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Indiana Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1990, Page 2

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Indiana Gazette (Newspaper) - April 5, 1990, Indiana, Pennsylvania It left to me to Necibe Tat Shuib Ilafae a Gorae rement Foito Jour Nefos papera or Nero papera Fantt lout a 31 St bulb not idea state a moment to prefer Tolje Jefferson the Indiana Gazette thursday april 5 Page 2 cities strike out in the big leagues by Robert Walters Scottsdale Ariz Nea Scottsdale stadium the Spring training site for the san Francisco giants is carefully maintained and its baseball Diamond is immaculately manicured but its 33 years old and not very fancy spectators sit on Concrete slabs and Metal bleachers the scoreboard is Basic but serviceable other stadium features Are old fashioned and simple that not Good enough for the giants for years they threatened to move their Spring training activities elsewhere if the team want provided with a new state theart Ballpark late last year the residents of this Phoenix suburb succumbed to that pressure unfortunately Scottsdale residents Are not the Only americans acquiescing to the real or imagined demands of professional sports organizations even when Only the Brief Spring training season is involved cities throughout the country Are mindlessly spending millions of dollars in Public funds to construct elaborate new stadiums and offer financial inducements to keep existing teams or attract new ones in most cases securing a baseball football basketball hockey or other professional sports franchise is linked to the dubious belief that a major league team somehow confers big league status upon the Host Community in addition economic analyses of questionable Validity invariably justify extravagant municipal expenditures on the grounds that professional teams and their fans produce generous financial benefits for the in Scottsdale for example one of cited study claims that the giants Spring training every year generates million in additional local revenues coincidentally this is almost As much As the million Worth of Bonds whose issuance was approved by City voters to pay for razing the existing stadium and replacing it with a new Structure but much of the claimed Bonanza probably represents Only diverted spending by local residents if there were no saints and no says one University of new Orleans professor who conducted an atypically honest economic study these people would be out buying Dixie Beer and crawfish or moreover the problems associated with lunging after sports franchises Are illustrated by the experience of St Petersburg Fla in 1986 its City Council authorized the issuance of million Worth of Bonds to build the Florida Sun coast dome without a team to occupy the stadium when St Petersburg politicians attempted in 1988 to induce the Chicago sox to move into the empty Structure Illinois officials were forced to respond in kind in their successful Effort to keep the team from moving they had to offer a new million stadium rent concessions and attendance subsidies professional footballs raiders have developed stadium shopping among insecure California cities into a lucrative sideline they moved Oakland to los Angeles in the mid1980s but now plan to return to Oakland in addition they have drawn generous offers from other communities ranging from the los Angeles suburb of Irwindale to the state capital of Sacramento meanwhile baseballs giants Are returning to san Francisco candlestick Park for the regular season and therein lies the tale of a City secure enough about its major league status that it refused to yield to threats that the team would move if it want Given a new stadium Sacramento and san Jose were mentioned As possible new Homes for the giants if san Francisco voters late last year refused to approve a referendum authorizing the issuance of million Worth of Bonds to pay for a new stadium near downtown on the same Day that Scottsdale voters acceded to the giants demands san Francisco voters refused to kowtow to the team a major earthquake Only three weeks earlier convinced them that the Money could be More wisely spent elsewhere newspaper Enterprise Assn Green ribbons by Art Buchwald i walked out of the House last sunday morning and found Jill Stevens tying a Green ribbon to her old Oak tree whats up its for George i want him to know that there is always a warm Welcome for him when he comes comes Back from where from playing Golf he left at 7 Oclock this morning and i dont know if ill Ever see him and she burst into tears youll Sec him i assured her he has to come Home after it gets dark did he leave a note when he went out yes it was stuck to the Mirror and it said in off to kick some ass with a Little White Ball and find the Bluebird of Well at least he didst sound depressed have you told the children i explained to them that their daddy was on a very important Mission to Central America to save the country and that Why he spend sunday with did they buy it you have to be kidding they May be Lazy but there not dumb Ive been thinking that since he wont come to us maybe we should go to you mean show up on the Fairway not necessarily it could be near a water Hole or in a Sand i dont think that a Good idea if every fatherless family showed up to see a loved one on a Golf course there would be no place for the golfers to play in my opinion youre better off keeping the Vigil i worry about Jill confided Hes been complaining about his game lately he mentioned that Hes overshooting the All golfers say something like that just be grateful if he returns Home Many duffers Are too ashamed to face their families after playing 18 v he claims that Hes doing it for i believe that Hes telling the truth most golfers maintain that they play the game to protect their loved ones from castros Cuba i know George and i am sure that at this moment he is dedicating every Chip shot to i sent him a note from the children but it was returned with a stamp addressee i wonder if hell find me As attractive As he did when he sure he will youre a Beautiful woman remember this Golf Doest change a mans attitude toward his wife hell always remain the same person unless he crashes into somebody else Golf i was thinking of taking up the sport Jill said dont George has enough trouble with his putting without worrying about do you think hell get the significance of the Green ribbon on the old Oak tree Jill asked he would be a very very insensitive golfer if he los Angeles times Syndicate Pentagon worried about cosmetics Washington the defense department suffers from a bad Case of vanity some top officers worry More about appearances than they do about weapons strength they have no qualms about wasting Money on fancy cars doodads on uni forms and Flowers around military bases Andrews air Force base outside Washington is a perfect place for squandering Money on frills it is the base where the presidents plane is kept and where members of Congress begin and end their junkets Andrews is also the port of entry for visiting Heads of state and it simply do to have the place look austere top officials at Andrews want to spend million for a makeover in addition to expanding facilities the Money will pay to Spruce up the route travelled by visiting dignitaries the Messy overhead Utility lines on the base Are passe and the sidewalks and parking lots Are Ordi nary Andrews wants a visitors Center and officials there Are Wor ried that the hangars Telephone poles and parking lots Arent dignified enough for visiting dignitaries Andrews enjoys a responsibility As the most visible of any military a base spokesman told our associate Scott sleek leaders from around the world gain their initial impressions of the United states air Force and our nation As they transit with Andrews dressed up those dignitaries can now get a first impression of a wealthy country that spends Money on frills then their second impression will come on the drive Between Andrews and Down town Washington where they will see How the taxpayers of that wealthy country live some in poverty some victimized by crime some sleeping on steam grates burying a few Utility lines wont change that this int the first time that big spenders at the Pentagon have favored aesthetics Over fiscal Pru libraries and recreational facilities for All personnel on the base but the Mercedes want available for an Ordinary i to Check out for the evening when the army Roth decided to create a new image by changing its name to army Roth command it spent on the promotion about cadets and offi Washington by Jack Anderson Dale Van aha merry Houna Dence one air Force general once spent for an Avenue of 50 flagpoles on his base when someone complained a member of the very unit that installed the flagpoles was assigned to investigate them sur prise he concluded that the charges of wasteful spending were unsubstantiated because the flags were top of the line Andrews used to have a Glossy 1981 Mercedes 240d for the use of visiting brass the car was paid for out of the bases morale recreation and welfare fund that Money is opposed to be used to maintain cers got new shoulder patches and a regimental Crest the army Post at fort Jackson recently spent More than to beautify the grounds when a hiring freeze was in effect because of budget cuts when the nation celebrated the 100th birthday of the statue of Liberty three years ago the extravaganza was supposed to pay for itself at least that was the official line in reality the Navy spent More than million of your Money to show off its ships and the Blue Angels aerobatic team with the evil Empire now on the Wane Congress is agonizing Over troop and weapons reductions it would be a shame to see valuable people and hardware lost while the daily waste at the Pentagon goes unchecked the next Domino with Only a handful of Hartline communist dictatorships left in the world the pressure is intense on them to knuckle under to the wave of democratization the most Likely to fall next is Albania whose leaders Are doing their Best to stand up against the tide after Albania the next nation Ripe to shuck communism is Vietnam which is strapped by a bankrupt Economy and badly needs Western Aid the most heated de Bates in the intelligence Community Center on Cuba but dont expect Fidel Castro to get religion any time soon Cuba is Likely to stay a communist country until he Dies min editorial the Bush administration reacted with a predictable Dodge recently when con fronted with evidence that drug addicts who want help have to wait in line for treatment a coalition of state drug experts issued the figures about waiting times the health and human services department count ered by saying the state agencies have unspent Money for drug treat ment programs the states fired Back that the Money was tied up in Federal paperwork its All part of the Bush Dodge to appear to be interested in winning the drug War without actually devoting the re sources necessary United feature Syndicate inc thatchers travails dont assure Success by William Pfaff London the violence produced in London last weekend by anarchists hijacking of a poll tax protest is the latest sign of the extraordinarily embittered political climate in Britain today the Lead up to the next general election will be unpleasant indeed Many say that violence strength ens prime minister Margaret Thatcher by discrediting the opposition to her policies possibly this is so nonetheless the most sensible forecast one can make today about Britain future leadership is that the next prime minister will be neither mrs Thatcher nor the la Bour party Leader Neil Kinlock but the conservative Michael Heseltine the conservative party naturally says that mrs Thatcher will remain in office until the next general election probably 18 months to two years from now and will run again and win this is what mrs Thatcher herself says it is what or Heseltine says perhaps it is so there Are Good reasons to doubt mrs Thatcher has been dramatically overtaken in Public favor by the labour party the tory party likes to win if it finds that it is approaching the next general elec Tion with a Leader who looks like losing it will do everything possible to persuade that Leader to step aside in tory circles sentiment is not permitted to stand in the Way of electoral Success a poll published March 25 in the sunday correspondent shortly after the tories suffered a bad by election loss a percent swing to labour in what had been thought a Safe tory Demon Strates what is going on according to its findings a general election in Britain would be won by the labour party with 55 percent of the vote against the conservatives 28 per cent this is the highest labour Lead in polling history the poll compared or Heseltine with mrs Thatcher in a series of Straw runs against labour he was vastly More successful if or Hesel Tine led the conservatives against labour he would on the polls evidence lose to labour but by Only 7 percent a potentially surmount Able margin if mrs Thatcher ran today As tory Leader she would on these findings lose by 27 Points fifty nine percent of those consulted in the poll said that mrs Thatcher should leave 10 Downing Street before the next general elec Tion people say this even though by a narrow plurality 33 percent to 30 percent they think mrs Thatcher a belter prime minister than or Kin Nock would be that is a key finding or Kinlock still is an a established figure in voters minds he has drastically overhauled the labour party and pulled it Back from left sectarian ism into the political mainstream but he is not or not yet these things change perceived As a Man of weight and authority suitable to the nations leadership on the other hand Michael Hesel Tine is the no British Reader May Well ask who Michael Heseltine May be the Short answer is that he is a handsome seriously Rich business Man politician who walked out of a Thatcher government in 1985 when he was defense minister slam Ming the door on her because he not Only disagreed with her on a specific Issue of policy but would not put up with her determination to dominate every aspect of what is in Britain supposed to be Cabinet government with shared ministerial responsibilities or Heseltine political conduct before the break was characterized by mrs thatchers biographer As completely dedicated to self advancement so Long As it didst require him to Curry too slavishly her Grace and he left her Cabinet when that demand reached the intolerable level since then while assiduously continuing to pursue his advancement he has observed a scrupulous loyalty to the party itself and a courteous deference to mrs thatchers Posi Tion he has campaigned in support of tory colleagues while making speeches and publishing books and articles that set Forth a coherent discontinue a courses too quickly dear editor the apol Oridge school Board recently Voled to discontinue the agricultural science program and curtail courses offered in the Busi Ness department one reason Given was due to Lack of enrolment in these programs a program is not discontinued during one school Board meeting it should be gradually phased out Over a period of time for example Al one time the language department Al apol Oridge offered russian this program was gradually Discon Linued Over a period of Lime and then removed from the program of study whereas students in grades 911 enrolled in a science programs left school monday March 26 believing they would have the Opportunity to Complete this program of study at apol Oridge and upon returning tuesday morning Learned along with the faculty it no longer exists As of june 1990 the students of apol Oridge arc being denied marketable skills that will Benefit them upon graduation these skills were being Laughl in the a science and business programs and no longer will exist at the High school an apol Oridge family Grace Christine and Carolyn Walker Gazette conservative platform alternative to that of mrs Thatcher and the thatche rites once mocked for his temperament and Good looks he has been Nick named and politically discounted because of his opposition to the seemingly invincible mrs Thatcher he has with Thatcher isms decline come to seem the nearly inevitable successor very much of a european the Issue on which he left the Cabinet concerned european or Hesel Tine represents in economic and social policy the conservative party tradition overthrown by mrs Thatcher he is committed to Indus trial policy and state infrastructure investment As Well As More Gener Ous support for social welfare pro Grams mrs thatchers present unpopularity is generally acknowledged to be of her own making the new individual tax to replace local prop erty taxes the poll has provoked not Only violence but far More important for mrs Thatcher a wave of Middle class defections from the tory electorate she is making unpopular changes in the health service while interest and mortgage Rales now Are in the mid teens and inflation remains highest among the major european countries her hostility to european integration is unpopular in business and corporate circles where the 1992 Barrier free Market is seen As an Opportunity Britain May waste mrs Thatcher has said that she will not resign and that she looks Forward to still another Campaign and another term Al 10 Downing Street her legislative Calendar for next year is full she says and so is the year after that there is so much More to do i want to get on and do but the conservative party is restless and afraid there is serious question As to whether she can As she once promised go on and on and on los Angeles times Syndicate 3nbtana published by the Indiana printing i publishing company Box 1 0 Indiana a 1 5701 phone established in 1890 Lucy r Donnelly Joe Donnelly vie Michael j general manager Hastie d Kinter assistant treasurer Stacie k Donney assistant Secretary Joseph i Geary director William b Hastings managing editor Frank b Hood associate editor member of the associated press the 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