genetic Experiment and has been de scribed As a paranoid Schizo phrenic is competent to stand trial in the shooting death of his Mother a Lehigh county judge ruled Page 17 libel judgment a million libel judgment against the Philadelphia inquirer raises serious constitutional questions Media advocates say predicting the award will not stand on Appeal Page 16 inmate caught an escaped stale prison in mate was captured about Friday a Day after giving two Lycoming county Deputy sheriffs the slip at his Jersey Mills area Home while looking for evidence he claimed he needed for a pending trial Page 5 run for roses the 116th edition of the Ken Tucky Derby with 15 entries will run for the roses this after noon at Churchill Downs Page 19 obituaries on Page 3 Benson Lillic Alice 83 Johnstown Chambers Wilfred Daniel 75 Johnstown Hammond Richard 34 new Richmond Ohara Hilda m Henderson 76 Roscoe formerly of Indi Ana Worthington Wilda 83 Hamburg formerly of Commodore lottery religion today in they Call pieces of legislation Bills be cause once enacted they prove to be so expensive schools protest Low state reimbursement by Marilyn Kukula Gazette contributing writer Leechburg Lack of adequate state funding for education triggered an organized strike Day by taxpayers Friday at Leech Burg High school attended by school District representatives from throughout Western Pennsylvania about 150 people attended the Daylong event which was organized to draw attention to what Virginia Steimer president of the Leechburg area school Board Calls continued underfunding at the state the Pennsylvania association of Rural schools has sued the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for More funding and a More equitable distribution of funds according to David Kirkpatrick executive director of pars the state currently funds about 40 percent of school District Basic education budgets according to is Steimer the rest is collected locally by the districts primarily through real estate and occupation taxes the states share of District budgets has been declining since the 1970s when it paid about 55 percent according to or Kirkpatrick this year it will drop to percent according to is Steimer it education funding has shifted from an income tax which i feel is a fairer Type of tax to a property said Robert Cinpinski chairman of the Armstrong county commissioners United Marion Center Blairsville salts Burg apol Oridge and Purchase line school districts were among those represented by taxpayers Many of whom were teachers or school personnel we need to give Relief to our local taxpayers who Are carrying 60 percent of the Burden to educate our said Robert Nigro superintendent of schools for the Leechburg area school District according to or Kirkpatrick taxpayers Are getting what they asked for when they elected a governor committed to no new taxes if the state had paid 50 percent of the Basic education budget of its 501 school districts from 197475 to 199091 there would be available for use across the state according to or Kirkpatrick i could buy new schools at about million each and pay he added that a Small District in Southwest Ern Pennsylvania has a deficit of in the budget they Are considering since one Mill raises there the District is faced with an 86 Mill tax increase he said adding that it is unlikely they would raise it to that degree districts who find themselves in a financially distressed situation Are turned Over to the state who unseat the school Board sometimes fires the superintendent makes All teacher contracts null and void and places management of the District into the hands of three people it chooses one Hundred of the 501 districts in Penn Sylvania Are in danger of going financially distressed in the next few or Kirkpatrick said school districts have to do what they can to trim spending he said adding that one Northwestern Pennsylvania school District had pupils and 55 custodians at one Point they now have 12 which he Felt was a see Page 4 columns Compromise possible for reunification Bonn West Germany a the two Ger Nanys today opened their first top level unification talks with the United states and the other world War ii allies who carved up their nation 45 years ago however with the two states Rush ing toward a merger the participants differed on How to fit a unified Germany into modern military Alli ances in his opening remarks foreign minister Hans Dietrich Genscher of West Germany rebuffed soviet objections to nato membership for a United Germany the soviet Union says a United Germany cannot be part of nato the Western military organization that stood ready to counter an Advance by the soviet led Warsaw pact throughout the cold War the soviets have called for a Neutral Germany officials with the full support of Bonn and other Western allies say a United Germany must belong to the North Atlantic treaty organization we have difficult problems to Genscher said in his opening remarks after the participants sat Down at a round table inside the West German foreign ministry main conference room however if we Are All willing not Only to defend our own interests but also to respect the interests of our partners then we will find called the welts Al or world room the meeting place contained a huge map of the world on one Wall clocks on the Wall showed the time in the different capitals with one clock for Germany labelled Bonn with each Side hoping for a soften ing of the others position Secretary of state James a Baker Iii and soviet foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze were meeting with their counterparts from Britain France and the two German states in his comments Genscher recalled the immeasurable suffering caused by world War ii at the end of the War the four Allied victors who Defeated Adolf hitlers third Reich the United states the soviet Union Britain and France met in Potsdam now in East Germany and divided up the spoils in agreements that led to the cold War Genscher also called to mind the Helsinki final act regulating relations among european countries in an indirect criticism of Moscow stance against United German membership in nato he referred to the principle of Sovereign Equality which gives All participating states the right to be or not to be a party to treaties of Secretary of state James Baker right and his soviet counterpart Eduard Shevardnadze make a statement after their talks Friday in Bonn a laser photo prosperous West Germany is hop ing to Dangle enough economic incentives in front of the soviets to overcome the difficulties today talks follow free elections in East Germany on March 18 East germans vote again sunday in local elections Likely to remove vestiges of communist control and virtually Complete the revolution that began a year ago no final decisions Are expected to be made at today meeting in Bonn which comes 3j weeks before the Start of a Summit in Washington while Many aspects of reunification Are being decided the two Ger Nanys Are becoming More linked each Day the two countries will take a huge leap Forward july 2 when the mighty West German Mark becomes the East German currency the world War ii allies also maintain a Strong interest and a voice in German reunification a Quarter million troops Are stationed in West Germany and an estimated soviet troops Are in East Germany on his arrival in Bonn on Friday Shevardnadze made it Clear he sees nato membership for a United Germany As jeopardizing the euro Pean stability the soviets desire asked if a United Germany can be in nato Shevardnadze responded with a firm for such a giant to belong to one bloc one Alliance will not create conditions for he said however when he was asked if Compromise on the Issue was Possi ble he said that what were Here Chancellor Helmut Kohl met with Baker and Shevardnadze on Friday during a round of preparatory talks shiites want Arab prisoners freed Beirut Lebanon a the spiritual Mentor of moslem Mili Tants holding Western hostages says no More of the captives should be freed unless Israel releases Arab prisoners a newspaper reported today we want the states of the world to pressure Israel into releasing Arab prisoners the same Way they exert pressure for the release of Western Ala War quoted Sheik Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah As telling a Friday prayer Sermon americans Frank Reed and Rob Ert Polhill have been released by their lebanese captors in the past two weeks most of the remaining 16 Western ers missing in Lebanon including six americans Are believed to be held by iranian backed shiite mos Lem groups in Beirut Southern shantytowns a stronghold of the fundamentalist Hezbollah or party of god Fadlallah Hezbollah spiritual declared we dont want the human rights and Freedom of anyone to be achieved at our sex in apparent rejection of the release of Western captives without a reciprocal move by Israel either our people i will be free or we will not respect the Freedom of the world that does not respect our he added the conservative Ala War car ried the full text of Fadlallah address the missing westerners comprise six americans four britons two Swiss two West germans an italian and an irishman american Terry Anderson 42 chief Middle East correspondent for the associated press is the longest held captive he was kidnapped in moslem West Beirut March Hezbollah issued a statement Fri club dance at the Indiana elks featuring Jerry b dance to Al tonight cycads Day blaming the United states for hindering the release of Western captives the administration bears the responsibility for any complications in this it said the Ball is now in americas court after the efforts that had been exerted by the islamic Republic and Syria to free two americans As a step toward resolving the question of All the the statement said Polhill 55 was freed april 22 after 39 months in Captivity Reed 57 was released eight Days later after 42 months As a hostage Iran and Syria have called for a reciprocal Goodwill gesture from the United states iranian newspapers and some of the shiite Kidnap groups have demanded that As a precondition for further hostage releases Israel frees some 400 palestinian and Leb anese prisoners it holds the hostage holders also have demanded Freedom for 15 convicted militants imprisoned in Kuwait for the bombing of the and French embassies there in december 1983 Israel and Kuwait have refused to negotiate with terrorists and the United states has said it would not pressure them into bowing to the kidnappers demands court ruling favors local Hospital in Indiana physicians antitrust suit by Vicki Ruddock Gazette staff writer Indiana Hospital has won a Federal court decision in the dispute with or Ralph j Miller of Indiana whose medical staff privileges at the Hospi Tal were revoked in 1977 District judge Alan n Bloch granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants on april 30 Dis missing the antitrust claim the last claim remaining in the Federal civil suit filed against the Hospital in 1981 by or Miller a physician and surgeon specializing in urology we at Indiana Hospital Are pleased with this decision and Hope Ful that this will bring an end to a longstanding Legal Naketa Dobbins the hospitals vice presi Dent for Public relations said this morning defendants in the suit the Hospital and 24 individuals who Are current and former administrators Board members and medical staff members had renewed their re coynes pub open sundays to delicious tomatoes vegetable plants hanging plants Yarnick farm 3493904 quest for summary judgment in 1989 after the Case returned to District court for the Western District of Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh we View this As another delaying tactic by the Hospital lawyers and there is no reason to expect any different outcome than when Previ Ous tactics were reviewed by the court of appeals and the supreme or Miller said this morning we Are confident that All the facts of this matter will be made available to the in 1988 the court of appeals for the third circuit in Philadelphia said the District court had erred in granting a previous summary judg ment in favor of the Hospital in 1987 and ordered the Case returned to the District court in Pittsburgh the third circuit court denied the Hospi tals request for a rehearing and the supreme court denied the hospitals petition for a review of the Case thus remanding it Back to District court or Miller claimed he was denied a fair hearing when his medical staff Rose inn dinner features tonight prime rib broiled stuffed shrimp Brown hotel open mothers Day 4630881 privileges were revoked in 1977 and that his reinstatement applications were denied because the Hospital wished to stifle Competition at his private family practice Center on Indian Springs Road Indiana he had pursued his Case in the Indiana county court of common pleas and the state courts before filing suit in Federal court on july 2 1981 or Miller had also requested in 1980 that the Pennsylvania depart ment of health review the hospitals decision and order the Hospital to provide him with a new application for staff privileges following an investigation Doh determined the decision did not violate any state regulations or the hospitals bylaws according to the opinion accompany ing judge blocks ruling or Millers Federal suit sought a permanent injunction requiring the Hospital to accept and process his application for medical staff Privi Leges and an award of damages the suit contained three counts founded plants Rogers vegetable farm 4639738 monday to Friday 96 saturday 95 chef Dorily prepares prime rib tonight kangaroos on civil rights statutes Federal anti Trust Laws and state restraint of Trade Laws ail of the claims except count ii dealing with Federal antitrust been dismissed in earlier Federal court action hospitals counsel said that in his april 30 opinion dismissing the Case judge Bloch ruled or Miller is not entitled to have this claim heard by a Federal court in the opinion accompanying his order judge Bloch said because of Pennsylvania statutory scheme governing Hospital peer review the state action doctrine protects physicians Here from Federal anti Trust liability for their activities on Hospital peer review committees the state action doctrine he wrote exempts the ant competitive actions of a state government from liability under the Federal antitrust Laws see Page 4 column 6 Kim open 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