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Indiana Gazette Newspaper Archives Jun 3 2015, Page 3

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In jumbo chewy $ 5.99 w nos. La. Voted $ 5.99 american cheese la. D o lakes $ 5.99 Oast beef. La. Ressler $ 2.99 topped Ham. La. Neny selected varieties Only we Reserve the right to limit quantities. Sunday 9 5 Price find n. By Marc Levy associated press Harrisburg a key Pennsylvania state Republican House lawmaker signalled support tuesday for major provisions in a Senate Republican plan to end the traditional pension Benefit for school and state government employees. State government committee chairman Daryl Metcalfe r Butler said he supports replacing the traditional pension Benefit for future employees with a contribution to a 401 k style plan and requiring Many current employees to pay More to keep their current Benefit level. The Benefit in a 401 k style plan is less Likely to be manipulated to Curry favor with a beneficiary group such As an employees Union while the savings derived from changing current employees benefits is crucial to affordability Metcalfe said. I think moving Forward that should be on the table Metcalfe told reporters after the hour Long hearing. I think its a necessity to sustain the system. Met Calfers comments came following the first of two House state government committee hearings scheduled on the Bill after the Senate fast tracked the 410 Page Bill without a hearing late last month. The second hearing is scheduled for thursday. Republicans cast pennsylvanians $ 53 billion pension debt As the states greatest financial Challenge and Senate republicans have made it their top priority to pass legislation that overhauls and pares Back benefits. The Pew charitable trusts Calls Pennsylvania second to last in the nation since 2003 in making annually required payments into its two major pension funds. That delinquency is the largest Driver of the pension debt it said. In testimony tuesday Greg Mennis of the Pew charitable trusts said that moves to funnel newly hired employees into a 401 k style system would improve Cost certainty for the state and increase retirement savings for Many workers who change jobs before retirement. However it would result in greater Benefit uncertainty for workers because of investment risks and reduce benefits for career workers Mennis said. Actuaries estimated that the Bill could save $ 18 billion on More than $ 180 billion in projected payments Over 30 years. By Marilynn Marchione a chief medical writer Chicago the Federal government is launching a very different kind of cancer study that will assign patients drugs based on what genes drive their tutors rather than the Type. The National cancer institutes Sci match trial will be a massive precision Medicine Experiment at More than 2,400 Sites around the country. Starting in july about 3,000 patients will have their tumor genes sequenced to see what mutations or pathways fuel their disease. About 1,000 patients whose tumor characteristics most closely match one of the 20 or so Gene targeting drugs offered in the study will be put into groups of about 30 patients to get that drug. The goal is really to try to get the information faster so when we see responses we can expand rapidly and offer the drug More widely said or. Douglas Lowy the cancer institutes acting director. Details of the study were revealed monday at an american society of clinical oncology conference in Chicago. It is based on the growing realization that Many cancers share the same Gene mutations or pathways to grow. So a drug that targets one of these for a specific cancer such As breast May work against other types such As lung. Were getting to the lowest common denominator of a cancer said or. Otis Brawley chief medical officer of the american cancer society which has no role in the study but praised the Effort. You might end up with 30 people All with different kinds of cancer getting the same drug. Those eligible for the study will be adults with tutors or Lymphomas worsened or spread despite at least one Standard treatment. Fresh biopsies will be taken and sent to the University of Texas my Anderson cancer Center in Houston for Quality checks then sent to one of four labs around the country that will sequence the Dan. All the labs will use tests from Thermo Fisher scientific of Waltham mass., to Check for 143 cancer genes and More than 4,000 mutations. The whole process should take less than two weeks. Gene testing and the drugs will be free to patients. Were hoping that a substantial minority of the patients that Are tested will actually have rare or uncommon cancers so More can be Learned about what genes fuel them Lowy said. The study will be headed by or. Keith Flaherty at Massachusetts general Hospital. Or. Richard Pazdur cancer drugs chief at the food and drug administration warned that although everyone Hopes that targeting drugs to Gene mutations will improve survival this May be far More Complex than we realize. The Fra has never approved a drug that was not aimed at a specific tumor Type such As breast cancer but if a drug shows Promise for a particular pathway involved in Many tumor types it could be approved for that use he said. Also on monday the oncology society discussed details of a study it will launch for patients with advanced cancers who Lack treatment options now. It will offer patients off Label Access to various drugs already used for other tumor types or purposes

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