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Indiana Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 4

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Indiana Gazette (Newspaper) - April 05, 1986, Indiana, PennsylvaniaMarcos wife defend their Way of living new York a former philippine president Ferdinand Marcos says his wife collection of pairs of shoes was simply the accumulation of 20 years and that depictions of their lifestyle As like the arabian nights were false in an interview broadcast Friday night on Abc tvs Marcos also said the United states aided rebel military forces against him in the final hours of his regime with americans refuelling and rearming helicopters that attacked his Palace Marcos said Hes taking his exile in stride despite being refused Asylum by several countries never stole Money from his nation and considers himself its legitimate president although he has no plans to return even for his ailing mothers funeral in a separate interview today with a Manila radio commentator Marcos wife Imelda denied being extravagant and said she accumulated so Many shoes be cause i dont throw anything reports of mrs Marcos exorbitant shopping trips to new York and Tokyo were All Marcos told abcs Ted Koppel during the interview conducted thursday night at his rented beachfront House in Hawaii the shopping trips Are fabricated saying that she went to Japan and bought a Hal million dollars Worth of Marcos said asked about the thousands of pairs of shoes found in Malac Anang Palace mar cos replied she has probably to change shoes twice a Day and then after a while because she probably feels More comfortable and theres a party where she can Wear High heels and parties for Low but or president pairs of shoes hundreds and Koppel said Twenty years that is our collection for 20 years Marcos replied in a Telephone interview with commen Tator Rafael Yabut mrs Marcos said she didst believe there were so Many pairs of shoes but added i dont throw anything away even old in the Abc interview Marcos was asked if he was humiliated by videotapes re leased by the government of Corazon Aquino that depict lavish parties look these Are simple parties and they make them look like he replied the birthday party of my youngest daughter was a simple party everyone in Gold coloured dresses like you would see in Hawaii we did not spend very much but it is made to look like the height of exorbitant luxurious Ness the arabian nights and the like and they come up with the conclusion you see Why filipino people Are suffering although philippine officials contend that Marcos and his associates plundered up to billion during his two decades in Power Marcos said he never stole from his country but asked if he was wealthy today he replied that it was a toss up because his Bank accounts have been Frozen right now we have no he said we cannot even pay our Security we cannot even pay our doctors in her radio interview mrs Marcos her voice shaking with emotion said what happened is so cruel people think we have hidden wealth we just depend on the filipino Community Here for our Dayto if we had hidden wealth we would not be doing this because its so Marcos who fled his country feb 26 said that i the final hours of his regime Philippines air Force planes were grounded at Clark air base where americans were refuelling rebel aircraft i Learned that the helicopters that at tacked Malac Anang Palace Well i might just As Well come out with helicopters were gassed and reared at Clark air Force Marcos said so that would be by americans then asked Koppel Marcos replied philippine president Corazon Aquinas spokesman Rene Saguisag said today we deplore any attempt to steal the glory of the february revolution from the Filipi no state department spokesman Joe reap said the department would have no imme Diate comment on the Marcos interview on March 3 Secretary of defense Caspar Weinberger was asked about reports that rebel helicopters had been fuelled at an american military base in that interview broadcast on lbs face the Weinberger did not confirm the said we wanted to do everything we could to prevent at tacks on the Aquino forces he said he thought the presence of helicopters Over this group could Well have discouraged any sort of the former president who has been seeking to leave Hawaii and has been refused Asylum by several countries said he was taking in stride the fact that in treated like a pariah there is nowhere else to he said i either stay Here or go Back Home and take my life into my own hands and Tell everybody if you want to kill me Here i am but you will Start a civil Marcos said he would like to go Home to see his ailing 94yearold Mother but added that he has accepted that he cannot in afraid that if i go there my pres ence May be misinterpreted and May cause All kinds of he said adding however that he would like to re turn to his Homeland someday Marcos maintained he is the legitimate president of the ambassador relies on file an election poster of former United nations Secretary general Kurt Waldheim is smeared with a Swastika on a Street in Viennas 19th District Waldheim is presidential candidate for the austrian people party and the slogan on the poster says the president we now a laser photo United nations a the israeli ambassador Hopes Access to a secret file on Kurt Waldheim will Clear the air once and for All concerning charges the former chief misrepresented his wartime actions in the German army Israel was granted Access to the War crimes commissions secret file on Friday with the under standing that the documents will be handled on the same basis of confidentiality As any other material being used in a criminal investigation said a spokesman Access is granted Only to concerned governments Francois Giuliani an aide to Jav Ier Perez de Cuellar the current Secretary general said the United nations has released Case files from commission archives Only three times on Adolf Eichmann at israels request and on Klaus bar Bie and or Josef Mengele at the re quest of the United states israeli ambassador Benjamin Netanyahu said at a news Confer ence that Waldheim an austrian who was Secretary general from 19721981 was not fully can did about his the had refused to acknowledge or deny that its archives included a file on Waldheim copies of documents concerning Waldheim activities As a German army officer in Yugoslavia As published by a Bel Grade newspaper however had markings that indicated they had become part of the War crimes commission files the documents purported to show that Yugoslavia was seeking Wal Rheims extradition for trial on charges that he took part in an operation at mount Kozara in which persons died including children Netanyahu said Israel will take appropriate action under International Law if the file contains evidence substantiating charges of War crimes but did not elaborate further documents from other records re leased recently show that Waldheim served in the Balkans during world War ii As a staff officer in a German army group commanded by Gen Al expander Loehr who was hanged in 1947 for War crimes in Yugoslavia Waldheim who now is running for president in Austria has said he served As an interpreter Netanyahu said he had received material on Waldheim wartime activities in the Balkans found recently in the jewish holocaust files at Vad Washem in Jerusalem he said it contained very serious material and that it May be duplicated by yugoslav records when the War crimes commis Sion was disbanded in 1948 its files were left with the United nations for safekeeping they have been restricted according to a statement by the Legal office because for the most part the material in these records has not been submitted to the Judi Cial Waldheim said in an interview from Austria on abcs today show Friday that he was not involved in criminal activity and statements about his wartime activities Are designed to Hurt his chances in the election major document mainly restates former positions Vatican City a the a major document defining the Church role in society today said roman catholics have the right to combat unjust regimes but that clergy must not intervene directly in the political construction of the countries it would be criminal to take the energies of popular piety and misdirect them toward a purely earthly plan of said the 59page document titled instruction on Christian free Dom and the document dated March 22 and approved by Pope John Paul ii was drawn up by the congregation for the doctrine of the Faith the Vati cans watchdog Over deviations from roman Catholic doctrines and teachings the Vatican made the document available to news organizations Friday for release today it mainly reiterates positions previously taken by the Church on liberation theology a movement born in latin America that sometimes uses marxist theories to support social activism by priests and nuns in third world countries but Vatican officials said the document represented the first comprehensive and binding guidelines on How Bishops priests and Lay people should pursue the Church Mission of seeking Freedom and liberation in the modern world the document says roman Catholic clerics must not intervene directly in the political construction and organization of social and that the Church has the Mission of enlightening however it said christians have the moral right to oppose unjust governments and even in some cases resort to armed struggle one cannot passively accept still less actively support groups which by Force or by the manipulation of Public opinion take Over the state apparatus and unjustly impose on the collectivity an imported ideology contrary to the culture of the consequently it is perfectly legitimate that those who suffer oppression on the part of the wealthy or the politically powerful should take action through morally licit Means in order to secure structures and institutions in which their rights will be truly the document states it adds that the Church recognizes armed Strug Gle As a last resort to put an end to an obvious and prolonged tyranny which is gravely Damag ing the fundamental rights of individuals and the common but such action cannot be contemplated until there has been a very rigorous analysis of the in a 1984 document which the Vatican said formed an integral part of the latest guidelines the holy see condemned marxist class struggle and any attempt to use an atheistic Conception in the Church efforts to help the poor and oppressed far from being outmoded these warnings in 1984 appear Ever More timely and the latest document said in the introduction the document says the fight against injustice is meaningless unless it is waged with a View to establishing a new social and political order in conformity with the demands of a Vatican official who helped write the new document said it should not be interpreted As a change in the Church position on liberation the ology it does not represent any letting up or soften ing of the Church position not at the Rev Thomas j Herron a native of Philadelphia told the associated press he said the document is the result of tremendously Broad consultations involving a great number of people in the Herron was asked How the Active role played by Catholic Bishops in the Philippines in the feb 25 ouster of president Ferdinand e Marcos re lated to the Vatican directives we do not find this conduct of the Bishops at variance with the letter and spirit of this Docu he said but he said that in leftist Nicaragua where some priests hold High government positions the Church finds the rationale Given by those priests rather priests should not have this patronizing Atti tude that they somehow can do a better Job than Ordinary he said opinion concerns researcher new York a Public Opin Ion might prevent possible trans plants of human fetal brain tissue to treat Parkinson disease says a swedish researcher whose trans into rats show preliminary potential for such treatment this is a devastating disease and we May be Able to help these a but the Public May not be Lieve that using fetal brain tissue is ethically justified said Patrik Brun Din of the University of Lund in swe Den its a political and ethical question that the whole society has to share were not prepared to do it if the society will not accept another researcher said Friday he saw Little problem if the tissue comes from a miscarriage and noted that the fetal transplants Are Only one approach toward possible new treatments other scientists said that As Long As an abortion is chosen without re Gard to the prospects of obtaining brain tissue they Felt the tissue is better used for medical purposes than simply discarded i prefer to do something with the cells which can help some said French researcher Madeleine Gumpel who has trans planted human fetal brain cells into mouse brains to study what Hap pens research of that Type May pay off someday in diseases like Multi ple sclerosis she said Gumpel and Brundin said their studies had been approved by ethics committees their work was presented at a meeting on cell and tis sue transplantation into the adult brain sponsored by the new York Academy of sciences Brundin worked with rats whose brains had been damaged so that they produced too Little dopamine a substance brain cells use to communicate Lack of dopamine in humans produces Parkinson disease a progressive condition that includes tremors and rigidity and which afflicts an estimated people in the United states medication can control sym Bushes burned on fifth Street Indiana firemen were called out Early this morning for a fire on South fifth Street firemen report that the alarm was sounded at today and company two responded to 598 South fifth St where a Row of Hedges was on fire firemen were on the scene for Only about five minutes As they extinguished the burning Bushes and then returned to their station Toms but its effectiveness can be come sporadic after continued treat ment fetuses for Brundine study came from routine Hospital abortions four of five rats that got brain tis sue from a 9weekold fetus showed behavioural changes that indicated the transplanted cells produced dopamine if the rats were Given amphetamine he said Harrisburg a the win Ning number Friday in the Pennsyl Vania daily number was 442 Harrisburg a no one picked All six winning numbers drawn in fridays Pennsylvania lotto game raising the jackpots value to million state officials said lottery executive director Blair Gettig said four players picked five of the winning numbers plus the Al Ternate to collect Gettig said another 176 picked five winning numbers to win while picked four for the winning numbers Friday in the Pennsylvania lotto game were and 21 the alternate number was 15 an evening of reports a membership report by Bill Mcgee a legislative review by Dan George and Edward Kuckuck and an introduction to the new state marketing program profits by Tom Houser highlighted thursday evenings meeting of the Indiana county Farmers association also on the Agenda were remarks by state Farmers association executive committee and Board member de Nehrig regional organizational director Wayne Lohr and women committee chairwoman Barb George pictured checking the 415name membership roster Are from the left Cifa president Larry Allison membership chairman Bill Mcgee and vice president Stan Fabin Gazette photo by Fisher

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