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Indiana Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - May 1, 1961, Indiana, Pennsylvania May la Indiana John Brallier first pro Grid i nil Hall of Fame belongs in Latrobe by Steve Butchock Gazette sports editor i the awarding of the National football leagues Hall of Fame to Canton certainly was a severe blow to those in Latrobe who were campaigning to get it for the Birthplace of professional football Latrobe was done an injustice but Many injustices have resulted in similar cases the town had hoped to build the Hall of Fame recreation Center on a 60acre Community Park developed by the Latrobe foundation since the nil owners originally agreed in 1946 that Latrobe was the Birthplace and the most logical site for the construction of the foot Ball shrine How Long Latrobe was earnestly pursuing the approval of the league to construct the historical museum is unknown the owners their views Back in when they officially recognized the game be tween Latrobe and Jean Nette on sept 3 1895 As the first pro game or John k Brallier of Indi Ana As the first pro Grid Der Latrobe As the official Birthplace of professional football in America and that a committee consist ing of three members to be appointed cooperate with and assist the professional football Mem orial committee of la Trouf in the selection and erection of a suitable memorial to beginning of professional football Latrobe had All the credentials but still managed to let the Hall of Fame slip away to Canton the two main reasons it slipped away appear to be Money and factions it is reported that a Large Industrial giant in can ton offered the City dollars for the construction of the museum Canton spurred by the offer decided make a concerted bid to the league for its approval and when they could show a secondary resemblance to the Prosperity of professional football the Money and the interest they had one foot in the door Canton also conferred with officials of Western division clubs and gained their support Latrobe meanwhile was put in a defensive position something brought about by lukewarm interest Over the past 15 years its Latrobe loses Hall of Fame to Canton Ohio Steve Butchock by Steve Butchock Gazette sports editor the greatest theft since sew Ard lured resource Rich Alaska away from the soviet Union for a paltry sum of Money in 1867 look place in san Francisco last thursday National football league com missioner Pete Rozelle and a Bunch of Western division club owners voted to erect the National football leagues Hall of Fame in Canton signifying it As the Birthplace of professional football i the most logical site the place where the league was born 41 years ago an automobile showroom Art Rooney of the Steeles gov David l i Lawrence Laurel Highlands pres j ident c k my Doonald golfer a Janie Palmer the Latrobe found i Tion planning committee and an i Avalanche of telegrams were fruit less in a Midnight bid to secure the historic museum for its rights Ful Birthplace Latrobe a Rooney carried the Latrobe to the owners at the leagues Spring meeting but was stopped on the goal line by the Western defense Rooney quite put it across the Hollie of professional foot Ball is Latrobe where the first game was played sept 3 1803 in that game a 16yearold Schoolboy from Indiana John k Brallier paced Latrobe to a 60 Victory Over Jeannette the game evolved out of Circum stances leading to the game be tween the Latrobe Myca Brallier Felt that he and making contacts to import sea by Ryan Captain from West Vir today pro football is a big Busi was made by George Jeannette the major problem i get and soned players soon Latrobe opt and Jack Gass of Lehigh Ness and local residents can proud the Washl Sion confronting the la Robers was the chances of entering in other a Lavers in the i pm to i absence of a quarterback several Days before the game was scheduled to be played the regular Field general had been injured in a practice session the late Dave Berry editor and i publisher of the Latrobe clip i and manager of the team Learned of the Gridiron feats of Brallier who had been doing a great Job quarterbacking the Indi Ana High school team on Satur Day and Indiana Normal College now Indiana state College ele Ven during the remainder of the week first Al pro team heres the first Al pro football team the Latrobe Myca As they looked in 1897 front Row left to right Charles Mcdyre of Latrobe join Brallier of Indiana Normal and w and Walt Howard of Cornell Middle Row left to right Charles Shoemaker of Latrobe Walter Okeson of Lehigh Harry Cap Ryan of Latrobe and West Virginia George Flickinger of Bradenville w Adams of Latrobe and Marcus Saxman of Swarthmore Back Bow left to right Jack Gass of Lehigh Victory Over Jeannette Bill Hammer of Indiana Normal and w de Wood of Indiana Normal and w Virginia Sam Johnson Iowa Dave Campbell of Oakmont John Jonson of Iowa cd first professional football Abbatichio of St marys d Berry manager Alex lairs of Labobe and f Noel of Latrobe the first professional football game was played in Latrobe on sept nut in t where Latrobe Myca Defeated Jeannette 60 Berry had to have a the game was near and Indiana 1 Wal 8 ponets began to do likewise and on the team were k b k h f f by Tim Mara of the new ton Jefferson College Jed Abbatichio St marys Walter y St p t00t giants and approved by All the persuasive Berry fought pro footba11 was on los Way to the Howard Cornell John and sanvba11 team we Bdl had three ent Dan Reeves of the i o Back with Money he upped the million Dollar transcontinental Brothers from Iowa a carom Indiana John Brallier de Angeles rams Art Runny of offer to quite a bundle in Justry that it is today con Blair Penn Dave Campbell Wood and Bill Hammer Pittsburgh Steeles Cut Lay those Days Brallier still in knee in 1897 Brallier switched from Oakmont George Flickinger j the Latrobe team possessed Beau of the Gren by ors pants reluctantly refused and w j to West Virginia Unive Bucknell Alex Laird Latrobe great size and Dave Campbell re George Halas of tie c i i c a c o when Berry threw in some Etsity John packed his bags in the Charles Mcdyre Latrobe Charles Portelly measured 7 feet 7 inches bears Alex Thompson of thu f Pense Money besides the Middle of the season however and Shoemaker Latrobe Marcus Sarthe Johnson Brothers also Adelphia eagles and the late nil Bill Brallier agreed to play returned to Latrobe bringing with j Man Swarthmore and Shelafo a stretched High into the sky bral commissioner Bart figuring he bypass that him several of the players from full blooded Carlisle Indian Berher stating that he could stand un1 these football urinates Vul d kind of Money the Youthful in Diana Star agreed to terms and signed the first professional foot Ball contract which made him the first palmtop Lay Grudder the Mountaineer school to play for for the remainder of the sea son where else they surmised stating Rys recruiting system was worker both of their horizontally for Latrobe in 1910 in 19j1 c on ing beautifully and pro football be stretched arms Gan flourishing could they earn such big Money i in fact Latrobe opponents be despite All the qualifications for the Hall of Fame including the first Al pro team was Asigan to build powerhouses and after a Resolution adopted unanimously known gets the Hall of Fame even de troit and los angles were in running Why the answer is in thus pro football was the i sem bled in the same year and the 1906 season the game became at a meeting of the National Arthur Daley writing in the sport caught on and Brallier liked the idea of playing for pay he collegiate Ali americans began too much for Latrobe football league held in new new York stated leaning toward the pro ranks with sparkle in their eyes the list of returnees playing for la want too far from Latrobe so participated in two More games the enterprising newspaper editor that season for the Latrobe came to Indiana to find Brallie drawing the same fat paycheck of trobe included de solve his quarterback per game Brallier then entered Washington Jefferson col this was Berrys initial Talent lege Berrys first widespread pro was a smashing Success and he immediately met with to play for pay Bej about die Wood of Indiana Walter Okeson Lafayette Al America coach and player d o g g 1 e Alameri Massillon Youngstown Steelton York City Jan 12 1946 which historical site of the first it and Western University now stated now therefore be it re game Latrobe deserves the h us began going big solved that the National foot of Fame anything else would a get one of the most coveted sports the baseball Hall of Fame is located at Coopers town n but whether it belongs there is doubtful Abner Doubleday outlined the first baseball Diamond there in 1839 but historians Trace baseballs beginning to june 18 1846 when the knickerbockers played the new York club at the Elysian Fields in Hoboken yet Cooperstown was awarded the baseball Hall of Fame the first collegiate football game was played be and Rutgers at new Brunswick n in 1869 that where the collegiate football Hall of Fame will be built that where it belongs the National football leagues Hall of Fame will be erected it belongs in Latrobe the Western division owners such As George Halas of the Chicago bears and Paul Brown of the Cleveland Browns and nil commissioner Pete Rozelle were the ones who advocated it to Canton the owners had the solid backing of Rozelle and swung the Deal if the late commissioner of the Bell the predecessor to Rozelle who is from the West alive the Hall of Fame probably would have gone to la trobe Bert Bell had his league office in Philadelphia and Rozelle s office is in san Francisco Rozelle must not have recognized the historical significance of the first pro game his decision Speaks for itself Bell undoubtedly would have voted for Latrobe and justifiably so v a Western Pennsylvania la trobe and Indiana which had the first professional foot Ball player and three players on the first pro football team the Only Consolation left is the new professional business More so than the defunct All major leagues ironically pro football interest Ball league officially recognizes a rank began to dwindle after and it Latrobe Pennsylvania As the j if the National football league Birthplace of professional foot has an Appeal committee Ball in Latrobe was consider such matters then Tia unable to land the cherished Latrobe foundation planning com museum Mittee better exploit it immedi the motion to recognize Latrobe lately want until the National football league the american professional football association was formed in Canton that it started on the up trend again National san Francisco Pittsburgh los Angeles Milwaukee Chicago St Louis Philadelphia 1 2 2 3 sunday results los Angeles 25 Chicago 110 Pittsburgh 62 Cincinnati 34 san Francisco 14 Milwaukee 4 Philadelphia 11 St Louis 7 ten innings saturday results Pittsburgh 6 Cincinnati 3 n Philadelphia 3 St Louis 2 n san Francisco 7 Milwaukee 3 los Angeles 9 Chicago 4 5 monday games Philadelphia at Cincinnati n Only game scheduled tuesday games Philadelphia at Cincinnati w los Angeles at Milwaukee n san Francisco at Chicago Pittsburgh at St Louis n american league giants Power sinks is clouts 4 homers by Ioe Reichler associated press sports writer Willie Mays clouded four Home runs a feat accomplished by Only others in a single Gams to the san Franciy Gants to Milwaukee i ii our seasons of Waring with the finans Boston cu1 Tui rhed Laue stand t i56 Latrobe can set approval of the american i Baltimore football league owners and commissioner Joe Foss to preserve the leagues remembrances on the site of the Washington Birthplace of professional a t to id re City ton Jeles the giants either sit or the other records by smashing exit Home runs As they regained Fin place in the National league p 11 Nant race Milwaukee Henry Aaron hit two Humours to Erv me the two teams to is Tabili a league Mark of 10 Horn Sun Francisco added another sign Day total of 13 homers to giants hit five in saturdays 73 Victory Over tie braves Pittsburgh held to a split by Cincinnati dropped into second place the pirates lust the Sec Ond game 42 after winning the opener 63 los an Joeles nipped Chicago 21 on Tommy Davis two run Homer in the ninth inning but the cubs came Back with a seven run Sulo Iid inning to win the 105 Philadelphia spot St Louis a fi2 Lead then with seven runs in Ehigh and four in the 10th to 117 Tho american league Chi j Defeated Minnesota 53 in 11 s new York nipped Wash 43 in their first game the taking the second 21 in Droit walloped Baltimore 82 0ioles came Back to skin l second game 42 Kansas City i los Angeles swapped Vic the As winning the second 32 after los Angeles had the Spauer 64 Boston and Cleveland also split a pair the red sox winning the opener 42 and the indians taking the Sec Ond 101 Mays put on a tremendous show for the Milwaukee spectators probably the most interested was Joe Adcock the slugging first baseman big Joe was the last National leaguer to Hammer four out of the Park in one Day he did it july 31 1954 in ebbets Field Brooklyn Willie who had hit Only two homers prior to sundays fire works greeted Milwaukee starter Lew Burdette with a four Bagger in the first inning there was no one on base Mays tagged Bur Dette again in the third with one mate aboard Southpaw Sinh Morehead was pitching in the sixth when Mays pounded his third Homer with two on Willie got his fourth Homer in the eighth off right hander Don Mcmahon Mays ninth player to hit four hrs in one game i Lebanon relays titlist Pittsburgh a mount Falls 8 8 canonic Lebanon High schools track Andl Millan 7 Uniontown 7 Johnstown c2 team holds the Opial rej6 North Allegheny 6 Butler 6 i carnival championship for new Castle 5 Moon 5 Washington the eighth year in a Row u Bethel 4 Mckeesport 4 Home n sunday results new York 41 Washington 2 210 Baltimore 24 Detroit 82 City 43 los an gilts 5 Minnesota 3 11 in Milwaukee a Willie Mays the san Francisco giants Reat Cenie fielder found the sure Way to break out of a minor slump tin cure the most explosive hitting performance of his nine year care or the former say hey kid now a poised Veteran nearly 2u be fhe blew devils won the meet Willy saturday in Competition 40 other schools in rain Hill and Snow at mount Lebanon i i Stead 4 North Hills 4 Hopewell 3 Quaker Valley 2 Connellsville 2 and Brentwood 1 Brownsville set a new record of t in the shuttle High hurdles previous Mark was sports on air rai10 to Mouru Kaka Lebanon 44 Clairton 21 be 14 Altoona 13 Penn Baldwin 10 Wilkins Bur took Kun 9 Chan 2 b Pua St tows saturday results York 4 Cleveland 2 Baltimore 5 Washington 0 Detroit 9 Boston 5 los Angeles 4 Minnesota 1 Kansas City 13 Chicago 9 monday games new York at Washington Chicago at Minnesota Only games scheduled tuesday games Detroit at Washington n Chicago at Cleveland in new York at Minnesota Boito at City Baltimore at los Angeles ers in a game As the giants buried the Milwaukee braves 144 with a spectacular display of witless in seven times at Bat in i two previous games against the braves i lays admitum he was i concerned about j slump and i was Guniy the last couple of Days 1 did not hit a Ball Good at Mays and now this its the greatest Day of my baseball Ca a Fela homers m one game in should be his greatest Mays leu a san Francisco As Sault against seven Milwaukee pitchers the giants belted eight homers which added to their five in a 73 Victory saturday equalled major league records for one game and two consecutive games Rookie shortstop Jose Pagan with Only one hit ii 18 times at Bat hit a pair of homers plus a couple of singles Orlando Cepeda and Felipe Alou each contributed Solo shots but it was strictly Mays Day Mays cracked a 420foot Homer into the Centerfield bleachers in the i it inning off Milwaukee Scariti Lew Burdette he hit no 2 400 feet to left Center off an other Burdette delivery in the third in the film Willie loud sharply to Center against Moe dra he on a 11 pitch b set i Moi Aeau in the next in Ning Homer no 3 was a tape measure Job travelling 450 feet just to the left of the bleachers in left in the eighth Mays hit his fourth circuit blast 430 feet to left Center Oft Don Mcmahon the crowd rooting for Willie booed As Jim Davenport grounded out with Mays on deck in the ninth its probably just As Well 1 j didst get another Chance up Mays said i probably have done anything As t would have been 1 Willie said he was just up there didst know about any record until he heard it on the Public address and want trying for homers after his second one Mays drove in eight runs four shy of the National Cind Maior league Recaido held by Jim Townley him a total of eight runs batted in for the Day four behind the record of 12 set by sunny Jim Bottomley of the 1924 cardinals Billy Loes was the Winner he went All the Way giving up eight hits for his second Victory Aaron drove in All four Milwaukee runs Pittsburgh dropped Cincinnati into last place handing the reds their eighth straight defeat in the opener the reds retaliated by knocking the pirates out of first place with their second game Triumph Bob Friend won his fourth in a Row in the opener but the pirates had to Call on Elroy face in the ninth to retire the last three batters four hits capped by Billy Virions triple produced three pirate runs in the fifth and sent Cincinnati right hander Jay Hook to the showers with Bis Sec Ond defeat Bob Purkey hurled a six hitter for his third re leg Victory in the Nightcap shortstop Leo car Denas drove in a pair of runs with a double and two singles off loser Joe Gibbon the cubs Shook off a Tough 21 opening game loss to the on Tommy Davis two run Homer in the ninth scoring seven runs in the second inning of the night cup for a split in their double header Chicago reached dodger starter Roger Craig for five hits in that riotous inning Billy Wil Liams Al heist Dick Bertell and winning Pitcher Bob Anderson singled and Don dimmer chased Craig with a double the Phillies spotted the cardinals a 60 Lead but rallied for in the eighth and four in Luis in win their second straight trom St Louis Johnny Callison Tony Taylor and pan Cho Herrera who rapped seven hits and drove in eight runs them knocked in the 10th Jim aug tallies pirate Box second game Pittsburgh Virdon of Groat is Skinner if Stuart in Clemente of Hoak 3b j Burgess c Mazeroski 2b Gibbon p Danelson Mejias Shantz p totals Cincinnati Cardenas is Blasingame lib Freese 3b Post of Pinson of Robinson calf Bell Iff Zimmerman c Purkey p totals for for Nelson in 8th Pittsburgh 1q00000102 Cincinnati Moi 02q i0xr4 Burgess Burgh 249 Cincinnati 2716 Cardenas Blasingame and Cole Man lob Pittsburgh 4 Cincin Nati 5 i Gibbon 7 Shantz l Purkey 9 ii 6 0 6 Lik 4 0 i 8 0 4 Gorman Al first Pittsburgh 080 23j 9096 9 i Cincinnati Oil duo u j 3 10 t Friend face 9 and Smith Hook 5 Nim 8 and Schmidt a Friend Plumville Oris Plum Yulii the baseball team will begin daily drills tonight starting at 6 Oclock old and new players Are to attend Iee More 27

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