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Indiana Gazette (Newspaper) - April 23, 1992, Indiana, Pennsylvania o The Gazette wants to be the friend of every man the promulgator of all thats right a welcome guest In the home We want to build up not tear down to help not to hinder and to assist every worthy person In the community without reference to race religion or politics Our cause will be the broadening and bettering of the countys Interests 1B9O The Indiana Gazette Thursday April 23 1992 Page 2 Remembering a man who mattered By BEN WATTENBERG Because ideas have ancestors and because ideas have consequences let me tell you about my friend Tom Kahn He died recently too soon at age 53 But he lived an important life I met Tom in 1971 when he came to Washington to be a speechwriter on the presidential campaign of Sen Henry Scoop Jackson At the scribblers trade he was the best He had the two qualities great speechwriters need He could write in American and he had thoughtout ideas I used to kid Tom that he and his activist friends were a cabal ingeniously trying to bury the Soviet Union in a blizzard of letterheads It seemed that each of Toms colleagues Penn Kemble Carl Gershman Josh Muravchik and many more ran a little organization each with the same interlocking directorate listed on the stationery Funny thing The Letterhead Lieutenants did indeed churn up a blizzard and the Soviet Union is no more I never did quite get all the organizational acronyms straight YPSL LID SP SDA ISL but the key words were young and until events redefined it away from their understanding Ultimately the umbrella group became Social Democrats and Tom Kahn was a principal They talked and wrote endlessly mostly about communism and democracy despising the former adoring the latter It is easy today to say anticommunist and prodemocracy in the same breath But that is because American foreign policy eventually became just such a mixture thanks in part to those Yipsels Young Peoples Socialist with Tom Kahn as provocateuratlarge On the conservative side foreign policy used to be but not very And foreign policy liberalstyle might be piously but nervous about being Tom theorized that to be either you had to be both It was tough for laborliberal intellectuals to be anticommunist in the 1970s It meant being taunted as Cold Warriors who saw Commies under every and being labeled as the unkindest cut The parentage of ideas is complex they often emerge from many places simultaneously In Washington Toms ideamongers found an hospitable environment in both the labor movement and the Scoop Jackson wing of the Democratic Party In George Meany and Lane Kirkland of the AFLCIO the Yipsels found heros In national union offices some of them found jobs as Tom did at the AFLCIO By the early 1980s when the Solidarity labor union challenged Polish communism Yipsels were already in place here as labors foreign policy shock troops Tom Kahn saw the future early He wrote in 1981 that the events in Poland should be seen as part of a process that could dismantle communism Later he became director of the AFLCIO International Affairs department The AFLCIO did the most to keep Solidarity alive with help from the Pope and Ronald Ultimately Solidarity broke the legs of communism and the great ugly beast fell just as Tom said it would Tom was in character as one of Scoops Troops in the fight for human rights and the promotion of democracy He had cut his teeth in the civil movement and in 1963 as Bayard Rustins assistant he drew up the conceptual plan for the March on Washington The combine started the democracy It was boosted by Jimmy Carters human rights push and sent into orbit by a profound irony Many conservative Republicans made common cause with some union Democrats who were their archadversaries on domestic matters That marriage was made in part by neoconserva which had some roots in Yipselthink and came to influence Reagans foreign policy which notsostrangely often sounded Kahnish anticommunist prodemocracy hardline Tom died too young of AIDS In the modern war of ideas he was a player a founder and a winner That is some solace for his many admirers in the democracy movement who will continue the work in a quite new era that his consequential ideas helped create Newspaper Enterprise Assn Bill Clinton getting raw deal By JOSEPH SPEAR It was a noble fight Mr Clinton but I guess you had better pack up your posters and slink on back to Arkansas What else can you do now that Time magazine has taken an indepth look at your character and pronounced it wanting Time is America Bill They know whats going on in the heartland because they ask us They teamed up with CNN and polled 937 people and discovered that 53 percent of them did not believe Bill Clinton is honest and trustworthy enough to be Thats a whopping people Bill No wonder Time felt compelled to run a major story analyzing Why Voters Dont Trust Clinton and a cover featuring a ghastly photographic negative that makes you look like you just ate a radioactive moon pie I sort of wish Time had included me in their survey though If they had there would have been only people who are convinced you are a schmuck and thats only percent and you might still have had a fighting chance I havent decided who to vote for yet but I am convinced that Clinton has been getting a raw deal When I review the things he has been accused of and compare them with the trespasses of other politicians including our current leader I see a tabby in a lair of tigers To wit The Woman Thing So far the case against Clinton consists of charges made in a lawsuit by a former state employee who was fired and an utterly uncorroborated tale offered up in a sleazy tabloid by a woman who was paid for her story Clinton has confessed marital wrongdoing but rightfully says it is a private matter between Hillary and himself Put it another way When it comes to hankypanky Clinton is in the same league with Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy makes him look like a milksop The Draft Thing So he didnt want to go to Vietnam and he flirted with ROTC and flimflammed his draft board If thats a sin a few million people my age are bound for hell Vietnam was a gross war stoked by scurvy politicians to further their scurvy agendas I was an army officer during those years but I served stateside I recall many sleepless nights of worry about being ordered to Vietnam and I dont know what I wouldve done had it happened All I know is that I hated that scummy war and I cant blame Clinton for trying to stay out of it The Dope Thing Clinton was repeatedly asked whether he had smoked marijuana He evaded the question and finally said he had done it but hadnt inhaled Tricky answer right Funny thing is given his fathers alcoholism and his fear of addiction to anything I believe him I also find myself wondering what Jerry Brown smoked and whether he ever exhaled but I suppose thats beside the Experimenting with marijuana puts Clinton in the company of tens of millions of his fellow citizens including lawmakers and judges Getting a little technical about it puts him in the same boat as many others including columnist William F Buckley who said he sampled it while sailing the high seas The Conflictofinterest Thing Clinton got into a land deal with a businessman who later bought into an and Hillary is a partner in a law firm that does a modest business with the state Give me a break The deal lost money and Hillary has a fundamental right to work where she wants You want conflictofinterest How about George Bush risking national bankruptcy because Congress wouldnt restore capital gains tax cuts while Bush himself exploited capital gains breaks to save a year between 1980 and 1986 Compared to other unprincipled scheming rapacious politicians Bill Clinton is clearly a piker Thats my analysis anyway but I guess it is flawed Time magazine tells me it is and Time cannot be wrong They know America They polled 00038 percent of it Newspaper Enterprise Assn Europes vote is mixed message WASHINGTON NEA 1992 was supposed to be the year in which Europes major nations would greet a new era moving toward closer economic union A unified and confi dent Europe was to claim a central role in world affairs However over the past few weeks European voters have gone to the polls and the results have led to forecasts of confusion and uncer tainty By far the biggest surprise was in Britain where Prime Minister John Major and his Conservative Party stunned experts by holding onto a narrow majority in Parliament Ev ery public opinion poll showed that the populace was tired of Conserva tive policies after 13 years of rule Voters seemed ready to give a remade Labor Party a chance to see what it could do However the same polls also showed that John Major was person ally very popular and trusted the same could not be said for labor Party head Neil Kinnock In the bitter fiveweek national campaign which included Americanstyle neg ative ads and a stress on personali ties rather than issues Major exploited the distrust of Kinnock to his own advantage Still the narrowness of the victory means that Britain is liable to enter a period of uncertainty Major is operating with an actual majority and vowing to push ahead with economic and social reforms But the Conservatives clearly lack the overwhelming mandate they en joyed in the past three elections when Margaret Thatcher was at the height of her popularity At the end of 1992 the agreement to eliminate trade barriers and other restrictions within the European Economic Community will take ef Baseline equity need of education Dear Editor As I read over the front page article in Wednesday March 25 Indiana Gazette regarding the Pur chase Line School Board rejecting the tentative agreement by the Pur chase Line Education Association I had to sit back think a little and laugh about how education and busi have evolved over the last 20 years and how politics in education and has reared its ugly head to cause hard ship for all Being both a union construction worker and a teacher over the past 20 years I have experienced feast and famine as the pendulum swings in the political arena In the early 70s construction workers earned to an hour having specialized skills and a strong union which enforced what job responsibilities were practiced and that every trade honored each request Through the late 70s our wages increased to to an hour However in the early 80s the bottom fell out with political union busting less specialization and a fear for your livelihood It is unfortunate that the Reagan Administration deemphasized the importance of unions such as air traffic controllers textile workers auto workers steelworkers miners and construction workers while searching abroad for goods and services for less costs less special ization and less quality while in this feet With a majority of the British skeptical of Conservative Party poli cies next year should bring a great deal of soulsearching in Britain as it looks inward and not towards Eu rope In Italy after 45 years of rule by 50 coalition governments dominated by the generally centrist Christian pate in the EEC its national debt by 1997 must not exceed 60 percent of its GNP Italys is now above 100 per cent and climbing monthly It is going to take very strong economic measures to bring the economy under control This will probably not be possible under fragile coalition government losers The Social Democrats and their leader Bjorn Engholm who was to be the main challenger to Kohl in the next national election in 1994 were ousted from control of their state parliament in Holstein by another small radical party These voters were sending a mes sage that they are unhappy with the There could be a great deal of soulsearching in Britain as it looks inward By ROBERT J WAGMAN Democrats voters have thrown the political system into near chaos by turning to new regional parties It is still unclear if the Christian Demo crats have been left with enough power to form a coalition that can govern Since 1948 the Christian Demo crats have held power because of national fear of the Italian Commu nist Party the strongest communist party in Europe Now though with the fall of communism generally that threat has ended Voters tired of the chronic corruption and ineffi ciency of the Italian government are now saying it is time for a change However as of yet they have failed to articulate what that change will be This all comes at a particularly inopportune time By newly adopted rules for a member to fully partici In Germany the linchpin for the new EEC it appears that after 20 years Chancellor Helmut Kohls Christian Democratic Party is in big trouble In a series of votes for key state parliaments contests that normally serve as barometers of national sentiment the Christian Democrats lost control of several states including those in the most prosperous area of Germany Ba denWuerttemberg In elections where about 12 per cent of Germans went to the polls the result was called a political earthquake by ARD Germanys national television network Two small radical rightwing parties took over two state parliaments and the radical right made big gains every where It was not only Kohl and the Christian Democrats that were the country loyalty harmony and quali ty to your job and employer became a thing of the past Now as we enter the 90s the political and economical situation has gotten worse with unemploy ment deficits trade imbalance and diminished worker morale In education the teachers of the 70s were lucky to make a year However no one complained about their salaries being too high while these teachers were spending to at a college to get a quality education With Act 195 giv ing teachers a fair opportunity to negotiate with leverage to help them get their fair piece of the pie most taxpayers didnt complain as salaries in the late 70s and early 80s finally got above a year While in most were making to a year or more Then came the Reagan years and starts to lose ground The Republicans think that workers perform better when their job is on the line However research has proved it only brings animosity poor performance and less quality Whereas when someone is paid a decent fair and adequate wage it brings harmony loyalty and quality to the work place In corporate Japan the first three concerns of ownership are loyalty to the workers loyalty to the business and loyalty to the family whereas in corporate America ownership concerns are money power and greed The demise of the Greenwich Colleries is an unfortunate situation and the Purchase Line School Dis trict should not be held hostage because of poor economics due to the political philosophy of this country So you see its corporate America and politics which are causing eco nomical hardships for middle Amer ica and its not the fault of education We as taxpayers always blame the problems in economics on education instead of politics and the problems in education on teachers whereas both are totally separate segments and should be treated that way My first suggestion is to leave education up to the educators Its their business A statewide system of collective bargaining for teach ers like the State Police and PennDOT where baseline equity of pay can be established after a threeyear probationary period with cost of living increments de pending on where you live Local school boards should remain intact to carry out the everyday business except for educational cur riculum policies and teacher negoti ations which would be the responsibility of the State School Board System comprised of educa tors The school districts should also have statewide baseline equity in funding where each school district receives the same baseline subsi dies while each district is evaluated on cost of living increments depend ing on the economic climate of that district In order to make these changes each taxpayer needs to pressure their state representative that base line equity is the solution to funding of both education and teacher sala ries In addition to solving the economi cal shortcomings of this area one only needs to study the issues of each politician and most important vote for a change With the primary election only a few short weeks away and the general election soon to follow lets all take this opportunity to vote for the candidate who will do their very best for middle class America Thomas A Lester Teacher construction worker Penn Run Pa IF I WAS A PENNSYLVANIA LEGISLATOR I COULD RETIRE ONI TrIE MONEY ID MAKE ON MILEAGE economic cost of German reunifica tion and the influx of foreigners into the country This too is not good for the EEC Finally in France regional voting has shown that the Socialist govern ment of Prime Minister Francois Mitterrand has reached a new low in popularity After receiving only 16 percent of the vote for seats on Frances 22 regional councils Mit terrand fired his unpopular prime minister Edith Cresson and made other moves to shore up his popular ty But as in Germany the election showed an upsurge in the popularity of ultranationalist rightwing par ties that are committed to France first and only secondarily to a newly unified Europe Newspaper Enterprise Assn Special place for community Dear Editor A couple of seasons ago I wit nessed the demolition of the Manos Theater Building in the 500 block of Philadelphia Street I did not realize the building housed the theater until I looked through a hole in the side made by a mediumsized bulldozer I could not help sense a missed opportunity Theaters in many towns around the country have been restored to be focal points of the community and centers for social activity We in Indiana have a second opportunity The Coventry Inn the vision of Charles Runyan is being constructed in the traditional glory of times past This special place has the potential to be a fine eatery as well as a hub for a multitude of social gatherings Just being around or involved in such an endeavor gives us all a source of pride and sense of place My hope is that we recognize this opportunity and join in spreading positive news about this happening in Indiana As this vision materializ es take a good look around town and you will feel a little brighter knowing that we have a special place in the works Sincerely Dan Trimble Indiana Pa Published by THE INDIANA PRINTING 4 PUBUSHNG COMPANY Box 1 0 Indiana Pa 1 5701 Phon 41 24655555 EdoUuhedln I8VO UJCY R DONNEUY Prwident MICHAEU DONNEUY General Manager HASHED WNTER Auistant Treasurer STAOE D GOTTFRHDSON Aut Secretary JOSEPH L GEAKY Mreelof WUIAMB HASTINGS Managing Editor FRANK Edfor MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Aeeocleted Preu enWed exclualvely to UM or reproduction of ill local newe printed In thla newepapar at wall aa all AP ntvn dlapatehee CARRIER AND MOTOR ROUTE SUBSCRIP TION RATES Paid In advance at Ga zatta office One month Three montha Six Twelve montha MAIL SUBSCRIPTION 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