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Indiana Gazette Newspaper Archives Jun 3 2015, Page 5

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Indiana Gazette (Newspaper) - June 3, 2015, Indiana, PennsylvaniaHance the privacy protections of american citizens. And it surely undermines american Security by taking one More tool form our War fighters at exactly the wrong time. The legislation remakes the most controversial aspect of the Usa Patriot act the once secret bulk collection program that allows the National Security Agency to sweep up americans phone records and comb through them for ties to International terrorists. Over six months the Asa would lose the Power to collect and store those records but the government still could gain court orders to obtain data connected to specific numbers from the phone companies which typically store them for 18 months. It would also continue other Post 9/ 11 surveillance provisions that lapsed sunday night and which Are considered More effective than the phone data collection program. These include the of bids authority to gather business records in terrorism and espionage investigations and to More easily eavesdrop on suspects who Are discarding cellphones to avoid surveillance. In order to restart collection of phone records the Justice department will need to obtain a new order from the foreign intelligence surveillance court. This legislation is critical to keeping americans Safe from terrorism and protecting their civil liberties Boehner said. I applaud the Senate for renewing our nations foreign intelligence capabilities and ism pleased this measure will now head to the presidents desk for his signature. The outcome capped a dramatic series of events on Capitol Hill that saw a presidential candidate gop sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky defy fellow republicans and single Anderly Force the existing Law to lapse sunday at Midnight leading to dire warnings of threats to America. The suspense continued tuesday As Mcconnell tried to get the Senate to go along with three amendments he said would make the House Bill More palatable. But House leaders warned that if presented with the changes the House might not be Able to approve them. The Senate denied Mcconnells attempts an embarrassment for the Leader six months after republicans retook Senate control. The changes sought by Mcconnell included lengthening the phase out period of the bulk records program from six months to a year requiring the director of National intelligence to certify that the Asa can effectively search records held by the phone companies and making phone companies notify the government if they change their policy on How Long they hold the records. Most controversially Mcconnell would have weakened the Power of a new panel of outside experts created to advise the foreign intelligence surveillance court. The final vote divided Senate republicans with 23 voting yes and 30 voting no and senators seeking re election in 2016 split on the Issue. Among gop presidential candidates sen. Ted Cruz of Texas was the Only yes vote while sen. Marco Rubio of Florida joined Paul in opposing the Bill. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina who announced for president monday was absent. Independent sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont who is running on the democratic Side also voted no. Civil liberties groups have been mixed on the legislation but the american civil liberties Union applauded the vote with Deputy Legal director Jameel Jaffer calling it a Milestone. Snowden now in Russia and reviled by lawmakers of both parties addressed the vote via video link during an event hosted by amnesty International. He said the legislation was historic because americans Are questioning Long held assumptions that intelligence officials always act in their Best interest. 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Recognizing that future design work May uncover insurmountable obstacles and that the partners still need to reach specific agreement on sharing of expenses allowing flexibility concerning the details of the path through Campus makes me confident that we can bring the project to a successful conclusion that will Benefit the University and the Community. The four stakeholders can eventually apply for a $ 1.7 million Grant to pay for construction of the corridor now estimated to Cost $ 1.8 million to $ 2.2 million. Before councils vote on the $ 30,000 commitment there were More urgings from the Public for Council to Back the Multi modal corridor and More indications the project faces some stiff opposition from some Council members. B. A. Harrington of Blairton Avenue said she moved to Indiana from a Bike Friendly Community and she urged Council to embrace the Opportunity offered by the Multi modal corridor. It will make for a better citizenry. It will make us a healthier Community she said. Laurie Lafontaine a member of the corridor projects advisory committee told Council the concept of the Multi modal corridor is not a Radical idea. I just dont want to give up $ 1.7 million that will go somewhere else if the corridor is not built in Indiana she said. Councilman Larry Dechurch said running the Multi modal corridor and its bicycle path along Gompers Avenue will create a dangerous situation. Several parking lots Are Only accessible from Gompers he said and in some places vehicle traffic can Only go in one direction on Gompers while its proposed that bikes would travel both directions on the corridor. Dechurch also said he did not want to commit the Borough to another debt. Borough finances Are already stretched he said. Councilman Tony Greenawalt said he also considers Gompers Avenue to be one of the most dangerous places to walk or ride. We have to look at other alternatives. Councilman John Hartman responding to comments that the corridor will make cycling safer in the Borough said India nays streets Are already Safe for cyclists. There have Only been five collisions Between bikes and motor vehicles in five years and four of those accidents were the fault of the cyclists Hartman said. The Bike Trail actually makes Gompers Avenue less Multi modal Hartman said. This Trail would take away vehicular rights and make it impossible to pass or go around a stopped and unloading vehicle. He also responded to the argument that the Grant Money will go elsewhere if Indiana does not use it. It is selfish and immoral to use Money you dont need so other communities cant have it. That philosophy is exactly what got our great nation into trillions of dollars of debt Hartman said. Council president Nancy Jones said it would be hard for her to support the corridor when the Borough owned Community Center building Home for the Indiana free Library needs so Many expensive repairs and upgrades. Its embarrassing she said that some toilets in the Century old building wont flush. And Sheds disillusioned that $ 500,000 in Grants promised three years ago to help make repairs to the Community Center have not been released and have become empty promises. Councilwoman Katherine Hood said she too has concerns that the Grant for the Multi modal corridor might turn out to be like the Grant for the Library building. Do not hold your breath if you re looking for a Grant Hood said. Theress no $ 500,000 Grant anywhere near that Library. The $ 30,000 commitment from the Borough for the Multi modal corridor passed on an 8 3 vote. Supporting the outlay of Money were Jones Hood Greenawalt Donald Lancaster Gerald Smith Ross Bricklemyer Peter Broad and Tom Thompson. Opposing the commitment were Hartman Dechurch and John Petrosky. Councilman Richard Thorell was absent. The proposed 2.6 mile Multi modal corridor with dedicated lanes for bicycles would connect the Doodlebug Trail which now ends along Wayne Avenue on Indiana boroughs South Side to the White township recreation Complex East of Indiana in White township. The route that has been under consideration for a couple months but which has been meeting with some opposition would follow Pratt drive across the up Campus then eighth Street and Gompers Avenue through the Borough. Proponents say the corridor will bring Many recreational Bike riders into Indiana who will patronize India nays downtown businesses and will promote a healthy form of exercise. An initial engineering study suggests 17 parking spaces along Gompers Avenue will have to be removed to make room for the corridor and Hartman calculated the corridor will require about $ 13,000 in annual maintenance work. Council backs Trail project continued from Page 1 Congress sends Bill to president continued from Page 1 Parkwood Armstrong township will hold a recycling collection on june 13 from 9 a. M. To noon at the township municipal building. Glass Clear Brown and Green cans newspapers plastics no. 1 and 2 bottles and magazines will be accepted. No appliances will be accepted. Other recycling dates this year will be aug. 8 and oct. 10. Armstrong recycling set

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