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Independent Record (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Helena, Montana Vol Xiv to. 178 Helena Montana sunday May 19, 1967 Price ten orate French envoy seeks Way to use Suez in action sought to Call Nasser grip temporary by Joseph x. Dynan minis Ter Christian Pineau flies to new York this weekend in quest of a firm ruling from the United nations Security Council that present one Man control of the Suez canal is Only temporary. If he gels such a ruling France May permit French Flag shipping to use the canal again pending definite agreement on the water Way s International character. France is now the Only major maritime Power still boycotting president Nasser s Suez canal authority and French shipowners Are beginning to feel the Pinch of foreign Competition. It was pressure from these ship owners which led France to a peal to the Security Council according to persons in close touch with events in Paris. Premier Guy Mollet is adamantly opposed to acknowledging Nasser s control of the canal and would re sign rather than abandon this position. Britain and other members of the Suez canal users association authorized their ships last week to use the canal and pay tolls under protest to Cairo. Thus virtually isolated of the world diplomatic stage on this is sue France contends egyptian canal authorities must commit themselves through the in machinery to observe the Suez convention of 1888 and the six principles of Freedom of transit through the waterway. A Mere unilateral statement from Cairo is not enough frenchmen feel. France takes Strong exception to the recent egyptian memorandum which set Forth Cairo s views on the waterway. Egypt maintains the memorandum does conform with the six principles. Nether the United states nor Britain jigs yet seriously challenged this. But France feels strongly that the memorandum Falls definitely Short Pope affirms stand on communism Vatican Pius Xii conferred upon Stefan Cardi Nal Wyszynski primate of Poland the red hat and ring of a Prince of the roman Catholic Church saturday. A Short time later inc pontiff issued an encyclical letter dramatically reaffirming the Vati can s opposition to communism by calling upon Bishops especially those in Poland to follow the example of a polish Saint Tor tured to death by cossacks 300 years ago. The encyclical hailed the third Centenary of the death of St. An Drew Bobola. It was dated May 16, anniversary of the Saint s death. It hailed the polish Saint s resistance to merely earthly Well being and called upon catholics to fight hardest where enemies of the Church Are most Active. It urged them to find in Bobola s example a course to follow especially for first Christian Church will be received thursday at the Church offices for construction of a new three Story 66 by 64 foot addition to the present first Christian Church edifice at Benton and Power. Completion of the addition on the Power Side is expected this building season. Ostheimer and Campeau architects of Helena prepared the plans and specifications for the major addition shown above. Plans also Call for remodelling the present Structure with the Nave to be reversed and at the East end. The main Entrance to the completed project is shown at the left of the new addition where it joins with the present edifice. The new Addi Tion will be reinforced Concrete Walls with Brick veneer and pre stressed Concrete floors. The ground floor will House the Fellowship Hall Complete with Kitchen and banquet facilities. The second floor will provide space for a ladies parlor and four sunday school classrooms. The third floor will have space for seven classrooms. The Church parsonage now situated on the building site will be moved to residential lots on Knight Between Garfield and Lincoln. The Rev. Clifford Trout is Pis Tor and Del Stamey is building committee chairmen of the first Christian Church. By Norman Walker Washington fellow teamster Bosses have so far avoided ousting scandal scarred Dave Beck As Union president Only because they can t decide among themselves on a successor. The inside Story is told by some of those involved in the tur Moil stirred up within the truck Driver Union by the sensational Senate rackets committee Dis closures about Beck. The situation is that Many of Beck s colleagues have aban Tough debate shapes Over kind of disarmament proposal . Should make to Russia by John Hightower Tough de Bate is shaping up in the Eisen Hower administration Over the kind of disarmament proposal which the United states should next make to the soviet Union. The key Issue appears to be How far this country should go in introducing into negotiations at London a plan which could promote the chances for a limited agreement with Russia on a Cut Back in military forces and a test zone for Aerial inspection. Harold e. Stassen chief . Negotiator in the London sessions is evidently in for some Sharp and sceptical questioning As the task of hammering out new de Cis fans goes into High gear Early next week. U. S. Military leaders Are re ported especially concerned to make sure that any offer to the russians even on a first step disarmament plan is coupled with requirements for inspection procedures which will give the most foolproof Assurance possible against soviet violations. Adm. Arthur w. Radford chair Man of the joint chiefs of staff has been reported As urging an attitude of extreme caution on the ground that in any agree ment made vital Security inter of the United states and its allies Are at stake. Radford is due Back this weekend from a tour of latin America and is expected to play an important part in working out of the final policy recommendations for decision by president Eisenhower. Stassen said on his return Fri Day from London that there is no doubt that Russia and the Western Powers Are closer to rotarians invade Switzerland City Luzern officials of rotary International powered into Luzern saturday for the biggest International convention Ever held in Switzerland. As Many As rotarians Are expected to be in this Lake Side resort and adjoining towns by the time rotary s 48th annual convention opens sunday. State National weather forecast Helena and mostly Cloudy occasional Thun Der showers cooler. High today 68, Low tonight 42. Montana station mix. Min. Pep. Billings 72 44 Belgrade. 70 30 Broadus. 66 39 Butle. 59 38 Cut Bank. 73 40 Dillon 64 3b Drummond. 68 33 Glasgow. 71 45 great Falls. 77 51 Havre. 78 52 Helena. 73 41 Kalispell 74 45 Lewistown 69 40 Livingslon 70 41 Miles City.69 45 Missoula 71 44 West Yellowstone. 53 34 Whitehall. 65 41 the official Helena temperature at Midnight was station Max. Min. Bismarck n. Calgary Alia Cheyenne Wyo Chicago Denver Las vegas Nev los Angeles Calif. . Paul new Orleans la new York City Phoenix Ariz Portland Ore St. Louis to Salt Lake City san Francisco Seattle Wash Spokane Wash to .15 .01 .11 to Washington d. A. 83 61 agreement now on a first step disarmament plan than they were when he came Home during an easter recess in the negotiations a month ago. The present recess will end May 27. On his return to London Stassen almost certainly will take along an Ameri can reply to a soviet disarmament proposal made april 30. That proposal called among other things for an International Aerial inspection system covering Eastern Siberia Alaska and most of the Western United states. American officials have called it unacceptable is it stands but have indicated that the United states would make a counter proposal designating a different area for testing Aerial inspection possibly in Thi Arctic Region. New missiles press need for defense the army s chief of research and develop ment says the nation must get on with devising a defense against intercontinental missiles. It. Gen. James m. Gavin gave that testimony to a House appropriations subcommittee last month. The hearing transcript was published saturday. Gavin discounted the View that the intercontinental ballistic mis Sile icbms is an absolute Wear 3." we know it is not at Gavin added. There is a defense against it. We must get on with getting such a defense for our another witness said the army is convinced it is entirely Feas Ible to develop surface to air missiles capable of destroying intercontinental weapons. Responsibility of women cited at Bow convention our responsibility As business and professional women is great in meeting the problems that face not Only our local communities but the state the nation and the world today because we have at our fingertips the skills and training needed for effective of Sally Butler National representative told the members of the Montana federation of Busi Ness and professional women at the formal banquet of the 35th annual convention saturday night at the pow wow room of the Western life building. The convention will end today at a breakfast at the Placer with a devotional service led by Helen Kitt. A memorial service will be held for Mildren Wood of Bil Lings and Mabel Lundin of Hel Ena who died since the last convention. Avis Crandall will con duct the Butler will install the new officers preceding adjournment. Marvel Doepker of Billings is the new president Ida Dickson of Anaconda president elect Maureen Connors of Butte first vice president Norma Flesch of Shelby second vice president Delia Dickerson of Poison re cording Secretary and Marie Olander of Miles City treasurer. The time is past when women can just talk about problems and do nothing about Butler said at the banquet. Miss the maximum temperatures for preceding Calendar Day precipitation for 24 hours ending at a. M. Minimum temperatures for 13 hour period ending at p. M. Montana mostly Cloudy cooler occasional showers through monday. Highs 60-79 today lows tonight 40-58, highs monday 86-65. Very fact that there is a majority of women in this As in other countries places the Burden on us that we could not avoid even if we wanted to. As members of Bow we Are proud of the vision and foresight of the women who met in St Louis in 1919 to form this group. Not Only Are we proud but women of Many coun iries of the world Are grateful to the founders for their Wisdom and miss Butler spoke of conclusions she had reached when she bad been sent by the department of state in 1954 and 1955 to study the activities and interests of women around the world. In some countries she said she had found the women were advanced in the political social and economic Field while others were satisfied or else fearful to take the Initia Tive in making changes. In the political Field she found women anxious to know How to remedy conditions they Felt were not Good in their countries. My experience of visiting 10 countries taught me that women no matter what color or Creed have the same Hope and that is to help remedy conditions so we May have peace in the she said. They want their Chil Dren to have a greater Opportunity for education than they had. They All expressed a willingness to do whatever necessary in a so Cial economic and civic Way to achieve a free world in which their children might grow up. If you As club women Are not willing to do As much As you can in a Large or Small Way you Are not making your contribution to the Progress of the world. Women in every country Are on the March to do anything necessary to elevate the standards of living in their own countries. Pride and a sense of fairness Are making women All Over the world willing to make any sacrifice to make any sacrifice to make life better for future miss but Ler concluded. Her talk was filled with anecdotes and observations from her trip. Miss Butler a past inter National and National federation president is a member of the american bar association the National league of american pen women and the Board of directors of the women s medical College of Pennsylvania. Her Home is in Indianapolis where she is savings Bond director for the state. She spends much of her time in Washington d. C., studying. Edna Hinman convention chairman was Toast mistress at the banquet. Ethel Trenary retiring president made introductions. The Helena club of which Virginia West is president was hostess. Jean Starr Higham of Belfry elected woman of the year by the federation will join the group on an afternoon trip to the Gates of the mountains. Her selection was announced at the sat urday luncheon at which mrs. Joseph Screnar mrs. George Lew is and mrs. Keith Anderson presented vocal numbers accompanied by Milton Brown. Late saturday afternoon Bil Lings was selected for the 1958 convention. Business As usual Idaho Falls Idaho it was business As usual saturday at the Karl t. Homer distributing co., despite the fact that an 80 foot Wall had dropped off the Side of the building. The Wall Slid into an adjoining excavation thursday. No one was injured As the sound of the Wall crack ing had sent 10 persons Scurry ing to safety. Thousands flee Oklahoma Homes in path of floods Choice of successor to Beck delays teamster ouster of scandal scarred Leader vagrant winds defy science at atom Flats atomic test site the vagrant winds of the desert country Are defying the scientists in their attempt to set off an atomic explosion. Saturday for the fourth time n As Many Days the first blast of he summer series was postponed 4 hours because of turbulence in Jie upper air. The new target Ime is monday morning. High winds picked up Sand and hurled it across the waste and of the Nevada test site where nuclear experts want to explode a comparatively Small atomic and High in the upper atmosphere Cross currents of wind clashed in unseen fury. These Are Jie forces that Are delaying the United states efforts Tor try out one of the weapons in its atomic Arsenal. The problem is that an atomic explosion sends a radioactive Cloud or More feet into the air where the wind seizes and disperses it All week the winds threatened to whip the fallout onto cities and populated Rural areas in Southern Nevada. This the atomic Energy commission wants to avoid at All costs. Done All loyalty to him. But they want to arrange to fill the vacuum before they give him the be. For his part Beck is fighting Back. He says he in t thinking of resigning and intends to run for a new five year term As Union president at the convention in Miami in late september. But according to reliable re ports Beck privately realizes he can t stay on. His fondest Hope what he really wants is to con Vince other teamsters chiefs to let him be re elected As a sort of vindication with the understand ing he then would resign immediately and let someone else succeed him. But the Pink cheeked 62-year old Beck is not Likely to achieve his Hope. One of the Union s 11 vice presidents John t. Sandy o Brien of Chicago already has come out As a clean up Candi Date against Beck. There May be other candidates because the Helm of the nation s largest labor Union is a coveted spot. It s Likely the situation As to Beck s successor won t clarify until after the coming bribery trial of James r. Hoffa the 44-year old Detroit vice president of the Union. Before the teamsters scandals broke Hoffa easily was the most powerful Man in the h4 million member Union. Chairman Mcclel land Ark of the Senate com Mittee said Hoffa controls All trucking transportation East of the Rocky mountains. Hoffa is due to go to trial Here june 17 on a Federal indictment charging he bribed a staff investigator of Mcclellan s committee to feed him committee secrets. More recently he was indicted on wire tapping charges. Arsenic loaded Beer results in criminal Case Ann Arbor Mich. Up a woman who said she had. Been spiking her husband s Beer with arsenic loaded rat Poison for the last four years to cure him of the drinking habit was held sat urday on a charge of trying to murder him. Mrs. Lucy Wireman 30, of nearly Chelsea said she Learned of the cure in Kentucky. She de Nied she was trying to kill her 36-year-old husband Oron. U. S. Jap rift boils Over Range death Tokyo up Japan built up her Case saturday in a tug of War with the United states Over the som Gahara fatal shooting of a japanese Wom an Hunting scrap Metal on a u. S. Military firing Range. The office of the Maebashi pro curator District attorney indicted specialist 3.c. William s. Girard of Ottawa Lasalle 111., on a charge of inflicting bodily injury resulting in death. Conviction might entail a sentence of from 2 to 15 years in prison if the Jap anese gain custody of him. The woman was mrs. Naka Sakai 46. She was killed by an empty Cartridge Case propelled from a grenade launcher. It was fired after she and several other women admittedly trespassing in quest of junk they could sell had surged on the Range at Soma a Hara Village North of Tokyo Dur ing a rest period in firing Jan. 30 and ignored warnings to leave. Assistant prosecutor Kakuichi Fujimoto said Girard would re main in american custody during the trial the Date for which is still to be set. By order of Secretary of de sense Wilson the u. S. Far East command held off surrender of the 22-year-old Soldier to Japa Nese authorities. He called for Complete review of the was get Relief from up duty Washington the army says was Don t have to do up Kitchen police duty anymore. Col. 0. Gilly of the Quarter master corps said he believed the change was due to the fact was perform mainly administrative and clerical duty and when they Aren t at their jobs things Are disrupted. Benny Hooper begs to go Home now but develops Little spot of pneumonia Tulsa expects record Crest before i by Francis Stilley Manorville n. Hooper the boy in the begged to go Home from the hos Pital saturday but his doctor said Little spot of pneumonia would keep him there a while. The pneumonia report came late saturday after Blond Blue eyed Benny 7, had been pronounced in Good condition de spite 24 gruelling hours trapped 24 feet Down a freshly dug Well. At Bayview general Hospital in nearby Mastic Beach Long Island or. Joseph h. Kris told newsmen that a rays had shown a touch of pneumonia on the boy s right lung. Pneumonia had been feared Ever since the lad was pulled russian scientist claims sleep is foe of senility you growing senile prematurely if your mus Cle tone bad is your hair falling out then try prof. S. Braines elixir sleep. And if you have insomnia get your doctor to give you an artificial Nap. Prof. Braines a soviet scientist advanced the theory saturday that amounts of sleep even artificially induced could Large when cure the effects of premature aging and restore the nervous system. Writing in the newspaper liter Ary Gazette prof. Braines said personal Hygiene and proper food were important in preventing pre nature aging but stressed that the importance of sleep has been underestimated so he cited experiments with rats monkeys and dogs and said he was convinced the same sort of artificial sleep treatments would icly humans. He said an animal can endure hunger for As Long As 30 Days but Lack of sleep for 10 Days causes death. He believes senility comes from Over straining the main nerve processes in the cortex of the cerebrum and that the damage to the nervous system can be re paired by much sleep. In experiments he said soviet scientists have prematurely aged Young rats and monkeys by Over straining their nervous systems. The sexual instinct disappeared their hair fell out and the Lone of their Muscles became braines said. But Many of these symptoms of premature aging later were eliminated by artificial the article did not define artificial sleep but presumably it referred to some method of in during deep slumber by medical Means. He added that he had taken a 15-year-old Lap dog in a state of senility and restored it to Good health through artificial sleep treatments for three months. The dog has by now lived six years above the age limit and is now 21 years he reported. Explaining How he believed his theory applied to human beings he said it is known that elderly peo ple often suffer from insomnia. Disturbed sleep does not insure restorative processes. This in combination with other unfavourable factors leads to far reaching disturbances in the physiological processes. The act of aging itself is of a very individual character which should be taken into account in treating in the soviet Union where atheism and disbelief in a life hereafter is a part of the official communist Creed the problem of prolonging life is of special in Terest. A longevity Institute has been established in Moscow. From the Sand Friday night stiff and cold but still alive. Or. Kris said the boy was be ing kept in an oxygen tent Satur Day night and needed quiet. Earlier the boy had been Lively and ate his first solid bowl of reminded his father truck Driver Benjamin sr., that he wanted a toy Auto Mobile for his birthday in july. He was suffering from a sore Ness in one shoulder but or. Kris said a rays showed there were no broken Bones. Sam Dodson 39, negro construction worker who reached the boy first through a Rescue Tun Nel had told the doctor he heard something snap As he pulled the boy out the shoulder May have been Hurt then. The doctor earlier said the boy was hungry and that s always a Good sign in a he s a Good boy. He does t complain. He does what we Tell him at the Hospital the boy told his father How he fell into the Well. I was playing with Michael a Friend and we were running. I told him i wanted to see if i could jump Over the Hole. I jumped and i fell. I Don t remember much about what happened then except it got dark and i got c. F. O Hara summoned in Portland c. F. Frank o Hara widely known great Northern railway official died at his Home in Portland ore., Friday night according to word received Here. Or. O Hara spent 18 years in Helena As assistant general freight and passenger agent for great Northern. He was connected with Chicago Northwest Ern railway prior to that time. Particularly interested in the shipment of livestock or. O Hara was widely known among North West shippers having worked for the railway in great Falls port land and Spokane As Well As Helena. He moved to Portland with his wife who survives him five years ago and Rel Rcd. Funeral services will be held tuesday1 in Portland. Oklahoma Homans by the thousands from the metropolitan City of Tulsa in the Northeast to banners along the Washita River in the South evacuated their Homes saturday night As major flooding was reported in virtually All sections. Tulsa Oklahoma s second larg est City of was warned it can expect the worst flood in his tory As the rain swollen Arkansas rolled downstream. Already brimful and rising steadily the River is expected to Crest at Tulsa sunday after receiving a heavy Load of water from the overflowing Cimarron River where the two converge at Keystone 30 Miles West of Tulsa. Oklahoma s fatalities for the three Days of storms climbed to nine saturday with the recovery of the body of Roland Bullock 39, a Farmer near Lindsay. He and his wife were Riding in a pickup truck when a Bridge Over a Creek collapsed. The couple was thrown into the Surg ing Waters. Bullock was attempt ing to help his wife but he was carried away. She later was saved after clinging to debris. Roads washed out there was t a major Highway in the state that could be travelled without washouts. Three major Bridges and dozens of smaller ones were washed away. Train service was disrupted by washed out rails. Buses also were slowed Down or halted. As much As nine inches of rain fell in the South Central Section of the state overnight. The Washita River was out of its Banks in the South Central sections from Lindsay where the nine inches fell to. Lake Texoma in the Southeast. The Highway patrol said it was warning property owners and residents along the Washita to be on the Alert for momentary evacuation. Dozens of persons already had abandoned their Homes. Severe crests some lowlands in the Tulsa area were flooded. The River experts warned residents on both sides of the Arkansas they can expect a severe flood when the Crest hits. Keystone at the Confluence of the Cimarron and Arkansas seemed Likely to escape double crests on the Rivers. The Cigar Ron s was due saturday at Mann Ford 19 Miles upstream from its Mouth and apparently Well ahead of the top flow on the Arkansas above Keystone. The upper Arkansas Crest was above Toalston 55 Miles from key Stone where a stage of three feel above the flood Mark is expected. River forecasters although they acknowledged the Arkansas Crest would reach Tulsa later than they thought earlier stuck by predictions the River would Rise to 25 or 26 feet Well above 19-foot flood stage and the june 1923 record of 22.8. The flood s tardiness enabled the City to bolster its defense against the expected surge. Hundreds of persons moved out household goods and evacuated their Homes in the populous Brookside area on the River s East Bank and from Garden City t smaller Community on the City s Industrial Side. Prepare for worst. Sandbagging was under Way in Many places including a Large Oil refinery and the Public serv co. Power producing Plant both on the River s Bank. Utility company officials said the Plant was Well protected. Upstream Many of the Arkan Sas tributary streams were be ginning to subside. But River experts said Points downstream from Tulsa would get flooding two or three feet above the 1923 record. Oklahoma s National guard was ordered to be on the Alert to assist the Tulsa area. At other Points guardsmen were helping evacuate and feed storm refugees Dover which was flooded thursday and its 350 citizens forced to higher ground was suf Fering from a shortage of drink ing water. It had to be trucked a few families were Velum ing to their Homes in that North West Oklahoma town but every one was eating at the High school. At Coyle in North Central okla homa the main Street Section was under water from the Cimarron hut water had to be hauled in for drinking

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