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Independent Record Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1957, Page 1

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Independent Record (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Helena, Montana Vol. 268 Helena Montana sunday August 18, 1957 Price Tea menu consistory Temple was formerly Ming s opera House. The Side Walls of the consistory shrine Temple on Jackson Street in Helena were originally those of the famous Ming s opera House pictured above after the name of the Structure had been changed to the Helena theatre. In 1914, when the consistory shrine Temple association acquired the. Old theatre a com plete new front was put on it. The above photo from the collection of Leslie Joni was taken after 1885, As the rear of the old masonic Temple on Broadway now occupied by the state publishing co., is shown at the extreme right. The grand Lodge of Montana will hold its 93rd annual communication in the consistory Temple August 20 and 21. A Complete feature on the grand Lodge will be found on the first Page of the second Section today. Woman author is named As soviet agent Washington Boris mor res counterspy for the Fri has named Martha Dodd Stern Daugh Ter of a former u. S. Ambassador As the soviet spy who once tried to betray him to the russians the House committee on in american activities announced saturday. The announcement came after the committee took sworn Testi Mony from Morros Hollywood composer director who recently disclosed his sensational career in International undercover work. For 12 years he worked in what the russians believed was the role of spy for them but he really was an agent for the Fri. Valuable testimony the House committee said it had gleaned much valuable Testi Mony from him including state ments that a con Ference with president Eisenhower rep. Joseph w. Martin or. Announced saturday he has a Secre civil rights proposal and said re publicans would fight for an Ade quate Bill. Declining to describe the proposal now or tip off strategy the House Republican Leader said i think a lot of democrats Wil vote with us when they see our proposal. Some of them will think twice before they vote again although word Friday from Tome Republican leaders indicate that a Compromise was As Good a wrapped up there appeared to be a stiffening attitude saturday in at least some sectors of the gop Camp. Position same after breakfasting at the White House Martin returned to the capital to declare the president a Secretary in the is unchanged and he i Bassy at Prague Czechoslovakia and a member of the u. S. Intelli gence Agency in Germany were involved in soviet spy work. These persons were not named. Morros superiors in the soviet espionage network asked him to get compromising information about High americans including president Eisenhower. They also asked him to Plant a spy in the office of Cardinal Spellman of new York to report on the Churchman s activities fifty five business firms in the United states were covers for soviet espionage. Martha Dodd Stern is the daughter of the late William e. Dodd who was ambassador Germany from 1933 to 1938. 1939 she came to Public notice when a Book she wrote was banned in Germany by the nazi secret police. Entitled through embassy it related events when her father was envoy. Leave Mexico she recently departed from Mexico with her husband Alfred k. Stern wealthy investment broker and belief was expressed they went behind the Iron cur Tain. Chairman Walter a a of the House in american activities committee said saturday or. Morros testimony clearly establishes Martha Dodd Daugh Ter of the former u. S. Ambassador to Germany and her Hus band Alfred Stem As part of the soviet secret rights scheme announced by Martin in Effort to get adequate act still not in favor of the terms o a Compromise being pushed by a number of House democrats. Let me make it Crystal Martin said. There is no weaker ing in our position. We want a Bil As first proposed by president Eisenhower that will adequately protest the voting rights of Mil Lions of our although the administration Bas stated that voting rights Protection is its main aim its Bill As introduced and passed by the House went far beyond that Field it would permit the attorney Gen eral to apply for Federal Cour injunctions against alleged Viola ions of All kinds of civil rights persons disregarding the injun ions could be jailed for c Contemp by Federal judges without jury trials. Broad provision the Senate Cut Down the in function provision to voting rights. Then it added that jury trials must be granted in Mosi criminal contempt cases. This jury trial requirement would apply not just to voting rights disputes it also to a wide Range of cases having nothing to do with civil rights. Under the Senate Bill jury rials would not be required in cases of civil contempt where the Edge s aim is to obtain compliance with his order rather than o punish a defendant. A number of House democrats including some northerners favouring a stronger measure than state National weather forecast Helena and partly Cloudy with afternoon and evening thundershowers through monday. High 87, Low 55. Montana Max. Min. Pep. Billings 77 59 Belgrade 87 55 Broadus 78 55 Butte 82 49 to Cut Bank 66 51 Dillon. 85 50 Drummond 86 48 Glasgow 80 56 53 great Falls 78 Havre 72 57 .54 Helena 83 55 to Kalispell 85 60 Lewistown 79 57 to Livingston 80 53 Miles City. 85 55 Missoula .87 54 West Yellowstone 85 39 Whitehall .84 56 to the official Helena tempera a Ture at Midnight was National station Bismarck n. D. Calgary Alta. Cheyenne Wyo. Chicago Iii. Denver Colo. Las vegas Nev. Los Angeles . Paul. New Orleans la. New York City Phoenix Ariz. Portland Ore. St. Louis to. Salt Lake City san Francisco Seattle Wash. Spokane Wash. Washington d. C. .02 Max. Min. Pep. 79 53 66 42 72 56 .16 77 65 83 57 .108 78 96 71 77 60 92 77 .21 78 62 99 81 75 55 84 68 96 63 73 51 56 .88 58 maximum temperatures for preceding Calendar Day precipitate of for 24 hours ending a. M. Minimum temperatures for 12 hour period ending at p. M. East of Cloudy with scattered thundershowers through tonight. Little change in temperature. West of fair with afternoon and evening Thunder showers through monday. Little change in temperature. The Senate Bill have talked o settling at this time for the sen ate Bill with some changes. No table among these is an Amend ment to restrict the jury trial to voting rights cases. The administration has contended that Thi Senate language on this score would be a damaging blow to the Federal judiciary. Limit is seen a number of northerners favor ing Broad civil rights legislation have taken the position that the Senate Bill with some modifications is the most that can be pushed through Congress at this time. Martin expressed the View How Ever that the Senate Bill with the proposed changes is not satisfactory. However the initiative and the votes were in the hands of the democrats. House leaders of tha party were standing by plans to the Senate Bill to the floor next wednesday for debate and possible changes. To get the floor however the Bill must first Clear the House rules committee headed by rep Smith ardent foe of any form of civil rights legislation. 340 delegates to take part in boys state Dillon some 840 High school juniors from throughout Montana arrived at Western Mon Tana College of education Satur Day for opening sessions of the Lith annual Montana boys state. The delegates were assigned on arrival to one of two political parties Frontier or Pioneer and to one of eight cities. The mythical Bannack sow and Arrow Granite hash knife last Chance Long Horn and powder located in one of two or 31ark. The youths were greeted at an evening meeting by Dillon mayor Phillip 4lovell. J. Mccarthy welcomed them on behalf of the sponsoring american legion. Sunday special Church services Are scheduled followed by a trip to Virginia City for a luncheon it on by the Beaverhead Cham Ler of Commerce. Sunday eve Ning a barbeque dinner will be held at the Western Campus. Nominations for City and party offices will be made at a general Assembly sunday night following an address by Montana chief jus ice James t. Harrison. Activities in the nine Jay ses icons will Center in the City coun y and state governments elected by the delegates. A newspaper boys states Wil be published daily by a staff made up of delegates. Other activities will include a classes a band and choir and compulsory athletic events. The purpose of boys state a legion spokesman explained is to give the leaders of tomorrow actual experience in the fun ions of City county and state government. It is believed that Vith this experience these Young readers will More fully under land the functions of Good gov rement and will be willing to accept their responsibilities As a four fliers die West Palm Beach v twin engine bomber came in at Telephone pole level saturday and smashed into three houses a quiet residential Section tiling All four officers aboard. Auto workers urge Cut in 1958 prices Reuther says plan is advanced As curb for inflation United Auto workers Union has pro posed to the big three of the automobile Industry that they Cut prices on 1968 models by an average of at least per car and in return the Law will modify its new con tract demands next year in a joint move to combat inflation. Law president Walter p. Reu ther saturday disclosed the proposal in making Public letters sent Friday to general motors corporation Ford motor company and Chrysler corporation. There was no immediate com ment from the Auto firms. Strong support Reuther said the proposal was ased on the unanimous action of Law International executive re said he was suggesting a positive and practical proposal or making an effective beginning in stopping and reversing the inflationary he noted thai president Eisenhower had asked management and labor to exercise restraint in Price and wage poli cies. Declaring that neither Corpora. Ion profits nor Union Aspira ions were Paramount Reuther told presidents of the big three transcending both by far Are he interests of the american peole As a whole in a stable Price Evel. For that reason we Are confident our members will be willing to take the consequences n collective bargaining if the Price reductions we propose should make it impossible to meet All of their just demands and still maintain a reasonable rate of profit Reuther added in other words we Are not asking you to take any risk that we Are not prepared to the Laws contracts with the in three run out next Spring around june 1. The Union has announced that is top goal in new contract negotiations will be a Shorter work week and a substantial increase n take Home pay. Seeks meeting earlier this year Reuther pro posed to the Heads of the Auto companies that they get together with the Union in separate management Union talks to explore he idea of a Shorter work week before the Start of bargaining ses ions. The companies turned Down he proposal. Reuther described the Law proposal As a tangible and effect Ive Way for both management and labor to carry out their joint responsibility to All of the Ameri can arms conference needs some Pep officials think Washington in top u. S. Officials have decided that West Ern negotiations with Russia on disarmament need a shot in the Arm. This foreshadows one or More moves by the United states and Allied governments in the Lon Lon disarmament conference within the next week or so. Officials who declined to fore ast the nature of these moves precisely said cautiously Satur Day that certainly some move ment is to be expected in i the Western position prior to a recess if the negotiations. Teamster chiefs summoned in Senate Racket inquiry president asks top aides to demand funds Washington if presiden Eisenhower is sending a team o three top officials for a last ditch Appeal to the Senate monday for an increase in foreign Aid funds but unless All the signs Are wrong Secretary of state Dulles adm. Arthur w. Radford ant John Hollister Are Likely to have Little Success. Dulles is expected to ask the Senate appropriations committee at a closed door session monday to boost up to the Legal ceiling o the Mutual Security Cash allowance shrivelled to by a House vote earlier in the week. Hollister the retiring director o the International cooperation administration will Back up this plea. Uses military plea Radford retiring chairman i he joint chiefs of staff will argue or increases in military Assis Tance and defense support. With senator Knowland r Calif leading the fight Senate republicans will seek to wipe out some of the House Cut. But hey have almost no Hope of re storing the full amount sought by Eisenhower. House minority Leader Martin a mass quoted Eisenhower after a White House visit saturday As expressing Hope that most of he reductions will be reversed in the Senate. The president is very much disappointed with the work of the Louse of foreign Aid the Senate will restore most of the Martin said. The prospects were not Bright for any such action threat resented this situation was attributed it part to congressional resentment at Eisenhower s implied threat to Call a special session this fall if be does not get the maximum a Rop relation that can be made. Senator Mansfield of Montana he acting democratic Leader said doubts the Senate committee will move to restore More than 300 million dollars to the 100 the House sawed off Eisen Power s minimum request i Don t believe the committee will go much beyond Mansfield said. And the Senate is not going to increase that amount on the against special session Mansfield said he thinks a Spe Ilal session Call would be the worst thing the president could the people at Home Are not in Avor of Large foreign Aid spend he said. Members of con Ress who came Back to washing on after spending some time at lome would be bound to reflect hat sentiment. The net result would be against everything the president More funds for indians Interior department has allocated d00 to finance general assistance programs for needy Indian Fame ies on Montana reservations. Fred h. Massey assistant com missioner of the Bureau of Indi an affairs said the Money will e available this fiscal year for members of those tribes without sufficient resources to provide assistance. U. S. Sergeant has trouble on his son s citizenship a u. S. A Force Ergeant who says his family races its american history Back o 1725, angrily insisted saturday hat his 4-month-Oid son a baby without a country has the right american citizen by be an Irth. But William j. D. Lewis 25, and his 23-year-old English wife Aid they did t know where they Ould turn for help. Their son ready has been denied citizen lip by three nations. The baby Anthony j. D. Lewis Ras born in France. When Lewis ook him to the american Zembas y in Paris to have his son Regis red he was told the baby could of be an american citizen be Ause Lewis had not lived 10 ears in the United states. Under u. S. Citizenship Laws n american who has married an Lien must have lived in the u. S. That length of time before the birth of a child if he wants that child to be a citizen. Britain and France also have refused the infant citizenship. English citizenship can not be transmitted by the Mother and the French insist that the child must be registered As a French citizen shortly after birth. Sergeant Lewis who was born in Germany of an american father and an English Mother went to the United states at 17 to in list in the air Force. He lived two and one half years there and has been on duty near Paris for the last five and one half years. His duty Here counts As u. S. Residence but eight years is not enough. There is one Clear solution to the problem if mrs. Lewis is naturalized As an american Citi zen before her son reaches 16, he will be an american by birth. New soviet Pinch Mikoyan 62-year-old Trade expert under Stalin is regarded As the logical successor to Budta Khrushchev in Case the latter uses up his popularity with the army which seems to control the top soviet brass. Rumours continue to spread that Khrushchev is losing his grip As top communist. In this picture Khrushchev admires a red army bouquet presented to Mikoyan in Berlin. Sen. Mansfield sees changes in communist lands As hopeful to cause of peace great Falls sen. Mans yield a Mont said saturday night that major changes taking place behind the Iron and Bam can press than in government Joo curtains May offer Opportunity to begin the Long ascent o durable in such a situation he said Al is indefensible for the state department to place obstacles in the Way of reporters gather legitimate news. From in Side red China Mansfield a Metner of the Senate foreign relations commit tee fold the Montana state press association changes Are taking place with in the soviet bloc which Promise i greater National Independence rom for satellites than heretofore has been the Case. Even within the soviet Union Here apparently Are internal pressures at work which May Imel that country toward a More approach to the he major transition Mansfield said the far East May Well be entering into a period of major transition due to obscure pressures in China As Well As developments in the Japa Nese Economy. Mansfield said even if the state department goes ahead with an indicated modification of its restrictions on american news coverage inside China the Issue is much larger than whether handful of reporters will be Al owed to go. He argued that the nation s Iress must have the same inde Lendence in foreign policy As it Las in Domestic not be used As an instrument of state department policy. It is bad enough As you Well mow when other governments Ilace obstacles in the path of legitimate news gathering abroad be said. It is indefensible when Hose obstacles arise from policies my actions of our own govern ment Mansfield praised the recent Eisenhower Dulles policy of sex Anding commercial and other contacts with communist Poland saying it was an improvement Iver the pattern of sympathetic words and bold words but no a Ion that was followed in Hun he said greater Independence Eastern Europe is essential to peace on that continent. Mansfield reiterated previous statements that american foreign policy must be shifted away from be based largely on excessive ear of Russia. Dangers to Freedom it is time to recognize that if there Are dangers to Freedom in the ideology of communism there Are even greater dangers to communism in the doctrines of lib he said. Foreign policy if it is to serve ully the interests of this coun by must be based less on fear and More on As for news coverage of red China the senator said As one who prefers the press of this nation to that of other nations As one who has often found a greater accuracy in the Ameri press releases i am opposed to which seeks to curb Freson yement of its legitimate representatives Falls physician president of surgery group l. A Howard great Falls saturday was elected president of the Montana chapter of College of surgeons. Or. Harry Power great Falls was selected As Secretary treasurer and or. J. T. Schwidde Bil Lings vice president. Or. Alfred m. Lueck living Ston the outgoing president was named councilor. Holdover coun Milors Are or. Chester w. Lawson Ruder is named As president of publishers great Ruder publisher of the hungry horse fews at Columbia Falls Satur Day was elected president of the Montana state press association. East Glacier was picked for tie 73rd annual convention in 1958. Burley Bowler of the Daniels county. Leader at Scobey was elected first Vico president g. Nichols Fitt in of the Bozeman daily chronicle second and Don Coe of the Plains plainsman third. Miss Dorothy m. Johnson mis Soula was re elected Secretary manager. Ruder succeeded r. E. Dick Morrison of the Missoula mis Soulian Sentinel. Phony charter charges get new attention Mcclellan dark said Satur Day two teamster big shots James e. Hoffa and Einar 0. Mohn will be the principal witnesses in the Climax next week of an investigation of labor racketeering in new York. Hoffa is the Midwest Leader of the giant teamsters Union and the front running candidate to succeed Dave Beck As president at the Union convention in Miami sept. 30. Mohn is executive vice president and Beck s right hand Man. Both have been linked in Testi Mony before the special Senate rackets committee to Charters issued for phony gangster dominated locals of the teamsters Union in the new York City area. Mcclellan the committee chair Man said Mohn has been called to testify monday afternoon when the hearings Are resumed. Hoffa is scheduled to take the witness chair tuesday. Mystery witness also to heard monday ahead of Mohn is another wit Ness whom Mcclellan in the senator declined to identify this witness in Advance. Mcclellan said the committee plans to wind up its current series of hearings on new York labor rackets in midweek and then take a recess for three weeks or so. He said hearings might be resumed about sept 20 but declined to say what they would Deal with. In another development me the activities of the the Cellan told newsmen the trans script of testimony involving mar Shal m. Miller recently fired As a consultant to the new York legislative committee on Industry and labor would be turned Over to the Justice department. The senator said this testimony showed wilful perjury by or More the committee placed in Evi Dence affidavits charging that Miller a former official of the upholstery International Union had accepted a bribe in new York and sought one in grand Banida Mich. Miller made a sworn de Nial of the charges claims conspiracy Mcclellan denouncing what he called the bogus Charters issued for teamsters locals in new York said the testimony showed there was a conspiracy to procure and Havre and or. George Sale mis make these Charters for Soula. Fraudulent purposes and Unwor great Falls was selected for the 1958 meeting. Thy he said the evidence showed they were issued to gangsters criminals and racketeers both for he rigging of a teamsters elec Tion and to serve hoodlums As a kind of Hunting License to prey on legitimate businesses and Hon est working people and Union forester promoted d. De Silvia has been appointed assist ant regional forester in charge of the fire control division Region Al forester Charles l. Tebbe announced saturday. Desilvia sue. Needs Alfred e. Spaulding who recently was transferred to the Pacific Northwest Region in port and Ore. Damaged plane lands san Francisco a four engined passenger plane with 61 eople aboard landed safely Here saturday with one of its giant ires in ribbons from a Blowout hat occurred As it left Idlewild Airport new York. Home state newspapers Aid to Mansfield says great Mem ers of the Senate read the new Fork times. And some read the Chicago Tribune. But All Mem ers of the Senate read the news papers from Home sen. Mike Lansfield a Mont told the Montana state press Assn. Convention saturday night. There is a reason for this de Mansfield said. News papers from Home Are the Flowers of the grass roots. Newspapers constitute the ground to which he ear of an elected official is Bent. Looking he said i ind that i Awe my years in con fess largely to the guidance of he press of the newspapers provide an inde pendent and timely source of in formation and ideas that is of the greatest Utility in understanding the International problems of the he said adding it is almost amusing some times As a member of the com Mittee on foreign relations to attend secret briefings by executive Branch officials on aspects of the ground covered behind the closed doors of the committee which have already been covered Days before in the press. That is a Mansfield said to the astuteness and the alertness of american journal

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