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Independent Record Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 1

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Independent Record (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Helena, Montana k Cro to vol Xiv no. 171 Helena Montana sunday May 12, 1957 Price ten Cento today s biggest aircraft carriers Are the Forrestal class. Atomic Carrier would be tons heavier but probably similar to Forrestal whose size can be measured Here against tugs and docks. When giant carriers appear in troubled Middle East Waters along with their Many escorting ships the idea of the Power generated by America is easily understood by dictators and others inclined to wave the sword. Eastern Germany cracks Down on rebellious College students staging open strike by Seymour Topping Berlin communist East Germany was reportedly crack ing Down saturday night on 122 rebellious College students with a demand that they swear loyalty oaths or face permanent expulsion. The students making up the entire third year class of the veterinary College of East Berlin s Humboldt University were de scribed Here As staging this week the biggest open strike against East Germany s red regime since the workers uprising of 1953. Usually reliable underground sources said All were temporarily ousted from the Rolls of that school a Center of anti communist agitation during the Hungar by Humboldt University s Rector prof. Werner Hartke which de Nied there had been a strike or expulsion of students from the third fourth and fifth however Hartke s statement added the students of the veterinarian faculty wish to pursue their studies in an orderly Way and the University organs in charge have taken the necessary Steps to eliminate those elements who intend to interfere with the Western newsmen touring East Berlin spotted extra police guards on duty on the Humboldt univer sity Campus which was virtually deserted by students for the weekend Holiday. These informants said the students were ordered to affirm their allegiance to the red regime with permanent expulsion and police action As tic alternative. The 122 struck in protest against communist persecution of their Dean prof. Gunter Schuetzler. Schulz scr who has escaped to Allied occupied West Berlin was accused of provoking the youths to follow the example of students in the polish and hungarian uprisings. Students fleeing to West Berlin furnished refugee officials details of tic Humboldt strike. Further reports came from the socialist underground and other anti communist organizations. The East Germany news Agency on distributed a inns meat axe arms cuts Houston Texas Secretary of defense Charles e. Wilson said saturday night he is against anyone trying to Cut the defense budget with a meat axe no matter whether it is the u. S. Chamber of Commerce or any other group of the outspoken defense chief who Only last week had criticized his Rich friends in the chamber of Commerce on the same Issue took out after them again in an address prepared for the Junior chamber of Commerce. Sail Wilson a former president of general motors corp. No one enjoys paying taxes. I have thought my taxes were too High for 25 years but i Haven t squawked about it. I could join the meat axe boys who want to chop Down the defense budget if i did t know so much about it. In my opinion it is a peril Point budget and should not be he declared that some of the attitude in Washington presently reminds me of an old purchasing agent i had to Call on in Selling parts for automobiles. His opening remark was always your Price is too High what is Arab world. Ira been at logger Iraq joined the Baghdad pact v Pakistan and to political Bose baud s official signal of Diplo iraqi Premier obvious aim is nation of the t ser. Are Burn Salvador Bra looking on at to cadent lit a Cigar the match into from a wrecked Day. Seven bus shed in the Al feed serious in g perish i Flat hoi Stratford Coien Small Childr blazing hol Cau fierce and fas swept through dwelling. The five Chil mrs. Martin a the second floor mrs. Matha Dav Ping and ret entered the Bur two children Claude Martin when fire overt napped in a Thi died in a to Bridgeport. Their Mother a brother and Only two weeks mrs. Martin weeks old baby rear third Floo neighbor Woma the first Floo pied. The victim Martin 5 do Benjamin Dav Davis 3 Cor Lenia Davis 1 Davis 8 months fire chief to said the House very very dry fire got Start awesome rapid paint Blisten part Cal Ladd the Middle of t of the House. Overtime cupid draws extra pay on Holiday Reno cupid went on overtime in this marriage Center saturday. In accordance with a recent legislative act the county clerk started charging instead of for marriage licenses issued on weekends and holidays or in evening state National partly Cloudy through monday scattered afternoon showers Over mountains. High today 60, Low 37. Montana Max. Min. Pep. Billings 70 48 official Helena tempera cd Ture at Midnight was Max. Min. Pep. Bismarck n. D. 75 43 Calgary Alta 54 33 Cheyenne Wyo 58 41 .33 Chicago 111. 58 48 .40 Denver Colo 65 43 .01 Las vegas Nev los Angeles 63 Belgrade 63 37 Broadus 75 Bulc 60 43 Cut Bank 60 Dillon 65 42 Drummond 65 45 Glasgow 76 50 great Falls 65 Paul 75 44 new Orleans la. 85 65 new York City 64 53 .09 Phoenix Ariz 71 56 .01 Portland Ore 58 54 .01 St. Louis to 69 60 .81 Salt Lake City 57 43 .24 san Francisco 65 55 .18 Seattle Wash 61 Spokane Wash 73 48 Washington d. C 75 68 Eding Calendar Day precipitation minimum temperatures for 12-. Pro High monday. Scattered after showers South today Southwest r West monday. High today 60-75, through monday. Scattered after High lows Havre 71 Helena 69 .04 73 64 41 Livingston 59 41 Miles City 78 51 Missoula 78 48 to West Yellowstone 63 29 .30 Whitehall 68 42 to maximum temperatures Lor pre for 24 hours ending at a. M hour period ending p. In East of partly Cloudy noon evening showers. Tui Lei monday. Cooler cast today lows 35-45 except 30 Northeast. West of partly Cloudy noon and evening shells four Cornwall Oten Ball shaped lie cd to Date 1812, have Bee ing work on t Power project weighing about found in Hie or once the Lon flowed. Anti commie Arab Kings end feuding Baghdad Iraq. Two anti communist Kings of the Arab world met Here saturday and publicly embraced despite old family feuds. They May soon be joined by a third. Saudi Arabia s King Saudar Rived by plane for an eight Day visit with Young ii amid a welcoming Roar of can non and Jet planes. A government source indicated that Faisal s hash emite Cousin King Hussein of Jordan May arrive within the next two Days. The meeting was significant not Only because of the family differences that have divided the saudi and hash emite sovereigns but also because of the seeming tendency three Kings to head in a different direction from that taken by Egypt s president Nasser. I Iraq has Long been the leading try in the Formosa called atomic War base by China communists repeat Aid to liberate nationalist Isle by Leonard Lefkow Hong Kong communist China charged Satur Day night that the United states in turning Formosa into a base for atomic warfare by stationing Matador mis Siles on the nationalist Island. A sharply worded foreign ministry statement broadcast by pc Ping radio warned the chinese government Here by solemnly declares the determination of the chinese people to liberate their own territory is unshakable. The United states must Bear full responsibility for its action of the statement followed by three Days a u. S. Announcement that Advance units of american Matador missile units capable of hurling atomic warheads several Hundred Miles into red China had arrived on Generalissimo Chi Ang Kai Shek s stronghold 100 Miles from the Mainland. Hot reaction As expected the announcement Drew hotly worded reactions from the communist chinese press and radio. The red chinese freely boasted that the matadors would not de Ter piping from its intention of taking Over the nationalist Sanctuary. The official statement saturday night reiterated that goal. But it avoided the Saber rattling of past years and made no mention of red military might. Instead it said the move had caused great indignation throughout the communist main land and that a Strong protest had been lodged with the Ameri can government. Such a protest customarily would be relayed through British diplomats in Pei Ping. The United slates has no diplomatic relations with red China. Reds unhappy As if in sorrow the broadcast statement said the red chinese government had always stood for relaxing and eliminating tension in the Taiwan Formosa but the United states it charged resorted to All devices to tighten its grip on Taiwan and to obstruct and disrupt the Settle ment by the chinese themselves of their internal matter of liberating it accused the american govern ment of refusing to discuss seriously a settlement of the Issue in the talks that have been going on since August 1955 in Geneva Between ambassadors u. Alexis Johnson of the United states and Wang Ping Nan of red China. Ike pledges Strong u. S. Aid to face red surge in Asia China buildup recognized in Southeast in photo planning Bow for the 35th annual convention of he Montana federa Tion of business and professional women s clubs to be held in Helena thursday through sunday were made at a recent meeting of the planning committee. In the group were Virginia m. West Louise King mrs. John f. Mannix mrs. D. M. Hinman Helen Kitt Elizabeth Arn Titae Lucy Fluhr and Genevie Sherrard. Ethel Trenary of Helena is state president. Royal couple Jena for Points to possible mail fraud charges against Beck in widow s Trust fund handling visit . In fall octo Ber has been selected for the Long reported visit to this country by Queen Elizabeth ii and Prince Philip. This was Learned saturday from persons familiar with the negotiations that have been under Way for months Between Washington and London. The British Queen and her husband Are expected to spend about 10 Days in this coun try. This will be the Queen s first visit to America since she ascended the throne in 1952. She and her husband then the Duke of Edinburgh were Here in 1951 As the guests of former president Truman. It is expected that the Queen s acceptance of an invitation from president Eisenhower will be received Here in two or three weeks. This will be the signal that All the myriad details for a state visit have finally been worked out with the British foreign office. Elaborate secrecy has marked the negotiations Ever since they began As is usual in such cases but it is expected that the Royal visit will include other cities be Side Washington. By John Chadwick Washington sen. Mcclellan dark said saturday hat teamsters Boss Dave Beck May run afoul of the Federal mail Raud Law in his handling of a Vidow s Trust fund. The treatment he accorded the Dow of his Dearest Friend is Typ Cal it seems of his dominating characteristic of greed and Ava Mcclellan told newsmen in reviewing the latest testimony about the president of the big teamsters Union. Mcclellan is chairman of the special Senate rackets investigate which will resume monday afternoon Public hearings in which Beck has been pictured As using Union funds for the enrichment of himself and members of his family. The.62-year-old teamsters Boss who already has invoked the fifth amendment Protection against possible self incrimination 150 Imes in refusing to answer com Mittee questions will be recalled later in the week five Star Sells better Hong Kong communist China mixing propaganda with business has started exporting a soft drink to Hong Kong. It s called red Sellers report few buyers of the bottled drink. Seven children postal chief claims medical quack mail fraud costs Public fifty million yearly spreading fire a three Story Hospital in nearby tossed the two and a Doreen Martin 3 5 Jeanette Avis 2 eve i a and Patricia old and a fire de Stilt rapids up Gen. Summerfield said saturday that sure cure medical quack Ery by mail has reached the highest level in Summerfield said that so far this year postal inspectors have prepared cases representing an annual loss to the Public of 50 million dollars a year. Action against these quacks May take the form of fraud orders which Cut off mail serv or prosecution in the Federal courts or both. Summerfield said that during the last 12 months 46 such fraud orders have been issued and 106 other persons or firms have signed agreements to discontinue their questionable enter prise rather than attempt to de fend the Summerfield said that on the basis of reports by chief postal inspector David h. Stephens the medical frauds of today appear to be More lucrative than any other criminal and that new ones arc springing up daily. To Deal with this he said the department is using a special unit of inspectors in Washington to co ordinate countrywide investigations. In an Era when wonder drugs and great advances in surgery and legitimate Medicine have produced True medical miracles it s puzzling that so Many people in All walks of life pay big Money for Summerfield said. The most prominent fraudulent activity conducted through the mails today is in the Field of medical he said these rackets continue to grow in spite of a conviction rate of about. 99 per cent in medi Cal fraud cases brought to trial. Chief Insp Tor Stephens said the prosecution of the ghouls who Trade on Hopes of the desperately ill often cannot be successfully prosecuted because the patients who Are the chief witnesses die before the Case is called up in the cure offers run through the Field of human ills but the department said the Best seller list is topped by weight reducing schemes cures for cancer Arth Ritis skin troubles baldness sex Ual rejuvenator and bust development in tune with the times the medications or devices offered Are frequently described As atomic or some Are sold at several dollars each one such Claptrap device the department said was Complete with flashing Light bulbs ticks and buzzes. In a related he department said an elastic Bane exerciser somewhat similar to an inexpensive Garter has been Selling for fancy prices through the mails on the claim that in will create elegant legs the department said in not Only objects to frauds but to the flooding of Homes and offices with offensive advertising. Ii in vites the Public to report suspect material received by mail. Just old howl dogs big newspaper Manichi is complaining about too much Freedom in dogs. The paper says the peo ple of Europe love dogs even More than we japanese and there Are also More dogs there. But conversely there seems to be less fighting among dogs and less howling than in the paper in an editorial suggests stricter control of canines. He also said he thought the Rev nue service and the Justice department would be interested in binding out whether Beck reported and paid income tax on his profit in this Deal As Well As other financial transactions brought out n the testimony. Beck already is under indict ment on a charge of evading in come tax payments for the year 1950. Mcclellan said testimony now in the record has clearly revealed and further testimony also will reveal that Beck has wholly preached his Trust in the position holds As president of the International teamsters Union and As trustee of its he said it showed that Beck lad used the position and the tremendous Power reposed in him to further the financial gain and profit of himself and his family and certain friends he desired to probably wednesday Mcclellan said. The widow Mcclellan referred to is mrs. Ray Leheney whose Osband was an official of the old Al. Beck was trustee of an xxx fund raised for her from Union members after Leheney s death. Donol f. Hedlund a Seattle mortgage banker testified Friday that he and Beck shared an 585 profit from investing this Money for mrs. Leheney. Hedlund described Leheney As Beck s Best and closest placed in evidence was a letter from Beck to mrs. Leheney in which no mention was made that Beck and Hedlund would derive a profit from the Sale of mortgages which he recommended to her As a sound investment. Mcclellan referring to what he called Beck s breach of Trust in this transaction said there is a possibility the letter he wrote tier Tould come within the Federal statute Banning use of the mails to in saying that Beck would be called Back at the conclusion of the current series of probably on Lan said he wanted to give any persons about whom there is derogatory testimony an Opportunity to defend themselves. By Spencer Davis Washington m presi Dent Eisenhower saturday backed free Viet Nam with a Strong pledge of continued u. S. Assistance in the face of mounting communist pres sure in Southeast Asia. In a joint statement Eisenhowe r and visiting president Ngo Dinh diem declared that any communist aggression or subvert Ion threatening the political in dependence of the infant Republic would be considered Asen angering peace and stability in the area. The statement issued by the White House at the end of three Days talks struck hard at the continued military buildup of the chinese communists. It declared piping s military activity constitutes continuing threat to the safety of All free nations in cite Savage stand the communique cited communist China s refusal to renounce the use of Force and unwilling Ness to subscribe to the Stan Dards of conduct of civilized a Plymouth is aided by nature in putting out fire Plymouth Mash. Plym Outh beat Back the worst Forest fire in town history in a Triumph of Man Over a lure s help. But before the rain came Fri Day night and watered Down the fires which swept Over thousands of acres of Woodlands the Pil grim spirit which Hung on to this settlement More than three Cen Turies ago Rose again to fight the peril. This time Plymouth had plenty of help. Every one of the 27 plym Outh county communities sent at least one fire truck. Cities and towns in adjoining counties of Norfolk Bristol and Barnstable also sent fire and men. At the Peak Friday More than men firemen National guards volunteers state Highway workers and High school boys were Manning fire hoses and shovels. Long before the fire reached the 250-acre farm grounds of the Plymouth county jail the 119 in mates All volunteered to join the firemen on their Honor not to run away. Sheriff Adnah Harlow chose 60 prisoners to go out and kept the rest Home to protect the farm itself. Jim Elkins convicted in Portland Portland Ore. Racketeer big Jim Elkins whose Sud Den attack of Talkat Veness touched off the Portland vice investigations last year saturday night was convicted of wire tap Ping. U. S. District court jurors convicted Elkins 55, on All the seven count s before them. The possible penalty is a year in prison and a Fine. On. Each count. His Titi ploy. Raymond Clark 33, was convicted on the same counts. The jurors deliberated three hours and 20 minutes. Elkins and Clark we re accused of tapping and recording Tele phone conversations of William m. Langley former Portland District attorney and others. The jury took the Case before but did not begin deliberations until after a leisurely lunch. Judge William was t set no Date for sentencing. Elkins attorney said he had not decided whether to Appeal. Pending the sentencing Elkins was freed on Bond. Clark on Yellowstone Park open wednesday Yellowstone Park East and South entrances to Yellowstone National Park will opem wednesday As scheduled Lemuel a. Garrison said Satur a Day. The West Entrance was opened May 1. The Continental Divide Road from old faithful to. West thumb should to opened a few Days after my 15 permitting visitors to go around the lower Loop. May 25 the Road Over Dun Raven 1 from Canyon to Tower fails should be open so that visitors can go around inc entire Loop. The tone of the communique appeared intended to reassure not Only diem but other asian Lead ers that the United states continues firmly opposed to any recognition of the piping regime. Eisenhower and diem also noted what they called the Large buildup of vietnamese communist military forces in North Viet Nam during the past 30 months. The partitioned at the 17th parallel As the result of a peace conference in Geneva in 1954. They cited harsh suppression of the revolts of the people of North Viet Nam in seeking lib erty and their increasing hard Active. Subversives although they said there was an apparent slackening of communist inspired hostilities in Southeast Asia with the exception of the kingdom of Laos which shares a common Frontier with North and South Viet Nam they expressed concern Over continuing communist subversive capabilities in this area and else to counter this threat the com Munique said diem indicated his Strong desire and his efforts to week closer co operation with the other free nations of Asia. In agreeing that aggression or subversion threatening Viet Nam s Independence would endanger peace and stability Eisenhower and diem noted that the Southeast Asia treaty organization Shields the Region. Common defense article four of the Seato de sense agreement provides that the eight nations will consult and take Steps for the common de sense according to constitutional processes if. The Independence of any state covered by its provisions is threatened by aggression or subversion. The question of sub version sufficient to endanger a state has never been tested. Eisenhower assured diem of the willingness of the United states to continue to offer effective assistance within the constitutional processes of the United states he also complimented diem Iii converting chaos into Progress and stability Tak ing office in july 1954., the two leaders pledged joint efforts to end the unhappy division of the vietnamese people by peaceful unification in Accord with the United nations charter. A. S. Economic Aid to Viet Nam has been running at the rate of 200 million dollars a year. Mili tary Aid also has been substantial although figures have not been announced. Columbia shifts Back to Normal log Lii Bia swiftly shifted Back to nor Nal saturday As deposed Percsi Dent Gustavo Rojas Pinilla flew away to exile and a new govern ment set about to Correct his mis takes. A communique said Gen. departed Friday Iii it for Spain. He was reported to have stopped in Kingston Jamaica on route to Bermuda with members of i family

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