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Indiana Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1999, Page 5

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Indiana Gazette (Newspaper) - December 18, 1999, Indiana, Pennsylvania Eight delays and counting for Ghi Luaui saturday december 18 Ivov Page 5 Sun by Marcia Dunn a aerospace writer Cape canaveral Fia rain and thick Low Clouds prevented space shuttle discovery from blast ing off to the Hubble space Tele scope More of the same weather was expected for tonight launch at tempt the Hubble repair Mission has racked up eight delays to Date this is like being an expectant father whose wife has gone into false David Leckrone a senior Hubble scientist said following Fri Day nights launch cancellation launch officials said they would try again at despite a 70 percent Chance that rain and Clouds would interfered for weeks Nasa has said that if the shuttle was not launched by tonight the Mission to Hubble would have to wait until january to avoid flying too close to the new year and any potential y2k problems but late Friday the Agency space vaccine promising by Randolph e Schmid associated press writer Washington people who Roll up their sleeve for a nicotine Patch to quit smoking could one Day be rolling it up for a shot a vaccine to combat the effects of nicotine the addictive component of tobacco is being tested by a team of researchers sponsored by the National Institute on drug abuse if All goes Well human trials could Start by2002 but even if the vaccine proves Safe its not going to be magic said or Paul Pentel of the Hennepin county medical Center in min Neapolis it would depart of a pack age designed to help people Stop smoking he said while the idea of vaccination is similar combating a drug like Nico Tine int identical to battling an infectious disease Pentel said in a Telephone interview in a disease you Geta series of immunizations and you Are protected for he said do not expect that kind of effect for Nico Tine its hot Clear How Long the Protection will the vaccine now being tested on Laboratory rats is designed to keep nicotine from reaching the brain the amount of nicotine in the brains of vaccinated rats was reduced by 64 percent compared with a vaccinated rats when both were Given the nicotine equivalent that a human would get from smoking two cigarettes the team of researchers led by Pentel reported Friday in the journal pharmacology biochemistry and behaviour a nicotine vaccine May be useful for preventing and treating tobacco addiction because vaccinated per sons would not get a kick from the said or Alan Leshner director of the National Institute on drug abuse since they would find tobacco less rewarding they would be less Likely to continue using Leshner said his Agency also is supporting efforts to develop vac Cines against cocaine and other drugs or Gary Giovito of Roswell Park cancer Institute in Buffalo said the idea of a nicotine vaccine has potential if it proves Safe Giovino who was not part of pen Tell team said developers should be cautious however because while the vaccine reduces the effect of nicotine it Doest eliminate it thus he said people might simply compensate by smoking More 1 this is still exploratory animal work we want to do More studies of the Efficacy safety before consider ing whether its appropriate for a clinical trial in humans Pentel said were hopeful were in tests so far vaccinated rats Given nicotine injections did not experience the blood pressure in crease that accompanies nor did they undergo nervous movements that nicotine stimulates in people sentels team found nicotine molecules Are so Small a smokers body Doest naturally develop antibodies to it Pentel explained so the researchers combined nicotine with a bacteria the body immediately recognizes As for eign attwit10n Kmart shop mrs circular on tha front Paga the Jeorga Foraman compact and tha fall Loaiza thaw Wlsh not Atoo Tow Foreman Grill will not a a Ahama a a Oloiza for arty Tho May Hava Cauaan our we Root a a Ahama flight chief said a sunday try was under consideration if we feel that the team is fatigued were not going to try said Joseph Rothenberg theres not Glimmer of Hope beyond sunday arid sunday right How is just a Nasa called off Friday nights launch after waiting in vain for the weather to Clear up it was so bad Nasa had trouble launching Hig Altitude bal loons to measure the wind the postponement Cost Nasa in fuel and overtime pay discovery seven astronauts took the delay in stride smiling As they climbed out of the shuttle and joking with technicians shuttle managers had cleared Dis covery for flight just hours earlier after confirming that All of the welds on the fuel lines were Good worries about the welds had forced a one Day delay although eager to have the Bil lion Hubble revived astronomers said they did not want Nasa to Rush just to meet a weekend deadline intended to put no pressure on anybody and if we have to wait until january that what Well said Leckrone observations from Hubble stopped last month when six Gyro Scopes failed arid its Eye to the uni verse closed the shuttle needs to 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