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Indiana Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1999, Page 2

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Indiana Gazette (Newspaper) - December 18, 1999, Indiana, Pennsylvania The Gazette wants to be the Friend of every Man the promulgate of All that right a Welcome guest in the Home we want to build up not tear Down to help not to hinder and to assist every worthy person in the Community without reference to race religion or cause win be the broadening arid bettering of the county Gazette 1890 saturday 18 1990 2 the Indiana Gazette gov Ridge signs environmental Bill editors note the following associated press news Story appeared in thursdays Gazette Harrisburg a gov Tom Ridge has signed a five year Mil lion package that will boost state spending for environmental Protection Farmland preservation and recreation the growing Greener plan that Ridge signed wednesday in Chester county was substantially broader than his original proposal which would have simply redistributed million in existing the final version will reshuffle million in existing funds for Recy cling hazardous waste cleanups and Landfill closures but it also includes million in new Money in response to pressure from ridges fellow republicans who control the legislature democratic Leader pleased with Effort its been said that politics is the Art of Compromise and i am pleased to tout a major Effort that goes far in preserving and protecting Environ mental resources and Farmland in Pennsylvania protecting the environment has always been a priority for Senate democrats and our efforts were rewarded by the recent passage of Legisla Tion which will safeguard our Farmland clean up dangerous mines and invest in the improvement of our state Parks thanks to the efforts of Senate democrats especially state sen Ray Musto of Luzerne county the Pennsylvania state legislature has set aside nearly million for the environment Over the next five years a plan called growing Greener will take effect throughout the state in the first year the Commonwealth will spend an additional million on environmental programs the new funding will Rise to million in each of the following four years the growing Greener Compromise is one of the largest environmental ventures in the history of the Commonwealth when the plan was Origi Nally introduced the Ridge administration proposed a modest Mil lion program aimed at cleaning up Rivers and streams plugging Oil and Gas Wells and preserving Parks and farmlands funding was later in creased to million in the Senate thanks in Large part to sen Musto and Senate democrats Senate democrats realize that this Compromise represents Only the be ginning we wanted to do More but we were rebuffed by Senate republicans who didst want to take on the Ridge administration but with an existing program in place we will be Able to revisit the Issue on a yearly basis in the future we will revisit the possibility of adding to the growing Greener program through other funding sources such As Bond issues or a dedicated portion of the existing state realty Transfer tax we believe a dedicated funding Stream would help ensure the pro Grams Success and continuance by future Senate democrats will make sure that the Issue is revisited for the Sake of our environment and Protection of our Rich natural resources sen Robert j Mellow Senate democratic Leader steel Man opposed i would like to take this Opportunity to commend your state representative Sara Steelman for the courageous stand she took dec 8 in the state Capitol rep Steelman stood tall and refused to endorse a Slick but inherently inadequate growing Greener proposal that will be used in coming months to further the political careers of gov Tom Ridge and assorted state lawmakers the Indiana county area shares Many of the environmental problems of my District in Clearfield and Centre counties especially acid mine drainage rep Steelman correctly determined that the Short term Bene fits of growing Greener Pale in comparison to the environmental needs of our Commonwealth where damage from acid mine drainage alone is estimated at billion we had the wherewithal the state is expecting a million surplus at the end of the fiscal year we had the Bill 1200 would have provided almost twice the Money without raiding the recycling and Haz ardous waste Sites cleanup funds what we didst have were enough Law makers with the Backbone of rep Sara Steelman rep Camille Bud George democratic chairman House environmental resources and Energy committee catch22 debate by Christopher Matthews san Francisco examiner Washington my dictionary defines a catch22 situation As one in which the Only solution is denied by a circumstance inherent in the Joseph Heller who invented the phrase in his 1961 novel of that name died on sunday but As we saw in the next nights debate in Des Moines Iowa involving the Republican presidential candidates the spirit of his Antihero the world War ii Bombardie Yossarian lives on Yossarian was the Guy who discovered a provision in the military Rule Book that said you can be excused from flying death defying missions if you Are declared insane the catch is that you have to ask not to Fly if you ask not to Fly you fear in the face of Clear and present Dan evidence that you Are sane catch22 also governs campaigns for president if you have a Chance of getting elected you dont say anything interesting much less risky in a televised presidential debate if you dont have a prayer you have All ands of interesting risky things to say will you commit tonight to having a prolife running mate Gary Bauer demanded of Texas gov George w Bush i think its incredibly Bush answered for someone who yet to earn his party nomination to be picking vice catch22 Longshot Bauer is eager to lock himself into hard opposition to abortion rights Bush son of the former president and the Best shot to oppose Al Gore or Bill Bradley next fall could not be less eager Arizona sen John Mccain also proved the catch22 Ruie not actively campaigning in the Iowa caucuses set for late january he came out against ethanol the Auto fuel produced from Iowa agriculture i want to Tell you the things you dont want to hear As Well As the things of want to he bluntly intoned Bush who leads the polls in Iowa was Quick to demur i support ethanol and i support ethanol strongly John and id support ethanol whether i was in Iowa or and so it goes Bush Mccain and possibly Steve Forbes the Trio of hopefuls who hit the Pillow each night with visions of the Philadelphia convention and beyond keep their impulses under strict control during he debates predictably we get the most interesting debate performance from Gary Bauer Utah sen Orrin Hatch and Alan Keyes candidates with the least Chance of winning Guys enjoying their moment Christopher Matthews is the Washington Bureau chief of the san fran Isco the danger of online voting Byeff Jacoby the Boston Globe mightier than the tread of armies is the Power of a bad idea whose time has come but perhaps it int too late to Stop one dreadful idea that is already on the March the belief that democracy would be enhanced by allowing people to vote Over the in ternet earlier this year the town of Shel ton became the first to allow voters to cast ballots by computer in arizonans democratic primary next March As Many As Arizona voters will be permitted to vote by internet from their Home or office computers last month Iowa tested an vote system with online hookups at polling places the Pentagon plans to let several Hundred overseas soldiers cast e votes in next years elections statewide online voting is under consideration in California Minnesota Virginia and Florida and even in great Britain in a new Book Renais Sance Dick Morris Bangs the drum for online democracy in asserts Bill Clinton erstwhile pollster the internet will replace the voting machine it will become the ballot it will be a healthy shot in the Arm for a democracy increasingly devoid of now where have we heard that be fore in the 1970s we were told that Low ering the voting age to 18 would be a healthy shot in the Arm for americas disaffected democracy later it was motor voter allowing anyone to Register to vote when getting a Dri vers License or applying for welfare that was touted As an elixir for american democracy last novem Ber oregonians approved yet another remedy scrapping voting Booths and conducting All elections by mail vote email enhances the democratic enthused Ore Gons Secretary of state Phil Keisling it saves Money increases participation and helps our democratic sys tem of underlying All these supposed panaceas is the belief that if Only Vot ing were made easier More people would vote and in a country with chronically Low voter turnout the argument that boosts voter participation is Good of course none of these Silver bul lets has quite done the trick Elfran chising18yearolds proved Only that the vast majority of 18yearolds wont vote motor voter sent registrations soaring but turnout continued to drop in the last congressional election Only 36 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot the lowest level in 56 perhaps vote email voting will reverse the trend doubt less it is easier to cast a ballot when All you have to do is lick a stamp or Click a mouse but Why exactly Are we so desperate for the ballots of people who wont vote unless voting is made utterly effortless is demo cratic self Rule enhanced by pander ing to people who cant be bothered to get off the Couch and go to a polling place once a year Oregon is turning election Day into junk mail everyone is mailed a ballot whether they want it or riot now Dick Morris and his ilk want to trivialize it even further by turning it into Well into one of those ubiquitous interactive polls like the ones Morris features on his own web site these Are the sort of polls that name Alan Keyes the runaway win Ner of the gop debates and Elvis Presle Yas Man of the Century its curious that those who believe a High voter turnout is the sine qua non of civic health never propose paying people to vote offer to every citizen who shows up on elec Tion Day and no voters would come out in droves better still slap a Fine on anyone who fails to vote that would Send turnout soaring too of course bribing voters with Cash would demean elections making the vote compulsory would be an affront to our traditions but is it any less de meaning to keep scrounging for ways to wheedle votes out of people who care less about elections and could there be any colder assault on tradition than to abolish the ancient practice of coming to Gether in Public to choose our Lead ers the mechanics of Swarthmore professor Rick Vallely writes in the new Republic Are still explicitly designed to remind us that in principle we Are All equal Mem Bers of a political Community on election Day we must leave our Homes and offices travel to a polling place and physically mingle with people who Are plainly our equals that Day no matter what other differences we there is a grave eloquence to the act of voting in Public we Are so used those of us who vote to standing in line until it is our turn to be escorted to the voting Booth that we forget How precious the rituals of election Day really Are think Back to 1994 and those stunning scenes of Black South africans standing in endless queues inching Forward under a burning Sun waiting for the Chance to cast their first votes As equal citizens there is Beauty and Power in democracy made visible we would be much the poorer with out it sure we can do away with the Vot ing Booth we can replace election Day with Mas mailed ballots and envelopes we can even dispense with the envelopes and reduce Vot ing to a few Clicks on the Home com Puter maybe Sorne will bestir themselves arid Well gain a few Points in turnout but we will have lost something invaluable and our democracy will be sorely diminished Jeff Jacoby is a Globe Glenn Mckee was at Pearl Harbor the other Day i received a Tele phone Call from Glenn m Mckee of 437 Maple Blairsville who had read the Gazette Story of the dec 7 1941 japanese attack on Pearl har Bor Mckee informed me that when he was 19 he had enlisted in the army air corps on Jan and had requested assignment to Hawaii eventually he was promoted to sergeant and was in charge of his Barracks that weekend at Wheeler Field on Oahu when the japanese bombing and strafing attack started in Pearl Harbor and at Hickam Field and i think myself and the Cooks were the Only people awake at the time on Mckee said Mckee said he tried to reach the base commander and then made certain the 125 servicemen in the building were of later he signed up for training at the air corps Pilot school at Santa Anna Calif in 1943 but was eliminated and ended up at an air base at Sardinia in Italy he was there for about nine months then reassigned to a b29 Squadron in Kansas and served at air bases in Colorado Springs and then at Albuquerque new Mexico eventually he was discharged at Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania in september 1945 i Hope you take time to drive around to enjoy the Christmas Dis plays that residents and some Busi Nesses have made quite impressive while returning from the West Wheatfield township supervisors meeting at Clyde monday night i saw a truly colourful display at the route 22 Clyde area Home of the Alton Butch Hewitt family speaking of Christmas the oldest known photograph 1872 of a trimmed Christmas tree in Indiana county can be seen at the museum of the historical society of the Blairsville area at 116 East Campbell St the photo was made in St Peters episcopal Church on West Campbell Street in Blairsville you have just seven Days until Christmas do you have ail the presents purchased wrapped and la bleed i remember a family several years ago that became so involved in the front window another reason to drink in moderation or abstain Many years ago i was part of a Crew harvesting Christmas Trees on a number of District tree farms on one particular cold night we returned to our stockpile of Trees that we had Cut and dragged Only to learn that someone had arrived ear Lier and loaded about 125 Trees onto a truck and left the area j later that week we found out who its my beat by Bill Graff Gazette assistant editor Yule that they forgot where they hid their childrens presents can you believe that the kids asked them on Christmas eve if they would be getting any presents and a look of amazement spread Over the adults faces it was at that time that they remembered both purchasing the gifts and where they hid them another Fine example of Why you should drink in moderation or not at Allim certain the children will re member this incident for a Long longtime can there be anything More Dis gusting than a drunk at Christmas i also remember a Christmas Sev eral years ago when the woman of a House became so intoxicated and agitated that she rammed the trimmed Christmas tree through a had stolen our Trees and we found their stockpile and in Broad Daylight we returned the favor we took their pile which numbered nearly 125 Trees As far As we know the thievery ended because we did not lose any More Trees the Gazette will not be publish ing a newspaper dec 25 or 26 to per Mit its an Opportunity to enjoy the Holiday i take this time and space to thank All those Fine people who expressed concern Over my hospitalization surgery and slow recovery this year and especially to those who shingled the roof on my House while i was hospitalized since we have been lacking Snow for sled Riding did you have fun playing in the Snow or get cold wet and discouraged by Snow when you were a child i did my share of snowball throw ing and sled Riding especially on Maple Avenue on what was then known As flacks How Many trips made up and Down that Hill Drifting Down from Brady Street past Morrow across the Diana Branch and Hodge Street and All the Way to Cummings Alley we were Lucky one will be Nice and not mention his name ran with his get a Good Start downhill when someone called out that a train was coming Down the tracks he never stopped and about the time he Slid Down to Morrow Street the train was passing by he did not try to Avert getting run Over and by the Best of Luck he and his sled passed beneath a moving Boxcar unscathed you had to see that to be Lieve How Lucky one person could be exploits netted him a one Way sled ride along Campbells Mill Road Over Snow and ice Slick roads with his sled tied to the rear bumper of a pickup truck driven by another Man who will not be identified when the truck and my sled Riding Friend arrived in the Campbells Mill area they stopped walked Backun tied the rope to the sled and then drove Back to Blairsville without the sled Riding Guy need i say that the sled rider was More than a Little bit perturbed he finally made it Back to Blairsville towing his sled around 4 the next Day because passing Drivers Stop and pick him up i found out the details the following Day uses 262040 pub Shelby the Indiana printing pc publishing company 899 water Street 15701 established in 1890 publisher 19131970 Lucy publisher 19701993 Joe of the Board Michael co publisher Hastie d assistant treasurer assistant Secretary Joseph manager Robert director Samuel editor Lynn executive editor editor Carrier subscription rates for seven Days per wee paid in Advance to Gazelle weeks thirteen weeks Twenty six weeks fifty two weeks motor route subscription rates for seven Days per in Advance to Gazette office four weeks weeks Twenty six weeks fifty two weeks is rates paid in Advance to Gazelle office by weeks fifty two weeks by motor route Twenty six weeks fifty two weeks member a is Enil led exclusively to the use or repro Dullon of All local news printed in this news paper As Well As All a news Dos patches kept Day Memoir trim no 10 i Molani a 15701

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