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Indiana Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1990, Page 4

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Indiana Gazette (Newspaper) - April 5, 1990, Indiana, Pennsylvania Thursday april 5 Page 4 Nikolais soars with space fantasy Washington a mod Ern dance Pioneer Alwin Nikolais is accustomed to worldwide acclaim but he confesses he was terrified by the squirming Sec on graders who attended the world premiere of his new space fantasy for children children frighten said Nikolais a 79yearold Bachelor you never can know what their reaction might be unless youre around them a lot in not around children very much so it was doubly Nikolais have worried moments after the curtain Rose tuesday on the Crystal and the his stage voyage through the Galaxy of a Childs imagination Nikolais clearly had won the hearts of 500 local school children who packed the Kennedy centers Terrace theater the kids squealed As the House dimmed and the rumble of Thunder Shook their seats they oozed and ached As the rising curtain revealed a 20foot balloon gently on the stage like a strange new planet and a 12foot shard of Crystal bathed in Celes tial lights they giggled at the wondrous aliens that Cavor Ted across the stage a Mermaid who teasingly tied her kelp tresses to an anglers Hook a pair of fat we footed Birds that splashed in musical mud puddles Herky Jerky androids ablaze in Ultra Vio let hues who disappeared in the twinkling of an Eye Nikolais did it All choreography synthesizer musical score scenery and costumes in creat ing the Centrepiece for this years imagination Cele the Kennedy centers annual arts festival for children his new work performed by five handpicked dancers from new York is being presented nine times this week at the Ken Nedy Center before it travels to childrens festivals at the Al Centro theater in Dallas april 1820 and the Orange county performing arts Center in Costa Mesa april 2526 the first show is a said Nikolais sighing happily after the curtain fell on his latest premiere he haunt created a dance work for youngsters since he was director of the Henry Street play House in new York in the late 1940s when his company staged a dozen popular dance plays1 for children since then he has been cheered by audiences and critics around the world and received the coveted National medal of arts from president Reagan in 1987 As a modern dance visionary scientists move single atoms about continued from Page 1 enough to haul a xenon atom Over bumpy Nickel atoms on the surface but gently enough not to lift it off the surface Eigler said the amount of pull was adjusted by changing the Needle tips height typically the tip hovered about 10 billionths of an Inch above a xenon atom atoms could be moved about 16 billionths of an Inch per second once they were positioned the tip was withdrawn apart from the ism design researchers also arranged seven xenon atoms into a Chain the work was done at about minus 452 degrees fahrenheit almost As cold As anything can get that kept the xenon atoms from wandering Eigler said in addition it was done in an extremely High vacuum to keep unwanted molecules from contaminating the surface Eigler said the surface can be kept free of contamination for at least a month Eigler said Lindsay said that degree of control was impressive Eigler said he did not know of any commercial use for placing xenon atoms on Nickel but perhaps some More useful kinds of atoms will lend themselves to the technique he said such atom atom placement should help scientists learn More about How atoms and molecules behave on surfaces which might help in developing semiconductors the building blocks of Many elec tronic devices he said it May also provide a Way to store perhaps 2 million times More elec tronic information in a Given spare than is now possible Eigler said electronic information is now re corded in sort of a Morse code consisting of is and of and that might be translated into he pres ence or absence of an atom at a particular location he said states leading Way in developing economic development policies Washington a states Are invent ing their own economic development poli cies in a quiet revolution that came because they wait for Federal solutions to evolve a private research group said today the Story is that while Washington the Federal government continues to be stale mated Over what we ought to do Over foreign Competition the states have gone ahead and invented their own said Doug Ross president of the corporation for Enterprise development a research and consulting organization Ross said the states reached a consensus Over the last decade that we Haven seen since the progressive Era 100 years ago when the states led the Way in figuring out How to make the transition from an agricultural to an Industrial unable to wait for new Federal solutions states began tailoring Homegrown Strate Gies to cure state economic Ross said states now encourage and support Indig Enous development modernizing Instate businesses easing their expansion and product development educating their work ers and facilitating he explained its a quiet revolution one that May Well have More lasting Impact on the Quality of our lives and the prospects for our children than any other Domestic policy shift of the past Ross added the findings Are included in the fourth annual development report card for the financed by corporations labor unions and private foundations for More than 40 years the study said states relied on smokestack or luring out state businesses with incentives and subsidies that approach no longer was working by the late 1970s the study found the study pointed to dramatic changes in communication transportation and technology that often made it possible for overseas competitors to produce goods cheaper than manufacturers could our businesses were losing Market share it said for the first time in our history it began to look As though we would not be Able to Promise our children a better life than our the study said some of the new strategies and the extent of their use include forty four states Are stimulating applied research through research centers and research Grants fort five states help businesses commercialize new technologies or apply state Oft heart technologies thirty five states offer nontraditional development finance instruments like product development seed capital and venture capital forty states employ new financial mechanisms that leverage private resources to help meet business capital needs fort seven states have launched specific education Reform measures fort seven states devote state re sources to improving the Quality and productivity of their existing work Force As a result the study said rust Belt states Are resurgent less than 10 years after the 198182 recession nearly did them in recent investments in technology Infra Structure and skill improvements As Well As policy innovations in development finance and Industry modernization have paid off in new economic strength for these Ross said according to the study the Northeast and West coast states continue to be the nations strongest economically although some show troubling signs including labor shortages in the Northeast and a decline of the Timber Industry in Oregon and Washington Southern states continue to make remarkable Progress toward economic the study said but there is a Long Uphill struggle still with the exception of Utah however the Plains and Rocky Mountain states have not recovered from the recession these states need intensive care and Are not getting the study said the world has changed but these states have it said without substantial change in policy and growth in competitive capacity these states face a Bleak future product Bill favors business Industry Harrisburg api tuners won a Battle in the War Over product lawsuits when the House overwhelmingly approved Legisla Tion to make it harder for Consumers to sue when they Are Hurt by defective or unsafe products the House voted 12566 wednes Day in support of a controversial Bill designed to protect Industry and business from costly lawsuits i think this is a reasonable approach to the said rep Jeffrey Coy Dfranklin who sponsored the Bill everyone realizes our society has become very he said lawmakers debated the Bill for two Days but opponents failed to pick up any More votes despite impassioned attempts to convince colleagues that the measure would harm Consumers debate both Days entered largely on an amendment favourable to manufacturers the House had approved the amendment tuesday but critics asked it be reconsidered wednes Day they failed 10685 voting against this sends a signal that positive to Consumers and said rep Allen Kukovich a Westmorland were say ing to Consumers that they should remain Safe and were saying to business that we think you should make Safe rep Michael Veon Beaver said the measure was a bad Bill and promised to work to change it in the Senate or in a House Senate committee formed to work out a Compromise its a dead Duck Bill that will sink on its own weight in the Senate or on the governors Veon said the pro manufacturer Amend ment opponents said would Force Consumers to shoulder More of the Burden to prove a product was defective and would Turl employees working under unsafe conditions but supporters said it would give judges and juries guidelines in deciding complicated liability cases without taking away a Consumers right to sue attempts to Chip away at the pro manufacturer measure also failed one amendment would have mandated a 25 percent reduction on liability insurance for businesses under the approved version of the Bill employers would not be held liable for workplace accidents unless they intentionally caused injury or death to an employee employees could not collect punitive damage awards opponents of the Amend ment said 50 percent of the product lawsuits Are brought about by work place accidents rep Paul Mchale Lehigh said the Bill protected thugs who abused employees and tried to Cut costs in the workplace this shows a callous disregard that Borders on the incredulous in regards to workplace Mchale said also under the measure products would be assumed safely manufactured if they had not caused any harm within 15 years an exception would be made in cases involving injuries that Only show up years later such As Asbestos the Bill would also protect products with known risks such As cigarettes or alcohol consumer groups and others had charged the provi Sion was a veiled attempt to protect tobacco companies and pharmaceutical firms victims would have a share in the responsibility for an Accident if they misused the product the measure would give protections to manufacturers who com plied with Federal state or Industry standards and those who produced the item using the Best existing technology without harming the products intended use or Appeal suppliers would not be held liable if they had nothing to do with the product being defective i jury deliberates Roma Exter for fourth Day Washington a the jury deliberating John Poindexter guilt or innocence on charges he covered up Oliver norths military assistance to the contras and the role in a shipment of Hawk missiles to Iran is giving Little hint of its Progress there were no notes from the jury wednesday the third Day of deliberations the panel of eight women and four men was resuming its work today Poindexter is accused of conspiracy two counts of obstructing Congress and two counts of making false statements each charge carries a maximum five year prison term and a Fine Poindexter lawyers expressed concern Over jury instructions about messages that Poindexter erased from his computer system defense lawyers asked District judge Harold Greene to clarify the instructions but the judge refused the destruction of the messages is included in an obstruction charge alleging the former National Security adviser tried to conceal from Congress the role Captain steel sen John Heinz and Captain steel crush aluminium cans at the earn tech 90 technology fair in Washington wednesday Captain steel represents the american Iron and steel Institute which is working with communities to remove steel food beverage and paint containers from municipal solid waste and streams laser photo new York 10 30 n m i api stocks Amr corp Airai Al Canaii s Alcos and Viallet Hantl Ai log pm Alcoa am ctn am Ftp cd Amoco a Molnr Armwine n last Chi 64 i t 1 Dana co Dow Chern s est Kodak e Xyon get corp go corp get Mnigri s a pump afro in Goodrich Goody for Jurt tit corp ism or net mint 31 66 46 j 35 j 17 65 37 74 16 106h 51 33 t 71 Mobil a crop a vex Olincy pig ind Pacteles i Ponn Evic porn nil Pelt Persico Phila a pc Polaroid proc Gambs quantum scars Roeb so stroll Texaco uni corp us corp Una Roxie up acc us West unit Ojuel Viohl Pirstl Woolworth 70j 55t 43j 454 68 4p4 63j i74 6b 38jn 56r 60 70 75 75 Ali 6 10 4 Der gives company pipeline order Harrisburg api a West Virginia company has been ordered by the stale department of Environ mental resources to release information on its natural Gas pipelines in Pennsylvania the department initially asked eng transmission corp of Clarks Burg to provide information on its compressor stations storage Fields and disposal pits in april 1989 citing potential chemical contamination the request was made after pcs or poly chlorinated biphenyl were discovered in 1987 along pipelines operated by Texas Eastern trans Mission corp the state wanted to determine if similar problems existed elsewhere Harrisburg a Here Are the winning numbers selected wednesday in the Pennsylvania state lottery daily number 001 big 4 0282 Harrisburg a next weeks super 7 Jackpot will be at least million because no lick the older matched seven of the 11 num Bers drawn wednesday night a lottery official said lottery director Jim Scroggins said 37 players matched six num Bers to win matched five numbers for and matched four numbers for fridays wild card lotto Jackpot will be at least million Scroggins said the winning numbers wednesday in the Pennsylvania super 7 game were 01 42 44 and 80 fugitive officer charged with Selling cocaine Pittsburgh api authorities confiscated the uniform badge and identification card of a City police officer who was arrested after she was charged by the state attorney generals office with Selling crack cocaine Renee Turner 35 was apprehended wednesday by a fugitive task Force at the residence of a relative also arrested at was her Roommate Nancy Daniels also 35 the women were captured i Day after an Allegheny county grand jury recommended prosecution on numerous drug offence charges brought by the state both were charged with four counts of criminal conspiracy and two counts of Possession of cocaine with intent to deliver delivery of cocaine and Possession of cocaine is Turner also was charged with hindering apprehension or prosecution intimidation of a witness Crim Inal solicitation and obstruction of the administration of Law in the Hawk shipment the jurors asked for copies of the messages which were saved on a backup tape at the White House Greene rejected the jurors request tuesday saying the notes haunt been introduced As evidence at the trial and so you cant have defense attorneys said wednesday the judge May have misled the jury into believing that it consider other evidence about the messages among that evidence is a stipulation a statement agreed to by prosecutors and the defense that none of the messages were from 1985 when the Hawk missiles were shipped to Iran the inference that could be drawn is that Poindexter did not cover up evidence about the Hawk shipment by erasing the messages the Hawk shipment is the focus of the indictment against Poindexter ten Days after 18 missiles were delivered by a Cia proprietary airline to Iran Poindexter had president Reagan sign a document which ratified the shipment fans Greet e Stefan in Miami Miami api about 150 fans greeted Singer Gloria Estefan As she returned Home from a new York Hospital where she was treated for a broken Back suffered in a tour bus Accident the 32yearold Star of the latin pop group Miami sound machine was Hurt when a tractor trailer struck her Lour bus March 21 on a snowy Pennsylvania Highway she flew Back to Miami on wednesday after she was discharged from the orthopaedic Institute for joint Dis eases in Manhattan after leaving a Jet loaned by Singer Julio Iglesias Estefan Rode in a wheelchair to a nearby podium where she stood again to address her fans its great to be she said expressing her gratitude to the me Dia and fans who showered her with encouragement Flowers and cards i have Felt every one of those prayers from the first she said i think that was very important in the Way that i feel and the Way i she also thanked her family especially her husband Emilio who waited until we got to the Hospital before he fainted and my son Tayib who held my hand while we waited for the ambulances he was very the two had presented her with a bouquet of yellow roses before she left he Jet at a news conference in new York before she left the orthopaedic Institute Estefan described the Accident and its aftermath As the most difficult experience of her life and said she was simply thankful for the Miracle of being i Promise i will work 100 percent to come she said in new York Stefans surgeon or Michael Neuvirth said the Singer faces about six months of rehabilitation hut added we fully expect her to return and perform

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