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Indiana Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 1

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Indiana Gazette (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, Indiana, Pennsylvania Today saturday april vol 191 chief Tommy Hawk unable to keep up stomping out Brush fires is welcoming the prediction of some showers and even Thunder storms in the forecast mostly Cloudy tonight and Sun Day with an 80 percent Chance of occasion rain or thunderstorms Low tonight in the 50s highs to Morrow 65 monday will be Breezy with a Chance of showers partly Cloudy skies and near seasonable temperatures tuesday and wednes Day highs monday in the 60s falling to the 50s by wednesday lows monday in the 40s falling to the 30s by midweek ail Gazette team Stellar High school girls Basket Ball performance is recognized in the three squads named to the Al Gazette team Page 20 fired pastor a lutheran pastor who was fired because of his association with a militant group that stood behind unemployed workers is now standing behind a counter at a fast food restaurant struggling to earn a living Page 8 heating dollars the Trees Are budding and car windows Down but As warm temperatures flow into Pennsylva Nia a program to help the poor heat their Homes still has Mil Lions of dollars of unspent funds Page 25 racism protest students who built a shanty town at Perm state University to protest the schools holdings in companies that do business in South Africa rally on National divestment protest Day being held in Honor of the anniversary of Martin Luther Kings death Page 14 politics Bob Edgar kicks off his to Campaign monday with a heavy emphasis on the steel Industry while two democratic hopefuls for governor spar Over traffic tickets Page 5 steel hearing president Reagan gets mixed reviews on his steel import pro Gram in testimony before a House subcommittee steel chairman David Roderick says the negotiated quotas Are work ing and the head of the United steelworkers says the Relief has been minor compared to the problem Page 25 lottery fairy tale for grownups once upon a time someone managed to pour just enough syrup so there want a Pool left when the pancakes were gone 46 pages 4 sections 1986 Indiana printing and publishing company Indiana a Twentyfive cents two killed 150 Hurt in Berlin bombing Berlin a a bomb exploded Early today in a packed nightclub killing an american sol Dier and West German woman and injuring More than 150 people including at least 44 americans and West German officials said West German police identified the dead Only As a Soldier and a Young West German woman with holding their names until their rela Tives could be notified the army said earlier in a statement one of those killed is believed to be an american but that is not yet positively the blast at devastated the la Belle discotheque in the West German sector of the divided City police said at least 500 people were in the nightclub at the time and that the blast partially collapsed the Ceil ing shattered the facade and caused its Walls to buckle witnesses said a Small fire broke out but was quickly put out two claims of responsibility for the attack were made later by Anonymous Telephone callers neither could be independently confirmed in Washington a defense depart ment spokesman it cmdr Ross Kudlick said the Pentagon has not been Able to confirm whether the injured americans were service men but said he believes some percentage will be service the disco was popular with soldiers the statement released by the army Europe Headquarters i Heidelberg West Germany said 44 americans injured in the explosion were treated at local military facilities of those 25 were evacuated to american military hospitals in West Germany the army statement said five to 10 other citizens were be1 lived to have been treated at West German hospitals there Nvere also an undetermined number of West germans injured in the blast the statement said West German authorities said More than 150 people had been Hurt and that 30 were reported in serious condition chief government spokesman Friedhelm Ost said the cowardly attack hit us As much As our allies our american friends who Guaran tee the Freedom and peace of Ber Interior ministry spokesman Han Guenther Kowalski told the associated press the bombing was without a doubt an attack against the allies and is most Proba Bly connected with International Ter in Berlin a caller told a West Ger Man news Agency that a group Call ing itself the ant american Arab liberation front had planted the bomb West Berlin officials said Texas plane crash claims seven lives Redwater Texas a a twin engine Turboprop Jet crashed in a severe thunderstorm killing All seven people aboard most of them aerospace engineers with the Singer authorities said the West wind 24 Aero commander crashed and exploded in a fireball about Friday in a Field near a trailer Park gouging a 12 Foo deep Hole in the red Clay and scattering debris for More than 100 Yards said Bowie county sheriff Thomas Hodge the plane took off from Redbird Airport in Dallas at for Teterboro All of the dead were from new Jersey Hodge said killed were Pilot Kent Hetland of Willingboro Copilot Steve Fulop of Hasbrouck Heights Martin Chen of Kinnelon Frank Schmitt of Cran Ford Donald Mcbride of Totowa Robert Imfeld of Nutley and Wil Liam Pasechnick of Little ferry Hodge said the passengers were engineers from singers Kearfott division an aerospace electronics subsidiary in Little Falls said Tom Elliott a Singer spokesman Hodge said it was a Strong possibility that the thunderstorm caused the crash Federal aviation administration investigators were on the scene today said Mitch bark or an Faa spokesman in fort Worth computer wheel alignment Clymer Exxon 2549996 Globe arborvitae Sale Musser Garden Center route 119 North open daily 8 6 country Kitchen 422 West Indiana prime rib Ham seafood sunday stuffed chops they had not previously Neard of the group in London an Anonymous caller claimed the attack was conducted by the Holger Meins commando a West German terrorist group the commando is linked to to West Germany red army fac Tion one of Western Europe most notorious leftist terrorist groups a caller claiming to speak on the com Mandos behalf also told a news Agency in London in March that the group had carried out the feb 28 assassination of swedish prime minis Ter Olof palme Kowalski said the bomb was a homemade device weighing six to 10 pounds he said West German Security officials would assist West Berlin police in the investigation in Santa Barbara White House spokesman Peter Russel said president Reagan vacationing at his nearby ranch had been Noti fied of the blast by Donald Fortier an official of the National Security Council we have received reports that a number of people have been injured including some americans and apparently there have been some fatalities but we have no Roussel said the blast blew out windows in sur rounding stores scaffolding set up along the front of the five Story building in which the club was located buckled but did not collapse More than soldiers Are stationed in West Berlin in the last incident involving forces in the City an anarchist group blocked a military train travelling into West Berlin in november 1984 by Pil ing tires and Oil filled canisters across the tracks and setting fire to them no injuries were reported according to West Berlin Statis tics 37 arson and bomb attacks took place in the City in 1985 West Berlin is More than 100 Miles inside communist East Germany and is administered by the United states Britain and France under a world War ii agreement that gave the soviet Union control Over the sector now known As East Berlin bomb at Berlin West Berlin policemen and firefighters inspect the debris of the destroyed la Belle discotheque today after the explosion of a powerful bomb killed two people and injured Many More the disco was crowded with some 500 patrons mostly soldiers a laser photo gunman ends Long siege Chicago a a gunman who killed his landlord and a police officer and held a 74year old woman hostage for 35 hours surrendered Early today walking out with his hands raised and releasing his captive unharmed police said he surrendered said Richard Rochford a Deputy police superintendent he saw the police superintendent on to and he Felt he was treated fairly he simply told us in willing to come out and he came a crowd of residents in the usually quiet North Side neighbourhood stood at police lines to watch the surrender two people shouted shoot him shoot him police superintendent Fred Rice had made repeated televised appeals to the gunman identified As John Pasch 57 to give up since shortly after the siege by 100 police officers began at 3 thursday we kept reassuring him that he be Rochford said of the negotiations leading to Pas chs surrender the alternative Rice had told reporters Fri Day night was violence and police entered the apartment building where Pasch had held the woman and found a revolver and a Rifle Rochford said he said no explosives were found Pasch had claimed to have incendiary devices and police had said they believed him to be heavily armed with at least three weapons the hostage Jean Wiwatowski who suffers from a heart condition was taken to Illinois masonic Hospital where she was treated and re leased said or Max d Koenigsberg Koenigsberg said the woman told him she had a gun pointed at her throughout the ordeal and that she never thought shed get out alive she was visibly shaken and she showed anti the doctor said she was very tired and very Koenigsberg said mrs Wiwatowski didst want to make any statements no charges were immediately filed police sgt Raymond Gawne said Pasch prepared breakfast Friday for his hos Tage hours after he shot and killed two of her dogs and threw their bodies out a window said John Townsend Deputy police superintendent Townsend said Pasch an unemployed machinist also had asked police to pick up a paycheck and a set of tools he left at his last Job but Pasch had repeatedly talked about com mitting suicide and told negotiators he had drawn up a will said Rice the standoff began when the gunman shot and killed his landlord and a police officer at his House then barricaded himself inside mrs Wiwatowski apartment next door Pasch was thought to be armed with at least a handgun Shotgun and a Rifle authorities said police sharpshooters were poised on roofs Townsend said Pasch was keenly interested in the to coverage and wanted to know what Channel everything is the hostages sister Mary Wagner spoke by phone with Pasch and made a plea to end her Townsend said Rice had made televised appeals for two Days the ordeal began simply As a landlord tenant Rice said the gunman was behind in his rent and when the landlord Leslie Shearer 45 of suburban Barrington came to collect he was shot Rice said officer Richard Clark 48 who As part of the districts tactical unit was not in uniform was shot when he responded to reports of gunfire he said John Byrne Deputy assistant police superintendent said Pasch told negotiators he was sorry two people Are continuing search for Twa suspect Athens Greece a police Are seeking passengers from an Athens bound Twa flight who May have seen a woman suspected of hid ing the bomb that Tore open the Jet and killed four americans a state ment issued in Lebanon denied her involvement the statement distributed to news organizations in the North Leb anese port of Tripoli or Friday was purportedly signed by May Elias Mansur the name officials say was used by the prime suspect in wednesdays bombing of Twa flight 840 italian police say she is a known terrorist the statement said is Mansur would sue everyone who falsely accused her of involvement in something she had nothing to do there was no Way to authenticate the statement egyptian officials have confirmed that a woman named Mansur boarded the Boeing 727 in Cairo while it was on an earlier flight from the egyptian capital to Athens and Rome in Washington the state depart ment said the Cairo Airport had been inspected last month and met inter National Security standards but would not comment on the possibility the bomb was put aboard the plane in Cairo greek officials said is Mansur got off the plane in Athens and took a Middle East airlines plane to Beirut Lebanon the bomb went off on the Twa Jet As it was flying Back to Athens from Rome the explosion blew a jagged 9by 3foot Hole in the planes fuselage through which the four americans were swept to their deaths Steve Heckscher Twa spokes Man in Athens said is Mansur is the prime suspect that the Lead ing he said the woman had undergone a body search at the Cairo Airport by an egyptian policewoman As police Hunt blast victims san Francisco Apas Many As 30 people May be missing after a blast and fire levelled a Block Square warehouse injuring at least 20 people and causing an estimated million in damage officials said a search was to be conducted today said assistant fire chief Charles Cresci a fire dispatcher who would not give his name said at Dawn that no definite word on the missing people was expected until workers comb the still warm debris he said weve been putting out hot spots All the fire roared out of control for nearly four hours after it started Friday afternoon with a blast that lifted the roof off the two Story Bay View Industrial Park and Bent a corrugated steel garage door 100 Yards away Twenty people were taken to hospitals where two were in critical condition paramedics also treated an uncounted number for minor injuries at the scene the explosion knocked out Power to nearly Homes and businesses in the Blu Collar neighbourhood of Southeast san Francisco several blocks remained without Power Well into the night before the fire was contained at a column of dense smoke Rose feet Over san Francisco Bay it was not known How Many people May have been trapped in the building Cresci said late Friday we heard numbers thrown around three people 10 peo ple 30 people who knows hopefully its Zero there were Many businesses in operation and nor Mally at that time of the afternoon there Are several dozen people working in the building in sure Many got out some Are in the Hospital were trying to make the numbers add up to what there should Cresci said the search was delayed until today to give the ruins a Chance to Cool and to allow Rescue workers time to determine who was still missing from the 120 workshops and other businesses in the converted Tannery he and other fire officials estimated damage at million but said the figure could climb Vince Lehmann who works at a moving company a half lock away said a woman went running Down the Street she was trying to rip open a Metal Fence screaming my kids my kids he said she had to be pulled away and it want known if she found her Chil Dren the warehouse contained carpentry shops artist studios an Auto body shop paint shops and several others businesses that might have flammable Materi als but what caused the blast was under investigation i got knocked on my said cabinetmaker Sayage who was in a hallway when the blast struck i got up real Quick i looked up and saw every thing collapsing on me so i started running out the the roof sort of popped up and flames shot said Robert Hyatt who has an Art studio across the Street paramedic Danny Power who drove the critical patients to the Hospital said one Guy said it threw him in the air and when he woke up again the roof was six inches Over his seventeen people were treated at san Francisco general Hospital where two people were in critical condition said nursing supervisor Judith Grant two people were treated and released at St Lukes Hospi Tal and another was treated at mount Zion Hospital officials said part of routine Security and that her Luggage was searched by egyptian and Twa Security greek officials said they were never alerted that she was a suspected according to our records she haunt been in Greece before were trying to Trace passengers who might have noticed her on the Athens bound said Nikos Kokkinakis a senior greek Security officer Heckscher said forensic experts arrived in Athens Friday to perform autopsies on the four Vic Tims a Colombia born citizen Alberto Ospina of Stratford a Gree american woman deme tra Stylian 52 her daughter Maria Klug 25 and Marias 9monthold daughter Dometra All of Annapolis my the bodies were recovered near the town of Argos 60 Miles South West of Athens officials of Middle Kast airlines the lebanese National Carrier in Beirut would not confirm that is Mansur was aboard flight 254 from Athens on wednesday but a Christian Beirut radio Sta Tion the voice of it Bunny said is Mansur had returned to and was a member of the revolutionary brigades terrorist group the radio quoted unidentified sources As saying she is a Ixia near Christian and the widow of a druse militiaman known As Abu Rinrin who was killed last year in Xibi Nons civil War it said Mansur was her Maiden name according to the radio she divides most of her time Between moslem West Beirut and the Village of Ebay at in the Syria controlled Bekaan Valley of Eastern Little is known of the revolution Ary brigades but the radio said its main training Camp is at Bayat on wednesday an Anonymous phone caller in Beirut claimed responsibility for the bombing on be half of the Arab revolutionary cells Gatti pharmacy open sunday 103 Canales Garden Center Shelocta now open daily the Grapevine tonight barbecued Chicken and ribs

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